also yes there is a pun do you see it

wintersrchild asked:

Imagine Steve discovering Twitter and how much influence Captain America has, so he starts twitting about stuff like LGBT rights and campaigns to rise awareness and social justice and it actually helps a lot of people.

Contrary to popular belief, while Steve Rogers may have been 95 years old, he was not incompetent with technology. Very much the opposite, actually. SHIELD cooped him up for a considerably long time. When they finally allow Steve to explore the digital world for himself, he takes advantage of his super-serum in arguably the least glamorous way possible: staying up for 72 hours attempting to learn everything about the internet. Which, Steve learns, after skimming over the history of cronuts on Wikipedia at 5 o’ clock in the morning, is impossible.

However, what catches his attention is the social networking site Twitter, and his strangely overwhelmingly large influence on it. He’d thought that Tony Stark / Iron Man would be the reigning Avenger there, considering his technological power, but he’s been reliably informed that ever since the Chitauri Invasion of New York, Tony has been solidly billed down to number two on the Twitter popularity scale, and the hashtag #whatwouldcapdo is always trending.   

When he delves into the tag, he finds out a lot of people are using his image to promote their own beliefs; some he’s completely horrified by (He fought the Nazis, for god’s sake, why was a Neo-Nazi organization trying to affiliate with him), some he agrees with (vaccination is wonderful), and some he doesn’t quite understand. Sam tells him briefly about social justice, about trans struggles, feminism, racism, the LGBTIA+ movement, and Steve spends another few days looking everything up and absorbing the histories and developments behind them (in the process, also finding out a new acronym, MOGII, was a much more inclusive term than LGBTIA+).         

Sam helps him make a twitter, and Natasha makes sure that the person who took the original Captain America handle hands the url over, even though Steve tells her it’s fine. Steve later sends his condolences. Nat was brutal.

Steve uses his privileges to promote awareness for these issues, but never speaks on their behalf, instead rallying support for campaigns, petitions, talk shows and more, concisely in his 140 character word limit. He also begins to dismantle the tweets that use his name to bolster their oppressive views.

Within a few days, #CAPSMACKDOWN is trending worldwide.   

(Twitter’s servers almost overload a year after when Steve comes out as bisexual at one of the MOGII campaigns he’s supporting. #bisexualrogers2k15)

p1nkie asked:

3 & 9 for the kin ask meme! :)

thank you!!

3. Do you feel that your kin is a way of life? (ex. Do you do things that relate to your kintypes?)

For some of my kintypes, yes, definitely! Especially Pinkie Pie and Toriel. I tend to do a lot of self care and just activities in general that relate to the two of them. I also like to dress in things I could see them wearing a lot. 

9. Any hobbies or habits that kinda relate to your kintypes?

Definitely! I bake a lot, like Pinkie Pie and Toriel. I really REALLY love making cheesy puns like Toriel. I collect a lot of things, kinda like Ariel. Everything I do is kinda similar to how I was when I was Anna??  I also really love collecting cute plushies like when I was Bubbles. I really have been getting into fashion, like Honey Lemon. Ummm. I also really like to talk about feminism and social justice like I did when I was Wendy. I think that’s it?? idk, my kintypes give me a lot of my hobbies and habits, I have a little bit of them all in me.