also yeah i know they're more expensive than the last time but i got to eat y'all


Hey, you kids wanna buy some art?

some info:

  • prices are approximate and may vary
  • additional characters are +half the price of the commission
  • payment via paypal (if you have a finnish bank account good ol’ bank transfer is fine too)
  • i prefer payment upfront, however i will send you a WIP/sketch of the commission before you pay me and finish it when i receive the payment
  • more examples of my art herehere and here are some commissions I’ve already done
  • if you’re unsure if i’d be willing to draw something etc. please send me an ask or email me!
  •  i am willing to draw full illustrations,additional backgrounds, short comics etc. as well

Interested? Great! You can contact me via email at or send me a message here on tumblr.

Thank you so much for your attention!