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Klance Recs #2

A Kiss is a Kiss (But it’s never like this) by GibbousLunation (PG, 25k)
Summary: “How does this keep happening to us, every time.” Lance grumbled.

“You’d think they’d stop sending us on away missions,” he agreed. Honestly, between the poisonous plants of their last planet, and Lance’s tendency to always end up on the business end of every blaster or pointy ended stick, Allura was just being inefficient at this point.

Or, five times Keith kissed Lance but the situation was less than ideal, and one time Lance finally kissed him back. [5+1 Times]

supermassive black hole by epiproctan (NC-17, 7k)
Summary: Keith has always known that he wasn’t going to get what he truly wants out of the arrangement, but he also hadn’t ever imagined that it would just…end.

aka that classic fic where lance wants to stop hooking up but keith wants something else entirely [Friends with Benefits, Mutual Pining]

you never stood a chance by kagshina (PG, 12k)
Summary: lance to hunk ♡
>i’m gonna fukin die hunk oh mygod i sent
>keith a work out selfie that i wan supposed to fcukin send to you and you know what it said

(Or, Keith is beautiful, Lance has a crush, and there’s lots of shirtless selfies) [College AU/Snapchat]

Love and Other Questions by squirenonny (PG, 46.6k, WIP)
Summary: One week after news of the Kerberos disaster broke, Pidge receives a new Mark–proof that Matt is still alive. She breaks into the Garrison to find him, only to find herself caught up in the fight for the fate of the universe.

Keith keeps his arms covered so he doesn’t have to watch Shiro’s scars compounding on his skin–but doing so means cutting off contact with his romantic soulmate, who greets him each morning with a new (and terrible) pickup line.

Shiro and Matt thought they were the luckiest people alive when they found out they were going to Kerberos together. But Shiro hasn’t seen Matt’s untidy scrawl on his arm in almost a year, and he has no idea if his soulmate is even still alive.

[Canonverse Soulmate AU with romantic and platonic soulmates (and some gray areas in between)] [Soulmates and Soulmate Marks, WIP]

Save a Horse (But Also Spare the Cowboy) by Mytay (PG, 0.8k)
Summary: “Keith, did you just break out your Texas for me? Did you just make a space cowboy pun for me?”

“No. Also, the fact that bad jokes turn you on explains so much.”
[Space Cowboys]

Seven Minutes by LanceMcLame (PG, 2.2k)
Summary: Pidge never should have mentioned sleepovers to Allura.

That was the only thought in Lance’s mind right now, as he tried to make himself comfortable on the awkward nest of blankets, pillows, and sleeping bags. This was all Pidge’s fault. They’d offhandedly mentioned something about having a sleepover party once with their friends, and Allura had immediately picked up on the idea, insisting that it’d be “an excellent team-building opportunity”. And that was how the five Paladins of Voltron and the two Alteans had ended up building a sort of fort in the bridge of the Castle of Lions, and playing the most heinous game known to mankind.

Truth or Dare. [Team Bonding]

Your Love Has Shown Me Proof by freshia (PG, 22.4k)
Summary: “This situation is a bit more complicated than we initially realized.”

Lance raises an eyebrow, but Pidge is the one to question that. “Define complicated.”

Allura takes no more time beating around the bush, “Well, I received a transmission. Keith and Lance–from the future, that is–would like to have their daughter back.”

or: Lance and Keith deal with a walking spoiler, in the form of a little girl who just wants to get back to her own home. [Time Travel, Kid Fic]

dynamic by kagshina (PG, 13.5k, WIP)
Summary: “So, uh,” Keith starts, and Lance notices the way he shifts, like he’s not quite sure how to say what he wants to say. “How are we gonna…do this?”

Before answering the question, Lance makes a quick list in his head of things he should never do:
Ask the boy he has a huge crush on to be his fake boyfriend for the sake of proving a point (even if Lance thinks he’s going to say no, because apparently he might actually say yes!) [Fake/Pretend Relationship, WIP]

You stole a BABY?! by genericfanatic (PG, 24.3k)
Summary: The castle ship has a new stowaway, and Keith and Lance must figure out how to take care of them without alerting the rest of the crew. [Kid Fic, Accidental Baby Acquisition]

Rushing To Say Nothing by LynnLarsh (NC-17, 36.7k)
Summary: “What the hell was that?” Keith says, sounding strangely pissed. Probably jealous; whatever happened, Lance is a lucky son of a bitch and Keith knows it.

Coran clears his throat before answering, and when Lance finally pulls his eyes away from the crowd, that purplish blush from earlier has increased to a noticeable shade of violet across his cheeks. “It seems our boy Lance here has just been propositioned by the local brothel.”

A.k.a. That time Lance went into an alien brothel to prove a point and came out perhaps a little too enlightened.

The Little Things by fairietailed (G, 1.6k)
Summary: On Friday Hunk can hear the two of them behind him as they walk to the control room, and he swears he hears something akin to a kiss, and Keith whispering.

“That’s 10-7, Cargo Pilot. Try catching up.”

When Hunk turns around Lance is bright red, and there’s a foot of space between him and Keith.Or maybe he’s imagining things? [Secret Relationship]

Marital Mayhem by genello (PG, 26k, WIP)
Summary: Cornered by the Galra, Lance and Keith find shelter in a local temple. There’s just one problem—the natives seem to think the two of them are engaged. [Fake/Pretend Relationship, WIP]

Burning Love by TeaAndKittens (NC-17, 7k, WIP)
Summary: An injury sustained on the job for firefighter Keith means an extended medical leave that makes him feel useless and angry. He’s so desperate to get back to his crew at Station 5 that he’s almost willing to try anything - except yoga. Especially after Hunk calls this friend of his that owns a yoga studio and Keith gets supporting evidence for his claim that only crazy people practice yoga.

Somehow, despite all of that, Hunk and Shiro manage to bully him into at least trying it. He shows up for that first class expecting to hate it. What he’s not expecting is for Hunk’s friend to be hot like the fire of a thousand suns. Or even more insane in person.

Or: Keith’s life. So Hard. [Firefighter/Yoga Instructor AU, WIP]

if you’re ready by rhapsodyinpink (PG so far, 2k, WIP)
Summary: “Why was I wearing a wedding veil?” Lance asks, eyes narrowing in confusion.

“Oh wait..wait, shit! Shit! Did I marry a hot babe last night? Talk about a wild birthday!” Lance crows, waving his arms with glee.

“No,” says Keith. “You married me.”

In which the paladins visit Las Vegas for Lance’s 21st birthday, Keith and Lance get married, Allura goes missing, Pidge gets arrested, and Shiro goes to the spa. [Accidentally Married in Vegas - still in universe not au! WIP]

Dancing for Voltron and Follow My Lead by The_Sickfic_Sideblog (PG, 2k total)
Summary: Lance has a hidden talent. It’s not hidden for long. [Dance Skills Lance]

Seven Days by MilkTeaMiku (NR, 63.5k, Series)
Summary: The Galra has a new weapon that de-ages the Paladins into babies for a week. [De-aged/Kid Fic]

Thank God For Hometowns by merycula (thanksillpass) (PG, 6.5k)
Summary: Lance tells his grandparents that he has a boyfriend to get them off his back, and is forced to ask his neighbor Keith to pretend to date him when they come with a visit. [Fake Dating]

seeing him for the first time (again) by breadpoetsociety (G, 1.5k)
Summary: “Who are you?” Keith demanded, excitedly putting his free hand to his cheek. “What’s your name?”

“Eat the cracker, Keith.”

“Did god send you? Are you an angel?” Keith didn’t look very frightened as this concept of being dead worked its way out of him. Lance ran a hand through his own hair, smiling wryly.

“Please, eat the cracker, Keith.”

“What’s your name?” Keith’s voice cracked, desperately, excitedly. “Please. Who are you?”

“My name is Lance,” Lance paused, nerves sitting uncomfortably in the bottom of his stomach– deep, in the part he never searched. He licked his lips and ran a hand through his unwashed hair. “I’m, um, I’m your fiancé.” [Amnesia]

On Thin Ice 
by Minadora (R, 150k, WIP)
Summary: This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater. [Ice Hockey/Figure Skater AU]

Larry Fanfic Reading List

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Or Brûlant 

Or the one where Harry is the new ballet teacher, despite him being younger than everyone in his class, and Louis is less than impressed by his inescapable talent. They sort themselves out eventually.

6 Weeks

When Harry takes the afternoon shift at the cafe, he meets a boy who drinks a lot of tea and never remembers his umbrella.

Carried Away Like Butterflies

It was probably a huge mistake for Louis to let his former One Night Stand move into his spare room, especially when said One Night Stand doesn’t seem to remember him.

Now You Know Me ( For Your Eyes Only)

au where harry and Louis are solo artists and they’re not exactly friends per se but they’re friendly, know each other from industry parties and things like that and there’s always been this weird unspoken sexual tension between them and Louis’ always kinda confused bc isn’t harry the biggest ladies’ man in the industry?? and one day harry asks Louis to collab with him and of course Louis says yes even tho he’s kinda surprised and harry plays the song for him and Louis is completely blown away by how beautiful it is and it’s a love song and he’s like damn whoever this is about is lucky as fuck bc it’s clearly written from personal experience so they spend all this time together recording and it’s super bittersweet bc they click right away and it takes Louis about three seconds to realize he has a huge fucking crush on harry but on the other hand harry clearly had someone in mind when he wrote the song so the last day of recording comes and Louis’ like “thanks for having me on the song” and harry just shrugs and is like “well it just seemed fitting bc the song is about you”

Looking Through You

Just as Louis and Liam were starting out in the music industry, writing and producing for up and coming artists, a fateful meeting with new pop singer Harry Styles changes everything. Four years later, just as Harry is set to embark on his next world tour, a drunken confession causes a rift between once inseparable friends. As Harry tries to make sense of his feelings for Louis, he begins writing his next album to express them as it may be the only way to break through the walls that Louis has built between them.

Chasing Empty Seats

The year is 1934 and Harry Styles was to inherent the largest tobacco firm in the south. His parents have picked out the “perfect” girl for him to marry and he has the privilege of receiving the highest education possible. The problem was, Harry hadn’t realized he didn’t actually want any part of that future until he met a mechanic named, Louis Tomlinson.

When It’s Late At Night

Louis has zero interest in an ex-boybander turned solo artist when his appearance on the show gets announced, but that’s exactly who he gets stuck with when Harry Styles shows up at the Late Late show to promote the release of his debut album. For an entire fucking week.

Heaven’s Just Begun 

Harry is wholly convinced he’s quite literally a sad excuse for a young adult, but this doesn’t seem to stop the “boy next door” from developing the world’s biggest crush on him.

Do Not Go Gentle

A Grey’s Anatomy AU where tensions are high, Harry and Louis are hooking up in secret, and no one has time for love. Or do they?


Louis was captain of the state championship high school soccer team. Harry was that gorgeous, scarf-wearing, long-limbed British kid in his art class. They weren’t supposed to be friends.

But somewhere along the line, Louis Tomlinson opened the locked mystery that was Harry Styles.

Freeze This Moment in a Frame and Stay Like This

Harry (not so) secretly crushes on the cute footie player and fills pages with sketches of him.

Nothing Please Me More Than You

Or…the one where Louis is a barista and Harry is the hot dude that comes in every day and does nothing except sit in the corner, writing in his notebook, all day long. But what Louis learns when he sneaks a peek inside the notebook changes everything.

Little White Lies

“I lied when I got my job.

I told them I had a kid so I could leave early ‘to pick him up from day care’, to take him to doctors appointments and occasionally miss a day 'when he’s sick’. Long story short – I’m in too deep. I didn’t think this through.

Looking to rent a kid for bring your child to work day. Must be a boy aged 4 to 6 with curly hair who plays soccer, essentially he has to look like the stock photo in the frame on my desk. Also must be artistic as the macaroni noodle drawings I made seem a little advanced for someone his age. He also needs to respond to 'my Little Picasso’ as that’s what my spouse and I call him. Also I will pay extra for someone willing to play the role of my spouse when dropping him off. His name is James, he’s named after his grandpa and he’s a defense attorney who often brings his work home.

You know what, just message me for the details, serious inquiries only. H.”

Yell “Penis” For Password

Harry moves in to a new flat, and upon checking the wifi access, happens to find one demanding a very peculiar set of instructions. He makes the decision to follow them, which leads to a very interesting series of events.

There was a Reason I Collided With You

AU where Louis and Harry are neighbors who meet in the elevator of their apartment one morning and it becomes a routine for them. Louis pines a lot. Then one day, Harry doesn’t show up at the elevator like he usually does, and well, Louis might panic.

You Lost Your Shoes as it Started to Rain

harry works in an american bakery but he doesn’t know what scones are and he somehow meets a British boy named Louis.


“I hope our paths will ‘croissant’ again.”

There’s a little smiley face drawn next to the words, and it’s ridiculous, Louis knows, but he can’t help the swell of butterflies that he feels as he reads over the words once more. An odd fellow indeed, he thinks.

A moment later he shakes his head and collects himself, because he really does need to get home; he’s sure that Harry is probably watching him from behind the counter, all sweet, smug smiles and pink cheeks. And if he’s being honest, he’s not entirely sure he won’t toss his groceries into the trash and walk straight back into the bakery if he doesn’t leave now, so… he really does need to get going.

Before he goes on his way, though, he plucks the note from the top of the container and carefully tucks it inside of his wallet to protect it from the rain.

That’s how it begins.

Hearts Don’t Break Around Here

Or: the one in which Harry’s having his big movie debut and Louis sings on it’s soundtrack.

The Boys of Summer

Harry is in love with Louis and would have given anything to be his partner for the end of term literature assignment. Louis is the only kid in the class who can get away with anything, and all he wants is the attention of the pretty boy with the curls across the room. Featuring lots of banter, pining, flirting, and Fionn as an unwilling Cupid.

The Pink Album

Or, a love seven years in the making, inspired by Harry’s debut album.

If its Me You’re Looking For

Louis has a bad habit of getting drunk before he confesses–or maybe it’s the other way around. AU. 


A collection of Larry Fanfics the I plan on reading lol.

updated: 08/27/2017

Taken For Granted (pt 7)

The day had finally come. Your three months were up! You woke up feeling more refreshed than ever and while you were going to miss the boys, you were happy to finally get the job done. Even better yet, the boys had a rather light schedule today, so you wouldn’t be too tired either. 

As you got to work, you were met with frowning faces as the got7 boys greeted you. The boys had gotten close to you rather quickly and you only realized now how much you were going to miss them. It’s not like you had many chances to see them again in the future, nor were you in any position to run into them either. For the rest of the day, your mood slowly got sadder as you realized that your time with the boys was coming to a close, but you tried to be as optimistic as you could. Soon, the boys’ schedule for the day had ended and you were all sitting on the car, on the way to get dinner. 

“Are you really leaving us?” asked Jackson. 

“Yah! I didn’t know you were leaving JYP altogether! Why’d we have to find out from someone else?” asked Jaebum. It’s not like you didn’t mean to tell them, you just had genuinely forgot.

“oops” you said as you giggled. “I think it’s time I leave the field and try something new!” you continued.

“Oh right! Namjoon and Jin Hyung were saying you might be into music composition? Don’t forget us when you’re famous!” said BamBam.

“Hey, nothing is set in stone. I don’t even think I’m that good, but I wouldn’t mind giving it a shot and see if I actually can make a living off of it” you said. 

“Hey, from what Jin hyung said, you’re really don’t have much to worry about, ok? Just try your best. If anything, you’ll always have a job here at JYP” said Jinyoung.

“Thank you, oppa” you said warmly. 

“Ok, well I really don’t plan on sulking around tonight and we promised you a great dinner, noona! Lets goo!” said Yugyeom, as the car parked into a rather fancy restaurant. 

You spent the remainder of the night talking and laughing with the boys and eventually, the night had come to an end as well. You drove with the boys back to their dorms and hugged each of them goodnight and goodbye, wishing them well.

“Keep in touch, Y/N, seriously. Don’t make us ask about you from the others!” Jackson said, crossing his arms and huffing.

“Yes yes, I’ll keep in touch. Don’t forget me when you get even more famous, boys!” You said, waving at them.

“YOU don’t forget US when you become a hit producer, ok?” asked Mark. 

You giggled and finally the boys finally made their way in. You sighed, realizing the job was now done. 

You finally got home, later than you were expecting, and wanted to just curl up in bed after showering. You didn’t know when to reach out to Jin, especially since they were still busy promoting as well, and you pondered these thoughts as you let the warm water slowly relax you. 

You didn’t feel tired anymore after showering, and so you decided to make some hot coco and curl up on the couch instead. You turned on the TV and decided you could have a marathon seeing as you had nothing to wake up early for anymore. You should be worried that you were now considered unemployed. But you were always smart with money and you had saved enough to live without working for at least a year. 

As the first episode started playing, you saw your phone vibrate on the coffee table and to your surprise, Jin had texted you. You smiled immediately after seeing his name. You realized that this was now becoming a common occurrence.

You couldn’t stop smiling, even as your conversation ended. You didn’t know what exactly you were excited for tomorrow. To see all the boys again? To learn more about music composition? Or were you most excited to see Jin? 

Meanwhile, Jin couldn’t stop smiling either. He had this smile on his face, and if you paid enough attention, you could even see a light blush on his cheeks as well. He was sitting in the dining table, along with Namjoon and Jimin and the boys were starting to take notice of their hyung’s weird behavior. 

“Hyung, why were you smiling at your phone this entire time?” asked Jimin.

“Oh, uh, nothing” Jin said, forcing himself to stop smiling. But then he thought back to your cute banter with him and he started to smile again.

“Look, there it is again. You have this stupid smile plastered on your face and it’s creeping me out, hyung!” Jimin said, pointing at his face.

“Hyung, he’s got a point” said Namjoon. He had a hunch of who Jin might have been texting, but he tried to push that thought out of his head. Nothing would ever happen between Jin and you, he thought. He just thought Jin always saw you as a cute younger sister. Nothing more, and nothing less. Boy, was he going to be in for a rude awakening. 

“It’s probably Y/N noona!” said Jungkook, emerging from somewhere. 

“How’d you know?” asked Jin, surprised. 

“Yugyeom told me that you two have been flirting back and forth recently? Like apparently our hyung even winked at her?? Eww hyung, she’s my noona” Jungkook said, jokingly.

“Yah, she’s not your real sister. And what I do with her is not your business?” he says back. 

“Wait seriously hyung?? I thought Yugyeom was just joking” said Jungkook, genuinely surprised. 

“NOOOOO” the boys all heard from the living room. “Y/N IS MINE!” Taehyung yelled. 

“Yah, shut up, the neighbors will complain!” said Yoongi. They could hear the frustration in his voice. 

“Wait, hyung, are you seriously dating Y/N??” asked Hobi, also coming out from the living room.

“I’m..I’m not dating her.” Jin said, rather sadly. He had liked you ever since he had first met you and he always seemed to disregard his feelings, always saying it was just a small crush. But over the years, his crush had turned to full-fledged feelings and he couldn’t ignore his feelings anymore. But then it seemed like you were interested in Namjoon, and it discouraged him from confessing. If anything, he teased you about your feelings for Namjoon and though his heart hurt, he couldn’t do much else. Though you always denied your feelings for Namjoon, Jin knew that there must be something there. 

So when you suddenly stopped looking at Namjoon the way you did, he jumped at the opportunity. Maybe he should have figured what went on between you two, but he decided to chase his own happiness for once. And look how well it was going. 

Maybe he was lying to himself, but he swore that you two were just flirting over chat. It wasn’t like the usual banter that you two had. And the way you would look at him when you ran into him over the last few weeks made his heart skip a beat. And when you blushed when he had winked at you, he almost knew for sure that he was going to confess this time around. 

“But you two are flirting?” Jimin said. Jin turned to face Jimin who now had his phone and was reading through his messages with you.

“Give that back!” Jin said, trying to reach for his phone, but before he knew it, Jimin took off from the table and began reading his messages out loud so the al the boys could read. 

Jin tried to chase Jimin and silence him, but it was no good. Soon, the entire conversation was read and Jin’s face was almost beet red. 

“Omg, and she’s flirting back!” Jungkook said. “I didn’t know she felt that way about hyung!” said Jungkook. 

“NOO I thought I had a chance with Y/N!” said Tae, pretending to pout. Yoongi smacked the back of his head. 

“Yah, Jimin, give the phone back to hyung. You don’t get to read his messages out loud. They’re personal” Yoongi said, all serious. Jimin pouted and handed Jin back his phone.

“Thank you, Yoongi!” Jin said, happy that someone was on his side.

“So…when are you going to ask her out?” Yoongi continued. 

“YAH not you too!” Jin exclaimed. Yoongi just laughed to himself. 

“Well, I personally think you guys would make a nice couple” said Hoseok. Jin’s face turned even more red than before. 

“Awh, look at hyung blushing!” Said Jungkook, poking at Jin’s cheeks. 

“As long as you guys don’t interfere, things will be fine!” Jin said, finally standing up and walking to his room. But what Hobi had said rang in his ears. “Me and Y/N finally a couple? Wahhh” Jin said to himself silently. 

Jin finally went to sleep with thoughts of you in his head. And how excited he was to see you tomorrow. 

Namjoon meanwhile just sat there and watched everything unfold and he didn’t like it one bit. He stayed quiet and none of the boys really seemed to notice. When Jin had told him that he wanted him to help him help you with music production, Namjoon thought it would have been the perfect chance to finally get to know you better and make things right. Hopefully it would have led to something more. 

But he should have known that your feelings for him were long gone. But that didn’t mean he had to stop trying?

And if you really did have feelings for him before, who was to say they were completely gone? He just had to reignite them. What you were feeling for Jin was just some puppy love, he thought. 

He knew he shouldn’t come in the way of his hyung’s happiness, but what about himself? He knew that someone was going to get hurt in this process, but he was going to try his best to make sure that things would end up ok.

A/N: I think the plot is going to be moving a lot faster after this part. I can see this series also ending at part 10. Look forward to it! 

Previous parts: Part 1  Part 2 Part 3 Part 4 Part 5 Part 6

Professor Winchester (Dean Winchester x Reader AU) Chap. 1

Professor Winchester Masterlist

Word Count: 2,613

Professor!Dean Winchester x Reader AU

Summary: A few years after being accepted into your dream college, everything’s going well. Your grades are good, your social life is booming, all your assignments are easy…  Except for the damn essay that Professor Winchester assigned you. Based off this request.

Chapter Warnings : Language, alcohol usage, mentions of sex, mentions of student/teacher relationships

‘Similar to the effects of the mythical creature the basilisk, Medusa…”

You groan out as you sit at your kitchen table, your fingertips typing away at your laptop in an attempt to start the introduction paragraph of your research essay that’s due tonight. You tend to be a procrastinator, which never works well, and more often than not leaves you immensely stressed out.

You shake your head, deleting the first sentence all together before taking a long sip of coffee. Only three hours to get the essay done. Three hours until the deadline. Damn Professor Winchester for giving you such a challenging topic.

Normally, you love his class. He’s easily one of the most laid back, chilled out professors you’ve had throughout your three years at the University of Kansas. His love for Greek Mythology is unlike anything you’ve seen before. His lectures are nothing short of interesting, as he somehow manages to make even the most minuscule of things seem like the most amazing thing in the world. The tests are hard, but as long as you pay attention and take notes in class, you’ve always been fine.

Unfortunately for you, the subject of your essay that Professor Winchester had assigned you is something that you’ve yet to go over in the class, leaving you completely clueless.

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anonymous asked:

could you write the got7 maknae line neighbour!au,,,,i love your writing btw

find the other members (here


  • specifically chose an apartment with enough space for a piano,,,,,,,which means his living room is just his piano and like a rug there isn’t any room for anything else,,,,,,
  • but that’s fine with him because he has his computer set up in the bedroom so he can play games and that’s all he really needs in his life youngjae is a simple man with simple hobbies
  • he also won’t admit it but he spent more money on coco’s bed than he did on his own (definitely waited for ikea’s end of year sale or something for that)
  • keeps everything pretty minimal in style, beige’s and whites. tries to keep his place tidy because he knows it would make his mother proud and he wants to leave as much open space for coco to play around
  • more dog toys in his apartment than there is furniture 
  • the neighbors all know him as ‘debussy boy’ because in the spring/summer when youngjae has his windows open the neighbors can hear him practicing clair de lune and it’s such a relaxing melody that someone will shout “encore!” just to hear youngjae play it again
  • he’s also just a really sweet, mannered guy so most of the neighbors don’t mind his music and some of the moms keep asking him to offer piano lessons so they can bring their kids over to be taught by him
  • and that’s exactly what he does because hey, rent is getting higher and making some extra money on the side is never a bad thing
  • but most of the time he can’t even bring himself to take the neighbors money,,,,,,,,,he ends up teaching on donations that the parents have to literally push onto him
  • and you’ve never been really interested in learning to play the piano,,,,,but you’ve lived across from youngjae for half a year now and every time you hear him play it’s like ,,,,,, it’s like stepping into a fairytale 
  • not to mention that when you see him, with that eye smile of his and that adorable innocent aura,,,,,,,like ok ok you might maybe have developed a little crush or whatever,,,,,,,,
  • so one day you as you’re taking the elevator up with him, talking about the weather, you suddenly go “i heard you teach piano lessons - can i possibly sign up for one?”
  • and youngjae seems a little surprised, mostly because his students are all children 
  • but even with his cheeks getting more red he tells you that sure, he’s free this sunday
  • and before you ring his doorbell on sunday afternoon you check your hair and straighten your shirt like one hundred million times but when you finally do, youngjae opens the door and apologizes in a stutter for the mess (there isn’t any mess tho lmao)
  • and you follow him to the pretty piano in the middle of his living room and you’re like “where’s your tv? o:” and youngjae is like “no ,,,, room,,,,,,,,,,, i watch whatever i can on my laptop!” and you’re like “you must really love playing the piano, it’s like this apartment is dedicated just to this instrument”
  • and you don’t even mean to make him embarrassed, but youngjae has to hide his face for a bit because he’s blushing and once you both sit down on the bench you confess you don’t have the first clue about what you’re doing
  • and youngjae finally seems less shy, smiling and putting his fingers on the keys and teaching you slowly what sound each one makes
  • and the time passes so fast as you two sit side by side and youngjae’s voice is so gentle and his laugh makes your heart beat a little faster
  • and then you try to play something on your own, but you’re clumsy and suddenly youngjae puts his hand over yours, guiding your fingers along the keys
  • and only when you’re done does he realizes that you’re basically holding hands and he’s like “aH IM,,,,,,,,SORr,,,,,,y,,,,,,,,”
  • and he moves his hand away but you’re like looking down trying not to hide the fact that you’re really happy ,,,,,,,, plus his skin had been so warm
  • two shy cute people that obviously think “they’re so cute” about each other but can’t even look into each others eyes 
  • and you thank youngjae for the lesson when coco starts weaving between your feet, nudging youngjae and asking him to take her on her walk
  • and youngjae is like “it’s no problem,,,,,if you want,,,,,,,,,you can come again,,,,,,,next week,,,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like “i’d love to!” and then you look around in your pockets for the money you had brought but youngjae stops you and he’s like “i won’t,,,,,,,,,,,think of these as lessons more like,,,,,,,d,,,,,,,,da,,,,,,,”
  • and you’re like omg does he want to say dates?????
  • and youngjae can’t bring himself to do is he’s like “like d,,,,,,da,,,dat,,,,” and you giggle and say it for him and he’s like yES,,,,if that’s ok,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • and you’re like that’s more than ok and you’re like if you won’t take cash payment then can i kiss you on the cheek instead??
  • and youngjae would melt into a puddle if that was humanly possible but he nods and when you press your lips to his cheek you pull back fast and youngjae wants to say something
  • but coco’s barking cuts you two off,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • it’s cute though you both lie in the bed that night thinking about how you could go from being neighbors to being much more,,,,,,


  • gets in trouble with the landlord because he throws parties every weekend 
  • but he always gets away with it because the neighbors are like “he’s a young boy, let him live!!!!” and also bambam has killer puppy dog eyes. they’d work on just about anyone,,,,,,,,,,,,,,minus like jinyoung
  • his apartment is a Mess. like im talking a real m e s s. his bedroom is just an assortment of clothing thrown into piles with shoes and accessories everywhere,,,,,,,half the time he ends up sleeping using an t-shirt as a pillow 
  • the only thing he keeps clean is a Buddhist shrine he keeps in his room as per request of his mom and if anyone even tries to go near it he’s like “i WILL chop your hand off” ,,,,,it’s really important to him
  • but yeah his living room is just,,,,like no one is sure what’s going on,,,he’s got like weird art on the walls and a neon sign he bought on impulse and like ,,,,, empty bottles from drinks and take-out cartons and underwear hanging off a lamp ???? glitter on the floor who even knows
  • his kitchen is even worse like when does he even do the dishes. does he even own dishes? nope bring your own dishes if you plan to not eat off like a frisbee when you come over
  • you know bambam at first because you hear about his parties, literally like you hear the party through your wall
  • and ten minutes later there’s a ring at your doorbell and some dude named jackson is inviting you over since there’s free drinks and food
  • and you’re like you know what ill go and that night you get introduced to bambam, who is apparently trying to attempt some kind of high speed dab balancing a bottle of water on his head and you’re like “why he’s doing that”
  • that jackson kid is like “oh, he’s doing it for instagram”
  • and as you continue being neighbors with bambam you find out he does a L OT for instagram
  • which is fine like,,,,,,,,,,,kids and their social media these days but before you know it you end up being asked by bambam himself for some help
  • and so you’re standing in his living room, holding up his phone and you’re like “are you sure this is a good idea?”
  • and bambam, who is attempting to do a handstand is like “anything for the internet is a good idea”
  • and you’re sighing like ok but if you come tumbling down im not going to catch you
  • and you start recording as he tries to lift both arms up at the same time to dab “upside down” which of course is a total failure like you predicted
  • and he goes falling legs, something sounds like it cracks and you’re like
  • “…………..bambam don’t move i think you might have broken your arm” and bambam whose just laying there motionless is like,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, “i can’t move,,,,,,,,,,,it hurts,,,,,,,,”
  • and you don’t want to be an asshole and just leave him all alone once the ambulance comes so you tag along and the EMT is like “so what exactly happened?” and you’re like “he ,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,, fell while working out.”
  • and you’re not sure if he believes the lie you’ve just told but the EMT shrugs and is like “it looks like nothing is broken, your boyfriend just has a fracture.”
  • and you want to be like boyfriend??????? since when excUSE me 
  • but bambam makes a sound of pain and you’re like “ok ok don’t worry, you’re not dying”
  • and somehow you find yourself staying by his side in the emergency room and after the doctor has patched him all up you go out and get the two of you some coffees from the vending machine
  • and bambam is sitting up in the bed and you’re like “let me the first person to sign your bandage” and you scribble something like “don’t ever dab upside down again” and bambam laughs
  • but also,,,,,, he looks up at you and there’s something sincere in his eyes when he tells you that he’s really thankful for you staying with him and that you’re really a good neighbor
  • and you’re not sure what’s gotten into you, but bambam looks so handsome,,,,, maybe because you’ve never been so close to his face before but his features are so gorgeous
  • that you have to look away and conjure up a laugh to hide your embarrassment from locking eyes with him
  • but knowing bambam he’s sly and he’s caught on
  • and you feel his free hand wrap around your waist and pull you closer and you’re like “oh!??” and he’s like 
  • “you took care of me, so how about i pay for our dinner tonight?” and you’re like “bambam can you even get your wallet out with one hand?” and he’s like “i can try, for you.”
  • and you have the urge to like pinch him for being greasy all of a sudden but also like maybe this goofy guy who actually loves your attention a lot,,,,,,,,,,,,,is really cute and worth it to go to dinner with,,,,,,,,,


  • if the neighbors cat gets stuck in the tree, everyone knows to call him: the living giant of the apartment building, Kim Yugyeom 
  • the neighborhood kids adore him because they always beg him for piggy back rides or to sit on his shoulders
  • and he always stops whatever he’s doing to play with them and just be an overall cute angelic human being that we as people do not deserve 
  • has that kind of personality that makes people give him stuff for free and when he thanks them they’re just like “oh wait there’s something else i need to give you wait here a second-”
  • anyone who meets him instantly wants to take care of him,,,,he’s soft
  • his apartment is really well organized which is surprising for his age,,,,, like his closet is color coded and he matches all the patterns with each other
  • and he cutely hangs his laundry out on the balcony like his mom taught him
  • and just like,,,,,,,he’s so sugary sweet and simple
  • buys fresh flowers for his living room whenever he can. that’s the kind of person he is
  • and you’ve been pretty good friends with him for a while. he even helped you paint your apartment where you had to get on a stool to reach the ceiling and he just,,,,,,,,well stood there
  • and you know yugyeom has a passion for dancing, he’s always telling you about what song he’s practicing and who he met up with from different dance crews
  • but one night as you’re going up to the roof to just sit and think,,,,something you do every now and then 
  • you’re surprised to hear the faint sound of music beyond the door and when you open it
  • you can hear a song on full blast, and the sound of someones sneakers against the floor and you’re surprised to see the tall, lean, but familiar figure of yugyeom
  • and although you usually see him wearing some kind of long coat, turtlenecks and shirts from popular brands
  • you see that all he has on is a pair of old sweatpants and a plain black t-shirt, sweat visible around the neck.
  • his movements though,,,,,,they’re far more smooth than you could have ever imagined. you can tell he practices a lot, he’s so good that you can barely see any mistakes
  • and yugyeom doesn’t notice you until the song ends and you (embarrassingly) unconsciously clap
  • and it startles him to the point that he lets out a small yelp, but with the faint light from the streets below he makes out your face and smiles
  • and he’s like “why are you up here?” and you’re like “no reason, i didn’t know you used the roof to practice?”
  • and you can see him get sheepish, scratching the back of his neck and he’s like “my room doesn’t have enough space, plus i don’t want to be loud with my music. it’s so nice and free up here.”
  • and you nod looking at him with a still mesmerized expression and yugyeom laughs a bit and he’s like “don’t gape like that, im nothing special” and you’re like no what?? you’re so amazing???/ i never knew you were THIS talented
  • and he laughs again, but he’s really happy to hear you say that and you go over and pass him a napkin from your pocket and you’re like “your sweat!!” and he gets blushy again but thankfully you can’t see it 
  • but you’re also like “ill go, i don’t want to disturb you”
  • but yugyeom grabs your wrist before you turn and he’s like “if you want,,,,,,,,you can watch me some more,,,,,,,i don’t know if it’ll be entertaining though-”
  • but you’re already saying you’ll stay, sitting down comfortably by the portable speakers and yugyeom is like “pick a song!” 
  • and you shuffle through his music, settling on a chris brown song that makes yugyeoms eyes light up
  • and it’s really adorable,,,,,,the way he’s so passionate while dancing and then so cute when he’s just talking to you,,,,,,
  • very how should i put this,,,,,,,BOYFRIEND material  
Work on Me

Pairing: Dave Lizewski  (Kickass) x Reader
Summary: You and Dave get assigned a project to work on together for class and one day you come over to work on the assignment, and you walk in on him shirtless which leads to sexy time ;))
Warning: sexual tension, sexual thoughts, lots of smut
A/N: My brother and I had a Kickass marathon the other night so I just started writing this and it turned smutty adkslfm I know how crazy me writing smut while thinking about Aaron Taylor Johnson woah very unpredictable

but seriously if you like Aaron in any of his movies just read this, even if you haven’t seen kickass. P.S. This is almost 4k words because I got carried away! Yikes Im sorry! No im not

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But consider this

I still have like two unfinished shidge fics so IDK if I ever will write this so here are my hcs for it

Your Obligatory Pidge is neighbors with Single Dad Shiro and his son Keith

-early 30s single dad Shiro and his son 5 year old Keith living in an apartment

-20s Pidge just moving next door

-awkward “Oh hey good morning!” followed by the “I made too much food would you like some?” nice moves pidge

-the “yeah sure thanks”

-the “Would you like to come inside?”

-the “let me go get my son”

-the omg he has a son?! He is married I have zero chances damn oh well time to hide my feelings in a dark void and be a good neighbor

- the “must be hard having children at a young age” followed by the explanation that shiro is in his 30s and Pidge laughing it off as a joke until he tells her he is serious and she is like HOW

-but also Shiro being busy with work and asking Pidge to take care of Keith for the night

-I’m guessing Pidge is into programming, tech stuff, freelancer so their time is pretty much at their control, although most of their freelance work comes from Altea Tech, their friend Hunk works there

-the Keith looking at Pidge’s photos hung on the the wall and seeing Pidge’s mom and asking “What are moms like??”

-Pidge realizing Keith never had a mom but yeah pidge has to say something “moms are nice, heartwarming. They take good care of you. Sometimes, they do scold you but that is because they love you and wants the very best for you.”

-”That sounds a lot like dad.”

-”Yep. Shiro is cool like that.”

-”Doesn’t that mean dad is twice as cool because he does both?” “Yeah. he is.”

-cue Pidge watching Lilo n Stich or maybe treasure planet with Keith and Keith falling asleep, Shiro getting home, thanking Pidge and carrying Keith back to his apartment

-Pidge hesitating because they may be intruding but then going with it saying Shiro is a very admirable and strong person as they are able to raise a wonderful son and also be amazing with their work

-Shiro being ???? then realizing that Pidge knows, probably from Keith, and then smiles and says thank you and good night before leaving

-Pidge closing their door and collapsing on the floor because how can shiro be this good-looking and perfect?! It is unfair, unjust

-Pidge meeting with Hunk to talk about their frustrations

-the “If he is single, then why don’t you just date him?!”

-”but what if he isn’t looking for someone and I end up ruining our good relations???”

-Also, previous neighbors the Sanchez, aka Kiddy Lance playing with Kiddy Keith with a really bad crush on Kiddy Keith because they thought Kiddie Keith was a girl, Curse u MULLET, and now they feel betrayed and confused af with their feelings somebody help these poor children u need to tell him it is ok to like boys pls

-by previous neighbors, I mean the Sanchez family  used to live in Pidge’s apartment, they saved enough money for a house so they moved to one, still in the neighborhood though

-Lance sleeping over because his parents had to do stuff (and by that I mean Lance crying like a baby because they miss Keith)

-Keith being all sparkly and excited and everything, Shiro is a happy dad

-Keith inviting PIDGE over, because Pidge and their movie collection are cool and not overrated and also because Keith wants Pidge to meet Lance

-because let’s face it, Shiro buys overrated movies, no time to go hunt the net for the good secret ones, but Pidge knows what is up

-the kid watching Brother Bear, Pidge brings popcorn and the kids swear they make the best popcorn

-Shiro falls asleep fast, poor dad needs rest, taking care of a 5 year old son and keeping up with work is a difficult job

-Keith swears he always does this in movie nights. Pidge drapes a blanket over shiro

-cue crying because Brother Bear is full of feels and shiro waking up because crying noises, note everyone is crying even Pidge 

-Shiro trying to not laugh at them, at pidge specifically, because Pidge cried watching brother bear, omg

-but Keith doesn’t know it is pidge he is laughing at and goes all defensive and like Brother Bear is an beautiful movie about ummmm…. brotherhood and bears, dad. You can’t laugh at brother bear when you slept on it.

-And Shiro just ruffling Keith’s hair saying yeah he is sorry and then looks at PIdge and winks (Pidge is internally and eternally screaming) as some form of I am sorry I laughed at you

-they finish the few remaining minutes of Brother bear and kids go to bed, Pidge goes back to their apartment

-Also Pidge, no car Pidge, bringing big bags when they go buy groceries coming down from buses and Shiro seeing that

-Shiro offering Pidge rides to the grocery store with him and Keith and Pidge saying yes because that would be a hell lot easier also GROCERY DATES

-Keith is in the cart obviously, Pidge is nice enough to make “vroom vroom” sounds for the kid, shiro never thought of that also they have dinner outside after this

-COOK DATES, aka Chef Dad Shiro, teaches Pidge some goddamn cooking because Pidge only knows how to cook pasta

-Shiro lowkey realizing he might be falling for Pidge but opting to just keep it to himself because Pidge is at their Prime, they can do anything in their 20s and well a single dad with a 5 year old kid isn’t exactly what people in their 20s are looking for (Joke is on you Shiro)

-Basically Shiro liking Pidge but considers his feelings something that will hold Pidge back so he doesn’t do anything about them

-How’s about daddy holt not going with non-binary and pidge being 100% done so they left their home at 18 bless matt for offering them a place to stay

-And how’s about some sad nights for Pidge because they remember daddy holt and they go drinking and moon viewing in the balcony

- cue accidentally breaking one of their pots and getting Shiro’s attention who hurries to their balcony because something just broke n they see pidge drunk in the moonlight

-the “Pidge are you okay? Is something wrong?”

-the “Oh hey Shiro. *hic*”

-the “You shouldn’t be here. You’re drunk, Pidge. It’s dangerous.” with the I am genuinely worried look

-the “tis fine. I’m perfectly fine.”

-the “Is something bothering you? Would you like to talk to me about it? I mean, if you are okay with it.”

-the SMILE in the glistening moonlight of pidge

-the arms stretching “You’re right shiro. I shouldn’t be here like this. I should hit the sheets. Good night.” before leaving

-the morning with the holy shit this HANGOVER and the need to go to the convenience store only to find a bag of Hangover coping drinks and meds on your door’s handle with the message:

“You’ll need these. Take Care,” -Shiro



-after the movie keith is like I am Nemo Papa is Merlin nemo’s papa and Pidge is dory

Apologies to a 15 year old me

I’m sorry I’ve dyed and cut and permanently straightened your hair so much- it was better the way it was and now it will never be the same.

I’m sorry I quit gymnastics- I know you loved it. And soccer and track and tennis and skiing and the piano. I’m so, so sorry- I was lazy. But you don’t regret it as much as you thought you would.

I’m sorry I didn’t use more of that cream on your scar or maybe I’m sorry I used as much as I did- because now, 10 years later, you’re still not comfortable with it and it puts a strain on a lot of your relationships. But know that you’ve grown to accept that it’s part of who you are and there is no “you” without that scar.

I’m sorry I hurt that boy you cared about so much once you finally got him. You’ll know who I’m talking about in 3 years. That is something I didn’t mean, that was a mistake.

On the topic of boys, I’m sorry I’ve talked to and done more with boys you would never have wanted me to talk to. But you’ll understand what it’s like to not use your brain. It’ll take a few years because you always use yours now and you won’t start actually drinking until junior year of college. But one day in 2009 and then again in 2011 and 2016, you’ll understand what it’s like to fall so quickly for someone you shouldn’t.

I’m sorry that I didn’t live up to everything you and everyone else knew I could be. I’m sorry that I haven’t been able to buy dad a car yet and I didn’t get into Harvard Law and I don’t have a secret modeling career on the side. I’m also sorry that everyone else led you to believe you could do anything in the world and be amazing at it because sometimes that’s just not possible and it has nothing to do with you or how amazing you are.

I’m sorry you eventually forget most of your languages and stop trying to learn them but you pick up a little bit of a few new ones and you eventually make it out of the country. And sorry, but you hate it.

Lastly, I’m sorry your current crush gets married in college and I’m sorry your next crush won’t give you the time of day and I’m sorry your amazing SAT scores still weren’t enough for Columbia and I’m sorry that I didn’t try in high school because maybe if I did, they would have been. And I’m sorry you lose touch with your current best friends but it’s okay, really. And I’m sorry but no, the boys in high school don’t ever give you the attention you for some reason want but they’re all fat and bald now and you’re somehow even more pretty.

And I know it might not sound like it but you are so happy right now. You get that sister-like best friend you always wanted, you stay up until 5am laughing your ass off with friends and strangers more times than you can count, you still have abs, you get more boys than you know what to do with, you graduate the best college you could have chosen summa cum laude, you have neighbors that show up at your door with wine and ice cream (yes, seriously), you learn so many new games and expressions that you love, Grandma makes it to 100, Uncle Rich is still the coolest uncle around, and it takes 7 more years but you finally get your first puppy.

Oh but most of all, you haven’t lost sight of who you are. And you never, ever can. Shine bright, you crazy diamond. I love you and everything you become.
Eight Summers

pairing: john laurens x reader modern au
words: 7000 (yeah I got carried away a bit)
warnings: fluff
summary: follow yourself and John through eight summers as you become friends and mAyBe even fall in love.
a/n: I’ve been wanting to do this forever (I can’t believe I haven’t done a John x reader yet) so let’s see how this goes. the second summer contributes nothing whoops 

❇❇❇summer one❇❇❇

You sighed, flopping back onto your front porch. You had been so excited for this summer, and now, midway through June, nothing was happening.

“I’m so bored,” you said to the clear blue sky. As if by magic, your thinking aloud was interrupted by the rumble of a large moving van. Sitting up, you watched as it came down your street, trailed by a blue SUV. Both the vehicles pulled into the driveway of the house across the street and diagonal from yours. The house had been up for sale for the better part of the year, and only recently had a sticker reading “SOLD” been slapped onto the advertisement in the front yard. It was a large, spacious house that edged a forest, and you had often wondered at its slow sale.

The rumble of the two cars had dwindled to a stop, and two men got out of the moving van and proceeded to open the back of the large vehicle. Meanwhile, a couple emerged from the SUV. The woman had brown, curly hair and looked to be in her early thirties. Her husband, or so you supposed, looked to be a few years older and had the same shade of hair as the lady, except his was stick-straight and short. Both of them waved at you, and you waved back with a smile. Under normal circumstances, you would have gone over to say hi, but this was their moving-in time and you didn’t want to distract from that.

I wonder if they have any kids​​, you thought, and your question was soon answered when the back left door of the car opened and a boy stepped out. You couldn’t see very well since his back was to you, but he looked to be about your height and had clearly inherited his mother’s curls. They fell halfway to his shoulders, and you didn’t think you had ever seen a boy with hair quite like that. He exchanged a few words with his parents, and his mom motioned to where you were sitting. He turned around and looked at you before looking back at her, but his hesitation was ended as she pushed him gently. Now he was headed across the street and up your driveway. You stood up.

“Hi! What’s your name?” you asked brightly.

“John,” he answered, biting his lip before looking at you.

“D'you have a last name?” you inquired.

“Doesn’t everyone?” he pronounced the first word as if it contained no s.

“I think so. What’s yours?”

“Laurens. I’m John Laurens.”

“I’m (Y/N) (L/N). Nice to meet you.” You stuck out your hand and he took it with surprising firmness. You looked at him closer as you shook hands.

His curly hair was shiny and soft-looking, and it framed a face with a honeyed caramel tint which was covered with a liberal dusting of freckles. His eyes were a vibrant green, and they met yours with an unwavering gaze. The features on his face were well-shaped and defined, although his cheeks still carried a roundness that hinted at youthful innocence.

“How old are you?” he asked, releasing your hand.

“I’m ten,” you answered proudly.

“So am I!” he exclaimed, his first real show of enthusiasm, and the two of you grinned at each other. His mouth quirked up to one side, bespeaking a hint of mischief that was confirmed by the sparkling in his eyes that matched his bright smile. His whole face transformed when he smiled, illuminating his face and stretching his freckled cheeks adorably.

“But which one of us is older?” you wondered, and you compared birthdays.

“Yes!” John exclaimed triumphantly, pumping his fist in victory when he learned that he was a full two months older than you.

“It’s only two months, though,” you griped, crossing your arms as you felt some of the pride rubbing off.

“Yeah, but I’m older!” he exclaimed. “I’m always one of the youngest in my classes and now I won’t be the very last one!”

“Oh, stop,” you said, cuffing him playfully on the shoulder. “You’d think you won the Olympics or something.”

“Maybe I did,” he retorted playfully. “The being-older-than-your-neighbor event is my thing.”

“Whatever,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“So this is your house?” he asked, looking up at it.

“Uh-huh!” you answered proudly.

“We’ll be almost right across the street from each other, then,” he observed.

“I know! We’ll have lots of fun,” you resolved.

“John!” A voice interrupted your conversation. The man was crossing the street. “Time to go. We need your help moving some boxes.”

“Okay, Dad.” he sighed. “This is (Y/N). She’s our neighbor and she’s my age right now, although I’m two months older.” Mr. Laurens smiled at you.

“Nice to meet you, (Y/N),” he said. “I’m Henry Laurens. Thanks for being so welcoming. I know John was a little nervous that there wouldn’t be any kids his age, but I guess that problem’s solved, right, John?”

“Yeah!” he responded. “Bye, (Y/N)! See you later!”

“Okay! Friends?” you asked.

“Friends.” He smiled at you again before going back with his father. You smiled as you sat back on the porch.

Summer just got a whole lot more interesting.


You didn’t hear the conversation that went on between John and his father. “She’s so nice, Dad, and friendly and pretty!”

“I could tell, son. I’m glad you made a friend.” Henry drew his son close to his side.

“Yeah, me too.”

John couldn’t stop smiling for the rest of the day.

❇❇❇summer two❇❇❇

You were lying next to John, your back against the firm wood of his tree house, which was really nothing more than a few planks nailed together to form a floor-like object which was placed in a crook of a tree. It was secured to the branch by nails and was surprisingly very comfortable.

“I can’t believe you haven’t told me about this yet,” you said, turning your head to look at him.

“Yeah. It’s pretty great, isn’t it?”
It was. The tree was a tall one and all sounds of other people faded, giving way to birdsong and the occasional humming insect. It was a hot day, but the heat faded, impeded by the canopy of leaves stretched out above the two of you. The sun would poke through at different times whenever the leaves would drift apart, lifted by the cool breeze wafting through the forest. All was peaceful and you smiled at the calm that filled you as you lay there, John by your side.

“Those leaves over there remind me of your eyes,” you said with all the innocence of an eleven-year-old, pointing over to a part of the forest that was dappled with shade. John hummed in agreement.

That was one thing about John. The two of you could maintain perfect silence without it feeling awkward or strange. You could still understand each other just as well through words than you could through none. He always seemed to know what you were thinking and vice versa, which was one of the things that made him your best friend. He always understood. Even at this young age, you knew that that was important in any close friendship.

John was special and you were glad to know him. He never failed to make you happy and bring a smile to your face. And as you thought of him, a stirring arose in your heart, a new, unfamiliar feeling that wasn’t necessarily uncomfortable.

You didn’t know what it was, but the future was sure to tell.

❇❇❇summer three❇❇❇

“C'mon, John!” you exclaimed, pulling insistently on his arm. John and his parents had come over for dinner, and now the adults were just talking on the back porch which served as an eating area. You wanted no part in it—the fireflies were out tonight, and you had never seen so many.

“Hey, that rhymes!” he quipped, smiling that smile you knew so well.

“Wow, great observation.” You rolled your eyes.

“I know. Aren’t you glad your best friend is brilliant?”

“You’re about as brilliant as—” you paused, trying unsuccessfully to think of something dull— “as, well, never mind. But let’s go, please? Those fireflies are just waiting to be caught.”

“Okay, okay, I’m coming. Hey, Mom!” he called.

“Yes, sweetheart?” Mrs. Laurens replied.

“(Y/N) and I are gonna catch some fireflies.”

“All right. Have fun, you two.” She gave you a sweet smile.

“I’ll get the jars,” you told John. “I’m pretty sure we’ve got two with holes already punched in the top.” You went inside and emerged in a few minutes, carrying a jar in each hand.

“We should make this a competition of who can catch the most,” John said, taking his jar and looking at you mischievously.

“Oh, definitely. You’re on,” you said, matching his grin. “Ready—” you drew out the word.


“Go!” you yelled together, running in opposite directions to spots where the insects illuminated the night with their flashes of light. You found a great spot right away, and you quickly grabbed the small bugs and let them crawl off your fingers into your jar, slamming the lid down when they had entered fully. The bugs tickled as their feet made their way down your fingers, and you giggled at the sensation.

“You’re going down!” you heard John yell from somewhere in the yard.

“Nuh-uh!” you retorted, continuing your mad dash through the grass.


As the two of you ran around the yard, your parents watched you with smiles on their faces.

“They’re such great friends,” your mom said.

“Yeah, they really have a special bond,” agreed Mr. Laurens. “There’s not a day that goes by that John doesn’t talk about (Y/N). There’s always something exciting with those two.”

“He better not steal her heart in a few years,” inserted your dad, jokingly but also with a hint of seriousness.

“Well, I’m afraid (Y/N)’s on her way to doing that with John,” Mrs. Laurens said. “He always tells me how pretty she is, although he’s never hinted at a crush.”

“Well, if I had to choose anyone for my son, it’d be your daughter,” Mr. Laurens told your parents. “She’s really a great girl.”

“We could say the same for John,” your mother replied. “That he’s a wonderful boy and all. Not that he’s a great girl!” The four laughed and turned back to watching you and John.


“Okay, I think that’s enough time,” you called to him, breathing slightly heavier than normal.

“Aw, are you just tired?” he teased, coming over to you.

“No, but I bet you are,” you shot back, trying to suppress your heavy breathing.

“Nope!” he boasted, tucking a piece of hair behind his ear. His curls were long enough to be put back in a short ponytail now, and you teased him about it occasionally.

“Okay, well, let’s count the other person’s fireflies, and whoever wins gets the last two cookies,” you said.
“Sounds good,” he replied, and you switched jars and began counting, which was a tricky job since the bugs kept crawling around and many were on the bottom of the lid so you had to tip the jar up to see them.

“Fifty-one,” you said when you had finished. John was just finishing up, his tongue stuck out slightly as he counted.

“You have forty-two which means I won!” he shouted in joy.

“All right, good job,” you said, sticking out a hand.

“A for effort.”

“Effort starts with E, stupid. Now let’s go get your cookies,” you replied, smacking him lightly on the shoulder.

“Sounds good to me,” he said, yelling, “I won!” when the two of you reached your parents.

“So he gets the last two cookies,” you explained, giving the prizes to him.

As he contemplated his reward in his hand, he looked up at you. “I’ll give you one,” he conceded. “I could never let my best friend go hungry.”

“I appreciate it,” you said, and sat down on the steps, setting your jar next to you. John sat down as well.

“We should probably let them go,” he said, and you agreed, opening your jar as he did.

The fireflies flew into the night, releasing light as they went, and you watched them go. John glanced over at you, your face illuminated by the soft glow of the bugs, and felt his heart expand inside him.

What a best friend.

❇❇❇summer four ❇❇❇

The August afternoon was drawing on to evening, and a coolness stole into the air, barely noticeable but still there. Fall would come soon, along with school, and you wanted to savor every last second with John.

He lifted his head from his sketchbook as a breeze blew through the trees at the edge of the forest, where the two of you were sitting on an old blanket that John’s parents kept for picnics and outdoor use.

You were still unaware of what he was drawing, and didn’t hear the quick scribbling of his pencil as you looked upward at a few golden-tinged leaves that had fallen due to the wind.

“It’s so pretty out here,” you said, turning back to look at him. He was drawing a long, curving line but that was all you could tell as he had his sketchbook tilted away from you.

“Mhm,” he replied absentmindedly, a look of intense concentration on his face. He had a certain habit when he was drawing—he would bite his lip on one side and poke out his tongue on the other. You never figured out how he did it, and it was one of the endless unique things that made him John. As you watched his pencil move, his eyes flicked upwards to yours and you looked away quickly, your heart racing inexplicably.

You had noticed that you seemed more shy around John. He was still your best friend and closer to you than anyone else, but something was changing. He wasn’t the same boy anymore. His cheeks were still sprinkled with freckles, but they had lost much of their roundness, showing hints of defined cheekbones. His hair had grown out to a bit longer than shoulder length, and was usually tied back in a ponytail. He had grown nearly a foot in the past three years and now stood a full head taller than you, a fact he never failed to tease you about. He’d call you “small one” often, to which you would cross your arms and pout. He was growing up remarkably, and you couldn’t help but think that he was getting handsomer every day. Although you didn’t want to believe it, you could feel yourself becoming attracted to him and hated yourself for it. He’s your best friend, you’d think. What’s wrong with you? But all the berating in the world couldn’t stop your feelings from developing more and more.

“They’re still not right,” you heard him mutter, breaking you out of your thoughts.


“The eyes. They’re not right.” He turned his sketchbook towards you and you gasped.

There on the page were five sketches of your head and upper body in different positions, and they looked as if they could have come from real life. Everything was perfectly proportioned, and you marveled at how he could add such reality to the images with just a few lines of shading.

“John,” you breathed. He looked at you, hopefully, a hint of anxiety in his eyes.

“Do you like them?” he asked, genuinely nervous.

“Oh my god. They’re beyond words,” you said, still looking at them with awe.

He breathed a sigh of relief. “Thank goodness. I just couldn’t get your eyes right on this one,” he said, pointing to a sketch of you looking up. “There’s a certain light in them that I just can’t duplicate.” You looked at his face next to you, inches away.

“I think they’re amazing.” He smiled at you, no hint of cockiness or self-assurance, just a warm smile that heated your cheeks.

“Thank you,” he said.

“No, thank you,” you answered. “Wow!”

“Ah, it was nothing, just a few sketches.” He rubbed the back of his neck as he tapped his pencil almost nervously on his leg. “I’m just glad you like them.” Hit with a sudden impetuous desire, you threw your arms around him. He hugged back after a moment, clearly surprised, and you smiled at the feeling, the rightness of it.

“You’re the best,” you whispered.

“No, you are.”

“I’ll fight you.” A laugh, a change in tone.

“Whatever you say, small one.”

❇❇❇summer five❇❇❇

“But it’s so cold,” you complained.

“(Y/N), it’s sixty-three degrees. That hardly qualifies as cold,” John answered you with a shake of his curls.

“It does when it’s summer and there’s no sun. It feels like forty degrees and I don’t care what you say it really is.” You crossed your arms and shivered, even as you were standing on John’s screened-in back porch.

“So you insist on not coming.”

“Not if I’m going to freeze my butt off!”

He sighed. “Fine, wait here. I’ll be right back.” He vanished into the house and you stood there alone, tapping your bare foot on the wooden boards. You heard him coming down the stairs a few moments later and he came out the door with something in hand.

“What’s that for?”

“You. It’s just one of my old sweatshirts you can wear so you’re not as cold. It’s got fleece on the inside, see?” You felt the shirt and agreed to put it on, your heart warming even as your body did. It smelled like John, a hint of lemons swirled in with cotton. It came well to your mid-thigh area and the sleeves enveloped your hands, forcing you to push them up a bit.

“Thanks, John,” you told him.

He was looking at you in his sweatshirt and seemed to snap out of a trance as you spoke. “Oh, yeah, anything for you,” he said, ruffling your hair. “You look nice in it.”

“Yeah, right. As if I look nice in anything,” you said, rolling your eyes.

“You do. Y'know, I almost got you a pair of my sweatpants since you seemed to be the most concerned with freezing your butt off, but somehow I deemed that inappropriate.” The soft look in his eyes was briefly replaced with a hint of their usual roguish gleam.

“Perv. Now let’s go look at the freaking stars because you wanted to.” You bumped him with your shoulder and smiled at him.

“I think you secretly want to look at the stars as well,” he teased, holding the patio door open for you.

“Thank you. And maybe, maybe not. You’ll never know.” (You did.)

The two of you stepped into the night, shivering slightly as you did so. The stars were bright and shed a soft light on John’s wide backyard. You picked a spot and lay down on the grass.

“Ooh, look, the Big Dipper!” you cried softly, pointing at the constellation above you. John smiled at the wonder reflected in your star-lit eyes.

“There’s the North Star,” he replied, and thought that even though he had seen these basic constellations a million times before, they had never been quite so shining and clear as when you were there next to him.

After a few minutes of picking out the images in the sky, you remarked, “I’m still cold.”

“C'mere, then,” John answered, and drew you close. The warmth from his body seeped into yours as fingers of electricity washed over your body at the contact. He felt amazing and right, and you closed your eyes as you leaned against him. ​​​​​His heart was beating; you could hear it, and his chest rose and fell gently.

He looked down at your form and sat there with you, the girl who made the stars shine brighter.

❇❇❇summer six❇❇❇

You looked at John warily. “You want me to ride in this? You literally got your license two days ago.” Your voice was teasing.

“And it was well-deserved. C'mon, (Y/N), just for a bit? It’ll only take a few minutes and the sun will start setting soon anyway.”

“I’m just kidding. Of course I’ll go.”

“Ah, so you do trust me.”

“Shut up and drive, Laurens.”

He made his way to the passenger door and held it open for you, making a sweeping gesture that was coupled with a mock bow. “My lady,” he said.

“Oh, stop.” Your heart was secretly bursting within you at the chivalrous action, however lightly it was meant. John closed the door after you and walked to the driver’s side.

“Are you ready for the time of your life?” he asked you.

“Ready as I’ll ever be,” you told him, and he turned the key in the ignition.

“Then let’s go.” And with that, he pulled out of his driveway.


​​​​​​There was a road near your neighborhood that was mostly used for drivers’ ed purposes. Since it was nearly school, classes in your community had ended and the road was empty. It was surrounded by trees on both sides and a few faint birds could still be heard deep inside the trees. As John turned onto the road, he looked at you with a smirk before stepping on the gas.

“Oh my god, John!” you screamed as your hair was whipped every which way. “You’re going sixty miles an hour!”

“I know.”

“Just be careful!” you cried, even as a joyous whoop escaped you. John looked over at you again, and his heart flipped over.

You were laughing, mouth wide open, and your hair was blowing around your face, tinted slightly by the now-setting sun. As you turned to look back at him, your cheeks were flushed and your hair was a mess, but John had never seen you look more beautiful. His gaze moved down your face, and he was unable to get enough of you.

“Eyes on the road,” you quipped.

“Ah, yes, right,” he nodded. “But I’d rather look at my beautiful best friend than a black stretch of asphalt.”

“Shut up,” you told him, shocked inwardly at the compliment. “Watching the road will actually keep you alive.”

“Maybe I need you to live as well,” he murmured.



❇❇❇summer seven❇❇❇

Every year, the Mulligans and Motiers, two families in your neighborhood, would get together and have a huge party. They would play music cranked up as loud as possible, and was audible on the other side of the subdivision, where you and John lived. Miraculously, none of the numerous complaints would deter them from their fun, and so the whole neighborhood suffered in unison for one long night.

Tonight was the oh-so-joyful occasion, and you had invited John over, knowing that having him next to you was the only thing that would keep your sanity in one piece. He had had dinner with your family and the two of you were out in your backyard, where an old swingset stood. You were sitting on one, swinging your legs softly back and forth while John sat next to you, listening absentmindedly to the music while catching glimpses of you whenever you weren’t looking.

The current song ended and another began. “I love this song!” you cried, instantly recognizing “I Saw Her Standing There” by the Beatles.

Well, she was just seventeen
You know what I mean
And the way she looked was way beyond compare

“You’re seventeen. Fancy that,” said John. “And I must admit that you do look nice tonight.” You looked down at your old clothes with a skeptical glance.

“Yeah, right.”

“May I have this dance?” He held out a hand to you.

“Of course.”

So how could I dance with another
When I saw her standing there?

You giggled as John twirled you around the yard, slowing when you were out of breath. He stepped with you slowly, your speed rapidly decreasing and then stopping altogether as you looked up at him to see him gazing down at you.

Well she looked at me
And I, I could see
That before too long
I’d fall in love with her
She wouldn’t dance with another
Oh, when I saw her standing there

“(Y/N),” he whispered, softer than you knew anyone could ever speak.


“May I kiss you?”

A shocked silence.

“Of course.” You finally overcame your shock.

He bent down and you felt his breath on your cheek. And with a soft tilt forward, he captured your lips with his and the only thing that existed was him. It was pure and perfect and everything you had imagined and wanted it to be. As you pulled apart, you whispered, “I love you.”

“I think I loved you ever since I saw how adorable you were when you were mad at me being older,” John confessed, rubbing his thumb gently over your bottom lip. You looked into his eyes, saw the love, the pure emotion, and knew you needed him, needed him desperately.

He drew you in again, and the music was forgotten.

❇❇❇summer eight❇❇❇

“I can’t believe this. Summer reading? Especially Shakespeare summer reading?” John lamented.

“Well, some people actually like Romeo and Juliet and consider it a literary masterpiece,” you commented. “And I happen to be one of them.”

“My own girlfriend,” he groaned. After a year of owning that title, it never failed to give you butterflies when hearing it.

The two of you were sitting in a clearing of his forest, and the sun shone in a dappled pattern on your languishing forms.

“You should really get started on it,” you told him.

“I suppose you’re already done.”

“I, for one, do not procrastinate.”

“Well, then, you leave me no choice but to begin.”

“You should read it to me.”

“Anything for you,” he said, cupping the back of your neck and kissing your forehead before lying down and placing his head on your lap. “It’ll be more comfortable this way.” And with that, he began to read, and you listened to the voice you loved best read the classic tale of love.

After the first act, your hands were begging for something to do, and so you gently pulled at his hair tie, releasing his long, bouncy curls which floated freely at their leisure. You wove your fingers through them, feeling their lush softness and kissing his shiny locks every now and then. After a few minutes, you parted his hair into three sections and began braiding, picking a few flowers to finish off the woven hairstyle. He was now at the balcony scene, your favorite part, and he paused.

“You be Juliet. I’ll read Romeo,” he said. You laughed and held the book with him, your fingers entwining. The words were interrupted often for a kiss or two, and he smiled at you, thinking that you were the most beautiful thing to ever walk the earth.

He finished the scene, and sat up slightly, running his fingers along the curves of your neck while you kissed his freckled cheeks.

“How’d I ever get you?” he asked in pure, breathless wonder. You simply smiled before kissing him deeply, eliciting small noises from his throat. The book was pushed aside as he sat up fully, setting you on his lap.

“I love you,” you said.

“And I you.”

And there you were, young and with your lives ahead of you. The future was yet unknown, but you could face it together as long as you were by each other’s side.

You looked into his eyes and both of you thought that you had never felt such perfect happiness. 

The Neighbors (5/?)

Summary: You’ve been in New York for about 3 years now moving here looking for a new experience. You grew up in a small town with you parents and siblings, so your new experience was city life. You began working at a hospital doing patient records and a moved into a cute little apartment in a mostly safe neighborhood in Brooklyn. After being at the hospital for a few months, you were presented with an amazing offer to switch from patient records to shadowing nurses, you just had to take a few classes outside of work while you worked with them. Since then, your life in New York has been great. But will it stay that way once you meet your new neighbors across the hall?

Warnings : swearing,  flirting, a little angst & fluff

Pairings: Sam Wilson x Reader, Bucky Barnes x Reader, eventual Steve Rogers x Reader

                                     Chapter 5 : Sleepovers & Forts

      The tension is getting thicker in the air by the second. You’re still staring at Steve, trying to figure out what his angle is.

“Wait, Steve Rogers? Captain America?” Nick asks. Steve nods and Nick’s jaw nearly drops to the floor. “You are dating Captain America?” he asks dumbfounded.

 Steve answers for you, “Yes she is.” You look up to Steve, a wide smile on your face. He winks down at you, a blush appears once again. Nick starts laughing and shaking his head. The bartender shows up with your shots, finally, but Steve requests that a server takes them to the table. You look over and see Sam and Bucky watching with wide eyes also.

“You know y/n, I shouldn’t be surprised, you always did love Captain America.” You snap your head towards Nick as he speaks. Oh shit, no no no. Steve shoots you a confused but ‘oh really?’ look. You awkwardly laugh and shrug your shoulders.

  “Oh you didn’t tell him did you? Dude, she has always had a crush on you.” Steve is going to think I’m a psychotic stalker now. Fuck, Nick ruins everything.

  Your eyes open wider than ever, you can’t even look at Steve. A loud, hearty laugh makes its way out of Steve, adding confusion to your embarrassment.

  “Good thing she finally has me, I’d hate to think of such a sweet girl being stuck with someone like you.” It was your jaw that almost hit the floor this time, Nick just looks pissed off. What the hell is Steve doing?

“Excuse me? You don’t even know-” Nick stars to defend himself but Steve shuts him down immediately.

  “But I do know, Nick. You’re the one that cheated on her correct? Numerous times? Then proceeded to try and get her back when she moved on with her life and came here, to me. If memory serves correctly, and it always does, she asked you to leave her alone. I don’t think stalking her in a bar was what she had in mind. So if I were you, I’d back off before you really make me angry.” Holy fucking balls. I don’t think I’ve ever been so turned on in my life. I completely forgot I told the guys about Nick last week.

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  Nick starts to argue again, but then Steve does something to surprise you even further. He moves his hands to cup your face, and places a gentle, lingering kiss on your lips. You place your hands over his, cradling them in yours as he kisses you. Oh my God.  The butterflies in your stomach are bouncing off the walls, the spark shooting through your body is your new favorite addiction. Steve pulls away, but you find your lips chasing after his. When you open your eyes, his are already looking at you. You look around, seeing that Nick’s vanished from his prior spot. Steve puts his fingers under your chin, moving your face back to his.

“I hope I didn’t overstep any boundaries, you just looked so uncomfortable when I looked over here Y/n. I’m- ”

  “Don’t you dare say you are sorry, Steven Grant Rogers. Thank you for bailing me out of that. I think I might have cried if you didn’t save me,” you say. Steve pulls you into a hug, kissing the top of your head softly.

You both make your way back to the table. When you arrive, you’re welcomed with smirks from Sam and Bucky. You explain to them about what happened and how Steve saved your ass from being stuck talking to Nick. Bucky slaps Steve proudly on the back while still smirking. You try to stifle a laugh but barely contain it.

   “See Barnes, that is real 40’s charm,” you say, winking at Steve. You all laugh and continue drinking and talking about random things. Before you know it, you are trying to be a wing woman for Sam, while Steve and Bucky watch the scene before them. You’re both somewhat drunk by now; you had talked Sam into a tequila shot contest an hour ago. You won by 3 shots and you’re slightly regretting it now. Your wing woman skills are a little off, but you manage to help Sam get two girls numbers. After that, you two head back to the table, surprising Steve and Buck with the fact you actually completed the task. They suggest it’s time to head out after having to stop Sam from ordering more tequila for the both of you. On the way out, you feel eyes on  you. You glance over your shoulder and lock eye contact with Nick. He sends you a wink and blows you a kiss. You turn back around and connect your arm with Bucky’s since he is next to you.

 You finally make it back to your building, only feeling a little tipsy now.

   “So guys, we going to talk about that kiss that we saw earlier?” Sam asks, his words slightly slurring together. Way to be weird about it Sammy. You blush red, noticing Steve doing the same.

 "How about we don’t and we build a fort instead?“ You ask as you all step off the elevator onto your floor. Sam snaps his eyes to you, smiling like a child.

“FORT AND A SLEEPOVER?” He half shouts. You almost fall over laughing at how excited and drunk he is.

 "As long as your roommates don’t mind.“ You both send Steve and Bucky puppy eyes. They agree to a sleepover. You and Sam sprint to their door, he fumbles with the keys but finally unlocks it. You head straight for the couches and begin your night of fort building and laughs.

Time skip  3 hours…

  It took an hour to successfully turn the boys entire living room into a fort. Pillows stacked ridiculously high, blankets draping over as much of the room as they could. You’ve been laying in it for a while, watching Parks & Rec on Netflix. You hear a tiny snore and look around the fort. You see Sam and Bucky sleeping side by side. You cover your mouth with your hand so your laugh doesn’t wake them. Steve is still awake beside you, so you nudge his side and point to the boys. He shakes his head, trying not to laugh at the sight of them almost nuzzled together. You quickly take your phone out, snapping at least 20 pictures of them. Steve quietly starts to make his way out and you follow. He helps you to your feet, watching your tug the bottom of your dress back down. When you look up, his hands rubbing the back of his neck.

Nervous habit returns.

"You want a shirt y/n? You probably want to get out of that dress,” he says. His eyes instantly go wide, realizing that might sound like he was implying something.

You smile, letting out a quiet giggle. “Actually yeah, that would be great Steve. You just keep on saving me tonight, don’t you?” You ask playfully. He blushes in return and leads you to his room.

He picks a navy blue Brooklyn shirt out of his drawer, similar to the one Bucky wore tonight. He hands it to you  and shoos you toward the bathroom. Once you close the door, you realize you don’t have any pants. You shrug it off, and strip out of your dress. You look in the mirror. Steve shirt is a little shorter than your dress was on you, leaving your black cheek hugging underwear peeking out. If Steve’s uncomfortable, he’ll say so, right?

You walk out of the bathroom and your heart starts racing. Steve is laying on his bed, in only flannel pajama pants. His chest is on full display, making your mouth go dry. You can see every one of bulging muscles, making dirty thoughts swirl around your intoxicated mind. He sends you a shy smile, fidgeting with his hands in his lap.

“If you’re not okay with this-”

“I was actually going to say the same thing to you about my lack of pants. I think we can both manage to not be weird about this, right Captain?” You ask innocently. You see a flash of something in Steve’s eyes, but it disappears soon after. Fuck, I could die happy after tonight. You drop the dress and your bra into a pile on his floor & crawl into his bed next to him. He turns his lamp off and pulls the blanket over the two of you. You’re not really sure who moves first, but you eventually end up snuggling into his chest, while he pulls your body against his. You nuzzle your nose in the crook of his neck and can feel him shiver. How did we even end up here? I don’t think I’ve ever been this lucky.  As you’re about the fall asleep, you hear Steve’s voice.

“So…You’ve always had a thing for Captain America, huh?”

“Oh my God.” You shove your face into his chest, trying to hide the embarrassment on your face. You feel his chest start shaking from his laughter. “Please tell me you don’t think I’m a stalker Steve, because I swear-” You’re interrupted by his lips meeting yours in soft kiss. Your lips melt against his, the kiss switches from soft to a little more demanding. Steve shifts both of you so that his body is hovering over yours. His breath is fanning across your face as he takes In your appearance.  For the love of all things Holy, please just fucking kiss me.  As if he read your mind, he leans down, connecting your lips once again. You lace your hands in his hair, trying to deepen the kiss as much as possible.

  When he parts his lips from yours, you take the opportunity to flip positions. Steve is now underneath you, with wide eyes. You smirk down at him as you straddle him, and bend forward as you reconnect your lips in a heated kiss. His fingers are holding onto you hips hard enough that you are positive you’ll have bruises, but you never stop him.  You can feel him already hard underneath you, so you slowly grind yourself down on his erection. He groans into the kiss, making the heat in your core flare up even more. You nip at his lip before you move away from him. I can’t screw this up. What if he doesn’t want to move this fast? You move to cup his face in your hand, he leans into it while smiling up at you.

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“So you’re not weirded out?” You blurt out. Wow, I’m so smooth. You mentally face palm yourself at what you just said.

He chuckles, squeezing your waist a little tighter. You slip out a little moan, immediately covering your face with your hands. I really need to learn impulse control. You peek through your fingers at Steve, and he still has a goofy smile on his face.

“You really stopped kissing me to ask if it weirds me out that you have a thing for Captain America?” He playfully asks.

You roll your eyes and place both hands on his chest to hold yourself up. “I just…I don’t want you to think that is the only reason I like you. I like Steve Rogers, not just Captain America,” you say quietly.

“Not a lot of people see a difference between the two.”

“Well I do. I’d take the boy from Brooklyn over America’s golden boy any day.” You shove your finger in his chest as you speak. He laughs and lifts you off him so you are back on the bed.

“You sure this isn’t all the tequila talkin’, Ma'am? ”I can’t believe I’m turned on by him calling me ma'am. Seriously, how much cuter can he get?

“I sobered up as soon as I walked out and saw you in bed, Rogers.” He lets out a snort at your response.

“We’ll talk about this in the morning, Doll.”  Well, I can add Doll to the list with Ma'am now.

He pulls your body back to his, you rest your head on his chest once again. You tangle your legs with his and lay your hand on his stomach. Steve moves his hand, lacing your fingers with his. Yours eyes drift close as you fall into a warm, comfortable sleep.

     You wake up to the smell of bacon and coffee. When you move to stretch, you’re stopped by Steve’s arm holding onto you tightly. Some time during the night you must have shifted, because now he’s spooning you like there’s no tomorrow. You wiggles your back against him and feel his erection press into your butt. You stifle a moan at the feeling. You hear him grunt and he tightens his hold on you. He shoves his face into your hair and you release a small giggle.

  “And what are you giggling at?” His voice is gruff and filled with sleep.

   You turn yourself in his arms and plant a kiss his nose. His bedroom door flies open, revealing Sam with an apron on. You snort and being laughing at the sight. Steve groans at the interruption and rolls to his back.

“Well good morning you, too. I wasn’t interrupting anything, was I?” he asks while wiggling his eyebrows. Bucky shows up behind him smirking.

“Well well well, what do we have here? Doll, I’m hurt,” He pouts. You roll out of Steve’s bed and stand in front of the them. You kiss them both on the cheeks.

  “Good morning boys,” You purr as you walk towards the kitchen. Need. Coffee. Now.  As you walk away you hear a whistle behind you. You turn and see all three men’s eyes on your ass. Oh Crap. Pants. I forgot pants. Steve clears his throat, shaking the other two out of whatever thoughts were rolling through their minds.

  “Well sweetheart, I can honestly say I didn’t think you’d have a tattoo.”  You’ve got to be kidding me. How did I even forget. Your hand goes right to your right buttcheek, covering the black heart tattoo that occupies it.

  “Son of a bitch,” you mutter under your breath as you finally make it to the coffee pot. The boys follow suit, smirks playing on all their faces. You lean against the counter, holding the cup to your mouth.

“Jesus Sam, how much bacon did you make?” Steve asks as he stares at the mountain of food on the counter. You can’t believe how much Sam cooked either; there was a giant plate of bacon , pancakes, and hashbrowns.

  You hear Sam scoff, “I’m sorry, have you met you and boy wonder over there? You both eat like starving elephants.” You almost snort out the coffee in your mouth. The soldiers grumble as they start eating. You grab your own plate and seat yourself with them at  the table. As you’re all eating, you hear someone pounding at someone’s door. But it wasn’t the boy’s door. You realize it’s too loud to be on another floor, so you assume they are at your door. You place your plate down, making your way to the door. Steve is right behind you, when you stop he runs right into you. You send him a ‘what are you doing?’ look, but he just rubs the back of his neck.

  “Just making sure everythings okay.” You roll your eyes but open their door and peer your head into the hallway, trying to get a glimpse at whoever your visitor is. When you pop your head into the hall, you feel your blood begin to boil. The jackass pounding at your door at 10 am is Nick.

“Son of a bitch.” You hear Steve mumble under his breath.

Why can’t I ever just have a normal day?

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Employee of the Month: Part 3/11

Pairing: Reader x Park Jihoon

Group: Wanna One

Type: Fluff

Words: 4K roughly

Warnings: Foul Language (are you actually surprised??)

A Brief Synopsis:

The tale of Jihoon’s ego stroking job that he isn’t really qualified for and how it provides a platform for you to exist in his life romantically. Kind of.

A/N: Sorry this bad boy took so long. I’ve decided to start doing only one of these a week now that I have school to worry about.

Name: Park Jihoon

Age: 18

Occupation: That one really attractive Barista 

  • *cue coffee shop hipster jams*
  • Okay, so funny story about Jihoon’s job
  • He shouldn’t have it under any fucking circumstances
  • Nor should he have even been hired
  • Like at all
  • His boss knew that
  • The [normal]customers knew that
  • His friends knew that
  • The uncle of the girl who came in 6 months ago’s, cousin’s, neighbor knew that
  • Even he knew that
  • Honestly the only job qualification that he met was the age requirement

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Malec Fic Rec

// favorites

// a dream is a wish your heart makes - PUREMALECGOLDD (5.6k)

Alec Lightwood is forced to be a servant in his own home- because of his “relationship preferences”. Magnus Bane is the prince, and loves going to meet his people.

Asmodeus - LadyButter (6.1k, incom)

All his life, Alec Lightwood has been an alpha. Or at least, that’s what society thinks him to be. Secretly omega he might be, but he has never needed a mate.


Especially since he can’t risk exposing his real gender.

But then he meets the gorgeous Magnus Bane, who is determined to have Alec work as a model for his acclaimed clothing line, Asmodeus.

And of course, he’s just as determined to make Alec his.

// Eyes On Me - clockworkswan (102k)

When a new same-sex dancing rule gets people talking, Magnus Bane decides to take the jump from Latin to Ballroom in order to prove that change is a good thing. Looking for a new challenge, he’s determined to win the Ballroom Championships and be crowned victorious in the first same-sex partnership.

Now all he needs are the right shoes, the right music, and the right partner.


Alec is well on his way to securing another victory for his parents’ prestigious dance school, yet a new face, and surprising feelings, might change that. When Magnus turns up, he sweeps more than dancing traditions off their feet.

As the competition rounds heat up, and dreams hang in the balance, can the pair prove themselves to a worldwide audience of fellow dreamers, critics and cynics?

// Appassionato - chonideno (35.8k)

Alec plays the piano every day, with great talent. One night, a note slips under his door: it’s a request from an anonymous neighbor. Before he knows it, Alec picks up the habit of leaving his window open so his neighbor can listen to him. Requests keep coming. Slowly, two strangers start a conversation without words and let the music do the work for them. 

The greatest gifts - Aryn (6.1k)

Magnus loves the sound of Alec’s laugh, even if he doesn’t hear it often. He loves it so much, he’s determined to do whatever it takes to hear it again.


Five times Magnus makes Alec laugh in private, and one time he does it in public.

// Kids in the Kitchen - perpetual_journey (12.9k)

“It’s Alec Lightwood,”  He finally said, after another moment of hesitation.  Then, both sets of puppy eyes were locked on Magnus once again and waiting for his answer.
More than a few customers turned to look at the outburst as both boys pulled away from Magnus and simultaneously cried, “But Papa!”


Magnus Bane liked to believe he was a good father, but there were just some requests that one could not grant their kids.  For instance, a good dad wouldn’t let their child crawl into a lion’s cage to pet the furry kitty.  Alternatively, a good dad also wouldn’t bring their kids to a cooking class taught by the angriest chef on the Food Network.

// Childhood Innocence - Jackylne (16.3k, incom)

“I don’t need a flower girl, Iz,” Alec said, causing Isabelle to shake her head.

“Yes you do, how else are you s'posed to marry Magnus?”

Alec blinked at her a couple of times. Then her words were processed and he coughed wildly in shock.

“W-what?” he managed to choke out.

Isabelle suddenly stood up on the couch, towering over him and standing at the same height as Maryse, who seemed equally as surprised as he did.

“Alec, don’t you know? If you have a crush on Magnus, then that means that he’ll be your boyfriend someday, and then you’ll be married,” she scolded him with her hands on her hips.


the kid au that no one asked for.

Blue, Yellow, and Green were our little cars - Realitysucks (107.1k, incom)

“For $200, Alec has to kiss a boy !” shouted Lily before raising her glass of vodka.

Alec stared at her with a frown. $200? he thought. It was a lot. He wondered with confusion how many books it would make and could already imagine them in his room. He really wanted those $200 now, but he didn’t know who to kiss and even less how.

He didn’t want to kiss a stranger, the only people whom he thought about were Jace and Magnus. His choice was quickly made, Jace was straight and had Clary whereas Magnus had no one.

Alec hoped he wouldn’t mind a little kiss.

For $200, he motivated himself before standing up under the encouraging and alcoholic cries of his friends.

[Childhood: 1 to …]
[Adolescence: … to …]
[Adulthood: … to … ]

// (don’t) look at me - petx (12.7k, incom)

Alec is an Omega, he hates it and does everything he can to hide it because in his opinion he doesn’t need and doesn’t want an Alpha.

// Alec Lightwood Deserves Nice Things -  nameless_bliss (237.4k, incom)

In which Alec Lightwood confronts a lifetime of issues about his appearance, and slowly, with a lot of help, learns that he’s allowed to be pretty.

a lesson on style - ii

part i, ii

you’ve always been content with being associated with one word and one word only: average. average in looks, academics and social skills, you’re just looking to graduate high school without causing disasters you’ll have to live with until you kick the bucket. when you’re paired with school king park chanyeol for the semseter-­long physics thesis, you can’t help but think the entire situation has pretty much set itself up for failure. That is, until you strike a deal with your partner. An AU tale involving lessons in popularity, eleven consecutive B­ minuses, a secretly sensitive, chess­-loving jock, and an amateur sex tape.

Pairing: chanyeol x reader x baekhyun
Verse: high school au { jock!chanbaek ft. a super cute whiny ap physics genius jongdae }
Rating: M
Warnings: none
Word count: 5.3k

author’s note: so this took a while and nothing seems to happen here. however, i did sort of try to put some underlying relationships and thoughts from surrounding characters, you know, to give some good lead-in. also, this chapter is unbeta’d. i’ll work on that tomorrow. <3

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Two cute neighbours.

Hello, love bugs!!
Dan x reader
Warnings-fluff, kisses. Also, swears because Dan

1887 words yo, Its a long one.

hi !! i love your writing soooo I was wondering if u could do a dan x reader where the reader moves in next door to dan n Phil n the reader has an emotional support dog (preferably a mini chocolate lab) n dan n Phil loooooove the dog n it’s cute n fluffy !! then it time skips to when dan n the reader are dating n the reader tells dan why they have the support dog (anxiety n panic attacks) n dan is supportive n its just cuuuuuuuuuuttttteeee –anonymous

“Dan!” Phil practically screams as he runs up the stairs.

“What, are you okay?” Dan says jumping from his couch crease to make sure poor Philly isn’t to hurt.

“We have the two cutest new neighbors ever!” Phil announces. Coming face to face with Dan on the landing.

“Phil!” Dan moans putting extra emphasis on his part. “I thought that fucking aliens were outside. Christ!” Dan says walking back into the living room.

“But Dan you don’t understand,” Phil says smiling. “One is possibly the prettiest girl I have ever seen. The other is the prettiest brown lab I have ever seen.” Phil recounts as he moves into the living room staring down at Dan trying to make a point.

 "Prettiest girl ever?“ Dan questions as Phil nods his head in agreement. “Well, I suppose we should be gentlemen and go see if the two of them need help moving in,” Dan says closing his laptop.

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Languages of Love- Minghao Fluff

Originally posted by dearhoshi

Request: Hiii can i request an imagine where minghao has a crush on reader aaaanndd junhao is talking abt reader in chinese while reader is in front of them, but turns out reader understood chinese perfectly aaannddd after that reader and minghao started talking and bonding hehe

Genre: Fluff

Word Count: 1113

Member/Group: Minghao of SEVENTEEN

 Sometimes, people that speak multiple languages can get a bit mixed up between the two or end up saying something they don’t know that others can understand. You, being someone who originally spoke English and a few other languages, knew this well. Ever since you were young, you had loved the idea of being able to communicate with everybody you came across. By the time you were only 9, you had learned Spanish and German fluently. The only language you had never been able to master was Korean, which of course made living there much harder. As you were good friends with the up-and-coming members of the group SEVENTEEN, you preferred to speak to them in Japanese and English instead of Korean, because at least then you knew that they would be able to get the main idea you were attempting to get across. 

 Your lack in stability in Korean had caused the Chinese members of SEVENTEEN to take quite a liking to you. They perfectly understood the struggle of being in a country where you had to try ten times as hard to understand anything, and this had only encouraged the three of you to begin a study group. Three times a week, you would all meet at a local cafe and practice communicating in Korean, but it usually would end up you attempting to teach them bits and pieces of English and them trying to teach you Chinese. What they didn’t know was that you had actually become quite fluent in Chinese over the past few years, but you just couldn’t help but enjoy watching the two boys get so excited over ‘teaching’ you a new language. Not only had they managed to make you laugh as they did so, they had also made you realize that you were quite in love with your paddle haired friend, Minghao. 

 The only person you had told was Joshua, mostly because he spoke English and it was easier to vent that way, but also because you knew that he would never think about telling anybody your well kept secret. He also had become a good friend on your travels across the globe, and he was also one of the only people you could trust to talk about anything and everything. (cough cough priest Joshua coming through cough cough.)

 Your eyes shot open as the blaring alarm finally caught you from the deep sleep you had been immersed in. Peering over your mountain of sheets, you were able to see the time. 10:27 am.

 “Oh shit! I’m going to be late!” You ran around your small apartment like a lunatic, trying your best to piece together a decent outfit while simultaneously completing your morning routine. By the time you had actually managed to slip on your sneakers and get out the door, your phone had rang with several alarms to remind you to leave so you wouldn’t miss your bus. 11:05 am.

 “Aha! Just in time to catch the bus!” You waved happily to your neighbor as you skipped out of the apartment building. The streets of Seoul were not yet even close to being busy, so could actually take your time to look at the freshly  bloomed flowers on your way to the bus stop. 

 The entrance to the cafe was not difficult to find, but before you decided to walk up the the aged mahogany door, you looked through the window. Minghao and Jun were sitting at your usual booth, both drinking what looked to be tea. The expressions on their faces seemed to be more serious than you expected, and Minghao looked more concerned than ever before. You decided not to draw attention to yourself as you walked into the warm room that smelled of ground coffee and cakes. You slipped down against the large wall the was the backing of the booth, and you were about to leap up and surprise them when you heard your name leave Minghao’s mouth.

(Special little thing here- just pretend they are speaking chinese so that nobody in the room can understand what they are saying… or so they think)

 “Yes, Jun. I am one hundred percent sure that I am in love with (Y/N). Overtime I look at her, I just feel so… warm. Like I am at home with my family. She just makes me so comfortable.” Jun nodded and tilted his head.

 “Well, I don’t blame you for having a crush on her. She is very pretty, and just your type. You should tell her how you feel instead of just worrying about whether or not she is going to reciprocate your feelings. I bet you she feels the same way.” As he finished his sentence, you quietly slipped into the booth and made sure that they were unaware of your eaves dropping.

 “Hey, if you guys need to finish your conversation you can go ahead. I won’t mind.” The perfect plan to show him you felt the same way popped into your head.

 Once again, they began to speak to each other in Chinese, completely unaware that you understood every single word that you were saying.

 “I don’t know Jun, I just don’t think that she loves me like I love her. I don’t want to ruin the friendship we have!” You saw your chance, and you took it.

 “Minghao, maybe if you had just decided to ask me you would know that I happen to feel the same way towards you, idiot!” His eyes grew large when he heard you speak his native tongue, and Jun had to bite down on his hand to keep himself from laughing at his friend’s misfortune.

 “You know what, I am just gonna go back to the dorms. Why don’t you two lovebirds just stay here and get to know each other a little better?” Minghao’s face was beat red, and you just giggled and nodded at Jun. He walked off, and you returned your gaze to the boy sitting across from you.

  Shakily, he scratched the back of his neck and let out an awkward laugh. “So you knew how to speak Chinese the whole time?”

 “Hao, I’ve spoken it since I entered Junior High. I just never told you because it was so cute to see how excited you got when you thought that you were teaching me something I had never learned before.” He nodded at your words and took another sip of his beverage.

 “How about we get out of here, and we can go on a real date?”

 “I’d like that very much, Minghao.”

Tom Holland Imagine: Beautiful Pt. 2

Pt. 1:

Summary: After months of you and Tom denying the connection you felt after he spent the night cuddled up next to you in bed, you began tired of feeling lonely and agreed to go on a date with Harrison. Little did either you or Tom know, the date was all part of Harrison’s plan…

A/N: I didn’t really think about writing a part two until I got this idea so here ya go

Warnings: None


Why am I doing this? He’s not the one I want.

I stared at my reflection in the mirror as I finished getting ready for my date with Harrison. I only agreed since Tom never made a move after the night we spent together.

I looked over at my bed and remembered how amazing it felt to be wrapped up in his strong arms.

Yes, Harrison was an amazing catch, but he would never be Tom.

There was a pit in the bottom of my stomach once I realized that me agreeing to go on this date ended all chances I had of being with Tom. And I also knew Harrison and I would never be able to make it work.

I heard the doorbell ring and felt sick to my stomach as I heard my mom greeting Harrison at the door.

“Y/N! Harrison’s here.” My mom called up.

I wiped the tear that fell from my eye and grabbed my purse before going down the stairs.

Harrison was waiting patiently with a bouquet of flowers in his hand.

“Uh, these are for you…” He awkwardly said as he handed me the flowers.

I thanked him and took them to the kitchen to put them in a vase.

And after that, we were off.

The car ride was filled with an awkward silence.

I hated this.

Harrison was my best friend and now I felt sick just from looking at him.

“Stop the car!” I yelled.

Harrison slammed the breaks and looked over at me with wide eyes.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”

“I-I think I’m gonna be sick.”

I jumped out of the car and ran to the side of the road and began to breathe heavily.

“Jesus, Y/N!” Harrison said as he held my hair out of my face even though I hadn’t actually thrown up.

“What are we doing, Harrison?” I asked.

He looked at me with confused eyes.

“What do you mean?”

“Why did you ask me out? I know you don’t like me that way.”

“I– I was trying to get Tom to make a move…”


“Ever since that night you two spent together, he hasn’t stopped talking about how in love he is with you. And I kept telling him to ask you out but he would make some excuse like that you would never say yes to him or that he wouldn’t want to put you through dating a celebrity or some other bullshit excuse.”

“Where is he now?”

“He’s at his house… or at the cafe I told him we were going to.”

“Take me to him. Please.”

“Of course.”

Harrison helped me back into the car. In a matter of minutes, we were parked outside an unfamiliar house.

I had never actually been to Tom’s house. We were always at either Harrison or I’s considering we lived next door to each other.

“Go on, Y/N. I know you love him too.”

I smiled at my best friend and got out of the car.

I walked up to the door and knocked. A few moments later a smaller version of Tom opened the door.

“Hello, can I help you?”

“I need to see Tom.”

“Oh… wait, how did you get this address? If you’re some crazy fan, I’ll call the police!”

“I’m Y/N, his friend and Harrison’s neighbor.” I said as I gestured to Harrison who was still waiting in his car.

“Oh… OH! You’re the girl Tom never shuts up about! Wait, aren’t you supposed to be dating Harrison? Isn’t that why Tom hasn’t left his room all day?”

“Alright, move.” I said as I pushed the boy out of the way.

“Second door to the right once you get upstairs! I’m Harry by the way!” He called after me.

I paused when I reached Tom’s door. I could hear sniffling coming from the other side which only made my heart break more. I lightly knocked.

“Harry, I said I want to be left alone today!” Tom’s voiced called.

I felt my heart crush as I could hear the sadness in his voice. I opened the door and saw him curled up on his bed staring at the wall.

“Harry! I sai- oh…”

I smiled softly at Tom as he realized I was not his younger brother.

“Hey, can I sit down?”

Tom nodded. I crossed the room and sat down in front of him on the bed. His eyes were red from crying and his curls were all over the place.

“C'mere.” I said as I pulled him to where his head was in my lap.

I ran my fingers through his soft curls as his hands held my other one.

“Aren’t you supposed to be with Harrison right now?”

“And why would I want to be with him when I could be with you?”

“D-Don’t you like him? I can see it on your face. He makes you laugh harder than I ever could. And you guys always cuddle on the couch and hang out like everyday…”

“Harrison is like my brother! I only said yes to him cause you wouldn’t ask me out, Tom. I’ve wanted to be with you since the second I laid my eyes on you. You were so… beautiful.”

By now, Tom was sitting up in front of me.

“I love you.” He blurted out.

His eyes went wide as he realized what he said.

“I-I’m so sorry, Y/N! Shit, I just ruined everything didn’t I… Jesus Christ, I’m such an id-”

I cut him off by crashing his lips onto mine.

“I love you, too you idiot.”

Tom smiled and pulled me back into him and began to kiss me again.

“Bout damn time.” We heard someone mumble.

Tom and I broke apart to see Harry and Harrison standing in the doorway. Harrison with a cocky smirk on his face.

“Yes, it is about damn time. And Harrison, you have 5 seconds to run for going after my girl.” Tom said.

Harrison’s smirk faded as his eyes went wide and he took off down the hallways, Tom hot on his heels.

“My boys.” I said as Harry and I laughed at Harrison’s pleas to get Tom to stop.

Monsta X’s first kiss

Requested by anon~

Genre: romance, fluff, au, idk

Word Count: 4,601

a/n: hey guys! i deeply apologize for not being active for these past few days as school has already resumed and i had a lot of research paper to do. i hope you guys enjoy reading this! i apologize for any misspelled words or wrong grammar. enjoy! credits to the owners for these gifs


Originally posted by madtwn

It’s been months since the two of you dated. Although it’s been quite a while, the two of you never really went beyond the holding of hands and hugs. Shownu didn’t really wanted you to feel pressured or rushed but he sure is curious on how soft and plump your lips are. But then, he hasn’t had his first kiss with his girlfriend tho. 

It was just another day for the two of you to just laze around the house without any plans. Nuzzling your face onto his chest, you fiddled on his shirt before looking up to him, only to catch him staring at you. 

“I caught you!” you teased and laughed, making Hyunwoo blush madly with a cute smile plastered on his face. “Is it just me or is it getting hot in here?” He joked, trying to avoid making eye contact with you while fanning his red cheeks.

“It’s just you, oppa.” You teased once more while poking his sides. Hyunwoo just laughed and in just a flash, you were thrown to your back. You were now lying on the couch and he was on top of you.

Everything went so fast. His hands starts roaming around your body, tickling you. Fits of laughter echoed through the whole house. You uncontrollably tried to stop Hyunwoo but then you couldn’t since he was stronger than you.

“Hahahaha- Oppa…. Hahahahaha stop!” Hyunwoo couldn’t hear your pleading as he, himself, was laughing along even though he’s not the one being tickled. But then everything changed when he accidentally lost his balance, making him fall flatly on top of you.

And what’s more shocking is that he crashed his lips onto yours. You could feel your cheeks heat up but then enjoyed it. Hyunwoo was about to pull away when you grabbed him the cheeks and kissed him harder, making him smile in the process.

Pulling away from the kiss after what felt like a good one minute, the two of you were red as a tomato, smiling at each other with loving gazes. 

“That was my first kiss, to be honest.”

By Hyunwoo’s sudden confession, you looked at him with eyes as wide as a saucer. You couldn’t help but chuckle at his cuteness. “That was also my first kiss, oppa.” Well, it was true that it was both your first kiss.

Helping you up, the two of you went back to your cuddling position while watching some random movie being played on the tv. But then you couldn’t help but notice how Hyunwoo’s cheeks were so red and how giddy he was throughout the whole day.

Originally posted by lefantasy

It was the end of Christmas and you couldn’t help but notice how tired everyone was. You were currently staying at the boys’ dorm for the week and offered a helping hand to Kihyun for the preparation of the Christmas celebration. And after the whole night filled with the boys partying around the dorm with their close friends, everyone was beat tired.

Kihyun, being the mom, had to start with the tidying while the others had to bring the plates to the sink, throw the trash and even wipe the tables and floor. Wonho and you were incharge with the tidying of the Christmas decorations. 

Grabbing the brown box from the storage room, you immediately started to place the christmas balls inside their container. Wonho, on the other hand, was busy making meme faces as he pulled the glittery stash off from the christmas tree. Despite the fact that you were beat tired, you have to admit that with his sudden outburst lifted your spirits. 

“Babe, can you please stop and just continue removing the decorations?” You pleaded but then you couldn’t help but smile at him. “Should I?” A sly smirk crosses his face and you couldn’t help but mentally face-palm yourself.

“Nooo, you shouldn’t.” You sarcastically replied and continued removing the decorations. Basically, you were already so concentrated on your own job that you didn’t notice the mistletoe decoration right above you.

“Hey, babe– huh?” Wonho froze on his spot when he noticed the mistletoe above you. You looked at him weirdly when he cocked his head to the side with a confused spread all over his face.

“Is there something on my face?” You cluelessly asked all of a sudden. Patting your face, you continued to look at him but then you noticed how he’s cheeks showed a tint of red. “Uh, look up.” 

Without any hesitation, you looked up only to see the mistletoe. “Oh no..” you muttered under your breath when you looked back at Wonho, who was now smiling sheepishly at you. Before you could even blink, Wonho immediately crashed his lips on yours. 

It was a quick but sweet one. Pulling away after a second or two, the two of you were blushing madly. You kept on fanning yourself as your cheeks are already heating up. Transferring your gaze at Wonho, he’s expression was just a lot like yours.

“What? Why are you so red?” He retaliated when he saw you teasingly smirking at him. “Say for yourself, babe.” You passed him a mirror that was just laying near by and saw how his eyes widen in surprise.

“Ehehehe…” he starts to chuckle, trying to hide his embarrassment. “You’re actually my first.” His hands went up to the back of his head and avoided eye contact as he was becoming redder and redder by the second.

Originally posted by jooheonschanclas

Monsta X, alongside with you, decided to go on a short vacation by the beach. Of course, every vacation needs to have an event and Minhyuk and Kihyun were incharge of making the games and the schedule.

Lazying around the small room where you and Hyungwon shared, you were busy writing down on your journal when Hyungwon came in just to spend some time with you. Hurriedly making his way to your side, he laid down and scooted closer to you, wrapping his long arm around your waist and rested his head on his free hand.

“What are you doing?” He asked but it was clear he was already sleepy. You didn’t rip your eyes off your journal, however, you were still able to flash him a genuine smile. “Just writing how our second day here is.” From your peripheral view, you could see him smile and you could also feel him scooting a lot closer to you, making his body touch yours.

“Like how I wrapped my arms around your–” “Okay, enough babe.” You shushed him before he could blurt out what he was about to say. Closing your journal, you pushed it aside and faced Hyungwon, wrapping your arms in his waist.

“Do you want to take a nap?” You asked as you stared right into his brown eyes. Hyungwon shook his head lightly and softly whispered, “No, I want to stare into your eyes the whole day.” You scrunched up your face and looked at him weirdly.

You were about to say something when Minhyuk came bursting in the room with a loud roar. “Guys! Living room, Game, now!” Without any further explanation, he left right away with a big smile on his face. “We better go.” Hyungwon lifted himself up and offered a hand to you.

Wrapping your hand around his, he hoisted you up and led you to the living room with his hand tightly intertwined with yours. Kihyun and Minhyuk had a mischievous smile plastered on their faces while the other boys were already suspicious of their antics.

“Alright! Everyone’s here. Now, pair up please.” It was kinda weird when everyone obediently followed their orders. Shownu was paired with Wonho, Jooheon was paired with Changkyun, and Hyungwon and you are a pair, of course.

Everything happened so fast. Hyungwon was squatting down to your level and a sliced pickled radish was in between your teeth and his. Yes, it was a pocky game but pickled radish edition. The two of you immediately chewed on the pickled radish until your lips were just centimeters away from each other. 

Both of your eyes widen and before you knew it, the boys pushed both of your heads, making your lips touch his oh-so luscious, plump, thick, luscious, yummy, luscious… i mean yes, plump lips. 

The boys didn’t let go of their hands after a good minute, making you and Hyungwon just enjoy the kiss. His hands cupped your cheeks and the two of you forgot about the picked radish.

“Way to go, Hyungwon! There’s your first kiss, you’re welcome!” Wonho screamed from the back, making the boys chuckle. The two of you smiled in between the kiss and reminded each other to thank the boys later. 

Finally, after the kiss, Hyungwon would be derpy during the whole day. Whenever the boys bring up the topic, he’d burst out laughing before making a meme face.

Originally posted by chiqkihyun

It was a fine morning at school. Each of the students were busy with their booths, and so were you. Your class was having this ‘pop-the-balloon’ booth and had various prizes. The thing about your prizes was the winner had to pick a rolled paper from the bowl and it may be something they’d like or hate.

The booth was buzzing with students who were interested with your booth. In the midst of entertaining the students, your eyes landed on your long-time crush, Lee Minhyuk, with his friends. 

They were walking, scanning the booths with so much enthusiasm. “Hey, earth to [y/n].” Your friend waved her hand right in front of you, snapping you out from your own train of thoughts. “Y-yeah.” you stammered and transferred your gaze, not being able to see Minhyuk glancing towards your direction.

“Hey, we should totally go there.” Wonho teasingly pushed Minhyuk and the others were already howling by Wonho’s suggestion. “W-what? No.” Minhyuk acted to be not flustered by everyone’s teasing. 

“Hey, [y/n]!” Minhyuk was totally taken aback when Jooheon called out your name. Well, it was normal since the two of you were neighbors. Glancing up from the bowl of prizes, your eyes lit up and smiled at the group of men walking towards you.

“Hey, Jooheon. Oh, hey guys.” You greeted each and everyone of them casually, especially with Minhyuk. “Our friend here wants to play.” Shownu and Kihyun forcefully pushed Minhyuk towards you, making him abruptly stop right close to you. 

“Omo, s-sorry.” Minhyuk immediately backed away with a sheepish smile on his face. You smiled at him and reassured him that it’s fine. Grabbing a couple of darts, you placed it on his palms and gestured him to play.

Having only five tries, the first three tries were a complete fail but Minhyuk had a comeback. With two darts left, he was able to pop four balloons that were closely right beside each other. 

The boys started howling when you gave Minhyuk the bowl of fortune. Cautiously, he grabbed a piece of rolled paper from the bowl and opened it. You were utterly confused with his expression. His eyes and mouth were wide open and the boys also had the same expression when they read Minhyuk’s prize.

“Woah, you guys go to this extent?” Changkyun asked, he couldn’t believe that there were those kinds of prizes. “What do you mean?” The boys looked at each other and nudged Minhyuk.

“Look.” Minhyuk showed you the piece of paper that he got and your mouth went wide before you knew it. ‘A kiss on the lips from our [y/n].’ You couldn’t believe what you were reading.

“What the–” “Well, a prize is a prize.” Your friend popped out from no where and pushed you closer to Minhyuk. “Here’s your prize. Now pucker up, sweet cheeks.” Minhyuk’s eyes shook and he sheepishly rubbed the back of his neck and asked, “Is it alright is I get a kiss from you?”

This was your chance. The only last chance for the two of you to have something bloom. You shyly nodded your head with a smile, and now, the two of you were inching towards each other. Both of your lips touched and you could feel the rush of adrenaline running through your veins.

“Woah, did you know that that was his/her first kiss?” Both of your friends blurted out, making the two of you burst at them, only to end up laughing with each other.

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It was the 22nd of November and that was the birthday of your best friend. You’ve been asking his friends about what would Kihyun want for his birthday since the two of you barely hanged out due to hectic schedules. 

“Well, a kiss from you would be the best present he’ll ever receive in his whole life.”

Those words echoed throughout your mind and you didn’t know how you’d do it. You fidgeted on the hem of your shirt while you waited for your best friend to arrive. Hearing the door burst open, you lighted the cake and carried it to him, singing ‘happy birthday’ in an upbeat manner.

“Woah, thanks [y/n]!” Kihyun had the biggest smile and with you holding his birthday cake, it was already the best birthday present for him. “Make a wish~” you cooed, having a big smile plastered on your face, you could see him getting excited for a moment.

“Alrighty then.” Without any hesitation, Kihyun tightly shut his eyes close and pressed his lips into a thin line, mentally saying his wish before his eyes flutter open and blow on the candle. “What did you wish?” you asked with your eyes twinkling in curiosity.

“That’s a secret.” Kihyun couldn’t bring himself to tell you that he really wanted to receive a kiss from you so he just winked at you before tugging you towards the living room. “C’mon, let’s watch some movies and catch up with each other.”

Everything went smoothly. The room was filled with laughter, teasing and stories. You’ve got to admit, you totally missed Kihyun and everything about him. Just spending the night with him was already enough to make your day or night. Looking directly at his eyes, you flashed him a smile and chuckled.

“So, how’s your love life?” you casually asked but regretted asking it when you realized that you’d be hurt when he answers. “Oh? The [y/fn] just asked me about my love life… hmm, suspicious.” He eyed you up and down but then bursts out into a smile.

“Well, still single baby and I’m just waiting for my special someone to finally realize my feelings for her.” Ouch, right in the heart. You could feel your chest tighten when he said about his special someone. Hiding the pain with a smile, you cheerfully teased him.

“Ohoho, special someone…. That’s interesting, Yoo Kihyun waiting for his special someone.” You winked at him and saw how his ears turned red. Immediately, he covered everything with a smirk and scoffed, “Now, how about you [y/n]? How’s your love life?”

Winking at him, you answered, “Well, I’m also waiting for my special someone baby.” Hysterically laughing his butt off, you joined him without any hesitation. “Wow, it’s been a while since I’ve laughed this much.” Kihyun wiped off the tears on his eyes and lovingly smiled at you.

“Me too. Oh glob, I didn’t realize that I missed you this much.” You blurted out without thinking. Kihyun chuckled and nodded. The whole room went silent as the two of you stared blankly at a random space. 

“Hey, Kihyun.” 

Transferring his gaze at you, he raised a brow and replied, “Mmm?” You took a deep breath as you remembered about your gift. “I got you a gift.” A smile then crosses his lips. “Really? You didn’t have to, [y/n].”

“Well, you better close your eyes for you to receive the gift.” Kihyun’s heart started to beat really fast, making him nervous all of a sudden. “A-alright.” Following your instructions, he closed his eyes and you moved closer to him.

He could feel your breath glossing onto his cheeks and how your body was almost touching his. Putting all of your weight on both of your hands, you gripped on the backrest and armrest tightly.

You hesitated a bit if you should kiss him. After how many month of not seeing each other, you’d just kiss him? Well, it’s his birthday and you want him to be happy. Kihyun, on the other hand, was starting to wonder why you weren’t speaking or why you weren’t even moving.

By the second you inched closer to him, lips almost touching his cheeks, Kihyun turned his head and both of lips met for a good ten seconds. Your eyes went wide as saucers as you pulled away as soon as possible. Your heart started to beat really fast and so as Kihyun’s.

The two of you stared at each other with wide eyes and just continued to stare at each other for quite a while. “Y-you…” “U-uhh, happy birthday!” you awkwardly greeted him with a smile. He broke out into a laugh and awkwardly scratched the back of his head.

“W-wow, you really surprised me….. You do know that…. Wait, is it just me or is it hot in here? Omo.” Kihyun couldn’t help but blabber a lot of things while fanning his face. “I-I’m so sorry. I asked the boys what would be nice and they told me a kiss would do a-and a-nd.”

“Don’t worry, [y/n], I love it.” You were surprised to see a different kind of reaction. “R-really?” You were actually bewildered by his reaction. Kihyun was surely happy with the thought of you being his first kiss but then, a part of him was curious if you felt the same.

“Hey, [y/n].”

“Y-yes?” You stammered, totally surprised by his voice. Everything made you nervous, may it be his actions, facial expressions or the sound of the air condition. “Let’s be honest with each other..” Kihyun wrapped his hands around yours and directly stared at your eyes.

“About what?” you clearly didn’t know what he meant but you’ve got a feeling that you know what he’s talking about. “About that special someone that we’re waiting for.”

“Oh… should I go first or you?” you tilted your head and waited for his answer. “I’ll go first.” You could feel his hold tighten as he took a deep breath before gulping a huge amount of saliva.

“That special someone is you, [y/n].”

“Well, that special someone of mine is also you, Ki.”

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Truth or dare will always be a part in every camping trip. Monsta X was given a week off and being their best friend, they made you tag along to their camping trip. All of you left their dorm around four in the morning and arrived at the camp site by five in the evening.

Stretching your aching limbs, you scanned the whole area and thought of what to make for dinner. “Hey, [y/n], you should rest for a bit. You’ve been preparing the whole place by yourself.” Shownu said with Jooheon trailing behind him with a bag of ingredients. 

“I-I can’t. The only thing that I did the whole ride was just sleep.” You shyly declined since you’ve been guilty the whole ride. Well, it’s true that you’re the one who prepared the tables, chairs, everyone’s beds and many more but you’ve felt like it’s not enough.

“[y/n], honey, just rest. Just leave the dinner to us and I know that you’re already beat tired from everything.” Jooheon placed a hand on your shoulder and flashed you his smile which you fell in love with.

“A-alright.” You stuttered and tried your best to avoid his gaze. You know that he only sees you as a friend and that’s where you’re wrong. Jooheon’s been dropping hints at you but you’re too oblivious to notice those hints.

Without any hesitation, you walked towards the hammock that you’ve set up and plopped your whole body on it. Spraying mosquito-repellent all over you, you covered your legs and arms with a scarf and lulled yourself to sleep.

You didn’t realize how tired you were until you fell asleep as soon as you closed your eyes.

The boys were busy moving around, following Kihyun’s orders here and there. Jooheon was carrying a box of bottled water when he passed by your sleeping figure. Seeing how cute you were, he pulled out his phone and took a couple of shots of you before smiling to himself.

After an hour or two, you felt a hand shaking you by the shoulder, making you stir from your sleep. Your eyes slowly fluttered open, only to be greeted by Jooheon’s smile. You could feel your heart skip a beat and your cheeks heating up.

“Good evening, princess. Dinner’s ready.” Your mind was still clearly blank from your nap but every single word that came out Jooheon’s mouth was immediately processed by your mind. 

Nodding your head in response, you were about to get up when Jooheon offered you a hand, which you held on without much thinking. With all his might, he pulled you up and even wiped your face with wet wipes, so that you’d feel fresh.

“Thanks, Joo.” you sheepishly smiled at him after he finished wiping your face. “No worries, [y/n]. Now, let’s go?” The two of you linked arms and made both of your way to the table. Everyone had this smug look on their faces when they saw the two of you walking towards them with a smile.

With just a look, everyone already knew what they’re going to do with the two of you. Dinner went by quickly as everyone chowed down every single bits of meat, vegetable and many more. It was a good thing that all of you used paper plates and plastic gloves to avoid washing dishes.

Gathering around the bonfire,  you snuggled in between Jooheon and Changkyun with your arms crossed, trying to keep yourself warm. “Hey, guys, let’s play truth or dare!” Minhyuk suggested which received positive responses.

Wonho immediately pulled out a bottle out from his back and spun the bottle around. The truth or dare went on until it finally stopped at you. Everyone was now smirking at you and Jooheon wondered why.

“Truth or Dare?” Hyungwon asked you while you start sweating buckets. If you’re going to choose Truth, you might either be forced to tell them your crush and if you’d choose Dare, they might force you to do something stupid.

“U-uh, dare?” Unsure of your answer, your eyes shook when each of the boys looked at each other with a knowing smile. “I dare you to kiss our Jooheon on the lips.” Your eyes went wide and you could feel your whole world stop. 

“W-what?” you stammered without any apparent reason. As much as you wanted to decline, you couldn’t. Everything happened in a flash, you’re now cupping Jooheon’s cheeks with your cheeks turning red.

“You know, you’d thank me later for this.” Hyungwon chimed, making you glare at him before returning your gaze to Jooheon. “I really am sorry.” Befoer Jooheon could even speak, you crashed your lips onto his and stayed on that position for a couple of seconds, treasuring this very moment.

Pulling away from the kiss, you stared intently at Jooheon’s eyes and so as he. You removed your hands off his cheeks and awkwardly laughed. “Ha-hahaha… so, shall we proceed?”

“How was the kiss, Joohoney?” Ignoring your remark, Minhyuk asked a flustered Jooheon, who is currently smiling to himself while fanning his cheeks. “I-I… hehehe…” Jooheon giggled, not minding your presence beside him.

“Well [y/n], Jooheon likes you and I know you like him too…. So why don’t you just date each other, hmm?”

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It was your school’s founder’s day and being the Student Council President, you had to hold the school’s most awaited event. It was the battle of the talents and you were the emcee.

All of the council members had already planned the prizes without you knowing any of them. They said it was going to be a surprise so you didn’t even bother asking them. 

You were busy entertaining the crowd to even notice everyone’s cheeky grins. “Now, shall we proceed to the next performer?” The crowd screamed a ‘yes’ and you didn’t think twice but proceeded in calling out the next performer.

Making your way to the side, you were surprised to see Changkyun enter this kind of event. Changkyun has been your neighbor ever since the two of you were still in diapers. He never seemed like the type of person to join this stuff which totally surprised you.

Changkyun was with his best friend, Jooheon, during the whole performance. The two of them rapped and even sung. In the middle of the performance, you couldn’t help but laugh out loud when they revealed their wigs.

The crowd went wild and you were already positive that they were the best performers for tonight. After the performance, you casually walked towards the stage with a big smile on your face.

“Wow, that was the best performance that I’ve ever witnessed the whole night!” you beamed as soon as you got near the sweating Changkyun and Jooheon. “What can you say about your performance, guys?” Handing them your mic, Jooheon just laughed and handed it to Changkyun.

“It was really fun.” Changkyun said in between his breaths but he was smiling from ear to ear. You continued to interview them and had to make them go to the backstage to wait for the judge’s decision.

After a couple of minutes, the judges handed you the envelop but before you could even open it, your vice-president grabbed the envelop off your hands. “Now, Pres, we can’t have you looking at the winner without you knowing the prize.” 

You blinked at them and even wondered what he actually meant. Both of your secretary and auditor escorted you towards an elegant chair which you didn’t notice from before and made you sit down.

“Alright, folks, I’m gonna announce the winner. Drum roll please!” The sound of the drums being beaten by the drumstick echoed throughout the whole venue. Your vice-president opened the envelop and smiled widely.

“Congratulations, you’re the winner Mr. Changkyun and Mr. Jooheon!” Once again, the crowd went wild and the two lads went up with shocked faces. “Calm down, folks. I haven’t announced their prize.”

“Now, here’s the twist. Since the two of you won, one of you is going to receive a prize money and a date plus a kiss from our very own Pres!” Just hearing the last prize drained all of your energy.

You were quite popular with everyone and you couldn’t believe that your council members made that prize without your consent. Your mind was clouded with thoughts until you snapped out from it when you heard your vice-president’s announcement.

“Now, can we have our president here by our Changkyun?” Bewildered by everything, you didn’t move at all. Both of your secretary and vice grabbed you by the wrist and made you stand in front of Changkyun.

“Just a kiss right?” You blankly asked and received a nod from the members. All you needed was to just get this over with. Without any warning, you gently cupped Changkyun’s cheeks and softly pressed your lips onto his.

It was just a quick one and by the second you pulled away, Changkyun was blushing madly while covering his mouth. It was definitely his first kiss and he’s probably giddy about having you being his first kiss.

“Now, how’s the kiss, Changkyun?”

get some, son || davey jacobs

i love davey, he’s actually one of my favorite fictional characters!

i’m not saying that ya’ll should request some more davey

but i really love writing for davey (and specs and spot, they need love to!)

anyway, i hope you like this even though it’s really short and not my best,

(it’s the thought that counts, right?)

Davey Jacobs didn’t seem like the type who could get girls. Sure, he was cute, smart and kind, but he stumbled over his words whenever he found anyone attractive. He was too awkward to talk to a lady for more than 5 minutes. He even got flustered when he was out selling. 

        When he was with you on the other hand, he had no problems. You and Davey had an extremely close friendship. You lived right next door to him, and you both shared a fire escape. That was probably the closest thing to sneaking out Davey had ever done, going out on the fire escape after everyone else had gone to bed. One time, when Davey made you laugh too loudly, you’d woken up Les. But Les, being a nine year old boy and all, was easily persuaded to not spill the beans. Anyways, the point being that Davey could talk to you for hours. He could sit in silence with you for hours. He could just be with you for hours. He could be himself, without having to being smooth or cool. Maybe it was that factor that had him so madly in love with you. 

        Yet another trait you two had in common was that you both had huge crushes on each other, you had since you were ten. But neither of you would admit it. You always thought that Davey was too smart for you, who couldn’t even read, to keep up with and Davey thought that you were out of his league. 

        Davey hadn’t mentioned the fact that his dad had lost his job, or that he and Les had become Newsies to you. It wasn’t that you had ever said anything negative about the boys who sold you the paper (in fact, you hadn’t actually said anything about them at all), but every time Davey thought about bringing it up, he felt a wave of embarrassment. He didn’t know why, deep down he knew you wouldn’t judge him. But he also felt like you wouldn’t view him the same way. Like you might… pity him. And he didn’t want you to see him as poor, pitiful Davey, he wanted to be your Davey. The one you wanted to be around because you liked him, not because you felt that he needed the company of someone who didn’t smell like newsprint. So you would never know that he was a Newsie. When, so he thought. 

        You just so happened to be walking along the street where Davey, Les, and Jack were selling. Crutchie, Race, Specs, and Albert had finished selling and were hanging out on the other side of the street, waiting for the trio to finish. Jack was the first to notice you, flagging you down with a false headline. 

        “I-I don’t have any money, I’m sorry. Otherwise I would buy one, I prom- Davey?” Jack blinked and raised his eyebrows as you raced by him. He looked at the boys across the street to see if they were witnessing the same phenomenon that he was. Seeing looks of shock and wonder aimed in your direction, he assumed they were. 

        Don’t get him wrong, Davey was happy to see you, but he was also appalled that you had found out this way. However, you didn’t really care. You hardly ever talked about your work with him, why should he talk about his? You actually thought it was cool and that Davey looked very dashing in his cap. 

        Jack was in shock. Was this the same Davey he knew? Did someone steal his identity? Because here he was, having a lovely little chat with an even lovelier girl. He nearly gasped when he over heard his friend ask you over for dinner. And Les was just standing there? Not questioning whether this was the real David Jacobs or not? 

        “Yes, I’d love to.” You said sweetly. Davey grinned from ear to ear, and it was a smile that he didn’t realize he gave you. “If, it’s alright with your mother of course”

        “(y/n), she is always happy to have you over. She loves you! All of my family loves you, right Les?” The littlest Jacobs nodded vigorously at you, a goofy smile plastered all over his small face. He was probably your second biggest fan (after Davey). You couldn’t pass up the opportunity to be with Davey’s family. You were the middle child of 10 siblings and, call you self centered but it felt nice to be the center of attention sometimes. You also liked the quiet that came with Davey and his family. 

        “I guess I can’t say no, can I?” Les let out of cheer of excitement. “I’ll see you then, Dave.” You stood on your tiptoes and kissed his cheek. As much as he liked you, he didn’t even blush when you kissed his cheek. You did so often, he’d be more surprised if you said goodbye without doing so. Then you ruffled Les’ hair and continued on your merry way. 

        As soon as you turned the street corner, the other Newsies rushed over and Jack began to slowly approach Davey with a gleam in his eye. Dozens of questions were being thrown at him. Who was she, how the hell did Davey get a girl like that, was she his girlfriend, could she get Race a friend? Jack shoved the other boys aside and took a good look at his pal. 

        “What de hell was dat?” He exclaimed, throwing one hand in the air. 

        “Well, her name is (y/n). She’s our neighbor and my friend.”

        “Our friend.” Les corrected with a pout. 

        “Yes, Les, our friend. But she likes me better.” Davey ignored his little brother’s eye roll. 

        “Do ya like her?” Crutchie asked, wiggling his eyebrows. Davey’s face suddenly went a very deep shade of red. The boys all cheered, casting aside his protests. Jack raised a hand to silence the excited screeches. Then he placed said hand on Davey’s shoulder, looking him straight in the eye as a proud father would do.

        “Get some, son." 

“Friendly Neighborhood Watch” | Young Sam x Reader | FLUFF

WARNINGS: suggestive, language


DESCRIPTION: There are four days left of school before Graduation Day. It’s so goddamn obvious you and your childhood best friend Samuel Drake feel the same thing for each other… but you won’t say anything because you don’t want to risk your established friendship, and Sam doesn’t want to say anything because he can’t risk giving himself away. But when two people are a perfect match for each other, some things are bound to be revealed sooner or later.

This is technically Part 2 of “Trick of the Light”, but you don’t have to read that in order to understand this (regardless I’ll still leave the link to it below). I’m really pleased with how this one came out because it just makes my heart so happy like aw Sam :,)) It switches between Reader and Samuel so sorry if it’s kinda unclear as to whose POV you’re reading from haha *sweats intensely*

And I also wanna tag @le-ephemere @hyperionbabe @a-n-g-e-l-frommynightmare and @nataliarmnov because you guys are SO NICE and left such sweet comments on Part 1 ily please enjoy

Trick of the Light

Inspired by this song (Rather Be With You - Sinead Harnett)

The only reason why you were with Rafe Adler in the first place was because you were lonely.

Well, more like the one guy you were ever seriously in to never paid attention to you the way you wanted him to, and conveniently, Rafe Adler transferred to your shithole high school and you thought he’d be a lovely distraction.

Except that, despite getting together with Rafe, you still couldn’t get over your one true crush.

The boy next door, your childhood sweetheart, your best friend: Samuel Drake.

You remember precisely when you started crushing hard on that boy. You were in middle school, still in your semi-awkward tween stage, lost in the masses of equally confused prepubescent boys and girls trying to find their places in the social hierarchy. Sam was one of the popular kids; he and his little brother were both notorious for their mischievous methods of cutting class and their bright, cheeky grins. Always the one with extravagant (although mostly exaggerated) tales of adventures, it was expected for girls and boys to flock around Samuel Drake. His heady Bostonian voice and loopy grin managed to light up any room he walked into; Samuel Drake had this laid-back, passionate, and approachable dynamic.

And on top of that… it was almost painful how good-looking he was.

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