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Yes, you read that correctly. I’m breaking down and doing this. With the holiday season (and some recent, albeit not unwelcome, added expenses) I’m actually going to attempt taking on commissions. I’m walking, not running, into this, so please be patient with  me. I did a trial run with someone already and now I’m ready to take things to the next level by opening up five commission slots only. Please message me with any questions/interest! First come, first serve.

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okaokay the fight between carolina and sharkface ooh-ha-whatever

so i dunno if someone did this already but in ep 15 near the end before the fight starts, carolina apologizes to sharkface about hurting his friends and while she says “i don’t want to fight you” this shot is up.

sharkface takes a step back here and changes from a defensive, ready-to-attack, stance to a surprised-but-still-on-guard stance which shows just how much carolina’s words affected him.

the reason sharkface wanted to kill carolina because she killed his friends. if you think about it, carolina is also in the same position as sharkface (miles said he was her foil) but she’s not blaming anyone for her friends’ deaths. she found another family and accepted that her friends are dead. the fact that she takes the time to apologize and offer another alternative instead of rushing in looking for blood shows her maturity.

also their positions in this scene. carolina is standing in the light and sharkface is standing in the shadows. however, sharkface’s shadow on the pavement can be partially seen because he’s not fully under the cover of the building. their positions in lighting really show how much of a foil sharkface is to carolina. he’s somewhat the same in the sense that his friends have died but he chose to deal with it differently by looking for someone to blame. their situations are the same, but their choices are different and i really love how the animators captured that with this shot.

but then again this could just be me ranting about nonsense and i might be wrong anyways