also yes i ship it on the side

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OOC: Hello again! Sorry for the random message, but I was having a really rough day the other day and your Post with Vani being nude and Ven getting all blushy gave me a much needed laugh. :) I'd like to give you a present as thanks but I can't draw! XD I can however write a good story! Are there any Ships you really like? :)

ah, you don’t have to make any present—it’s really okay! I’m glad you liked my recent photoset, I guess it’s really funny (lmao i laughed my ass off) all what I wanted was to bring joy to this place and I’m happy to see that’s happening right now.

buut if you insists, I can actually tell you my ships.

my moment to talk about ships has come!! jkjkjk.


ah well…it’s really tough to choose which ship I love the most….mmh

I don’t know…………

i mean, it’s not like they like each other or something….

i am crying this is too hard

ok i think i love vanven, yes, i love them.

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Hey, it's obvious that you ship Jerza but how about the rest of the ships in FT!? BTW, I like your artwork 😍

About the question, yes I do love other pairings besides Jerza, however I get very focused on my OTP like laser focused on them xD and it looks like is the only pairing I ship when there is more pairings on the side that gets my love. Funny is that besides Jerza in the “big four” I also ship Nalu and that’s it. The others are no very popular pairings, ones can be qualified as polemic/ unpopular for some or rare pairs. At the top of my head these are favorites of mine:

Stingyu currently is a very favorite of mine, I just love the boastful, loud type paired with the shy but strong girl who can keep him in his toes with determination and gentleness, uwu! <3 (Lories gets me for almost the same reason!)

Since I must head to bed cause I have to be a reponsible adult (sob!)  I can’t draw the rest, but I want to mention them anyways:

Jeltear (Jellal x Ultear): The angst, the common story, a mutual understanding because they both have known darkness. Sorry can’t help it, I am a sucker for dark characters and their path for redemption, getting to search for their answers and helping each other alongside. In the hands of a capable writer, my mind blowns over the possibilities.

GrayLu: Man just check the avatar arc and their conversation afterwards If Mashima hadn’t make so obvious what are the endgame ships, i would believe about their posibilities, they are such a sweet and stable combination. Lucy as a true beacon of light for Gray <3 Still I love them <3

Arcadios x Hisui: tiny and rare but loved his devotion to her and the fact oftenly overlooked that the pendant that protected Arcadios from the lava, was a gift from Hisui herself. I shipped them so hard during the Magic Games arc <3

Lyredy (Meredy x Lyon): @blamedorange is to blame and I just love the pairing, the cuteness and the idea of protective papa Jellal x333 (and oracion seis giving him hell xD.

Jelano (Jellal x Sorano): a cute unrequited love story in my head. Sorano is secretly in love with Jellal, he is just clueless as hell but cares sincerely for her well being and happiness. She doesn’t mind and accepts the status quo.Still she gets deeply flustered when he praises her or get too close, endless teasing from all Crime Sorciere and Jellal more confused xD

Sorano x Erik (cobra): I love team sarcasm. Their idea of flirting is a battle of caustic remarks, their friends thinks they are gross xDDDD

That’s all I can remember xP

magisterium shipping
  • callia: "No Thanks" - everyone
  • calron: the Purest, Best, Healthiest, Most Organic ship to Ever touch the ocean
  • callmara: The Most Likely Canon HetShip Since The Former Love Interest Is 6 Feet Under
  • tamaaron: "yes sir i'll bring her back before 9 :)"
  • telia: so good pure and organic.....also wlw are Really Fucking Underrepresented can we Please
  • jaaron: like.....literally They Punched Each Other In Bed thats all i gotta say about their relationship
  • jelia: mega side eye but well such is life for Side Characters
  • iron trio: pure! good! amazing! healthy! the best! all around! perfect! they all love each other! poly!!!!

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so i am finally watching S4 of Endeavour and holy shit i forgot how hard i shipped Max and Endy (as i like to call Morse :P) AND THIS IS ALL YOUR FAULT


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While I love fluffy and love dovey stuff with Jaku, I'll admit, I'm also all about them angst and hate/love shit too. OvO but I adore this blog and how cute it is. It's perfect to look at to see the more fluffy side to the ship.

((Aww!! Thank you anon! ;w;

And ye, I love seeing/creating different interpretations of p much any of my ships as well. It’s a lot of fun for me to see how others took in stuff and made their own ideas out of it!

Tho guess I stuck to fluffy/romantic for this blog bc it’s what I would have wanted from an ongoing Jaku askblog! I know an angsty or love/hate relationship could be done and would also b a lot of fun to see, but I’d rather handle the cute stuff consistently haha))

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People make a big deal about who tops or bottoms in a fic but for me it's who is best friends/roommates (Zouis, always gotta have Zouis). (And Narry.) (And Ziam should be the side ship.)


zouis friendship is so important to me in fics. like it’s not /necessary/ but i always feel like the dynamic is missing when it’s not there. because no matter what u believe happened, zouis’s dynamic was Iconique. so. i gotta have zouis. AND LILO. narry can go either way for me because the n*rries kind of… tainted it. lol. but lirry is good. and i really like side ziam BUT side ziall is also Tragically Underrated like where is the justice for ziall? lol

i’ve been addressing why certain anti-meihem arguments are shit but i think it’s time to bring up the most common one-that meihem is apparently ‘abusive’

first of all,if you think mei calling a junkrat a bully is ‘abuse’ then you don’t know what actually abusive relationships are like

oh yes,i’m sure people who suffered from abuse would love for you to call some random ship ‘abuse’ and give such shaky and weak ‘evidence’ on why it’s the case

enemies to lovers(even one sided enemies like in the case of meihem) is a common romance trope,just because one character doesn’t like another character doesn’t mean they will always dislike them

and lets also look at junkrat and mei’s personalities

mei is one of the nicest in the game,she’s a precious cinnamon roll,too good for this world,too pure,and she’s very apologetic(often saying ‘sorry,sorry sorry!’)

junkrat on the other hand,is mentally unstable,he’s insane,and is seen as one of the overwatch villains,but does that mean he would be abusive? hell no,he is a very goofy and friendly guy with lots of positive and cute lines(like one of his unlockable lines is ‘happy birthday!’) so i don’t think junkrat would ever abuse his partner

in fact,there is even potential for a nice friendship between them,they both canonically like boba,have tragic pasts(mei losing her whole team while on cyrostasis and junkrat possibly losing whatever family he had and the chance of a normal life when he was only five years old and having to grow up in a radioactive wasteland) and they both like puns!

so i don’t think ANY kind of abuse would happen between them,they are both such nice and friendly characters after all,and i think if mei got to know junkrat better she would be more sympathetic towards him and wouldn’t hate him anymore

idk..i just needed to get this out of my system,i’m sick of seeing meihem get called abusive,it’s annoying as shit and insulting to actual abuse victims

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*flails* Thank you and your puppy socks for shipping so many things and creating such beautiful artwork. *showers you in porn, penis shaped confetti and flowers* Ah, also are you contemplating joining the Dean/Cas BB 2017? :D

Hi anon ^^

OMG, yes, I ship so many stuff! I have an armada of ships! The asset of being a multishipper! Some people are very exclusive when it comes to ships (which is great, whatever floats your boat ♥) but even if I have favorite pairings (J2 and Stucky), I ship tons of other stuff. The more the merrier! xD

Ah, also are you contemplating joining the Dean/Cas BB 2017? :D             

I don’t think so. :/ I’m already involved in the Captain America RBB and the Yuri!!! on Ice RBB, not to mention my side projects (The Life of Bucky Barnes and The Life of Dean Winchester), it’s a bit too much for me. I already have so much on my plate but, I’m not gonna lie, I miss LJ challenges. I can’t wait for the new round of Masquerade but also Springfling, one of my favorite exchanges of the year

Thank you so much for your very kind message anon! Confetti on you too /d

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Impa + Nabooru

The ship is my: def. one of my favorites tbh

I consider this ship’s feelings:
Mutual | Mixed | Strange | Awkward | Platonic (i like them as frands too lol) | Sibling-like | One-sided | They don’t really like each other

I’d consider the relationship:
| Awkward | Abusive | Doesn’t work properly | They’d never get together |

| Yes | They’d think about it

General Opinion: I think Impa and Nabs could be really good together. I feel like it’s something that would just like…gradually happen and neither of them really notices it happening. I also feel like Nabs would go out of her way to push Impa’s buttons a lot, and Impa would have none of Nabooru’s sass.

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The only shaladin ship I'm really side-eyeing is Shidge. It wouldn't be AS bad if they were aged up to where Pidge was 18 or older. So...(Different anon, by the by. What do you think about shunk?)

Tbh anon, I’m a shidge bitch. And you know, most people I’ve encountered in the Shidge fandom hc Pidge at around 16-19. Most go with Shiro at 18-21. Some others go with the 11 year age gap (and yes also they do go with the aging Pidge up processes) the SDCC alleged ages present but the most canon thing we got is “5 teens” from the actual official Voltron site which seems more canon-presenting than chosen ages of some people in the Voltron crew. One crew member may HC a character different from the other and it would just be a confusing bit cuz what is canon then? It must also be noted that in the SDCC video they use terms like “range” which means, yes you may interpret them as such but we hold no specifics. 5 teens is a public advertisement that made it out to their actual site whereas SDCC is a person throwing numbers at some of the crew’s face.

Whatever it is that antis present as the stereotypical shidge shipper, I can assure you most Shidge shippers (or at least the ones I’ve encountered and i’ve encountered a lot. I am phase 1 to entering goddamn shidge chats) are nothing like the antis make them out to be. If anything, shidge shippers I’ve encountered are nice open-minded individuals.

I will not lie. Once, I saw the bad shipper ™ in the search and I blocked the fuck outta that. But one shitty outlier shipper does not make an entire fandom shitty. I acknowledge that vld antis usually have a kl@nce/sh@llur@ profile but does that mean every single one of those shippers of those two ships are antis? Nope, it does not. 

So sshhuuunnkkk

My view on Shunk is that we need more Shunk and they are so underrated as a Ship. And that they are actually the real space mom and dad trope tbh. Hunk is the real space mom no matter what you say. He’s straight out mom friend ™ and I get so frustrated every time. I have a Shunk AU which was stolen from my shidge au but damn dude Shunk fit the AU so much better than shidge did

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can i get a bts smut ship? i'm 160cm, tan more on the curvy side. i love passionate sex, but i'm also ok with rough once in a while. i'm a switch, but more on the sub side. shower sex, oral, dirty talk, praise, body worship and overstimulation are a yes. thanks :)

Hey there anon! Thank you for requesting! Here is your ship!

BTS: Jungkook! This boy would make love to you like no other. His lips would never leave your body, whether they’re on your lips, neck, boobs, or thighs. He’d show you how much he loves you with each thrust. He’d hold you close and pick up speed as he gets closer and closer to coming. When you’re in the mood for rough sex, his eyes would light up. He’d lift you up and take you directly to the shower. He’d strip you bare while he kisses and nips all over you. He’d lift you up again and push you against the wall, slamming into you. He’d tell you how fucking tight you are and how good you’re taking his cock. He’d kiss your shoulders and tell you how good you’re doing and how good you’re making him feel.

Originally posted by jeonify

I hope you enjoy your ship! ~M ;)


HEY! LOOK! I said “yes!” to my Link at Sakura Con!!!

Watch the proposal here:

The ring is a custom design, with yellow sapphires set in yellow gold in the shapes of the triforce on both sides of the center stone. There are then also “Navi Blue” topaz stones on the sides of the band.

(taps mic) yes, hello everyone, do you have a moment to talk about my savior, the kaminaga/hatano ship? 

you see, i’m just wondering why this ship seems so unpopular in this site? they’ve been seen side by side on several occasions

i honestly thought that much material would make fans as thirsty as i am

anyway all i’m trying to say is that kamihata (yes that’s what i’m calling it) is such a good ship??? they’re 11cm apart in height! they probably bicker a lot! but they also could be partner-in-crimes! and many other adorable tropes i just love this ship a lot tbh……….

please consider joining me in this v small boat ok? ok. thank you for your time.

Phantom Troupe Theories

As we know from the latest chapter shit is hitting the fan and the Troupe is right in the middle of it. These theories should round up a lot of confusion that can be seen with the Troupe so try to stay with me.

The Troupe Isn’t All That Bad

If you read into the manga and pieced together the pieces this should be obvious. Plus I’ve made a theory on this before, so let me sum it up the best I can. By starting with the Kurtas we are immediately thrown into grey, but if you actually look at the message they left, in the decimated village, and Uvogin’s description of them they weren’t all that kind. Uvo described them as War faring and Brutal. He said they were a good fight meaning they probably have their reasons for living outside of the known towns. A bit in the 1999 anime also explains this, though it was only an extra Togashi threw in on the side. Kurapika finds an old Kurta battle ship [yes battle ship] and explains himself that they are war faring. I kinda don’t need to explain myself any further. The Kurta’s did something to piss of the Troupe so they came to ‘Take Back What was Theirs’ (canon message left by the Troupe). Plus we don’t see them kill anyone innocent at all. They killed Mafia members…MAFIA MEMBERS, and Chimera Ants that were threatening their home. They haven’t done anything truly evil at all, other than stealing from people who have already stolen those items to begin with.

The Troupe Works For Meteor City Government

The group’s motive for forming is believed to be, to preserve peace within the city and to assist in making a city worthy of living in. Despite this belief within the HxH fandom the true motive of the Troupe is canonically unknown, however they were called on by the leaders of Meteor City to take care of their Chimera Ant infestation during the Chimera Ant Arc in both the 2011 anime and manga. This can only mean that they are on good terms with the leaders of their home, in other words they are supported, and employed, by the city. So the idea that they are trying to fix up their home is not that far fetched. Plus we don’t really know what they do with all the items they steal. They could be selling them to museums and using the money to fix up their home. They could be using the books to teach the children there. So their involvment with thier home is rather heavy.

Machi and Shizuku Could Have Side Jobs As Doctors for Meteor City

This may sound more like a head canon, but I did say ‘might’. We know Machi has a pretty good knowledge of the human body, and Shizuku…well…has a vacuum? Ok this may sound like a stretch but try to hear me out on this one. Meteor City is very poor so if Machi and Shizuku acted as doctors more of the town would be able to stay healthy. Shalnark does seem to have a bit of knowledge on this type of stuff as well. If they work for their city it’s a possibility that they do other things for their city too.

Hisoka is Not Human

This is a theory I have been juggling around a long time. With the way his power seems to work as well has his regeneration ability, seems rather magical beast like. This is not a strong theory but it’s still a theory.

Kortopi is Was Raised by the Troupe From Birth

This seems very possible after finally knowing he’s a child. He seems very attached to the Troupe for some one around Gon and Killua’s age. Now before we bring up how Nen can make you appear younger let’s look at his ability. It’s not very strong to begin with so needless to say how can he hold his age? He can’t cause even though he has ability it’s very weak showing his age. Not to mention Shalnark and Kortopi were probably playing at the park like a child should be doing, when Hisoka came along. It all just falls into place, which actually leads me to my next theory.

Pairo is Alive

Before anything let’s look at the movie Phantom Rouge, and that bastard Omakage ability. He states he has to know a person before he can make a puppet out of them, meaning he knew Pairo long enough to make a puppet of him. This should probably be at an estimate of a few weeks. Plus it has been stated in both the manga and movie, that Pairo’s body nor eyes were ever found, due to Kurapika’s reaction when he saw him. Point number two Pairo’s puppet didn’t have his eyes. Meaning Pairo didn’t give them to Omakage, leading to one thing. He’s still alive, but now we ask where is he.

Pairo and the Phantom Troupe

Ok we know the Phantom Troupe killed the elders and took their eyes, and most likely left Pairo alive since he had nothing to do with it. Though the Troupe can be ruthless we know from Kortopi that they aren’t heartless. So they could have taken Pairo in and raised him as a resident of Meteor City, with the rest of them. Making friends with him and allowing Omakage a chance to form a puppet of him, but before he left he didn’t get a chance to get Pairo’s eyes since he still was using them.

Is Pairo One of the New Troupe Members?

This is a question that is probably likely from all the info stacking up now. So if Pairo is the a new Troupe member it could also add to plot. Proving to Kurapika that they aren’t as evil as he thinks. That leaves us with one more opening though…so who could it be?

Possible Troupe Members

-Kite: Yes Kite is a possibility for some interesting reasons. We haven’t heard from him in a while and we were hinted at his return, so could it be?
-An Unnamed Chimera Ant: We all know some Chimera ants probably migrated into Meteor city so one could have caught Chrollo’s eye and they were recruited.
-Gon and/or Killua: This may be more of just a hope on my part for plot reasons so just keep it in mind.
-Ging: I have a theory that Ging personally knows the Troupe himself. I mean he’s been everywhere and found so many things. It might be reasonable that he is a Spider if not a supporter in secret.

Feitan’s Second Ability

I’m pretty sure we’ve all seen the art Togashi made at least once. Feitan holding a broken Phinks crying with the moon overhead. This could be a hint to Feitan’s other ability. We already know the sun, but we don’t yet know the moon. It’s possible that it activates from stress of grief like the sun activates from stress of rage. So is it possible that this ability could be a healing ability? We can only hope for the Troupe’s sake.

So this was a ton of Theories at once. If you want me to go into further detail on one please just ask.

On Writing Fan Fic

Over the last couple of days, I’ve been chatting with Olicity fan fic writers about their experiences and I’m kind of astonished by some of the things I’ve been hearing. 

I’ve been writing a long time.  I’ve written fan fic for ages for a ton of various fandoms & ships, and I’ve been both writer and reader.  I also used to moderate a few forums, including one on a general writing site (aka “original fiction” not fan fic related), so I’ve been on all sides when it comes to putting out work for public consumption.

First things first.  Olicity fan fic writers?  Write your own damned stories.  Own them.  Take pride in them.  Stay true to your vision, stay true to your interests, have fun with what you’re writing, and keep feedback in perspective.  It’s crucial to remember (and yes, often very hard, especially when you’re first starting out) that for every person griping that they don’t like your story, there are 20 others lurking who are loving it. 

If someone doesn’t like what you’re writing, fine.  That person can move on to another story. Not everything is going to appeal to everyone.  That’s the way of the world.  But normal people?  they just move on.  They don’t keep coming back chapter after chapter after chapter and just hammering at you.  That’s called a troll, and trolls should be banished, not fed.

Do not let anyone dissuade you from doing something you love.  KEEP WRITING.  To do anything less is giving that person way too much power.  If some of the published writers quit writing just because some agent or publisher sent them rejection letters (and some of them super mean, btw), nobody would write another book.

You are providing FREE entertainment.  Enjoy those readers who enjoy you and forget about those that don’t.  There is a fine line between constructive criticism and just abuse.  You don’t have to take it, so don’t.  Use that “delete comment” button sites like AO3 offer you, as the author, to remove abusive, trolling, inappropriate remarks.  Be your own “admin” on your account.  It’s okay.  Give yourself permission to flex the power that site gave you.  Do so without apology or explanation.  People who cross that line know they’re doing it.  You owe them nothing.

Give yourself permission to NOT read comments/feedback.  A lot of published authors freely admit they refuse to read comments left on their books because being mean has become a sport & “entertainment.”  This can be a hard habit to break, but if you find that reading comments actually bothers you or makes you not want to write?  Stop reading them.  Think about changing settings on your stories so that only registered people can leave comments.  Turn comments off all together if you’d rather and just leave the kudos/likes option.  Make the experience work for you rather than against you.  Explore those options on whatever site your housing your fic. 

And now the biggie.  This apparent “thing” going on where readers dictate to writers what can be/should be/must be in their stories…  I don’t know where this started, but wow.  Hell to the NO.  Are these people paying you to write these stories?  Are you working on commission?  Are they ponying up cash for you to include characters you don’t like and don’t want to write for to create content for THEM rather than for the target audience you’re trying to reach?  Of course not.

You, as author, have complete control over the world you are building.  It is YOUR world.  If you want to write Character A as a villain, do it.  If you want to kill Character B?  Go for it. You like Character C but somebody else doesn’t?  Who cares!  Write for Character C.  You want to pretend Character D never existed and don’t give a fart in a fog storm about anything having to do with them, with the show, with “canon” or anything else?  Freaking fart in that fog storm and write it the way you want.

Otherwise you know what you get?  You get a story that rings hollow, filled with characters you don’t care about, creating a story you don’t want to write anymore because it’s no longer YOUR story and the audience you were aiming for (for example Olicity fans) no longer want to read it.  What’s the point of that?

If people are unhappy with how you choose to write a story or want other content, then they are free to go off and find that content (if anybody cares to bother writing for it) or, better yet, tell them to go write a story of their own.  But that does not mean you should ever – ever – allow anyone to dictate to you what you “must” write or how you “must” write it.  Absolutely not.  Kick those people to the curb.

Let me share something with you.  I will never, ever, ever write about certain Arrow characters.  Ever.  You can all guess in 1 who that would be.  Why?  Because even the villainy roles in my stories will be played by characters I *like*.  Villains are fun!  And I refuse to waste a single word on a character I find completely tedious and dull.  Deal with it.  It ain’t changing.

And you know what?  As the author? That’s my right.  As an author, that’s YOUR right to.  So enough of this insanity.  Take a stand, Olicity fan fic writers.  Say, “No more!” 

- No more including characters you don’t want to write for.

- No more giving haters, antis, or trollers footholds in the destiny of YOUR stories

- No more giving people who do nothing but bash & trash fic for entertainment the time of day.  Zap their comments and move on.

- No more letting unhappy readers dictate how you write your story. Write with joy and write to please yourself.

- No more handing people who have beefs with Oliver, Felicity, Olicity, OG Team Arrow , etc., (or whatever else is in your story that YOU enjoy and want to write for, I don’t care what/who it is) the power to silence the outlet for that love and support. 

Enough.  Time to take back the Olicity Ficdom, Oliciters.  So write, Olicity fan fic writers.  Write the way you want, with all the passion and creativity you’ve got.  Just write.

And fan fic readers, bless you for being patient people who support the fics and fic writers you love.  Please, please continue to do that.  Support your favorite authors with your readership & positive feedback and let them know when you enjoy something.  Pimp them to the fandom, let other Olicity fans who are looking for good Olicity-centric stories (for and about Oliver and Felicity) which ones are your favs.  Recommend fic and fic writers.  Word of mouth is everything for writers.  So don’t be shy about recommending them.  Great stories are meant to be shared.

One last thing.  Olicity fan fic writers, if you’re not happy on the platform you’re on to host your stories?  Start speaking up to that sites administration and do not take “no” for an answer.  Email them your experiences.  Give them solutions to help eradicate the problem and ask them to help you help them reate a stronger, better site and improve the experience for all involved.  After all, if a site has no fan fic writers on it, it has no fan fic readers either.

Do you know other authors experiencing trouble on the same site?  Band together.  Come up with a strategy & plan to help improve the site and approach the site as a group.  If the site blows you off & doesn’t want to help protect the writers & make the site successful, I’d suggest exploring alternatives.  This should be a team effort thing and if the site won’t support you, why the hell should you support them?  There are lots of fish in the fan fic sea. Cast lines out there and see what you can land.

But most of all, value yourself, value your fic, and never let anyone treat you without respect and courtesy.



I actually started this at noon yesterday and finished twelve hours later but tumblr doesn’t like me posting shizz in the middle of the night so ye. 

I didn’t know how Nextale Gaster’s “fatherly side” really is but I was thinking that he might talk about his boys being cute(because cute lil’ baby monsters are adorable) and because Nex doesn’t have a good relation ship with Nextale Gaster so he might do something of the sort. But, who knows ¯\_ ツ _/¯

Also, it kinda branching off this post but egh

that’s the name of this comic


Seriously, it’s called Egh

ok water-ver

Nextale belongs to @nextale( @moonphyr, @firereddragon)

Undersane Sans is mine

and the normal/original Gaster belongs to the all mighty Toby Fox

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Hello yes I have recently been forced into the stucky fandom could you rec me some blogs to follow? Thank

this has been sitting here for while so im just going to go for it? (this is no way me picking favorites, and im totally open to suggestions, im just listing some that I know of)

this got long so ill put these under the cut (also some of them may be nsfw)

Keep reading

today the word was just an address, a place for me to live in, no better than alright

but here you are, and what was just a world is a star

tonight [x]

west side story au??? yes???

aka, lydia keeps fitting any musical theatre song to every single ship/fandom ever and chrobin is not even close to exempt lol

(someday i’ll figure out dynamic and cool bgs but today is not that day)