also sorry for the crap quality

hi i’ve been inactive for a long time and I’m rlly sorry :-( i just finished freshman yr and it was rlly crazy hard so i needed to take a break. i also rlly hated my feed so much BC it looked like crap compared to others. thank u all for following me until now and expect more quality content 🌼


*throws these into the void*

happy valentines!!! i might color these sometime but who knows

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W. I. T. C. H. 

i didnt get tagged for the simblr cartoon challenge but i was dying to try my hand at it anyway so i had this edit sitting in my drafts for like….. forever jdsfsd
i used to (and i still do) love magical girls shows, and w.i.t.c.h. was one powerful cartoon/comic series combo tbh!! 


Me crying IRL right now T__T

I imagine that even though Ryoma is the last to give up, he’s a gracious at losing, especially because of all the support he’s gotten.

me however, is trying very hard not to be salty; stupid hot potato multiplier. I know it’s just a game but I’m still upset…

Honestly though, I’m very warmed by all the support Ryoma’s gotten through this Gauntlet. I found many Ryoma fans and it makes me very happy to know that he’s loved. Thank you Team Ryoma!

please Team Soren, be a gracious winner and not make too many dead lobster jokes, my heart can’t take it T_T

nyanshadowforce  asked:

Art request: Jesse and Ivor going grocery shopping at 2 a.m. together (you know why) ((Also if you don't want to do it that's perfectly fine plz don't pressure yourself))

True story about 2am grocery store trip I actually took: So I went to a Harry Potter midnight book release and had to go get something from the grocery store. So at 2am, in full harry Potter cosplay, I strutted into a barely lit Kroger and bought like one thing. True store. (also second photo is based off of a hash-tag you put on a post you reblogged from me) Crying with Ivor in a grocery store parking lot at 2am is my aesthetic✨ 

So the new ride this season at Six Flags Great Adventure is ‘The Joker,” which is a weird rollercoaster thing. I’m a sucker for coasters so I went back into the park after work to ride it and actually kind of lost my shit walking through the line queue. LOOK WHO WAS THERE

The park IS NOT known for its ability tho theme things so I was elated to see all these different batman villains, it was a really nice surprise. To my excitement, they also redid the coaster next to Joker and named it “Harley Quinn’s Crazy Train,” and put in a small batman villain themed shop. I really hope they keep it up because tbh the totally unexpected large poster of THE PROFESSOR OF FEAR made my day and if I can just go to work every day and be surrounded by DC characters that’d be great ok