also from last night's stream~

gods are created in our image

littlemissspookiness  asked:

Also omg when I was rewatching Mark's later stream from last night and Amy called out your bats drawing and Mark knew about it too I got so excited for you. :D That's one of my favorites you've drawn lately too. Hurray bats!

*high pitched bird noises* <3

it was a fun piece to draw lol.

just the fact that mark did the thing a little bit was funny


lineup of some loveable losers !!!


Also from last nights stream, can never seem to resist my own pony bait.

tho why all my pone angsty it’s like I love to see colorful things unhappy. lol

Mocha Delight comforting her niece Citrus Tang before she leaves back home.

Harley in regrettable situations.

And a generic unimpressed Storm Thrasher.