also you are mental and ily

when people demonize you so much for showing symptoms of your mental illnesses that when somebody says “it’s okay, you can’t help it. i can help you.” it makes you cry really hard

Protective(Jealous)!Peter Parker

Request: YOURE MY FAVORITE BLOG. pls always stay this awesome. can i have a protective peter parker imagine? i know its not much of a detail, honestlyy its upto u x
Being the worst fic writer, I promised a lot of imagines to be posted yesterday, yet I posted 0. I guess I’m under school stress right now, which we start tomorrow and I’m honestly not ready for it mentally. ALSO ILY ALL I GOT 500 FOLLOWERS LIKE WHAAAT???

Peter Parker being protective/jealous would include:

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-When he realizes someone is hitting on you, he would try to act like he didn’t see it,

-He would instantly pout,

-Also, he would glare at the guy so bad, if looks could kill, I would pray for that guy,

-He lets out loud sighs to get your attention,

-He would also be very touchy

-He would play with your hair, hold your hand tightly,

-When the person that has been flirting you also gets touchy too, he starts to losing it slowly,

-Because he also he knows you don’t want strangers to touch you,

-He becomes very overprotective,

-He would immediately wrap his arms around your waist,

-And would stare at you until you look back at him,

-He would try to act cool but miserably fail,


-“I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hit you in the face!”

-You would finally realize what was going on the entire time,

-You would giggle, thinking how adorable Peter is,

-“Were you jealous?”

-“Me? Jealous? Pfff… Not in a million years! Does he know I’m Spiderman though?”


-“But babe, I was just wondering, you love me right?”

-You would stare into his eyes deeply,

-“There are no reasons for you to doubt that.”

-Since he is not convinced yet, he sighs, thinking he doesn’t deserve you,

-But when you hold his face in your hands and kiss him passionately,

-He promises himself, he wouldn’t think for a second about you leaving him.

Girls who like girls are so beautiful and magical and made of star dust and glitter and I’m so so proud of all girls who have recently realised that they’re lesbians and all girls who have been Gay™️ As Hell from birth also – I love you all with every single fibre in my body and you deserve the entire world and nothing less

Hello guys 💖

Since my mental health isn’t at best lately and I’m kind of struggling, I’m sorry but I have to take a break from Tumblr to get my sh*t together.

However, I don’t want my blog to die, so I ask you - feel free to send me posts, pictures or whatever you want ELP related and I’ll try to log in every once in a while and to reblog them as queues.
Of course it’ll take me a while to reblog, but I will :)

(And if you have also not ELP related things feel free to send it to my main @chronical-music-fangirlism I need to keep some activity on also there😊)

Thank you so much for understanding and I’m sorry!!! 💖💖

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Not gonna lie,,,, but every time I see u in my notifications i die a little (ily)

Awww cutie! I just really like your blog, kept looking at it again and again today. I’m glad that makes you happy! I also get very happy when I see you in my notifications, especially when you reblog my art I mentally go!!!!! :D (Ily2)

Bye 2015. Ya frickin sucked.

Welp the year is done. Hella-lujah, this year was p shitty. But it was also p gr8. Shitty in mental health terms, gr8 in terms of, well, here I guess
So let me talk nice about my friends bc ily y'all are who made this year bearable. If the format messes up, I still have it set to where it’s separated enough to tell whose message is whose in case y'all wanna read it while I have go fix it yo :3c

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