also let's not forget she led an army into battle while super pregnant

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kisses for Azura and Anthony! (ノ・ω・)ノ

| 2/3

It wasn’t uncommon for Anthony to have sudden bursts of affection, especially lately. They’d been working on fixing up a room for the little bundle of joy that would soon make an appearance. Anthony had been very doting and protective with Azura since the news and today was no different.

They’d been panting the room and he glanced over to Azura, smiling at her crookedly. Without so much as a word, he walked over and wrapped an arm around her so he could lean down and kiss her sweetly, lingering in the kiss for a few moments before pulling away. He smiled down at her, a bit of paint on his cheek, and then bent down to peck her lips once more. “You look absolutely radiant, moonlight.”