also you should read his book

Notes for a young character designer

Dear E. 

Thanks for your email.

I don’t work at Cartoon Network any more. But I’m going to give you a very quick portfolio review in hopes that you find it helpful! Here are some things I noticed when looking at your stuff - lessons I learned from brilliant people while working on AT for two years: 

 1) AVOID SYMMETRY. Humans are organic, randomly shaped animals. Perfect symmetry rarely exists in nature and if it does, it’s conspicuous - it’s the exception rather than the rule. Find interesting ways to throw your characters off-balance. 

Don’t repeat objects in twos - (buttons or rips or whatever) - it feels prescribed - cluster things in threes or fives if necessary. 

 2) AVOID CONCAVITY - I don’t know what else to call this. But it’s those lines that go “in” rather than “out”. You are using inward sloping lines to describe many of your characters. As an exercise, try using outward, rounded, voluminous lines to draw EVERYTHING. Humans are fleshy lumps connected together by other fleshy lumps. Each mass is either in front of or behind other masses and as a designer, it’s your job to tell the animator where it is. As a designer, you are providing a technical blueprint for the location of masses. 

Only occasionally allow a concavity to connect two convexities. Look at the work of Robert Ryan Cory (spongebob), Tom Herpich (Adventure Time) or Phil Rynda (AT / Gravity Falls) - master character designers - for examples of this. If you need to, trace a couple of their drawings and you will see what I mean. 

 3) AVOID GRAPHIC DETAILS - Some shows use a graphic style; it’s very appealing and looks clever when done right. But in animation, everything needs to move in space - so if you use a graphic element - it needs to correspond with an actual 3D thing that can move. Therefore it is better to start with a voluminous style and then revert to graphic elements where appropriate. Art directors will look for this. Do not jump straight to graphic representation if you do not yet know what you are representing.

Look at the work of Tiffany Ford and Jasmin Lai for amazing examples of volume expressed graphically.

 4) STUDY JAMES MCMULLEN - To truly understand volume, and fully respect your subject, you should read very carefully High Focus Figure Drawing by James McMullen. Slow down and think about drawing “around” your subjects. It’s a truly meditative experience when you get there. Think about the weight and mass that your characters, props and effects are experiencing. Many students from SVA - Tomer Hanuka, Becky Cloonan, Rebecca Sugar, James Jean - studied under McMullen’s philosophy and you can see this common richness in their work. 

Jeffrey Smith, a top student of McMullen’s now teaches life drawing at Art Center. These are two of the best illustration schools in North America - anyone who is interested in drawing living things, should probably read his book. Also look at the work of Andy Ristaino or Danny Hynes - two other character designers’ whose work is seething with volume. 

I hope this is useful and I hope you have a wonderful career. 



SJM books ranked from least emo to most emo


okay yeah i know, rowan gets shot, and like, Chaolaena shippers probably cried a lot but Arobyn dies so over all it’s a good experience.


ALRIGHT LOOK I KNOW IT WAS AN EMOTIONAL ROLLERCOASTER BUT. No one important actually dies aside from Suri and Feyre is way more recovered from her trauma in this one so the first person PoV is just happier in general, and Nesta and Elain take down Hybern so really who can complain 


The emo book that started it all. Pretty emo bc it opens with the protagonist getting released from the slave mines and she is emaciated but Dorian and Chaol are Hot™ and Hetero™ so it’s all good


Pretty depressing that there are 5 books more emo than this one seeing as how in this one the protagonist goes from a shit home life to a shit boyfriend to dying in order to save the entire world. But you know, all in a day’s read??


Okay so this is where it really goes downhill. WTF Maas. Why’d you have to write Sam Cortlans’s death. I don’t think any of us really wanted it but you gave it to us anyway. But the rest of the book is like, not too emo, except it does hurt seeing Celaena systematically ruin all of her personal relationships. 


Um alright, so this one, idk….emo because Nehemia, like why why why?? I’ll be asking that question until my own death honestly. But also, the end of Chaolaena, the end of Dorealna/Doraelin, also, Aelin?? Who the f is that?? Well now we know, and Chaol’s not pleased about it, and Celaena/Aelin has to be sent away on a ship and wow, this book was just, not a happy read. (this is the only one with a starred review on Kirkus so go figure…)


Ik wtf, this should be last you’re thinking. But nah, I said emo, not painful. And without the last 100 pages, this would rank at idk, number 3 or so. But those last 100 pages. Fuck me up Maas. I’m still not capable of forming complete thoughts about it and I read it 8 months ago. It’s like she sat down and said, How can I write the MOST painful, bloody ending ever? Idk, maybe have Aelin whipped, have her refuse to count the lashes bc shes waiting for Rowan, but Rowan never comes, oh and here’s an iron coffin let’s shove her inside there too, and ps they are mates and carranam and husband and wife and also Lysandra is going to pretend to be Aelin forever because Aelin is the literal sacrifice to save the world, okay bye now thanks for reading. No, F u Maas. F u. 


Okay so this is a fan favorite but it’s also almost the MOST emo. Coincidence? I think not. Anyways, this is emo because the narrator is suffering from PTSD for the whole book and also suffers through an abusive relationship and her ex bf tries to hunt her down and her new bf lies to her about being her Mate and Immortal Husband and she’s just…not pleased. Basically read this if you hate men but love bats. Not the most emo though because Mor is in this book, and also Velaris. 


Where do I even start? Aelin’s hella depressed and doesn’t really know what name she should use, she’s bitter and angry and depressed about the burden of being queen, and Rowan thinks she is a little shit. Except he is also bitter and angry and depressed, because his mate died, and they have to learn how to stop being bitter and angry and depressed together except it takes aelin burning herself out and nearly dying and then aelin almost dying for real again when fighting valg to get them to realize that. Also, Manon is in this book and she doesn’t know how to feel anything yet, so that’s pretty emo as well. Also idk, i think this might be when the wyrven dies? Not sure, but emo. Dorian and Chaol- also emo a lot. Emo because Aedion is alive?? And has no clue where Aelin has been all these years. Emo because Sorscha dies. Emo because it ends with Dorian enslaved to the Valg. just. Not a fun book. But also a fan favorite. 

Day to Day

Take good notes. 

  • Always take the notes for a particular class in the same notebook. Spiral bound notebooks were invented because they solved the problem of keeping related information consolidated in one place. Take advantage of this.
  • Date each entry into your notebook.
  • It is usually best to keep the notes for different classes separate from each other. Spiral notebooks with built in dividers are excellent for this purpose.
  • Your notes should contain as complete a record of what the instructor said as possible. Of course, you should not try to write every word spoken, but don’t leave out ideas. When you study, your notes should call back to your mind the entire sequence of ideas presented. Take care to spell all new words carefully. It you don’t know how to spell a word, ask your instructor to write it on the board. Most will automatically do so for new or difficult terms.
  • Anything the instructor writes on the board should appear in your notes. If the instructor took the time to write it out, he or she considers it important. You should do the same.
  • If possible, try to take your notes in some kind of outline form. The organization of ideas is as important as the content of those ideas, especially when it comes to learning the material for an exam.
  • You might find it useful to have a second color of pen or pencil available for highlighting important ideas or indicating vocabulary.

Be involved in your classes. 

Don’t simply pretend you are a sponge, ready to soak up whatever the instructor says. You are there to learn, not to be taught.

  • If the instructor is moving too rapidly for you, or if you don’t understand what is being said, say something!
  • Ask questions if you are confused. Confusion is definitely your worst enemy.
  • If your class includes group activities, participate as fully as you can. Such exercises are done for your benefit, not to provide a break for the instructor.

Review your notes every day. 

This suggestion is one which we have all heard a thousand times. Unfortunately, most of us never really believe it until we actually try it. Spend 30 minutes or so each evening going over the notes from each class. There are at least two tremendous benefits to be gained from this discipline.

  • Research has shown that reviewing new material within 24 hours of hearing it increases your retention of that material by about 60%. This means that you will be 60% ahead of the game the next time you walk into class. If you want to significantly reduce the time necessary to prepare for exams, this is the way to do it.
  • Reviewing material before the next class period enables you to identify points of confusion or omission in your notes, which prepares you to ask the questions you need to ask before the next lecture. Again, confusion is your worst enemy.

It is excellent policy to give high priority to new vocabulary. Language is the most fundamental tool of any subject, and it can seriously handicap you to fall behind in this.

Keep up on your reading. 

Unlike most high school teachers, many college instructors don’t give specific reading assignments. You are expected to go to your text for the reading related to the materials covered in class. Be independent enough to do this without being told.

Using Your Textbook

Don’t expect your instructor to give you detailed, page by page textbook assignments. While some may do so, many do not. College teachers are much more likely to expect you to use your own initiative in making use of the text.

In most cases, it will be most useful for you to at least skim the relevant chapters before each lecture. You should receive a course outline/syllabus at the beginning of the quarter, which will tell you the subject for each day. You may receive chapter references (or even page references), or you instructor may expect you to be perceptive enough to refer to the Table of Contents.

  • When you first approach a chapter, page through it fairly quickly, noting boldface headings and subheadings, examining figures, illustrations, charts, etc., and thinking about any highlighted vocabulary terms and concepts. Also take note of the pedagogical aids at the end of the chapter–study questions, summary, etc.
  • When you have finished surveying the chapter, return to the beginning and read in more detail. Remember to concentrate upon understanding. Don’t simply read through the words. Any words which you don’t understand you should look up. If you own the book and intend to keep it, you may want to write definitions of such words in the margins. You may also find it helpful to make observations and other useful notes in the margins. If you don’t intend to keep the book yourself, you should carry out similar activities on a page in your class notebook.
  • On this first trip through the chapter, you should concentrate upon catching the major subjects and points of the material. Also take note of those things which you don’t understand. If the lecture on the material doesn’t clarify those points, you should ask your instructor to explain.

Following coverage of the chapter’s material in class, you should go back to the book and read it again. It will probably be helpful to skim through it first, as you did when you first looked at it. The tables and figures should be more readily read in detail. If you are a truly conscientious student, you will outline the chapter and prepare a vocabulary list of the terms which are pertinent.

At this time you should think seriously about the review and study questions at the end of the chapter. Do your best to answer all of them as if they were a take-home exam.

You may also want to develop a system of cross referencing symbols to use when comparing your class notes to your notes from the text.

Remember that your instructor will probably not use the same words which you find in the text book. nothing is more frustrating than to discover that what you hear in class is no more than a rehash of what you read in the book. However, if your instructor knows his/her subject, and the author of your text knows his/her subject, the meat of what they say should be the same. 

NOTE: Nobody is infallible. Your instructor may make mistakes. Don’t expect them to be more than human.

Preparing Assignments

Here’s another thing we have all been told thousands of times: Don’t leave assignments until the day before they are due! If you have a paper to write or a lab report to prepare, begin it as soon as possible. In most cases, instructors will be delighted to receive work early. Remember that many papers or projects require quite a bit of research before you can even begin writing. In most cases, it is impossible to accomplish the necessary preparation in one day or even one week. In some cases, instructors won’t accept late work at all. They are perfectly justified.

Another sore point: Be aware of the appearance of the work you submit. You should want to be proud of every assignment you submit, and that includes being proud of its appearance. If possible, assignments should always be typed. Never turn in an assignment written in pencil. Pages torn out of notebooks are sloppy and unsightly.Think about this point every time you hand an instructor an assignment. That paper represents the quality of your work, and your instructor is perfectly justified in taking its appearance into consideration when assigning a grade.

Preparing for Exams

Keep in mind that you want to be an active learner, not a passive one. The more you use and manipulate the information, the better you will understand it. Using and manipulating information in as many ways as possible also maximizes your ability to access your memory.

Do not wait until the night before an exam to study! Of course, you should be regularly reviewing your notes, but the preparation still takes time.

If your instructor hasn’t explained to you how he or she designs exams, ask. this is a perfectly legitimate concern. However, keep in mind that an instructor has the right to design exams in whatever fashion he or she sees fit, and in most cases you have no business asking for changes in that design. You need to learn to handle all testing styles–including the dreaded essay exam!

A good first step in preparation is to read through your notes a couple of times. While you are doing this, you might also;

  • Highlight major topics and subtopics, with the goal of generating an outline of your notes. Even if you take your notes in outline form, this is a good practice. Major topics often extend through more than one day’s lecture, and it is easy to lose track of the overall picture from day to day.
  • With a second color, highlight all vocabulary terms.

Outline the entire set of notes. When you study a large body of information, you should study from concept to detail, not the other way around. It will, in fact, be much easier to learn the details if you take the time to learn the concept and theory first. The least efficient approach to studying is to attempt to memorize your notes from beginning to end. It’s not the words which are important–it’s the ideas.

Consider ways of dealing with the information other than those used in class. the more ways you can manipulate and experience the material you are trying to learn, the more secure your understanding and memory will be. Some suggestions:

  • Make charts, diagrams and graphs.
  • Make lists.
  • If the subject matter includes structures, practice drawing those structures. Remember that a drawing is useless unless the important structures are labeled.

There are almost always types of information which you will have to memorize (eg. vocabulary). No one has ever invented a better device for memorizing than flash cards.

One of the most universally effective ways to polish off your study activities is to prepare a self test.

  • Challenge yourself as severely as you can.
  • As you are studying, keep a running collection of “exam questions.” If you seriously attempt to write difficult and meaningful questions, by the time you finish you will have created a formidable exam. When you begin to feel you’re ready for your instructor’s exam, take out your questions and see if you can answer them. If you can’t, you may need to go back and reinforce some of the things your are trying to learn.

Never, ever pull an “All-Nighter" on the night before an exam. This is a "freshman trick,” meaning that good students learn very quickly that it is futile. What you may gain from extra study time won’t compensate for the loss of alertness and ability to concentrate due to lack of sleep.

On exam day:

  • Try not to “cram” during every spare moment before an exam. This only increases the feeling of desperation which leads to panic, and then to test anxiety. You may find it useful, on the night before an exam, to jot down a few ideas or facts which you wish to have fresh in your mind when you begin the exam. Read through your list a couple of times when you get up in the morning and/or just before you take the exam, then put it away. This kind of memory reinforcement not only improves your performance on the test, it also improves your long-term memory of the material.
  • Be physically prepared.
    • Get a good night’s sleep.
    • Bring necessary writing materials to the test–at least 2 writing tools, erasers, blue books if necessary, calculators if appropriate and allowed. Be aware of what the instructor has specified as permitted for use. Some instructors object to exams written pencil; some prohibit use of tools like calculators. It is your responsibility to know these requirements; you should be prepared to take the consequences if you don’t.
    • This may seem silly, but go to the bathroom just before the exam. Don’t expect your teacher to let you leave to do this during the test! The tension which generally goes along with taking an exam may increase the need to perform this physical activity, so you may need to go, even though you don’t particularly feel like it.

Some Final Suggestions

You should receive a syllabus for each class. This is the Rule Book for that class (in my classes, we call it the Survival Manual). Know everything on that syllabus! Your teacher has the right to expect you to know and abide by any rules and stipulations on that document, and it is perfectly within his/her rights to penalize you for failing to do so. Respect dates and deadlines, and expect to lose points if you turn things in late.

Never miss an exam if you can help it. You will rarely be more ready for the exam in two or three days than you are on the scheduled date, and the annoyance the teacher will feel about having to arrange a special exam time for you can actually hurt your grade in the end. Miss exams only if you absolutely have to.

Save everything. Never throw away a handout or a returned assignment or exam. With this in mind, equip yourself with a pouched folder for each class.

Develop systematic behavior patterns associated with your schoolwork.

  • Keep your class materials together and neat.
  • Never allow yourself to be caught at school without the necessary notebooks and materials. If you develop systematic habits with respect to attending classes, etc., this will be no problem.

It is excellent practice to set aside a study area at home, and to designate a particular span of time each day as study time. However, don’t fall into the trap of feeling that study should never exceed the preordained time limits. You put in as much study time as is necessary to master the material for your classes.

reasons to read the upside of unrequited:

  • the main het romance and the side wlw romance are really, really sweet
  • like tooth-rottingly sweet, i can’t even think about them without grinning
  • the protag is straight, but pretty much every important person in her life is a queer woman. there’s seriously SO MUCH wlw representation. lesbians, bi women and pan women! queer women of colour! teen wlw and older wlw! wlw as mothers and wives and girlfriends! queer characters & relationships completely normalised and accepted by everyone!
  • also so many jewish characters, including a jewish protagonist and a jewish love interest
  • a fat protagonist who isn’t defined by her fatness
  • a really beautiful relationship between two sisters which explores the heartbreaking process of growing up and losing that closeness siblings have when they’re young
  • the most painfully realistic portrayal of what it’s like to be young and scared of rejection that i’ve ever read
  • cameo appearances by characters from becky’s first book! (which is all kinds of awesome and should also definitely be on your radar but it’s not necessary to read it first.)
  • the main character’s love interest says that kissing her was the best thing that has ever happened to his mouth, including cadbury mini eggs and honestly that’s the most romantic thing i’ve ever read
  • i mean the whole book is this adorable it’s nauseatingly cute and you should read it asap
PSA about Damen

He is bisexual. Bisexual means he is attracted to women and men. He sleeps with women and men. Falls in love with both women and men.

No, he is not “straight with exception”, he is bisexual.

No, he is not “basically gay” or “straight turned gay”. He is bisexual.

He doesn’t see any gender as better or more interesting or whatever. He thinks that sleeping with women is different than with men and he enjoys both.

Writing/drawing him as “never looked at another man before Laurent” is disrespectul and also noncanonical. Writing/drawing him as “only ever beds men and never looked at a woman in his life” - same thing. Even in AUs, you should never erase his sexuality.

Important sidenote: The author, C.S. Pacat, is bisexual herself. 

anonymous asked:

headcanon - lafeyette night routines with you?

  • so he typically he doesn’t go to bed before you do- he wants to make sure that you go to sleep at a reasonable time so he stays up as long as you do so if you aren’t getting a blink of sleep than he isn’t getting any sleep either 
  • he makes a habit of showering at night time usually and you should recommend showering before him because he showers for a very long time and takes up practically all of the hot water
    • maybe shower with him? it would save water,,,
  • after showering, he usually just lounges around on the bed, wearing his glasses and reading a book or some sort and maybe humming a song
    • if you go to bed at a decent time, he will most likely stay up later reading until he gets so tired that the words are all fuzzy but if ask him, he will go to sleep
  • he is also big into having tea or some kind of hot drink before he goes to bed
  • he has no particular opinion on whether he likes cuddling or not so it really just depends on you
    • if you like cuddling, he will 100% want to be the big spoon and he will just rest his head on your shoulder and just kiss your neck gently and he sometimes sleep talks- not very often actually but when he does, it’s usually in french and it’s hard to understand since his voice is full of sleep
    • if you don’t like cuddling, no problem! he just kisses your cheek and says goodnight. he gives you a lot of space to move around in the bed since he sleeps right on the edge but since he has long legs, he typically takes up a lot of space with his legs, like one by him and one all away across the bed by you
  • lafayette also snores but it’s really really softly and if he snores loudly ever , he instantly wakes up because he scares himself when he doe
    • he is a really light sleeper so if something makes the slightest bump in the night, he is up and ready to fight 


-ok so Ponyboy would certainly try and get her to love books so he would read to her
-and help her with her hw
-and teach her everything for the next year
-but mostly it’s princess books he gets from the library 
-she also always manages to convince him to let her do his makeup??
-always tells her it’s amazing and she should always do his makeup
-he would be all like ‘wow! that’s… something! You lil artist!!’
-and she would alway smile all big and like!!!! so would Pony!! 
-and its just A++++

-Johnny would be the one to play dolls with her
-and he would always be the purple doll
-idk why I just feel like that would be something he would do?
-and he would do lil voices for her
-and he would get like REALLY into it
-and he would sometimes forget how into it he gets (wow ‘and he’ three times in a row, yikes)
-it gets to the point where whenever she sees Johnny she asks he would play with her
-and like she would drag him into the room
-and Johnny always tries to make it all silly for her
-so pure?????

Soda & Steve
-since Soda and Steve are always together
-they would play with her,,,,,,,, together
-i feel like they would play dress up!!!
-and its so pure!!
-she would always choose their outfits
-and i feel like Soda and Steve would try and out-sass each other
-like they wanna see who can make the best show!1!!1!1!!
-and their goal would always be to make her laugh
-then they would dress her up
-and Steve would be all like ‘You look too pretty we have to make sure you don’t get a boyfriend!’
-and she would scrunch her nose and say ew
-AND STEVE AND SODA ARE LIKE!1!!!! ‘das right no boyfriends till your 32!!’
-and you can hear Two-Bit in the back agreeing with them

-Darry would 10000% love giving her piggy back rides
-and he would like lift her up and spin her around!!
-he would also like arm wrestle her
-then let her win
-and he would try and braid her hair
-but it wouldn’t really look like a braid
-kinda just a knot
-but he does it so often he gets really good at it??
-did I mention putting her on his shoulder and always bringing her a candy bar or something adorable like that
-he would also let her paint his nails
-more like  feel so bad that she is getting so sad when he says no so he says ok fine
-and he never gets to choose his color
-and hes like???
-what kinda salon is this????
-and she just kinda shrugs and giggles

-so yeah yeah Dally ‘hates kids’
-but this one is an exception!1!!!!1
-he’s also secretly her favorite
-Dally likes to bring her little toys
-like tiny little plastic dolls
-but like nobody knows he gets them for her
-nobody also knows that he attempts to do her hair after she asks him but then gives up after it gets too hard
-keeps accidentally cursing in front of her
-so every time he does he slips her 25₵ and tells her not to repeat him
-lets just say her piggy-bank is LOADED
-also she  began to say ‘man’ A LOT
-gives her piggy back rides as well
-always tells her what to do in situations
-like what to do if she’s at the wrong place at the wrong time
-and its like?? Dally??? a lil too early for that???
-but he actually really cares about her like a sister
-just don’t tell anyone!!!!!!!!!!!
-that is #classified information!!!

-always watches Disney movies with her
-she’s the reason he likes Mickey Mouse so much!!
-always sneaks her some candy
-is VERY over-protective and will SQUARE UP if you even SUGGEST she isn’t the best thing on this Earth
-they have a secret handshake
-always makes forts with her
-when he is home at night (cuz u know he’s a PARTY ANIMAL) he will tell her silly made-up stories before bed
-and if she has a nightmare he will be the first one up to comfort her
-also if you ask her he has super powers that scare away closet monsters
-basically does what all of the gang does for her (meaning dress up,  piggy back rides, etc) and more
-when he does come home drunk he will make sure she is asleep
-if she does see him with the occasional ALCOHOLIC BEVERAGE and asks what he’s drinking
-he makes sure to tell her no matter what to never drink it
-because he doesn’t want anything bad to happen to her in the future


Announcement (Blurb)

One shot of telling Harry (husband) that you’re pregnant with your first baby! Maybe make it so you are already something like 3 months along but you didn’t realise and tell him a couple of days after you go to the doctors for the confirmation. Maybe you tell him just one night when you’re both in bed, watching a film or both reading and just chatting/pillow talk? 


It was something that you honestly hadn’t been planning on having to tell Harry for a while yet. The two of you had been married for about six months now and the kid conversation had come up, of course, but you had both agreed that you were going to wait until you were married at least a year before you started trying. You had spent so much of your relationship having to travel around and deal with other people that - now when you finally had some time off - you wanted to enjoy each other for as long as you could.

But your reproductive system apparently didn’t agree with that logic.

The discovery hadn’t been a typical one; you hadn’t had any real signs or symptoms of pregnancy over the past few months and you hadn’t noticed any real change in your body. You put on a few pounds but you figured it was just because you were finally able to eat a lot of good, home made meals. Harry had gotten a little softer in the stomach area as well, but neither of you cared one bit. If anything, Harry liked the subtle softness of your belly now because it made an excellent pillow.

The first time that you even took real notice that you had missed your period, it suddenly dawned on you that you hadn’t had it in a while…like, two months, to be exact. Pregnancy hadn’t even really crossed your mind. Of course, you and Harry were having sex - a lot of it - but you were still being protected. You had gone on birth control months ago and, up until now, it had worked. Maybe you had forgotten to take a pill or two, but you couldn’t specifically remember. You had also had some pretty terrible nausea over the last month or so, but you just thought it was because you weren’t eating the healthiest.

You finally made a doctor’s appointment when the nausea didn’t seem to go away, and the doctor confirmed something that you hadn’t expected.

You were pregnant; nearly 11 weeks, to be exact, and you were shocked.

The lead up to telling Harry the news was nerve wracking. It wasn’t that you thought he would be upset; quite the opposite, in fact. Harry was likely to be even happier about it than you were. It was just so unexpected, and you had always imagined announcing the news in some fancy, elaborate way. You searched through the internet and Youtube videos for ideas, but nothing stood out to you. You also didn’t know where you would find the time or the privacy to plan something as long as Harry was around.

It was the only thing occupying your brain while you and Harry laid in bed that next night. Harry was sat up with his back against the wall, scrolling through his phone while you attempted to read a book, though the words did nothing more than swim in front of your eyes because you were so preoccupied.

“I think mum wants us for dinner next week,” Harry said, absentmindedly, “Should I tell her we’re free on Friday?”


“Dinner,” Harry repeated, looking up from his phone and over at you, “At mum’s? Friday? Yes?”

“Oh. Oh, yeah, that’s fine.”

“Okay, I’ll text her.”

He went back to his phone and there was another short silence before the next conversation topic popped into his head.

“You know, I was thinking about painting this room,” he mused, looking around at the walls, “S’a bit bland, don’t you think? I’m thinking a nice blue or dark maroon or something, and maybe we should change those drapes; they’re a bit ratty. We could probably do an entire remodel in the summer; I know a guy who - “

“I’m pregnant!”

The words left your mouth before you could stop them, and you pursed your lips together as you waited for Harry’s response. He had stopped talking immediately and was still looking down at his phone.

“Sorry?” he asked, slowly tilting his head up to look at you.

“I’m pregnant,” you repeated, quieter this time.

There was a slight twitch in the corner of his mouth, but he kept his face neutral.

“Are you?” he asked.

You nodded, biting your lip.


You nodded again.

Finally, the emotion sprung from his face and his mouth stretched into a wide grin. He threw the blankets off of his body and climbed over until he was only inches from you, taking your face in his hands. You could see his eyes were wet with tears, but he wasn’t technically crying yet. He glanced down at your stomach and - keeping one hand on your cheek - he moved his left hand down to cover your tiny baby bump, which you now knew wasn’t just from a lot of pasta.

“There’s a baby in there?” he whispered, sniffling a bit.

“Yeah, there is. Been in there for 11 weeks now,” you informed him.

His head shot up.

“11 weeks? How long…did you know?”

“Just yesterday. Believe me, I was just as surprised as you are.”

Harry looked down at your belly again, scooting his body down the bed so his head was level with your stomach.

“Hello in there,” he whispered at your belly, “Aren’t you just a little surprise? You’ve been hangin’ out in mummy’s tummy for 11 weeks and you didn’t think to tell us?”

You chuckled a bit, running your hand through Harry’s hair.

“Are you happy?” you asked, quietly.

Harry looked up at you, quickly, and brought himself up on his elbow so he was closer to your face.

“My love, I’m so happy. I love you and I want to have a family with you, even if it’s a bit earlier than we were planning, yeah? This is the best news you could have ever given me; you’re makin’ me a daddy, how could I not be happy about that?”

A few tears slipped down your cheeks as you brought him close to kiss him. Harry fell asleep with his head just below your chest and one big hand on your belly, and you knew - even more than you had before - that Harry was going to be the best daddy in the world.

Two More Times the Gods Bothered Icarus at Work

The library doesn’t actually pay, per se, but if he volunteers a given number of hours, it does give him vouchers for select items purchased at the campus shops – class supplies, food and other sundries.  Icarus did the math and determined that the value of the vouchers was nearly as good as actual money, with the added benefit of the convenient location where he could stop by between classes easily and rack up hours for the week. 

And it’s fairly peaceful work.  Running the checkout desk; entering returned books into the computer; shelving books; light cleaning.  And Icarus is free to do some of his own homework as well, as long as he gets the list of tasks done, while still earning credit for being there.  Hard to complain about it.

He enjoys the tasks, and enjoys the hush of the narrow aisles, packed with books on either side, higher than his head.  They have a good section on aviation: old and new books; practical and philosophical; aeronautical and astronautical.  Icarus likes to sneak back to steal a few browse through them whenever he can.

Icarus is on his way back to the front counter with two books in hand, when he hears a yelp of surprise, two feet to his left, where there are a couple small steps leading up to the study carrels and tables. 

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Okay so. Let me talk about the Skulduggery Pleasant saga. It’s fucking amazing and you should read it. That’s all you need to know about it, because if you wanna know something else you SHOULD READ IT EVERYONE SHOULD COME ON GO GO GO LEAVE WHAT YOU’RE DOING AND START READING THEM ALL

This is Darquesse. If you wanna know who she is, GO READ THE BOOKS. They’re by an amazing writer called Derek Landy, this is his twitter. Go follow him.

ANYWAY, I’ll probably draw more characters from the Skulduggery Pleasant books because I love them so fucking much and I have so many unshared feels. I can’t wait to read the 10th book hnnnnnnnnnng cries in Spanish bc it will take ages for the book to be translated but stops crying bc I’ll get it in English and then it’ll take me years to finish it

got7 as youtubers

jackson: the prankster
- “it’s just a prank bro!”
- has over 2 million subscribers
- always promoting his merch that usually says ‘stay healthy’ or eat ‘organically’
- replies to the comments
- gets to know his fans and even knows one so well that he remember what they ate 9 years ago, their foot size, age, and height
- pranks his girlfriend and almost ends up single every time
- daily vlogs
- always wearing a backwards hat and a black tank top
- collabs with other youtubers
- meetups

jaebum: the angry ranting cat man
- not well known on YouTube
- has at least 20,000 subscribers
- rants about the generation
- has loads of cat videos that gives him the views
- is always being flirted to in the comments
- rarely uploads
- made a YouTube after being forced to
- “I’m not your daddy wtf.”
- always has to explain that he’s happily engaged and doesn’t want any of his fans
- is an internet meme and hates it
- eats and sleeps way too much on camera
- fans are intimidated when they do see him in public

mark: the hypebeast
- millions of subscribers and views
- mainly does reviews on every Yeezy shoe ever
- “These are the exclusive custom-made Yeezys made by Jesus himself.”
- vlogs include shopping at the mall, exploring LA, and hanging out with friends
- is really shy in person
- gets discovered in public and turns into a shy potato
- meeting one fan turns into an entire meetup
- almost failed cooking videos with coco
- gets mad when people asks about everyone else but him

youngjae: the cute crafter
- has half of a million subscribers
- makes DIY videos (sometimes doesn’t go as planned)
- comments are usually always positive
- open to collaborate with anyone
- features his nieces and nephews in a lot of his videos
- “This is Youngjae channel!”
- takes video requests
- makes self-help videos just so his viewers can keep a positive mind
- likes reading his fans comments
- also uploads a few singing videos here and there
- doesn’t vlog often since he’s not good at operating a camera

bambam: the unintentional comedian
- famous because he’s a living meme that’s everywhere on social media
- doesn’t intentionally try to be funny but just is
- does a lot of stupid skits with yugyeom
- dabs constantly
- gets a lot of hate comments and doesn’t appreciate it
- gives his fans names like ‘the Dabbing Princes & Princesses’ since he’s the Dabbing King
- always eating in his videos
- ootd videos always fail because of his dorkiness
- screams
- people always comment about how extra he is with his fashion

yugyeom: the dancer
- very popular since his videos are shared globally
- collaborated with famous dancers
- adores Chris Brown and mainly mentions/plays his music
- steals fans heart with his talent
- blushes at the positive comments
- cries at the rude comments
- dances like he’s mental whenever bambam is in a video
- vlogs usually involve him acting slow at the grocery store
- still gets slapped around by his elders (Jinyoung)
- people are amazed by his height in real life
- uploads often

jinyoung: the Christian family vlogger
- your average famous family youtuber
- dresses like he’s going to church
- “I would appreciate it if you guys would stop being sexual, I’m married.”
- yells at whoever calls him ‘Jr.’, his old YouTube name, in the comments
- always showing off his wife and kids in his vlog
- does livestreams
- petty to his fans and other youtubers (yugyeom)
- open about religion
- always mention how his fans should buy his book and also start reading more
- has coffee in literally every video
- always has comments requesting him to do asmr because of his voice

Y/N and Park


Originally posted by jiyoongis

Genre: Fluff (w/ a tiny bit of angst? Just a pinch, like 1/8 of a pinch lol)

Characters: You x JImin

Word Count: 2.3K

Plot: Jimin was popular and you weren’t. You never thought your paths would cross, and you never wanted them to. However, fate had other plans (lmao this is such a  cliche plot but just read it, it’s not that cliche).

a/n: This was inspired by the book “Eleanor & Park.” If you haven’t read it, you should because it’s really good! I used the same format as the book. Also, the line break indicates a new day. :)

Your POV

He was always the popular boy. Ever since elementary school, he always had a group of friends following him along with an audience. You never knew what was so great about him.

While he was friends with half of the school, the other half– minus one, wished they could be his friend. That minus one was you.

You sat alone at a cafeteria table and tried to eat your lunch in peace. However, the fact that Park Jimin kept throwing glances at your way irked you.

Jimin’s POV

He first noticed you on the first day of grade one. You were quiet and remained to yourself. Not a lot of people noticed you, and you seemed to like it. You were so shy and he never thought much of it back then, but he thought it was adorable now.

Jimin always wanted to talk to you, but something about you made him too nervous to approach you.

Jimin stared at you across the cafeteria, admiring your beauty from afar. He watched you take a bite out of the disgusting school lunch and chuckled to himself when you made a grossed out face.

Your POV

In class, you were bored out of your mind. The teacher called on students, asking for an answer to a question that was only answerable if you were as smart as himself. The teacher called on Jimin’s name and you rolled your eyes. You waited for a stupid, unfunny answer that would be followed by laughter from the other students.

Jimin’s POV

He heard the teacher call his name. He didn’t know what the question was or if was even a question in the first place.

Jimin wasn’t paying attention to the teacher, instead, he was distracted by watching you doodle some drawings in your notebook. They looked like scribbles from where he was sitting, but he remembered that you were good at art. He always wanted to see your scribbles up close and wondered what you were actually drawing.

Your POV

You waited at the library for your partner. 20 minutes has passed by and you grew agitated

You felt stupid and should’ve known that Jimin would be late. Maybe he wasn’t going to show up at all.

You were supposed to meet up to work on an English project, but by the looks of it, it looked like you would have to start tomorrow.

Jimin’s POV

He ran to the library as fast as he could. He didn’t mean to be late, but his boss made him stay and extra half an hour to clean up at his job.

When he got to the library, he saw that you were already packing up. Jimin walked quickly to your table and apologized.

Your POV

He gave you an excuse that he probably used for everything. You rolled your eyes but emptied out your bag to start the project. You were annoyed that he was late, but at least he was there now.

You asked him his what favourite Shakespeare book was. There was no point in choosing one yourself since you doubted he’s ever read any in the first place.

Jimin’s POV

“Uh, Macbeth.”

He never even read it. Did he even get the name right?

He saw you reading it in the library one day and it just popped up in his mind.

Your POV

Just two days into the project, you found out that you and Jimin had many things in common. You liked the same books, TV shows, and types of movies.

It was strange, you never thought Jimin would ever be into the same things you were into.

Jimin’s POV

You asked him what his favourite colour was. He liked blue, but he knew you didn’t. He lied and said he didn’t have a favourite color, just so he wouldn’t lose that connection with you.

Your POV

You presented your project with flying colors. You didn’t expect a good mark because of Jimin, but when your teacher handed you back your mark, you were surprised that you actually achieved a good one.

You were happy the project was over. However, as much as you didn’t want to admit it, you were going to miss sharing a bond with Jimin– even if it was just the slightest bond possible.

You still couldn’t understand why he was so popular or had people following him like a bunch of “fans,” but Jimin wasn’t as horrible as you thought he’d be.

But he was still popular, and you weren’t. That meant that he wouldn’t be forced to talk to you or make small talk anymore because of the project. The project was over, and so would your friendship– if it even was a friendship, with Jimin will be.

Jimin’s POV

He watched your expression as you received your mark. He didn’t look at his mark when the teacher gave it to him, but when he saw your smile, he knew it was good.

He was happy the project was over. He felt that the two of you developed a friendship. Now he could talk to you more often and more freely– and without the topic of Macbeth popping up.

Jimin’s POV

He hurried out of class to catch up to you. He saw you walking towards math. He had that class too.

“Hey, good job Y/N. I think we did the best.”

“Oh, uh,” you looked shocked and he thought it was so cute. “Yeah, I think so too.”

Your POV

Jimin sat beside you in math class. He usually sat at the back, but today he sat at the front. With you.

Your POV

Two girls that usually sat at Jimin’s lunch table approached you. They knocked your tray down and your food splattered everywhere. Onto the floor, on the table, and on you.

Jimin’s POV

His head turned into the direction of the noise. He saw you standing there covered in food.

He looked at his two friends who were giggling, approaching his table. He gave them a death stare and they sat down quietly, avoiding eye contact with him.

His blood was boiling. He wanted to yell at them and tell everyone to stop staring at you. He was furious. But in the end, he turned his head and remained quiet for the rest of the lunch.

Your POV

You were embarrassed but not surprised. Those girls did that often to people. You just happened to be the next target.

You knew he saw you, and for some reason, you wanted him to stand up for you. He didn’t, though.

Your POV

You sat at the cafeteria table and ate the food that was on your tray. Suddenly, you heard a slam on the table and looked up to see Jimin standing in front of you.

Jimin’s POV

He stood in front of you and smiled. You looked startled, so he apologized.

He purposely left his lunch at home, just so he could eat the cafeteria food with you.

When he took a bite out of what looked like chocolate pudding, but tasted liked canned dog food, he tried his best not to throw up.

Jimin’s POV

“I’m sorry.”

“For what?”

“For yesterday.”

Your POV

You considered him Jimin a friend. You didn’t know if he considered you one, but if he did, he had plenty of those. It wasn’t like Jimin had to stand up for you or say anything. It’s not like he had to care.

So, you forgave him, you had no right not to.

Your POV

You saw the same two girls walking towards you while you stood at your locker. You knew they were coming, they’ve been doing it for about a week.

You waited for them to appear and throw your notebook or something out of your locker and onto the ground, but they never showed up.

You looked past your locker door and surprisingly, they were gone. Instead, you saw Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He didn’t know why his “friends” were acting that way. Why was he even friends with people like that?

You were the nicest person ever. Maybe they couldn’t see it, but Jimin knew you.

Your POV

Jimin walked you home. You knew he lived in the other direction, but he insisted. You didn’t mind, you liked the company.

You liked Jimin.

Jimin’s POV

He wanted every excuse to be with you. Maybe he should just ask you out, but he was too afraid.

He liked you, he always has.

Your POV

The school dance was coming up. You weren’t really a party person, but everyone was talking about it.

Everywhere you turned, there were posters advertising it. Every morning on the announcements they would remind everyone to buy their tickets.

You were also used to people going all out just to ask someone to the dance. People wrote songs, bought gifts, one person even kidnapped their significant other just to ask them to the dance.

You didn’t really want to go to the dance, but if Jimin asked you, you wouldn’t hesitate to say yes.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin wanted to go to the dance with you. He knew you were shy and didn’t want to do something big to ask you like everyone normally else did. He didn’t want an audience, he wanted you to feel safe and comfortable. Just you and him.

After school, while he walked you home, he thought of how to ask you. What if you said no.

Your POV

Jimin didn’t really talk much like usual. You felt as if something was bothering him.

“Are you okay, Jimin?” You asked.

He turned to you and looked shocked, like he was just pulled out from a daydream.

“Do you wanna go to the dance with me?”

He sounded nervous, but then shocked at his own words. It was cute.

Your POV

The night of the dance arrived. Jimin would be at your house in 20 minutes.

You looked at the mirror one last time. You wore a blue dress that fit you in all the right places. Your hair was down, and you wore makeup that looked alright. You felt embarrassed since you looked so different.

Maybe you should change. You could feel your insecurities acting up and wondered what Jimin would think. What if he thought you looked ugly? What if he said you looked good, but didn’t mean it?

Suddenly you heard the doorbell ring.

Jimin’s POV

Your mother opened the door and Jimin greeted her kindly. He stepped inside and waited for you to come down.

When he saw you appear at the top, his mind went blank. All he could see was you and you were glowing.

You looked different. Not better than how you always looked, but not worse either. You always looked beautiful to him. But now, you just looked different. Good different.

You looked like a princess waiting at the stop of the staircase and he felt as if he were in a movie. He couldn’t take his eyes off of you

He could tell you were nervous. He decided to walk up the stairs to help you down so you wouldn’t have the spotlight all on you.

He took your delicate little hand and led you down. Your mother stopped you two near the bottom to take pictures. He didn’t mind, he wanted to remember this moment.

Your POV

Your mother was embarrassing you. You told her to stop but she didn’t listen.

Finally, she and your father let you and Jimin leave.

“Y/N, you’re so beautiful, you know that right?” Jimin said to you once the two of you were outside.

You blushed and thanked him. It wasn’t like you’ve never received a compliment before, but the way Jimin said it was different than how anyone else gave you one. He talked about you– not how you looked tonight, not your dress or your makeup, just you. His words made you feel like you really were the most beautiful girl in the world.

Your POV

You were surprised. The dance was really fun.

At first, you felt a bit awkward because Jimin knew everyone there and you the opposite. You barely knew anyone and weren’t really used to such social events.

But Jimin never left your side. He danced with you the whole night. Some of his friends joined in as well, and although they didn’t really know you, they didn’t care. They wanted you to have fun just like Jimin, and that’s exactly what you did.

Jimin’s POV

Jimin knew that you were having fun. You were smiling so much and he was happy to see you having fun in a place that was out of your comfort zone.

Although you didn’t really know anyone there, Jimin was happy that his friends didn’t exclude you and quickly invited you into the fun. Everyone would finally see you for the amazing person you that really were.

Jimin didn’t stay with you because he thought it would be rude to ditch you, he stayed with you because he wanted to be with you. He wanted to live in that moment with you and only you forever.

Your POV

After the dance, Jimin drove you home. You two raved about how fun the night was.

When Jimin reached your home and you sighed. You didn’t want the night to end, but all good things do.

“Thanks, Jimin, I had a really great time,” you said to him with a smile.

“Me too, Y/N,” Jimin said back.

The two of you stayed in his car for a bit, just looking into each other’s eyes waiting for someone to say something.

“Y/N…” Jimin said softly, with a nervous look. He moves closer to your face and soon you’re only inches apart from each other.

You opened your mouth to say something, but Jimin leaned in and brought his lips to yours, closing the space between the two of you. You close your eyes and melted into his warm kiss.

It was past midnight– the night was already done. But unlike all good things that come to an end, in the moment, you knew that you and Jimin were going to last forever.

Thanks for reading! & lol maybe this actually was really cliche…

{ two for one }

pairing(s): thomas x reader, alexander x reader

prompt: Can you do one where Jefferson and Hamilton are fighting over the reader?

t/w: none!

You walked down the corridors of the hall, a little nervous. It was your first day at Yorktown High School. You were bouncing with nerves, that pit falling in your stomach again.

You were ready to throw up when you saw Angelica come through the crowds. You sighed in relief as she quickly rushed up to you and pulled you into a hug.

“You made it!” She grinned. “It’s so good to see you!”

“It’s good to see you too!”

“What classes do you have? I’ll walk you.”

You looked down at your schedule, the flimsy white paper in your hands. You lined up your finger along the words, coming to the first class near the bottom of the page. “Um, U.S. History?”

“Ah, Franklin. Good luck.” She snickered, but happily linked arms with you and started walking. You smiled as you talked about your summers and other things.

Along the way there, Angelica was stopped by a boy with curly hair. He was tall and had a proud little smirk on his face. You made eye contact, and manged a small smile. You couldn’t hold the eye contact for long. You quickly grew embarrassed and looked away. The taller boy smirked, putting his hands in his pockets casually.

“Angelica, who’s your lovely friend here?” He hummed, sliding up next to you. Instinctively, Angelica pulled you closer to her side. She didn’t slow down for him, but you managed to keep up.

“Thomas, this is (Y/N).” She said bluntly, not even looking at him. “(Y/N), you could do better.”

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Favors (Part 1) - Min Yoongi x Reader (smut)

indirectly requested by @bangtaanvines (thanks for the idea; I’m a big fan)

Group : BTS

Member : Min Yoongi (aka AgustD)

Genre : Oral, Best Friend!AU  

Word Count : 1792                                                            

Description : You wanted to know, how giving a blowjob would feel like since you were quite inexperienced in it. So why not use your best friend Yoongi as a test object?  

part II | part III

Originally posted by sugaglos

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Imagine #19 Charles Xavier (Request)

Requested by Anon: Could you please write a Charles Xavier x reader where the reader likes him but feels she has no chance so she pretends to hate him. But then he finds out the truth through mind reading? I’m sorry if this is complicated!! But thank you so much.

Originally posted by netflixruinedmylifeimagines

Not my gif

Words: 2622

Warnings: fem!reader, swearing, typos

A/N: So, first of all, I know that request is from literal months ago, and I’m really sorry, but I kinda put off writing it for the following reason… I actually did that once, pretended to hate someone I believed not to be good enough for (he was a dick and probably deserved it, but still) and it’s connected to some of the worst, most uncomfortable and regrettable situations of my life. If you find yourself in that kind of situation, and you think that it would be easier to just treat your crush like crap, DON’T! I’m all for making mistakes and learning from them, but I really recommend you just talk to the person or, if that’s easier, distance yourself, but being a dick towards them will just make you look and feel like… well, a dick. Don’t! And secondly, I am not incredibly proud of this fic. I don’t think it’s that great. I hope, I’m not disappointing anyone. xoxo

Charles had hired you because of the way you worked with the students, the way you treated the other teachers and the impression that you were one of the smartest, most dedicated people he had ever met. He had hired you despite the fact that you apparently couldn’t even be in the same room as him without shooting him glares and avoiding any kind of further interaction.

Charles understood that there were people, whom one just couldn’t stand. Attraction was biology after all, and maybe you just really didn’t like him, maybe semi-polite working-side-by-side was all you were able to with him, but it still bothered him.

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CeCi Korea June 2017 Issue: Boys, be the ASTRO!

Summer’s coming and you’re making a comeback. What comes to your mind when I say ‘summer’?
What comes to mind when you say ‘summer’ would be freedom? I want to light a bonfire at a campsite and spend an enjoyable time. My hometown’s in Cheongju so a lot of times I’d have fun like that when it’s summer.
JinJin: If you’re talking about summer, then of course it’s the sea. I used to enjoy fishing with my family when I was younger. The image of someone fishing paints itself like a memory.
Sanha: I’ve only been to a waterpark once since I was born but it was a lot of fun. I want to go again.
Eunwoo: The sun’s up longer during the summer. It makes me remember how it would still be sunny out even though school has ended and I’m playing soccer. My dad’s really been into hiking lately and I want to tag along too.
MJ: A weather where you have to avoid the sun!  Doesn’t it totally seem like a song title to you? I want to eat watermelon underneath a shady tree.
Rocky: Maybe because I’d sweat more than I usually do but diet is what comes to mind first. Rather than hitting the gym, I want to try a sport that I can enjoy doing so I’m thinking of starting swimming this summer.

Is dieting important even to male idols? Do you regulate your meals as well?
I usually dance intensely so I don’t see the need to purposely go on a diet. When we finish filming for our music videos, I would hear that I’ve unknowingly lost weight.
Moonbin: Before debuting, my diet meals were personally planned and I would have chicken breast and eggs in the mornings. If I’m busy, then it’s one apple. I would eat like that. We’ve decided that we’ll now manage our own selves.
Eunwoo: We don’t pay as much attention to it as girl groups. But even so, we would each put in some care when there’s an important filming and if the other seems like he’s gained weight then we would tell him.

Is there anything after debuting that you want to be better at or something that has attracted your interest?
I think I need to continue studying up foreign languages. When we perform overseas, I think it’s polite that we learn their trendy words, dances, etc.. Because we have to do even better.
Moonbin: Me too! And having stamina is more important that I thought. We were always overflowing with energy pre-debut so I didn’t think there was a need to worry about our stamina but as we continuously carried out promotions, I can feel that my stamina’s deteriorating.
JinJin: I’ve recently developed an interest in fashion. If previously I only stuck to the hip-hop style that I like, then now I’m finding ways to wear clothes that fit my body and physical frame.
MJ: I think managing my stamina and just generally taking care of myself is necessary. I try to eat some nutritional supplements too.
Rocky: Seeing as how I’m a rapper, I’ve been thinking lately about how I should read more books. There’s a limit to how much I can write just using my own experiences. I’m reading and not too long ago, I asked Eunwoo hyung to loan me one of his books. It’s a book called but I’ve yet to start on it.
Sanha: I’m relearning the basics of guitar (playing). I want to be better at it. I also want to show acoustic versions of our songs.

That reminds me, aren’t you having your first solo concert in July? Is there a stage that each of you are dreaming of?
I want to put smile on the faces of fans who are coming to watch our concert. I’m thinking of having a stage with JinJin.
JinJin: I’m going to do it with you (laughs). After debuting, I don’t think I’ve had the chance to really show my rap so I want to show off a dark rap that matches with original hip-hop.
Rocky: I want to show off a dance stage that’s worthy of hearing comments like “legendary” and “the best”. We don’t have that kind of image yet.
Eunwoo: Shall I go home today and upload one? With a title that says “ASTRO’s Legend.”

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Namjoon sending you romantic book quotes!

@rawr0521xd​ said: Um hi how about Namjoonie snapping s/o romantic book quotes?

Here it is! I thought I should update something today, so here you all are! (I literally googled romantic book quotes for this, don’t read a whole lot of romance usually cx) (also don’t mind the font, I forgot to change my phone’s font cx)

Also, I’m dedicating this one to @lee-sixx, I know you said you’d see Namjoon more platonically than romantically, but here you are, hopefully this will still make your day <3

4-Bruce Banner

4. “Look, I love you, but it’s four in the morning.”

“Psst, Bruce,” you whispered in the dark.

You were currently lying on the couch in the dark. Bruce, your boyfriend, had fallen asleep reading his book sometime ago. He was also in a chair as opposed to on the couch. Unfortunately, after your movie had ended, you couldn’t fall asleep. You groaned as you didn’t get a response.

“Bruce,” you whispered slightly louder.
He groaned. “Hmm?”
“Do you think Finn is gonna be a Jedi?”
Without opening his eyes, he knit his brows. “What are you saying?”
“Finn, from Star Wars. Do you think he’ll be a Jedi? I mean, I think they should. They already showed he had the potential for it by handing him the lightsaber and having him face Kylo Ren. It’d only make sense. Of course, he has to wake up from his coma.”

Bruce gently rubbed his face before glancing at his watch. Inwardly, he groaned. He hazily turned his gaze toward you.

Look, I love you, but it’s four in the morning. Do you think you could leave the fan theories til breakfast?”
You pouted slightly. “I can’t help it. My brain won’t let me sleep. It’s out to get me, you know.”

Bruce smiled slightly. He stood up and let his eyes adjust. He trudged over to your lying form on the couch and reached out his hand. You easily grabbed it as he pulled you up.

“Come on. I’ll tell you all about my latest project while we’re in bed.”
You scrunched your face. “So, we can talk about your projects but not Star Wars?”
He smirked. “One of them puts you to sleep.”

You chuckled slightly, letting your boyfriend lead you to the bedroom.

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“We all die.”

Levi looked up from the book in his hands.

“You just realized?” he asked, raising an eyebrow at Eren who had draped himself dramatically over the couch.

“We all die,” Eren repeated. “Life is so short. It should be enjoyed. Life…should be lived.”

Levi rolled his eyes. He knew what this was about, but he wasn’t about to let Eren get to him. He returned his attention to his book, flipped the page, and continued reading.

“They say time is an illusion. That our perception of time is limited to a singular experience in the confines of one lifetime. But…if I could transcend time would I be able to see myself in a world where I was able to take advantage of my short existence to the fullest, in a world where I did, in fact, live life?  Or am I stuck in an infinite loop of time where meaning and purpose of life are lost to the inevitable decay of minutes, days, years?”

He sighed loudly and Levi snapped his book closed.

That was enough of this philosophical bullshit. He got up from his chair and stomped over to the couch.

“Fine,” Levi said, glaring down at Eren.

“You mean it?”

“Yes. We can go to the Festival of Color this year.”


“And I will participate,” Levi said grudgingly.

Eren squealed and pulled Levi down for a kiss. It was messy and enthusiastic, much like this festival was bound to be, much like Eren. When Levi thought about it that way it didn’t seem so bad. Levi pressed into the kiss and climbed onto the couch so he was straddling Eren’s hips.

“That was easier than I thought it’d be,” Eren said once they broke apart, hands running up and down Levi’s sides. “So…about the Polar Plunge in a few weeks…”

“Don’t push your luck.”

Eren sighed. “We all die.

Cheeky shit. Levi leaned down to quiet him with another kiss.

anonymous asked:

And for the head canon part: Do you have any head canons on the way each amis organizes their books/book shelves?

I don’t really have for all of them, but here’s what I got! 

  • Bahorel, as I think I’ve written in a precedent story, puts all his scandalous books (so, most of them), in plain sight in his rooms. Sexy books meets Censured Political books, trashy Romantic Romances surrounds even more political books. He’s got a few cooking books and “women books” here and there, too; he doesn’t really have a system to organize them, he just really likes putting vastly different sort of books next to each other. He has law books, but they’re hidden under his bed and Prouvaire, who found them once, is sworn to secrecy about them. 
  • Combeferre’s bookshelves are basically an ode to his personality. It’s like, “show me what books are there and how they’re placed and I’ll tell everything about yourself and your beliefs” basically. Combeferre does not organize his books by authors, or by colors, or format, but by subject - sort of. Of course there are so much books, about so many subjects, and Combeferre might get distracted and put them back on the wrong shelves. Really, when it comes down to it, despite being a totally unconscious thing, Combeferre’s sole real organisation is: “This book is on the Top Shelve because this is a Fascinating Book I agree with; This one is on middle shelve because while fascinating, I cannot know for sure this hold any truth” and “This book is at the bottom because it is Wrong and I’ve spend an entire night writing how wrong it was on every page or so” (a few dictionaries are there)
  • Prouvaire has bookshelves, and Prouvaire has books. Why would he ever combine the two, however, is a mystery to him. His bookshelves are full of plants, exotic objects, paintings, etc. His books are all over the place. On his desk, in is bed, in the kitchen, under the couch, on the couch, on chairs, on the ground as a pile - and the funny thing is, Prouvaire is able to tell you where everything is; you’ll be in the middle of a conversation and he’ll be like “oh i need to show you this book of poems” and there he will go, disappear behind a big armchair that’s in the corner of his living-room, and come back with the book a few moment later like nothing. Pretty sure if any books  find themselves in the bookshelves, it’s not one of his, it belongs to a friend.
  • I don’t have particular head canon about Feuilly’s bookshelves, but I know he’d be the one who organizes it the most properly (with Enjolras, probably). He loves books so much he takes care of them like one might take care of beloved plants; they’re organized in the most efficient way, and yet very artistic too, probably, though Feuilly does not realize it. There is also, always, two of three books near his bed - books he’s currently reading, generally borrowed in his friends’s eclectic book collections.