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well why henrik amazing was already said so i'll tell why i love tarjei so much. although most of the times i just have this owerhelming feeling of unconditional love and just love him for his existence. he's incredibly talanted and it doesn't matter what we saw him just in skam it was enough to understand and i can't wait to see him in another projects and how rest of the world will love him to. also i don't know him at all i can tell that he's really intellegent and smart. i love my son <3

Ahhhhhhhh! Tarjei is literally the most amazing human in the world. I can’t deal. He is so beautiful and pure and talented and omg I love his fashion okay? I absolutely love it. I love that he wears and does whatever makes him happy and doesn’t let anything stop him. He is literally such a mature talented bean that must be protected. Golden boy <3 <3 <3

I was tagged by @nbdraco, thank you! (Also your url is so cool!!)

rules: put your music on shuffle and write down the first ten songs, then tag ten people.

  1. I Want U Bad - R5
  2. Savannah - LP
  3. Heroes (we could be) - Alesso
  4. The Never-Ending Why - Placebo
  5. The Judge - Twenty One Pilots
  6. Mothercreep - FKA twigs
  7. I Wish I Was a Punk Rocker (with Flowers in My Hair) - Sandi Thom
  8. Psycho Lover - Moons of Mars
  9. Pirates - Hecleptique
  10. Stolen Dance - Milky Chance

That was… Something. I have no idea what to add ‘cause what a mess it is!

I’m gonna tag some of my mutuals @imawriteriwrite (of course who’s even surprised by now, I’m not…), @crvdence, @ryanthedemiboy, @female-overlord-3, @she-is-made-of-outer-space, @glitchingbaguette, @darkprinceincubus, @siriuslydesi and anyone who wants to share a bit of their music cause I’m super curious please!

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heyo everyone! i have decided to do url edits cuz why not!! i wont do all of these at once because i have school and extracurricular activities but i will eventually do every single one. 


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I'm always reminded of my big bro when I think of Lance. 1) Latino 2) studied to be pilot, he struggled with reading tho 3) the way he treats Pidge, similar to the way he treats me 4) in my country we have a season where you throw water balloons at strangers - it's a fun/stressful time - he's pro at shooting 5) your dyslexia hc, thank you for that honestly - it fits well and i really appreciated reading it so thank you so much ❤️

SADGFHG sorry this is so late my inbox is hella cluttered but thats so cute that lance reminds you of your brother

and yeah!!! dyslexic!lance is honestly the best

Hey! I’m Montell and I’ve done a bit of editing to my Instagram, I’m trying to be way more active. If you guys follow me there, I would appreciate it loads! I will most likely check out yours and possibly follow. Also message me your Tumblr urls and i’ll check those out too and rate them idk. Also, if you spam me with likes i’ll spam back (if your account isn’t private)

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Youre 14????? Im almost 17 anf im tryingg so hard with my art. ´~` do you have any pointers?

oh hello~! yes im 14 but only for a month now ;; as for pointers, i dont think i can say anything that will exactly resonate with your particular art experience, but in general

-i try to observe what i like in other people’s art, what i don’t like, and compare my art against real life (especially w/ anatomy). understanding bodies in particular require a lot of brainwork in mental construction

-i like what they say about your eye developing before your hand, so before trying to force my hand into anything i over saturate my mind with refs

-understand that it won’t happen unless you commit. i run into this alot when coloring especially, when i try to rush through it but end up and deleting and redoing it until i figure out it i need to really sit there and work at it. 

-like any other discipline, identifying weaknesses and forming goals is very cathartic in art and sort of ensures you’re always growing

((i say all this but i really only apply it in my work for art school, lmao this blog is totally my comfort drawings whereas my in-class work is really experimental))

of course, i’d love to see your own art since my advice can’t apply for everyone, and thanks for talking to me (º̩̩́⌣º̩̩̀ʃƪ)

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It's really strange that you see so much racist stuff because I feel like I follow like 30 VLD blogs and I've never seen anyone say racist stuff, only responding to them like you do. I'm so sorry that you have to see that stuff on your dash. Also you're such an awesome person I highkey love you

dude i wish i didn’t see racist stuff at all but part of me is kinda glad i do?? i mean otherwise part of this fandom would be some awful racist circle jerk and i can’t have that 

i’m really glad that so so many of you seem to like my small thank you’s in form of those url graphics so much   💗💪🏻   i’m happy to say that my inbox has never been fuller and that i still have about 23 graphics to go  —  so far!