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the bright sessions: Caleb’s snapchat

featuring a puppy, a sibling, and caleb being in love with his boyfriend

(pt 1.)

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shy!Sid and frat!Geno AU! They meet the summer before Geno's senior year of high school (they're in different schools) when Sid stumbles into Geno's family's shop, trying to hide from bullies. Poor Sid's all frazzled and stuttering, apologizing to MamaMalkin and trying to blned into the wallpaper when Geno comes out of the backroom. Sid almost hyperventilates from fear (it's conditioned response now, to meeting jock-boys, especially those bigger than him, not that words aren't worse/just as bad)

Geno’s a big fluffy marshmellow though, and MamaMalkin and PapaMalkin are just as sweet, so they get poor Sid calmed down, and he’s all blushy and adorably shy. Geno is CHARMED! Que Geno and Sid monage of doing stuff together, being sweet and ADORABLE and falling in love. Geno finds out what hell Sid’s life has been with bullying, and does his best to help by always being there for him, and giving him a safe place at the shop (Sid’s parents are also lovely and supportive). But then there is college, and Sid get more and more worried, and maybe tried to wean himself from Geno and all the safeness and the love. After all, Geno’s going to college in a different state and why would he stay with Sid when there’s all these cool new college people to meet? (Sid’s gotten better at beliving in himself since meeting Geno, and he does trust Geno, but years of bullying and having his trust violated doesn’t let go that easily, sometimes he backslides) Geno’s confused and hurt, but he figures it out, and is all “Silly, Sid. I love you, I love you for life. You’re coming to same college as me. You visit, I visit, and next year we’re together again. We’ll share a room, and after college we get married and have 10 babies!“ 

Sid cries, and vows to be the best student ever to make sure he gets into Geno’s college (it’s the only one he applies to, if he doesn’t get in, he’ll just move there and work at the mini-mart ok? this is true love). The parents are a bit sceptical about the whole marriage bit, but they also know that the boy love each other, and are good to each other so they’re okay with it. But no wedding until after graduation, boys! (of course they didn’t say whose (or which) graduation) There are promise rings involved here… Senior year is really hard for Sid, the bullying isn’t any better and Geno is far away, but at least he has something to look forward to. A lot of his progress backslides, but he manages to hide it until Geno’s home for Christmas when Geno find out. 

There are tears and kisses and soft, snugly boy (and maybe some threats of violence towards the bullies). It gets a bit better after the new year because Sid and Geno has managed to save up for Sid to visit Geno a few times. Geno has really, really missed Sid, but he’s made some great friends at college/frat (who get to hear all about the lovely, sweet, adorable, blushy etc Sid). Of course Sid gets into the college, and he skypes Geno crying with joy. Geno is of course over the moon.

Sid and Geno both decide to take classes in the summer term, mostly to get Sid as far away from the bullies as possible, and they live in a happy little summer bubble until fall term starts, and things get even better. Cue four years of growing love, frat chirps and pranks, Sid growing into himself, Geno getting even more marshmallowy, and their friends and their lives just being lovely. Then it’s marriage and 10 kids. Someone please write 200k words for this idea? Pretty please? *is hopeful*


omg but can you imagine Geno, Frat President legend, is touring the campus with his husband, with a toddler in his arms. Sidney is leaning on Geno’s arm, looking at the letters on the Rho Epsilon Nu house, sighing, “The frat house still hasn’t changed.”

“Still look gross, you mean,” Geno says. “Agreed.”

“Hey, you lost?” a student says, his shirt identifying him as a Rho Ep. “They’re doing campus tours at the student center down the street.”

“Oh, no,” Geno says. “I use to live here. Just walk down memory lane.”

“Dude, no way,” the Rho Ep says. “You were a brother?” He glances at Sidney. “You too?”

“No,” Sidney says. “I’m his husband. But I kind of. Uh. I spent a lot of time at the Rho Ep house.” 

“No–fu–frickin’ way,” the guy says excitedly, looking apologetically at the toddler in Geno’s arms. “Are you two Geno and Sid? Geno led Rho Ep to first place every Greek Week since he became president. Your names are carved on the backyard porch. You’re legends.”

“We didn’t carve it, Flower did,” Sidney says. “After we repeatedly told him not to.”

“Is it true that once you got so drunk you passed out on the front lawn and then woke up in time for you 9 AM midterm?” the student asks, as Geno tries to shush him.

“Geno, what?” 

Geno’s shaking hands with the student and patting him on the back hurriedly. “Wow, so late now, can’t come in visit, need go, bye bye!” as the student says in confusion, “But it’s 1:30 in the afternoon.”