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sorry for the short inactivity! i’ve been trying to sign out of my social media accs for a couple of days just for breathing sake and idk i just feel the need to get out of this place sometimes. perhaps im just a little too overwhelmed??? and im also trying to distance myself from the internet world because of my phone addiction-ish (as explained on my other blog’s recent post) recovery + CETs preps + tutorial sessions!! but yes im still alive!! i need to get a haircut asap and yes i could read your messages and im so sorry for being such a sucker in responding!! pls give me time to recover from my activity and i promise i’ll reply asap!! i miss y'all

also: u may haven’t noticed my inactivity bc of the queue tho but yeah, im still posting this for updates haha

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Hello, I love your blog ! I'm still so sad that Heath is no longer with us.. Can you tell me when "I am Heath Ledger" is available ? Thank you :)

Hello there, thank you for enjoying our blog! Yes, but Heath will be still alive in our hearts. I Am Heath Ledger is already available on DVD, Blu-ray, and you can also download it from a torrent. There’s probably a link to watch it online on youtube out there somewhere, too :)

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Do you find it kinda remarkable yourself that even after 7 seasons, Jorah is not only still alive but actually has his own plot line at this point? It occurred to me the other day that the very fact that he's still around is kinda amazing. He's one of the only characters who has survived all the way from Season 1. Also, secretly a big fan of your blog :) Really happy to see you back.

Awww ^-^ wow thank you sweetie!! I missed you lovely ppl as well :)
And YES it is absolutly remarkable that we still have Jorah in season 7!! It is fantastic :D heheh lets celebrate the greatness of the bear who stole himself into our hearts ♡♡

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june 25, saturday | realised i haven’t posted much oc in a while so ….. here’s part of my bujo spread for this week (excuse the gudetama in the middle it was an overlay bc i had to blur out the contents of the post-it and it looked weird having a “blank” post-it) + look at my new typo pencil case which i got for sgd $3.50, and yes, my succulent is still alive. 😸

also, i’m going on semi-hiatus because of school! so i’d try and put posts on queue but if not please feel free to unfollow if you don’t like following (semi)-dead blogs! 👻

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Fluffy scenario with Imayoshi, Aomine, and Hananmiya where they cuddle and nap with their s/o who is extremely tired from an exhausting day at school




Aomine arches a dark brow as he opens the door to your room. You’re sprawled across your bed, face smashed into the sheets as you snore fitfully. You’re obviously exhausted from school- he could easily relate. Sort of. He would be exhausted if he worked as hard as you did. Hell, he was exhausted just by giving the minimal amount of effort necessary to retain the ability to play in official matches. “Wake up~” he drawls half heartedly as he tosses his bag to the ground. Stripping to his boxers, he slides under the sheets beside you. Playfully, he pinches your nose until you awake and glare at him. Smirking unrepentantly, he lifts the edge of your blanket and pats the space underneath. You sleepily get up and crawl in beside him. Aomine immediately wraps his strong arms around you, pulling you flush against his body as you drift off to sleep to the sound of his deep snoring. 

“What do we have here~?” Imayoshi teases as he sits beside your napping form on his bed. You had come over for some help with your homework but the draw of his bed had been too strong to fight. While he had been downstairs grabbing a snack for the two of you, you had convinced yourself that resting for a second on his bed couldn’t hurt. You had worked hard, you deserved to close your eyes for a little-right? “Wakey, wakey _____~” the young man hums as he gently flicks his finger across your nose, delighting in your sound of displeasure and the way your brows scrunch as you rub at where he had been tickling you. “_____~” he sings your name again, tracing his fingertips lightly across your arm. Imayoshi chuckles when you snap out a tired, “Stop it,” and slap at his hand. “You have work to do,” he murmurs and blows in your ear. You simply turn over, scrunching his blanket around your head. Your boyfriend chuckles at your antics once more and moves to sit at the head of his bed. He drags you up into his arms and rests your head on his chest. Pressing a uncharacteristically chaste kiss to the top of your head, he decides to let you catch up on a little sleep as he busies himself with his cell phone. 

“Wake up, moron,” your boyfriend growls and flicks you on the forehead. “It’s not every day I take time out of my schedule to help your dumb ass.” When you simply murmur sleepily in response to his harsh words of love, he scowls at you. Fuck you, he thought to himself half heartedly. No one should look that at peace with themselves. Especially around him. Hanamiya nudges you again. “Oi, wake up.” You roll over and open your eyes. Still dazed with sleep, you open your arms in a lazy invitation. “Fucking pussy.” He mutters, not sure if he’s talking more about you or himself, as he lies down in your arms. His head pressed to your chest, he grumbles when you press a kiss to his head and squeeze him close. When Hanamiya is sure you’re fast asleep, he reaches an arm around your waist to lay a large hand on your back. His thumb swishing adoringly across your bared skin, the young man presses a kiss to the underside of your neck as he closes his eyes to join you in sweet oblivion. 

AriSasa Week 
Day 2: Coffee

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Okay so I just marathoned the whole of arrow in 4 days. I think I should get a reward for that, lol. I am now looking for Arrow blogs to follow, yours is the only one i follow. Suggestions? I'll take as many good ones as you can give me. thanks in advance.

WOW!! Congrats!! You’re still alive??? Lucky you, the midseason premiere is in just 3 days. You’re able to skip the pain of hellatus. (But I’m sure you’re still in pain.)

OK! So, must follow blogs for every Archer/Oliciter:

marcguggenheim - Yes, the Marc Guggenheim. He’s been very interactive on Tumblr lately.

smoakandarrow - Our HBIC. Twitter trend organizer. Olicity Fanvid huntress. News, spoilers, everything Arrow begins with her. Also writes fic.

jbuffyangel - Olicity meta queen. You need analyses? She’s got ‘em. Feeling panicked about our ship? She can help you off the ledge. She’s basically our den mother. She takes care of everyone’s mental and emotional health. (NO PRESSURE JEN, BWAHAHA) Also writes fic.

theolicitylibrary - One stop shop for Olicity fics, if you’re into fanfic. Which many of us are. To obsessive levels.

queensarrow - excellent group of people giffing the crap out of Arrow. Well rounded blog, not simply Olicity centric. You’ll find the other ship here as well, if you like that.

thecwarrow - The official Arrow blog. Their tags are hilarious, and they ship Olicity. Clearly.

cammienray - organizer of Olicity Movie Night and the olicity committee.

olicityalways - used to (maybe still?) makes gifs, esp. Olicity AU. Funny, welcoming, enthusiastic, fangirls in CAPS and all over the tags and will answer anything you ask. Definitely a must follow.


ah-maa-zing missmudpie thethornyrant solicity97 olicity-i-believe-in-you smoakmonster caseoflove agirlandhershows 


atom1cflea prattschris

Fic writers

anthfan hopedreamlovepray releaseurinhibitions callistawolf sweetoctopodes mystarsandmyocean justscribbling absentlyabbie @rosietwiggs ohemgeeitscoley dettiot justanother90sbaby mylunarsolstice sarcasticfina adubbs47 sentence-fragments outoftheclosetshipper ohmypreciousgirl befitandchase theirhappystory whattalovelyscene queen-smoakin storiesbyladychi serenasnotebook myherocomplex nonplatoniccircumstances mel-loves-all gnimaerd @effie214 fromfanontocanon allstartstofade freaoscanlin holysmoaksoliver bowsinherhair sarahtwinkie poisonangelmuse thealternativesource thatmasquedgirl lostolicityscenes saltwaterscoundrel hoodiesandcomputers @diggo26 alwaysbemygirlfelicity the-girl-wednesday anonymous033 mimozka awriterincowboyboots sophie1973 


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(edit: i keep adding ppl as I remember)

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Do you have any stuff with Laura having to care for Carmilla? Also you are legit the best carmilla blog

I’m a terrible person because this took way longer than it should have. I’m so sorry.

So these fics aren’t as common as I thought. I have a few though.


anonymous asked:

Do you read John's Blog? Because I always thought that "Anonymous" was Moriarty, but he's commenting on post reichenbach posts... could this be a sign that he's still alive or is anonymous just somebody else?

I’ve had a lot of Asks regarding theimprobableone being Jim as well, so I’m just going to address them all below the cut. But yes, I’m pretty positive Anonymous is Jim (and Sherlock knows it) and theimprobableone is also Jim (which Sherlock hasn’t figured out yet…but a few other characters might know.)

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Q: Do you think kaneki is handsome?
A: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) Okay, next question…

Q: Would you say that the mental visions of ken kaneki haise is having are an accurate picture of ken kaneki post torture?
A: Not really, that “Kaneki” seems to be an embodiment of power and insanity rather than the entirety of Kaneki post torture.

Q: I think we will probably see Kaneki’s return by chapter 60, I mean if it is Re then that would make sense
A: That’s what I thought, too.

Q: When donato said that that ghoul was one key to unlocking sasakis memories, who do you think were the other keys?
A: There are many candidates such as Touka or Hide, or pretty much everyone else that he knew in TG. But I think the most important one is whether Sasaki himself is willing to unlock it.

Q: What do you think abt haise and touka? Will there be something happen between them? You know what i mean :3
A: That’s up to Ishida-sensei. I’ll just grab my popcorn. ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)

Q: Hiiii~~|!!! My question is: Do you think Touka knows that Haise is Kaneki? Or if she have any suspicion of who he is? Because I’m really confused to say if she knows or not. - sorry for my bad english, also, i love you blog, helps me a lot.
A: Personally I think her lack of reaction indicates her uncertainty, and her somewhat sad/painful expression indicates that Sasaki reminds her of a certain someone.

Q: Do you think that Arata kirishima (touka’s father) is still alive? If im not wrong we never got to see what happen to him. So there ‘s still the posibility of him being alive and captive by the CCG?
A: Yes, I think he’s still alive. They are harvesting him for Arata armor.

Q: There are a lot of theories regarding this, but why do you think Arima’s hair grows whiter over the years?
A: I have no idea. It could be anything really, be it hair dye, stress, genetic, illness, experiment, etc.

Q: This is just a theory, but I think Saiko has been leaking info to Eto or someone who is giving the info to Eto. If not then someone in the CCG is leaking info about the Qunix’s. Because Hinami knew about them. I really think it is Saiko though, also I think she my be the strongest Qunix, Crack Pot i know, but hey I may be right.
A: Well so far, among the Quinx, Saiko is just… the strangest. I don’t think she’s only there for comic relief, so I belive there’s more to her that we don’t know yet. As for what, I have no idea. It’s too early to say if she is related to any of the antagonists.

Q: What is your theory on the relationship between Rize and Shachi?
A: Rize is likely Shachi’s adopted daughter as she used Shachi’s surname and called him “father”.

Q: I’m a bit lost with the Tsukiyama and Chie thing and then the guy that looks a lot like Tsukiyama - is their anyway you can explain the relationships there?
A: Tsukiyama and Hori Chie attended the same high school, and became a long time “friend” despite Hori Chie being a human. I put “friend” loosely here because they have a very odd relationship dynamic, with Tsukiyama seeing Hori Chie as a pet, while Hori Chie just wants Tsukiyama to entertain her. As for Kanae, he’s Tsukiyama house servant. He dislike Hori Chie because she is a mere human.

Q: i wonder, do you think banjou can be connected to no.12 of arcana major (i haven’t heard about it before, sorry if it’s known)? i’m rereading tokyo ghoul and in chapter 49 page 20, it seems he has 1 and 2 on his sleeves (the short from the back, he’s saying “don’t let your guard”)
A: That’s actually the back of Ichimi and Jiro. “Ichi”mi = 1, “Ji”ro = 2.

Q: You said that Kanou needed one-eyed ghouls to destroy the “cage” and you speculated that is the “V”. Why Kanou need to destroy it? What will happen if he manage to destroy ” V”
A: Dr.Kanou didn’t reveal anything beyond that, so we don’t know why he wanted to do that.

Q: Hi~~~ my question is: who you think are the hands in TGA opening ? Some people are saying that is Hinami or Eto ( O-o ) but i think it can be Touka, i don’t know why, but every time i see the opening i think it’s Touka. But what’s your opinion ? What do you think that hands represents? — sorry for my bad english// i love your blog and your art is amazing!!!// sorry if you have already answered a question like mine. Thank yoooou ~~~ (づ ̄ ³ ̄)づ
A: I also think it’s Touka, or maybe it’s black-haired Kaneki. I think the hands represented of what changes others have brought to him. The first pair of hands, (likely Rize) was the one who made him into a ghoul (thus the mask). The second pair of hands removed it, making him gain back his humanity.

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