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DJ English Translation - A Piece of Happiness [JP]


A Piece of Happiness

Edit: Thank you mochi san for noticing the page numbering error and for correcting it! I have edited the post now to reflect the correct page number.  

For my NijiAka friends who are still here ^^.

I will post the script here because I cannot be online on Tumblr as often as I want. Maybe this will serve as a sample as well since there’s a need to pay for the shipping. You might just be satisfied with this or you may want the book– there’s still a few left with Tora no Ana. ^^ If you’re in Japan, there’s a list on the branches you can buy it in so there’s no delivery charge. This is the final batch so, kindly get it while there’s still a stock!

For those who did, thank you for buying the book ^^. Here is the English Translation. I am happy to see that some got the book from the event with the novelty! The next event I’m planning on attending is DCR16 in January ^^. Hopefully I can print more that time. I want to give out 8 paged all color book as novelty. I am excited!

Anyway, there are some words I modified in order to more properly depict the script into English. I hope you enjoy!

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