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  • me: i need to sleep please fall asleep
  • my brain: A lion in tweed is a friend indeed,
  • And he’s also a podcast too
  • And a lion in time is a fine feline
  • But don’t let him devour you
  • I made a photoshop with me
  • And my best friend Michael Jordan
  • Actually it was me and Michael Jordan and the cast of Space Jam
  • It was called Me and Space Jam
  • I took Me and Space Jam
  • And I turned it into a website
  • Using MediaLab’s Sitegrinder technology you can visit it
  • Visit it
  • Visit it
  • At
  • me: become unconscious please

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Lucy + Getting distracted by Flynn's hands?

“It is the opinion which I humbly submit to this august gathering that the United States Postal Service has no duty to promote the immoral circulation of obscenity, contraceptives, abortifacients, objects for personal… usage, or any letter containing or referring to such lurid subjects in any fashion. I thus duly urge and implore the honorable Members of Congress to vote upon the proposal for their condemnation, and thus by doing, preserve the fiber of our Christian Nation and the example for our young people, by in so doing hope to – “

This has been going on for about twenty minutes already, and yes, it’s exactly that boring. It is March 3, 1873, and Congress is about to vote on what will become known as the Comstock Laws, a strict set of anti-vice regulations that attempt to effectively outlaw “obscenity” of any kind. Anthony Comstock, the man who has been responsible for pushing them through, is strutting and speechifying in front of a bunch of middle-aged white men in cravats, half of whom are falling asleep and the other half of whom are leaning forward as if in hope that the honorable Postal Inspector will tell them more about lurid subjects. It’s not entirely clear why Rittenhouse has gone here – make them more extensive and sexually frustrate everyone to death? Enforce them more strictly? Get rid of them altogether? The team has already met one of Lucy’s personal heroines, Victoria Woodhull, who is spiritedly objecting to the laws and fighting for their defeat, and there’s also the trial of Boss Tweed, the corrupt kingpin who’s run New York City for decades and embezzled millions, going on in the background. Maybe mess with the entire idea of American sexual and political scandals? Make the public have an altogether different view of them, encourage them to accept or ignore them, or otherwise make it easier for Rittenhouse to do whatever they want in broad daylight and not even –

Lucy is thinking very hard about this, as a proper historian should, from her seat in the observation gallery, where she and Flynn have come to keep an eye on the vote. They can’t exactly jump down on the floor and yell “OBJECTION!” if it starts going off the rails, but they can at least –

“ – and since the organ of public government should surely provide for the public morality, the removal of such lewd and lascivious material from – “

(God, Comstock is a self-righteous pain in the ass, and his stupid handlebar mustache is even worse – )

Lucy is just struggling to keep her attention on this deadly dull screed when she abruptly jerks and swivels around accusingly to stare at her – well, boyfriend is not the word for it, they don’t know what they are. They might still be in the friends-with-benefits stage, but those certainly are benefits. Also, Flynn has just pretended to drop something on the floor, and as he bends down, he puts one hand on Lucy’s ankle, underneath her skirt. Then, as Comstock keeps droning on below, Flynn cups her slender calf and slides his fingers slowly and warmly up to the back of her knee. He glances over his shoulder directly at her, eyes having acquired a god-of-mischief glint. Lucy hisses at him, then adopts a bland smile at the top-hatted gentleman who glances over at them. She flutters her fan, and he turns away, apparently having noticed nothing. As for Flynn –

“ – therefore if the august gathering agrees, by assuming further powers to personally inspect the post and remove any such filthy material, I can halt the scourge of birth control, PORNOGRAPHY, and the DEFILEMENT OF IMPRESSIONABLE YOUNG WOMEN –

Comstock is really hitting his stride now, which is nice for him. But there’s also the fact that Flynn’s fingers have reached Lucy’s upper thigh, and if she doesn’t stop him, there’s a strong chance that there will be some defilement of not-so-impressionable, sort-of-young women going on directly under Comstock’s mustache. Which has… something to be said for it in the poetic and fitting irony department, really, but this is not the time. Flynn is still on his knees on the floor, pretending to look for whatever he fake-dropped, but it’s pretty damn clear that his arm is well up her skirt, and Lucy smacks him with the fan just as the top-hatted gentleman swivels a censorious, monocled stare in their direction again. “I say, sir, what on earth are you – ”

“Found it,” Flynn says, reaching down with his free hand to pluck a dropped cufflink that may or may not be his. At the same time, his other hand finds something else, and Lucy sits bolt upright with a strangled squeak. She manages to avoid anything else, though it’s hard, but the instant their judgmental neighbor has turned away again, she fixes a death glare on Flynn. Up, she mouths at him. Right now.

Flynn shrugs, biting a smirk, and duly withdraws his hand, sitting back up as Comstock is reaching the big finale. It continues to play at his lips as Lucy glares at him. She shifts in her seat, with an unhappy feeling she’s going to need to ask him to continue this later. Only Garcia Flynn would silently troll you at a famous historical anti-vice hearing like this, and almost have you mad that he stopped.

(God. She can’t believe that this is, in fact, the man she loves.)


The 10 best (and most emotional) Killian Donnelly moments of 2017

The year 2017 was a tale of two cities for Killian: of New York, where he spent the first half of the year fulfilling his Broadway dream as Charlie in Kinky Boots, and of London, where he returned in June to fulfill another dream of his, to play Jean Valjean in Les Miserables. There may not be two more different roles in the musical theater canon, yet Killian gave his all to both roles, tumbling his way through Cyndi Lauper’s infectious score for five months before returning to the other side of the Atlantic and throwing himself into the emotional and vocal demands of Les Miserables. Along the way, he jetted out to Los Angeles to attend the Grammys with Matt Henry and celebrate the Kinky Boots London cast album’s nomination, performed at West End Live, explored the monuments of Washington, D.C., and rocked it in both t-shirts and tweed. This was also the year Killian revived his dormant Instagram account, where he learned how to Boomerang and confessed his fear of rollercoasters. 

But my favorite photo of Killian this year is without a doubt the one of him and Fra, posing on the Top of the Rock on a beautiful spring day toward the end of Killian’s run in Kinky Boots: two good friends, with the entirety of the city at their feet, happily basking in the sun. The hair says Charlie, while the scruff hints at Valjean – but the smile is all Killian. 

This year I was so privileged to get to see him in New York – and next month, I’ll get to see him in London. After all these years, I still find him a joy to watch, both onstage and off: he’s a really special actor – and even better man.


So this is an example of my sense of humor. I turned The Librarians into bookmarks. These don’t really show just how sparkly the logo on the bottom is or the full effect of Flynn’s coat. I really loved making these. You can’t see but I sewed a beige felt to the back with invisible thread. The sides were done on a sewing machine.

I am really proud of the plaid on Jake’s shirt and the tweed of Flynn’s Jacket. Also the clippings book. There was so much going between the threads of the aida for those.

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can you maybe make a post on the colour Roan (if it's legit?) please? or do it for mixed monday?

Ooh, very interesting topic!

Okay! So roan. Roan is a legitimate colour! It describes an even mixture of white and fully pigmented hair next to each other. It is primarily known in horses, but also cattle and to a somewhat lesser extent in dogs. 

How the roan colour looks, its distribution and genetic inheritance differs from species to species (roan in a horse for example would not be the same in a dog). In fact it seems that a good deal of the how and why roan exists, is still a mystery.

I’ll be sticking to cats moving forward, because my knowledge about roan in other species is a lot more superficial. :P

Roan in cats exists as well, but only very recently have cat associations like the TICA taken notice of it, so for the moment it is NOT an officially recognized colour! It seems the colouration seems to have been around for a while though, appearing here and there in wild stray populations or the random house cat.

As stated at the beginning, roan means there is an even distribution of fully white and fully coloured hairs next to each other. This is different from all the other known cat colours, since either you have only fully pigmented hairs in one colour or in patches (bi- and tricolour cats), OR you have partially pigmented hairs like for example the smokes (bottom is white, tip is coloured), OR banded hairs for tabbies (imagine a hair with multiple light and dark stripes on it).

People have started to ask cat associations to include and recognize roan as a new type of colour, so in the future we might see new colours like “black roan, “blue roan” or “red roan” pop up. Alternatively I have also seen the term “tweed” being used, for the same type of coat. 

For now there is only one cat breed purposefully pushing for the roan pattern, which is the Lykoi breed. Lykois are a “Preliminary New Cat Breed” which is still pending its full championship status, which it is expected to receive this year (2016)!

Lykoi cats or “Werewolf Cats” have a unique naturally occuring mutation of their coats, which features not only the roan colour, but also partial baldness, which gives them the typical werewolf look. I will make a full Lykoi colour post for Mixed Monday after this post. :)

Time for some pictures!

Roan can have different levels of “intensity”, meaning the amount of white in the coat can vary.

© Brittney Gobble

Showtype Lykois are supposed to be only black (+ roan) and since roan is currently not a recognized colour, these cats are registered simply as “black”. Lykois in other colours do appear and can be used for breeding to ensure a large and healthy gene pool. Interestingly kittens will start out with a regular “solid” colour and only later develop more and more white hairs.

“black roan”

© Brittney Gobble

© Preston Smith |

© Cheryl Kerr

“black bicolour roan”

© Brittney Gobble

© Cheryl Kerr

“blue roan”

© Brittney Gobble

comparison “black and blue roan”

Thanks so much for your question! Whew, the post got kinda long, but I believe it was necessary. ;) Hope you find it useful!

A strange man

11th doctor x reader

Pronouns: gender neutral

Word count: 982

TWs: mentions of death

Summary: You come across a man sitting in a ruined park and have a conversation.

Tagging: @evyiione (if you’d like to be added to this list, shoot me a message! i also keep forgetting about this oops)

[A/N]: This idea came out of nowhere so it probably doesn’t  make much sense. I’ll get to those asks as soon as I can, this is just something I’ve had sitting around for a while. 

Kicking pebbles, you walked on the sidewalk in your all too familiar town. You had lived there most of your life and were now back for the foreseeable future while you worked to save up money for an apartment. You wanted nothing more than to go as far away as possible and get away from the suffocating air. A park was coming up on your right and you looked instinctively. No one really used it anymore due to how old it was. It had been standing for what seemed like centuries and all the equipment was rusty and dangerous. Sometimes kids would hang out on the falling apart swings or try and sit on the slides but gave up pretty quickly. Today, however, a man was sitting on a swing, dejected. His hair was flopping over and covering his face while he swung slowly back and forth. Curious, you approached him.

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- It will happen this way. You may be walking. Maybe the first sunny day of the spring. And a car will slow beside you, and a door will open, and someone you know, maybe even trust, will get out of the car. And he will smile, a becoming smile. But he will leave open the door of the car and offer to give you a lift.

denchus  asked:

Hiii, i read you're an art curator, i'm trying to pick a career and that sounds really intresting. If you have the time could you tell me a little bit about it??? Thanksss<3 btw i loove your blog

hey there - and thank you! of course i can.

um, working as a curator or any position within a public museum or galleries is usually a labour of love. it’s an incredibly rewarding and varied sector and profession, but also unfortunately incredibly poorly paid. (that’s often what happens when you love something :-)

if you wish to be an art curator specifically; it’s very much becoming a competitive area of specialty so i’d recommend you push through to post-graduate at least (tbh a BA won’t really cut it these days unless you have loads of experience) and also volunteer as much as you can. get some exhibition and collections work under your belt, as well as guiding and/or being a docent… i work with interns and volunteers all the time and they’re the ones i usually either employ or see going on to paid work elsewhere.

depending on the size of the museum or gallery you work in, the curator usually develops, manages and interprets both the collection and loan works, and critically works toward audience engagement and getting people visiting your museum/institution. it’s all about visitor numbers, developing good public programs, working with the education and commercial development teams, sponsorship and getting grants these days so it’s very rare a curator can be like those guys in the movies who wander around in the storerooms in tweed jackets poring over their cosseted collections…

also a good knowledge of the power of digital forums and social media and how to use those tools to engage with new audiences is critical as well.

hope that helps; DM me if you like.


i-run-a-trash-blog  asked:

Obvi I want your Sherlock headcanons for that ask meme

these are all johnlock as hell because I am a ridiculous mess who cannot resist it

Headcanon A:  realistic

Holmes ‘borrows’ Watson’s notebook to read what he had written about their adventures (and about Holmes!) because, as ACD has told us many times, Holmes loves being praised and it means that much more coming from Watson. Holmes ends up reading through the notebook with a furious blush on his face, and if the next morning a package of Watson’s favorite tobacco or a new novel appears next to Watson’s breakfast plate, neither man says anything about it. 

Headcanon B: while it may not be realistic it is hilarious

Holmes turns into an absolute child around animals and pets. He’ll coo at them and pick them up and cuddle them, regardless of his audience. He has more than once picked up a stray cat outside Baker St and called it “a lovely little gentleman, yes you are” while scratching the cat’s ears. Watson pretends not to notice (but he does and thinks it’s the most adorable thing he’s ever seen in his life).

Headcanon C: heart-crushing and awful, but fun to inflict on friends

I am absolutely certain that after Holmes faked his own death Holmes bought the latest copy of The Strand which contained Watson’s account of Holmes’ untimely demise. Holmes keeps it with him always during his three years away, and although he is not a superstitious man the knowledge that he is Watson’s “best and wisest” friend takes on an almost talismanic quality as he strives to be worthy of Watson’s kind description. The words help him make it back to London–to Watson–and he places the well-worn copy in the desk drawer where he keeps his most precious possessions. Watson comes across the blood- and tear-stained document while searching for another of Holmes’ records, and he opens it gingerly, recognizing its significance as the account he had written of Holmes’ ‘last’ investigation. He has to sit down when he opens the magazine to his own story and sees Holmes’ handwriting at the top of the page, disheveled but still clear as day, just one word: John.

Headcanon D: unrealistic, but I will disregard canon about it because I reject canon reality and substitute my own

Holmes does retire to Sussex to keep bees (with Watson of course), but I like to think he spends some of his time teaching young students joining the police force how to use the science of deduction in their profession. He also writes the textbook he always told Watson he would, ensuring his legacy not only as the best detective of his generation, but also as one of the best of all time.  I just love Holmes as a sweet old professor, long since retired from crime-solving but ensuring he (and Watson) will live on through educating the next generation. Also he wears silly tweed jackets and carries a little monogrammed briefcase that Watson gave him and that’s that on that.

@i-run-a-trash-blog thank you for your interest in my nonsense 


Inspiration (3 of 10 in no particular order)

The third inspiration on my list is one of my best friends, Christian Kimber. Most people will need no introduction to him. After several collections of shoes, a few showings in New York Fashion Week with Eidos Napoli and what seems like a permanent spot in every GQ list of ‘must have’s, he still remains a genuinely nice guy.

I’ve taken my outfit inspiration from a couple of shots of Christian. What I like about his style is that it’s casual but classy at the same time - something that I’ve tried to incorporate in my own outfits. The trousers may be wider than the norm and the look may be ruffled but it never looks anything but good. His influence is one of the reasons I’ve slowly veered away from the suit and tie look towards a more casual style. There is no reason ‘relaxed’ needs to look ‘sloppy’ and Christian’s outfits are proof of that. It felt more natural to me to wear this cardigan without the belt,  just leaving it open, so the belt stayed home.

In today’s outfit, there’s texture in the cardigan, slouchiness in the trousers and some colour from the scarf, I’ve also included the tweed tote which I think it one of the best things Christian has done. I’ve worn some blue sneakers rather than green just because i really like them and it still works.

Christian often goes sockless which is not something I’m used to so I’ve comprimised by using socks that are somewhat close to my skin tone

You may be wondering why I’ve got a shoe horn in the tote. It was the first item I bought from Christian - before the shoes, before Eidos, before any of this. He’d just started out by getting in some accessories and showed this shoe horn to me over a coffee. It was so beautiful that I couldn’t resist buying it there and then. It now sits hanging in the hall and I use it on most days to put my shoes on. He told me back then “I like the idea of you using this each day to put your beautiful shoes on”. Me too, my friend.

Scarf - Christian Kimber

Cardigan - Eidos Napoli

Shirt - Orslow

Tote - Christian Kimber

Fatigue pants - Orslow

Socks - Uniqlo

Shoes - Christian Kimber

Shoe Horn - Christian Kimber


Senator-elect Robert F. Kennedy and Jackie Kennedy at a news conference to announce the public contributions to the John F. Kennedy Memorial Library Fund on December 13, 1964.

Jackie is wearing the Chanel suit actress Romy Schneider is modeling. There are some things different from Jackie’s suit and Romy’s suit. Jackie’s suit has two pockets on each side while Romy’s only has one. The tweed fabric is also different. Jackie has her sleeves rolled up so we can’t see if they’re different from Romy’s, but they seem the same. But this is probably because Jackie didn’t buy her suits directly from Chanel, she had them replicated by American designer Chez Ninon. Sometimes Jackie would ask to make alterations. 

I love and hate how the smallest things in real life become great fanfic AUs.
Like for the past 2 weeks, the university’s free wifi won’t connect to my phone. I’m complaining to someone, and I’m like, “I’ll just go to IT and yell until they fix it.”
And bam.
It hits me.
I mean, wouldn’t this make the most hilarious, amazing, cutest, dorkiest AU?
Yes, my shipper trash brain insists. Yes, of course it would.
Because Bilbo is beyond technologically inept, and he struts into the IT department, staring at his device and yelling abuses at it.
And there’s Thorin, all socially awkward and cursing the (already minuscule) amount of human interaction his new job requires. Just give him a hunk of metal and a room alone, and he’ll be good for hours.
But then in walks Bilbo, who is immediately alluring (especially with in spite of the steam of almost-foul language he’s currently expelling) and Thorin’s reduced to grunts and scowls as he slips on his glasses to take a look.
The problem is ridiculously simple - Bilbo just wants to connect to the wifi (a name which confuses Bilbo considerably), but Thorin finds himself proclaiming there’s a virus, and if Bilbo takes it anywhere else they’ll charge him a fortune, but it’s free here, so…
Thorin panics for a second when Bilbo begins asking questions, but Thorin just throws around some random, nonsensical computer software jargon, and Bilbo’s nose scrunches up in confusion, and oh Mahal, Thorin’s got it bad.


another eyewitness account from a person who happened to stumble upon the his dark materials filming in bristol - i wonder if the woman in pink is mrs coulter? and considering how lord boreal and billy costa were also filming in bristol the same day - and also, men in uniform like grey tweed - are they filming gobblers scenes? maybe showing how billy costa was kidnapped (something we never saw “on screen” in the book)?
v interesting overall


Hey! Here’s what a #Marshall #Model2022 #Lead20 sounds like turned up to 11! I just picked the #amp up from @marshalllespaulfan who did some great work returning it to its stock state (details in a later post) and here he is playing a little #LedZep through it on his #LesPaul Standard. The amp is running through the 4 x 12 cab just to the right but, trust me, it sounds just as huge through its original 4 x 10 (which it is sitting on). Also, note the rather drool-worthy 1960 #Fender tweed #Deluxe that he is also currently working on. Wowsa…so many awesome amps in this room. So glad to have my Marshall back! Now @marshalllespaulfan is working on My #Tremolux… 😀

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If contortionism isn’t impressive, then how has Daze gotten himself not only into a button up and suspenders, but also a loose fitting tweed overcoat and a pair of trousers? Check and mate.

(Twenty-eight days since the last day Daisy felt wrong within her body, the absence of the only bloodletting that will never be natural to her misaligns all of Daisy’s limbs and she switches up his armor; dysphoria forgotten, glamour all up in the spell of his haircut.)

Daze is all androgynous, boyish features, all clean lines and pretentious dishevelment, a cigarette hanging from his free hand, a lopsided smirk on his clean mouth.

Edwardian prep school “should’ve been born to 19th century debauchery” epicenter of gay transmasc narcissism is the aesthetic, Surprise bitch, I bet you thought you’d seen the last of me is the attitude.

okay so just over a month ago i moved house from an awful, horrible little place that had so many potholes that people didn’t even bother to cover them up any more, what seemed like the world’s biggest population of people who would probably punch you for looking at their shoes wrong and a sort of bizarrely permanent overcast sky even when the rest of the world was sunny

to what is described as a popular and esteemed middle class suburb

and it’s so surreal. i’m the least middle class person. none of my family are middle class. we are generation upon generation of working class people and we’ve lived our entire lives that way and it’s just an ingrained part of our identity from birth.

but now like? there’s a cheese shop and we live in a big house with an apple tree and it’s only about a five minute walk up the hill to the cheese shop and it’s green everywhere and there’s so many flowers and did i mention that there’s literally a cheese shop

i feel like i moved from A House In Actual England to A House In What People Think England Is and my working class self feels uncomfortable and vaguely threatened

i think i’ll have to pop on my tweed jacket and dash up to the cheese shop