also wtf is with that crown

the crows with youtube channels:

Inej: one of those superhuman gymnastics channels, acrobatic tutorials, and sometimes sit-down politics chats and book reviews, she’s literally an inspiration to everyone

Kaz: you never see his face, just gloved hands and raspy voice demonstrating card tricks and slight of hand until one day he reaches 5k and does a face reveal, and everyone is like, wtf….he’s so young whatttt???

Wylan: some kind of badass sciencey chemically shit, videos get taken down bc they are too dangerous, also has a conspiracy theory series…


Kuwei: one of those cringy af flower crown vloggers that 12 yos are obsessed with…most of his videos consist of him reviewing candy - has most followers tho

Nina: absolutely no one can tell me Nina wouldn’t be the queeeeen of ASMR, probably does slime videos, and also daily life logging, fashion hauls and feminist rants, often is a guest on Inej’s channel

Matthias: ITS OSKAAR HERE, IN ICELAND (if you haven’t seen the video I mean this:

-Blue wears a strange combination of floral dresses and combat boots everywhere. it drives gansey insane but in the best way ever.

-ronan is dreaming thousands of fireflies up and adam fills mason jars with them. they never die, but make the most amazing night lights. the pathway from the house to the barns in lined by these jars.

-blue steals 4 jars and goes to noah’s grave and leaves them there.

-henry ends up convincing the gangsey to finally join social media. somehow they’re all some connected by snapchat and instagram and Facebook messenger. it’s great.

-blue’s instagram contains pictures of dead flowers, blueberry yogurt, feminist novels and many pictures of trees (as well as sneaky shots of gansey labeled ‘dick’)

-ronan uses messenger to send obnoxious pictures to gansey of squash.

-henry however decided to provoke the angry irish farmer by endlessly sending pictures of him holding stuffed animals of cows and pigs through snapchat, each labeled ‘who’s the real farmer now?’

                -ronan blocks him.

-adam is finally sleeping eight hours a night and is down to one job due to blessed scholarships that paid for both his residence and tuition and he has not felt this safe and happy in years.

-lots of hiking

            -gansey drags them out to the woods at ungodly hours and talks about their next great adventure and quest and holy shit this boy will not stop.

-henry plays pokemon go and ronan nearly throws his phone out the window when he insists that they stop for the super rare pokebaby even if there are cars right behind them and they’re on  a highway like wtf henry your priorities are sad.

               -“one more time cheng”

               -“YOU DON’T UNDERSTAND, LYNCH!”

               -he also names the beedrill after gansey because he’s a bit of an ass.

-adam is getting boxes from nino’s for moving. blue turns his bedroom into a massive cardboard box fort, complete with cupcakes and lemonade and blankets.

-ronan likes to take naps there and dreams up flower crowns.

-gansey grows more mint plants. they’re a symbol of life to him and he never wants a single one to wilt.

-he also keeps losing his boat shoes.

              -ronan looks suspicious but in the end it’s been blue all along.

              -ronan steals his polo shirts. gansey is not impressed.

-driving to amusement parks! blue and henry take an unimpressed selfie each time gansey insists on pulling over to look at some historical monument at some point.

-adam is hella not convinced about the rollercoasters

-neither is gansey lets be honest because our sweet two times dead child does not want to go a third time. he dutifully follows blue on each ride though only because she is a wild child that lifts her arms up in the air and likes the rush and damnit if gansey isn’t holding tight to her hand each time.

-henry thrives on the drop tower.

           -and cotton candy

           -and funnel cake

-ronan takes roughly a million photos of henry’s hair since all the rides completely wrecked his carefully styled ‘masterpiece’.

-also: adam and ronan kiss and it tastes like lemonade and suddenly ronan starts craving lemonade all of the times.

-gansey has been trying to find apartments. he has a year off between school and blue wants to live for the first time uncursed.

-eventually they find a loft halfway between ronan’s farm and adam’s school.

-it’s above a used bookstore and cafe and blue falls in love with it.

-she makes curtains for the windows that are different colours and nothing in the loft matches in terms of decorations. wind chimes made from coca cola bottles and prints of frida kahlo and fairy lights hung everywhere.

-adam and ronan give them firefly lanterns.

-henry makes them paint the spare bedroom yellow and black because they all better know he is going to be crashing there.

-summer is ending and they are all painfully aware of it

-gansey has been sleeping like a normal human

-adam has been as well

-ronan still can’t be called a normal human

-blue takes a photo for her instagram account on the very last night of summer of the group in the field surrounded by the stars and fireflies and it;s beautiful, and in the photo you can almost make out the sight of smudgy boy standing next to ronan

-they all drive adam to his new dorm the next day and completely terrify his roommate

         -three boys in the hallway attempted to catcall blue and had a face full of a pissed ronan and gansey, and even worse, an annoyed blue.

        -henry brought far to many cactuses to decorate adam’s desk with just so he would have something to remember ronan by

               -”because, you know, your boyfriend is a giant prick”

          -ronan also brought a snow globe with glitter.

-blue also strings up more fairy lights because try and stop the five foot girl wearing the shirt with the words ‘not your babe’ across the front.

             -ronan assists in stringing them above the desk and bed because she wasn’t quite tall enough

-gansey tears up a little bit at the sight of his boy going off to his school.

-henry takes photos and eventually talks in one of the traumatized boys that blue tore skin off verbally into taking a group photo of them.

             -it’s a bit crowded, since they’re doing it in adam’s shared bedroom.

            -henry has blue on his shoulders and one her hands is messing up gansey’s hair while ronan is wearing a flower crown that adam brought with him, one arm around his waist and has the smuggest smirk on his face while adam looks so blissfully happy.

-a week later blue and gansey quietly move into their loft

            -three days after a doormat shows up saying “fuck off”

-it’s perfect

your fave is problematic: nikolai lantsov

- too cool 4 u
- superstar.mp3
- so perfect he literally created another version of him that’s basically his raggedy alter ego
- said alter ego is just nikolai playing with ships instead of subjects
- ALSO somehow has even more sex appeal than the original which is like… holy shit wow a+ 11/10 would bangbarabangbang
- yo ho ho a pirate’s life for me (and a bottle of kvas)
- brilliant, talented, showstopping.gif
- better than your faves 2kforever
- will probably smack his face into the mirror one day bc he’ll be too busy flirting w/ his own reflection
- but according to sturmhond crooked noses are in so it’s fine
- allergic to the word impossible
- meteor shower boy™
- has this really nasty kink called treating your crush/partner with respect and supporting them no matter what. disgusting right
- will (and has) sacrificed himself for his kingdom/people……. seriously someone kinkshame him like wtf how dare he
- …… be so perfect
- did i say perfect? bc p e r f e c t ✨✨✨✨✨✨
- how do you flawless™
- 2 sexy for your crown
- nikolai: i don’t like drama!!!!
also nikolai: 👀👂🔍
- will steal your heart and never give it back like once you meet him that’s it. bye fam it’s been real i’m forever enchanted by this perfect man… this perfect fictional man

driving me wild

Summary: In which Dan likes wearing croptops and shorts, Phil is a punk youtuber who drools over him and Louise wants them to stop pining.

Warnings: smoking, smut, un-betaed?

Genre: Fluff/Smut

Word count: 4.8k+ (wtf)

Extra tags: pining, short!pastel!dan, punk!phil, m rated sex i’d say lol

A/N: So, this is my first phanfic and also the first one shot I’ve ever written. I will probably edit this later, but for now I hope all of you enjoy it <3 Also, this is my way to celebrate reaching 1k followers!!

Phil saw him for the first time at a YouTube gathering: the boy with the white skinny jeans, soft lavender sweater and flower crown. Phil knew about him because of Louise. She kept going on about how cute and nice he was; that he was one of the sweetest youtubers she had ever met, and that she wished he had more subscribers because he deserved it.

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Supernatural Headcanons

Shiro ~

• Hear me out , I believe Shiro would be a Centaur.

• They’re also very free ( horses.) and I want my space daddy to be free and happy and so healthy you have no idea my pain rn.

• bUt a BIONIC HORSE LEG– even if he has an arm still it sounds like an awesome idea.

• He would be the one with like the scroll and coughs to interrupt an argument and reads it out loud.

Keith ~

• He’s Galra so .. maybe a werewolf?! ;0

•He would totally be a werewolf , not one that just comes out full moon , just a werewolf.

• He’d try to be a nice werewolf but boy oh boy is he isolated.


Lance ~

• Mermaid. That’s all , he’s a beautiful little mermaid.


• jk humans are cool too . If they fish with nets or lines (Fishpoles) he really pulls out his coral knife and cuts it. Around the area he’s named ’ A fishy thief , thinking he’s probably a shark.

• Lance is the most sparkly mermaid , sparkly blue tail with a sand dollar necklace and fishnets decorating his tail

• He’s the type of mermaid with fins as his ears and they flap a little when he’s excited or super happy.

Hunk ~

• I really wanted to make him a Unicorn .. but .. let’s make Hunk a pretty Satyer

• Lets ignore that Satyer have been described to have permanent erections.

• He’s a beautiful Satyer okay.

• He’d be the Satyer to go visit Lance daily while most are afraid of merpeople in general. They’re bffs

•His pipes are birch wood decorated with vines and flowers. He’s a very good musician!

• He would totally be the one to make flower crowns for the tree nymphs and fairies

• 10/10 beauty . Lovable . Nature boy.

Pidge ~

p> • she’s a fairy .

• The type of fairy that will be all nice and sweet , also very intelligent that can be a killing MACHINE in 2.5 seconds.

• She’s not the small type , she’s one that can shift back and forth ( Her wings also grow.)

• She HATES when humans(or other creatures ) get her people or capture pictures of herself. Like privacy , wtf

• pls love her .

Did ya’ll know that the first mission for Dishonored 2 was originally in Dunwall before the coup? We were also going to get to see and play through the ship launching ceremony (you know the one named after Jesssamine?) And also get a scene at one of the crown killers murder sites? But Harvey said they took it out because the people that played it found it confusing and just wanted to get straight to the coup.
Like wtf I want that bring it back

Cheritz Appreciation Week Day 6 - Flower Crown

„... The world you show me is all I have. 
If you abandon me, my world ends“

Forget-me-nots are my fave flowers not necessarily suited for drawing flowers crowns as I learned the hard way tho orz and I found them fitting for Nameless

~Cockles Whispering/Kissing 101~

Whispering into someone’s ear requires trust from that person to you, and also it doesn’t have to be done in such an intimate-plastered-to-your-body manner, Also, the pecks on necks and cheeks aren’t necessarily platonic…shameless baes:

Who can forget this sweet gesture? Jensen even leans into the embrace!

Originally posted by i-think-i-m-adorable

Someone was evidently busy counting every freckle, kissing lush lips with his mind, and so deeply enraptured that he forgot where he was:

Originally posted by jessciachastain

Jensen baby, it wasn’t necessary to glue yourself to Mish:

Originally posted by superwhoblazer

Jensen was obviously drunk or drunk on his Mish’s scent. Either way wtf?!

Originally posted by ughnee

And then there’s this precious, invaluable crowning jewel. Jensen surrenders almost immediately, Misha’s hand might have slipped, and c’mon guys, to do something like this requires feeling extremely comfortable with one another:

Originally posted by lunarlatte

Jensen thinks he was so smooth lol. If you watch the video, he walks by and his eyes are on Misha all the time. But because he can’t just go and smooch his bae, he makes a detour and kisses Jim first. We didn’t buy it Jensen. Also, pay attention to Misha’s expressions; that ear or maybe both are a sensitive spot. The mild tilt of the head, the blush and how his eyes move are indicatives of it.

Originally posted by winchesterontheroad

No need to stand so close guys. Now I am certain that Destiel’s lack of personal space it’s Cockles fault:

Originally posted by irensupernatural

These idjits are awful. The way they joke is always sexual. And even Jared if you see the gag reel, looks a bit like ‘wtf guys lol’. It is the same situation as when they were joking about ‘Life being hard’ (S9 gag reel, I think), but they were really making dick jokes:

Originally posted by letterjaey

And what the heck was Jensen thinking whilst this was going on?! Why the long stroke, it looks as if he needed the contact and didn’t want to part from Misha’s body heat. It looks like he needed it to soothe himself and Misha’s hand nearly surrender to the temptation and held Jensen’s:

Originally posted by jensmishapie

And don’t even get me started on this ridiculous shit right here! OMG, I was both giggling and embarrassed for Jensen. He tried to play it off as a joke when he remembered they were in front of an audience. But he didn’t move! He let Misha touch his privates with his hand, and then grind their crotches together. And don’t forget his arm is thrown over Misha’s shoulder, also how his hand is fighting not to caress it:

Originally posted by thatfandomnerdgirl

I am done with these two jerks LOL,


tobaeregbo  asked:

Hi Gotham! I have a question that I don't know how to describe without spoiling it to others. It's about Lord John and Claire. Feels like no one ever mentioned it and I wasn't spoiled so I felt mildly hysterical reading that bit. I'm on book #8 now and finished the passage where John bellows "I'm not bloody sorry!" and it still feels surreal. What do you think of that storyline? Sorry I couldn't explain what exactly I'm asking for I guess I just needed someone to talk to. Xx

anonymous asked: Hi, Gotham! I am practivally dying to know your opinion on so called ‘The Big Event’ from Echo in the Bone. Please please please indulge my curiousity. :)

Hi @tobaeregbo and anon,

You can definitely argue that this was a definite “WTF DG?!?” moment, meant to maximize drama.

But upon closer analysis, it’s not as head-scratching or improbable as it sounds.

Lord John Grey - like Jamie in Book 1 - has a deep and profound respect for Claire and her abilities as a healer. He is also acutely aware that her situation is precarious - whether as a lone Englishwoman in the Scottish Highlands, or as the wife of a Scottish landowner and Continental soldier in a colony that is sympathetic to the Crown. Both also understand that an unprotected woman in these circumstances would be extremely vulnerable - and easily the subject of witchcraft allegations - and thus requires protection.

So of course LJG offers to marry Claire when her source of protection - i.e., Jamie - reportedly dies. Because as LJG’s wife, she can continue practicing medicine, saying what she pleases - really, go about her every day life - freely. John wanted to give her this gift, not just to honor Jamie but also for Claire’s own sake. And Claire also recognizes that despite her 20th-century beliefs, a woman in the 18th century truly needs to have a man provide such protection - via marriage.

This is why LJG is not sorry. how could he be sorry, when he does the honorable thing by both Jamie and Claire - in effect, unknowingly repeating what Jamie himself did more than 30 years earlier?

Lol @ miraculous ladybug, King Tut died when he was 18 due to all his inbred health complications what r u doing having him look like a fucking pro wrestler? plus, his wife was his half sister Ankhsunamun - daughter of Ankhenaten and Nefertiti (aka his step mom) also this pic

is incorrect. that crown was only ever worn by Queen Nefertiti not whatever prince ur trying for bc hello:

and also what fucking god is this crocodile-lion hybrid supposed to b like wtf dude? he doesn’t exist

OKAY—now I’m not being a silly nilly submitting it wrong!

A possible Brandy Starlight design? Sorta amazon/wonder woman inspired.

(also there is a star on her “crown” if you can’t tell////)

OH HELP ME SHE’S TOO CUTE!!!!! omg…….. awful superhero knight lady…. i really like this design!!! especially how poofy her side-floofs are aaaaahhhhh <33333333333 wtf awful darling lady….. so darn smug looking too… very good… thank you buddy <3333333333333333333333333333333

sciencevsromance  asked:

So ... did Rhaegar and Lyanna intentionally allow the 'abduction' to be witnessed to kickstart the war?

No. Rhaegar meant to do things very differently, remember.

“When this battle’s done I mean to call a council. Changes will be made. I meant to do it long ago, but… well, it does no good to speak of roads not taken. We shall talk when I return.”

Also it wasn’t the abduction that truly kickstarted the war so much as Aerys executing lords and their heirs without any real trial (including a Lord Paramount and his heir, and the heir of another Lord Paramount); and afterwards demanding that a Lord Paramount send him the heads of his wards (who also happened to be Lords Paramount, one because his father and brother had just been executed), guests under his protection. It’s true that Rhaegar might have lit a spark, but it didn’t explode until Aerys got his hands on it.

Don’t fall for the romantic idea that Robert’s Rebellion was fought to get Lyanna back. The real reason the lords of Westeros mobilized against the Targaryens was not some poor kidnapped girl, but the outrageous acts of the crown against the rule of law and the security of the nobility. See these posts for more.
Flower Crowns, Galaxies, and Ultraviolet Loose Change, a girl meets world fanfic | FanFiction

Guys it posted!!!!

Okay, so I sorta-recently broke 1000 followers, so here, please have an unreasonably long riarkle fic to celebrate.

Would like to make it clear I haven’t written in actual story format in like, a while, so I’m a little rusty, sorry! Constructive criticism is always welcomed! Also wtf the site messed up my formatting a little bit, but I don’t have the time to fix it. The parts that are bolded show when the time/topic is changing, okay?

It’s a Farkle-centric riarkle fic, hope you like it! I had to tweak their first meeting a little bit, but I kept it in because it was adorable. Slight spoilers for upcoming season 3 episodes, but nothing *explicit*. TW for abuse, language and implied sexual situations. Go crazy!

jons going to become king in the north which means he’s gonna need a crown……..arya could easily acquire robbs if/when she meets stoneheart 

then she’d bring it north with her and could crown jon with it. which would make me so emotional. arya never saw jon as a bastard. he was always a part of the family to her. she loved him the most as he did her. i think arya would support him as king. like its never even occurred to arya that winterfell could be her “”birthright”” she doesnt see it like that. 

also it could parallel jon giving arya needle in the very beginning. he gave her a gift that would be a symbol of her stark identity, family, winterfell and the north. arya would return the favor by giving jon something that would represent him truly being a part of all that 

TOPPDOGG Fanmeet in Singapore experience

(stay till the very end for Xero’s extreme greasiness and smoothness.)

P-Goon: Said hello to me and shook my hand and bowed to me.

Sangdo: Said hello to him, he said hello back and he proceeded to draw 4 hearts around his name and did the “call me” sign to me. (I had loads of eye contact with him before so idk man EYE FLIRTING EYYYY)

Kidoh: I said hi to him, he said hello back. I asked him if he found SG hot and he said that it was really warm haha he also said I was pretty. I told him he was prettier and we hi fived.

Nakta: (OH THIS SWEETIE) I said hello to him and he said hello back while waving and he asked me “what do you want me to write” in broken English and I said “draw me a giraffe” but he didn’t understand so he asked for my name in really broken english and I just told him that my name is Ria in Korea and he started laughing. He held my hand and waved bye. He also drew hearts around my name haha

A-Tom: I said hello and he smiled really widely at me and said “Annyeong!” I told him he’s my favourite and he said “Awww! Thank you!” and winked at me and he said I looked Korean. Then he hi fived me haha

Seogoong: I said hello and he said hi back and then he asked for my name and I said “Ria” and he said “Lia? Lia?” and tilted his head and it was so cute jfc We hi fived 8D

Jenissi: He said hello and I said hi and it was really awk bc he’s really good looking and he just kept smiling at me ugh so cute

Gohn: I played charades/pass the message with him earlier with him in front of me and me failing miserably at dancing EXO’s Growl in a skirt so I apologised to him for sucking at the game and he was just like “NONONO THANK YOU FOR COMING I’M SO HAPPY TO SEE YOU” and I was just like alksdakdh he also drew a heart next to my name.

Yano: He said “Hey! Nice to see you again!” because he was behind me in the charades game and I gave him so many “Wtf” looks when he was acting out the topic so we became homies kinda idk and he also kept going “fighting” with me earlier so yeeee and so he said I looked Korean and also drew a heart around my name. And he hi fived me.

B-Joo: THIS GREASY MOTHERFUCKER. He stared deep into my eyes, like those freaking charming greaseballs do and he was like “hello~ thank you for seeing us!” and I was just like “Hhahaha hi” and he winked at me and said he would remember me the next time I came to see them He also drew a hugeass heart next to my name.

Hojoon: He thought I was Korean so he started to speak to me in Korean despite the fact that I said hello in english earlier and then he slapped himself on the forehead when he realised that I wasn’t Korean and he called me “minyeo” or “pretty lady” har har har what an awkward derpball. He also drew a heart next to my name.

Hansol: He was wearing a flower crown so I said “I like your flower crown! ” and he said back “I like your eyes~” gdi smooth motherfucker. And he also drew hearts around my name and hi fived me.

XERO: ULTIMATE GREASEBALL OF ALL GREASEBALLS. He said I was really pretty and I said he was prettier and then he laughed and kept staring at me and I blushed frickin hard and so I covered my face and he said I was cute and drew hearts around my name and then he frickin did the heart sign and blew me a kiss wtf he probably does that to everyone but jfc so frickin smooth wtf

anonymous asked:

I thing she doesn't deserves the crown cause of her work on drag race, I get that she's not mean, she speaks her mind and people don't like opinions now, but the thing here is that she's australia's drag superstar, and she's like an Australian version of ru, since she's that of a quality of a queen, why she doesn't did something that big ? Just the wings, that was quality, but a simple nude dress whit rhinestones ? I think that's why she doesn't deserves the crown, people expected more

yeah but you should not judge the Queens based off yours expectations of them. they should be judged on the same level. How big they are outside the show should not matter at all.

And dont come at me saying that she didnt put an effort into her looks

like wtf?!?!?

yeah the wings. pretty cool stuff.

but then there was also 

like she totally bought this one on ebay like Adore’s stuff, right?


and what about this one?

she could have gone down the runway with a plain black and white dress or whatever. but no. she had a whole concept to her outfit. she planned this.

oh but it doesnt stop here ‘cause she also rocked that Rupaul chalenge when Adore, praised by everybody, was just dressed like Adore.

(this one is my favorite. look how fucking similar it is. It probably took a lot of time to make, huh?)

Even this one that we can all agree it looked lazy, it had a fashoin reference to it

She was one of the most polished Queens ever on the show just right behind Chad Michaels and arguably Bianca.

And about the last runway:

yes yes a she wore a “simple nude dress whit rhinestones” but Bianca was with a blue dress that was very similar to her previous stuff and a Adore was with a cheap sequin dress.

And consider that Bianca and Adore got that “special message” on untucked so we would see more of their personal life and struggles but they didnt show any personal side of Courtney.

They complain about her not showing vulnerability but also never gave her the opportunity.

idk man

I feel like all the excuses people are making to hate on her are pretty lame.

I think people are assuming there’s nothing more to her than beauty without really paying attention to what she presented.

- She was consistent

- She had good looks

- She can sing, act, and dance

- She is well spoken

- She’s international

She would be the best marketing choice! And it pisses me off that she might not win because of fucking teenagers with internet that keep saying shit about her.