also yeah derek's still an alpha in these so what

LHAW- Days 1&2

Cheating, because this kind of counts for both days, but here it is:

I don’t have a full-on fic here, but in honor of Laura Hale appreciation week, here’s the bones of an AU I’ve been turning around in my head.

I had just seen an AU post about Laura being alive the other day… And I didn’t Like it, and I wasn’t sure why. I poked at the idea for a bit, and then it came to me: Derek. Derek’s emotional state at the beginning of the series is a big influencing factor both on his relationships and actions, and on his character as a whole. It’s that Desperate exposed wound feeling you get from him, a raw nerve with nothing to dampen in, all his defenses burned away, save for anger.

He’s so fucked up, and so desperate… And not that we want him to be miserable all the time, but I think that final blow of losing Laura is a really intrinsic part of keeping him the Derek we see in canon. So, how to preserve Derek’s situation, but also keep our favorite badass alpha big sis?

Okay, so. So Peter attacks her in the woods, but she doesn’t die. He gets interrupted or she gets away… Like, what if Stiles pulls Scott into the woods early? There have been animal attacks and the like… and Stiles is curious and suspicious and has some crazy private theories about fictional monsters… like, he knows they are nuts but he just… really really wants to check it out. And he drags Scott along.

And they interrupt Peter. Peter doesn’t have the alpha power yet, and he isn’t quite as clever yet, and he runs, rather than engage the unknown variables. But they see some crazy supernatural shit, and there’s Laura and she’s a mess, but she insists they don’t take her to the hospital.

She keeps insisting that all the y need to do is keep her alive long enough so that she can heal. That’s it. … So they split up. Scott hits the clinic, liberates some supplies (the whole time going “why do I let stiles get me into these things??? Holy shit that dog thing was huge!!! Holy shit I’m going to get fired!!! And later in the fic, that would come up, Deaton Suspending him at least, maybe not outright firing him, making it suuuuuuper clear what an inappropriate, unprofessional, and illegal move that was, but understanding that it was a complex emergency and knowing that part of the reason Scott et all didn’t come to him outright was because he was keeping them in the dark… And yeah, Scott probably would not have done it that way, had he been given all the information. Also, Deaton surely takes into account the fact that had he himself been a little more on the ball, he might have known where Laura was, what was going on, that things were swinging rapidly out of balance… but just the same, needing to make it clear to Scott that is he one day wants to be a professional in this field, certain things are just plain not permissible. And so this is his one strike.) and Stiles drives Laura to his place.

So Laura is at the Stilinski’s, safe enough for now, but Derek felt all the shit go down through the pack bond and flies in as fast as fucking possible, finds a shitton of blood and just. Knows. Spends a while panicking, and pissed, and desperately grieving, and terrified. She’s not answering, and there’s all that blood and fear sweat and he just… he just can’t. He’s too freaked to track her well, or he panics, or something… maybe it has rained as well? But Stiles comes back later looking for Scott’s inhaler and finds Derek in the woods. He knows who he is, is suprised to see him? But pretty immediately tells him where Laura is, and offer to take him. Derek has to fight the instinct to just take off running, but better sense prevails and he allows Stiles to get him most of the way there before he bolts out of the car and to his Alpha’s (this goofy kid’s?) bedside and buries his face in her (by now kinda greasy and gross) hair, trying not to whimper.

So then it’s season 1, trying to figure out who the feral werewolf is, but without all the accidental new wolves because Peter is not an alpha. Without the werewolf fix to his asthma, Scott doesn’t make first line… But I like to think that Alison is into him anyway. And that they start their quiet little puppy romance because she appreciates his tenacity on the field, not necessarily his werewolf skills. That this is the first point where Allison sets herself apart from Lydia. And the first time Lydia sees someone who should be in the popular crowd behaving that way, starting Lydia down the road to being comfortable with the fact that she’s smart and that everybody knows it.

But yeah, so I like the idea that Stiles would start assisting Laura and Derek in tracking down the feral werewolf, without their consent mostly… That Derek would get shot when he was out hunting the alpha, but be unable to get to Laura in time… Or, just realizing that Stiles is closer… And we could talk about there being that kind of instantaneous connection there, but mostly Derek just wants Stiles to get him to his sister, and once they’ve got him to his sister they then have to figure out how to get Scott to steal bullets from the argents… And I cannot figure out how to work Laura into that plot line, if she’s there and pulling Derek’s pain (and entertaining the idea of the alpha-power sc\sacrifice if it comes down to it), or if she is trying to find their old Vault in hopes that there are strains of wolfsbane there…  is she quizzing Deaton… Do they even know if Deaton is in on the supernatural at this point? I would think that Laura would… Especially if we’d assume that Talia was grooming her to be Alpha after Talia died. But, if we don’t assume that, if we assume there were other siblings… That makes that interesting.

Anyway, maybe Laura is even actually away from the territory, perhaps making overtures with Satomi’s pack, or other packs in the area, trying to figure out if anybody is missing a werewolf, and whose f****** problem it is that this werewolf has come into her territory and f*** s*** up. And so that’s when the Argents roll into town, and all this shit goes down. And I will be very curious, once all this starts happening, when Derek’s going to have to come clean about his relationship to the Argent’s craziest member. That’ll be interesting. Because, I imagine it’s a subject he avoided coming clean to Laura about  for probably the entire time they were in New York. But Kate being here, capturing him, Kate torturing him… That’s going to be a hard one. It’d also be fun to rewrite that scene without the dynamic that Kate is suspected of having killed Laura…

So yeah, that’s what I want: Stiles shoe-horning his way in, Scott a little more distant (maybe one day having to make a choice between his girlfriend and her family, and his best friend and the family he has forcibly adopted as his own. Derek, still fucked up, still scared a lot, but with this last little piece of his heart and soul and sanity returned to him. His Alpha, his big sister. Having to finally share all the shit in his head with her, all the guilt and shit, and… getting absolution, a little bit.

God, all those fics where she lingers as a ghost, wanting desperately to be able to hug him and tell him she doesn’t blame him… To be able to have her  ther, alive, fierce and beautiful and determined even when she herself is always scared too.

God, to see her take on Kate Argent, not just standing for her family, but with full knowledge of what was done to her baby brother, what he’s done to himself after wards.

I feel like Stiles is going to go through a “10-year-plan to win Laura Hale” phase.

And she will be amused. And Derek will be grumpy and jealous, and grumpy about being Jealous.

But it’ll all be better, and they will be 900% less broken, because Laura Fucking Hale.