also you look really good in that jacket and im upset

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ok first of all who gave you this talent??? bc damn ive stayed up until like 4am stalking this blog i love it so much lol 💕💕i was wondering if you had the time of you could write a little thing about if BTS were going out with someone who actually did the jobs they had in the Dope Era? I just kinda thought it would be a cool concept welp anyway I love you remember to eat all three meals 💖💖💖

omf all u people who stay up till like the am hours need to sleep,,,,,also this was such a cute idea so!!! here you go!!!

Namjoon x Bellhop 

  • thinks your little uniform is the absolute cutest, gets all smiley when he sees you in it
  • listens and comforts you when you talk about people being rude to you on the job
  • once snuck into the building pretending he lived there, just so you two could ride up in the elevator alone and had there not been a surveillance camera he mumbles that he would have kissed you
  • knows your job can get pretty boring so he sends you samples of music he’s working on
  • made you a playlist called: my elevator love LOL

Yoongi x Military General

  • your job title is so intimidating, but yoongi is so into it,,,,like so so so into it
  • “so you order people around for a living? that’s hot” 
  • wants to know all the military slang and probably tries to use it around bangtan and they’re just like ? and he’s like “did i mention im dating basically a superhero? you think you’re tough jungkook have you seen my significant other?”
  • honestly,,,,yoongi isn’t one to brag about much - but i think he’d really be proud of you 
  • but,,,,,even though he doesn’t show this side of himself a lot,,,,he’d constantly worry that your job might get you hurt in the future
  • once you and him were hanging out with the rest of bangtan and there was a loud noise and all seven of them hid behind you,,,,,,,,yoongi clutching to your arm so hard it nearly went numb 

Taehyung x Detective

  • “can you tell me about the FREAKIEST criminal you’ve ever met?”
  • “did you see something gruesome today?”
  • “can i look at the evidence with you?”
  • it is a,,,,,constant barrage of questions because taehyung thinks your job is the cOOLEST
  • but then he realizes it is a shit ton of paperwork and he’s like,,,,oh,,,,,like he is genuinely upset at this fact and you have to cheer him up with kisses about it
  • once introduced you to bts as the sherlock,,,,,,who solved the mystery to his heart
  • and jungkook was like that was cornier than anything seokjin has ever said in his life
  • late night working on a case and taehyung tries to stay up and keep you company but ends up falling asleep against your shoulder 
  • you have the same coffee orders because being a detective and being an idol = stress = need caffeine 

Jungkook x Police Officer

  • asks if you’ll ever consider joining the k9 unit in the future,,,,,,,you know,,,,,because dogs are great
  • knows work can take a toll on your mood so he’s always trying to make you laugh when you come home 
  • but sometimes he just holds you in his arms, your face buried in his chest
  • just for fun, you let jungkook take the physical exam that police officers have to take and he,,,,passed,,,,,,,,,it
  • you can recite law from memory, which jungkook thinks is amazing he just stares at you in wonder 
  • accidentally handcuffed himself when you told him not to play around with them like ten times
  • falls in love with your hard work and perseverance a little more every day

Jimin x Office Worker

  • stresses that you should eat during your lunch break no matter what, he knows you think chips are a meal but they’re not - they’re really not
  • put a keychain of chimmy on your ID badge
  • knows your bus schedule and gets a lil grumpy if you’re late and you’re like sorry sorry im going im going
  • but then also he runs out of the apartment still in his slippers to give you your keys and kiss you one more time before you go
  • “9 to 5 jobs suck but i want you to know that i love you and you’re doing great!! here is a photo of the sky i took for you because it’s beautiful just like you”
  • gets shy at the christmas party because everyone is like “oh, they talk so much about you!” because you do,,,,you love talking about your adorable boyfriend,,,,

Jin x Doctor

  • the amount of times he’s feigned sickness ,,,,,,,,, just to say “my heart is sick with love for you” is probably in the hundreds by now
  • wore your doctors coat but it was too small in the shoulders
  • got you a picture frame of you two and was like put it on your desk so your patients know you love me
  • and you’re like oh my god,,,,,,i already have a photo of us on my desk and he was just like !!!!!!!! really!!!!!!!!! 
  • texts you “jungkook has a fever - do you think we should go to the ER?” and you’re like,,,,,,if he gets worse yes but soup and rest can work?????
  • and jin is like wow. my smart doctor significant other. i love you. you are the smartest. and my heart is sick with love for- 
  • you: i know what you’re going to say seokjin and i love you too
  • he knows it’s overused but he’s like “love is the cure for everything. come here and let me kiss all your sadness away” and you can’t even argue with him,,,,because most of the time it works

Hoseok x Race Car Driver 

  • in theory, hoseok thinks your job is so cool and you’re a badass who can handle his wild, energetic self
  • in practice, you are a badass but hoseok is the one who cannot handle race cars
  • all that noise??? the literal chance of getting super hurt???? someone sidesweeping you into oblivion??? no thanks
  • but he knows you love it, and you get a thrill so he’s still the supportive boyfriend
  • who always has 911 on standby during your races even though that’s not necessary LOL 
  • you do both look hot as hell in leather jackets and holding helmets 
  • also, hoseok has the biggest heart eyes watching you fix your car - a little oil on your cheek and being just ,,,,,,, so good with your hands and passionate about something
  • like it makes hoseok happy that you love something like he loves dancing
  • “my love is a race to the finish line and you got first place~”
  • i think couple tattoos are definitely in you and hoseok’s future 


also I’m so sad my baby hyungwon couldn’t be there, the boys kept saying that he was sad he couldn’t come and perform :(

also this isn’t in order

- wonho tripped in the beginning of the show but smoothly recovered
- they introduced themselves in the cutest of ways
- they each performed in separate units, shownu, i.m & minhyuk performed 24k magic, wonho was supposed to perform with hyungwon but kihyun stepped in last minute
- jooheon said that they tried chicago pizza and it was really good but needed a bit more salt (LMAO)
- the translator translated something minhyuk said in english as “this is the last song” and the boys got all worried because the crowd got upset and then wonho started laughing because he said that everyone looked like they were about to attack
- they went downtown by the river and i.m lost his wallet (its sad but I laughed)
- wonho took off his jacket multiple times and the crowd lost it so jooheon kept saying to cheer for wonho’s muscles and that he was the king of muscles (something along those lines)
- also kihyun is so much smaller irl it was so cute
- monbebes did a beautiful rainbow that wasn’t really a rainbow in my opinion but it was still beautiful
- wonho complimented the translator’s voice saying it sounds nice/handsome
- kihyun dabbed about 172962902 times
- wonho also fell at one point and walked off stage limping after that performance but nothing was mentioned afterwards (meaning neither he nor the other members said anything about it)
- they ended the show with very heart warming messages to monbebe’s and said that next time they come to chicago they’ll bring hyungwon and cooler songs
- jooheon, kihyun, minhyuk, & i.m spoke the most in english, kihyun said that because he was in chicago he had to say goodbye in english (his pronunciation is really good!)

thiam headcanon prompt

(if y’alls have prompts pLEASE hit up my ask box!! also, have another LONG AF POST)


liv, m’bro. i took it maybe a little too far but here have fun with this

  • theo is a glorious ball of manpain who will absolutely 100% not admit something personal, unless threatened with castration or certain death
  • and he’s probably able to suppress a lot of his chemosignals
  • so liam, being the precious ball of fluff that he is, would probably never notice. and theo is absolutely 100% okay with that
  • what he is absolutely 100% NOT OKAY with is other people flirting with liam? like he Cannot handle that
  • and maybe that’s kind of stupid of him because heck liam’s his own person but    a t   t h e   s a m e   t i m e   every time someone flirts with him theo’s instinctively like whoa? back off, ho

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request by @dylanlover24: fluff where its like at an award showcan it have a few parts to with other idols reaction to it and can it be where im part of blackpink please?

otp(s): jackson wang x reader

word count: 1,578

genre: fluff

sypnosis: jackson discovers how strong love can be.

author’s note: using a new format, but if u guys don’t like it i can change it, np!


the only term that penetrated jackson wang’s mind as he watched her/im, gliding and maneuvering along the stage, so beautifully deep in the spell of the music. 

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Teddy Bear

Pairing: John x Reader 
Words: 858

This is my one shot for @impalaimagining‘s #Cheesy Pickup Line Challenge. My pickup line was “I lost my teddy bear, can I cuddle with you instead?”

          You were a little irritated. You had been hunting with John for almost two years and had proven time and time again that you were capable of keeping up with him. But he still insisted on treating you like a fragile little girl. At first, you just chalked it up to him wanting to protect you. But you were really starting to get annoyed.

           “Where are you off to?” John asked when you grabbed your jacket and headed out of the motel room.

           “Out,” you said stubbornly.

           “Y/N, where are you going?” he asked more sternly.

           You turned to look at him, “What does it matter? I’m a grown woman. I can go out on my own.”

           “Y/N …” John’s tone was a mixture between a whine and growl.

           You rolled your eyes, “You’re acting like a child, John. Go curl up with your teddy bear and wait for me to get back.”

           With that, you left the room, slamming the door behind you. You didn’t even let him come after you; you ran across the parking lot and toward the bar you had spotted earlier. You just needed a drink.

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You’re the One That I Want

So this is my first fic request from @2jaekisses with the prompt “cop!youngjae and badboy!jaebum”! I’ve never done a fic request before so I was really nervous about this and I don’t know if you wanted it this angsty but it gets fluffy and flirty at the end I promise! 

Rated: T
Progress: Completed/One-Shot
Pairing: 2jae
Word Count: 10,283
ao3 link aff link

Description:  What started off as a routine call for small town cop Choi Youngjae turned out to be anything but when he met a foul-mouthed, bad-tempered man named Im Jaebum.

Important Author’s Note: There is some implied homophobia from an OC who isn’t actually in the story. However, a conversation will take place where one homophobic slur is mentioned. I just wanted to mention this ahead of time.

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SVT Cute Jobs; Minghao !!

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how is this fluffy child so CUTe im crying inside 


-this duuuuuuude

-okay so he’s probably the best dancer i’ve ever seen in my whole life wOWOWOW

-so when he was little he took up martial arts but he was then like

-nah little thughao is gonna learn how to dance like a god damn prO


-so after a while of practising he became really good at freestyling and breakdancing and stuff

-so good that he was asked to  join a street dance group

-like a really famous one

-he got really confident about his dancing so he recorded himself dancing on weibo

-i love a man that promotes himself

-the leader was so shook that he messaged him like straight away aking him about the group and stuff

-his nickname in the group was first infinity because that how many times he can do head spins

-an infinite amount of times

-can you believe he doesn’t get dizzy at all over that

-but he then changed his name to The8

-it suited him better tbh

-good choice

-when he joined he got a shirt with his name on it and the groups name too awwwWWW 

-he was so excited about this too

-his group are like his second family

-only bigger

-the whole group meets up on saturdays (maybe sundays) and other days too whenever anyone is free

-they also goes to the leader’s house sometimes for food and just to hang out until the early hours of the morning its such a nice feeling 

-he loves his family

-speaking of family

-and the leader


-younger sister

-you’re not that keen on dancing yourself but you’re supportive af of your brother and his group and you see his group as a sort of backbone to his career

-you’re also considered family to them since you’re close with a couple of people in the group cause they’re in your college

-and everytime they come over to hang out with the leader they include you in whatever plans they have for the next week

-cause as i said

-you fam

-one day your mum asked you to buy and take snacks down for your bro because he forgot them

-so you go to the local supermarket

-hop on a bus and a train and call him from outside the station

-he gets the call and picks up straight away knowing its you

-he could be so stern and moody when someone or something isn’t doing the right thing

-and then his whole face lights up when you call him

-and little minghao is just like what

-he’s never seen his face switch so quickly

-”y/n!! what’s up?”

-”mum wanted me to get out the house. i have snacks??”

-”i’m getting you right now! oh yeah there’s someone i want you to meet!! hes a new member and he’s really good at dancing!!”

-poor little minghao hes so cONFUSED BLESS

-he puts the phone down and just grabs minghao’s hand and heads to the station

-like is he playing match-oh

-”where are we going??”

-”i want you to meet someone shes close to everyone in the group”

-hes just rushing minghao to meet you

-and you’re just standing at the station waiting for him

-until you hear your name being called in the distance

-and you just turn around to see your brother and a random kid

-but this random kid???




-like ho W

-he gave you a head pat and took the snacks

-you fuck e r

-”yeah…minghao y/n y/n minghao”

-you smile to him and he smiles back and you’re crying on the inside becuase hes just so cute

-and he’s thinkin that too!

-”he’s really good at dancing remember that video i shared of that kid who mixed that tumble with the popping and the spinning?”

-”oh yeah! that was pretty cool”

-”’re pretty.”

-both you and your bro look to him like just repeated the declaration of independence in perfect hungarian 

-w h a t

-”what was that minghao?”

-”i-i-i mean that she’s prett… cool. i mean i’ve only met you for like 10 minutes but you’re cool!!”

-and that was how you two started off your friendship

-it was so sweet at the start 

-but really limited

-he felt like he couldn’t talk to you in a group unless he was next you you

-and your bro designated him to picking you up every time the group met up

-so he asked for your number and you gave it to him


-in a couple weeks there was going to be a big showcase in the underground dance community

-and it was held every couple months

-so you being you

-you wanted to support everyone 

-but mostly


-you were his friend

-but you…..wait for it

-also liked him

-and a lot


-your brother knew the second you called him the night before

-”lemme guess you’re gonna call me about how minghao’s doing”

-”no wait yes wait no wait yes–”

-”i know he wants to impress you and you wanna tell him that you like him and stuff but you need to slEEP”


-but yeah

-minghao was clueless about you liking him

-because….wait for it

-he liked you back!!

-wait why were you lot not surprised wha t

-he liked you too much to think of anything else

-in the morning you ask your mum if you can go to see them perform

-but for some odd reason your mum doesn’t let you go and youre like 3 emotions

-1. (╯°□°)╯︵ ┻━┻

-2. ಥ_ಥ

-3. ᕕ(╯°□°)ᕗ

-the third one meant that you were gonna sneak out

-your mum normally goes out to a weekly book club on this night so you were gonna sneak out during the time she was out

-so she doesn’t freak the fuck out 

-you leave a note on the door explaining why you were gone

-and off you went

-you just wore jeans and a t-shirt with converse and a denim jacket since it wasnt that cold outside

-hop on a bus a train then another bus

-and you see your brother outside the tunnel to the club

-”bro what are you doing??”

-”waiting for–wait i thought mum said you couldn’t go”

-ah, but the art of being a re-”

-”you snuck out didn’t you?”

-”yes sir”

-”i’ll make up an excuse”

-”no need to i put a letter on the door!”

-”the one in your hand?”

-”oh god”

-”ill make up that excuse and just text her”

-”thank you”

-you mumbled before heading inside but not before putting the letter in the bin

-thumping music and sweaty people surrounded the walls

-yep its definitely an underground club

-”what’s the competition for again??”

-”trophy and bragging rights to other groups”

-”nice bro you better win”

-”we got this”

-your brother goes backstage while you’re standing in the crowd looking to the stage

-while you’re lookin at the stage you see your bro on the sidelines with minghao and you just smile so much cause it’s nice to see what they’re relationship is like

-narrator voice; MEANWHILE

-minghaos just worrying his ass off cause he can’t see you in the crowd

-and he then sees you

-the glint in your eye helped him find you

-and he just has the cutest smile on


-so the competition gets underway

-and it’s minghao’s solo

-wait solo

-you were shook to find this out



-he did so well and the music fit perfectly to what he was doing on stage

-when he finished he looked for you in the crowd again

-and when he found you he just put a finger heart up to you and you could of sworn that there was a tear on your cheek 


-that was so cuTE


-the whole group did really well and no brainer they won!! 

-you were so happy about it

-you were able to go backstage to find them

-and once you did

-idk why but you got so emotional!! you’re so cute aw

-you say the group who were also in tears too

-but then you couldn’t find minghao

-which kinda upset you a little

-maybe he was- oh never mind he was just behind you the whole damn time

-you turn around and just launch yourself into his arms

-”you did it i’m so proud of you!!! and i like you….a lot!!”

-it was so loud back there so you had to shout it in his ear

-he thought you said something else

-hmmmmmm like

-”you do?! i like food too!”

-and you’re there like

-wait wHAt 


- h u h 

-you two escape outside where you’re still huggin and shit like awwwww but seriously just confess to each other already we’VE BEEN WAITING

-”you did amazing out there i can’t believe it!”

-”i can’t believe it ei-”

-”okay so i like you a lot but i couldn’t find the time to say it because you’re too cool and cute at the same time how does that work anyways i just wanted to say i really like you that’s it that all i’ve wanted to say”

-he just broke 



-”ooooOOOOOh so that’s what you said back there! i thought you said you like food!”

-”what?? no!”

-”good cause i got confused. and…i like you too.”

-then in his mind he just goes fuck it and kisses your cheek because nothing bad can happen right

-just at that time



-”y/N WHERE ARE YOU-oh there you are- wait”


-and he shouts

-”f i N A L L Y    D O    Y O U    K N O W     H O W    L O N G     W E    W E R E    W A I T I N G     F O R    T H  I  S     T O    H A P P E N”

-you and minghao laugh at what he said because A you dont give a fuck and B y’all love each other a lot 


-you two support each other like crutches supporting a leg and you’re just so happy for him like wow

-”where have you two been?”

-” forgot to text her…didn’t you?”

-”yeah…..we got bragging rights!”

Noona, I like you pt.2

pt.1   pt.2 

Fluff, mild angst

Word count: 2635

im in tears i love woojin so much. also, anons, your Jihoon, Daniel and Guanlin scenarios are in the works and pls request more guys !! thank you so much for requesting anon, i really enjoyed writing this one. hope you’ll let me write more :))

- Admin L 


 A few days after you had come over, Daniel had called you and asked you out. You agreed to, mainly because it was nice to have someone around your own age to talk to and Daniel was almost like your long lost twin brother. You just hoped he wouldn’t get the wrong idea…. As much as you loved and adored him, you could never imagine the two of you together. It appeared that Daniel could though. You sighed as the flashbacks of him shooting glares at the other Wanna One boys whenever they got too close to you or made a flirty comment.

 Did Daniel really like you that much? All of the boys were your friends, especially the younger ones, you loved them like a younger brother.

 Except…maybe Woojin.

 You groaned in frustration, shaking your head. How on earth did you manage to crush on a younger boy?

 He’ll probably be really freaked out and scared, Y/N. You’re his noona, Y/N. You should not be feeling this way about Woojin, Y/N.

 As much as you wanted to resist the charms of the handsome young man, there was no way around it. No escape at all. Your heart fluttered crazily whenever you were around him and he seemed to be enjoying your presence too.

 What if Woojin likes me back?

 "Y/N! Wake up! That isn’t possible at all,“ you scolded. Scoffing at your train of thought, you pulled on your sneakers and texted Daniel, saying you were on your way. 


 "And that’s the third time I’ve caught them talking on the phone before Daniel falls asleep,” Sungwoon ranted. “Then, it takes even longer for me to fall asleep because of his damn sleep talking.” He huffed in annoyance.

 The maknaes had tuned in to Sungwoon hyung’s story because ‘it seems interesting’ and 'we’re old enough to know about this Sungwoon". 

 It wasn’t a happy or appealing rant…to Woojin at least - the rest of the boys enjoyed the tea that was being spilled on their hyung - he seemed to feel hotter ever single time Sungwoon mentioned Y/N and Daniel. 

 "Sungwoon! Where are you? Help me! Don’t tell Minhyun - ouch!“ 


 Once Sungwoon had left to attend to Jisung’s desperate plea for help, Guanlin, Daewhi, Jinyoung and Jihoon turned to Woojin. 

 "You’re turning very green,” Guanlin commented.

 "What does that mean…..?“ Jihoon asked quietly, his voice barely above a whisper. Then, realisation hit him like a truck, "Oh! You’re jealous!”

 Woojin felt like punching Daniel, in his pretty, almost perfect face. Why is he always talking to Y/N noona? This isn’t fair at all. “No, I’m not!” He burst out. “I-I-I’m really not jealous!" 

 Jinyoung pointed a finger accusingly at him, he leaned forward and poked him in the chest. "You so are! It’s written all over your face.”

 "Yah! You look more jealous than Daewhi is when Jinyoung said he liked to room with Jihoon more!“ Guanlin pointed out, exposing his friends in the process.

 Daewhi shrieked and covered his face. "Since when? When have I said that? Guanlin!”

 Jinyoung and Jihoon blushed but remained silent. It was so quiet it felt like everything was choking Woojin. 

 "Yah! You guys need to knock some sense into your heads! I’m not jealous of Daniel hyung and Y/N noona ! I never will be!“ He yelled, stunning his friends.

 Downstairs, Jisung heard his loud exclamation, he sighed, a loud and disappointed one. "I didn’t raise you to be a liar.” He muttered and went back to sipping his tea even after Seongwoo shot him a confused look.


 Woojin wanted to wipe Daniel’s smug yet joyous smile off his face as he entered the house, shrugging his jacket off.

He was gripping his metal chopsticks so hard Jaewhan thought that they were going to bend. 

 "Daniel, come join us for dinner,“ Minhyun called to him.

 "Uhh, it’s okay actually…I treated Y/N to dinner,” Daniel replied before starting to head in the direction of the staircase. 

 Woojin’s knuckles paled a shade lighter, he glared at his bowl of rice that was the outcome of his hyungs slaving over the rice cooker all day. It actually tasted pretty good. 

 "Daniel hyung, join us anyways.“ Daniel obliged to Daewhi’s soft command. He took a seat next to Seongwoo, directly opposite Woojin. 

 Jihoon felt like excusing himself and hiding. He knew this was going to get uglier than Mnet, faster than they eliminated a lot of talent.

 "So Daniel…where were you today?” Minhyun started off lightly. “Sungwoon hyung and I went to the studio to work on some things. Let’s all go together next time.”

 Oh shit, the shade has been thrown. 

 Daniel mumbled in reply. “I told you guys that I would be going out with my friend.”

 "And which friend was it? Was it urgent?“ Sungwoon pressed. "We really could have used you in the studio today.” After which, he spooned some rice into his mouth and focussed his gaze on Daniel. 

 Daniel’s jaw seemed to shift, as if he was wanted to say something but his jaw seemed to be frozen in place. 

 "Hyung, were you out with Y/N?“ Jihoon asked quietly, he picked at his food. He suddenly felt upset.

 "It’s Y/N noona to you Jihoon,” his hyung sneered in reply.

 Seongwoo nudged Daniel with his elbow soon after. 

 "Do you like Y/N noona, hyung?“ Woojin finally spoke up and all eyes shifted to their end of the table.

 Daniel smirked. "That isn’t for you to know but I know she likes me. Why? Are you jealous of your hyung, Woojinie?" 

 Woojin was so taken aback, he nearly dropped his chopsticks. Daewhi’s jaw dropped open and he clung onto Guanlin’s arm under the table.

 Jisung opened his mouth to respond but was off by Daniel.

 "You really should be. Y/N is your noona. Did you ever once consider that pretty noonas like Y/N don’t go for young boys like you? Grow up Woojin, you need to realise that some things just aren’t meant to be.”

 Woojin wanted to throw a f*cking chair at his hyung’s head. He wanted to cry. He wanted to make Daniel cry. Why would his beloved hyung choose to poke him in such a sensitive area? It didn’t seem like this Daniel was the Daniel he called his best friend.

 "Hyung! You should be jealous of me,“ he blurted out without much thought. "Y/N called me handsome! She shows more affection to me than you.” He clamped his hand over his mouth a few seconds after those words that come out, embarrassed.

 Daniel laughed at that. “Woojinie, Y/N noona only does that because you 'look more like the maknae than the actual maknae does’. She likes you like her younger brother. And handsome? I think you’re okay but every night, she calls me and the first thing she says is 'Hello handsome,’. It doesn’t matter what I think because her opinion is more valuable.”


 "Forget it Woojin. Don’t think about Y/N. I’m going to ask her out on a date tomorrow, we all know she will agree. She’ll anticipate it.”

 By now, Woojin was close to tears. He hung his head in shame, but it also worked well in hiding the few rebellious tears that escaped.

 "Daniel! That’s enough! We’ll talk later, go upstairs!“ Jisung shouted, slamming his fist on the table and causing their plates to rattle. Seongwoo scuttled off after Daniel but not before shooting Woojin a sympathetic smile and reassuring him that he would be okay.

 Woojin held back his tears until he was nestled in the safety of his bed. There, hidden under his excessive covers, he let his tears flow freely like a waterfall he could drown in.


 Woojin awoke unpleasantly, someone had been shaking his shoulder and calling out his name. If it was Y/N noona, he wouldn’t have minded. He was imagining her angelic and soothing voice, uttering out his voice in a soft and caring manner. Unfortunately, the reality was Jaewhan hyung pestering him to get up.

 "Woojin, the rest of the boys have gone to the studio. Today’s a huge day, we’re moving in to our own workplaces and meeting the producer. Wake up and join us soon okay?” Jaewhan notified him before leaving the room.

 And leaving his maknae with his thoughts.

 Woojin decided that checking his hyung’s Snapchat stories was a good idea to double check Jaewhan’s information. Daewhi’s was a selca of him and a tired looking Jinyoung. After which was a video of Jihoon unpacking his boxes into their shared workroom. Sungwoon had updated his story with an old picture with him, Taehyun and a few other trainees back in Produce 101. He missed his friends and hoped they would meet soon. The screen changed and showed a new photo of his and Minhyun’s bare yet neat workroom. As he was about to shut off his phone and start preparing to leave, his finger slipped and he tapped on 'Daniel hyung 💕’.

 He wanted it to end. He really did.

 Daniel snapchatted his entire day out with you yesterday, from the time the two of you were admiring cool latte art at 11.30am to 4.43pm when you had chosen a new jacket for him. At 6pm, a chocolate banana ice cream was shared between the two of you and immediately after, Daniel had captured very couple-like pictures of the two of you enjoying barbecue together for dinner.

 It made Woojin feel sick to his stomach but he couldn’t help but notice how happy you seemed. Especially when Daniel won you a cute doll at the arcade and the cute mirror selca you two took together made it look extra special. To him, you and Daniel were the epitome of relationship goals. Why was he even trying anymore? 

 Reluctantly, he checked your own story. It spared him the heartache with only two snaps, one was a selca with Daniel captioned that he was late and there was a video of the older boy trying to keep up with a dance at the arcade.

 A new snap was added to 'Y/N 😍’ story! View it now. 

 Woojin clicked on it worryingly quick. It appeared to be a selca of you, dressed up and waiting outside the studio building.

 Waiting for Daniel.

 But, Daniel wasn’t there yet. 

 So he had a chance.


 Woojin ran as fast as his legs could carry him - which was pretty fast considering he was taller than some of his hyungs - to the studio. His perfectly tossed curls was just a step away from becoming a birds’ nest but he couldn’t care less.

 Y/N was here.

 When he didn’t see you standing outside the building, he walked in, assuming a staff had invited you in or one of the boys had come to pick you up.

 Probably Daniel, he thought bitterly. I really didn’t deserve what he said last night. 

 He wanted to remove the bad memories that scarred his mind, Daniel’s malicious words and his angry tone… but then he remembered some of the older boys scolding and talking to Daniel after they had thought the maknaes were asleep. 

 “We’re one family, how could you demoralise him like that?” Seongwoo boomed.

 Woojin punched the code into the keypad and it bleeped cheerfully, it’s green light flashing which signalled that the door was opened. He pushed it open with minimal force.


 He spun round at the sound of your bubbly voice. His mouth hung open and eyes widened when he took in the sight of your beauty.

 "Ahh, Woojin you look so starstruck. What’s the matter? It’s only me. Come on, the rest of the boys are waiting,” you beamed and grabbed his arm, fully aware of the sparks that shot through your body but unaware of the butterflies that had come to life it Woojin’s stomach. 

He grinned giddily, lost for words and stumbled along. 

 "Guys! Look who I found!“


 "Woojinie!“ All of the other boys were grinning in delight, all except for one that is. 

Daniel sat that far end, his jaw locked and his eyebrows creasing. 

 Sungwoon and Jaewhan had just exited the recording studio when Daniel called for a short break. He ignored the protests from his hyungs.

 "Y/N, I need to talk to you,” he said.

 You groaned inwardly, reluctantly leaving Woojin’s side, if it wasn’t for Daniel, you were sure you’d been fast asleep on his shoulder. But because Daniel was your close friend, you followed him anyways.

 Out of earshot, Jinyoung, Jihoon and Woojin crept behind them. It was hard to hide three of them behind one vending machine in one of the break rooms, a tuff of Woojin’s hair stuck out a little. 

 It was like a flag to Daniel, he smirked. “Y/N, there’s no other way to put this…”


 You were puzzled. “What is it? Are you okay?”


 Daniel nodded, he took your hands in his. “Y/N…..” He made sure to lock eyes with Woojin.


 "I really like you Y/N.“

 He ignored the crunching sound behind him, that was the sound of Park Woojin’s heart cracking and sinking to the the bottom of the sea.

 You had no idea how to break it to him either. You loved him, but only as a brother. You liked Woojin.

 Too late.

 Footsteps thudded down the hall, a few doors opened and slammed shut.

 "Daniel, I-” you muttered.

 Heaving a sigh, Daniel nodded his head. “It’s okay. You don’t have to tell me.”

 You felt guilt stab your heart. “No, Daniel. It isn’t like that! You’re like a brother. I love you but-”

 "You like him more. You like Woojin.“

 You froze, mouth agape. How did he know? What? How?

 "It’s okay. I understand.” Daniel said, wrapping his arms around you.

 "I’m so, so sorry Daniel. I’ll always love you regardless. Thank you,“ you whispered reassuringly. 

He hugged you even tighter. "Now, go! Go and get Woojin.”


 Woojin didn’t dare to look up when two firm knocks hammered on the door to the room he was in. Jinyoung and Jihoon looked up abruptly, shocked.

 "Woojin! It’s Y/N noona,“ Jihoon whisper-yelled. "Come in!” He continued even when Woojin shot him a pleading and panicked look.

 His two friends vanished without another word.

 "Why are you here?“ Woojin spat bitterly, tears running down his cheeks. "Shouldn’t you be with your boyfriend? Don’t worry about me too much. He might get jealous.”

 You clutched Woojin’s face, brushing away his tears gently. His eyes widened even more.


 "It’s Y/N to you. Don’t worry, I’ve got no boyfriend to think about,” you admitted.

 "Why would you? Daniel! Daniel hyung! He must be so-. Y/N! I-I’m-“ Woojin tripped over his words, stunned. "Why would you-" 

 "Because I like you! Yah! One more and you go back to calling me noona,” you shrieked, a blush filled your cheeks soon after.

 Woojin could not believe it. “W-what!” W-why? H-how?“

 You cut him off with a quick peck to his cheek, your soft lips feeling the heat emitting from him.

 Poor baby. 

 It seemed that he had suddenly gained a surge of confidence, Woojin pulled you closer by the waist and rested his hands on your hips. He had somewhat recovered from his shock. 

"Can I k-kiss you?” He still stuttered.

 You giggled, your head was light. Was your crush actually asking whether he could kiss you right now? To answer, you leaned in and pressed your lips to his, wrapping your arms over his shoulders in the process. 

 Woojin eventually pulled away, a bit hesitant and unsure. He beamed nonetheless.

 "Noona, I like you too.“

rain // izuku x tsuyu (( draft ))

A/N: This is also posted on wattpad at yamazaki-chan. This is just a draft but the world needs more izutsu. 

“Get home safely Midoriya!”

“C ya Deku!”

“Ugh, See you guys on Monday!”

Today, Izuku Midoriya had decided to take a different way home than he normally would. This route was different. It was prettier and scenic, and Izuku felt as if he needed to get some things of his chest. Most of all, he needed time to put his worries to bed.

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serial killer! au | donghyun (2)

part 1 of this crazy ass au

mentions of suicide and the ending sucks ass sorry man

  • you couldnt get him out of your mind for a solid 2 weeks after you met him
  • lowkey you wanted to smack yourself for actually kIND OF LIKING A SERIAL KILLER???
  • f off m8
  • after weeks and weeks (more like a couple of days lmao) of deliberating
  • you decided to walk down the path at 2:00 AM again
  • just in case he was there you know
  • you walked past the placed you first met him and heard grunting again
  • your heartbeat started to go wild
  • “jesus, i cant believe im doing this”
  • you walk down the hill, a smile lingering on your face
  • he was there digging a hole with a shovel and a dead body laying next to him
  • “hey, mr. serial killer” 
  • “oh, its just you” his hand was resting on his wildly beating heart
  • you nod your head, sitting down on the ground
  • “continue doing your work, i just need to be in the presence of somebody today”
  • he smiles down at you, taking off his jacket, “the ground is dirty… sit on my jacket instead”
  • he continues to dig the hole and finally he throws the girl in there
  • he starts to fill the hole up once again but stops turning towards you
  • “hey, _____…. this may sound a bit weird but i kind of need a ‘partner in crime’…. do you think you could help me out with that?”
  • um what
  • you open your mouth to say something but then close it immediately after
  • he sighs, running his hand through his hair, “you know, it was a stupid request anyway… im sorry-”
  • “no,” he looks over at you, “i’ll do it”

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Dating Byungchan
  • Okay this bOY he’s gonna take such good care of you
  • I feel like regardless of how you meet, you’d need to be friends with him for a while before pursuing romantic
  • Actually he might downplay and suppress his feelings for a while before he realizes that he’s too whipped to deny it anymore 
  • He cares for you in subtle ways
  • Holding doors open, pulling out your chair, zipping up your jacket, occasionally tying your shoe, sharing his food, killing bugs for you if need be 
  • He’s always down to watch some dumb horror movie with you and when he looks at you and listens to you, his brow knits in concentration, eyes warm and focused on y o u and sometimes it makes you flush because his gaze is so intense
  • But simply, he genuinely listens to everything you tell him
  • Gives you good advice and pushes you out of your comfort zone a bit 
  • Basically Byungchan is a best friend before a boyfriend 
  • And one evening he’s sprawled on the couch, texting you, and he has this ridiculous grin on his face when Sejun strolls in
  • “So, when are you gonna tell Y/N how you feel?” Sejun piques innocently 
  • And Byungchan literally falls off the couch and screeches “W h A T?!”
  • Even Jaws jumps a little 
  • Sejun just shrugs, “I’m only wondering.” 
  • Byungchan is flustered and Seungwoo bursts into the room all frantic “ARE MY SONS OKAY?” 
  • “I was asking Byungchan when he plans on confessing to Y/N.” 
  • “Oh! Yeah, good question because it’s been how many months? HEy maybe we should help-” 
  • Byungchan doesn’t let them help; instead he invites you over to stargaze on the building’s rooftop with a mug of hot chocolate and several blankets and an ounce of courage 
  • He’s a little awkward and nervous and formal about it but you just tackle him in a hug and nuzzle him and he feels better instantly 
  • Speaking of nuzzles, mornings with him are always enjoyable because you usually wake up to him nuzzling the crook of your neck, arms wrapped loosely around your waist
  • Enjoys cooking with you
  • Moments of uLtRA chEESE 
  • “My eyez eyez r only 4 u”
  • “You’re not even from Tennessee, you’re from like…Elevennessee…”
  • “Choi Byungchan? More like Choi Byungcharm your pants off-”
  • “Bab pls im gonna vomit”
  • “No no no-”
  • He really gets into teaching you girl group dances omg
  • Actually he just really dedicates himself to…everything he does 
  • I almost typed something sinful
  • Anyways you get lost in his magical eyes and in his dimples 
  • They’re just….so n i c e to look at 
  • He’s always got this soft smile tugging at his lips when you’re talking on the phone or when someone says your name BASICALLY WHEN YOU’RE ON HIS MIND 
  • But listen if someone does something the upset you, sassy go go byungchan is coming out aND HE WILL FIGHT sensibly with words
  • Dates with Byungchan are all over the place (literally) bc he is adventure
  • He might drag you to an amusement park or carnival or shabby restaurant by the beach with great reviews or the aquarium or a random concert or to a chocolate making class 
  • He wants you to be engaged in whatever you’re doing and ENJOY TOO 
  • Arguments only arise because you two challenge each other and most of the time it works out well, but I feel like he knows you really well so he knows how to push your buttons
  • But he’s down to earth, so he also knows when he’s wrong and genuinely apologizes 
  • Sometimes you have to share hug time and snuggle time with Sejun
  • Kisses with Byungchannie oml
  • Light as a petal and sweet as sugar, peppered all over your face until you’re a giggling mess 
  • Except sometimes they’re hot and heavy and his fingers dig into your waist and your fingers are tangled in his hair and he sucks diligently on your bottom lip until you’re a whimpering mess
  • Or something…
  • PDA consists of back hugs and handholding and he is so TALL back hugs are perfect bc he tucks you under his chin and holds you like you’re the most precious creature in the world 
  • Bc u r 
  • He’s so relaxed, it’s easy to lean against him and forget all your troubles
  • Lots of late night convos about anything and everything and it makes him so happy that he can really open up to you
  • He completely trusts you but sometimes he needs reassurance so a random “i love you” from your sweet mouth serves him very well
  • After hanging around the boys and Jaws so much, he begins planning out where you two will live in a few years and how he will adopt a cat and surprise you 
  • He really likes it when you play with his hair or lean in and rub your nose against his 
  • Small gestures of affection
  • He seems like a hand kisser
  • Like he presses his mouth to your palm or the back of your hand at the end of the night before he drops you off
  • Basically he is a delightful bub and you would be super blessed  
Hurt (Remus L. x Reader) [PART TWO]

A/N: ok so i really tried to format the paragraphs like the anon suggested where a new paragraph starts when each character speaks, but im not really comfortable with it and i feel like this turned out bad so i sincerely apologize

warning(s): not really any, i think??


Remus isn’t sure what he should say to her. How to explain to her the complex situation he’s in. The voice of doubt lingers in the back of his mind, but he decides to ignore it because [Y/N] is far too important.

“Why did you ask me to come out here, Remus?” she inquires softly, her hands shoved into her jacket pockets.

It’s been a few weeks since the breakup and the weather has turned freezing, prompting every student at Hogwarts to don their jumpers. Remus didn’t bother with one, though. He subconsciously believes that he deserves every bit of pain he gets and if that means risking hypothermia then so be it.

“I… I wanted to apologize about hurting you before.” he murmurs, his eyes looking directly at hers. He didn’t really plan to start out with that, but it is part of what he wanted to say. “It was inconsiderate of me to breakup with you like that. You deserve better.”

[Y/N]’s eyes soften slightly and she’s silent. Remus assumes she’s going to start yelling or get upset. He takes a moment to listen to the wind whistling through the trees. It’s just enough sound to distract him for a moment. Just enough to make him feel at peace.

It’s broken, however, when [Y/N] finally responds. “Look, Remus. Yes, it hurt when you broke up with me. I loved you.” She makes sure he’s looking directly at her. “I still do.” she murmurs so softly, Remus almost didn’t hear it. He says nothing and lets her continue.

“But what hurts more is that I don’t know why. I’ve spent the last few weeks asking myself if I did anything wrong or what you could possibly be hiding. It hurts because EVERYONE knows except me.” Remus’s heart aches when he notices her glassy eyes.

[Y/N] rubs them quickly as if they were never teary in the first place. Her voice raises as she becomes more emotional. “I tried to be understanding and respect that you have things you need to keep from me, but I’ve seen you come back with cuts and bruises, Remus! You have new scars that you look at during class and then you start tearing up and it breaks my heart because I know I can’t do anything to help you!”

Remus feels a familiar lump in his throat and he has to swallow it back or else it will come out as a small sob. His vision becomes blurry, but he ignores it. “I know it must have been very difficult on you and I’m so sorry for saying I don’t love you and putting you through all of that.”

[Y/N] crosses her arms and stares at the ground. “It’s still difficult on me.” she whispers. She takes a moment to presumably calm her emotions before raising her gaze to meet his. “I just… want to know what’s happening to you. I worry about you everyday.”

The male takes a deep breath and clenches his fists at his side as if the action alone will give him all the confidence he needs. “If I do tell you, will you promise you won’t become an Animagus like Sirius, James, and Peter and try to follow me whenever I leave?”

[Y/N]’s brows furrow. “Wait, what?”

Remus’s lips twitch into a smile. He’s always found [Y/N] cute when she’s confused. “Just promise.” His smile disappears and turns back into a nervous frown. “Please.”

The girl in front of him nods, albeit with hesitation. She extends her hand to him, her fingers curled into a fist except her pinky. Remus almost bursts into tears because he’s missed the little things like when she told him pinky promises were as good as an unbreakable vow. After he wraps his pinky around hers, he’s so caught up in his emotions and her homely eyes that he just spits it out.

“I’m a werewolf.”


The air is tense between the two and the only thing Remus can hear is his heart drumming against his rib cage.


Remus’s eyes widen and he swears every organ in his body stopped working. He doesn’t feel anything except shock. “I-I’m sorry, what do you mean ‘Oh’?” he manages out.

“Oh, as in ‘Oh, is that all?’” [Y/N] smiles shyly, making the male’s mouth part in shock.

“[Y/N], I love you, but I just spilled my deepest secret to you and you decide to say ‘Oh, is that all?’”

She steps forward, softly grabbing his hand and holding it with both of hers. “Remus, I don’t care that you’re a werewolf. I love you for you. All of you. Werewolf, too. This doesn’t change my feelings for you.”

He can only stand there, trying to process her response. “So, you don’t think I’m… an abomination?”

“Of course I don’t. You’re Remus Lupin, a genius student and a caring friend to the Marauders. Who I miss, by the way.”

He sighs and takes a deep breath of relief. “I can also be a pretty cool boyfriend if you’ll still have me.”

[Y/N] giggles and it’s music to Remus’s ears. It makes butterflies flutter in his stomach and his heart start racing again.

“I’ll always have you, Remus.”

He grins and envelopes her in a tight hug, lifting her off her feet. “I can’t tell you how much I love you.”

“You don’t need to.” she laughs out while he sets her down. Her hands lay themselves on his chest and her expression shifts from playful to loving. “I already know you do.”

She suddenly swats his chest. “But if you ever ignore me again, I will get Sirius to give you a talking to that lasts for months because I don’t have the heart and he WILL listen to me.”

“Sweetheart, I wouldn’t dare.”

okay it is time to use the sleep, but i’ve seen a bunch of those paladins in the hogwarts houses posts and i DISAGREE WITH ALL OF THEM so here we go


look. i understand why you want to put her in ravenclaw. i get it. she’s super smart and loves technology, has an instinctual intelligence that just blows the rest the rest of them out of the water, and a passion for tech that fills this girl’s tiny body with joy. i understand why you want to put this girl in the smart house. but – no.

pidge’s actions speak not about a love for technology and knowledge – but a love for family. the whole reason pidge is in this crazy mess to begin with is because she was searching for her father and brother. to find them she concealed her gender, went under a fake name, got accepted into the academy, then slowly picking away at any information she can scrap up to find her family. that takes patience. her success is the product of thankless hard work to achieve a goal that’s had no results. but she endures and pushes forward, because above all pidge has loyalty to her family.

patience. hard work. loyalty. look i’m sorry but our adorable tech nerd is a hufflepuff.

that brings us too –


all too often shoved into hufflepuff because of his niceness or ravenclaw because he’s an ace mechanic. but neither of these quite fit.

hunk’s most prominent trait in this series is his fear. he’s scared all the time. he’s cautious when no one else is, is hesitant about taking risks the others jump into head first because he is afraid. this, of course, can only mean one thing: our hunky hunk is, obviously, a gryffindor.

courage is doing something even though you’re afraid. by that definition, hunk is the bravest person on that team. when push comes to shove he’s always there, when it matters he doesn’t hesitate. he pulls his courage to the fore and does what needs to be done.

also hunk is obviously the most chivalrous person on that team. need a gentleman to show you a good time, walk you home, lend you his jacket, and expect absolutely nothing at the of the date so he’s delighted by the kiss on the cheek you give him? hunk is your MAN.

literally he’s so gryffindor im crying.


okay i’ll admit our sentient ball of angst threw me for a loop since his defining characteristics are: anger, prickliness, and cluelessness (honestly this poor boy cant catch a break). he’s not a ravenclaw, he’s not particularly loyal, i wouldn’t define him as brave so much as desperate, and slytherin is so wrong for him it doesn’t even bear thinking about.

but then i realized keith’s defining characteristic : self hatred and an appalling lack of self esteem. like ye, he knows he’s a great fighter and a great pilot, whatever. but the only friend he has is shiro, and he never really clicks with the rest of the team, with pidge always with her head in the clouds and hunk and lance each other’s best friends, and somehow even when keith tries to be nice to lance the other boy ends up getting upset anyway. and keith’s got SECRETS and a PAST and he doesn’t even like himself, so why would anyone else? and he’s loyal to shiro, sure, but i don’t think that’s because he’s a loyal person or values loyalty in any way, but because shiro is all he has, so of course he’s protective of him.

this means that keith goes into … gryffindor!

look giving every day 110% when you’re uncertain and angry is really hard. but keith is always, always there for the other members of his team. he threw his lot in with them with reckless abandon, even though he’s keeping secrets from them and thinks that they don’t REALLY like him, even though keith is dealing with heavy shit in maybe not the best way he gets up every day and does his absolute best to be the BEST he can be for the people depending on him.

idk that takes a hell of a lot of courage and bravery as far as im concerned.


oh my salty winter teenager. people think you’re a gryffindor because you’re brave, or a hufflepuff because you’re loyal. but that’s not the case. you, my child, are the lone slytherin on this ship.

look, no one ever said slytherins were subtle. lance’s loyalty and bravery are functions of his ambition. he wants to be the best always. the best pilot, the best shot, the best with the ladies. hunk is his best friend and pidge was on his team and he tries SO HARD at the academy to make them into one cohesive team of people that work together, and he probably would have succeeded if pidge hadn’t been hiding a giant secret. because he wanted the BEST team.

is he particularly cunning? no. is he resourceful as all hell and is everything he does aimed at being the BEST in some way? you bet your ass


okay this one is SO OBVIOUS. he’s a great leader! he leads with patience and kindness and as gentle a hand as he can bear to have in these difficult times. he wakes up early to train, he believes in training long and training hard but not burning anybody out. he believes in fair play, in doing the right thing even when the right thing is painful or hard. he is intensely loyal to the paladins for no other reason than they’re his.

he’s brave as a function of his loyalty, of his sense of fair play / righteousness. he’s ambitious in this same way too, the stronger he is and the more allies and power they have the more he can keep his team safe, the closer they come to restoring peace and fairness to the universe.

honestly has anyone been MORE of a hufflepuff since helga herself like come on

anyway that’s my take on everyone goodnight folks

Soulmates AU; Jimin

Originally posted by nnochu

Summary; You and your s/o both have tattoos of half a heart. When you are near to meeting your s/o, the heart will start to reconnect itself. When you finally meet your s/o and touch the hand with his tattoo on it, the heart on both of your hands will become a whole heart.


-you found your tattoo when you were only 3

-as it appeared the day you turned 3 

-you asked your mum about it

-and she replied with

-”when you’re older I will tell you”

-and ever since then you’ve been trying to figure out where this tattoo came from

-why was it on your wrist

-and how did it get there in the first place?

-and why did it pick you?

-those were the exact same questions that Park Jimin was asking himself

-he kept on trying to connect the heart with another line that he drew with a pen but it didn’t work

-it just faded the pen immediately

-no ifs no buts 

-that liquid was gone

-he didn’t know how he got the tattoo either

-until you two were told

-that it was like you couldn’t live without your soul mate

-so you have to find your soulmate to complete the heart tattoo

-it’s like finding the other half of your heart

-so finding that out made everything seem….a little bit more clear

-both of you didn’t understand what was going on with the tattoos but you seem to get it 

-both of you still seemed to try and connect the hear manually but the magic force of soulmates wasn’t having it

-not one bit

-by now you would think that they would know that they have to go out and find each other

-but apparently not

-so fast forward a couple years

-more like 10

-and you’ve grown up! 

-and you’re doing a job you love

-which is backstage work at one of the top music shows in korea!

-your job is to just help the idols relax themselves and get ready to actually perform on stage

-which is a great job because you get to interact with idols and find out a lot more about their personalities and stuff

-the best ones to work with are the rookies because even though they’re a little stressed and nervous 

-they have bubbly personalities and a lot of humor

-the more serious ones….are the elder generation performers

-they’re relaxed already so there’s not that much you can do to help them anyways 

-but you talk with them about what they like doing and why they like being idols

-sometimes they ask about your life which is quite a change but a change you’re willing to take on

-you still kind of prefer the rookie groups

-the popular groups are like the rookies and the elder performers mixed into one

-some of them are quite childish but like to also chill out and talk

-you entered your job when it was the summer season

-and was still there in the autumn which is good cause it means they like you

-you think you interacted with most of the groups


-your duty that day was to watch over BTS

-who are….right now…

-like the kings……

-you were kind of excited to find out what sort of people they were underneath the cool kid/bad boy personas they have

-they had a childish nature when they first debuted but have now matured into young adults and have a new image to keep up



-they still kids at heart 

-you get into work bright and early to finish off some paperwork that had to be in the next week

-wow look at you 

-miss prepared for anything

-you printed it off and placed it in the little paper holder you had and headed back downstairs to go prepare the boy’s backstage room

-they didn’t ask for much

-but one of them asked for a football

-the staff said no


-so yeah

-that took you all the way to lunch

-you sat outside and ate because it was actually a nice day

-you couldn’t be asked to bring lunch so you just went to the nearest GS25 and got the meal deal with a slushie

-you know

-not the slush puppy kind

-not the frutina kind that you got at the indoor play house

-RIP fantasy Island (1990?-2010) 


-im talking about the mac daddy of slushies

-the tango ice blast

-the smooth and sour texture of the cold slushie is the best thing on an autumn day 

-it was your favourite drink so you couldn’t resist it 


-felt a little tingle with each sip

-but you realised

-it wasn’t the drink

-it was the heart

-you could see the bottom part start to curve around to rejoin the heart

-as this happened

-a mini-bus came into the garage

-with a couple people looking out the window

-you looked to tattoo then back to the bus


-it couldn’t

-it could

-Jimin was having the same thing happen to his heart

-he looked outside to you

-but you couldn’t tell because the windows on the bus were tinted

-you walked back in with your hands in your jacket taking your badge out of the pocket

-as you tapped in again you could see the boy band you were supposed to be with passing in the corridor

-you had to quickly go back up to your workspace to put your bag down 

-but you also checked on your little heart friend

-who was growing on the other side too

-the little curve was just about to be complete but it wasn’t

-you walked back downstairs again to go backstage

-and you pass one of the members that you’re supposed to be looking after

-he doesn’t know you just yet 

-and you don’t know him

-but you kind of felt your heart growing again

-the same went to him

-you entered their backstage area and leaned up against the table at the back

-there was only one member in there but he was asleep

-you think it’s jin but you’re not to sure

-yeah it’s jin

-you sigh before taking your phone out

-and you just get a kajillion messages from your friends asking to get yous signed bts merch 

-you say no because it’s work 

-they become sad and upset

-you compromise and try and get something for them 

-it won’t work but the word we’re working on it TRY 

-you sighed again and put your phone back in your pocket

-you walk back outside and place the cup in the rubbish bin

-and you notice that the boys were going into the backstage area

-you remember the person you passed before?

-yeah he passed you again

-and just smiled

-you smiled back a little before walking in behind them

-”shit is it him”

-”shit is it her”

-a couple minutes passed and the heart was slowly increasing its surface area on your skin


-you were called out to help move the set for the next performers

-and as you left the heart kind of stopped growing

-when you were gone Jimin stood up and looked back to his members

-”you know that tattoo?”

-”the half heart one?”

-”it’s more like ¾ of a heart now”

-”really? who do you think it is?”

-”i’ve got a hunch on who i think it is”

-as you moved the props out the way 

-you thought about all the people in the room

-and who made your heart grow

-it wasn’t any of the elder members for some reason even though they were really sweet and kind

-you kind of remembered back to the one member you passed in the hallway though

-and the one that smiled to you as he entered the backstage area

-and the time the bus came in and the time that they walked pass the gate in the corridor

-shit it’s him


-you couldn’t remember his name for the life of you though

-it wasn’t v and it wasn’t jin because you had worked with the two of them on the other shows on the network 

-and the other members you were still confused about 

-you just kind of thought for a while before asking another member of staff who he was 

-”hi can you help me??”

-”yeah what’s up??”

-”i’m having trouble remembering names…which one in bts has the kind of greyish hair…kinda short…but taller than me…hes got the grey suit and the black trousers….what’s his name?”

-”oh that’s jimin. he’s really sweet and kind. i think you’ll get to like him over the weeks that they’re here.”

-”jimin….thank you!”

-you quickly drop the props off backstage and walk back into BTS’s backstage area

-but nobody was in there 

-until you could feel someone behind you 

-”hey how’s it going?”

-you jump 30ft into the air cause hOLY SHIT THAT SCARED YOU 

-you let out a sigh and you look behind you

-and oh hsit


-it’s jimin

-both of you then realised that your hearts were growing again

-until they stopped


-you both look to each other until a smile forms on both your lips

-”i-i-i like your tattoo…it’s cool!”

-”your’s is nice…soulmate”



-”h-how did you know??”

-”well….the moment i saw you my heart started to grow. literally.”

-”i saw a bus going into the garage and i could have sworn that someone was staring at me…and then my heart started to grow…maybe that was you?”

-”yeah it was.”

-”b-but how did you know i was the one to have the heart tattoo?”

-”as i said i saw you and my heart grew. now…should we finish this?”

-you saw him extend the hand that had the tattoo on it 

-he was waiting for you to take it


-and you did

-and with a little tingle

-the heart tattoos were complete

-it was nearly time for the boys to go on stage and you had to help with the setting up of the mics and stuff

-and of course you had jimin asking your to do his 

-just so he could have you close to him

-you placed the microphone on him

-and just like that he placed his hand on your head

-stroking your hair

-if that’s not called liking you to the max then i don’t what is

-”hey wait for me after love”






-after the performance you two exchanged numbers and wouldn’t be separated from each other


-the cutest babs aww

-”y/n did you get the thing you promised us?”

-”wait what”

-”you did say you could get us something signed…right?”

-”uhhhhhhHHHHH i had bigger things going on”

-”what like jimin being your ultimate soulmate because that heart tattoo on your wrist kept on growing whenever you were near him and he came up to you and he has the same tat and you both completed each others tattoos??”


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this isn't halloweeny but it's autumny! could i request pharah, tracer (and emily if you feel more comfortable with that), symmetra and sombra going on a chilly autumn walk with their s/o to calm them down and cheer them up? all the leaves on the paths today made me happier after feeling bitter <3 hope you enjoy and thank you very much!

autumn is almost fucking over because of how long i took with these asks omfg
also im cool with whatever! i didn’t include emily this time, but i’ll write tracer with emily or just the reader! whatever you want. c:


  • Pharah really likes walks with you. She doesn’t really care where the two of you end up, so long as she gets to spend time with you. She often tries to make excuse to let her hold your hand. Darling, it’s a little cold. Here. She holds her hand out, not looking at you. The blush on her cheeks is obvious.
  • I’m not blushing because it’s cold, I just… You look cute like that, holding my hand. She pauses. Are you still cold? I’ll give you my jacket… She’d give you her entire wardrobe just to keep you warm. She also really likes getting warm drinks to walk with.
  • Want a sip? She raises an eyebrow, a teasing smirk on her lips as she holds her drink out to you. Don’t be shy. She gently kisses your forehead. If you don’t want to, she’ll kiss you. There. Could you taste it? No? Want to try again? She’s surprisingly comfortable like this.
  • If you want, we can do that again sometime. Uh… Whenever you want. She shyly smiles.


  • Tracer loves runs in the autumn, but also loves walks. One of her favorite things is tackling you into the leaves, or cuddling with you in the park. She’s also not opposed to just walking around! She just loves spending time with her favorite person. She buys you a scarf and wants you to wear it out.
  • Sometimes, she’ll be really cute and see if you can walk together or sit together and listen to music while you’re outside. She thinks it’s really fun when you get to sing a little, too. She likes hearing your voice, and adores listening to you sing to her favorite songs. She likes pointing out all the dogs and cats she sees a lot, too.
  • Look at that one, love! She loves petting animals so much. She obviously won’t do it if you’re allergic to animals, but she’ll see if she can get you some kind of pet or something that you can play with whenever she’s not around. She likes seeing you happy, above everything.
  • I hope you had a good time today! I like spending time with you. Her smile is wide and bright.


  • Symmetra isn’t too fond of the cold, but likes the aesthetic of autumn. The vivid colors, the fact she can wear scarves again, an excuse to cuddle you… It’s a great season. She likes walking around, although she doesn’t really like places that are too crowded, where she could easily lose sight of you.
  • One might get a little worried that her preference for fewer people might make you feel bored, but she tries to make things as interesting for you as possible. She has a particular fondness for architecture, and has quite the artistic eye. She once found two leaves that fit perfectly into one another. She was particularly pleased that day.
  • The autumn is quite… Dirty, don’t you think? She really hates fall after the leaves are down and it’s just rained. She’s stepped in many a muddy puddle to her disdain. She swears and collects herself. She does it for you, and will do this many more times. As long as it takes.
  • I hope that made you feel… Better. If not, we can go out again. She’s nervous, but trying.


  • Sombra loves the leaves in autumn. Rather, she loves when they’re on the ground, dry, and she gets to step on all of them. She’s quite fond of the sound of crunching leaves. She won’t do it if you don’t want her to, or if you want to crunch the leaves with her. She grins if you help her crunch leaves.
  • She really likes spending time with you. She knows that she can’t spend much time with you because she’s often working, but she loves you all the same. She wishes that her lot in life were a lot more convenient and maybe even morally good. She just wants to be there to support you and cheer you up. She’s here for you.
  • Babe. Babe, watch this. She’s made a road of un-crunched leaves and asks you to step through it. Even if you don’t want to, she tries to help. It helps to step all over something if you’re upset. Might make you feel better. Worth a shot? Please? Try it for me? She smiles.
  • Sorry if that was annoying today. I just wish I could help you more. She rests her head on yours.
  • is the most embarrassingly affectionate person you’ve ever met 
  • literally throws hearts and winks at you from across the street when you two are meeting up for a date
  • his goal in life is literally to make you a flustered mess 
  • even if that means he has to do something big like serenade you in public or something small like grab your hand under the table at a restaurant 
  • has a plethora of nicknames for you 
  • it can go from something like ‘sweetheart’ to ‘squishy fluffy creampuff’ real fast with this one 
  • “Seungcheol stop calling me ‘squishy fluffy creampuff” “Alright……ultra squishy fluffy creampuff.”
  • lip sings to bigbang songs and makes you join in even if you tell him you don’t want to 
  • likes resting his chin on to top of your head especially when he has his arms wrapped around you from behind too 
  • is mischievous so his hands are gonna wander up your shirt every now and then 
  • if you squirm or make a sound it’s only going to egg him on because he thinks your reactions are v v cute 
  • also enjoys cuddling with you much more if you’re wearing one of his hoodies 
  • he’s a whisperer as in…..he whispers things into your ear all the time…….could be sweet nothings……could be……..more than that…..
  • has a habit of holding your face with his hands and kissing the top of your eyelids especially when you two are saying goodbye like it just makes him feel like he’s giving you a seal of protection because you are the most precious thing to him and he is always anxious when you have to leave by yourself
  • oh did i mention that he’s super duper protective 
  • always has his hand around your waist in public, always makes sure you’re walking on the inside of the road, literally would lay his jacket down in a puddle so you could walk over it ok he just wants you to be s a f e 
  • gets a little angry when someone pushes into you accidentally on the street and you have to be like seungcheol, it’s ok, they didn’t mean it and he just gets all grumpy like “wELL they could have said SORRY” 
  • he’s a big bi g flirt so even after you two start dating he’ll slide up to you with some cheesy pick up lines or just randomly be like “hey, i like you a lot” and you’ll be like well i damn hope so seungcheol we are in a relationship afterall
  • sometimes his flirting means that he gets friendly with others very quickly and if you get jealous well…..he’ll apologize and devote all his attention to you but….not before teasing the living heCK out of you 
  • “are you jealous? is it because you admit im handsome and other people like me? you think im handsome enough to be jealous of? hmmmmm?” 
  • when he’s jealous though, seungcheol can sometimes take it as a competition and starts purposely getting comfy with others to see you ticked off
  • when you don’t get ticked off he gets pouty and just starts to butter you up with lots of aegyo and affection because please no you cannot ignore him any longer….
  • his background on his phone is a photo of you and him together that he made vernon take when you all went to busan together 
  • seungcheol keeps changing your phone background to the same photo even if you say you want to make it something else 
  • “matching phone backgrounds are the new couple item.”
  • he got you couple shirts once but then hoshi asked him if he thought they were really a good idea so seungcheol re-thought giving them to you and now they’re in his closet and he keeps thinking of when would be a good time to bring them up with you……
  • he likes animals a lot and so he’s always taking you to pet shops on your dates and being like “well what if we adopted that dog? or that cat? or oh- what about a bunny?”
  • he’s very open and bright about your future together because he really does see spending the rest of his life with you a very real option 
  • even though he’s the leader of seventeen and the oldest, he’s still a kid at heart so places like the carnival, amusement parks, beaches, etc that kind of stuff is the kind of stuff he wants to do on dates with you 
  • but of course he also has a very gentlemen-y side in which he takes you out to restaurants and then out to shop and is basically the perfect boyfriend who holds all your things and let’s you buy whatever it is you want
  • as a thank you all he wants is your undivided attention for the remaining part of the night. if you catch my drift. 
  • if you wake him up in the morning with kisses and breakfast in bed then according to seungcheol: you’re doing it right !
  • he really enjoys home cooking so even if you’re not good at it like he will eat anything you give him. anything. mostly because he’d be like “it’s made with your love~” and you’d be like “stop being cringe worthy and eat the soup.”
  • as much as he likes to eat, he likes to make sure you’re eating too 
  • likes it when you order seconds because good. you’re growing. you need the food. (aka dad seungcheol comes out) 
  • would go into a bouncy castle with you 100% 
  • but because he’s the leader of seventeen there is a lot of stress and responsibility on his shoulders 
  • sometimes he can let it out with harsh words or a cold shoulder, but not because he means it, but because he reacts too fast on his feelings and if you’re still there through the thick and thin and you give him strength through your comfort than he will cherish you even more
  • sometimes all he needs is a “you can do it!” text at three in the morning from you to keep him going full speed ahead 
  • actually he tries not to text you late because you should be sleeping but sometimes he’ll get tired and so dino will actually steal his phone and text you like ‘seungcheol is low on energy, please send a cheering up selife!’ and when you do dino shows seungcheol the picture and seungcheol doesn’t even scold him for taking the phone he’s too caught up in your cute selfie
  • he called you his moon and stars and literally all the members cringed minus dino who was like “true love is so beautiful hyung”
  • when you’re upset, seungcheol reacts in two ways: either he becomes your shoulder to cry on and he knows exactly what to say to make you feel better OR he gets super pissed at whatever/whoever hurt you and you have to assure him it’s fine - he doesn’t have to get mad 
  • but he’s still fuming of course, the thing he hates most in the world is seeing you on the verge of tears and he’d literally rip apart anything that threatened you 
  • when making out with you seungcheol is intense and quick and his kisses leave you breathless
  • he prefers having your hands in his hair because he likes it when you pull on it a little 
  • is a bottom lip biter so he does that a lot to tease you and you have to keep being like “seungcheol we do not have time keeP GOI ng “ but he’s a big tease like LOOK AT HIM 
  • presses his forehead to yours inbetween heavy breathing and tells you you look so perfect and heavenly in this moment and his voice just gets deeper as he gets more romantic and you hate it but you love it bu T you HATE it 
  • sometimes when you won’t listen to what he’s saying he’ll kiss your most sensitive spot and it’ll make your knees tremble and you’ll be like sEungcheol that isNT FAIr and he’d just give you the puppy dog eyes like it isn’t fair to ignore me either~~~
  • secretly keeps asking hoshi to help him choreography a couple dance he can teach you 
  • hoshi: “literally. chill.” seungcheol: “i can’t chill. i love them.” 
  • he loves it when you come to support seventeen. he knows it can be dangerous for you to come publicly like this, but just seeing you in the crowd makes him put in that extra work because gotta look good for the bae 
  • runs up to you afterwords and forgets that he’s sWEATy as he pulls you into a hug and you’re like seungcheol pUT me Do w n and he’s like i can’t i love you too much!!!!!
  • saying ‘i love you’ is easy, it rolls out of his mouth like just another thing but it’s never just…….fake, it’s always real because seungcheol loves you with all his heart and he doesn’t just show it by saying it 
  • “if im the dad of 17 then all the members are your kids, right?” 
  • even though he’s usually very open about being cheesy with you, he actually doesn’t tell you that you’re a big part of his muse when he’s trying to do better even if it’s get better at dancing or singing or rapping, like he has never told you but one of the thoughts in his head is “ive got to get better for them!” 
  • chases you around the dorm while threatening to tickle you to death 
  • literally got on his knees and bowed to you when you brought over mouthwash and toothpaste for everyone 
  • kisses your hand out of habit every now and then and you get blushy because c’mon……that’s…..gros- great it’s freaking great 
  • seungcheol/s.coups is literally the boyfriend that would protect you and stand up for you whenever and wherever but also embarrass you in front of the whole world just because he loves you so mUCH  

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Angel Hobi

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  • next up in the totally wicked halloween series is my boyfriend, jung hoseok
  • and i was like hmm what to make him and angel was suggested by one of you all and i was like?? um obviously this is the most pure and great option out there god bless
  • okay i wanna say his wings aren’t like the typical angel wings like big and arching like they’re longer and narrow and stretch out more horizontally than vertically so it almost seems more bird-like in nature and he explains that he was built for speed lmao that’s his excuse for his wings being like that
  • and his hair is long and black and hangs in his eyes but because he flies around so much it often gets pushed back up on his head from the wind and sometimes when he thinks that it’s getting a little too out of hand, he ties it up in a little ponytail on top of his head and calls himself an angel unicorn
  • he was the most pure angel baby to ever be born
  • like he was born and god cried because he was so beautiful
  • in the realm, angels are given many different jobs, and at a young age, they are destined to whatever job they have in store for them
  • like there are messenger angels, and guardian angels and even an angel army that goes off and fights demons or something totally rad like that
  • can you guess what hoseok would be chosen as?
  • that’s right, an infantry angel!!
  • just kidding, he’s a messenger angel, which explains why his wings are definitely different from the other angels
  • the higher ups can see from a young age that hoseok has the biggest heart in the world and he cares for anyone and everyone regardless of their pasts, or current situations, or what’s going on in their lives and they’re scared that if he were a guardian angel. hoseok would get too involved with whoever he was sworn to protect and be absolutely crushed when they were no longer in need of his protection and he had to leave them for whatever the case may be
  • hosek grows up in the messenger angel business though so he doesn’t know any different
  • he actually really loves the job because his messages are 9/10 times positive to deliver and it isn’t the most time consuming job because how many people actually get messages from the heavens right?
  • he gets to fly around all day and bask in the sunshine, and he gets to see the human world without actually having to be involved
  • because although angels do help the human race and in some instances work to serve them almost, the number one rule is to not get too involved with humans because they are immoral and fickle and also mortal which would be a pretty big issue idk, if you know, someone happened to fall in love with one
  • not like anyone would do that
  • especially not hoseok
  • haha
  • ha
  • okay so one day he has to go deliver a message to a grocery store cashier that they have been chosen by god to go and reclaim the ark of the covenant from area fifty one or something obscure like that and hoseok is like yes, time to shine, time to bless somebody’s life!!
  • whenever he goes down to the human world, can you just
  • just picture hoseok, in this little toga thing that is definitely way too short on him (god bless the thighs) and he has gladiator sandals and his golden skin is exposed for everyone to bask in its glory
  • and his wings constantly knock things over, and he constantly panics and apologizes and goes to pick things up but then ends up knocking more things over and he’s trying to fix it meanwhile the humans are scared out of their minds okay
  • and hoseok doesn’t understand why everyone is screaming but it sounds fun so he wants to join in on the fun,,,
  • anywaY
  • back to
  • the meeting
  • hoseok is heading down to the human world to go and help this cashier discover their destiny
  • he decided to do away with the wings because when angels go to earth they have the option to become human in essence so hoseok is like wow probably a good idea after last time when that lady came at me with the broom,,,
  • he is looking super fly (ahah im so funny)
  • like he has one of those cute bomber jackets and ripped jeans and maroon doc martens and a black shirt under the jacket and he’s glowing like he loves when he’s in his human clothes he feels so stylish??
  • but anyway he’s wandering around the supermarket because the cashier he’s looking for (an old grandma who’s like seventy two and has fourteen cats btw) is on her break and he needs to kill the time because people need to eat!! and he doesn’t want to bother her!!
  • and low and behold! there’s you! standing there! all alone! trying to reach the last box of fruity pebbles off the top shelf and you can’t seem reach it no matter how high you jump
  • hoseok runs over and with ease grabs the box (you swore it was stuck but it practically falls into his hands as soon as he arrives??)
  • and you kinda oH!! because who is this attractive hunk of heaven? you’ve never seen him before and you know quite a few people around town?
  • and he’s so stunning and gorgeous and you’re trying not to die but then mm he smiles down at you and you swear angels are singing (they are) and the heavens are shining down on you (they’re doing that as well) and god has blessed you or something (he has)
  • hoseok is beaming and his little angel heart is racing like he’s been dealing with humans for an eternity now but he’s never met on as cute and adorable and drop dead gorgeous as you?
  • angels are supposed to be like the most beautiful things but wow they seem like dirt in comparison to you
  • “hi i’m hoseok, im your angel~”
  • “well if you’re an angel i guess i could be a siren, they’re pretty cool right?”
  • and he just laughs and you swear world peace has just been achieved
  • you really like him and you think why not ask for his number or something?? he’s cute and sweet and wowow and you go to pull out your phone but he’s like panicking about something
  • “oh my god i have to go in supposed to be- oh god oh god i’m so sorry!!”
  • he grabs your hands and gives them a tight squeeze before dashing off to god only knows where (literally)
  • and you’re super upset because something was special about him…
  • little do you know…
  • hoseok is dead set on becoming a guardian angel
  • okay, he’s dead set on becoming YOUR guardian angel
  • he goes to the higher ups and literally begs on his knees to be the one destined to protect you but he gets denied obv because the number one angel rule is don’t fall for humans!!
  • hoseok says he’s not in love with you but he finds himself checking up on you sometimes like low key directing a little rain in the opposite direction when he sees you’ve forgotten your umbrella or making flowers grow outside your house more beautifully than those even in the rich people gardens
  • and you decide there must be someone smiling down at you but you don’t realize it’s hoseok
  • actually you kinda low key kiss hoseok even though you didn’t know him but a few moments he left this little special place in your heart
  • you pray that you’ll meet hoseok again and god is just “you know what hoseok, i’ll give you one chance, don’t fall in love”
  • hoseok screams and people down on earth think it’s thunder, nah, it’s just hoseok
  • he’s officially become your guardian angel which means he can come visit!
  • the next time he sees you, you’re coming home from work and it’s icy out bcuz it’s getting way cold out now and you’re rounding the corner and you don’t see the ice patch and you start slipping but guess who’s there
  • oh wait it’s hoseok!
  • you literally fall into his arms and you two topple backwards and almost fall but hoseok keeps you both steady
  • he’s so muscular btw??
  • and you gaze up into the eyes of your savior and it’s that smile you could never forget
  • “we seem to run into each other a lot huh?”
  • you roll your eyes but with a newfound sense of courage reply “why don’t we run to get some coffee huh?”
  • and he gets all blushy and cute but agrees and he wants to pay for you but human money and he’s not that subtle and he literally just poofs some into existence when you’re looking over at the specials menu (he thinks he’s subtle though, love him please)
  • and after coffee you definitely give him your number and he makes you put his contact name as “my angel” with like seventy two thousand hearts because he’s a cutie
  • and he really is your angel like you’ll text him about having an extra hard day and he’ll be over with some chocolate chip muffins and a slushie and like four hundred movies to watch just to get you smiling again (probably lots of scooby doo and pink panther and like old cartoons like that!!)
  • and when you’re having an amazing day he’s actually low key more supportive than your friends like you’ll be like wow i just got promoted and your friends will be like “wow congrats xoxo” whereas hoseok will legit be like time to throw a party with lots of cakes and balloons!!
  • but things start to get suspicious
  • like one day he’s over at your apartment and he’s decided he’s going to make dinner because you work so hard and deserve a break
  • you go upstairs to change right and when you come back down he’s dancing and swinging his hips and singing along to some song you’ve never ever heard
  • you lean in the doorway and just kinda watch in amusement?
  • but because he’s goofing around he ends up knocking himself with the knife he’s cutting tomatoes with and he cursed under his breath (by using fruit names? which he does regularly but??)
  • you obviously sprint over and take his hand in yours but there’s absolutely nothing there
  • no blood
  • no cut
  • not even a scratch
  • “hoseok what the hell i just watched you hurt yourself i watched you completely slice your finger-”
  • “no you didn't”
  • “hoseok don’t play games with me it’s not funny i’m worried!!”
  • he promises you that you must be exhausted and seeing things but you know that’s not the case
  • some other instances include…
  • hoseok low key thinking he’s stealthy and talking to animals and like holding conversations with your goldfish
  • and somehow or another whenever you get hurt he heals your wounds like actually heals your wounds with a simple kiss on the boo boo
  • he disappears too like he teleports? sometimes he’s telling you he’s at the supermarket and five seconds later he’s at your day
  • you swear you’ve seen him hover before, just like when you came home early from work once, he was sitting, on air, reading his book on egyptian mythology like it’s the most casual thing in the world?
  • also you have no bad luck. at all. like you keep passing all your exams and work is going amazing and your skin is clear and shining and wonderful !!
  • and you’re just happier overall like hoseok makes your entire life brighter and you can’t imagine life without him
  • spoke too soon huh?
  • because my kiddos, hoseok has gotten himself into trouble
  • he’s broken the number one rule of angels
  • he’s fallen in love with you
  • he didn’t really mean to
  • but you’re so sweet
  • babies love you
  • animals love you
  • old people love you
  • he loves you
  • you’re so caring and sweet to him and you know when he needs to rant and know when he just needs a hug more than anything, and know when he just needs some time alone
  • you understand him like nobody else before has done
  • yes he wants to keep protecting you but he also wants to kiss your face and snuggle with you and hold your hand
  • oops guess who finds out
  • everyone in heaven
  • one day hoseok is waiting for you to come home because he needs to talk about something important and you had given him the key like years ago??
  • but suddenly he’s whisked away in a beam of shining light and he’s floating up, up, up
  • suddenly he’s before god who he hasn’t seen in like seven million years because all his time has been spent with you
  • he knows what’s coming
  • he can’t explain himself
  • for once he cannot speak
  • “you know you’ve broken the number one rule of angels”
  • “and i regret nothing”
  • hoseok holds his head high and doesn’t quaver with his answer either and he’s given a stern nod
  • “then i guess your decision has been made”
  • and as soon as it happened hoseok is plummeting down back to earth, and everything is dark and his body feels like it’s on fire and he wonders if maybe he’s going somewhere else
  • he tries to use his wings but something isn’t right, something is missing
  • eventually he lands on your bed with a loud thud, but his body still burns, and he feels as if his soul has been sucked from his body
  • mortality is already taking a toll on him but that’s not the main issue
  • no
  • his wings are gone
  • and in their place is two jagged scars
  • he moans and curls up in a ball because he’s never had to deal with pain as excruciating as this before
  • now it is your turn to be the angel
  • you had a gut feeling something wasn’t right and you asked your boss to leave early and raced home
  • you rushed inside only to find hoseok on your bed, doing his best not to cry
  • your heart shatters and you hurry over to him
  • “oh my god hoseok, what’s wrong?! are you hurt, are you dying!?”
  • he shakes his head and moves his head into your lap “i… i um… i love you, like a lot…” he manages to say through gritted teeth
  • and you’re like hoseok this is hardly the time you’re in pain but he seems so at peace when the words escape his lips
  • you play with his hair and rub his lower back and once he’s calmed down some you hurry to get some ice and ibuprofen
  • “where’s the pain at?” you ask after he’s swallowed the medicine
  • and he kinda rolls to his side but keeps his head in your lap and you gently lift up his shirt and a horrified gasp escapes your lips
  • “oh hoseok…”
  • but don’t fear because this ends happy!
  • he heals
  • it takes time but you care for him 25/8 and you’re his angel now
  • like you make him soup and read to him when he can’t sleep and feed him cause he’s a baby and also try to braid his hair too sometimes
  • and he moves in with you and he protects you from everything and anything except for snakes and spiders, he makes you take care of those
  • sometimes you’ll be like why did you give being an angel up… for me?
  • and he’ll cup your face in his hands and lean in close “because a lifetime in your arms is better than an eternity without you”
  • and he leans in close and kisses you so gently and you know you’re in heaven
My hands

Request: Sexting/phone sex while he is away on tour??? 🙄😏 love ur smuts

Word count: 2484

I dropped my bag to the floor as i closed the door hardly behind me. I sighed as i hung up my jacket and made my way to my living room. Today had been such a bad day. Every little thing was edging me, the comments from my friends, the constant work pressing my thought to an ultimate limit, and just the thought of not being able to go home and cuddle into shawns arms was enough to upset me even more. 

The other thing which had been bugging me for solid two weeks now, was how needy i was. Normally being able to have him around, taking care of my mental, but also physical needs i had was the best thing. But i knew touring was treating him well, and he was very occupied with giving his all each and every night, which didn’t leave much attention for me. Not that i needed it every second of his day, but just a little text now and then would be okay - that was how i felt after the first week. 

Now as it was almost fourth week of him being gone, it wasn’t only the attention i needed, but his closeness. I was aching, and that physically. I was aching for his touch and his lips on mine, and nothing in the entire world would ever satisfy me as much as he would be able to do it. I mean i could touch myself in the shower, and maybe get off fast, but it would never compare to the ecstatic highs he would leave me on, he was something different. 

I opened the door to my bedroom as i threw myself on the bed. My mind not being able to focus on anything else than shawn. Anything else than the lingering feeling of his hands tracing down my naked skin, sending shivers through my lonely body. I sighed as i rubbed my thighs together trying to make the tension disappear, but i knew nothing would help. So as a forced movement i slightly unbuttoned my jeans. The material slid off my legs as i ran my cold fingers over my thighs, kicking the trousers off completely. Not even caring about closing my window blinds, my hands traced the hem of my thong.

The silky material was soft against my fingertips. the sensation of friction between my finger and my center was enough to leave me shaking and breathing hard, not being able to focus on anything than the memory of shawns lips tracing down my body. My hand going under my shirt, following my skin up to my breasts, just as his mouth normally would do. I closed my eyes even harder. It was as if i could see him in front of me, almost as if my hands were his. I moaned out loud. I was that needy that this could almost get me off completely, but i bit my lip harder, knowing that i wouldn’t allow myself a quick high and then still being frustrated. 

My other hand circling my clit lightly, sending electric shocks through my legs making me curl my toes, “shawn,” i moaned out, my voice raspy from the anticipation and silence that had been laying over me. My hand starting to put some pressure on my clit as the soft material sent stars in front of my eyes, this was good, but not as good as his touch, not as good as his fingers or his mouth on me. I angled my legs as i arched my back of the mattress moaning out loud. Suddenly my eyes flew up as my phone started to vibrate on the bedside table, for a moment forgetting where i was, just simply needing to cum right that second.

“Fuck,” i spoke as my hand left my pants. I took the phone blindly and stared at the screen, my own reflection looking at me, my eyes widened as shawns name appeared on the screen. “Ugh,” i whispered as i answered the phone, shaking slightly. 

“Hi babe,” his voice spoke through the other side of the line, he was looking at the ground walking outside He looked as if he was headed somewhere, “hi love,” i spoke “where ar you going,” i sighed as he just had disturbed me in this, not that i didn’t want to talk to him, because that was literally all i needed, but i didn’t need him there on the phone, i needed him here right next to me, taking care of me like he always did. I needed him to be here, to be my hands instead of just my own, “just on my way to the hotel room, ill be there in a few seconds,” still not looking at me, i could see him press a button of an elevator as they closed. His eyes met mine for the first time, 

“What are you up to,” he asked his eyebrows shooting into the air, “you look frustrated,” he added as he smiled broadly. I was an open book to shawn, he could read my face in every single situation, so knowing that he would not let this go before he knew what was up. The elevator doors opened as i could see him walk towards a door. His camera pointing towards his hands, as they slid the keycard though the slot on the door. I groaned out i frustration, seeing his fingers fiddle with the card,

“are you alone,” i almost whispered, my voice wasn’t stronger and i almost sounded weak or sad, i wasn’t, i was just really on edge, and needed this release so badly. He looked at me as he closed the door.

“Yes, now i am, whats up baby?” I sighed as i looked at him, my hand finding my clit again, him not being able to see what was going on, was turning me on even more, making it pool between my legs. 

“Yes shawn, what is up with me, im hella frustrated and needy as never before.” He looked at me, “and i was about to get myself off, for the one hundredths time these past few weeks,” i sighed as closed my eyes, my hands working on me. I opened them to look at him face, slightly smirking now. 

“Were you getting yourself off,” he whispered, sitting down on the bed. His voice had changed and i could see on him how much he enjoyed it. 

“Yes, i was, until you interrupted me,” i spoke. He laughed warmly as he watched me intensely. “You’re so hot,” he spoke. I smiled as i looked at him, took in every feature of his face, closing my eyes gently as i slipped my hands under my thong.

“Baby, are you wet for me,” he spoke. My eyes flew open as i looked him, he was biting his lip, which made a small moan escape from my mouth. 

“So wet, Shawn,” i spoke as i traced a finger through my folds, collecting the liquid which was now pooling in between my thighs, “want to see?”

“Yes baby, theres nothing i want more,” he whispered, he leaned closer to the camera, as i brought my fingers up in front of my face, the liquid shining on them in the light, he let out a throaty moans as he watched me. I took my fingers in my mouth, swirling my tongue around them, moaning as i tasted myself. His eyes were glued to the screen as i licked on my fingers, not even caring how desperate i looked, i needed him so much.

“You are being such a bad girl, do you know that,” he breathed out, hearing on his voice how needy he was himself, 

“Yes i know babe, but i just need you so badly,” i purred back at him as i started to slide off my shirt. 

“Fuck,” he whispered. “Show me what i am missing out on baby,” he whispered as i laid in my bra. Normally i was never this confident, maybe in the bedroom with shawn, but right  now he was sitting on the other side of the world, just being able to watch me, and that made it even more intimate, but also even more scary for me, but it sent adrenaline through my body, adrenaline which i hadn’t felt in a long time, and i needed it. I squirmed under my own touch as i caressed my breasts, shawns heavy breathing made me come back down to earth again. 

“Touch yourself, imagine it was me. Close your eyes and just listen to my voice,” and i did. I put my camera in the bedside table as i was now fully exposed in front of shawn. 

“New lingerie, hun?” he spoke, “you look absolutely incredible, oh how i wish that would be me doing this to you,” 

Closing my eyes and only listening to his voice, made it so much more intimate. My hands wandered down my naked ribcage following my sides down to my thong. 

“Take that off, you won’t need it,” i hooked my thumbs in the fabric and slid it off my legs. 

“Now,” he breathed out, i could hear him fiddle with his trousers himself as i giggled, knowing how frustrated he must be too. “Just glide your fingers up and down by your center, close your eyes, and keep them closed for me. Just imagine it being my hands,” i moaned out my fingers ran through my folds again. I ached my back as i took in another sharp breath, 

“Are you wet enough for me, ready to let me do this to you,” he spoke.

“Im soaked, babe” i spoke as i started to circle around my entrance, slowly pushing a finger inside of me. I moaned out loud as i could feel myself clench around my one finger.

“Add another one princess, stretch yourself out,” his voice seemed tender and full of care which made me scrunch up my nose, missing him next to me. “Fuck,” i moaned out as i started to pump my fingers in and out of myself. I could hear the sound of his faint moans on the other side of the line, making me ache for him even more. 

“Yes baby, just like that,” he spoke as i arched my back of the mattress, curling my toes, moaning out loud. Imagining his fingers inside of me, imagining shawns face concentrated and smiling, soft moans escaping his pink and plump lips, each and every time i clenched around him, 

“You feel so good shawn,” I moaned, my other hand grabbing my nipple, pinching it hard, just like he would do. My thoughts running wild, landing on the picture of shawns face between my legs, his eyes staring hungrily into mine. 

“Stroke your thumb over your clit, hard,” he moaned as he kept touching himself.

But i couldnt concentrate on watching him, i was too far down my own dream that i could ever open my eyes. My fingers scraping my walls, them clenching around my working fingers as i stretched my thumb, running it over my clit. My legs jolting at the touch on my sensitive nob. I moaned, 

“Harder, y/n” shawn said with a shaking yet demanding voice. 

I moaned, just thinking about him watching me. Putting pressure on my clit as i moved it in circles, my legs cramping upwards, as my mouth was wide open. “Yes, right there,” i screamed out as my head fell harder back into the pillow as i moaned louder, 

“Are you close baby girl,” he whispered. Not even being able to respond i let out a shaky breath as i bit my lip hard, 

“Dont do that,” he spoke. I knew it was his weakness, but i didn’t care. Still with closed eyes i turned my face to my right, so it was facing the camera. My mouth opened as i moaned. I knew that he was watching every move i was making. My fingers working in and out of me, and the sound of my wet core against my fingers was heard. 

“Yes shawn,” i screamed as i came around my fingers, i kept pushing them in and out as i rode out my orgasm. I moaned louder, squeezing my eyes shut. 

Slowly opening my eyes, my gaze meeting shawns as his dark orbs found mine, “fuck,” he whispered as he worked on himself. I moaned at the view of him, he was hard, bigger than i remembered him, which almost made me ache for him again. 

“Yes baby, i wish i could help you,” i whispered taking my phone in my hand, “wish i could lick it up, when you cum,” i had never been this forward with dirty talk, but it seemed to set shawn totally off, “just do it for me,” i moaned. And as the words left my mouth, i witnessed the most beautiful thing my eyes had seen in a long time:

His nose scrunched up as his forehead created four crinkles. His lips pouting as a stream of curse words left his pink lips. His eyes closed shut and tight, as his hand stroke his lengths. Sitting all vulnerable in front of the camera, in front of me, made me adore him even more than i hader ever done before. I dont know what it was about him, but it just drove me crazy, it just drove me crazy how thoughtful and passionate he was. And seeing him there releasing himself, wishing nothing more than helping him out, i realized how insanely much i loved the boy. I sighed as his face started to relax.

His features were gliding into normal position, his eyes still closed, breathing heavily. I smiled at the sight of him, just watching his rosy cheeks as his chest lifted slowly, trying to catch his breath. I chuckled, looking at him, as if he wasn’t real. His beauty was so out of this world. 

“I love you,” he whispered as he slowly opened his eyes. I smiled widely looking at him, “love you even more Shawn,” I rose from the bed gathering my thong and putting on a pair of shorts before settling myself on the bed again. 

“I miss you here,” i spoke as i looked at him. He smiled, sadness also over his face, “I miss you too,” 

“You should interrupt me more often,” i chuckled. 

“I dont think so,” he uttered, my face dropping, the worst thoughts popping into my mind. “Because i can’t stand not being the one to touch you,” he continued, my face lit up in a smile as the words left his mouth. 

“Then get your ass back home shawn,” i laughed as i turned over on the bed. Finally talking with my best friend again for what felt like hours. 

// A/N (I know i NEVER end with a note) I’m very sorry that this isn’t very good, I’ve been working on it in my drafts, and just finished it because i haven’t posted a lot recently, and want to keep you guys updated. Hope you can give me some response on it, and what i can do better.
I’m not an expert when it comes to sexting or sex over facetime, but i hope you enjoyed this little one anyway. lots of kisses xx

hi guys! Here is a little backstory to the “Its three in the morning” fic, I hope you enjoy! 

Thanks again for the prompt @laughterafter

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Its just a few paragraphs long of me rambling about what happened from Finns perspective and if you need more details feel free to send a message and I’ll answer it the best I can. 

(There also could be a small Finn pov fic at the end but you’ll have to scroll to find out xD ) 


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