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Gaaaah I dont want to sound like someone who got awfully triggered, and also ily both (like this is my fav mysme blog actually.) but I do not think its right to call Rika a snake. From what we learn in the game, Rika cannot be just labelled a "bitch". She has a mental illness (most possibly schizophrenia), just like Saeran does. If we can forgive Saeran (who is not all that innocent), why cant we forgive Rika? how is it her fault that she is ill mentally? She had no control over her actions.

I want to start out by thanking you for calling us your favourite, it means a lot! ^^

Then you’ve probably noticed from the beginning that I /completely/ respect others opinions (including yours, nonnie! ^^)

But I have to /completely/ disagree if you. Please hear me out as to why.

 I can forgive Saeran but not Rika solely for the fact that she is a /MANIPULATOR/. 

While it’s true that Saeran is in no way /innocent/, there’s room to forgive him because (although this is also /no excuse/ considering there are people who are in similar situations and grow up to be innocent) he was abused as a child, and he was /drugged/. In the secret endings you can tell that these drugs were /forced/ upon him, (by Rika, nonetheless!), and they appear to be some strong drugs that (like all drugs) mess with the chemicals in your brain.

Am I completely excusing anything Saeran did? No way, by no means, but I can /forgive/ him because he was solely carrying out the will of his “Saviour” and acting upon the /lies/ his drug induced brain had been fed.

As for Rika, what she did was not forgivable, and here’s why.

Your mental illness is not an excuse for your shitty behaviour.

I suffer from a few different mental illnesses, while none of them may be /Schizophrenia/ (which I wouldn’t really diagnose her with that off the top of my head, I’d have to go more for the Schizotypal Personality Disorder but that’s not what I’m talking about here) I know that, as an adult, 

I am responsible for my own actions.

Which means I am responsible for:

-Seeking my own help

-Knowing whatever actions I pursue have consequences

-Not creating a god damn cult and brainwash a child to bring harm to others

While yes, of /course/ I know it’s not her fault she may have a mental illness, it /is/ her fault that she decided to pursue running a cult carrying out dangerous actions. 

She, at one point, was going to therapy to talk through whatever problems she may be having at the request of V, but she stopped going just because she didn’t want to go.

That, right there, was when she took control of her actions and had /proven/ to me that she is, in fact, responsible for what she had done- not her mental illness. 

She refused helped because she “didn’t want to go”, (which I understand. Sometimes therapy is redundant and feels as though it’s no help at all, but to take action and hopefully help control your mental illness it’s a course of action you need to take) she decided then and there that she was going to do whatever she wanted, and not care about any and all consequences. She was going to get what she wanted.

What she wanted was a world where no one would be hurt, they’d be free to do what they want, yada yada yada I don’t remember /exactly/ what she told Jumin, but she didn’t pursue that. 

Instead, she /hurt/ a child by drugging him and feeding him lies just so she could have a lean, mean, killing machine. She created a cult completely ready to follow her every whim. She planned on using this power to eliminate the RFA and get the members under the same control she had over those in Mint Eye, and that is all /her fault/. 

Was she influenced by her mental illness? That’s a possibility, yes, but it was /her overall decision/ to do what she wanted and was going to use any means of manipulation and violence to get that.

And that, my friend, is why I will forgive Saeran, and never Rika. ~Admin 404

on advice for those with mental illness

so inb4 i get slapped with “we cant all be neurotypical KAREN” ill preface this with the fact that i have severe depression, generalized anxiety disorder, moderate to severe OCD (more along the hoarder spectrum), and ADHD. all diagnosed. i deal with childhood sexual trauma as well. my experience is not universal, but it is not in the slightest neurotypical.

so learning how to grow and start healing fucking sucks. it really does. at a certain point it gets easier to just stay in your downward spiral. i get it, i totally do. ive been there for over 10 years (im 21 at the time im making this) and its taken me years of therapy and personal work to get to where i am now. i would consider myself stable at best, but its leagues better than where i used to be. part of that is just being lucky with recent life events, but much of it is me actively working on my mental illness.

cognitive behavioral therapy helps a fuckton. part of that is exposure therapy. it starts with little things. FORCE urself to go outside sometimes. FORCE urself to let something be “clean enough” or “good enough.” you dont have to personally handwash dishes you want to use to know theyre clean. let something be imperect, but start small. FORCE urself to look into someones eyes when u talk to them, or at least look at their mouth. a lot of the early work is about breaking out of your habits, your spiral. and it is work, absolutely. i know executive disfunction and lack of spoons/energy very well. starting small and succeeding tells your brain that you CAN do it.

i also have impulsive, intrusive thoughts. that sort of this is common but for me, its nearly every second of the day. when you start to understand that these thoughts ARENT yours, that obsessions have a cause you can point to, it starts to get easier. often i get thoughts of screaming nasty, racist, homophobic, transphobic things and it used to terrify me!! i used to think that those thoughts defined me or were some sort of “secret personality” of who i actually am. theyre not. theyre just shitty things that you hear and see from other people and your brain KNOWS you dont like them. but things that you KNOW are wrong are very often subjects of intrusive thoughts, especially for OCD. these thoughts arent who i am, and even tho i have to fight to not let that impulse take over, its much easier when you know WHY things happen.

ive been in therapy for years and i only recently told my psychiatrist about my ocd spectrum symptoms. that shit happens. it can be hard to trust someone until youve known them for YEARS. i never even told anyone about that facet of my mental illness until about a month before i told him during a session. my parents dont even know yet (unless they still check out my blog in which case HEY MOM i have ocd but im working on it real good also sorry about all the furries ily)

i have control issues. pretty bad ones. ones where i feel the need to control every aspect of my own life and those of people close to me. ive learned how to talk to people to get what i want from them. ive spent years working on not acting on them. i give people free reign to do what they need to do and offer to help when i can. i make a point to feel the mood of a room and go along with it. i make a point to involve other people in teaching me abt things that they like. being supportive and patient is hard for me, but it makes other ppl feel welcome around me. its probably for an ultimate selfish reason (i feel good that people like me and feel safe around me) but who cares!!! everything in life is selfish. being alive and continuing to live is a selfish act. but its not bad.

its been commonly said that your initial thoughts dont define who you are, but what your words/actions end up being (barring certain mental illnesses that prevent that ofc). the moment my therapist told me that theres things in my life that i cannot control, that there doesnt HAVE to be a reason for everything, it kickstarted the best, healthiest moment of my life. and im definitely not saying that you NEED a therapist/psych to start healing. honestly, that shit he told
me is really simple in basic. but you need to learn how to reach out and ask for help. ask anybody you feel comfortable with for help. getting help does not make me weak, it means i have the capacity for growth.

HEALTHY coping mechanisms will overcome unhealthy ones. youve probably been learning and using healthy ways to cope since you were young and just didnt realize it. think about the way you currently deal with your illness and be proud of it! good and bad! youve survived, and youre still surviving! youre not lazy, or difficult, or a bad person; you just have much more work and effort to put in to do the seemingly basic things that neurotypicals do. you and i work so hard to get to the bare minimum that its exhausting. you have to keep pushing your limits, and i dont mean you have to start yoga (fuck that my brain doesnt slow down enough for that) or run every week (im not there yet either) but just start working on one thing. even if that one, tiny thing takes a month, guess the fuck what!! you did it! you improved, you grew, you started HEALING. the words grow and heal might seem a little cliche and overused, but thats exactly what it feels like.

drink more water, being hydrated makes you feel better. try to eat healthier (mashed potatoes are suuuper easy to make btw u dont even need exact proportions to make delicious tates that YOU made. hmu if u wanna know what i do), youll feel less lethargic over time. stand up a few minutes every 1-3 hours, youll be surprised how much it helps. yes, these sound like neurotypical points of advice, but im there with you. these things DO help. they dont cure you, but they can help expand the base of things you fine yourself able to do.

TL;DR for other ADHD folks: growing as a person is hard. it takes work, actually difficult work. start small. you can do it. eat a potato. thank you.


I’m really trying to get over this art slump, drew some TAU today to try and help me through. Get into the drawing mode and whatnot. 

I dunno. :V

Protective(Jealous)!Peter Parker

Request: YOURE MY FAVORITE BLOG. pls always stay this awesome. can i have a protective peter parker imagine? i know its not much of a detail, honestlyy its upto u x
Being the worst fic writer, I promised a lot of imagines to be posted yesterday, yet I posted 0. I guess I’m under school stress right now, which we start tomorrow and I’m honestly not ready for it mentally. ALSO ILY ALL I GOT 500 FOLLOWERS LIKE WHAAAT???

Peter Parker being protective/jealous would include:

Originally posted by jurassicparking

-When he realizes someone is hitting on you, he would try to act like he didn’t see it,

-He would instantly pout,

-Also, he would glare at the guy so bad, if looks could kill, I would pray for that guy,

-He lets out loud sighs to get your attention,

-He would also be very touchy

-He would play with your hair, hold your hand tightly,

-When the person that has been flirting you also gets touchy too, he starts to losing it slowly,

-Because he also he knows you don’t want strangers to touch you,

-He becomes very overprotective,

-He would immediately wrap his arms around your waist,

-And would stare at you until you look back at him,

-He would try to act cool but miserably fail,


-“I’m so sorry Y/N, I didn’t mean to hit you in the face!”

-You would finally realize what was going on the entire time,

-You would giggle, thinking how adorable Peter is,

-“Were you jealous?”

-“Me? Jealous? Pfff… Not in a million years! Does he know I’m Spiderman though?”


-“But babe, I was just wondering, you love me right?”

-You would stare into his eyes deeply,

-“There are no reasons for you to doubt that.”

-Since he is not convinced yet, he sighs, thinking he doesn’t deserve you,

-But when you hold his face in your hands and kiss him passionately,

-He promises himself, he wouldn’t think for a second about you leaving him.

  • when you're the only sensible one in the friend group: there are people with the mentality of that of a seven-year-old among me

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Hi I'm coming to you for this because ILY even though I don't actually know you. Please consider: what if Todoroki knows ballet. He doesn't like whip it out on the dancefloor but maybe Deku notices by the grace of his movements. Maybe Todoroki twirls once or twice just absent-mindedly when he thinks he's alone in a quiet room and Deku catches it passing by and fuckin DIES bc his crush is beautiful and also very cute. Sorry I'm gay for dancing u don't even have to reply to this

Oh my god the mental image of Todoroki absently just doing a little twirl and Deku seeing it and MELTING just kills me. I love it. Idk how realistic it is considering everything we know about Endeavor but it’s adorable and I love it. It’d definitely work out in a no-superpowers AU!!

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I totes support you in turning anon off!!! I did the same thing when I restarted my blog because of too many bullies taking that as an opportunity to tear others down. I'm so proud of you for rising above that and making your mental wellness a priority ♡ ♡ ♡ *hugs*

Ily omg you are so precious and I always love seeing you sparkling up my dash! Thank you so much. It’s sad because I noticed a lot of my other mutuals have also turned anon off because of the same problem. I’m sorry you’ve had to deal with nasty bullies too ):

Girls who like girls are so beautiful and magical and made of star dust and glitter and I’m so so proud of all girls who have recently realised that they’re lesbians and all girls who have been Gay™️ As Hell from birth also – I love you all with every single fibre in my body and you deserve the entire world and nothing less

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I'm confused, if my mom knew I was looking up gore and p0** at a very young age ( think 7-8 and did nothing to stop it) tells me to lighten up when I'm feeling depressed or even just standing around. And hates the fact that I'm trans make her like bad? Also if people like deny your memories and relationships as dreams or remembering it wrong for "funsies" is that bad? What about telling me to shut up when I'm like "Using gay as a insult = bad" and he " get over it and grow up." Bad=abusive

Sweetheart, all of that sounds abusive. What you described with denying your memories sounds a lot like gaslighting and by not taking care of your mental health she’s being neglectful to you. You don’t deserve that treatment, okay? You don’t deserve abuse. ily, wishing you the best, and I hope your situation will get better <3333

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Not anon cuz i aint a pussy ass bitch, yall i know andy irl and was there when his ex pulled her s h i t. You think him talkinh about his abuser is bad then yall are just flippin blaming the survivor. Also andy ily bro 💙

right? victim blaming out the ass. i thought we were all past that mentality by now

ily 2 dean 💕


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I can’t believe that thefitally is going to be walking across the stage in her first competition tomorrow. I remember reading a post from last year when everybody else was prepping for shows about how badly you wanted to walk across a stage and how you couldn’t wait to get out of your dorm to start prep; and look at you now! 1 day out! You were one of the first blogs I followed on here and looking back I’m amazed by how much you’ve grown as a person. You are one of the most dedicated, strong, beautiful, determined and hardworking girls that I know. I’m so happy to not only call you my friend but also my inspiration. I know that you’re going to blow the competition out of the water tomorrow. Seeing your progress throughout your prep and following your journey has been amazing. You are a clear representation of what strength truly is, both mentally and physically. I think that no matter the outcome of tomorrow’s show, you’ve already won in my books.

So I guess there’s a 13 mil meetup for Mark? I’m not a blog for him but I’ll go for it anyway.

So uh, hi. My name is Aya. That’s me up there. I run a Youtube channel named wanderyn. I mainly watch Mark, Jack, Eddsworld and Undertale stuff. I am an artist, voice actor and I make edits.

I found out about Mark when I watched his imscared playthrough. I didn’t really come back to his channel until I saw that video again, and when I saw his newer videos I fell in love (it was 2014 at the time).
My Youtube channel was created in 2011, but when I watched Mark’s videos again I wanted to make videos of my own. I started out with Minecraft animations (you won’t find them there anymore), and later moved onto voice acting. Now I have 13,000 subscribers, and 3,190 followers across my social media accounts, including this one.
I’ve had my fair share of mental disorders and hardships, and I still do, but I made a pledge to myself never to commit suicide, because there is a reason to live. Mark and Jack have both helped me realise that, and because of them I am 3 months clean and made my pledge.

When I found Mark’s channel in 2014, he had a few million subscribers if I recall. Now he has 13 million, and I’m so proud of how far he’s come these past 2 years.

So, here’s to another million.