also yes this came from my deviantart

holyroyalangelprincess-deactiva  asked:

*she killed some random jerk and took his soul in her hands and then she hears you and turns around* Before I even ask you my name is Rebekah Cresselia, and as you guess I can also shapeshift and this is what originally look like. I came from another world and a website call Deviantart, there are other Bendy's there too now. Anyways, you seem to be following me or just came because you heard screaming. Now what do you want? This soul I have in my left hand?

“My my is impressive how much you talk…
But yes i’ve been searching for some souls… I’m not a thief so you don’t have to give me if you need it… Nice to meet you too, i’m Demonic Bendy… And heard about that world, my mun came from there…”

*he looks at her feeling not feeling so good for seeing her so abrasive towards him*