also yes i worked so hard on this ;;

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How do we know that Richonne is getting sexy in the van? I can't tell. Having them get intimate in a van adds a level of sexiness that I can't even explain. Rick is so freaking hungry for her that he is not wasting any time getting our queen into position. I will never be tired of them. I don't want to work so hard to view the details so I'm going to need more light. There has got to be a reason for the low light love scenes.

The metal walls, and you can see a seat/seatbelt just behind them. But yes, the urgency of doing it right there in their van is so damn sexy. Let’s do it right here, because fuck waiting ‘til we get home. Whew. 

Also, I agree, one of these scenes better have some good lighting. (The one in the school looks pretty good.) I’m okay with the darkness here if it means naked thrusting without any sheets to cover anything up. But all the sex best not be looking like this, lol.

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This is a question for John~! Are polyamorous relationships a necessity? Personally speaking, I'm more of a monogamous kinda gal, so I was wondering if that's a possibility, too (especially regarding the boys). Plus, you guys are amazing. Thanks for your hard work~<3

Not only are polyamorous relationships not a necessity, but you can play without romancing anyone! And yes, monogamous is also fine. :’3 And thank you for your awesome support~! <3

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You write the boys really well and I'm a new monbebe who wants to learn a bit more about them. You seem to understand their personalities quite well so do you think you could list some of the definitive points of each member's personality?

WELCOME NEW MONBEBE and yes I can definitely do so, thank you for asking me :)

i’m sorry this is so long and not a list, I got too involved with my bbies

Shownu, from first glance, is quiet, but he has his own kind of charm, like whenever he’s not silent, he’s probably making you, and everyone else, laugh way too hard. He also represents a quiet sort of strength, always working to be dependable for the other members and striving for the father image. If you watch no mercy, in one episode, you can see that he takes full responsibility (and the fault) for his team losing and one trainee having to get eliminated. He blamed himself, to the point of tears, for not leading them better I think that’s his weakness sometimes, feeling constant pressure to lead the entire group on his own. But it’s endearing that he cares so much for anyone who depends on him so much.

Wonho; people don’t see this from looking at him at first, but he’s very, very intelligent. He’s involved in producing music and seems to be the only one who understands exactly how the All In theory plays out. aND the dance performance in no mercy with the robOTS that he was the mastermind behind was literal artistic genius, okay. He also talks a lot, it’s really endearing, but it shows that he’s thinking about a lot of things constantly. It can be his weakness, though, especially with his self esteem issues, and how hard he is on himself sometimes. He’s a pure and loving soul and just needs someone to return all the love he constantly gives to everyone else in full. He’s bright and open and innocent and immersed in everything he does. He laughs all the time, even at the smallest things, and is extremely emotional, always quick to anger and quick to cry, he’s honestly such a softie. I’ve never seen anything purer than his love for his fans. 

Minhyuk is another bright soul lolol, always getting excited over everything, always so talkative, and is an actual small child. He’s so, so quick to say anything that he’s thinking without hesitation, but it means that he’s very open and trusting of people. Other times, he’s self-reflective, and is constantly wondering if what he’s doing is good enough for the group or the fans. He also makes the best out of everything without effort, like literal sunshine and optimism manifested into one person and never has to think twice to see the bright side of things. Like the time when he had to go stay with shownu at the hotel all day in right now and he wasn’t even the least bit disappointed, he had so much fun wandering around and finding the train station and saying hello to everyone who didn’t even speak the same language and even fanboying over the lil pretty coins before buying smoothies and going back to sleep with shownu like how is someone so pure

Kihyun is a sensitive lil hamster. He gets offended/irritated easily, and is quick to brag or make savage comments without fail lmao. But he takes care and looks after the whole group, with cooking and cleaning and waking them up on time. Without him, I think monsta x would be a bigger mess than they already are. His reactions to anything are priceless because he becomes completely shocked or bewildered or so amused over the smallest things. He’s also very determined and hardworking. It’s no surprise he was the top vocalist out of the trainees; he seems unsatisfied with himself unless he has achieved the best. If he hasn’t, I think that’s the biggest sort of stress for him. So this explains why he loves being praised so much, and when he takes to the stage in front of unconditionally supportive fans, he owns the place no matter how small he appears, whether it’s with his vocals or his dancing or his overall stage presence.

Hyungwon; is tall and soft and panda. His personality is intriguing because he is so unapologetically himself. He will laugh at literally anything at anytime, will meme whenever, will sleep for however long he wants when he’s allowed to. He hides this part of himself when in public, though, like how he’s quiet in front of cameras, but I heard that he’s loudest member in the dorms. Or how he tells other people that he doesn’t think he’s that good looking but the members exposed him saying he believes he’s the actual visual king of kpop. He’s the kind of person you’d have to take some time to understand because I haven’t seen his kind of personality before lolol but he’s my biaswrecker so something is working. He’ll seem distant and far-off sometimes, but as soon as you put him on stage to daNCE or assign him something to do, he will become completely immersed and do it so well especially the dancing pls help me

Jooheon likes to act badass when in competitions or in front of crowds and it gives people an intimidating and cocky aura at first impression, but he is the softest, squishiest actual baby ever. He’s so kind, really, all the members named him as undoubtedly the one to drop anything and help everyone else first. He’s also the first person to show kindness to an outcasted changkyun in no mercy, and every since then they’ve been like brothers. But jfc he transforms into a monster on stage… like he seems to have an expectation for himself, to show people the full extent of his image jooheon™ from monsta x and he’ll make sure you won’t ever forget him. He knows he’s good, but he’s still very humble and seems a lil sensitive too, especially in getting offended a bit easily and apparently holds grudges lolol

I.M is reserved and mostly watchful, and very introverted with his thoughts. He rarely (and I mean rarely) ever expresses his feelings or emotions, and seems to keep them buried within to figure it out for himself. The times that he does open up, it’s always with him making a joke or memeing. The fact that he has the whole group laughing hints that he’s very intelligent in his humor, and also in general. He’s also the absolute mOST COMPETITIVE PERSON I have ever seen in my life jesus fucking christ like he will appear quiet and humble, but even the smallest game you put him in will have him trying to win like his life is on the line. 

fic: No Strings

title: no strings.

genre: smut/humour

word count: 3000

description: Phil really misses sex and it turns out that Dan really misses sex, too. So…they just decide to have sex together. No strings. FWB minus the usual dramatic storyline that follows. Hilarity and #bants ensues.

“Just sex?” Phil repeats, “No strings?”

“Yes,” Dan nods, “that’s generally what no strings means,”

“Literally just sex?”

“Fucking hell. Look, Phil, I can spell it out for you or you can put your dick in my ass - it’s totally your choice. Have sex and be satisfied or wank alone to a Muse song again. What’s it gonna be?”

a/n: this is obviously smut but it’s actually funny too i promise, and it’s not like super graphic smut where you’ll cringe or whatever it’s…well, you’ll see. just read it and trust me.

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RFA + Saeran with an MC who's still in college? :)

ohoo, this was fun!! i haven’t written for saeran before but it wasn’t as hard as i originally thought it was going to be! thank you for the request~


  • he’s also in college so like
  • study buds for life holy shit
  • actually so happy he’s not the only student
  • “see? i’m not the baby!”
  • yes he is
  • oh my god he’d randomly just show up at your school
  • “i just wanted to see my babe working hard!”
  • “you’re skipping aren’t you”
  • fuck she caught me
  • y’all would make breakfast together
  • tht’s my life goals
  • omelets everywhere
  • constantly late


  • omg he loves his hard working gf
  • probably shows up randomly in a goddamn limo
  • “that’s my baby!!!”
  • he’s so proud
  • shit did you just ask him for help
  • he can’t help i’m sorry
  • you get to tutor him sometimes tho
  • “when will you ever even use half of this in real life???”
  • he shouldn’t have dropped out
  • while he was getting that good kush and into bike accidents you’re over here getting these degrees
  • he’s so in awe
  • literally this is a new world for him
  • will stay up with you just to see your new grade pop up
  • fuck he’s so cute


  • she understands ur pain
  • shit ur crying over all ur work
  • me too bitchc
  • such a good motivator
  • mom instincts activate
  • she doesn’t want to overwork you but she just wants the best for you
  • makes sure you study
  • “i told you you’d do just fine”
  • [sobbing] u were right
  • refuses to let you stress and will totally give you massages wtf
  • i’m so gay
  • will actually pat your head when u get that good score
  • gives you coffee while you work and corrects things for you
  • fuCK


  • he went to a university abroad so
  • he’s so educated wow
  • that’s hot
  • but he will help tutor you when you ask him
  • professor han
  • jumin with glasses hahahah i’m no longer breathing
  • he will bribe your professors to get you that A
  • “no jumin that’s not necessary–”
  • “do you want more? i have–”
  • i appreciate it hon but please calm down it’s not a big deal
  • he’s the sweetest
  • professors are afraid of him
  • somehow you’ve been getting less schoolwork lately???


  • oh no
  • he absolutely would hack into their website and change your grades
  • “saeyoung– oh my god stop don’t do it”
  • he didn’t
  • but he’s actually really good at every subject??
  • a good tutor
  • but he needs to stop drawing the most extra things when you get 100 percent
  • you love him more than life itself but he explains things in the weirdest way possible
  • make him stop
  • but one day during a test you remember him jumping off the stairs to help you remember gravity
  • and it works
  • how could you forget him almost breaking every bone in his body
  • at least you aced it
  • he will fight the professor who marked you down because you didn’t indent far enough.
  • will always call you after an exam
  • “i already have my fingers ready to change your grade–”


  • he doesn’t really know much about school
  • he skipped a lot
  • mr edgelord incoming
  • no but he’s smart
  • like really smart
  • what the hell how
  • he hates history
  • and anything involving partners
  • and uh
  • he hates school in general ok
  • you’d probably force him to go to school
  • you need to be by him all the time
  • he’ll go crazy
  • “stop glaring at everyone”
  • “i’m not, i’m trying to look nice”
  • he just wants friends poor baby
  • look if he sees one more emo kid and asks them about the lord and savior you were going to have to take him home

So I’ve been getting some pretty rough messages. And much to the dismay of many people on here, I am not as stupid as I clearly appear. I don’t know how someone could morally allow themselves to assume someone’s intelligence based on photographs, but there are some fucked up people out there. And I guarantee I have already surpassed their studies in just my first stage of higher education. I am at a four year private nationally ranked university, I am a double science major, I am doing research on Early Bronze Age dentition from Turkey and Syria, and working towards applying for a PhD program. Also, I’m a Licensed Emergency Medical Technician, because why not. {pictured}

Are there people smarter than me? Oh god yes. Does that make me stupid? No. I am exactly where I need to be right now and god I’ve worked hard for it. So think before you type. Not just for me, but for anyone.


Title: interview

7 days of imagines

|day 1| |day 2| |day 3| |day 4| |day 5| |day 6| |day 7|

“So uh can you talk about the prosthetic a little bit and what was the process?” Chris asked
I sat in the crowd as I watched Chandler talk on live tv about the episode “Sing Me A Song” where he had a huge role in. Chandler gave Karen a shout out with all her hard work and talked about how it was a advantage and disadvantage with it.
“…I also lost my depth perception for like 10 ½ hours.”
“That’s how carl has to live everyday man!” Chris joked which made me laugh
“Yeah. The twin who play Judith hated my prosthetic though. They were scared of me! They used to love me. They love my girlfriend though, she brags about it all the time” Chandler told them
“Ah, yes your girlfriend (Y/N) right? Wow, it’s so weird, your still the 10 year old to me so hearing you have a girlfriend.” Chris said
“Yeah, she’s amazing with the kids. She’s just amazing” Chandler told him…and everyone in the crowd and everyone watching at home.
Chandler nodded and smiled. He then looked over at the crowed and smiled at me. I waved at him.


actually bothers me how hateful some girls can be with girl groups, like, yes you dont like them is ok, you dont have to stan them but why you have to say they are “too cute, too sexy, too slut, they are not talented,they dont write their own music, etc” man…this girls also work as hard as boy groups no matter if they are part of the big 3 or not.

Arkos Pregnancy Au

here it is folks. What started out as a way of making me feel less depressed spiralled out into this beautiful au.

are you ready??? (also please keep in mind that I only did some research into pregnancy so if something is wildly inaccurate its because I’m lazy)

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It really breaks my heart seeing so many “Exo-Ls” deciding to not watch the MV because their “bias isnt in it 😖😖” and even being salty towards Jongin stans, saying that we always get so spoiled.
I really don’t know about any of you, but the group as a whole has always been the priority for me. I love Exo. I’ve been there since their very debut, I was there as 3 members left and Exo seemed to break and I was there throughout this whole year, watching Exo becoming even stronger and stronger after their very heavy times and not only succeeded in getting even more united but also in staying at the very top, even breaking their own records. You can call me a delulu fan but I will support everything they’ll release at this point to see them smile and being successful after their hard work so this upcoming christmas album is really no exception. Yes, we all have our biases but I still admire and worship each member so much that it wouldn’t even get in my head to not watch the MV, even if my bias isn’t in it. It absolutely makes no sense; haven’t you guys supported CBX also?? And what about Jongin stans getting fed so much, have you forgotten that Jongin literally missed out the whole promos for “Lotto”?? What suddenly happened to “We are one!” and being there for each and every single member??
I can’t force you to watch the MV of course. But if you really decide to cut off this comeback because of the screentime your bias will have in the MV, I don’t want to imagine his face or feelings if he would know about it.

I’ve never considered myself to be a toppklass, but I’ve been a casual fan of topp dogg since their debut, and I’ve always thought that they would be one of those groups from a small company who would make it big because they really do have all the qualities to do so. They’ve been releasing high quality music since their debut, and their choreography is one of the best and most difficult out there. The members are some of the sweetest most adorable idols I’ve ever seen, and not only that, they’re also all visual material! They have everything, but what went wrong? Yes their company is shit but which company isn’t? It’s hard to see such a talented and hard working group go underappreciated like this and if this trend continues, the sad reality is that they would have to disband soon. People need to start recognizing talent asap before this happens.

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Since you're talking about fanfic: how do you balance writing original and fic? I am prouder of my original stuff, but fic feels so much /easier/ to get into, and I never get a rejection from AO3, and it's hard to keep going with original work.

This is an excellent question.

Speaking personally, I use fanfic as a way to boost my confidence: to try out new ideas, to improve my writing, and - yes - to reassure myself that, at a base level, I’m capable of writing things that other people want to read. I also use it to remind myself that I’m capable of finishing things, which is often the scariest part of writing original stuff: the knowledge that you could just give up, put aside a difficult WIP in favour of a new story without anybody being the wiser, and repeat that cycle so often that you never, in fact, finish anything. 

Original fic is harder because, of necessity, it demands more from us. Particularly if your original stuff is SFF or any sort of genre work, you have to worldbuild the setting in a way that makes sense to new readers, instead of being able to trust, as you can with fanfic, that the audience already knows what you’re talking about. The same goes for describing characters and setting up relationships and backstory: particularly when it comes to secondary or antagonist characters, you can get away with doing precious little work in fanfic, because all you have to do is drop the character’s name, and the audience already has a preexisting set of assumptions about who they are, why they matter and what they mean to the protagonists. In original stories, you have to set all that up yourself.

But the joy of writing original stories is that you get to set the canon. You get to say, “Everyone Is Queer, Not Because I Headcanoned It Or Because I’m Addressing Ten Years Of Unconfirmed Subtext, But Because I Am The Queer God Of This Tiny Queer Universe And As I Make It, So Shall It Be.” You get to say, “Let There Be Dragons,” and then you get to decide what type of dragon without people wondering why you’re taking so much time away from characters and romance to describe them. You don’t have to say, “I love this, but I wish there were more ladies, and especially ladies who don’t suffer or die or pine for undeserving assholes,” because you can, instead, say, “Let There Be Awesome Ladies.” You get to say, “White People Are Not The Default.” You get to say whatever the hell you want.

And while you can certainly do some of that stuff in fanfic, too, playing in your own sandbox - creating your own story - means that, potentially, you’re making a brand new sandbox for other people to play in, too. If there were no original works, we’d have nothing to fanfic about, which would be a tragedy. So yes, it’s hard, but it’s also worthwhile. Fanfic is awesome for its own sake, but original stuff is, too - the trick is to find a way to balance them, so that each type of writing refreshes and supports you for producing the other.

Hope that helps!

People are always surprised at my confidence when it comes to writing. But, like, it’s not that I think I’m the best writer out there–far from it. But the fact that I say “when” I get published instead of “if” isn’t a sign of arrogance. Yes, I’m confident, but there’s a difference between that and arrogance. I’m confident because I work hard and because I will keep working, and keep improving, all the time. So there are only two options here: 

I will keep writing and eventually be published, or I will die trying. 

Being published isn’t the mark of success–I know that just as well as anyone and have plenty of issues with the publishing and literary worlds in general–but it is a goal I have and, as far as I’m concerned, as long as I’m breathing it’s a goal well within reach. 

That’s really all there is to it. 


Uuh, I don’t usually post my fics in Tumblr buuuuut I thought that posting one chap of the Chat Fic I’m making might be fun? So, yeah.

Er, it’s angsty?? But it also has fluff??? I dunno? I just know I worked hard on this chap so I wanted to share. 

Also; it’s based on that Au of mine where the gang is in a Radio Station and each of them have a show in it, well except Coran, he has a bakery. 

Disclaimer: Voltron doesn’t belong to me, sha la la. 


DBluePal >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[15:28 pm] DBluePal: lmao guys! Guess who was able to do a cart wheel with one hand?

[15:31 pm] SpaceDad: Hunk

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: Yes! Lmao, isn’t he the best???

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: also, you won’t guess what just happened to me this morning! So you know that vending machine on building fourth that is a little crocked but still functioning? Well! Today I bought something from it and I got thrice the product! Lmao, my breakfast was three muffins that might have been expired

[15:32 pm] DBluePal: oh my god and then! One of my professors did such a sick move! He was in the middle of the lesson and then he stopped and went like “ok, who wants to do a rap battle to have extra credit” the whole classroom when HYPE and the rap battle was SICK, I got like 30 extra points for that #bless

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: shut up lance

[15:33 pm] NotPokemon: you are so fucking annoying

[15:34 pm] AlteaQueen: Pidge

[15:34 pm] SpaceDad: Pidge!

[15:34 pm] DBluePal: woah, little lady what’s wrong???

[15:35 pm] NotPokemon: fucking shut up ok? Jfc im so done

[15:36 pm] DBluePal: okayokay just

[15:38 pm] DBluePal: okay

[15:40 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge, are you okay???

[15:50 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge?

DBluePal >>> ThatElvisSong

[15:55 pm] DBluePal: do you know what’s wrong with pidge??

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, I don’t

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: I was about to text you actually to ask you the same thing

[15:56 pm] ThatElvisSong: u okay tho?

[15:57 pm] DBluePal: yeah yeah, im fine, I know she didn’t meant it

[15:58 pm] DBluePal: im just worried about her

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: wait wait wait

[15:58 pm] ThatElvisSong: dude, today is that day

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: what

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: shit, today was her lab exam

[16:00 pm] DBluePal: with Mr. Sendak

[16:00 pm] ThatElvisSong: do you think something happened???

[16:01 pm] DBluePal: I mean, I don’t think so?? She probably nailed the exam, she’s pidge come on

[16:01 pm] ThatElvisSong: yah, but you know how Mr. Sendak pisses her off

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: remember how she almost punched him when he poked at Matt’s leg prosthetic

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: matt wasn’t even out of his coma and the Dick dared to poked at that

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: don’t remind me, it took all of me to hold her down and not punch him myself

[16:02 pm] ThatElvisSong: you at home?

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: no, im at the station

[16:02 pm] DBluePal: but im heading home now

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, I will talk to her in the meantime

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: okay that’s fine

[16:03 pm] DBluePal: I think we will need a cuddling session tonight

[16:03 pm] ThatElvisSong: I think yeah

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: im gonna pick some peanut butter muffin from Coran’s on the way

[16:04 pm] DBluePal: that might cheer her up

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: got it

[16:04 pm] ThatElvisSong: drive safe

[16:05 pm] DBluePal: always my dude

ThatElvisSong >>> NotPokemon

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I know I know I know

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I was way out of line

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I fucking suck

[16:17 pm] NotPokemon: I just …fuck!

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: okay, firstly, I need you to take a deep breath

[16:17 pm] ThatElvisSong: and realize that none of us are mad ok?

[16:18 pm] NotPokemon: …okayok

[16:18 pm] ThatElvisSong: we just want to know whats up

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: it just that fucking professor

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he can’t fucking deal with the fact that someone’s smarter than him

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: he fucking pokes at the students’ insecurities and make them feel less and it’s so frustrating not being able to fight back!!!

[16:19 pm] NotPokemon: but fuck, hunk, I fucking lashed out at lance bc of that Dick, im sooo mad about that

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey come on, I just talked to lance

[16:20 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s just worried about you

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: fuck, I fucking lash out at him and he’s worried???

[16:20 pm] NotPokemon: hunk he’s a fucking saint

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: just apologize, pidge,

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I mean, I know he already forgave you but still

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: yeah yeah of course

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: im just waiting for him to come through that door

[16:21 pm] NotPokemon: I really am sorry, hunk

[16:21 pm] ThatElvisSong: I know pidge, and it’s okay

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: my class is over

[17:34 pm] ThatElvisSong: im on my way to the apartment now

[17:34 pm] NotPokemon: okay, noted

[17:35 pm] ThatElvisSong: did you guys settled everything down?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: ???

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: whatcha mean?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: ??? u know, Lance said we were having a cuddling party tonight

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: didn’t he tell you?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: lance hasn’t come home yet?

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: I though he was at the station?

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: no, he left a little after keith’s hour started

[17:36 pm] ThatElvisSong: he told me he was at the library but was on his way to the apartment

[17:36 pm] NotPokemon: …where is he then

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: he’s not answering my calls

[17:39 pm] NotPokemon: oh my god, HUNK where is HE???

[17:39 pm] ThatElvisSong: let’s check with the others, maybe they know?

ThatElvisSong >>> Voltron’s Five Limbs + Two Ears

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: hey guys,

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: LANCE’S MISSING

[17:41 pm] ThatElvisSong: pidge

[17:41 pm] NotPokemon: IM JUST REALLY WORRIED OK

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I'm as sad as anyone that we have to wait till September for season 3 but some fans need to chill and stop being so rude to the producers on Twitter. I think we're so lucky that Matt and Maril are huge book fans themselves and committed to making a faithful adaptation, most book adaptations are crap.

Yes yes yes!!! We’re all sad that we have to wait so long for the show to come back and I’m one of these people that think they could a better job with promoting the show. But that’s not the producers’ fault. Also, there’s no need to complain like a 3 year old and disrespect someone’s hard work.

pengiesama  asked:

if i sacrificed my infant nephew do you think i could get a good curse going on the ufotable writing staff. asking 4 a friend

Well, pengiesama, it would depend.

Is your friend currently hitting the depths of despair, seeing everything he’s worked so hard for fall apart?

Has he been helplessly watching a dear friend fall to darkness and malevolence because of the actions of others?

Did he also just watch his entire home village that he helped found get massacred?

If he answered yes to all 3 questions, then, yes he could probably get a good curse going on the ufotable writing staff.

That said, though, human sacrifice is sort of a touchy thing, especially if babies are involved.  Might want to see if there’s a convenient (slightly older) volunteer instead.  Not that it’ll be that much better, but hey, at least they volunteered?

My initial reaction to “Wear It”

Well Ginny’s bathtub video scene made me totally tear up.

This episode was so hard to watch. But it was also kind of cathartic. It was amazing seeing Ginny let loose for the first time… ever. 

And they really did pack in everything they possibly could have, which done wrong would have backfired but here… worked.

Ginny has been boxed in from all sides, the pressure put on her way too much for any one person to handle without some down time. Which I don’t think we’ve seen her take until now. I mean yes she’s had some nice scenes with Evelyn and Blip and their boys. But that’s not exactly ‘cutting loose’.

And for all that Evelyn is amazing, Blip is her person. Like Evelyn is Blip’s. Which makes theirs a terrific marriage, and doesn’t make them bad friends (they’re great friends). But Ginny hasn’t had a person since her brother stopped being her agent.

And Amelia cares about Ginny. Hell Ginny is almost definitely the most important person in Amelia’s life. But Ginny is Amelia’s job too, which… complicates things.

And Mike was getting there, but now Ginny’s trust has been broken. So that won’t get fixed in a day. And she needs someone now.

And Trevor broke her trust by letting her believe that he was gonna quit baseball. And that old friend from last episode didn’t do anything wrong, but that didn’t make what did happen any easier. And Tommy, who surprisingly started to seem pretty okay got sent off to play in another city.

So yeah Ginny has pretty terrible luck at keeping a friend.

Which is why I loved Cara so much. I don’t know if she’s going to show up again, but I think she should. She’s fun and young and free and completely uninvolved with the rest of Ginny’s life which means she has no personal stake in it, no motive to influence Ginny in one way or another. And she’s trustworthy. And for the baseball sensation Ginny Baker? Trustworthy matters. Almost as much as the rest of it.

Getting a psychologist is great. She isn’t okay, and she needs help.

But she needs a friend too. And for this one episode Ginny let go and it could have gone horribly wrong, but it didn’t. I love that it didn’t. And while she got drunk and danced and played stupid party games for the first time in her life, she put her trust in Cara. And maybe she didn’t consciously let down her walls, but maybe that’s a good thing because if she hadn’t been at a breaking point she wouldn’t have let them down at all. What matters is that she didn’t get a knife in her back while those walls were down.

So potentially Cara could become her person. And if not that then at least someone she can go out with to a few clubs to dance when the pressure gets too much.

Anyways. This episode was so good. And most of the credit goes to Kylie Bunbury who does a phenomenal job in conveying all the layers of Ginny’s character. I actually don’t tear up that often when I watch TV, but watching as the emotions played out on her face as Ginny had a panic attack, as she forced smiles, as she felt like fleeing, as she cried her eyes out, as she admitted that she wasn’t okay? And at the very end when all she had to say to her pictures being released was ‘what else you got?’ because she might not be okay but she’s still gonna take on the whole damn world if she has to? Now that did move me to tears.

Because she’s so goddamn relatable