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I'm probably a little ignorant but... About the list of writers you would punch: why?

dude don’t worry you’d probably only read most of these pretentious fucks if you were a pretentious english major like me lmao

  1. charles dickens: too many characters. ridiculously long books (like an average of 500+ pages) even though most of his shit could have had half the word count if he wasn’t so fucking longwinded. his plots are creative but at what cost
  2. f. scott fitzgerald: overrated imo. also became an alcoholic later in life, probably stole a lot of ideas from his wife, used her as his ‘muse’ but didn’t like. support her when she had mental health issues. fittingly, most of his female characters are weird unattainable trophies instead of actual people
  3. john steinbeck: this is more of a personal opinion but he’s so boring. i actually like his writing style (it’s pretty easy to understand), but he deserves a punch for making me read grapes of wrath
  4. william faulkner: reading as i lay dying is what i imagine having a stroke feels like. i’ve been informed that i should dislike faulkner more for being a cheating bastard than his actual writing though
  5. percy shelley: ‘edited’ frankenstein by swapping out common words for pretentious alternatives and making it 200% harder to read. i’ll never forgive him for what he did to that beautiful book
  6. ayn rand: blah blah blah helping people is bad blah blah blah capitalism is good blah blah blah altruism is a plague. that’s the plot of every single one of her novels and she’s a longwinded fuck, so she’ll hit you over the head with that social darwinistic bullshit for 700+ pages. racist and pretentious and i think i actually want to fight her the most

honestly i feel like i would punch most 19th-20th century writers at least once though

Boyfriend! Wonwoo (SEVENTEEN)
  • This boy is the walking definition of just friends to lovers
  • the only reason he didn’t ask you outright to marry him  i mean dATe him was bc he thought you didn’t like him back
  • Cue really awkward moments when you’re alone and he looks like he is about to either kiss you or start quoting Shakespeare to confess his love to you

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A Star Wars Rec List

So it is just coming up on a year since I really got back into Star Wars (thanks to TFA), and with a whole new wave of fans coming in from Rogue One-  I thought I would make a Rec list of things I have read/watched this year that might give you guys a starting ground for really diving into Star Wars!

I really liked Rogue one! What should I do next?

You have a couple options! If you haven’t seen A New Hope, you might start there. It picks right up where Rogue One ends. 

You should also read Catalyst, it is the prequel novel to Rogue One. You learn a lot about Galen, Lyra and Krennic. 

Another novel you should consider is Tarkin, also set before the events of Rogue One. As the title suggests, this book is about Grand Moff Tarkin, how he got his title, his relationship with Vader and Emperor, as well as his part in the construction of the Death Star.      

And finally, Star Wars Rebels. This is the animated televisions, also set before the events of Rogue One. In recently confirmed news, Saw Gerrera will be appearing on the show in the second half of season 3, creating a direct tie in with Rogue One. 

And speaking of Saw, if you want a further look into his back story, Star Wars the Clone Wars has your answers. Season 5, episodes 2-5 contain his arch if you’re interested in seeing how he got started.  

I really liked The Force Awakens! What should I do!

There are a couple of answers for this! If you haven’t watched A New Hope, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of The Jedi, I would suggest starting there. The original trilogy will get you acquainted with Luke, Han, Chewie and Leia.

I would strongly recommend you read Bloodline. Confused about The First Order? What exactly starkiller base blew up? Who the Resistance are? Bloodline takes you through the beginning of the New Republic and Leia’s eventual break from it to start the Resistance. 

You might also consider Lost Stars, this book spans all the way through the original trilogy and ends with the battle above Jakku and that crashed star destroyer we see in TFA.

Now I haven’t read either of the following, but tie in material for TFA also include- The Aftermath Trilogy and The Poe Dameron comics. Also, I believe the video game Star Wars Battlefront: Battle for Jakku ties in a little.   

I really like the Prequels! What should I do?

If you liked the prequels- but were left feeling very confused about some of what happened here are some recs to clear that up.

Star Wars the Clone Wars, the 3D animated television show/movie are a great place to start. Set between The Attack of the Clones and Revenge of the Sith, The Clone Wars details the prolonged conflict between the Republic and the Separatist Alliance. We get more on cool characters like General Grievous and Count Dooku, get a more in depth look at why The Confederacy of Independent Systems was started. We also get to see Anakin and Padme married and in love, as well as a much longer and slower progression of Anakin’s fall to darkness.  

For a more complex look at the events leading up to The Phantom Menace, I would strongly suggest reading Darth Plagueis, this book is currently Legends Status (not canon) But! Very little of it conflicts with established canon, and I think we can assume that most of the information in this book is still correct. Set directly before and overlapping slightly with TPM we learn about Darth Sidious and his master Darth Plagueis, and there very long game for taking over the galaxy. 

Set between TMP and AotC, the Obi-Wan and Anakin comic is also very good. Short and details some of Anakin’s training as a padawan. 

I really like Star Wars Villains! What should I do?        

Star Wars has some amazing villains, let’s start with the obvious guy, Darth Vader. The Darth Vader Comics have been great so far. I think these are set between A new Hope and The Empire Strikes Back. Also consider Lords of the Sith, Vader and Sidious crash and get stuck planetside. 

For Darth Maul, he has several great arcs in both The Clone Wars and Rebels that I strongly recommend you watch. Set between those two is the comics series Son of Dathomir. And no longer canon, but still a fun read, Maul Lockdown (Maul goes undercover in a high security prison/fight ring!)

The Dark Disciple is a tie in novel to The Clone Wars and details some of Asajj Ventress’s life as well as Quinlan Vos’s fall to darkness.

The Darth Bane Trilogy is another great read. No longer canon, but set a thousand years before the events of TPM there is nothing to say these events didn’t happen. Some really great info on the Force, the early sith and the rule of two.  

You might also consider playing The Force Unleashed, a somewhat glitchy game where you play as Darth Vader’s secret apprentice Starkiller. 

And as previously mentioned on this list Tarkin and Darth Plagueis are great villainous books.       

I just really want some Order 66 Angst

I have three solid recommendations for that my friend!

Ahsoka is a great tie in for TCW and SWR fans, it takes you right through night of 66 and into Ahsoka’s life afterwards.

A must for Rebels fans is Kanan The Last Padawan comic, a wonderful angst filled story of Kanan and his survival of 66. 

Want to know more about Kanan’s sad life after 66? Read A New Dawn, where alcoholic Kanan spends his days hauling explosives.   

Boyfriend Wonwoo...
  • Precious child.
  • His cheeky side is the most adorable thing.
  • Recommends you a book almost every month.
  • “I read this recently and it’s so good, you should definitely read it when you have time.”
  • Having late night talks about books you have read.
  • Sweater paws.
  • Cuddling whenever you get the chance.
  • Using his cute side and “I’m too cold” as an excuse to cuddle when you tell him you’re busy.
  • Shares his sweaters with you cause he loves how cute you look.
  • Couple sweaters.
  • Helps you with your studies or work so you don’t get tired.
  • Loves having your hands intertwined all the time, especially when you go out.
  • Also the type to wrap his arm around your waist to keep you secure.
  • Loves hugging you while resting his head in the crook of your neck.
  • Leaves soft kisses here and there.
  • Watching movies on weekend nights while you’re cuddled up under a blanket.
  • Him humming to a song when you’re cooking together
  • Resting his head on your lap.
  • Loves it when you brush your fingers through his hair.
  • Walks over to you cutely and asks you to dry his hair.
  • Literally a boyfriend that everyone needs.


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I…..I was supposed to make sample sprites for the game but i got…. distracted with stabdads…… i’m sorry @ m @;;

HB can’t leave Tavros all the time but he’s also the Crew cook so he gotta multi-task and be careful while cooking. Tav likes to taste his soups and stuff too.

DD likes Aradia playing with his hair but the earful from SS is a pain in the ass. Also the book he’s reading is called “the Spider and the Fly” for those who can’t see it properly.

Prompt: Mitsunari with a daughter (he plays with her and she pulls his hair into two ponytails) c/o Minami ❤
Length: 669 words

A/N: Okay, so around 2 weeks ago, I made a post asking for prompts. (Thank you so much to those who did, btw!!) I’ve only done 3 out of 9 so far, and I said I’d be too shy to post anything (and I still am tbh) buuut this fandom is incredibly nice and I figured I should start doubting myself less??? and I also need to learn to accept comments and criticisms. So yeah. Ok wow this got long lol.

TL;DR YOLO ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

((I just looked for a Japanese folktale via Google so idk if any of it is accurate huehue. And I took the liberty of choosing a name for the daughter heeeh.))
*edit: fixed some pronouns that were incorrect

“Come on, Chie, can you read this for me?” Mitsunari pointed at the book he was holding while his daughter positioned herself cozily in his lap. 

“Hmm… Take…tori Monogataru. Ahhh, no, Monogatari,” Chie read the words carefully, smiling proudly after she had done so.

“Correct.” Mitsunari patted his daughter’s head. “Alright, let’s begin reading this together,” he turned to the first page.

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no guys but serious 

have you ever noticed that all of ours fanfictions are based in basically one passage about the marauders daily basis in which

james potter is being a smug piece of shit and desperately trying to convince lily that he’s still an awesome person

sirius black is being a lazy ass and inducing james to do something they certain should not do and also being selfish enough to desire it was full moon and remus basically ignoring him

Remus lupin reading a book after a test and also being a sarcastic little shit about his own lycanthropy

peter pettigrew drooling over james and james obviously enjoying it

and still we love them so much
and we read as much variations of this as the internet can provides (or as our nerves can bear) over and over again
and it makes us so damn h a p p y

I mean what

this idiots are ruining my life

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Hi! :D First of all, I'm a huge fan of your blog! So...I literally just finished The End and I'm DEAD but I need more. Should I read The Beatrice Letters or The Unauthorized Autobiography first? Also, do any of the innumerable questions I have get answered in either of these books or do they just raise more questions? I'm still so dazed, confused, and heartbroken from The End. Thanks!

I’m glad you like the blog, volunteer!

The Unauthorized Autobigraphy was published before The Beatrice Letters, so I think you should read that one first. Some questions do get answers, while others are left to your interpretation. These books also raise even more questions, but fret not, for other volunteers dedicated to the Baudelaire case have been trying to piece up the clues and information for years, and have come up with their own theories and ideas on the subject. It shouldn’t be hard to find them on the Internet!

- P.

Hello, new followers!

There certainly are a lot of you!

So this post that I wrote a long time ago suddenly gained a lot of traction, and between when I went to bed around 1 AM and when I woke up around 11 AM (ahhh, Sundays), I gained almost 100 followers; in the last 3 days, that post has gone from 1000 notes to (as of last count) about 23KA LOT.


I used to have an introduction post, but it’s kind of outdated, and there are an awful, awful lot of you who probably only know me from one of two or three posts. So… hi!

Radfems, TWERFs and SWERFs are explicitly not welcome here, and I do not want my family stories or life used for your politics. I block all three categories, full stop. Radfems & TWERFs/TERFs deny the essential humanity of myself and my daughter and if you self-ID as one of those, please save us all the trouble and just don’t. If you’ve reblogged one of my posts and added something about how this proves one of your points, please pretend you respect other people and take it down.

If you are here because you don’t understand the post about the dog that attacked me, or its point, either legitimately or because you don’t really want to get it & want to argue with me about it, tell me I need to get counseling for my fear of dogs, tell me I’ve compared men to dogs, please go read seananmcguire explaining the post to someone who already sent me an ask about it. That pretty much covers why the post exists. Also you should buy and read Seanan’s books.

Also, also, all of the stories about @seananmcguire​ you’ve heard are probably true if they’re bizarre or funny. Especially the one about the lizard and the one about the frog. 

If you’re here to tell me my views on asexuality & the queer community are wrong or that stuff I lived through & you weren’t born yet for is ‘ahistorical,’ go away. This blog is explicitly anti-gatekeeping for the Not-Straight Club.

If you’re here about the post about my great-grandmother, I kind of don’t have it in my heart to answer all the sad family stories. If you shared a family story on that post, thank you. If you want to use it to make some sort of gross radfem point about marital rape or some comment about how my great-granddad should have learned to pull out, I’m gonna block you without answering you. Don’t be gross.

If you’re here about the post about spoon theory, I ended up so grossed out by a small group’s insistence on gatekeeping (yeah, anti-gatekeeping is kind of a thing for me when it comes to marginalized groups, who knew?) that I no longer call myself a spoonie and use ‘energy currency’ instead of spoons.

If you’re here about the tiny house post, please read the notes, I’m not gonna explain it again.

Anon is never turned on, but if you ask me not to publish an ask, I won’t. Please remember to put that in the ask.

So here’s some stuff you should know about me:

I’m older than large portions of Tumblr, and in a fair number of cases I’m probably twice your age or more. If that’s a problem, I really am not offended if you aren’t cool with interacting with me. Age can be a powerful unbalancer in social relationships. I am going to get annoyed if you start 'explaining’ stuff I lived through to me and insisting you know my history better than I do.

Since it bears repeating one more time: I’m not interested in interacting with TWERFs, SWERFs, or ace-exclusionary queers. I’ve been Out for 26 years & I really have no desire to argue my lived experience with anyone. I explicitly reject the terms SGA & MGA.

My immediate family consists of my spouse adhocavenger, my teenage daughter @mistresskabooms and my stepdaughter, my adopted son scribbleowl (who lives across the continent from me), and adhoc and I’s 3 dogs, hereinafter referred to as BigDog (Lex), SmallDog (Kusto), and Captain America, aka Cap, aka Pudding Butt, who is actually the tiniest of them, but SmallDog has been called SmallDog by our family for like ten years now. 

My extended clan includes @programmerdad and @sperari and their lovely kidlets, who I adore. I love @programmerdad a lot and am lucky that DadHoc and I have such a lovely boyfriend. 

I have other adopted internet kids. They’re great. I’m not tagging them unless they give me the okay to do so, because I don’t know if they want me to say so!

My sister is judicialmistrangementorder & you should also follow her blog imamusiciannotafemalemusician. I will fucking fite you if you lay a finger on her.

I’ve been called Spider for 20+ years, & now a lot of people call me Mama Spider.  

I am a Jewish convert in progress. I will be glad to talk to you about my conversion process and progress but I am not an expert on Judaism. Please do not approach me as if I were one!

In this house we do intersectional feminism, we don’t do transmisogyny, we recognize asexuality as valid and part of LGBT and no I won’t argue about that no really, we recognize that biphobia, transphobia/transmisogyny and acephobia are all real and not just subsets of homophobia. In this house we don’t do antisemitism or Islamophobia, and we’re thoughtful & careful about our interaction with other cultures, because we recognize White people have to be actively careful to manage the harm we can do. This goes like quadruple for interaction with Native culture.

In this house Black Lives Matter, and if you don’t understand why I have to say that, please click here and listen at least 20 times on loop. If you don’t understand after that, I can’t help you. If you tell me All Lives Matter I shall send you to bed without supper and you can think about what you’ve done.

In this house we try to stay in our lanes & we understand call-outs while being aware of the toxic parts of call-out culture. Be cool to teenagers: you were one, and yes, the shit you said was just as stupid. You don’t win points for browbeating a teenager over an idea, you just look like a jerk.

If you screw up and you say something that hurts someone, say you’re sorry, and try not to do it again. It’s not that hard! Don’t tell them they shouldn’t be hurt. This goes double if it was an accident. “I didn’t know that was offensive, I’m sorry for hurting you. I’ll be more mindful in the future.” See how easy that is? That’s how we do in this house.

I’m bi/pansexual, genderfluid (or non-binary, still unsure which label I like better, so yeah, it’s cool to be questioning at any age), disabled, neurodiverse, and don’t want pity or to hear how sorry you are for either of those things. Being autistic is just fine, and it didn’t happen because I am vaccinated. I have PTSD and GAD, and I live with both of them. They’re terrible roommates but I’ve got used to them. I’d like it if people would just stop throwing shade at the invisibly ill when we park in handicapped spots – I’m missing part of my spine, for fuck’s sake – and playing Oppression Olympics will get you stern looks and no dessert.

In this house we do nerd culture, there are no fake geek girls, and we understand that women invented masked superheroes (The Scarlet Pimpernel), science fiction (Mary Shelley), the modern novel (Jane Austen), dystopia fiction (Mary Shelley again), computer programming (Ada Lovelace and the ENIACs, which is my new band name), and got Star Trek on the air (Lucille Ball). 

If I didn’t cover it, assume if it involves being a jerk or punching down, I’m not okay with it. 

If it involves dogs being adorable, otters, mermaids, spiders, most of the major fandoms Tumblr loves (I can’t get into Supernatural, sorry, I tried), or people doing awesome shit, I am definitely here for that. 

I am a Social Justice Rogue. My points tend to be sharp and driven home when you’re not expecting it.  Also I might steal your powers via touch. I will neither confirm nor deny that. 

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If I get enough XP I think I’ll dual-class to Bard.

@hypoallergeniccuddles​ thinks I’m secretly Mrs. Weasley.

That may be true also. If so, please remember what happens when you fuck with Molly’s children.

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Welcome. Supper is at seven, the Wizard Home will make a room for you if you need it.

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I love your blog, it's what made me want to read the ASoIaF series! Thank you for doing all of this! May I ask you why Bobby B and his gang of homies remove Mace Tyrell and Doran from their lordships? Also could that fly after the rebellion, the rebel coalition sending royalist Lord Paramounts to the wall or even "denobling" the entire house and replacing their status with a loyal family?

Thanks! That’s one of the best compliments I’ve received! Were you just a show watcher contemplating reading the books? Or were you someone interested in military history that found this blog? One day I really should do a poll to see what the demographics are of this.

Anyway, let’s break down this into several answers.

The first, and most simple, is does Robert Baratheon, upon becoming king, have the power to remove Mace and Doran from their positions and put others in their place? Yes, he does. As the King, it’s within his power to determine the hierarchy of the lords that hold his lands in trust as per feudalism.

Now, the bigger question is would he do this, and I don’t think he would, given the politics of the situation. During the war, Robert had been making quite a name for himself for being a merciful lord, and this was in stark contrast to Aerys, who had exiled two Hands for failure and killed a third. Robert pardoned the Valemen and took them into his service (which repaid him by preventing the Dornish spears from hitting his flank on the Trident) and his own Stormlander vassals (whom he took into his service, with one dying for his cause at Ashford Keep). Backing out on that might cause fear among the remaining loyalists, stoke factionalism, and prevent a peaceful consolidatio as lords don’t believe there is an out for them that isn’t their death or wasting away in exile. While Robert had been pardoning men before, he no longer needs swords after he’s won, so he might not be so generous as he was before, when he recruited his enemies into his armies to help keep his fighting strength high.

You can see this in the Dance of the Dragons. Both Rhaenyra and Aegon, at their respective heights, refused to offer credible surrender terms to their enemies and so they continued the war. By refusing to give their opponents an out, their enemies made a logical decision to keep fighting. After all, if you believe you’re just going to be killed when you surrender, then there’s no real incentive to surrender; you’ll fight because at least you have a chance to survive, even if it’s remote.

Instead, Robert looked to preserve the status quo as to not unnerve the rest of nobility about big changes. They had already done something bug, and more social changes could have caused instability, so he offered generous pardons and a promise of no more conflict. Oberyn Martell angled for the Dornish to keep fighting for Viserys, but Jon Arryn convinced Doran not to support the endeavor.

I wrote a lot about the political surroundings of Robert’s Rebellion in the Tower of the Hand e-book, which you can find here. This book also includes some of the fandom’s greats including @racefortheironthrone‘s dissection of the financial chicanery of Robert’s reign, @historyofwesteros‘s analyzing the Curse of Harrenhal, and @stefansasse‘s breaking down prevailing ideas and their effects on the social psychology and society in Westeros. You can also check out my guest spot on Radio Westeros, where I offer a play-by-play on the Rebellion and break down whether Aerys II was insane for opening the gates for Tywin.

Thanks for the question, Anon.

SomethingLikeALawyer, Hand of the King

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Hi, I hope you don't mind me asking but would you recommend any books to read? I'm trying to decide what next to read, and I thought I like your writing so I'll ask what you would rec? Don't worry about genre, just any book you'd think one should read or anything that inspires your writing ? I love your writing so automatically felt you must read books with depth. I hope this ask doesn't feel too pushy or intrusive. Thank you :)

Hahaha, oh my god. I don’t consume as much published fiction as I should (so much fanfiction. So little time) so I’m probably not the best person for book recs that aren’t classics/things you’d probably read for school, so :P but I can tell you some books that have stuck with me over the years or have informed portions of my works!

The entire Middle-earth legendarium (the Hobbit, LotR, the Silm) by J.R.R Tolkien has been with me since sixth grade, and I guess his attention to detail in worldbuilding really rubbed off on me! The Hobbit is a very short light read, though you’ll probably get irritated at the lack of female characters. LotR requires stamina because he goes on and on and on about Tom Bombadil for a chapter or two and it’s… It reads like a history book. Because he made up LotR to disseminate his elvish languages Sindarin and Quenya. It wasn’t the other way around. And it’s pretty obvious. (And the Silm is even more of a history book, but with added Elves Behaving Badly. and suffering.)

Tess of the D’Urbervilles by Thomas Hardy is one of my favourite pieces of classic literature, not only because Thomas Hardy drags 19th century British society for their double standards regarding female sexuality but also the prose is so beautiful? There’s a scene where Angel Clare carries Tess across a river and it’s nothing but doki doki schmoop schmoop in the most beautiful of words, and now that I really think about it no wonder most of the selkie AU was also doki doki schmoop schmoop in pretty words. I love Tess so much, I would fuckin die for her, and fuck EL James for completely misinterpreting the entire novel in Fifty Shades.

Much Ado About Nothing by William Shakespeare is probably one of my favourite comedies of his (but I like. am a huge Shakespeare nerd? check out my Shakespeare sideblog @eighttwotwopointthreethree lmao). I’ve got mixed feelings about the slutshaming section of it but like, it’s pretty obvious that Claudio is a foil to Benedick when that plot point rears its ugly head so like. Kill Claudio amirite. Anyway. The point is, the entire setup between Bea and Ben is fucking amazing and @actualyuuri and I super duper want to see a Viktuuri AU set to Much Ado for this reason

(I could also talk about Julius Caesar, and Twelfth Night, and Richard III, and Romeo and Juliet – but then I’d be here all day. I love Shakespeare so much)

Never Let Me Go by Kazuo Ishiguro fucked. Me. Up. That quiet moody introspective narration! This terrible dystopian universe told in such a soft way!!! Pls let me live oh my god. 

Life on Mars by Tracey K Smith is a book of poems that she wrote to work out her feelings around her father’s death, couching it in stuff about the endless unknown of space (and also David Bowie). I feel like her style of poetry at least lowkey influenced some of the poems in the selkie AU? Also I just love space poems.

The Handmaid’s Tale by Margaret Atwood is so… relevant. And I’m so pumped for the Hulu miniseries oh my god. It’s a really gripping, slightly terrifying in the current climate kind of read. 

The Princess of Cleves by Mme de Lafayette. oH MY GOD OH MY GOD. I know like most French students hate having to read this novel but I am SO ALIVE, I LIVE for longwinded descriptions of how fuckin besotted M de Nemours is, I LIVE for the sweet sweet drama of people who clearly wanna bone each other deciding not to and then pining away terribly forever and ever. (I also LIVE for the ending lmfao because that’s exactly how I like het media to end.) Anyway, if I were to write a period drama Viktuuri AU I would probably utilise elements of the plot of the Princess of Cleves that is how much I love this novel okay. You’ll probably see influences from it in my writing from the way a lot of the action gets driven by introspection and stream of consciousness, so yeah.

Also, I don’t know if you also want nonfiction recs, but I really enjoyed Day of Empire by Amy Chua, the Dark Net by Jamie Bartlett, How to Ruin a Queen: Marie Antoinette and the Diamond Necklace Affair by Johnathan Beckman (it doesn’t even read like a history book it reads more like a whodunit!) and oh. my god. The Reluctant Empress by Brigitte Hamann. I am such trash for this biography of the Empress Elisabeth I of Austria. I would also probably put in elements of the early parts of her life into this hypothetical period drama AU for Viktuuri because fuckin Franz Joseph disregarded all of his duties to watch his fiancee get her portrait done like he’s not the fuckin Emperor of Austria? What the hell? And she commissioned portraits of herself in deshabille for an anniversary present??? which he hung over his desk like BABE. DON’T PUT NUDES OF YOUR WIFE UP IN YOUR OFFICE OH MY GOD. (like I recognise that her story was ultimately super duper tragic and the Habsburgs are all just a big mess but every time I think about this stuff I just die a little on the inside from happiness so)

Anyway that’s probably enough to get you started, and I’m sorry for my disintegrating coherency. Like I said I really should read more published works! Pretty high on my list rn is the Miniaturist by Jessie Burton mostly because I stole so much of what happened to her regarding the publication and success of that novel for the selkie AU that I’m really genuinely interested in what caused such hype lmao. So yeah happy reading!

First Love- Brett Talbot Imagine

-hi! i was wondering if you could write a one shot for me pls? where y/n is really quiet and bashful and doesn’t talk to very many people and brett has a crush on her or something? idk im bad at explaining sorry 😣 - anon

A/N: Written in the third person. Including my favorite book (First Love by James Patterson) and quote from it in this one, because I’m still reeling over how wonderful it is. I highly recommended it! Also, tell me if you think I should make a part two! 

WARNINGS: Crying, Panic Attack, Mentions of body issues

She sat at the lunch table, reading a new book like she did every day. She had an intent look on her face, letting out a small chuckle every so often. Brett watched just as intently. He was eating lunch with his friends, talking about the upcoming game against Beacon Hills. 

Typically, Brett would be all for talking about lacrosse, since it was a huge part of his life, but he couldn’t seem to focus. He was too focused on the way Y/N’s eyes twinkled and danced as she read each word. Her heartbeat was steady and lulled Brett. She had one strand of hair that fell just to the side of her brows. He wanted so badly to go over and push it behind her ear. 

The bell rang and lunch was over. It wasn’t all bad, though. Brett had the chance to see Y/N next period in English. He sat at the table next to hers. That was the closest they have ever been, and the ways things were going for Brett, they will ever be. 

Twenty minutes into English, the teacher announced that for the next section, the students would be presenting a mini lesson to the class in pairs. Y/N’s heart began beating out of her chest. She didn’t want to present in front of the class. What if she said something wrong or stuttered and the class laughed at her? What if they laughed at the little acne scar she had on her cheek, right next to her nose? What if they laughed about the way she could never quite figure out what to do with the strand of hair that always fell next to her eyebrow? A million possibilities of failure raced through her mind.

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books read in 2015 [2/?]

know not why by hannah jonhson
“Um,” Arthur says. He’s looking at me dead-on, like he’s forcing himself to do it. God, I wish he would knock it off. I also wish he’d lose his eyelashes in a freak eyelash fire incident. And his lips, too, because all of a sudden I’m looking at them, what is that. “Yes. I thought we should discuss—”
“You mouth-mauling me?” I ask loudly, indignantly, like a tough sonuvabitch who doesn’t want to be mouth-mauled. I make myself meet his eyes. They’re green; I never paid attention before. This really light, interesting, intelligent green—
FUCK, this guy needs to STOP HAVING A FACE.”


Ok, so. I had found on the Internet translation of parts of the book ‘Kyoudai: Tsuioku no hide’, written by his brother Hiroshi.
Some angel translated it into my native language.

I’m in a deep shock after reading it. Positive shock. I was really crying, when Hiroshi was talking about hide funeral and their last talk, the night he died. I can’t even describe it. Someone should translate it into English for his fans.

hide, I’m on my knees. Congratulations. Not only for Your music, but also for the way You were.

He was an amazing human being.

Currently Reading The Trial by Franz Kafka. 

Also my submission for #guyslovebookstoo

I was tagged by my bro @piyo-13​ because she wants to know what my favourite fruit is for some reason…?? xD I answered a similar tag chain recently but oh well, I got a bunch of new followers (hi!!) over the past ten days, so… :D

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Name: Bérénice

Nicknames: Béré, Béréni, Bea, B

Zodiac sign : Scorpio

Height : 5′7′′

Orientation : panromantic ace

Favourite Fruit : MANGO. I LOVE MANGOES. (I also love lychees. I’ll drink all the drinks that have lychees in them. lychee juice you guys. damn.)

Favourite Season : Spring! The weather’s getting warmer, but not too much, and there are flowers blooming everywhere. Love all that.

Favourite Book Series : ‘His Dark Materials’, definitely!! I really should re-read it. But ‘Warrior Cats’ and ‘Harry Potter’ were my big things as a kid/young teenager!


Favorite Scent : I love the scent of the sea. And vanilla. And anything sugary in the oven–like cake, pies, etc!!

Favorite Colour : blue, purple, beige, gold and blue, gold and brown.

Favorite Animal : I LOVE THEM ALL. I love lizards and deer and lions and cats and cows and birds.

Coffee, Tea, or Hot Cocoa : Mmh… I’d say tea but I love coffee and hot cocoa

Average Sleep Hours: 8 minimum, 12 at most. I try to keep it at 8 but… doesn’t work out sometimes.

Favorite Fictional Characters: BARD, Hiccup & Toothless, Aled Last, Maedhros, Dorian Pavus, and many more. oh and you can add LeFou to the list, he’s my new son.

Number of Blankets You Sleep With : always one! it’s ‘large’ though, so when it gets too hot, none.

Dream Trip : New Zealand, and a England - Wales - Scotland roadtrip. Those would be pretty amazing.

Blog Created : I remade in June last year! but I’ve been on Tumblr since 2012, and only became active in fandoms in 2014, and very active in January 2015.

Number of Followers: 833!

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NSFW (Nice Stuff For Werewolves)

Summary: Stiles happens to be around when Derek gets a special delivery. (This is not a euphemism)

Notes: There was a post going around tumblr that said NSFW= Nice Stuff For Werewolves, and it inspired this little fic. Also, someone should tell me if this is crack, because I just can’t tell any more. (On AO3)

Stiles is sprawled out on Derek’s couch when the doorbell rings, and he startles hard, almost dropping the book he’s reading. Derek makes a point to smirk at him as he walks past.

“Hey, I can’t help it,” Stiles huffs. “I didn’t even know you had a doorbell.”

“That’s because you always just come barging in,” Derek says over his shoulder. He slides open the door, and accepts a package from an out-of-breath FedEx guy.

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// also not sure if this would help further but.... in my case the descriptive detail helped within the following authors : George R R Martin , JK Rowling, Conan Doyle - since i like GOT, sherlock holmes and HP. George R R Martin is quite good at descriptions, even of feelings of the characters, and when you read his books it's like you can get inside the character's brain and see through their eyes. Conan Doyle, in my case which was sherlock holmes i like it bcs im a mystery nerd but 1/2

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Hi. How do i know a Bible study or book or source is trustworthy? Also why should I start Bible study? What kind of stuff will i learn, do you have any examples?

Hi friend,

I usually read lots of reviews of Bible studies to find out what others think, do research on the author, etc. Also, asking trusted friends/family members for their recommendations is always good. Along with all this, though, once you’re doing a Bible study, use discernment and always think for yourself. Is what you’re reading an opinion, or is it rooted in Scripture? Use your Bible, and use your judgment. 

As for why to begin a Bible study, or why to study your Bible at all, it’s how we get to know God. The Bible is God-breathed. It’s His Word. It’s… everything. It teaches us how to live (and how not to live). It teaches us Truth. 

You’re going to learn so much, friend, and you’re not only going to learn, but you’re going to change. God is going to change you, from the inside out. I’m currently in the book of Daniel (I’m reading the entire Bible from cover to cover), and I’ve just learned so much history, and love. I’ve learned that God always comes through on His end of the covenant. I’ve learned about prophecies (Jesus is all up in the Old Testament, which I never realized before), and what it means when I see a rainbow in the sky. I’ve learned that God can take the broken and use them for His Will, and use them for good. I’ve learned that one person really can make a difference (shout out to my girl Esther). There’s so much, friend. There’s so, so much. I talk about my studies frequently (as well as reblog other people’s studies) on this blog. Here are all of my posts tagged Bible study, if you want to check them out and see more. 

All my love,


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hi i noticed your posts about HoD and i completely agree (ive had to read it 3 times in school so far and it gets worse every time), was wondering if you've read the essay one of my professors had us read by Nigerian author Chinua Achebe called "An Image of Africa: Racism in Conrads Heart of Darkness" where he basically drags tf out of HoD cause I feel like you might really enjoy it (if you've already read it just ignore this message, also sorry if you mentioned it and i just didn't notice)

yeah! someone brought up mr achebe in the messages of one of my posts, though they mostly focused on his book ‘things fall apart’, which i also read for high school english shortly after heart of darkness – i enjoyed it way more, like it was actually a good book unlike HoD – and i remember reading his essay response as well. i should give it another read, though.

also, three times? jesus christ, dude. i am so sorry for you