also we asked op for permission to gif!

Sometimes it’s difficult to be a graphic maker — we don’t get the privilege and the respect like what fanartist/fanfic writers do. Like when our works get reposted, not all, a few, (or none at all) would stand up for us. Unlike fanartist, they’d get all the ppl to stand up and defend for them.

When we call out the reposters, all they would say is sorry, we got it from the google. Or sorry, we didn’t know it was yours — doesn’t have a watermark. Well newsflash, gifs and graphics don’t magically appear in google. They were made and posted first somewhere — mainly in tumblr. 

But isn’t it a common sense and courtesy that before you post something that isn’t yours, you’d still look for the source of it? And when you find it, ask for permission if you can repost it in other sites? Then credit the OP? Isn’t it like that with the fanartist? Why can’t we also have that as graphic makers?

Why? Because what we do is only “color and put sharpen and voila!”? No, it’s not like that. We do take time in making those graphics and gifs. I know that what graphic makers do is different from fanartist, but still, can’t we get the credit that we deserve? Can’t we get the respect that other fandom contributors and makers do?

Because we do make contents for the fandom too. Gif, graphics, mood boards, pic spams, whatever — it’s all part of the fandom too. Like fanartists, we contribute to the fandom content too, but why can’t we get the respect and credit we deserve for our works when it gets reposted or used without our permission?

Some would say to use watermarks. If you don’t know, watermarks also are cropped out, and as someone has told me way before — they make the post/gif/graphic ugly — that’s why some of us doesn’t have/use it. BECAUSE AS A GRAPHIC/GIF MAKER, WE DO KNOW WHAT OUR GRAPHIC/GIF LOOKS LIKE EVEN WITHOUT A WATERMARK. And we expect for people to just like or reblog them, not repost — or even if they wanted to, they would ask permission. Isn’t that a common courtesy? Isn’t it like that with any other content makers for the fandom — fanartist and fanfic writers? If their works are reposted somewhere and they’re not aware of it being there, they get upset — graphic makers are also like that. 

No, I’m not mad that my gif/graphics are being reposted, I don’t mind, I’m even happy — if you asked permission. What I mind is that I didn’t get notified/got an ask for permission if it is okay to do it. Then I’d go to a different site, or worse here on tumblr too — and I’d see my gifs/graphics reposted without any consent or permission from me. 

I love that I can contribute to the fandom in my own little ways, but sometimes, it’s frustrating, it’s saddening, and it’s tiring but we can’t voice it out that much, because, huh, we’re just graphic makers — content makers that are less important as fanartists and fanfic writers, though we do contribute to the fandom as much as they do.