also your icon is excellent

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You have some really good art! What program do you use (+ the kind of brushes)? Also, where'd your icon come from?

thanks yo! i use photoshop and the excellent kyle webster brush pack

my icon is just a dumb thing i drew solely to serve as an icon, but here it is at a marginally larger size if you’re interested:

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If you're still doing these ♡ - romantic headcanon ♥ - family headcanon ☮ - friendship headcanon For Chris :>

yass the more the merrier! (and ooh chris-senpai >///<)

♡ - romantic headcanon 

  • Chris enjoys going on dates and spending time with his s/o; he will always make time out of his schedule to see you because you are not an option but a priority. Rather than texting, Chris prefers to give phone calls because he loves hearing the sound of your voice, especially hearing you laugh. He will ask you how your day went and will make sure you are doing well; he will listen to your complaints and wishes without being judgmental. He loves seeing you smile, and isn’t afraid to tease you just to see it again and again. Chris can get easily embarrassed and will sometimes find it difficult to be assertive when it comes to physical contact (holding hands, kissing and sex). However, he will love and care for you with all of his heart.

♥ - family headcanon

  • Growing up as a single child, Chris looks up to his father for helping him and watching him grow. His gentleness and positive attitude attracts many children; he loves spending time with them as he finds their innocent and and playful nature endearing. In the future, Chris would like the warmth and adventures that come with having a big family; however, he will not pressure his s/o, and whether they prefer having many children or none at all, he will undoubtedly respect their wishes.

☮ - friendship headcanon 

  • Chris is a very loyal, supportive friend. He’s incredibly observant and knows how you’re feeling just from studying your body language. Chris is always willing to help you out, whether it involves studying or personal matters, and is a great listener. Although he is soft-spoken, he worries for all of his friends’ well-being and is not afraid to voice his opinion if he knows that you are not feeling well. His positive attitude and hard-working ways will ultimately inspire you to grow and become a better person.