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“I popped Captain America’s cherry !” - Steve Rogers x Reader (NSFW)

Steve Rogers is (was) a 90 years old virgin, someone had to “pop his cherry” one day you know. Just so happened it was you. Slightly NSFW. Well, actually, totally NSFW. Let’s just say it. First times and stuffs

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Being Tony Stark’s little sister wasn’t always easy. You couldn’t count the number of times you had to go pick him up somewhere because he was too drunk to come home on his own. Or the times you were waking up to go to school only to be met with a naked woman walking casually around…and getting suddenly flustered when she realized that Tony’s little sister was living with him. Or the times he just embarrassed you in general. Or when paparazzis just chased you everywhere just because you were his sister. Or just all of the Iron Man thing. You were in danger all the time, just because you were his sister…

Tony was twenty when your parents died, you were just a four year old at the time, and didn’t understand what was happening…Most of your childhood had been a bit chaotic. But you ended up fine, with all of his flaws, your brother still took good care of you. The perks of being rich really, an army of nannies were there when he wasn’t. 

Yes, being Tony Stark’s sister wasn’t always easy. But it definitely had its good sides. Your life was NEVER boring, and you always met interesting people. 

Steve Rogers, aka Captain America, was one of those people. You guys “clicked” right away. You loved his gentlemanly way, and he loved the fact that you were always very careful not to make him uncomfortable by talking about something he didn’t know. You were very aware that he wasn’t from your era, and that sometimes, he struggled. You also were the only one to acknowledge the fact that he might have PTSD from WWII. And unlike most men, he really wasn’t interested in your money and fame that came with the package of being a Stark. He liked you just the way you were, and vice versa. Unlike your brother you never mocked him when he was confused about something from the modern world. You loved hearing about when he was in the forties, and you felt that talking about it made him feel better. After all, everything and everyone he knew was long gone, that had to take a toll on your mind…It became a habit for the two of you to meet every day for lunch and just talk about anything. 

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I just watched the Glory video and I will never ever ever ever ever be over it.

It was so beautiful. Honestly, like the camera angles and all the aesthetic scenes were so sweet and creative!! Also just all the cute moments that weren’t all overly romantic, just super warm and nice and the messages conveyed and of course awkward Dan but yeah I love this band with my lIFE.

Thank you. So much.

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Hi! Sorry to bother you but do you think you could link me to some sprite/pixel art tutorials for newcomers to pixel art? I'm also struggling with sprite animation, I tried to make a walking animation for my mc but it ended up just looking super awkward ^^'

Heck yeah I got ‘cha buddy B^)

Walksprite Tutorials: One | Two

Some of my Favorite Pixel Art Tutorials:

Hope these help!  If you need anything else, just ask c:

Okay so I got into this conversation with the discord group about how Michael and Jared could just be friends. We’re going to call this AU the Arcade!AU

Jared and Michael meet in an old Arcade. Jared works there and Michael is super focused on a game hes playing (Probably space invaders lbh) Jared watches him for awhile before he finally gets a game over.
“You’re pretty good, never seen anyone get that high.” Jared comments.
Michael laughs, “Is that a challenge? I doubt you can get past my score. No one ever can.”
“Challenge accepted.” Jared gets to work on the game, and Michael is in awe. Honestly he was hoping Jared would beat his score with how well hes doing. Jared is one point behind aaaand he lost.
Michael laughs again with excitement, “Man you were so close!”
“Yeah well better luck next time to me.” Jared snorts. 

They play a few more games together before closing time, and as their walking down the street Michael hums, “Man you would really get along with Jeremy.”
“Jeremy? Whose that?”
“Hes my- was my friend. Hes kinda been to busy for me recently.” Michael shrugs, “Actually completely blocked me out from his uh…sight.”
“Oh…” Jared makes an awkward sound, “I uh…I’ve had a friend do that to me. His names Evan. We have kinda talked here and there but its not often. Was a total asshole to me because of this entire lie he made.”
They talk a little more before going their separate ways. They meet up every other day. Not that hard considering Jared works at the arcade.

After maybe half a month Jeremy comes to the Arcade looking for Michael.
Michael is there playing a game and Jared is next to him watching and Jeremy comes in looking for him, they probably had some kind of fight and its been going on for a few days.
Michael catches him from the side of his eye and moves to play a different game with a huff and Jeremy goes to follow after him but Jared stops him like “He obviously doesn’t want to talk to you so you should probably back off bud.”
Jeremy is kinda offended and confused, “Do I know you??”
And Jared snorts, “I’m his friend? You know, one who actually knows how to be a friend.”
Jeremy looks even more hurt. He looks over to Michael completely ignoring him, and makes a defeated sound, “Right, sorry, didn’t mean to bother you guys.

Evan on the other hand, when fully apologizing to Jared, has it easy. Michael can see how nervous he is and how hard hes having things and understands his struggles so he helps Evan. He doesn’t get the same ‘This is going to be a rushed apology’ vibe that he got from Jeremy. Jared and Evan make up and its pretty nice, hes even interested in beating Michael’s high score and lbh he probably does and Jared and Michael are just like ‘How in the h e  l l’

Jeremy comes back to the arcade and when Jared goes to step in the way, I Michael stops him and says its fine. He continues to play his game as Jeremy slowly apologizes to him.
Michael sighs and stops playing his game. "You didn’t even thank me for saving your ass Jeremy.”
“I know I j-just..I-”
“But! You didn’t let me finish, I accept your apology. Just because I’m sick of this stupid fight.”
“Yeah it is kinda stupid..”
“Kinda? Its really stupid. Now let me introduce you to Jared and Evan.”

Jared and Jeremy get along super well surprisingly. Evan is really awkward at first but he learns to get through it and also enjoys hanging around them.

And there you go.
A soft BMC/DEH crossover.

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hey alice, do you have any jimon fic recs?? you can feel free to rec your own, sorry if someone's asked this before

omg don’t apologize, i’m always happy to talk jimon!! i’m super bad at saving fics i love tho so these are just the ones i found in my rec tag & that i remembered off the top of my head. also i tried to keep it down to 1 fic per author but honestly every single fic written by the authors listed below is 100000/10

general resources & recs:

specific fic recs:

now, truth be told, i haven’t read this one yet bc i’m waiting for a good opportunity to sit down and really enjoy it. but it’s literally a hannah montana au written by the one and only ellie so i mean? you just know it’s gonna be lit

this is the softest shit you’ll ever read. it has everything!!!!! it’s literally set at a wedding, like? it doesn’t get softer than that. on top of that there’s dancing, pining, amazing writing…. just overall a Soft fic that everyone should read

just the softest mf fic. short but sweet!!! very in character & very domestic. def worth a read or five!!!!

ok im breaking my own rule of only 1 fic by each author but…. this is like, the first high quality jimon fic i read. it changed my life???? so yeah. read it!!!!! it’s soft, fluffy, it’s literally canon jace giving simon dating advice but WAY BETTER. everything you could want!!!!

alternate version of 1x12. it’s smutty so read at ur own discretion. it’s really fucking good tho. angsty and smutty and incredible. super good characterization!!!

coffee shop au, need i say more???? flustered & awkward simon, smooth but also adorable jace. all-round really sweet fic!

really cute college au, with clothes sharing!!!! short & sweet

SUCH a fucking good fic. so so good. recommend so much. the perfect characterization of jimon banter!!! like it’s one of the best jimon fics out there, hands down. if you haven’t read it, what’re you doing with your life????? it’s adorable and funny and just plain amazing

Yoonseok - Sope

Just some of my favourite Yoonseok or Sope moments. I say some because 1. There’s so many moments out there that I can’t possibly put them all into one post and 2. I can’t find a lot because when I search up “J-Hope twerking on Suga”  “Yoonseok Moments” or stuff like that, Google doesn’t find any of the pictures or gifs I wanted ):

Huehuehue anyways let’s just get started. 

I mean Hoseok hugged like everyone and everyone comforted him but I just like this. He’s even doing his cute 人 mouth (lmao I tried looking up a frowny face emoji thingy but i just ended up using my chinese keyboard)

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BTS’s Halloween party and they were just comparing hands

and then Hobi goes like

Lmao Yoongi’s so mean to him

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(guys I suck at finding gifs and shit help)

Like look how cute they are. Hobi dnacing with his Santa bag and Yoongi just grips the edge of the bag and dances cutely along side him. 
and then everone else in the background doing their own shit



Hoseok’s all smile-y and Yoogi’s like ??????










Idk I just found this really cute and I couldn’t find the other gif when they’re laughing so hard and Hoseok falls over to the back of Yoongi and is basically hugging him from behind.

But like. Look how fucking adorable Hoseok is. HE LAUGHED AND HIS LEG’S JUST COME UP AND BOUNCE AND I’m so fucking biased towards him excuse me.

Their hug aldkfjeijalkjfiea;oefnowefhkhflaiuwefh. The way Yoongi just cradles Hoseok’s head and brings him closer

Hoseok controlling Yoongi’s arms is so cute and I wish I could find more gifs of them doing this but I suck at finding gifs so pardon me.

their track suits and hwagae market

Originally posted by gutsandgold


Hoseok uncontrollably laughing and Yoongi finding it adorable af


I just find this so adorable like Yoongi just has his hand under Hoseok’s chin and idk why I find it so frickin cute but I do.


Okay this makes me so happy because when Yoongi hops on their backs he wraps his arms around Hoseok’s waist and like ok yoongi ok

and then this (’:

Well I should stop here. Lmao sorry for this super terrible post but I just wanted to make this

P.S. Pictures and gifs are not mine! Creds to everyone who made them!!!

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Hello hello! Is it alright to request some hc for Victor having a little sister ( not like super little, yurio's age maybe?) and just what would happen with that! Thank you!!!

Sure, this sounds sweet!

-God Viktor is such an overwhelming brother
-He’ll always get you gifts and souvenirs from the places he travels when on business
-BUT if you have the chance, and you’re not busy with school or shit, he will absolutely without a doubt take you with him
-”viktor im going to be so jetlagged”
-yeah okay GREAT
-he will, by all means, be super harsh on your work if you ask him to look over it
-But he means well, he wants you to produce the best stuff!!! And he knows you’re capable
-you punch him if it upsets you though, he’s your brother, you have those privileges
-(although this comes with revenge from Viktor who fuckin sets alarms on your phone for like 5 in the morning f uCK YOU)
-He’s awkward if you have problems, but that doesn’t mean he won’t listen!! 
-Viktor will definitely ask if there’s anything you want to do, to get your mind off it, because he’s good at distractions
-And he’ll ask you if it’s okay before he hugs you, because he wants to show you his support
-When he’s out skating, he’ll ask you if you could pick up some lunch for him, and if you bring the mcdonalds shit AGAIN he will never speak to you ever
-Viktor also encourages you to make friends with his rinkmates!!!
-Yurio thinks you’re alright, but you’re related to Viktor so he’s wary if you begin to show any Nikiforov symptoms
-Yakov tbh kinda avoids you, he’s too busy for more kids and honestly he just wants Rest
-Mila really gets along with you though!! And Viktor is super happy about that
-Georgi does his best to get along with you, and honestly becomes a little like another older brother

Originally posted by nikeforov

-haha excuse YOU *I’m* the older brother here
-you don’t care, and honestly like rub it in his face
-To which he pouts and never lets go
-So the next time he goes out of town he doesn’t bring you shit
-You completely hog Makkachin’s attention and now hes insulted
-In the end you both get along, it’s whatever
-He’s a good older brother, he’s just a little shit
-Like most brothers are

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Am i the only iris and cp fan who is not entirely here for carlos i mean he is ok but i won't forget the one time he complemented Dp lipstick back in S2 i was like are you for real while others said he was forced or whatever he never supported cp online when he was active or even mentioned iris by name in his twitter and always had this feeling he was more with the others like dp & tc on twitter than he was with cp i honestly am only here for cp and anybody who isn't fake & supports her PERIOD..

Huumm this is absolutely false. Candice & Carlos are close, Carlos is just not on social media. Even back then, he barely was.

What does Carlos complimenting DP’s lipstick have to do with Candice? He’s interacted plenty of times with Candice on twitter???

& yeah of course, he’s gonna be close to DP & TC since 90% of his scenes are with them. Doesn’t mean he isn’t close to Candice as well.

Whenever they do stuff together, you can TELL they are super close : CWestionnator, that Pizza promo thing (whereas he & DP were awkward and dry af), both SDCC, BTS pics and videos, CW Upfronts (and the iconic “Brown folk” selfie!!!) etc…. like??????

ALSO never forget the iconic face Carlos made when that interviewer at WonderCon mentioned Barry & CS and DP activated her pimping-snowboring mode


Got tagged in the selfie thing by @minhyuun , @extraongdinary and @jeo-jang - thanks!!!!!!!

I hate my face and I hate Jaehwan and his face so I decided to choose him even though he’s not my bias (or fave, seriously I hate him). also I’m not worthy of being next to a picture of Jonghyun tbh

I’m tagging (if you want and are comfortable with this): @brandnew-ldh, @donghans, @produced101, @swoojin and anyone else who wants to do it and hasn’t done it yet~~

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plz talk about how awkward tibs's crush on allura was bc I thought i was the only one on that boat

sjlakjslksfajlfj honestly i would except i don’t exactly know how to put it into words? it’s sorta a Vibe, you know?

also it reminds me very much of a guy in high school who was super aggressively interested in me, be it as a potential significant other or a friend it doesn’t matter, and would NOT pick up on the hints i was throwing down that i wasn’t interested in him and he was making me uncomfortable

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Part of me kind of wishes Damian was Nightwing's sidekick instead of Bruce's when the New 52 came if they really did want to get rid of Bruce's death that badly. Batman and Robin New 52 was good, but I just prefer Damian's relationship with Dick's a lot better. It feels so superficial now. Taking away Bruce's death also made Tim's decision to be Red Robin completely stupid IMO. Imagine Damian as Flamebird though.

Ok one more ask then I really need to study for pathopharm tomorrow.

If you listen closely, you can hear me shouting from the rooftops that Dick was more of Damian’s paternal figure than Bruce ever tried or pretended to be. I love DC comics, I do, but what really annoys me about them is they have this tendency to set up really great interesting ideas and unique scenarios rich with drama and great character dynamics… and then they go 180 and go the boring, traditional route. The Dick/Dami/Bruce triangle relationship is one of my biggest peevs.

Because Dick, honest to god, saved Damian’s life and is basically single-handedly responsible for helping the boy get his life together. Basically everyone else had given up on Damian, especially after Bruce died, noooooo one wanted to deal with the Bat’s annoying assassin kid. But Dick has a big heart and a lot of patience and probably (definitely) was working out his grief and guilt over Bruce’s death by saving his kid.

You’ve heard me bitch about how Dick screwed Tim over by taking Robin from him and giving him to Damian but Dick was right and being Robin was absolutely what Damian needed. That said, he treated Tim pretty terribly and IMO there should’ve been a lot of fallout of that once close relationship but DC didn’t even acknowledge it yeah thanks. Anyway, Dick put so much time, patience, love and effort into Damian and it eventually paid off. Damian comes to love and rely on Dick as a mentor, a partner and, dare I say, a father figure. It’s littered all through Grant Morrison’s Batman and Robin (I despise the man but… the Dick/Dami dynamic is really good guys). There’s this one panel I remember where they learn Bruce is coming back and Damian is scared. He’s not sure he wants his father back because he’s afraid he’s going to break up his and Dick’s partnership. Like oh my god, talk about juicy.

So Bruce is back blah blah and DC just… pretends that all that love and anxiety with Dick wasn’t there. That Damian is 10000% devoted to his father and loves him unconditionally and??? Ok I love Tomasi/Gleason B&R but come on, it just abandoned what could have been a delicious story arc of Bruce coming back from the dead only to find his blood son became Dick’s kid.

So this is getting long but me lay out what I would have done if I was in charge of DC: Bruce comes back and is shocked and pleasantly surprised to find Damian is more controllable and humane. Bruce is older and he’s been through enough shit that he’s just through with troubled kids, great, Dick did all the hard work now I can pick up where he left off. Except Damian remembers that Bruce didn’t try very hard before he died to help Dami (He did try in his own stoic Bruce way, but he wasn’t able to give Damian the love and care he needed) and he feels awkward. This man is his father, he admires his skills and all… but Dami has seen what real love feels like and he doesn’t quite have it for Bruce yet. Bruce, being the idiot he is, immediately tries to yank Damian away from Dick and place him as his new Robin. No one reacts well.  

Damian is howling and screaming that he is Grayson’s partner, that they work well together and Bruce can’t force Damian to work with him. Bruce isn’t respecting him at all, is treating him like a kid sidekick where Dick knows Damian and gave him care and respect and really let Dami be involved. Dick is fighting too, yes he’s so glad his adopted dad is back and he wants to be Nightwing again… but I have this vision of Bruce trying to take Dami and the boy is fighting and these paternal instincts just rise out of nowhere and soon Dick is shielding Damian from his father saying it’s too soon to switch and blah blah. Later Dick is lying awake trying to figure out when he stopped being Damian’s brother/mentor and started being his sorta dad. Bruce is pretty stunned, he’s now seeing the enormous changes that have happened in his absence and how close Dick and Dami have become. He watches the easy way the two interact and finds himself jealous, He wants that kind of relationship with his son.

So Dick becomes Nightwing again and Damian is still refusing to leave his partner. Bruce doesn’t like it but there’s not much he can do. Dick feels a little bad but they’re all trying to figure out how to fit Bruce back into their lives. So Nightwing and Robin patrol while Batman goes solo. Everyone knows Nightwing was Batman II and they can clearly see that the new Robin prefers Nightwing over the original Batman. You know the villains are in the background eating popcorn watching the family drama unfold. Bruce talks to Dick and tries to work out something, Dick isn’t Damian’s parent. He’s living with Bruce and him and Dami need to learn to get on better. So, with Dick mediating, Bruce and Damian start trying to build their relationship. Bruce still isn’t very good with this crap but he’s getting better and the effort is appreciated. Eventually Robin kind of goes back and forth between Nightwing and Batman, but it’s clear to everyone who he prefers more. Bruce tries not to be hurt.

So yeah, Dick is basically Damian’s dad in all but name and Bruce feels super awkward and left out and Damian is still trying to find himself. Tim and Jay are in the background also watching this unfold (Tim and Jay are lowkey bonding over their bitterness of being replaced and how now both Dick and Bruce are fighting over this brat leaving them in the dust). Yeah I can get into more detail but my fingers hurt from typing and I need to study.

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out of all of the scenes in the Vento Aureo manga, which ones will become the most memed when the Anime begins?

I wouldn’t really know; I’d guess that people would keep memeing the same memes as they already have been, just with anime screenshots instead.

Who knows, though, maybe we’ll get another incident like awkward Koichi posing by himself? Or maybe, if the Passione dance scene has amusing music, it’ll be inserted into other scenes where it’s horribly unfitting.

But yeah, I expect it’ll probably still be mostly, like, Bruno licking things he shouldn’t be, Bruno being places he shouldn’t be, and dancing - but who knows, maybe there’ll be fewer people yelling about King Crimson?

The lyrics “I hope the sun shines and it’s a beautiful day and something reminds you, you wish you had stayed, you can plan for a change in weather and time but I never planned on you changing your mind” will always hit me like a bus full of emotions.

Dude, I’m Gay.

Carl X Sister! Reader (Hinted Enid X Reader)

Plot: You’re Carl’s twin sister and after you guys move to Alexandria he disapproves of Ron, but you admit you have a crush on Enid. (Ron flirts with you and Carl doesn’t take it lightly)

Authors note: This literally took me an hour to write so please bare with me. My first imagine in a long time.

Word Count: 1132

    We’ve been here a week and I can already tell tensions are high with the Andersons. The day we stepped into Alexandria the leader Deanna sent Carl and I to spend time with ‘kids our age’. I’ll admit I was pretty excited. The last people I had met my age were Lizzy and Mika, but they were long gone by now. I know we were supposed to be leaving our guard up, but I just couldn’t manage to do it. Sure the outside world hardened me and it made me more cautious- that did not stop me from wanting to meet a friendly face. Especially after that whole Turminus disaster.

    “I don’t like him,” Carl states as we sit together on the porch.

    “Who are you talking about?” I ask as I bounce Judith in my lap.

    “Ron,” Carl states reaching for our sister who I hesitantly hand over, “I don’t like him (Y/N). Stay away from him.”

     “But Carl I-.”

     “Seriously (Y/N).”

      I nod hesitantly because in this moment I am too scared to tell the truth. I don’t want my brother to know the real reason behind my objection. It’s not that Ron isn’t cute or anything. If I were into guys I’d probably be into him since he’d be my only option. Carl should realize by now that I’ve- for ‘some’ reason- never really had a crush on a guy before.

       I remember when we were back at the prison before Patrick died. A week before he confessed his crush on me. It was pretty awkward since he was my twin brothers best friend. The moment became even more uncomfortable when I blurted out something like ‘Beth is super cute isn’t she? Too bad she’s straight.’

       I didn’t realize that I was coming out by saying that. Though I also didn’t know I was gay.

       I haven’t told anybody yet. I mean there really hasn’t been a moment it was applicable. Unless I wanted to turn to my dad as we were putting down a walker and say; “She was probably pretty hot when she was alive huh?” Yeah, total icebreaker.

      I have to tell someone though, and thankfully I finally have someone who will understand, Tara.

       “Hey Tara,” it’s been three hours since Carl lectured me.

        She jumps and swings around connecting her brown eyes with my own, “shit (Y/N), don’t do that.” She breaths, heart on her chest as her hand fondles an invisible knife.

         “Sorry, I just have to ask you something important.”

          She seems choked up and uncertain, probably because I’ve never gone to her for help before. I’ve always gone to my Dad for help and advice before now. This is just something I know he has no experience with.

          “Yeah sure, what’s up?”

          “Um-,” oh god, how do I say this now that I can, “I um- I just…”


          I take a deep breath, “how do I let my dad and brother know I’m gay?”

          Shock crosses her features as she stares at me in silence. I can only hope she gets why I came to her for advice now. I mean I could have gone to Aaron, but I’m not supposed to get ‘too comfortable’ with anyone here. Dad’s orders.

           “You’re sure-?”

           “My first crush was Beth Greene, she was a blonde with blue eyes and Maggie’s sister… My second crush was this girl named Lizzie- she’s crazy though. And now….” My cheeks heat up as I grow silent. I know that Carl has a thing for her, but I just can’t help it. She just my only choice right now. Plus, she’s super cute though I haven’t gone for a brunette before- that’s probably because of the limited options.

          “Oh my GOD, no way! That’s so cute,” Tara gushes walking over to me, “You have a crush on Enid?”

           “Shhh- They could hear you!” I chide, waking at the arm she places on my shoulder.

           Tara’s advice was terrible. There was no way in hell I would just tell them, unless there was no other choice. I have other choices. I can just sit back and let the girl of my dreams slip into my brother’s arms and cuddle her to sleep like we’ve done since we were babies. I’m sure Judy wouldn’t mind laying with me every once in a while. Besides, Carl is usually a giant brat before we go to bed.

             “Hey, (Y/N). What’s up?” Ugh, it’s Ron again.

             “Sorry, Ron. I know you’re into me but I’m not into you.” I walk around him.

             “Oh c’mon, it’s not like you have a lot of options,” he laughs slinging an arm over my shoulder, “I know your brother runs off with my girlfriend all the time anyways. I’m practically single.” 

             “I’ll pass.” I duck out from under him and make my way over to Michonne who stood chatting with Glenn and Maggie. They all held a map with instructions carefully constructed as they stood around the hood of the car. Each one of them acknowledged me with a smile as I stopped to stand beside Maggie.

             “What’re you guys up to?” I ask trying to seem as inconspicuous as possible as I peer over Glenn’s slouched shoulders.

             “Working on a run Glenn’s going on,” Maggie states, “What are you up to, (Y/N)?”

              “Just avoiding Ron… Have you guys seen my dad?”

               Dad was exactly where I expected him. Ron’s house hitting on that chick Jessie. Gross, he should totally hook up with Michonne. Not that I have anything against Jessie, I just like Michonne better. Gulping down the impending doom I tap on the door, only to be greeted by the last person I wanted to see.

               “Decided to reconsider?”

               “Where’s my dad, Ron?” I nudge past him into the house.

               “Garage probably. How about we hang out while they talk?” He had me backed against the wall.

               “DAD, CARL, HELP!” He probably didn’t mean to freak me out like he did, but it was just instinctual to call for them if I felt really unsafe. Ron’s eyes widen as he raises his hands and backs away just in time for my dad and brother to come busting in. Followed by a concerned Jessie and a confused Enid.

               “What did you do to my sister?” Carl snarls grabbing the guy’s wrists as I catch my breath. Ron mumbles something incoherent as he tries to get him to back off. My dad joins them in the interrogation.

               “Wait Carl, dad, stop,” I say loud enough to stop the commotion, “Ron didn’t do anything. He just made me feel nervous.” Probably a poor word choice as the turn to him and start yelling again.

               “STOP! Not in that way. It’s just because I’m gay!” Oh god, word vomit.

  • aries: the wild child who gets kicks out of killing monsters, the one who'll scream ”COME AND GET ME, ASSHOLES” with a loaded machine gun in each hand
  • taurus: literally the only one in the group who thinks trying out demonic rituals in a dark forest is a bad idea
  • gemini: ”you’re not scared of ghosts, are you? come on, give me the flashlight, i’m not scared, lol. this was a great idea, spending a night in an abandoned mental hospital, just you an- wait holy shit what was that? did you hear that? it sounded like a scream…. HAHAHAHA GOTCHA!!!!! i’m just fucking with you i'm hilarious you should've seen you face”
  • cancer: always screaming and hyperventilating, is haunted by bad luck (cell phone rings when hiding in a cupboard) but manages to survive because of good looks & romantic side story
  • leo: the popular hot-shot who walks in first and says ”see! nothing’s here” but doesn’t realize the ugly ass ghoul is right behind their back
  • virgo: kinda tired of it all, like, when the monster’s all hovering over them they're just like ”aw fuck, i really wanted to go to college”
  • libra: the hot chick who everyone thought was dumb as fuck but in fact is a damn genius and really really good at fighting
  • scorpio: the silent kid in the group who everyone ignores and makes fun of but in the end it turns out that he/she was the evil mastermind behind it all
  • sagittarius: ”look at this guys, i found this old box in the cellar with dozens of old photos of dead children, we should check it out. and i bought this ouija board from an old lady and i also tried to summon a few demons yesterday. then i found a room in an abandoned house with 100 old porcelain dolls! it’s so cool let's go there and film everything with our cell phones! i also noticed some weird inscriptions behind this ancient mirror and omg you know what we should do? play spirit in the glass IN THE HOUSE SOMEONE DIED!”
  • capricorn: probably the survivor, because this guy is super practical and pragmatic but is also super awkward and people love awkward protagonists who become heroes in the end so yeah, here’s your harry potter
  • aquarius: the ultimate good guy, the brave champion who voluntarily sacrifices themselves in order to save the others
  • pisces: they are literally cruising on their insanely good luck throughout the whole movie, like, they didn’t even notice that a zombie walked behind them for like 10 minutes but then fell into a ditch because they were listening to loud music and didn’t look over their shoulder

“Yeah okay, I’ll brief you when we’re finished.”
“What’s the least awkward way to ask Cap for his autograph?”
“Did you know? My nickname is Cheese.”
“I’ll do what I have to.”
“I have a weird feeling about this place.”
“I’m pretty super, you know, for a normal guy.”
“What do you mean I don’t look like a secret agent?”
“I’m with the Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division.”
“I love superheroes! I also love thinking about ways to dismantle them.”
“We’re the good guys.”
“Ever think about working for S.H.I.E.L.D.?”

140408 B.A.P US Boom Party Baby NYC

I am finally ready to just rant about B.A.P man
This is more like for me because I don’t want to forget what happened but please don’t feel shy to read this looong post
FYI this is gonna be a combination of what I wrote directly after the concert and what I’m writing now post concert daze/depression

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once when i was 12 on youtube i was on a really old song and since i was 12 i commented “i’m 12 and i love thing song” and all these old ppl like 50s 60s aged ppl started complimenting me and telling me it’s “rare for the younger generations to appreciate REAL music” and for some reason i was super hyped cos i never get compliments on youtube
and also i was 12 so i kept talking with them and saying shit like “lol yeah i LOVE that old song !!” and dissing modern music. until one day i heard another old song and i commented “the start of this song is a bit awkward lol (like trance music shit) and all the old ppl who liked me once ago….they turned on me and told me i didn’t appreciate "real music” and started yelling at the “younger generations” and so i stopped caring abt what the old ppl thought and also my youtube phase ended but yeah. that’s how i lile joined an old ppl gang online at age 12 and pretended to like old ppl music until they dissed me and i never went back so yeah i guess that’s cool

↠plain black coffee?

genre: barista! au; fluff/romance; humor

word count: 2.5k 

authors note: well i wasn’t expecting this to be this long but here you go 

  • college can be tiring
  • and morning are not fun
  • and sometimes you regret not living on campus
  • because when you have a 9am lecture you really wish you’d chosen to live much closer where you don’t have to wake up as early
  • or alternatively you didn’t have to take 9am lectures
  • but when you were joining you found a nice apartment with two bedrooms going surprisingly cheap
  • and you kinda wanted to live off campus because you feel it’ll give you more independence
  • so you and bestfriend! Joshua decided to move in to this apartment
  • which you later realise is going so cheap because of the dodgy heating, on and off hot water and the crappy internet connection
  • but it’s kind of fun because you and Joshua have been friends since you were tiny and it always seemed like a great idea to live together
  • but anyway these 9am lectures are the bane of your existence
  • and every day Joshua would offer you coffee before you leave
  • because apparently this goddamn perfect child does not have a problem waking up early

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