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➸ 08.02.2017 | Monthly spread for August, featuring my aloe! School starts up again this month and I’m already sure I’m going to be swamped. Wish me luck this month xx


“Hotch and JJ are like Batman and Robin. [..] I feel like [JJ is] his little side kick and they just have a certain language and I think they just really have come to know each other in maybe a different way than the rest of the group.” - AJ Cook on Hotch and JJ
                    ↳ JJ and Hotch requested by anonymous

Barba comes into the squad room with coffee and doughnuts for everyone.

Fin: Man, that’s the best thing you have done in a while.

Barba (pointing to Carisi): No, that would be him.

Carisi (burning red): …


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i’ve found it. the best request ever. how did u know my dream (can i sign up to be tomura’s bf pls)


  • A Flustered Mess ™. He can hardly deal with the knowledge that someone can put up with him fell in love with him. Hell, he still expects it to all be a joke. His hand reaches up to his neck subconciously, picking at the scabs that formed.
  • Shigaraki secretly loves it and thinks he looks adorable. Of course, he’s not going to say that, and probably demands for him to take off the sweatshirt. It’s best if his boyfriend doesn’t turn that into a joke. It’s also best to not point out the socks.
  • I bet he’d walk in the room, see his boyfriend, and immediately walk out. He doesn’t know how to deal with it. He doesn’t want to deal with it.
  • He’ll probably threaten to disintegrate him, but pull him back into the room by his arm and put on a movie and he’s not going to fight back.
  • Actually, definitely do that. Make some mac and cheese, it’s just like babysitting.


  • Is immediately enamoured. His first thought is “Hell yeah, that’s my boyfriend being cute.”
  • Regardless of whatever height difference there might be, Dabi sweeps him off his feet and carries him to the nearest seat (couch/bed/big chair/etc.). Hope he didn’t have any plans on getting up any time soon.
  • Likely teases him. “Wow, did you really miss me enough to take my sweater? And are those cats? On your socks?”
  • Dabi figures his boyfriend’s cold and tries his hardest to regulate his quirk so he can be warmer than usual, but not on fire.
  • It doesn’t work (he either ends up colder than usual, or they’re on fire), but at least he tried…?


  • Todoroki blinks upon entering the room, praying that what he sees isn’t a dream. He’s quite happy to realise that it isn’t.
  • He sits down on the couch next to his boyfriend and immediately pulls him into a hug. He mutters something along the lines of “You look nice…” under his breath, almost as if he doesn’t want his boyfriend to hear.
  • He hears anyway, and snuggles deeper into Todoroki’s arms and sweater.
  • Better hope they didn’t fall asleep in the dorms, because you can bet that they’d be woken up by camera flashes and giggles.
  • After, of course, the entirety of class 1-A cooed over how cute they were together.


I hope that means we’ll get to see Killer King. THE TWINS AAAHH <3

sooo…I drew a Haruhi to let out some fangirl steam lmao


I wanted to do something for Takane month for a while now so i finally did a drawing of her! i was originally going to do a cosplay of her…


-slowly peeks out- 

Is it…is it finally time for me to come back…?

//looks around// Is this fandom…still alive….?


No promises but…

There will be activity here again :DDDDD


ahhhh i’m living for conor’s new video!! they really know what kinda videos we love lmao conor is the hotter one tbh