also i havent drawn in two weeks

It’s 3 AM, and I was going to sleep when I stumbled upon @zawa-ro ‘s blog, and OMG?? their gemling art??? is so cute?? where has this been all my life?? go look at their blog now??? 

I got out of bed to doodle their two adorable Holly Blue/Famethyst gemlings because I couldn’t sleep knowing these adorable babies existed. 


Two pages this week ‘cuz I had three finals this week, and ALL of them were presentations… X”D

BUT! THAT’S! OKAY! B’CUZ, I’m finally on Summer Vacation!
That means I can finally focus on the comic more until the next (and my final) year of school starts! ^_^ So in celebration of Summer Vacation, next week’s update will be extra large! And possibly split into two back to back update days

Anyway, buckle your pants and tune in next week children ‘cuz next up is some story time~
Also remind me to never do an upshot of a Sans again haha

Part 2: Renegade
<Pages 70 - 71>




It took way too long, but Sathee finally has colors now!

The coloring for the top drawing wasn’t done by me though, that honor would go to @mmm102. Can’t thank him enough for it!

I was also gonna draw a character sheet alongside it to have more solid colors set, but that will have to wait for another day.

big kobold friend