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This got so entirely out of hand~ :D [x]

For @inthegarishsubmarine!! Thank you for the request!

hiiiii !!! it’s been forever since i made one of these so i figured it was time hehe. i consider some of y'all my ~*bEsTiEs*~ and i srsly don’t know what i’d do without you. y'all make this fandom fun and a gr8 thing to be a part of so thanx for being awesome and beautiful and hilarious. i love u. and to the mutuals on this list - thanx for putting up with me on a regular basis. also i know some of u have changed fandoms but i still love ur blogs regardless !! and to those that write fic / make gifs / post hqs / make fanart etc etc etc - thank u for all that u do. you’re much appreciated xox 

i hope all of u have a happy new year filled with dranks delicious goodies. may 2015 be filled with a shitload of zayn candids and more a+ hairstylez. AND CROSS Y'ALLS FINGERS THAT GLASSES!ZAYN MAKES A COMEBACK. he haw ~~~ !!! <3


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Fic: Chills

Kurt runs cold. Blaine wants to fix it.

1010 words, PG, obscenely fluffy.

Kurt smiled as Blaine slipped his warm hand in his while they walked through the halls of Dalton.

“Morning,” he said, squeezing Blaine’s fingers once.

Blaine shuddered before replying. “Morning, boyfriend.”

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