also yes there is a pun do you see it

imagine being hoseok’s maid.

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  • good luck cleaning up all that sunshine dust.
  • hoseok is Old Money and has never worked a day in his life.
  • instead he’s very invested in charities and in the arts and never gets tired of attending balls and events of all sorts.
  • he also hosts a score of his own, so he has a large staff to help him around the house.
  • did i say house? i meant mANSIONS. plural.
  • the most social of all the socialites.
  • it’s no secret that jung hoseok lights up a room and his social affairs are always free of drama and scandal because he’s everyone’s unproblematic fave.
  • such a lovely employer too, he treats everyone fairly and often stops to have a short chat with his domestic helpers, i.e you.
  • everyone always wishing him a good morning/afternoon/evening/night when they pass him, because he’s very polite and often does the same.
  • and he remembers everyone’s birthdays and gives them all a decent bonus for the holidays he’s such a saint.
  • but he also makes The Absolute Worst puns all the fucking time and you’re all obligated to laugh with him rip
  • “you didn’t sweep that room with just a glance, did you?”
  • “haha no, sir.”
  • “another one fights the dust, i see.”
  • “haha yes, sir.”
  • “don’t make mária do the hoovering, she’s slovak.”
  • “haha okay, sir”
  • and if these genuinely crack you up then congratulations you’re already his favourite.
  • if not then you’re kinda really very cute anyway so he doesn’t mind.
  • and maybe one day he has an event to attend and you arrive late with his newly pressed tuxedo and he’s like ????? where were you
  • “sorry i’m late, sir. i over-swept.”
  • and hoseok fucking loses his shit.
  • good job you cleaned the floor earlier that day because he is fucking rolling on it.
  • now you’re definitely his favourite.
  • then he gives you a very straight face and asks “can you tie a bowtie?”
  • and you’re like “no ??????” because of course not how even
  • and he’s like “great! i’ll teach you!”
  • because he can do it just fine, he knows the technique, but he always messes it up on himself and it ends up looking sad and floppy.
  • so you spend about twenty minutes tying hoseok’s bowtie and cracking jokes until you master it, so that you can help him out in the future.
  • and because he really really really likes making you smile.
  • from then on he lets you practice regularly and you get very good at it and he’s like “ah, the student has defeated the master”
  • so you go “thank you, master.”
  • and oH BOY GOES RED AF
  • i mean it shouldn’t be a big deal you call him “sir” all day long but
  • young boys are addressed as “master” by the staff and he gets nostalgic and yet it’s oddly erotic and he’s so flustered help the poor man ????
  • nah you’re probably flustered too.
  • rip the both of you.
  • things are awkward after that.
  • he doesn’t want to make things awkward because he’s your employer and he doesn’t want to like accidentally harass you or anything.
  • but you know how he’s like really invested in the arts ???
  • and he attends every ballet production in the country at least three times.
  • and donates so much money to theatres and operas and dance institutes especially, so they make him a guest of honour at every opening.
  • and he was supposed to attend the season opening at the ballet with someone (there was no one lol) but they cancelled and now he has a plus one but no one to take with him.
  • and he knows you have a birthday coming up (in two months lol) and he’ll pay for the attire if you don’t have anything to wear but he would be honoured of possibly maybe you would want to be his date ???????
  • and rip jung hoseok ??? because  you look amazing in evening wear and will you ever let the poor boy live???? how is he supposed to take his eyes off you long enough to catch the performance omg ????
  • and on the way there in the limo you tie his bowtie and he tells you all about the production you’re seeing and the choreographer which he knows personally and the primary dancer park jimin who he also knows personally and
  • and honestly he’s so passionate and over the moon with joy and it’s a delight to listen to him talk about the thing he loves so much you fall in love with him like ten times on that one limo ride bless.
  • and after the show you’re like wow best date ever ????
  • and you admit to him it’s gonna be weird going back to work for him after all of this because he’s treated you like royalty and tomorrow you’re going back to folding his socks.
  • and he’s like “i mean, not,,,,,,,, necessarily?”
  • “what do you mean?”
  • “you could just,,,,,,, marry me?”
  • and hAHA of coURSE he’s jOKING hahhhha a hah ah
  • but seriously no pressure or anything but he really likes you and would like to keep seeing you,,,,,,, in evening wear.
  • and if you want to keep working for him that’s cool too, but if you don’t then you don’t have to and if you wanna quit and sue him that’s fine he’ll settle out of court and give you a large severance package and he’ll write you the best references and
  • and you just gotta kiss him to shut him up.
  • and then you make out in the back of the limo.
  • imagine hoseok taking you to all the fancy events and showing you off.
  • showering you with gifts and pampering you, it’s A Lot ok.
  • and he’s the loveliest person on earth but he will punch anyone who dares suggest he’s “slumming it” with you no fucking way m8
  • and be warned if you’re attending a ball he’s gonna make you dance all fucking night but it’s okay because he’s a terrific dancer lucky u.
  • and if you want to travel he’ll take you anywhere you wanna go from lavish tropical resorts to the most remote mountain villages.
  • he just loves making you happy :’)
  • anyway, nsfw under the cut.

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Hi! Have you noticed the name of the bar in the sneak peek? It's called Aesop's Tables (I thought that was hilarious actually). And one of Aesop's fables is "The Swan and the Goose." I do not know why but something is bothering me about it since there is the Operation Mongoose and all. Do you think there's more to it or it's just some sort of pun like The Rabbit Hole?

I don’t think The Rabbit Hole is just a pun either. This show is very Alice in Wonderland… but yes, I noticed and thought it was hilarious! There are so many fables, though! 

As was pointed out to me, there’s also a lion behind them, but there’s 28 lion fables… Fandom effort. Read them all and see which fit!

Late for valentine’s day? yes, but hEY! i have bokuro and real bad puns !!!!

+ tiny hcs:
❥ Kuroo got bo some chocolate bc he knows how he likes those specific ones;
❥ Bo also got kuroo chocolate but the box has some empty spaces bc he ate 2 uncounsciously (dorky dork) bc they were there and he was there and do you see how it goes right?
❥ Bo also got flowers because he thought it’d be extra romantic, he hid them in the wardrobe and planned to wake kuroo up with them but he overslept and kuroo was going to put some clothes on and boom! flowers everywhere + that sweet scent in his clothing forever lmao;
❥ They spent all day snuggling send help

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ninette + au where nino is the cute cashier at a music store and marinette is smitten

His day had been fairly routine so far. There was a little bit of a rush after Jagged Stone’s new album came out and promptly sold out everywhere, but for the most part, Nino spent his morning like every other one. Check on the stock, make notes about what he needed to order, call a few people whose orders had come in, help customers, and so on.

That was until a new face showed up on the other side of the glass door to the shop.

“I just want to check and see if it’s here,” the girl said to the other girl beside her. “It’ll only take a sec-” She cut herself off with a soft squeak and turned nearly four shades of red before she grabbed the other girl’s arm and dragged her down so they were crouched behind a display rack and just out of Nino’s line of sight.

He raised a brow and tried to ignore the hushed voices coming from the spot where they were hidden. After all, if this was the weirdest thing that happened to him today, he was in pretty decent shape.

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  • Trini constantly nick herself on her fangs and Kimberly just laughs every time it happens
    • One day Kim is in her room and Trini is in the hall and you just hear Trini go, “Oh, fuck.” 
    • Kimberly laughs so hard that when she opens her door to make sure if Trini is okay she accidentally breaks the door and Trini is just standing there with bloody lips
  • Zack is disappointed when he can still see himself in the mirror. Kimberly just rolls her eyes and takes him to one of the older mirrors in their house and when he can’t see himself he starts screaming.
    • Billy’s in the background explaining how it has something to do with how the mirrors are made that affects if they can see themselves or not.
    • Zack steals that mirror and puts it in his room
  • Zack also makes ‘you suck’ puns at the rest of them and laughs at himself every time.
  • Billy asks Kimberly if being a vampire means he’s going to have to sleep in a coffin. Kimberly promises that he doesn’t.
    • He asks her if she used to sleep in a coffin and when she says yes all four of them are listening to her tell the story like a bunch of little kids 
    • Kimberly doesn’t sleep in a coffin anymore but she still has it and so Zack tries sleeping in it 
      • He hates it and him and Kim bond over how awful it was
  • Jason can’t turn into a bat right away so he gets a pet bat and Kimberly is just wondering why she bit such a weird selection of people.
    • She ends up loving Jason’s bat though because all he does is laugh at Jason being an idiot and they bond over that
  • Kimberly has a HUGE selection of vampire movies (including twilight don’t judge her) and they all watch them together. whenever a vampire is being hunted you just hear one of them go, “Watch out behind you!!!”
    • Her and Trini watch Buffy together and one night Trini just goes, “I’d let Buffy or Faith stake me.” 
      • Kim just goes “Same.” and they debate over who is the better slayer 
  • The rest they are all surprised when Kimberly tells them they can still go into the sun (as long as they have a amulet)
  • Trini is lowkey self conscious about her bite mark and Kimberly apologizes and tells Trini how she was bit and it’s a cute bonding moment
  • Trini falls asleep in Kimberly’s room all the time and Trini just grumbles something like “I’m dead why do i sleep so much” 
    • Kimberly doesn’t mind because she thinks it’s the most adorable thing ever
  • Jason misses garlic bread. Zack gets him fake garlic to make up for it.
  • And on halloween they make a haunted house and scare the little kiddos. Zack feels really bad when he scares one so bad that he started crying, so he gave him all of the candy they had 

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Iida w/ a crush hcs????

This is my first request for anime sonic and honestly??? I’m surprised bc i love him so much

  • He does not know the first thing about romance
  • If he has a crush on you, he’ll probably stricter with you about rules than anyone else
  • Its because he cares about you and doesn’t want you to get in trouble
  • 10/10 will share weird facts or useless knowledge as a way of flirting
  • “Hey Y/N did you know a banana is a berry, and a strawberry is not?” “Iida what does that have to do with anything” “I thought you should know because I find you berry appealing”
  • Will try to flirt also via puns, because he wants you to see a more fun loving, humourous side to him
  • Will not hesitate to say yes if you ask him to study with you
  • He will pretty much do anything you ask of him, so long as it is appropriate and doesn’t break any rules
In regards to the TFC mercs

Bea and Fred are the parents of the group.

Bea’s the mother hen who likes to cook and bake for them (even though 90% of the time it ends up burnt, it’s the thought that counts). And if she catches you cussing in front of small children there will be hell to pay. But if you’re sad she’ll sit you down with a nice cup of tea or warm milk and let you rant. She’s also good at keeping secrets so you can gossip to her about anything. But she’s also the cool mom so if you want something, there’s a 99.9% chance she’ll say yes no matter what it is.

Fred is the dad who will beat your ass if you act out of line (he’s given more than his fair share of lectures to Scout, Cheavy and Spy). But he dotes on them all and worries for their safety most of the time. He also makes tons of dad jokes so you have to be careful with what you say or the dad puns will start up (and there’s no stopping them). He’s also very strict on getting sleep and if he sees a team member up at an ungodly hour (don’t ask what he’s doing up at that time as well or he’ll glare) he gives them a glass of water and sends them straight to bed.

Louis’ Glorious Bum

Yeah, that got your attention, didn’t it?  Let’s be honest, there are few things in this world as perfect as Louis’ backside.  It is one of the first tags I actually made when I started on tumblr.  I didn’t even really understand what tags were for, but I knew i needed one for that.

i mean, really.  how is that even possible?  the trousers are in no way form fitting, and yet his bum is perfectly defined by them.  it’s incredible.

so, with no further ado, let’s appreciate this wonder of the world.

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arafaelkestra replied to your post “pornyplothead replied to your post: …”

That is honestly pretty great. BTW Joy, you might know this and I’ve been wondering: is Pratchett’s tendency to spell pun as ‘pune’ in the Discworld novels some kind of strange Brit-specific gag? I’ve always kind of hazily assumed it was because the characters are generally not terribly well educated, but if it’s a pronunciation based joke or something deeper then I’ve utterly missed it.

So, the reason they call it a Pune and not a Pun, is because the founder of the Fools Guild in Ankh-Morpork was called Jean-Paul Pune. The fact that I know this without having to look it up probably means someone is about to appear and shove me into a locker.

Which, yea, there was a habit in ye olde times before the formalization of the English language to add an extra e onto things when writing them down—likely because of how regional accents work and also, well, if there’s no standard for spelling, why not? (You see him doing this a lot with the witches, who for the most part have no formal education up North—same with Carrot’s letter writing which while grammatically ballistic also has a lot of extra e’s in it, which cements the idea in my head that he was inserting regional accent spelling habits that would’ve made Samuel Johnson’s head explode back in 1755 when he first tried to piece English together as a cohesive uniform language instead of the collective clusterfuck that it actually is.)

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Hi! I've been reading a lot of Jaime meta recently, and I came across your post about how his current arc is about identity and redemption (and "needing" Brienne). Genuinely curious: what about Jaime's arc is redemptive? I've seen a lot of stuff about Jaime not needing redemption, about having not enough guilt to deserve it, not doing enough, about not being REALLY changed, etc. and I'm really on the fence. Thanks for taking the time to read this!

I should so be sleeping right now but there are polite Anons asking me to talk about Jaime Lannister so…

The thing about Jaime Lannister and his redemption arc is that it is about more than just him. Honestly, in my opinion, anyone who says that there’s nothing redemptive about his arc, or indeed that he doesn’t need redemption (he pushed a child out of a window) is talking bull but hey that’s just me. 

The thing about Jaime is that he represents Westerosi chivalry, as it exists in the timeline of A Song of Ice and Fire. He’s got all this flash, all this skill with a sword and all these good looks, but underneath he doesn’t really believe in knighthood anymore. His fall from grace in killing Aerys represents the fall of Westerosi chivalric virtue. In his youth, when he was so full of that idealism that he initially scorned in Brienne, there were knights like Arthur Dayne in Kingsguard, “men as well as swords were made of finer steel”, but when Jaime is Lord Commander, they’re really starting to scrape the barrel. (This isn’t to say that chivalry was perfect before this, because it wasn’t, there’s been a slow decline since the Age of Heroes but Jaime killing Aerys kind of symbolises that final nail in the coffin). 

And Jaime feels hugely guilty about this, it’s clear in the way he regards his fellow Kingsguard members in ASoS/AFFC. Obviously there are other things he does that are arguably more worthy of his guilt (once again, the whole child/window situation) but it is chivalry itself, as expressed through Jaime, that is in need of redemption. 

Naturally this is where Brienne comes in, providing Jaime with the inspiration he needs to get back on the horse (I’m sorry that’s only a clever pun if you know shit about chivalric traditions). When Jaime jumps into the bear pit, he does so partly out of affection for Brienne, yes, but also out of this rekindled desire to do good deeds, to do knightly deeds. Now this is possibly the only big gesture we see as “proof” of Jaime being “really changed”, as you put it, but the difference in his way of thinking and his reaction to smaller events is indicative of his slow return to chivalric virtue. He might still lust after Cersei, but he won’t fuck her in the White Tower, because that white cloak that once soiled him is beginning to become sacred again. He asks Boros Blount to shows him “where it is in our vows that we swear to beat women and children” yet I shudder to think what he could have done to Arya under Cersei’s orders, had he been the one to find her in AGoT. 

Jaime’s arc has yet to reach completion, but what we’re already seeing is a distinct change in his modes of thought - although he’s still a snarky asshat (he’s a Lannister, it’s genetic), he is much more moral and much less cynical as his journey goes on. Honestly I think the real test of him (and Brienne) will come in TWoW: Brienne’s choice of what to do in the Stoneheart situation will have enormous reverberations in terms of GRRM’s discussion of knighthood and what that means, and whether or not it can be truly upheld in Westeros. Currently, despite all the atrocities being committed by so-called knights in Westeros, Brienne’s mere existence, as well as her effect on Jaime, proves that chivalry is not yet entirely dead. 

Jaime’s personal redemption essentially comes second to the symbolic redemption of the figure of the knight in Westerosi culture.

There’s always been that little spark in Jaime, this little bit of the boy who had wanted to be Arthur Dayne, that rails against the cynicism he has so carefully constructed, and this little spark might be all that’s left of true chivalric virtue in Westeros. In the darkness that is made up of Gregor Clegane and men like him, this spark can be seen in Brienne, occasionally in Sandor, in Garlan Tyrell, and though the darkness is growing, so is that spark in Jaime. And if he can keep to this trajectory, if he can hold to these virtues that Brienne has reminded him of, then maybe that spark can light up the world.  

Clouded Love | Soulmate!Calum

Requested: Yes | Anonymous asked: “Hey, hi!! I was reading your stuff and i just read ‘when dreams come true’ and loved it so much! You think you could do one like this for Calum? But like, one where they see peeks of their future in their dreams? Thank you sm xx”

WC: 1.3k+

Warnings: Minor Swearing

A/N: Hi loves! Okay so, I played around with the request bc I didn’t want them to seem too similar?? So in this one, (Y/N) will have visions, not dreams! Hope that’s okay :)) (Also there’s a few low-key SGFG puns in this, have fun finding them!)

(Note: Visions are in italic) (Gif Credit to @teenagedfricks)

[Ask for Part 2!] [Requests/Give Feedback Here] [Masterlist]

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mayy, i really live your blogs ((because im a kaisoo trash)) and yes, many people seems to see us as 'delulu'. but let me tell you, one of my friend can 'see' through photos and vids. My friend said that kaisoo is real, like fucking real *no pun* (1)

my friend also said that, sometimes kaisoo was caught when they was on a date, and they already kissed, sleep together, bath together. And recently ((she said this to me on July)) they looks like have a date together  My friend also said that they already do *it* in so many times, and its made ksoo sick. But my friend said there is one female that want them to get separated and my friend cant ‘see’ it very well, then when I showed my friend of krys pic, my friend said “no, its not her"  and looks like kaisoo already in relationship for 3 years. Im only got that information ((until now)) and i dont know if this is 100% true, bcs that six sense is cant always true. And I hope you understand bcs my grammar just terrible. Love ya may!(4)

I heard about this kind of ability and it’s interesting that your friend has it. Thank you for sharing this with me. I’m curious about the part about the female breaking them apart. Could be a manager? Another idol? Questions, many questions…

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I understand that the word fat is not ugliness. But a diabetic that doesn't acknowledge that they are diabetic and wants to ignore that fact will still suffer from the health consequences. You are likely overweight, even though you believe that the word fat does not represent you. This isn't a mean or hurtful comment, it's simply stating the facts. There are so many health problems associated with being overweight, and I guess i'm confused as to why you aren't realizing that for your future.

Originally posted by samisoffthewall

I wondered when I’d be seeing first sight of the Health Army in my inbox. It took me six years of having this blog before my voice made someone uncomfortable enough. I suppose I’ll have to speak louder next time. If you want to do this, baby cakes, let’s do it.

First of all, I never said the word “fat” wasn’t representative of me. It IS representative of me. I own that, and it’s not something I stick my head in the sand about like some ostrich, or as you’ve so lovely pointed out, a diabetic individual. (I don’t owe you any answers, but just so we’re clear– Diabetes is a horrible condition from which I have not ever nor currently suffer from/with, but it was tres classy of you to bring up a well known comorbidity of extreme obesity to shove in my face as a guilt trip. Nicely done.) 

How could you tell I was overweight? Was it from my double chin? The roundness of my cheeks? What if I were to post a full body shot and then you could see the roundness of my tummy or the jiggle of my arms or legs. Would that make you uncomfortable if I called myself beautiful? I bet it would, and I find that entirely tragic. This is not about health. You may think it is, but let me tell you what it’s actually about. This is about you needing to feel good about yourself. I don’t blame you for that, every single day every human being in existence seeks out ways to elevate themselves and feel better about themselves. We are biologically hardwired to seek happiness and joy and “higher ground”. You have chosen for your higher ground to be a coded message of self-righteousness and shame under the guise of ‘concern’ about my ‘health’, when you -an anonymous face on the internet- do not know a single thing about me apart from my name, my ship or fandom, and also, yes… that I am fat. 

The implications of this message are immense. There is prejudice here so heavy -mind the pun- that I sat with this for some time, digesting it before I gave my answer. See, you’d be shocked to find out, I think, that I have a healthy life. Fat people are often put under a health microscope because of pre-existing prejudices. If I struggle with depression, anxiety, or acid reflux, I will be reminded of my weight, a number that defines my relationship with gravity, by any person who thinks they have good intentions under the mask of ‘concern’. If a girl half my size struggles with the same things, no one will mention it to her. In fact, I have had physicians and other health providers who were so determined that a given condition was resultant of my weight that they literally refused to see any other option, and as a result of THEIR biases and prejudices, I have been dieting since the time I was six. On weight loss pills at the age of thirteen. Weight loss surgery at the age of seventeen. All of it with the same encoded message: You are not good enough like this. You don’t deserve to love yourself and be happy like this. Encrypted under a message of ‘health’. Was my health more in danger before I went through countless cycles of Atkins and South Beach, Phentermine and even a surgery? No, actually. It was better than it is now. And I am slowly bringing myself back to health. But not through shame, as you would have me do it. Not through hanging my head and chastising myself every single time something other than lettuce and water passes my lips. But through love.

I love my body just the way it is. I have beaten my body. Abused it. Run it through the ringer. I have put chemicals inside of it, taken knives to it, starved it, forced it to give up it’s sustenance, over indulged it. And still it works for me. Still, my arms are strong enough to swing my nephew above my head as my ears delight in the sound of his gleeful giggles. Still my legs are capable enough to carry me as I run after him and my dreams, both feet forward and never failing. Still my back shoulders the work of a household daily. I am still here. And I am strong, even if you would have me be weak for your own selfish need to be better than me. I am loving myself back to life, back to health. And yes, sometimes, that even includes tough love. That even includes me saying “no” to myself. But after a lifetime of telling myself no out of the fear that I wasn’t good enough to receive, I am also learning to tell myself “yes”. And you don’t get to take that away from me. You don’t get to reduce or dismiss me based on a number. I won’t let you have that.

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^^The end.

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Imagine Steve discovering Twitter and how much influence Captain America has, so he starts twitting about stuff like LGBT rights and campaigns to rise awareness and social justice and it actually helps a lot of people.

Contrary to popular belief, while Steve Rogers may have been 95 years old, he was not incompetent with technology. Very much the opposite, actually. SHIELD cooped him up for a considerably long time. When they finally allow Steve to explore the digital world for himself, he takes advantage of his super-serum in arguably the least glamorous way possible: staying up for 72 hours attempting to learn everything about the internet. Which, Steve learns, after skimming over the history of cronuts on Wikipedia at 5 o’ clock in the morning, is impossible.

However, what catches his attention is the social networking site Twitter, and his strangely overwhelmingly large influence on it. He’d thought that Tony Stark / Iron Man would be the reigning Avenger there, considering his technological power, but he’s been reliably informed that ever since the Chitauri Invasion of New York, Tony has been solidly billed down to number two on the Twitter popularity scale, and the hashtag #whatwouldcapdo is always trending.   

When he delves into the tag, he finds out a lot of people are using his image to promote their own beliefs; some he’s completely horrified by (He fought the Nazis, for god’s sake, why was a Neo-Nazi organization trying to affiliate with him), some he agrees with (vaccination is wonderful), and some he doesn’t quite understand. Sam tells him briefly about social justice, about trans struggles, feminism, racism, the LGBTIA+ movement, and Steve spends another few days looking everything up and absorbing the histories and developments behind them (in the process, also finding out a new acronym, MOGII, was a much more inclusive term than LGBTIA+).         

Sam helps him make a twitter, and Natasha makes sure that the person who took the original Captain America handle hands the url over, even though Steve tells her it’s fine. Steve later sends his condolences. Nat was brutal.

Steve uses his privileges to promote awareness for these issues, but never speaks on their behalf, instead rallying support for campaigns, petitions, talk shows and more, concisely in his 140 character word limit. He also begins to dismantle the tweets that use his name to bolster their oppressive views.

Within a few days, #CAPSMACKDOWN is trending worldwide.   

(Twitter’s servers almost overload a year after when Steve comes out as bisexual at one of the MOGII campaigns he’s supporting. #bisexualrogers2k15)


Growing up I always thought “sexual attraction” was a joke - that was until I learned about rape, and was sexually assaulted at the age of 14.
So starting highschool, as I kept having crushes, I was wondering why I didn’t want to have them in my bed. Well, cuddes and tickles fights under the covers would be great, but I didn’t want to have sex with them, as much as I loved them. Learning about asexuality suddenly made a of of sense. I wasn’t “weird” or “broken” - there were others.

Still, I’m scared of this asexuality. Less than one year ago, I had my first girlfriend. We broke up due to mostly a lack of communication, but also the fact that I didn’t kiss/touch her enough. A friend said it would be dumb to die without trying to have sex. At the time I didn’t know what to answer, but this is the best I can say for now : it doesn’t attract me. Since I do not need/wish to have sex, I don’t see an interest in doing it.
I hope one day, I will find a girl who loves me without sex and limited kisses and touch.

(Also yes, I’m proud of my pun. You can be ace AND a Potterhead)