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Newt Scamander and Important Harry Potter Dates

1897 - Newt is born.

1899 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald’s summer – Newt is two.

1901 - Tina is born – Newt is four.

1908 - Newt begins Hogwarts, Tina’s parents’ die (around then) - He is 11.

1913 - Newt is expelled – He is 16.

1914 - World War I begins – Newt is 17.

1918 - World War I ends, Newt is commissioned to write Fantastic Beasts – he is 21.

1925 - Newt sets off on his year in the field – He is 28.

1926 - Newt travels to NY, Tom Riddle is born – Newt is 29.  

1927 - First edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 30.

1928 - Shenanigans in Paris, Hagrid is born – Newt is 31.

1937 - Tom begins Hogwarts – Newt is 40.

1939 - Hagrid begins Hogwarts – Newt is 42.

1942 - Tom opens the Chamber; Hagrid is expelled.  – Newt is 45.

1945 - Dumbledore and Grindelwald battle – Newt is 48.

1947 - Newt establishes the Werewolf Register – He is 50.

1950ish - Molly Prewett and Arthur Weasley born – Newt is 53.

1960 - Marauders born – Newt is 63.

1965 - Newt creates the Ban on Experimental Breeding, his proudest moment; Remus Lupin is bitten by Greyback; Rappoport’s Law repealed – Newt is 68.

1968 - Molly and Arthur graduate – Newt is 71.

1970 - Bill Weasley born – Newt is 72.

1972 - Charlie Weasley born – Newt is 74.

1977 - Marauders graduate – Newt is 80.

1979 - Awarded Order of Merlin Second Class for Services to Magizoology, put on a Chocolate Frog card – He is 81.

1980 - Harry Potter’s year born – Newt is 83.

1981 - Luna Lovegood born, Dark Lord defeated – Newt is 84.

1989 - Charlie Weasley graduates – Newt is 92.

1991 - Harry’s year begin Hogwarts – Newt is 94.

1993 - Hagrid is hired, Buckbeak sentenced to death, Newt appears on the Marauders’ Map – He is 96.

1997 - Dumbledore dies – Newt is 100.

1998 - The Dark Lord is defeated once more – Newt is 101.

1999 - The Golden Trio and Luna graduate – Newt is 102.

2006 - Albus Potter is born – Newt is 109.

2016 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1926 exploits – He is 119.

2017 - Albus Potter begins Hogwarts, newest edition of Fantastic Beasts published – Newt is 120.

Unfortunately we do not know how long Newt lives after this.

2018 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1928 exploits – He is 121.

2020 - Delphi Voldemort attempts to gain power. – Newt is 123.

2024 - The Muggles learn about Newt’s 1945 exploits – Newt is 127.

I’ve been waiting to post this sh i t…….. But yeah the Halloween Yohamaru went like this in my head..

They come back at their house and Maru decides to steal Yoshiko’s devil horns and says “roles reversal” and acts as a demon…. But it was just a joke

anonymous asked:

What are your favorite tropes? Anything particular that you like extra much? And are there any tropes that you're also not particular fond of, and/or rubs you the wrong way? Just curious. I hope you'll have a good weekend. Sends hugs!

Hi anon!

I actually did a ‘tropes I like and nope tropes’ post a while back and dug that up.

And I wrote more recently about tropes I really love here.

Recently I realised I really don’t like soul mate tropes. Anything to do with like the ‘red string of fate’ or people with ‘matching numbers’ or glyphs or marks or whatever, can’t really stand it. I don’t mind people in a relationship calling each other soul mates once they’ve realised a profound love for each other, but I don’t like AUs / universes where soul mates are a thing. Tbh I find it squicky.

On the other hand I really like forced soulbonds, mostly to explore consent issues, lol.

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His words beat at her ears like the pounding of a drum, and suddenly it was more than Arya could stand. She wanted Riverrun, not Acorn Hall; she wanted her mother and her brother Robb, not Lady Smallwood or some uncle she never knew.

ASoIaF AU: Arya stays with Ravella Smallwood (but keeps trying to get away and find her family)
(requested by anonymous)

//  Anuk Steffen as Arya Stark and Eve Best as Ravella Smallwood (neé Swann)


“I might also need the files pertaining to the ‘Phantom Pregnancies’ as well.”

((A few quick sketches shedding a bit of light on Warden’s history with Murkoff and whatever happened before. Also, asks aren’t open at the moment. Please wait for the ask button to reappear :0 I usually make a re-opening post as well, so please be patient with me! Regular messages are welcome, though.

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@barbex You sneaky ;) I hope this is okay! :0 I thought Fenris going up on his tiptoes unexpectedly to kiss her would be cute (^u^)

Hope you like it! :D


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