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Hey, I have zero experience in drawing or any kind of manual art like that. But I've decided I want to try and learn even just the basics, but the resources online are sketchy and I have no knowledge to be able to decipher what's good and what's not. I really love your art, I know you probably get this a lot but where do you think I should start?

ALRIGHT alright alright I’m going to make this some sort of ”beginner artist” masterpost and include as many resources as I possibly can. I am going to assume you want to focus on the ”drawing” aspects of art since it can take many forms. Here are some pointers and resources I consider vital when learning how to draw, things I’ve learned from multiple art oriented courses. This is going to be a very quick and general thing and I’ll make some serious and properly drawn tutorials in the future (the drawings in this one are going to be embarrassing, try to only take the general idea from them) but to start off:

  • Before you jump into drawing in any particular style, learn your realism.

This is probably mistake #1 in many young art enthusiasts: they go straight into wanting to draw either anime, or a particular cartoon’s style because a stylized form of art is much more appealing to them than realistic things. Which is valid, but I’ll have you know in order to get any of those styles right, you have to learn the basics AND ONLY THEN proceed to use that knowledge to ”deform” said realism into any style you want. Be it learning from life drawing and observing, pictures online of real people or animals. When you look at a big household name in the artist world’s work, as flashy as their stuff might be, a trained eye is able to tell immediately if the person has proper anatomical knowledge or not, no matter how much they try to mask it with ”this is just my style.” Let me show you an example: 

(excuse the 5 minute sketches pls, note these are actually highly inaccurate (the knees should be placed lower on the second drawing and calves shouldn’t be as big as the thighs) but I wanted to demonstrate ”realistic proportions” in contrast to more of a stylized drawing in a really quick way, a google search for “human anatomy” will bring up much more accurate visual representations of all this so I highly recommend doing that)

But basically in order to play around with anatomy you first need to learn realistic proportions (you don’t need to absolutely master them or anything, but you need to know things like the distance between the forehead, eyes + nose and chin correlate, places where fat stores in comparison to where muscle stores, the size of the forearm until in reaches the wrist/arm are practically the same, arms + hands reach below the hipbone and halfway to the the upper thigh) and only then proceed to bend those rules to create your own stylized version of things, which means you get to play around with a lot of shapes like so: 


For the love of all that is holy make use of guidelines, whether with a light colored blue or red pencil if you’re drawing by hand or a sketch layer in Photoshop/SAI etc. They will help out so much when it comes to knowing where you should place each feature. Many people attempt to draw directly without them and while after a lot of practice it might work, to start off you really need to understand basic figure building.

(I’m literally drawing all these one drawing a minute excuse the shittiness I’m just trying to get the point across ahah gOD THESE ARE PISSPOOR)

  • Carry a little sketchbook with you if you can and draw strangers while riding the train, bus, etc. Just draw whatever you see.

It’s not only entertaining when you might be bored out of your mind but extremely productive to draw people, animals, scenery, anything you can see that you might want to sketch out for practice, you can. No better way to learn than real life. 

  • Take time to draw. And draw. And draw.

You will not learn or improve overnight, bettering yourself when it comes to art is an endless and ongoing lifelong process. But it won’t be due to osmosis, you gotta sit your ass down and draw as frequently as you can afford to (although excesses can be bad for you, learn to also take breaks and find comfortable positions because drawing CAN REALLY MESS UP YOUR BACK like badly and you don’t wanna end up hunched over because of it or with tendonitis) But believe me: practice makes perfect and if you learn to observe and understand why you’re drawing what you’re drawing, why are you placing that line where you’re placing it and start thinking in 3D, you will surely improve.

Now for the part you truly want to look out for -






Last but not least, some artists that inspire me beyond words and that might also inspire you.

I hope this helps!

Lotrfansaredorcs is back....

Hello! I used to be lotrfansaredorcs and make Those Long Meta Posts 

until I was unexpectedly forced to delete my main blog. I wish I’d had time to warn my followers beforehand, and I’m very sorry! Thank you all for following me (I screwed myself over too, if that’s any consolation! I didn’t even have time to save the stuff I had in drafts/queues! and I had a lot of long epic rants in there!!!!) 

Lotrfansaredorcs is what they used to call me…..but now I am @lotrfansaredorcs-the-white 

(and my new main is @secretmellowblog where I mostly post about Les Mis, and occasionally Animation Things and Marvel)

I also reblog my lotrfansaredorcs-era posts when I see them floating around tumblr, so that this blog is an “archive” of those posts as well (but I haven’t found all of them yet). My point is

Feel free to re-follow if you want, and/or reblog this post to spread the word! (though you don’t have to feel obligated)

Just gonna tag a few of the familiar usernames who I *believe* used to follow me (tho I am not certain: I used to have a ton of followers, these usernames sound familiar/used to reblog a lot of my posts, and I apologize if I made an error!)

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Headcannons about Cirava and Charun under the cut:


XKit has this thing that helps you organize drafts n shit and I was like “mkay well lets dig through this a bit” AND FOUND THIS SUCKER AND OH MY GOD

I never got finished writing it, it was like. Shit I was writing before the Troll Call even ended, and I never really got around to finishing my points or explaining how I thought their relationship went but

I also don’t really ship VAPORWORM anymore so I stopped caring lfjakfjsk


Adding this to my queue because hOLY SHIT I never thought I was gonna find this thing again lfjaklfjskdljkljd

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Fixing Holes

Anon asked: “I just need a super fluffy Bellarke modern AU. Like super fluffy. So sweet my teeth rot. Idk like Clarke’s dog runs away in the park and she’s chasing it and Bellamy catches it and dating happens?”

Hello there, nonnie! First off, I just want to say I’m sorry that this took so long. College has been really, really crazy, and I overestimated the amount of free time I’d have by a lot. Writers block didn’t make things much better, but I pushed through and ended up with this. Thanks for the prompt! :)

Raven Reyes was the biggest liar on the planet and Clarke Griffin was the worst dog sitter there ever was.

“Oh, don’t worry,” Raven had told her, “Duke’s the sweetest puppy—he shouldn’t be any trouble at all.”

Yeah, right. Try telling that to her now when her shoes were half-eaten and the floor of Raven’s apartment was covered with muddy pawprints—at least she hoped that was mud—and pee stains. Duke was a sweetheart, he really was, but at twelve weeks old he hadn’t quite figured out what humans deemed socially acceptable.

Clarke opened the backdoor and sat the small creature on the grass, telling him to “go potty” before heading back inside and opening Raven’s cleaning cupboard. Sure enough, the carpet cleaner and antibacterial spray were right in front, just to the left of a note that read:

“Thanks so much for dog sitting, Clarke! Much love, Raven”

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so i knew this would eventually happen. i am not going to be home for next week and more and i don’t know if i’ll have wifi so i set up a queue for that time, i’ll maybe show up here a little and i’ll try to answer asks and messages as soon as i can. and when i get back, i’ll try to focus on school more, i need to start studying so i wouldn’t fail. i don’t really know when i’ll be back but i hope soon. pls rb to spread the word


hi guys! so as I hit another hundred followers recently, and I was already doing these a few weeks ago (anyone I promised one I swear they’re still coming) I thought I’d make a proper offer this time to celebrate. There are a couple of rules but nothing too insane! They might also take me a little bit of time because I’ll probably only be doing one or two a day - unless taylor drops something - but this is going to last until november 10th, after that I’ll be taking no more!

here are the rules:

  • send me your url via ask
  • must be following me at wildesttdream
  • your url must be fandom related, ideally taylor swift but I will accept other fandoms at my discretion (e.g. shadowhunters, harry potter, pride and prejudice, once upon a time, b99, some marvel etc.)
  • if you have anything specific to your url or blog you want referenced please add that into the ask
  • like or reblog this to spread it around
  • be patient! if i get a lot it might take a while to get through them
  • you have until november 9th to send me your url

Hello, it’s been a while (like 3 months) but I’m back! Well kind of…

After a while of thinking it, i’ve decided to say goodbye to this blog. It’s not to say that I’ll be deleting completely, because do you think I’d be able to do that? lmao no. Though this blog will no longer be active, I will be moving to a new one. I feel as if a fresh start will help me a lot. It took me so long to make this decision because I couldn’t imagine letting this blog go, but I need to. I just got this feeling and I’m just going to roll with it. 

A few things you all should know about my new blog:

  • Yes, it will still include anime (how could it not?)
  • But, it will also include kdramas (1 as of now, hence the url)
  • I may not have edits, but there will be some new ones soon
  • I will probably be changing the url (bc snk new season)
  • I don’t know how active I’ll be, but I will try to set up a queue (for once)
  • I may or may not add kpop to the mix later (just a warning)

I don’t expect all of you to follow me on there, mainly because of the new content I will be adding, but I will appreciate it if you do. I will be following all my mutuals on there again bc how could i not?

Anyways, my new blog is here.

Switched luggage at the airport : brohm
  • (Bryce calls Ohm on skype through his computer)
  • Bryce: ohm? you there?
  • Ohm: yeah im here! sorry it took me so long, the wifi here is really fuckin' slow. *moves phone around trying to get a good angle of his face*
  • Bryce: I'm guessing your still at the airport due to all the noise *giggle*
  • Ohm: *soft laugh* yeah, the waiting queue is taking forever god damn it.
  • Bryce: thats sad.
  • Ohm: i know right!
  • Bryce: so I guess that means you have your luggage still on you then? *gives him a questioning side glare*
  • Ohm: well yeah, i have to pull this heavy piece of shit with me everywhere. *tilts phone so Bryce can see the suitcase at his side*
  • Bryce: Great! now about that luggage.. *sheepish grin*
  • Ohm: Bryce? what did you do? *scolds him while talking to him like a child*
  • Bryce: i might have done a bad and switched our luggage. *talks softly*
  • Ohm: Bryce! *facepalms* you didn't go through it did you?
  • Bryce: ahhh I may have just a little bit. *squints eyes*
  • Ohm: fucking hell Bryce. Then who's do i have?
  • Bryce: Well I'm hoping mine, otherwise someone gets to take my Micky mouse ears home and gift them to their grandchildren.
  • Ohm: well we don't want that now do we Brycey?
  • Bryce: *crosses his arms across his chest* absolutely not!
  • Ohm: *laughs at Bryce's child like antics* alright let have a look, just hang on a sec. *puts the phone down on the floor as he opens the suitcase*
  • Bryce: I can't really go anywhere so yeah, i guess I'll hang for a sec. *comments smart assly*
  • Ohm: *picks phone back up* you're in luck my friend. *turns camera toward Bryce's open suitcase to show his mickey mouse ears sitting on top*
  • Bryce: phew *wipes imaginary sweat off his forehead* i guess that's that fixed. *giggles cutely*
  • Ohm: that's great and all Bryce but, what the fuck am i going to do now?! my flight is about to lift off, the line to even get your tickets up is taking 3 years, I just found out I have the wrong luggage and need to find a way to get to your house, come back to the airport, line up in the queue for another 5 hours and get on a plane that is already half way across the sea?! *he lists complaining*
  • Bryce: ohm. *looks into the camera reassuringly*
  • Ohm: what? *looks back panicked and way less calm then before*
  • Bryce: you need to calm your tits and think for a minute. there's no way you'll be able to come to my house and back in time for your flight *he began listing off his fingers* even if i decided to bring your luggage to you there still won't be enough time and the only other option is you take my luggage with you and the next time we meet up we give each others stuff back.
  • Ohm: but who knows how long that might be?!
  • Bryce: *shruggs* sorry bud not much i can do about that.
  • Ohm: there's gotta be another option? *he says as he finally takes a step forward in the line*
  • Bryce: well... *scratchs under his chin*
  • Ohm: What?... well what?! *he says in anticipation*
  • Bryce: i guess you could hang at my house for a little longer.
  • Ohm: YES! *says so loud the family lined up in front of him turned around startled*
  • Ohm: i-i mean, yes please.
  • Bryce: *laughs sweetly at ohm's excitement* well then, it'll probably be best if you get out the line dont you think? *smiles wildly*
  • Ohm: oh yeah i guess your right. excuse me miss, pardon me. *Bryce watched as ohms phone swayed as he tried to get out of the queue*
  • Bryce: oh and about your plane tickets, we can exchange them for another flight. *he says in a plain tone*
  • Ohm: What! why didn't you tell me that before?! *makes it to the back of the line and walks towards the exit doors to the drop off parking lot*
  • Bryce: i forgot, sheesh. *runs hand through hair while looking to his right as something catching his eye*
  • Bryce: hey ohm? *reaches down to grab something*
  • Ohm: hmm? *hums not even looking at bryce's cam*
  • Bryce: i also forgot to ask you about this. *holds up an 'i love Bryce McQuaid' t-shirt that he found in ohms suitcase*
  • how long have you had this exactly? *smirkfull grin*
  • Ohm: *looks at Bryce through his phone a little blush on his cheeks but Bryce didn't notice* oh my god, Can you just come pick me up?! *he says passive aggressively*
  • Bryce: alllright, I'll see you soon then buddy. *puts the shirt down on his lap* but I still have some question for you like.. why is my face on that pillow.
  • Ohm: *rubs his forehead in frustration* I'll tell you later, just get your ass in the car before i get to the exit.
  • Bryce: im on it dont worry, i'll be there before you can say i love Bryce McQuaid.
  • Ohm: wouldn't even say it if my life depended on it. *he jokes smiling*
  • Bryce: right? that's why you have a shirt to say it for you, got it. *smirks devilishly giggling*
  • Ohm: okay im gonna hang up im almost at the door. it would be unfair if i didn't give you enough time to beat me to it?
  • Bryce: a challenge? oh your on!
  • Ohm: *chuckles* bye Bryce.
  • bryce: see you in a bit. *whispers* fangirl.
  • (hangs up call)

ONE MORE TALKY POST FOR THE DAY, a few things to make sure I’m clear about.  ♥

- My response to TLJ will probably be fairly positive, half because I liked it and half because I’m actively trying to find the things I liked about it, so there’s going to be a lot of, “Well, this worked for me because I was expecting way worse and also because I’m into the supplementary material and that’s doing a lot of the work the movie SHOULD have done on its own, but didn’t, yet here I am with these feelings anyway.”

This is never meant to step on the toes of those who are angry or hurt or upset over the movie.  If you’re looking for someone to help soften the blow, I’m absolutely ready to point out some of the things I really liked about it!  (Though, don’t get me wrong, I have a lot of criticisms, too, I just haven’t gotten to the headspace where I’m ready to focus on them yet!)  But if you just cannot get past the frustration and dislike of the movie, that is entirely valid (and, lol, nobody needs my permission to be valid in their reactions! this is more about letting you know I’m definitely not trying to say anyone’s wrong or anything) and I hope that it won’t keep us from interacting, whether over TLJ or other things.

I’m genuinely sorry to anyone who’s upset about this movie and I want to make it clear that if I seem like I’m stepping on the toes of that reaction, it’s not intended and I will keep making a focused effort not to do that!  Because there absolutely are legitimate criticisms and reasons to feel upset about this movie!

- I mean, god knows, I’m ready to be RIGHT BACK TO ZERO when it’s time for the novelization to come out and it’ll have something that RUINS STAR WARS FOREVER for me or when the deleted/cut scenes come out and there’s stuff in there that RUINS STAR WARS FOREVER for me, but I’ve got 2-3 months until then.

- I do try to keep things down to a dull roar, but the afternoons tend to get busy because that’s when I have the most free time to really get into it!  The evenings usually are quieter, that’s when the queue is running and it’s mostly reblogs of pretty gifsets or fanart.  So, if you feel like OMG TOO MUCH (also valid! XD) I do promise that it’s not going to be like that 24/7.

- This is and always will be primarily a prequels-centric blog, there might be a lot of ST-era stuff right now, but believe me every night I go to bed, I’m thinking about how much I love Obi-Wan, Anakin, Padme, and the rest.  ♥

[ okay so just a little update! october is just. hell when it comes to school and everything else, so as you’ve probably noticed then i’m gonna be pretty sporadic. i’ll do my best to reply to threads and queue them up, but waiting time might be a bit longer than usual akljfrejg i hope after this month is over that things will settle down a little and that i can at least get some rping done in the weekends etc. but right now i’ll be on when i’m on and just. reply to whatever i have the muse for, because i don’t have much more motivation for anything else at the moment ;; thank you for being so patient with me <3 ]


Hello, mates! I’ve decived to make my first Follow Forever in honour that a year ago today I started watching this ridiculous show called Once Upon a Time (cheesy reason, I know).

When I started watching, I never imagined that it would mean so much to me, that two of its characters (and the wonderful people who play them) would do so much for me and that they’d give me the chance to meet such amazing people. Thank you for a great year.

  • Mutuals in bold.
  • Absolute favs in italics.

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anonymous asked:

So because we believe that harry and louis are in a relationship that means that we cant appreciate how handsome they are.?! Are people ok? Like you said, I have eyes and harry is gorgeous just like louis and liam and niall. Why cant we say that? When people are talking about how beautiful louis is then it's ok but but when it comes to harry it's not? What are they affraid of? Its not like me thinking he's pretty it's gonna change my belief in louis and harry. People are just looking for drama.

People think that by talking about the fact that Harry is a muscular guy, it’s a) erasing other things about him, b) hyper-masculinizing him, and/or c) being too “het.” I have a lot to say about this, but first I’m going to put a disclaimer and say that not everybody who has an issue with the beef thing is doing this stuff or thinking this stuff, but some of them definitely are. 

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