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I LOVE LOVE LOVE your new theme!:D It's better than the last one tbh XD ummm anyways, may i request for hcs of an ice skating au?? :3

Ok so the first thing that came to mind was my favourite short program ever *cough* Agape. XD


  • Gladion is like… that grungy kid in class who was forced to attend by his mother.
  • Lusamine probably a famous figure skater who even in her 40s can still skate well enough to make it to Grand Prix Finals (like, she’s fem!Victor I realise).
  • And he attends classes with Lillie who absolutely can’t get the hang of doing anything on the ice without slipping.
  • He ends up being her support most of the time which gives Lusamine the great idea to make them skate in pair competitions.
  • In this AU, the beasts are probably like, these insanely talented ice skaters who take over the ice skating scene when she leaves and she loves their performances so much she forces Lillie and Gladion to copy their routines.
  • Of course, these beast skaters probably take steroids or something because even the girls can land every kind of quad perfectly (girls can’t do quads or even if a girl managed a quad it would be really insanely difficult). 
  • But, then here’s this beast who can do a quad axel.
  • Which is of course not even possible. No one has ever done it before.
  • So, Lusamine tries to make Lillie do a quadruple axel but Lillie can’t even land a salchow so when she tries to do a double axel she breaks her ankle.
  • This is the point where Gladion decides he’s going to do solo skating and he’s not going to let Lusamine coach him anymore. Instead, he gets a super lenient Guzma to coach him. He doesn’t go to any of his competitions but at least Gladion can compete.
  • Plumeria is probably his gymnastics teacher and helps him choose music that isn’t like the Mozart and Vivaldi Lusamine forced him to skate.
  • His Short Program would be something really sad and to the point and he’d have a face like… :[
  • Hahahaha, the judges grade him really high for technical but low for performance because this boy has only two emotions; anger and annoyance.
  • When he starts skating in the Seniors division, you and Hau enter the Juniors division.
  • Which means you skate for women’s singles of course so Gladion doesn’t really hear about you until Guzma decides to hand Gladion’s coaching over to his old friend Kukui while he goes galavanting to another country (for reasons unknown since well Guzma is eccentric like that).
  • So now Kukui coaches for Hau and Gladion and Hau is so!!! energetic!!! 
  • It makes Gladion want to barf.
  • I’m not saying he skates Shall We Skate but he totally skates Shall We Skate. He’s actually a reincarnation of Phichit Chulanont.
  • Then, Hau offhandedly mentions how familiar he looks and that he has a friend named Lillie that Kukui’s wife coaches in the women’s singles division like she’s named Lillie!! She’s so talented!!! Do you know her???
  • And Gladion is like !!!!
  • When did Lillie stop being coached by Lusamine???
  • Kukui overhears and is so proud of his wife he takes them to one of Lillie’s competitions complete with like flags and signs he and Hau can wave.
  • She so skates Through the Eyes of Love though.
  • And Gladion is like low key so proud of her he almost sheds a tear omg.
  • Lillie spots him probably halfway through her set and almost doesn’t properly land her Lutz because of the shock but she makes up for it with an amazing double Axle and toe loop combo.
  • She just gets motivated seeing her big-shot skating brother there cheering.
  • And just when he thinks that moment of emotional weakness is over!!! Here is you!!! Skating to You Don’t Give Up On Love!!!
  • He’s so impressed with your performance he doesn’t even pretend he’s leaning over the barrier with wide eyes.
  • He’s muttering the moves you’re making under his breath and Lillie and Hau are like giving each other Knowing Looks.
  • “Triple Lutz, triple toe- OH MY GOD A TRIPLE FLIP WTF
  • “Gladion, you still okay?”
  • “Who is that?”
  • “Oh, [Y/N], remember? I did mention her.”
  • That’s [Y/N]?!?!”
  • His face is just like… wow :O
  • When you reach the kiss and cry and Kukui starts berating you for doing quads in your junior year Gladion cuts in and he looks so awkward and you freeze up because omg that’s skating legend Gladion Virdis talking to you. YOU. PLS DON’T BE A NERD. SAY SOMETHING COOL.
  • both of you are screaming on the inside, arceus help you both
  • You idolise him a bit, mehehehehe.
  • “That was… amazing, actually.” He says like he’s shocked and it’s unprecedented.
  • It’s totally unprecedented, he is rarely shocked.
  • You better believe he now goes to all your and Lillie’s competitions.
  • He tells Guzma he’s not going to take him back as a coach and Guzma just cackles because that was his plan all along.
  • Guzma and Kukui watch you and Gladion pair skate like five years later and high-five each other.
  • All four of you take trips together and practice together and have mini competitions to see who pair skates better. Lillie and Gladion or you and Hau. 
  • Which triggers Gladion into confessing.
  • Hahahahaha, Hau get your filthy malasada stained hands off my girl no offence.
  • So really you guys only have Hau and Gladion’s competitiveness to thank for starting yours and Gladion’s pair skating career. 
  • The public finds out about your relationship because Gladion kisses you at the Kiss and Cry when you find out that you’ve won the Gold.
  • Which is good because you both had been planning to but you wanted to skate solo first until you get a gold before skating with Gladion.
  • From edgy cool songs, Gladion’s skating becomes sweeter and softer when you’re with him.
  • everyone loves you two toGETHER ON THE ICE OK
  • Couple Skating Goals.
  • You better believe someone writes a song for the both of you and it becomes your Free Skate song.
  • (You also dance it at your wedding.)
  • Those beasts are freaking forgotten after you and Gladion win gold in singles and then make your pair debut. Everyone follows your Insta for updates on your cute relationship.


  • Gladion jokingly skates to Theme of King JJ and doesn’t realise you’re filming him.
  • The video goes viral.
  • Honestly, it doesn’t even matter how much Gladion glares at you, you have the video saved on your phone and you watch it whenever you are separated because of competitions.
  • Gladion videos you skating to Still Alive while doing like a silly rap thing but it’s not even embarrassing it’s just cute and silly everyone loves it, especially the video Hau posts immediately after of Gladion’s reaction.

A/N: this is not all the requests, but y’all wanted info on what i was working with/plan to and here you go!!! if you really wanna see something else for ANY group ( girl groups too ) then tell me, this is just whats in my notes as of now, will continuously update 


  • Gender fluid partner has a nightmare
  • Kai CEO themed elevator smut, it’s wild postponed for now in memory of my Kai hoes
  • Luhan + facesitting smut
  • Dating Kris would include
  • Sekai threesome (chicken boy and limp noodle)
  • Yixing + BDSM + blindfolds + public teasing (aka all the traits my son dont have yall makin me sin)
  • Doggy daycare!jongin au (postponed for my Kai hoes until yall get better)
  • Baekhyun daddy smut (plot twist hes the one calling you daddy)
  • Chen + jealous professor smut
  • Ksoo + BDSM (natural)
  • Ksoo + face sitting + squirting + daddy kink
  • Sehun + how to kiss (fluff probably)
  • Yixing being dorky and trying to cheer you up fluff
  • Chen + nsfw!catboy au
  • Chanyeol + very awkward strip tease and beet red ears
  • accidentally sent the wrong text message to you and it was a picture of my dick but you dont seem too mad so hey with sehun 
  • phone sex with minseok because our schedules are terrible and youre halfway across the world but i need to get off
  • au where chanyeol doesnt know how to talk bc hes mute and fuck how does he tell you you look so pretty today if he cant even say hi to you on the bus in the mornings??? fluff
  • ksoo + jongin threesome in which they find out you can squirt and it turns into a fucking competition and youre running out of panties


  • College professor Jaebum smut (fuck me u[p)
  • Dating jinyoung (jr)
  • Dating youngjae
  • Romantic/smutty married morning with husband Jackson (he burnin some pancakes but you still give him pussy for effort)
  • Jackson + orgasm denial
  • Jaebum competition with jacksons extra hyper friend smut like yall going in on competitions like “i bet i can run faster than you” but then hes like “bet i can make you come in less than 10 mins” and its wild 
  • Mark + bath bombs “wow look its fizzing what the fu-”
  • Got7 orgasm competition on you smut (2nd place winner)
  • Jaebum fluff, teacher!au (this gonna be so cute….)
  • HIGHSCHOOL!AU where jackson makes it his senior wish to take you to prom featuring an unreluctant you and some help from chess player!youngjae, apperances by jock!jaebum and others 
  • au where jinyoung is your super harsh boss and fucks you just as harshly against glass windows 


  • Taehyung breakup + makeup idol!au
  • Bts reaction when you’re a makeup artist and they have a crush on you
  • Namjoon sub (maybe idk I am not big on writing other ppl besides me as a sub lmao)
  • Angel!jungkook au, where he watches over you plus lots of fluff and maybe some wild angel sex and a sarcastic demon!namjoon 
  • Jin + blowjob in the supermarket while hes looking for cheerios 
  • Jin + jhope threesome
  • Serial killer!jin smut (trust me on this itll be good)
  • Yoongi rapper!au + diss battle + confessions
  • Yoongi + fingering + bath
  • hoseok + shower sex
  • Jimin make up sex
  • Jhope + back room sex
  • Jin + “stop grabbing my butt, Jin”
  • Yoongi x namjoon x reader polysmut + fluff
  • Fighter!jungkook au (smut, fluff) (we all know this boy gonna cry if he even gets pushed but lets pretend) 
  • Jhope + first date at a circus (no hes not part of the act)
  • Bangtan face sitting circle w jungkook, Jimin, and taehyung ( LORD HAVE MERCY )
  • mission “get jungkook to tell his older sisters bestfriend hes fucking in love with her’ + noona kink 
  • “what do you mean you don’t like this chain? 3 dollars” sarcastic yoongi and some terrible roleplay that gets even worse 


  • Jun + using my wifi for porn college au smut (fuckin nasty, prob got some weird kinky porn on there)
  • Fluffy morning with woozi (plus a blowjob like come on can i not be nasty)
  • Vernon + being protective of his girlfriend (chan is too touchy for his liking)
  • Skater boy!vernon au “wanna see a wicked kickflip tho?”
  • Dating Jun would include (grease)
  • Mingyu + kinky spooning
  • Foursome with Seungcheol, jisoo, and jeonghan, + voyeur seungkwan
  • Jeonghan + breathplay ( WINNERRR)
  • First time with Vernon
  • Wonwoo makeup sex after angsty/emo fight
  • Woozi + handjob in studio
  • Woozi + shower sex (y’all want me ded???^)
  • seungkwan is really rude to you but he just likes you alot and has no other way of communicating his love and he has to tell you before you leave to america for the summer au fluff
  • “this isnt a hickey” fluff where scoups tries to explain to the kids that you and him didnt do anything but you walk in wearing his tshirt with wild hair like what whats going on
  • “giant maknae” dino au in which he really wants you to take his crush seriously but you keep fucking having heart eyes for joshua and he has to do something fast
  • mingyu + sex in your old house while youre over at your parents again featuring a guilty mind on your part and neediness on mingyus 
  • meanie + you getting it in real quick before they have to go film for one fine day and youre not gonna see them for like 2 weeks and hurry up and come mingyu theyll be back in 8 mins


  • Dating literature major!taemin
  • Dating Jonghyun
  • Press your number!au + sugar daddy taemin (im the sugarbaby)
  • dating onew (loml)
  • Dance instructor!key (a fav of mine./…..,,,yes)
  • in which you let taemin and minho babysit yours and onews kids and this is the wrong fucking kid oh my god 
  • backseat sex with key while minho grimaces in the car next to yall cause youre at a fucking drive in
  • taekai +you and a puppy date 
  • skype sex with minho he wildin


  • Leo + neck kisses
  • Leo and a movie night date (boring movie, getting the nasty on ensues)
  • N + movie night also but like way cuter bc hes fucking cute
  • ken + him serendaing you outside your door and fuck my parents are gonna wake up dude you gotta go


  • Dating sunggyu ((((;;;;


  • P.o + facesitting (wild/…//..)
  • zico not enjoying the way jaehyo looks at you so he teaches u a lesson ( even tho it wasnt ur dmn fault)


  • Au where you have bad social anxiety and himchan takes you back home after an event to comfort you all cute an fluffy
  • dating yongguk


  • Cuddling GD after him being on tour for months (sweatyau)


  • Shownu daddy smut (y'all wildin w this daddy shit)
  • Monstax as boyfriends (im doin them alll……but mostly changkyun…mi nvio)


  • Dating mj would include (REQUEST MORE LMAO)


  • Dating jay park (this…..this is,,,..,,,noo words)


  • Snsd reaction to being in love with their girlfriend (◕‿◕✿)
  • taeyeon watching you struggle to get something down the cabinet and she tries to help but fuck shes short as hell too just fluff with two super cute short gf’s


  • Hwasa smut (I ain’t gonna fail you y'all you boutta get suffocated by ha thighs)
  • Clingy + needy moonbyul
  • Striptease au w moonbyul but you embarrass yourself like omg no but she into it and y'all fuck


  • Krystal smut (not postponed y'all this for me)
  • Fluffy Amber scenario (my boo)


  • Ilhoon + facesitting bihhhh


  • Minho name kink as discussed with @xiumindotjpeg where  in he’s not ur bias but he sure as hell gonna fuck you until his name the only one you’re saying
  • Mommy!with exo au where you have a day out with your children (children being your kid + a member)
  • Mingyu + school nurse au where he visits you everyday with his unrequited love that you don’t return until he comes back to work there 2 years later and damn is that mingyu?? Featuring relationship maker lee chan
  • Minghao + a cloudy day in China au where you both find things to do around the house since y'all bored as hell
  • Blind date!au where you’re about to give up but oh hello seokmin comes in and it just so happens his blind date stood him up too
  • Jaebum is your cousins older boyfriend who you’ve been pining for years for and he finally comes around and sees you as a woman and not a little girl and hey you tryna fuck?
  • “I’ll guide you” au where you’re very inexperienced and cute and jeonghan convinces jisoo to take advantage of a great situation
  • Hoshi!theatre au where you take over as his co lead and he’s super salty but wait what the fuck why is he feeling things what is this
  • Wonwoo au where he wants you to stay away from Mingyu because you a highkey hoe but then you seduce him and fuck now he has no choice but to keep coming back pussy too bomb
  • Au where joys the cute girl at the cafe and you go there everyday and draw her until you leave one behind one day and hijinks courtesy of baekhyun ensue
  • Changkyun’s the really emo boy who rides his bike down the block alone all the time until you decide to go outside with just a bikini to check ur mail n holy shit did he just fall
  • Kai + seductress in the club au

topazlight  asked:

Oops I stopped reading the list like halfway through but also 40 is one I'd be immensely interested in hearing your answer to.

What’s that? How would I fix Crisis Core? Wow you caught me completely off-guard on this subject I clearly have never thought about before, guess you’ll have to bear with me!

Prequels in general should contribute context and understanding rather than just a series of things that happened, and Crisis Core did not do that. It wasn’t very good at being about anything, when it should have been pretty clearly about one thing: Shinra is terrible, and working for them is a spiritually and morally corrosive experience, regardless of how apparently decent you are as an individual

In VII we see Shinra kick a puppy every couple hours, but their real bone-chilling atrocities all stem from a complete disregard for life beyond that which is exploitable. Their real damage is expressed through the characters we meet that they have destroyed. A prequel’s the perfect place to look at that in greater depth, and from the inside. 

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thank you. i’m glad you enjoyed it.

i actually was going to include davy back and somehow forgot. i guess i felt the thing was getting too long already and i didn’t want to be redundant. 

but i’ve got a couple examples from that fight that tie into the overarching theme of my post, which i assume is what you’re looking for. (because i have a lot to say about zosan and davy back but i’m going to keep it under a narrower scope for your consideration haha).

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The songs of episode 6x06 of Glee: What The World Needs Now (spoilers)

Burt Bacharach is one of my most favorite composers. His songs often sound simple and light, but they are usually very difficult to sing (or to play on the piano). So I was excited when I found out Glee would do a tribute episode. But that excitement quickly changed into disappointment when Glee decided that Burt Bacharach week also would be basicly Daleastreet week, ugh. While Matt Morrison (who hadn’t sung this season yet!) and Chris Colfer, who both have proven to be able to handle Bacharach songs before, are mostly swaying gracefully in the background, counting the days till they’re free of this horrid show who don’t appreciate their talents. Thank God for the saving graces of Amber and Kevin, the season 6 ‘regulars’ who are hardly ever there but who’s few songs hold more quality singing in them than all the songs of the New Directions in seasons 4 and 5 together. 

Here are the songs of 6x06, aka “How Glee fucks up good songs once again and wastes the real talents in its cast”.

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Everyone Needs a Theme Song

(a belated birthday gift for grumpycakes​ who requested Steve and Tony and singing.  Happy B-day!)

“I am Iron Man!”

Steve paused, confused for a moment. He’d been aware of the rise and fall of something close to humming that had been echoing over the comm unit in his ear for the last few minutes, but he hadn’t really paid it any mind. He’d had more pressing things to worry about.

An explosion rocked the streets under his feet, and he ducked, bringing the shield up automatically. Chunks of debris rained down around him, and he twisted around, looking for the source of the shooting. It wasn’t hard to find it; he’d never been sure why the AIM agents ran around in bright yellow body suits, but he did appreciate it. It made targeting so much easier.

Before he could give the shield a toss, however, Tony came spiraling down, a streak of brilliant red and gold that hit the gunman sideways and sent him flying. He was singing full out now, a bit off pitch and with more enthusiasm than talent, but he was definitely singing Black Sabbath as he cheerfully took out his targets.

“Jarvis,” Steve said at last. Above him, Tony did a twist, hitting three different AIM agents in rapid succession, and perfectly on beat. He was still singing at what seemed to be the top of his lungs. Steve realized he was grinning like an idiot.

“Yes, Captain Rogers?” Jarvis replied.

“Uh, does, does Tony know he’s got an open commline right now?” Steve asked. He spun, slamming the shield into the side of an AIM agent’s head. The agent went down with a whimper, and Steve vaulted over him without a pause.

“I do not believe that he does,” Jarvis said.

Steve waited, but there was no further information forthcoming. “Are you planning on informing him?” he asked at last.

“I have been instructed to keep my ‘off-topic’ attempts at informing him about his ongoing poor choices to myself,” Jarvis said. “He has been very clear on that, Captain.”

“Been a bit snippy, has he?” Steve asked.

“You’ve no idea, Captain.”

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Bought the Baten Kaitos soundtrack recently, and I thought it was handsomely packaged.  The case itself has a classy portrait orientation, with tiny chibis on the obi, and the discs themselves have this nice matte finish (which, unfortunately, doesn’t take kindly to fingerprints or wiping, as you can see on disc 1 up there).  The inside is done in a mosaic motif, with close-ups of the standard character art rendered in this style decorating the booklet.  My attempt at photography didn’t work quite as well as I wanted; please pardon my camera and big fat thumb.

Anyhow: I translated the liner notes from Motoi Sakuraba et al., which lie below the cut.  Please enjoy the odd line breaks.

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littlefists  asked:

sappy obnoxious christmas prompts you say?! how about tucker and wash and a mistletoe? ^_^

tucker’s wanted to kiss someone under mistletoe since he was twelve years old.

he’s never actually seen mistletoe in real life, but it’s in every sappy, made-for-television hallmark christmas movie, and who doesn’t want a socially acceptable opportunity to kiss a hot maybe-stranger practically whenever you want. and maybe, not that he’d ever admit it, but there’s maybe some teeny tiny microscopic part of him somewhere deep inside that swoons whenever the leading couple leans in amidst twinkling lights and probably a crackling fireplace and maybe even a snowy backdrop if they’re really heaping on the cheese factor.

tucker doesn’t even give a shit. he wants all of it.

[but don’t tell church]

and now he’s in a big wooden lodge set in a snowy mountain range, there’s a seven-foot-tall pine tree dripping with baubles and lights in the corner, and if this isn’t the setting for every one of tucker’s christmas-themed pg13 fantasies then he doesn’t know what is.

“i’m gonna get tex to kiss me,” church mutters determinedly into his probably spiked eggnog.

tucker turns from the bay window where he’d been watching the dakota twins dominate in the snowball war fight that had sprung up between them and roughly any hapless soul that happened to be outside. despite being inside, church is bundled in at least two sweaters, and the shapeless mess of wool caboose had knitted for him and called a scarf. his cheeks are a bit flushed and his glasses keep sliding down his nose and honestly if he wouldn’t get punched in the nuts for it tucker would coo and cuddle the fuck out of him.

tucker raises his eyebrows. “well… i mean you guys are dating. it shouldn’t be that difficult.”

church barks out a laugh. “no–i mean in public. she’s not into like… pda and shit. thinks its pointless and immature.”

“so, what? tex doesn’t seem like the type of girl to be suddenly coerced into tongue-fucking your esophagus.”

church pulls a face. “jesus christ tucker no. i don’t want–it’s christmas. i just want to get her into under the mistletoe and,” he trails off, the flush on his cheeks darkening and seriously a douchebag this big shouldn’t be allowed to be this adorable. 

“holy fuck dude you totally want a hallmark movie mistletoe kiss!” tucker crows.

“shut the fuck up, or i swear to god–”

tucker holds his hands up in surrender. “dude, relax! i’m not making fun–for once–i think it’s adorable!”

church squints at him suspiciously before saying, “i honestly think that might be worse.”

“what? no!” tucker claps a hand on his shoulder and gives him a little shake. “i’m only telling you this cause i think you’re a little bit drunk and also because you have no room to argue but i–” he stops, brain backpedaling furiously. “hang on what mistletoe?”

“york brought it,” church says slowly, “what were you going to tell me?”

tucker grips his shoulder tighter. “no that’s not important–york brought actual real life mistletoe?”

“fuck yes that’s what i just said,” church snaps, shrugging his hand off. “it’s hanging in the back of the kit–where are you going?!”

but tucker’s already halfway across the living room, dodging around kai and donut where they’re taking selfies in front of the fireplace, and skidding into the large kitchen. the lights are set low, and the hallway heading towards the back porch is dark so it takes tucker a minute, but as soon as his eyes adjust he spots it.

“holy shit it actually exists,” he says quietly to himself.

just a few green sprigs sprinkled with white berries, dangling in the rear entrance (bow chicka bow wow) of the kitchen. before he can move in for a closer look there’s a commotion from the back and he has to scramble to the side to avoid getting run down by several snowy ex-marines. south is in the lead, glowing with triumph even as she dumps snow with every bound; connie and north close behind–equally snowy, equally triumphant. maine stomps by, growling under his breath, and york trails after him with a despondent look on his face.

“you missed a good fight, blue!” sarge hollers as he drags a sodden caboose into the kitchen.

tucker arches a brow. “is your nose bleeding?”

“of course! you don’t go into a battle without earning some badges of valour!” the man says, before spitting out a tooth.

“i am very cold, and very wet, and very afraid of the blonde lady,” caboose intones solemnly.

“which one?” sarge grumbles as tex saunters through–completely bone dry.

caboose considers this for a moment before replying, “i am afraid of all of the ladies.”

“i think that’s the smartest thing you’ve ever said, son,” sarge chuckles before hauling him off towards the bathroom.

“these people are terrifying,” tucker says to himself.

“aw, c’mon now–we’re not all bad,” a familiar voice teases behind him.

tucker turns, mouth open for what will undoubtedly be a witty, perfectly crafted response, until he chokes on a suddenly dry tongue.

wash is leaning against the door frame as he kicks off his boots and chucks them back towards the mudroom. he yanks his hat off and scrubs a hand through his messy hair to try and tame it into some type of order–spoiler alert: he fails. his cheeks are flushed from the cold and his eyelashes are dark and clumped together with moisture. he’s already shed his jacket at some point and he’s wearing that fucking cashmere sweater carolina got him and it clings to his very climbable shoulders and tucker is going to die he is not prepared for this he’s going to keel over on christmas fuck caboose is going to be traumatized.

“i don’t know you do make my life pretty difficult,” he manages to croak out.

wash laughs [fuck right off] and fluffs his hair again. “well then i guess next year we won’t invite you back here.”

tucker jabs a finger against his chest. “first of all: how dare you–i have made this trip a delight. secondly: this isn’t even your place and i’m ten percent sure south likes me more than you anyways so i’m mostly sure she’d still invite me back.”

“ten percent?” wash smirks as he reaches up and snags tucker’s finger before he can reclaim it. “sure you wanna bet on those odds?”

tucker lightly tugs on his hand but really he doesn’t necessarily want wash to let go anyways so who is he kidding. “well i’m banking on the fact that you definitely like me so that tips things more in my favour.”

it could be the low lighting, but tucker hopes thinks that the flush in wash’s cheeks brightens even as he chuckles. “you’re awfully full of yourself aren’t you?”

“i’d rather be full of you,” because wow tucker has no control of his mouth jesus christ.

wash’s face is definitely red now but a laugh startles out of him so at least tucker hasn’t fucked up yet. he’s watching the lines around wash’s eyes crinkle, and getting distracted by just how many freckles the blonde actually has as he realizes just how fucked he really is.

he’s always wanted to climb wash in an abstract kind of way–before he learned how he likes his coffee, and how many cats he’s fostered in the last couple of years [five]–but over the past six months that generic lust has morphed into- into-


he’s opening his mouth to probably make a terrible mistake when there’s a crash from the living room and connie’s tinkling laughter mixed with church swearing voraciously. it startles him enough that he snaps his mouth shut and ignores the faint disappointment lingering on the back of his tongue. he tries to take his hand back while wash is distracted, but the former soldier tightens his grip and grins down at him.

“you’re not getting away that easy after a line like that,” he says, voice low and sending shivers down tucker’s spine.

he smirks. “you gonna hold me to it?”

wash bares his teeth in a smile and tucker’s knees go liquid. “i’d rather hold you to me.”

“holy shit, wash, when did you get game?”

“i’ve always had game,” wash sniffs, “i just didn’t have anyone worth using it on.”

has wash always been this close? he definitely wasn’t that close before because tucker definitely would’ve noticed how soft the grey of his eyes is and the faint scar that draws attention to his upper lip and is he wearing lip balm because they definitely look soft and pink and–

“hey cockbites!”

tucker startles and wash abruptly straightens [was he leaning in? what was he leaning in for? why was he leaning in?] and glares over tucker’s head. “south wha–”

tucker turns to see south cackling where she’s standing at the kitchen counter pouring herself a drink. “pucker up assholes.”

tucker cocks his head, confused, but wash’s hand spasms around his finger and when he turns wash has flushed again, eyes tipped up towards the roof. tucker follows his gaze and his heart trips into overtime because they’re standing under the mistletoe

“oh my god i’m starring in my own hallmark movie,” tucker says.

“what?” wash blinks down at him and then squawks when tucker fists his hand in the collar of his sweater and yanks him down.

well he’s definitely not wearing lip balm, tucker thinks. wash’s lips are slightly chapped and cool, moving gently against his. tucker feels a hand slide into his dreads and pull gently to adjust the angle of his head. he steps in closer, pressing their chests together and releasing wash’s sweater to curl a hand at the nape of his neck. something rumbles in tucker’s chest and he realizes it’s wash making a pleased sound that reverberates through tucker’s ribs. his knees quiver but when he leans harder against wash the blonde just sighs gently into the kiss and wraps a steadying hand around tucker’s hip.

someone is distantly cheering and tucker can’t tell if it’s just in his head or his stupid friends and honestly he can’t really be fucked to care. wash nips lightly at his lips and nudges their noses together before drawing back the barest amount. tucker’s eyes flutter open in time to catch wash licking his lips and something pulses in his abdomen. he can feel fingers gently playing where the hem of his shirt has ridden up to expose a sliver of skin and honestly who does wash think he is doing things like this in public this is indecent there are minors around or at least caboose.

wash is grinning down at him when he finally focuses and tucker knows he’s smiling like a lunatic. “how’s that for game?”

tucker snorts, shifting so their hips align, smirking when wash’s breath hitches. “i’m pretty impressed. i’ll probably need to see more to really get an idea of how good it is.”

“hopefully i won’t disappoint,” wash murmurs, ducking down to slide their lips together again.

“boooo, stop tonguing in the kitchen. you’re putting me off my appetite!”

“like anything could put you off your appetite, fatass.”

wash’s breath rushes over his face as he huffs out a laugh and tucker pulls away to glare at grif over his shoulder. “c’mon, we’ll go sit on the porch.”

tucker swivels to stare uncomprehendingly at him. “it’s like negative zero outside dude.”

his heart flutters when wash laces their fingers together and tugs him down the hall with a smirk. “you can sit in my lap if you get cold.”

“oh my god you’re like everything i’ve been asking santa for for years, you can throw out the gift receipt i’m keeping you forever.”

wash blinks, startled and tucker curses his stupid fucking mouth before the blonde breaks into a blinding smile. “you couldn’t get rid of me if you tried.”

tucker beams back. “merry fucking christmas to me.”


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Ships in the Night

Parts: 1?? So far, anyway. There will definitely be more. I am nowhere near finished with this.

Summary: Utilizes every ship in our fabulous love square, and it’s titled the way it is because literally they keep passing each other like ships in the night im dead. also oversensitive Marinette because headcanons and stubborn Alya who freaks about things a lot more on the inside.

Words: 4886 ive been working on this since the saturday before last okay

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It’s interview time with @shesasurvivor! This is some good stuff, so read on my fellow fandom friends. There’s a fun little game at the end. :) We want to thank @papofglencoe for creating our new author banners! Udabomb Pbg

So what does a day in your life look like?

Well, most of the year, it’s get up, work out, head to work, come home, study, go to bed, rinse and repeat. I’m still trying to figure out a way to fill my days after work during summer vacation, though.

So you’re in college?

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