also!! i'm really glad you like my art!!

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Okay I can't seem to stop watching that video, every single face in that is completely perfect how did you draw Yuuri so perfectly,, I didn't know someone's face could be so perfect and i now have some serious new art goals to work towards,,, thank you

ajfddjfkl thank you so much??? have this MS paint yuuri  (´♡`)

Merry Christmas + Happy New Year @tecochet!!!!
*All Might voice* Your secret santa is here!
I had a lot of fun working on this illustration and the fic, and I’ve been looking forward to sharing them! 
I hope you’re having a wonderful holiday season! ~Jackie  

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Omgg can 👏 I 👏 just 👏 say??? Your art in general is just so incredibly lovely like wow end me I love?? but also like the way you draw hair is so aggressively like. Goals. You like??? Clearly have such a good idea of where all the strands should be (I think it's really highlighted w/ long haired Todo bc that was some gorgeous candy-cane hair action right there) but like. Yeah. I only found you like. Today. And I'm already screamin. I hope you have a real nice day!!

Thank 👏🏻 You 👏🏻 So 👏🏻 Much??? ❤
I’m really glad you like my works and how I draw hair! ♥ It has been really funny drawing Todo hair in particular, even if there has been moments where I was crying while drawing it, like THIS!

I like to complicate my life 💖
And a lot of people say that his hair looks like candy-cane and I can only agree, I mean…

Anyway I’m so happy that you found me and decided to leave a message, it was super cute! Thank you so so so so much! 😘💕 Have a beautiful day! 🌈

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Michael does not allow that kind of talk, no sir

BUT AAAA NJDKSNFK THANK YOU SO MUCH??? I really appreciate it :’)

If you like my work, please take your time to read about this REPOSTING issue.

Hi, everyone! It’s recently been brought to my attention that my works are being reposted on Instagram, which I have no official account in. Aside from the recent anon who said they saw my works on the said platform, my friend @shevoj1207 and I further discovered that aside from reposting, THEY ARE EVEN EDITING IT WITHOUT MY PERMISSION.

At this point, I’d like to say THIS IS NOT OKAY.

Even if people credit me, link back to my blog, and/or not claim that it is theirs, it does not change the fact that I HAD GIVEN NO SUCH PERMISSION TO REPOST MY WORK ANYWHERE. Some of the reposters even give wrong credits. Seriously??? The last thing I want to see is my art being spread around by random strangers. I prefer my work to be posted on the accounts that I PERSONALLY OWN AND MANAGE. I am NOT GIVING PERMISSION TO TRANSLATE OR REPOST ANY OF MY WORK (whether whole or in part) ON ANY SOCIAL NETWORKING PLATFORM.

Please note that I will only post my Voltron work on Tumblr, Twitter & Plurk. If in any case you see my Voltron work elsewhere, they are doing it without permission unless announced on my accounts. I would appreciate if you called them out on it and/or inform me. It would be a very big help. 

So, to end, I’d like to tell you guys that I really appreciate that you like my work! 
I truly do, but if it’s not too much to ask, please give me a little respect.

Also thanking @xaidrawsandwrites for helping me organize this post :)

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I've been in love with your art for a long time on YouTube and now on tumblr I am in love with all of your minecraft story mode drawings and doodles and I would love to see the old order in your style. You don't have to answer this if you've drifted away from the fandom or something but I would be absolutely thrilled if you could draw them<3

aihbfahd i’m really sorry anon i swear i was gonna draw soren and ivor too but i started coloring them and i tried drawing soren and it was weird i’m sor ry


This little painting is an excuse to make a post about how amazing Booshlrs are and how much I love all of you guys.

I never would have thought that drawing Noel would bring me so much joy and introduce me to so many amazing people. It continues to astound me how much my life has changed since I started drawing this face.

I may not talk to many of you very often, but the love and support that Booshlrs have for each other is honestly unparalleled. I’ve never been as happy to be a part of something as I am to be a part of this lovely little family. I know it sounds cheesy, but I mean it. You guys have done more for me than you even know.

So thank you for being you, and for letting me be a part of it ❤️❤️❤️

@nicefriendsforever : ISAAC, I was your Secret Santa!  :)  I saw you really liked “Voltron: Legendary Defender” based on how much you’ve drawn it, so I did research for your gift by binge-watching half of the first season (I only meant to watch two episodes!). 

Bonus Christmas & Hanukkah sweaters version:

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YOU MAKE MY MOST FAVOURITE STARDEW VALLEY ART EVER ((also your farmers are all???? So cute???? I would date them all)) I just wanted to tell you this and that my first person I'm Trying to romance is sam!! But also I accidentally became Alex's bff and omfg someone wrap these poor children in a blanket 😭 but yeah, have a fantastic day!!!!!

HEY NICE keep ‘em warm!!

this sounds like a really fun squad, i’m so glad to hear you’re enjoying the game! thank you for this message! <3

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Can you do blueberry sans and undertale frisk playing the pocky game please? *gives you your favorite thing in the world* BWAHAHA! -(Im sorry, i love your art btw

um yeah I read this wrong so now you have a really salty us frisk woops!

it’s been a while since i drew blue

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Dude I wanna see your studio art, im here for all art not just fe. All your stuff is amaz-o

since you asked, here is what I did for my final project in the drawing class I finished up this semester!

it’s a large scale work that was supposed to be a diptych but ended up being… not that. i think i accidentally did the assignment the other half of the class was given, whoops

I used COPIC marker, mechanical pencil/graphite, watercolor, prismacolor pencil, gel pen, and acrylic paint. It took over 15 hours total to finish this.. all at home, the professor made me SUPER uncomfortable so I got like no work done on this in class besides some planning and penciling.

thanks for asking about my school/studio art!

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Hello! Just found your art, and I'm already in love! I love how you draw eyes and hair, and your color choices are super interesting and have given me so much inspiration for trying out different lighting in my own art! Just curious, what sizes do you typically like to have your drawings set to? I've just started digital art, and I'm a bit confused to what a good size canvas would be without it being too pixelled or too large. Tysm, your art is beautiful!

Thank you very much! :D I’m really glad you enjoy my artwork!!

I usually set drawings to 2800 x 3000 or something like that, I also try to set a high dpi, like 300 or so, it also depends on what your computer can handle though. Best of luck with your digital art! 

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I saw the description of your patreon goal of 10,000 a month and I started laughing - "my answer to that is how bad do you want it to be" xD I'm dead. Also, is $5 a month too little? I don't want it to feel like I'm cheating you for your beautiful artwork, but I'm also a bit tight on money unfortunately. What do you think is a fair price?

Heh. I’m glad someone caught that 😎

And any support means the world to me! Times are tough and even pledging a dollar a month really does make an impact. The fact that you guys are invested in my art enough to help me create more of it is really awesome, so thank you ❤️ 

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Hey, I'm really glad to see you posting again! I know your said you're not entirely all right, but... you're all right enough to post about it and I'm just glad to see you. And your art is as fantastic as ever. I really, really hope things smooth out for you? And also, I love doing Undertale in Sims 4 too, so if you ever wanted to post some screenshots of those shenanigans this is one fan who'd be interested.

thank you, i really appreciate that :3

and uh, this is about as interesting as my sims 4 gets:

i’m not a very adventurous or daring player :V i don’t create legacies or storylines or anything like that, don’t try to create or seek out drama, i just want my sims to be happy (and alive) h-hahaha


i feel like this line has been used already but just let me feel original ok

thanks so much for the request anon!! here’s a messy comic, i hope that’s ok ;;; i love me some flirty koga and jealous inuyasha~ also i’m really glad you dig my art 👌🏽

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Can I just say I'm so INLOVE with your art?!!! I especially love all your pidge art (cuz she my waifu lol) I just want to hang them all on my wall ;u; 💕 (you ever gonna make prints of them 👀?) also I keep switching between all of them as my phone backgrounds xD

Really Thanks! <3

And I’m glad you like my form of draw her xD

I have a Society6 with some prints if you want :)

jaja is so sweet listen that x3

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Hey, new anon here. I just found your blog and all your Sero/Baku art a couple days ago, and i fell in love instantly. I really like your style, the way you draw them, and i was wondering... Who are your inspirations/influences? Cause i got kinda of a disney/glen keane vibe and now i'm curious, since you have a sleek style that i'm aiming for in my own work. Also,, do you use gesture drawings to practice? Your poses are so loose and casual, you make it look easy! Thx for the quality content~~ 😀

aww hello, sweet 😀 anon ♥ I’m so glad you’re enjoying my work, trying to keep drawing as much as I can when I have time!

But actually uhhhh, I really can’t tell you much in terms of influences, like absolutely, I’m sure that my style was influenced by a lot of artists and studios and many other things, but really my style is just a compilation of my own aesthetics and what I pick up on along the way??

a little off topic, but I think all styles are beautiful in their own right, you’ve created something with your bare hands, but I’m human and my own person, there are some styles that I personally don’t find aesthetically pleasing, but who am I to tell someone that, and you just fucking don’t, you don’t like a style, it’s fine just don’t go spouting hate at it omg

and same goes towards me, some people might not like my style and they have every right not to. I have to make my style my own, and I really thank you so much for appreciating my work, but I have so much more to improve on.

I realize that I rarely differentiate face shapes. Sure, here’s a sharp jaw, oh there’s a rounder face, oh! chubby cheeks!! But I haven’t sat myself down and attempted to experiment.

I always get sooooo frustrated sometimes because I feel that my bodies don’t have mass, that they’re just flat figures and looking at other artists create volume and depth to where you can actually feel the flexing of muscle or curve of fat is both inspiring and makes me feel a bit envious, but I try to improve every way I can with what time I have.

I’m proud of myself, yes, that I’ve improved and I can see improvement from drawings from a few months ago to my most recent and that makes me happy! But I still have a long way to go.

I’m not disciplined enough to sit down and STUDY. I feel like I don’t have the time or energy to sit down and draw hands or feet or any sort of anatomy for hours and hours. Artists who have got their anatomy down pat have earned it, they take the time to progress by practicing. I see artists post their favorite anatomy books and other artists that they’ve studied, they post tons of drawings of hands and muscle and I’m just here in my corner like:

So to answer your question, sweet anon, no?? The closest to gesture drawing that I do are bases. I create the basic shape for the body before I start adding detail, I always start with a circle for the head, down to the neck and shoulders, accentuate chests and then I draw a curve or line that suggests movement to set where the angle of hips and legs will be.

Like I honestly don’t sit down and practice because when I have the time, I just need to draw whatever I possibly can and that’s it. I admire artists who take the time to study to become better, but that’s just not how I am. I learn as I go and learn from others as well. I’m a painstakingly slow artist, the “sketches” I do when answering asks take at the very least 2 hours. 

It may look easy, and please don’t feel bad for saying it omg, but with every drawing I do, I always struggle with something or I feel that something could have been done better.

But this does not mean that you shouldn’t do better than me. I’m not gonna tell you to work harder, you should be working at your own pace and one that you’re comfortable with. Find your own source of inspiration, what are your aesthetics?? 


A lot of my style comes from pinups and modeling. My Tomi just so happens to be my outlet when it comes to that and the rest of my work is just based around that. 

Also, please don’t feel like I’m putting down my own work, I’m not. I’m very proud of myself for getting this far and realizing that people enjoy the work that I do! I’m trying to show humility in myself. It’s okay if you haven’t quite got it yet, that you don’t fit the mold, that you’re not professional enough and doing everything you can to progress


And there’s nothing wrong with asking questions like these either! If you see a style you like, it’s nice to have a sense of where it came from and the work that was put into it as well. 

…… I’m starting to become an advice giver and that makes me happy… even if this advice is super long.. and some of it has nothing to do with the question aldsjkf 

But I hope you find some interesting background here, sweet 😀 anon. My inspiration and influences don’t just come from one source, and sometimes I can’t even remember or don’t even realize where or what those sources are. If things are working for you, stick with it, that’s what I’m doing omg //////

But aww you’re welcome, I’m trying to produce more content for you guys, just keep those ideas coming, y’all are the majority of my inspiration, better believe it >w<

- Panda ❤

@littleblueberryartist and I recently did a collab and I’m so happy with how it turned out!! Aqua did the sketch and I lined and colored it!!

YOU HAVE A REALLY COOL ARTSTYLE BTW i’m crying tears of joy ;u;

It was awesome!! I’m SO glad we got to do this!  I hope we get to do more stuff together and get to know each other more!! :’DD

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Hi! Honestly I don't have the words to express how much I love you and your art- this is my go-to place whenever I'm feeling bad. May I request a doodle of Tracer, D. Va, or Mercy from overwatch? (Just one of the is fine, but I wouldn't be complaining if you felt like doing otherwise) I just know they would look simply AMAZING in your style! Also, I want to give you the creative freedom of choosing whatever skin you see fit. You are my favorite person on the internet you're just so nice and ILY.

Hey! I’m really glad I can bring something good into your world on bad days, that’s really sweet of you to say. I’ll take it as an honor to be considered as one of your internet favs, and leave you with this Overwatch doodle!