also a bit of a backlog incoming

Reading Commissions Are Back!

After a while of thinking about it, and after receiving some encouragement from a few friends, I’ve decided that it’s time for me to reopen readings! Last time I did readings here on the blog, there was an amazing outpouring of support and requests for readings left and right! The runes hardly saw a day without a bit of use, and it was quite amazing to be able to put out that energy and help others gain some insight.

However, there was such a backlog of readings last time that I was draining myself quite a bit by doing so many. As such, this time around I’ll be opening up commissions behind a small fee. I’ll admit, in part this is to ease up the flood of requests, but it is also so as to help bring in a little bit of supplemental income on the side.

Last time, I limited readings specifically to runes. This time, however, I’d like to open up some more options for you all! I will be doing readings with pendulums, Ogham, and tarot, granting some varying options for those who would prefer a specific type of reading. All prices that I will be listing will be in USD, and are able to be sent directly to my PayPal.

Pendulum Readings - $1 per question
Readings with the pendulum yield simple yes/no/maybe answers. As such, questions need to be simple to answer. I use two pendulums, based upon the question - one is a dark tiger’s eye pendulum while the other is a light smoky quartz pendulum.

Ogham Readings - $1.50 per stave
Ogham is a divination method which is very similar to runes and tarot, but which uses wood oracle as the basis for divination. Because this is an incredibly intuitive method - it can be cast either as a rune reading or as a tarot reading - it starts off at $1.50.

Tarot - $1 per card, starting with single card spread
Tarot is a traditional divination oracle which makes use of a specialized set of cards. This is the one method I’ll be offering that I am much less experienced with, but am eager to practice a bit more. At the moment, I only have one set of cards - as I acquire more decks, more options may be made. Because I’m new to tarot, I’m starting off with single cards, but if more cards in a spread are desired, each will be an additional dollar. I may introduce spread deals later on, as I get more proficient.

Runes - $2 starting, varies by reading
Rune divination is a very intuitive process involving stones or bones with lettering carved into them. I use an onyx set of Elder Futhark runes with the blank incorporated. The starting fee is based on the assumption that the reading is done with a three-stone draw, much like in a basic tarot spread. Other types of readings include using tarot spreads or using a “scatter casting.” The more runes involved in a casting, the more detailed the answer.

With the exception of the pendulum readings, all readings come with the name of the rune/stave/card drawn and my basic interpretation of what’s being read.

Question and Reading Guidelines
There is some etiquette expected in regards to the questions being asked, both out of consideration for making the experience pleasant and in consideration for the amount of energy being expended during these readings. Basic niceties are appreciated, of course, but outside of that, I have a few guidelines.
1) The question must be appropriate for the public - please refrain from sexually explicit questions and the like, for instance.
2) The question must be reasonable for a reading - please avoid questions that you can easily answer yourself. For instance, I don’t wanna be getting a reading request for fashion advice (yes, it’s happened before).
3) In general, I do not do readings for love-related matters. In large part this is because the asker’s desires can sometimes influence a reading, skewing the result. However, I may occasionally make an exception if it is a particularly good question.
4) Don’t expect immediate response. Readings take time and energy to cast, which means that some readings may be quick while others may take a few days. Be patient. I will always respond! It should follow, of course, that questions should not be time-sensitive matters.
5) All transactions are final, and should be done before the reading itself. This comes with the understanding that all readings are about potentials. Nothing ever read from wood, stone, or card is truly set and fixed. They grant insight based on current choices and outlook, which means that if a reading shows an unfavorable outcome, choices can be made to improve the outcome - and vice versa.

Where Should I Pay?
Commissions can be paid for via my PayPal, when a question is submitted.

I’ve Got A Question…
I’m always willing to clarify the above information as needed! Drop in an ask, and I’ll answer when I am able!

Where Do I Submit a Reading Question?
If you wish to receive a reading, feel free to send me a PM detailing the type of reading you’d like, the question you have, and whether or you would like your reading to be public. After reviewing the request, I may approve the request and send my PayPal link. Once a commission is paid for, I will do the reading. As mentioned earlier, there are no refunds on reading commissions, and a reading will not be done until paid for in full!

When Are You Open for Commissions?
I will always keep my blog updated as far as when commissions are open or not. Be sure to check regularly, as if I have too much of a backlong, I will close them until I’m caught up!

So, with all of that out of the way… What question is burning in your soul?

Blessed Be and Hugs to All! )O(