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Please thirst after anyone that you are attracted to regardless of some random person not capable of realizing people have different tastes :)

hahahaha I’m sure anon #1 was just teasing me (I…think?) but I appreciate the affirmation, anon #2. Also I couldn’t stop this bill skarsgard lust train if I wanted to tbh it has already left the station, it’s too late. it’s en route to its destination. can’t stop it now.

After spending some time googling broccoli cheese soup slow cooker recipes I have determined that I apparently know nothing about soup making. Or maybe some other people know nothing about food.

I’ve also apparently got to start my food blogger!Dean blog that I’ve been discussing with @rosemoonweaver for a while. Because apparently when I encounter ridiculous recipes online I can expertly channel my inner Dean.


My parents decides to throw a poker party today when 1: school is tomorrow 2: my baby brother is in nyc with his grandmother like you two are parents you can’t get drunk!!! On a school night!!! You cannot leave your kid in a different state just cause you wanna get drunk and gamble!!!!

so basically I had a 20% off coupon for petco beds and my dog is like 15 and really needed a new one. so we went down there and it turned out to be the last 2 hours of the store being open at all. they’re moving and everything was 50% off. We picked out this huge fancy ass dog bed that was like $110 bc hey, half off!! and then when we got up the cashier told us they are also still accepting the coupons so !?!? fuck yes! now my old boy is all happy and sleeping in his new comfy bed and is way happier with this one :’) I’m glad we could get it bc honestly we don’t really know how long he has left. he’s really old and sleeps most of the day but doesn’t really have too bad of arthritis or anything like that but?? I’m glad he’s happy with the bed ☺️

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firefly red- what gives you purpose?

firefly red: what gives you purpose?

the idea that in whatever minute capacity, either now or later in life, I’ll be able to make this world a little easier for others to exist within (could this sound more pretentious? oops)

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hey idk if this has been asked before and if it has i'm sorry!!! but uh what drawing program do u use & would u be willing 2 share ur brush settings. all ur art is very good.

ive actually never been asked this before!! 0: i use a few different brushes but ill give ya the ones i commonly use

also i use sai!!

i use those two for line art!! the first one i use for softer lines and the second one i use for hard, crisp lines! i sometimes use a different one too but these are my go-to

as for other brushes, i usually use a few different ones when i color and shade, it just depends on what feel i want yknow? like i used one of my acrylic brushes when i colored and shaded the pokefusion i posted earlier, and ive used different brushes for different pieces, so if ywant anything in specific lemme know!