also you can wear funny hats

hamilton + high school clothing headcanons


  • he stays up too late every night
  • and gets up too late every morning
  • so he just slips on random shirts and joggers like 15 minutes before school starts
  • only owns two pairs of shoes
  • gets too cold really easily
  • so he often wears hoodies over top
  • never wears matching socks
  • prefers scrunchies to thin elastics when tying his hair back
  • always carries around a tin of bobby pins
  • loses his glasses all the time 
  • refuses to use a normal backpack so he uses a messenger bag instead


  • always wearing shorts
  • no, literally, even in the dead of winter hes wearing shorts
  • he just wears tights underneath
  • (he gets hot way too easily)
  • the type of guy to go out in december with no jacket and tell everyone its not cold
  • has one coveted pair of black nikes hes had forever, but wears therapeutic sneakers if he isnt wearing them
  • athletic socks
  • bracelets??? you can bet he has a million always wrapped around his wrist
  • there are pride ones and beaded ones from peggy and best friends ones he and the boys got ironically
  • (but he actually loves them)
  • owns about 20 bowties that he never wears


  • shops at the thrift store or wears his own clothes
  • baggy sweaters/sweatshirts and distressed jeans/oVERALLs 
  • he has a thing for sweaters with elbow patches but one time alex said he looked like an old man (as a joke) so he doesnt speak of it 
  • has a million different beanies in different colours 
  • wears the same necklace hes had since he was a small child 
  • (its just dark wooden beads on a string) 
  • wears moccasins and burkenstocks exclusively 
  • hates socks with a passion 


  • really up to date with latest fashion trends
  • but he really likes courdoroy pants and turtlenecks
  • would rather die than than TOUCH a pair of sneakers
  • only ever wears boots or dress shoes
  • his go-to coat is a peacoat or a trench coat
  • sometimes he even wears a cloak if hes getting up to shenanigans and wants to get #in the mood
  • he might fill in his eyebrows. no body knows for sure
  • has his ears pierced and only ever wears small hoops or small jewels
  • owns ten of the same black beret and wears it ONLY when hes having a bad hair day bc he doesnt want to be #stereotypical


  • two words: 
  • high waisted 
  • she only wears high waisted mom jeans and shorts (that she cut into shorts from mom jeans) 
  • always tucks her shirts into her pants 
  • has a collection of cute leather belts 
  • basically only wears sandals and vans. and nothing else 
  • crop tops? hell yes 
  • tank tops? hell fuckin yes 
  • sweaters and cropped hoodies over top? very much yes 


  • sweet smocked sundresses or skater dresses 
  • wears tights underneath depending on the time of year 
  • also !!! pleated skirts and denim skirts with buttons down the front 
  • sometimes she’ll wear thigh high socks instead of tights though 
  • and she wears cute flats or heels if shes trying to look more sexy (which makes her feel flustered all day) 
  • as for tops, she’ll go for anything but she…. really has a thing for lace and mesh 
  • hair is always tied back. 
  • a l w a y s 
  • carries a purse and a backpack around school 


  • leggings and sweaters. 
  • thats…. it 
  • leggings, black coverse or her superstar adidas, ankle socks and baggy sweaters over top 
  • cant be bothered to do anything else?
  • (wears a baseball cap if shes having a bad hair day) 
  • in the summer, she might wear baggy tshirts instead or maybe she trades her leggings out for sport shorts 
  • always at a perfect temperature no matter what 
  • however, she wears different shades of lipstick everyday
  • like, shes never worn the same colour twice 
  • will BEGRUDINGLY borrow one of elizas dresses if she has to go to a fancy event 


  • short skirts (any kind, really) 
  • with blouses tucked into them 
  • and thigh high boots 
  • and chokers in all different sizes and colours 
  • paints her nails to coordinate with every outfit 
  • she wears exclusively holiday colours when it rolls around 
  • (christmas? you can bet shes wearing red for a month straight)
  • does her hair up in fancy styles every day 
  • but she also really likes floppy hats 


  • dress shirts and dress pants and dress shoes 
  • but funny ties 
  • they can be optical illusions or annoyingly bright patterns 
  • but he is wearing a noticeable tie no matter where he is 
  • however, when hes flustered or embarrassed, he holds it in his hand to make sure no body thinks lesser of him because hes wearing pugs on his tie 
  • has ten pairs of the ever classic heart boxers 


  • he only owns khakis and jeans
  • this boy rarely even touches sweatpants
  • polos are his go-to tops
  • wears belts, but still has his pants low enough that the waistband of his boxers are showing
  • he always keeps his wallet in his front right pocket
  • but… never takes it out in front of anyone and gets nervous/angry when they try and touch it
  • (its a batman wallet, obvs)
  • timberlands? yes
  • nike??? double yes


  • tshirts with logos and striped long sleeves underneath 
  • and jeans that are too short/too long or sweats 
  • has a package of kleenex in his pocket at all times 
  • but wont share because he doesn’t know which ones are used or not used 
  • uses the same pair of beige vans hes had since third grade
  • wears superman and spiderman boxers
  • sometimes he forgets to wear socks or wears ones that are different lengths


  • plain, single colour t shirts 
  • the most weird or abnormal colour he wears is eggplant purple and he loves that shirt to death 
  • it has a pocket and he puts his pens in there 
  • beige or brown khakis, sometimes blue jeans!!! 
  • he even owns a pair of red pants
  • but only wears them when his other pants are in the laundry 
  • tighty whities. hates boxers 
  • has a pair of white vans that everyone made fun of him for
  • bought all black converse next and people made fun of him for that too
  • didn’t want to buy anymore shoes

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hey sorry to bother but could you answer something for me please. im writing about the person i love for an english project and i chose giriboy hehe. could you describe his appearance, maneurism, and likes/dislikes? tysm! love your blog so much literally live for it

Sorry anon for replying so late but I hope you can still use this. I suck at explaining things so…Also nice choice choosing giri

Appearance: Has mono lids

His fingers!!!! They’re so long

He’s 178 cm aka like 5′10

60 kg

He has kinda a jokerish & gummy smile

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was usually seen wearing glasses, a bucket hat & supreme clothing (he’s such supreme trash it’s funny)

right now he has dark brown hair, parted in the middle

that’s all I can think of right now

mannerisms: tends to do this (0:30-0:40)

Tends to slur his words

Flips people off often

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gets sarcastic when dealing with hate (1:45-2:12)

sticks his tongue out sometimes

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when taking picture with someone he doesn’t show his teeth sometimes

Likes: Girl groups!!!!!(especially suzy of miss a & seolhyun of aoa)

Supreme (I swear half his closet is Supreme, he had a post on insta where almost all his clothes were Supreme)

two words: ONE PIECE 


All I can think of right now

Dislikes: Tablo (I’m kidding but still the rejection is real)

 I don’t really know I can’t think of anything

(Noel Fielding’s exclusive sketch of Ayrton Senna, felt-tipped lovingly for the Guardian Guide on a pre-paid envelope)

NOEL FIELDING: HOW DALÍ AND SENNA INFLUENCED MY LUXURY COMEDY - From the eyeball-slicing Spanish surrealist to the ‘enigmatic and spiritual’ Formula 1 driver, a who’s who of Boosh big-ups

Henri Rousseau

I’ve always been obsessed with the jungle. What I like about Rousseau is that he’d never really been to the jungle; he just painted an imaginary, fantasy jungle, which is probably more powerful. There’s something about your imagination that’s much more vivid and arresting than reality. If you went to the actual jungle it’d just be really annoying and full of spiders. We got my old art teacher Dexter Dalwood – who’s now a famous artist – to design my jungle hut, because I always used to rib him about ripping off Rousseau. We’ve dropped a lot of art references into the show: Willem de Kooning, Jeff Koons, Andy Warhol.

Salvador Dali

The first film that really inspired me creatively was Un Chien Andalou, the 10-minute film that Dalí made with Luis Buñuel. The eyeball-slicing scene is amazing; I just couldn’t believe that anyone could get away with making a film like that. The image that’s always stuck with me was one Dalí used several times in his paintings, of a giraffe on fire. The juxtaposition is so insane. I remember thinking as a kid, “That’s everything I want to do.” I also love the fact that he was always a showman. I saw a documentary about him the other day and he was walking around New York with an anteater and a load of dwarfs. Dalí is like the absurdist pope. He’s omnipresent: if you like weird stuff, you can’t get away from him.

Alejandro Jodorowsky

His films are so visually rich that they almost make you feel sick. They’re extreme, too: Jodorowsky was so delighted when he found a man on the street with one ear, because then he could make a false ear for the guy and have him pull his own ear off. We use shock tactics a little bit, but it’s for the laugh. In Jodorowsky an elephant dies and in the next scene you see a guy biting into its trunk. It’s so grotesque that it’s almost only the stuff of imagination, but Jodorowsky’s actually got someone to chew on a dead elephant’s trunk. In Luxury Comedy there are these two characters called The Audience. I’m like a weird harlequin in dungarees and my brother’s next to me on a stepladder in a racing driver’s outfit. He puts mashed potato into a bowl on my head, it goes through my body, and then a drawer opens up in my dungarees and the mashed potato comes out on a plate in the shape of a revolver. It’s a funny scene, but without any sound effects it actually becomes quite frightening.

Ayrton Senna

Can you be in love with a dead racing driver? I’m not even into motor racing, but I watched the Senna documentary and I just thought he was amazing: insanely good and completely single-minded, but also really enigmatic and spiritual. Everyone in this country’s quite frightened by spirituality. In South America they talk a lot about being guided by a force, which makes us panic: “What force? What did it look like? Was it wearing a hat? Who do I phone up to get my own force?” Senna’s like a modern-day hero. His racing was almost like an act of poetry because it was so extreme. I’ve taken to drawing him quite a lot, and we thought about doing an animation for the show with Senna as a kind of superhero. But then [Luxury Comedy co-director] Nigel said he looked like the Stig from Top Gear.

Richard Brautigan

He was a writer living and working in San Francisco at the same time as the Beats, although he later disassociated himself from that crowd. I like The Hawkline Monster, which is a gothic western where these two macho bounty hunters are hired to kill a monster, but when they get there the monster is just a gas. Brautigan’s a pretty amazing writer: his stuff is quite surreal, but it’s spiky as well. Sometimes you find yourself just reading the papers and watching crap on telly and you forget.

Beach goth <3

I often get asked about what I wear in the summer, but since it rarely gets hot here I don’t know if I can be of much help. But maybe I can provide some general tips :)

1: Less clothing, more jewellery! Wear as little clothing as possible but stock up on necklaces, earrings and rings, they’ll make you look cool while you keep cool (hahaha I’m so funny)
2: As for make-up, just fill in your eyebrows and maybe wear some lipstick. I personally can’t stand any more make-up than that in the heat, and it’s also bad for your skin.
3: Keep your clothing floaty and oversized. If you’re gonna wear black, try to avoid all the items being tight as well.
4: A wide brim hat keeps your face and neck out of the sun. And it’s really cool.
5: Invest in some awesome looking sandals, you’ll be wearing them a lot!

Hope I helped <3
Top and hat from H&M
Bag from Doc Martens
Everything else is thrifted

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Did you make all of those Cas Pop! Figurines? Cause the winged one! And the 2014 endverse! Cas!! Also, your Crowley Pop! Is awesome!

Sam: Welp, we had another round of peeps FOLLOWING and UN-FOLLOWING and RE-FOLLOWING an’ all that there.

Cas: Those young people nowadays, with their TEXTING and MURDER.

Sam: Yep!  So, mabes some INTRODUCTIONS are in order!  I’m SAM DA MOOSE, also known as MOOSIFER, an’ this is CAS.  We’ll show you some of th’ other PERSONALITIES.

Sam: These are CAS’S MINIONS.  You can tell ‘cause they wear FUNNY HATS.

Chief Minion: I’m the CHIEF MINION.

Sam: They do a lot of stuff around here.

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Sam: You missed a spot!

Sam: An’ these are the NEW GUYS, they just flew in from AUSTRALIA, from a place called POPCULTCHA.

Cas: G'day, mates!

Winged Minions: G'day!

Winged Minions: Put a shimp on the BARBIE!

Winged Minions: Happy WOOLLAGARONGA DAY!  Let’s go catch a WALLEROO!

Sam: This is where tiki does her CUSS-T'MIZIN’.  (It involves sayin’ a lot of WORDS I won’t repeat 'til I’m older.)  Anyways, she did my MOOSIFER SUIT, and also GABE an’ CROWLEY.


Crowley: I’m a CUSTOM too.  In addition, I have a POSH BRITISH ACCENT. 

Sam: Sometimes tiki gets a little OVER-AMBITIOUS with the CUSS-T'MIZIN’.  So here are 2014!Cas, and SERGEI.

2014!Cas: I’m from a HELLISH FUTURE WORLD where there is NO PIE!

Sergei: I am SERGEI!  You may call em SERGEI!  My MOOSETASHE makes me your GOD!

Sam: You may wonder, that’s an awful lot of Cas’s.  How the heck can we tell th’ REAL CAS?

Dean: Hey, Sammy!

Sam: Hey, Demon Dean.

Cas: Dean!

Dean: Cas!

Cas: Dean!

Dean: Cas!

Dean 'n Cas: ….

*****INTENSE STARIN’******

Sam: The truth is, that’s never been much of a PROBLEM!

Sergei: I am SERGEI!

Miinions: G'day!

French Maid Minion: *dust dust dust*

Sam: You missed a spot!

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Hi there! Sterek prompt ahed. It's a bit detailed cause' I got the idea from a movie scene I loved. So Derek, Stiles and Scott are going to some kind of music academy in NYC. Stiles and Scott come together from Beacon Hills, while Derek is from NY. When holiday break comes,Scott and stiles plan to go together back to hometown for the break, but stiles somehow misses the flight and Scott flies alone. Having no place to stay and no money to buy another ticket, Derek suggest stiles to stay with him

(Human AU, Christmas, fluff, angst -that’s it,  that’s the fic, just Chistmas and some fluffy angst. Read on AO3)

Stiles can’t believe it. Of all the days for the subway to completely go tits up, it’s today. He’s not even half-way to the airport, has no money for a taxi, and there’s only a half-hour left till his flight. He could try to walk, but the New York streets are busy enough during a normal day, right before the holidays it’s like trying to push through the crows to get to the stage at a One Direction concert.

He doesn’t respond to the first panicky texts Scott sends, asking Stiles where the hell he is. Finally, with only fifteen minutes till departure he texts Scott back to let him know he won’t make it. Fuck, he’d been really looking forward to this. He misses his dad, and Scott’s mom, and even the rest of their crappy little town. He’d wanted to stop by Mrs. Lavinia, his former piano teacher, and tell her how this year at Julliard has gone so far, it’s become a holiday tradition. He wouldn’t even be here if not for her.

Stiles watches the minutes go by dejectedly. He’s still in the subway station sitting on his suitcase, letting grumpy business people glare at him as they have to walk around him to find other means of transport. At the moment of the plane’s departure, he pockets his phone and starts making his way to the apartment he shares with Scott.

The place looks sad and empty when Stiles opens the door and flicks on the lights. They hadn’t decorated, they wouldn’t be here for the holidays anyway. Stiles drops his suitcase and makes a beeline for the piano. It’s a little crappy, but it works for practice. At least he won’t constantly need to reserve one of the piano’s at the school. Sometimes he’s a little jealous of the fact that Scott can just take his guitar with him everywhere he goes.

For the next couple hours Stiles plays whatever pops into his head. A lot of them are pieces he learned when he just started, simplified versions of Beethoven and Liszt, but after a while he moves on to Christmas songs. Partly because he likes them, but also because he’s a little bit of a masochist. He should be half-way to Beacon Hills by now, where he and Scott would play duets while his dad and Melissa prepare dinner.

A knock on his door pulls him out of a depressing rendition of Jingle Bells. When he opens the door he’s surprised to find Derek Hale on the other side. Derek was in a music theory class with him and Scott last year, and they’ve been friends ever since. When the apartment next to the one where Derek and his sister live became vacant, Derek had made a deal with the building manager so that Scott and Stiles could move out of their dorm and into the apartment. Most of the time it’s like all four of them live together.

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are u okay with white fans "ironically" being racist to u? it's like a domination thing...

The “IRONIC” part of most internet “IRONY” is when someone says something “IRONICALLY” they’re literally just subconsciously saying something “HONESTLY”.

I’ve dealt with racism, sexism, homophobia, gender dysphoria most of my life in mild and sever forms. Most do come from a place of “DOMINATION” or trying to make the victimizer feel superior than the target.

It’s funny tho, cuz growing up in a primarily mexican working class neighborhood kids would pick on me for being too white (I don’t speak spanish and my english accent is really white), then when I went to college in a primarily white middle class neighborhood I suddenly became too mexican (ppl would joke about me being poor and dumb a LOT). 

Which is strange, cuz mexican people literally only existed recently in the last 400 years when the spanish fucked all the native people and created what we know as mexicans and the side affect of this weird white supremacy in actual mexican culture. It exists in most colonized cultures, that the lighter you are, the closer you are to “GOD” but fuck that I like both skin tones equally.

also i’m a mixture of a lot of things like when i get the money i wanna get one of those dna testing things cuz my lineage is mixed as fuck.

Normally I ignore the fuck outta people who get all racist at me… like every once in a while I will get a fan saying stuff like… “I feel sorry for you, you’re so talented, or funny or something… too bad your mexican” comments and stuff like that used to offend me in a deep subconscious level, but after getting like 50 messages like that, you kinda turn it into a joke… that’s how i deal with it, it’s funny now, you can say racist shit towards me and I’m gonna laugh at it, cuz its stupid. but ya I ignore and usually block racist AF people… it’s more of a vibe thing, I can feel peoples vibes on the internet and I block based on vibes.

 I also re-enforce positive stereotypes in my videos, like having a mustache and a big hat, those stereotypes don’t really hurt anyone, i just like wearing big hats and having a nice mustache.

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How do you think each boy would react if you you threw underwear at them ( in Mikey's case a bra ) with your twitter name in at their show?

Ahhhh!!!!! Okay, I’m assuming you have never met them before.

5sos Blurb

I feel like all the boys would follow you on twitter after because it’s just something they would do. They always follow their fans.

Okay, so you would throw your bra on stage at Michael and I feel like he would pick it up and put it on his mic stand as some kind of trophy. Then he would make some dirty bra joke between songs. After he followed you on twitter, I’m sure that he would make a tweet about it and tell you he would treasure his first bra forever.

I also feel like you would throw a bra on stage at Calum and he would probably put it on his head like a hat. Like no jokes, I can honestly see him wearing a bra on his head. After the concert, he would get the security to take you back stage so you could meet and he would take a picture with you (without taking off the bra). After he would put the picture on twitter just to be funny.

Ohmygosh, Luke would be playing his little heart on stage and then you would hit him in the face with a pair of lace panties. At first, he wouldn’t realize what it was, but when he did, he would go all red and and get all flustered. He would begin to forget the lyrics. But Luke would sneakily pick up the panties and put them in his pocket, making sure to follow you later that night.

Honestly, I feel like Ashton would put on his mature act when you throw your underwear at him. Instead of saying his regular “Guys, no swearing!”, he would say, “Guys, no panty throwing”. He would still keep your panties though and tweet you later. He would tell you that you should really stop throwing underwear because he knows how expensive they are to buy.

Heheheh, I really had too much fun writing this.

Send in requests please :)