also wow i love it so shiny!

marscorp daemons!!!! just the ones that have sprung out at me so far (some of them also have tentative names in square brackets - i’m far too dependent on greek mythology wow ok)

  • jim = dog, specifically bearded collie? [Jun] (loyal, friendly, hardworking etc; in the novels most servants are supposed to have dogs, anyway no-brainer) (she trots around the base with him and everyone loves her)
  • dave - following directly on from that point - best-case scenario for an orange is a dog, but of course he got stuck with a magpie (gotta get the shiny!!!) or a crow or one of those other too-clever piece of shit birds. she hops up and down and screams at innocent bystanders to roll up, roll up!! i kind of want to name her after mercury/hermes or something for various reasons but that feels waaay too fancy
  • tom = beaver [Galatea] (industrious, family-oriented, defensive & obnoxious as shit but you still wanna cuddle the round little jerk) (she holds tools for him & has strict rules about how sophisticated an AI can be before she’ll refuse to touch it) (she… dies??? gets severed??? when chip does whatever she’s gonna do to tom omg)
  • david = some kinda snake? [Cybele] (stealthy, unassuming, independent, adorable, unfairly feared & distrusted) (while they were in solitary she was caged so they couldn’t even cuddle properly) (her ultimate dream is to climb a tree)
  • bonnie = domestic cat [Larunde] (loves pet life when it suits her but also beautifully sassy, callous, hedonistic & self-centred; butt stuff)
  • kingsley = lioness [Hera] (obviously?? self-important, territorial, would murder the shit out of you probably but can’t be bothered today)

to me it feels Better, story-wise, for only the martians to have them (which makes the martian/earthling divide even more stark). they all sort of regard baxter as martin’s daemon, and are in awe of how amazing & special he must be to get a male robot daemon who can also travel so far by itself. that said, if hob did have one, it would be something small & cute that puffs itself up to look big & dangerous <333 and martin’s would probably be one of those spiders that lives in a hole in the ground

tom keeps trying to make lil robot daemons for chip so she can be like the other kids and she fucking hates it

shiny-shock  asked:


OHOHO MY MANDO GIRL I LOVE HER. OKAy so she wasn’t born a Mandalorian, she’s actually Corellian. When she was 12 years old, a band of outlaws ransacked her family’s house, killing her elderly parents (she was an only child) while she hid in the basement (it was during the attack that the right side of her face got burned, leading to her loosing some hearing in that ear and later getting a cybernetic implant in her ear and below her eye). Sometime later, about 6 months to a year, a Mandalorian found her and adopted her (honestly her Mandalorian family is so unplanned that it’s embarrassing, I don’t even have names for them). A few years after being adopted, she decided that she wanted to be a bounty hunter, but she only takes on missing person bounties or ones that are for actual criminals. She’s basically a chaotic good. And I’m pretty sure she’s an ESFP.
She’s very loyal to those that have earned her loyalty, and although she’s a bit standoffish at first, she’ll warm up pretty quickly if she takes a liking to you (she might even buy you a present if she really likes you, she’s quite rich). But she doesn’t want to endanger her friends and family, so she never asks for help (put some more trust in their abilities, girl). Thankfully it’s rare for her to need help, she has many guns and many knives and is very adept at using them. Plus she enjoys the rush of dangerous situations.
Her armor is painted red with blue accents because I read that red symbolizes “honoring a parent,” and blue symbolizes “reliability.” Not sure if that’s canon anymore but I like it, so it’s staying.
Also she is fairly short (5'3"), don’t make fun of her for it. She won’t attack you, but she’ll resent for probably forever unless you apologize.
This feels really long yet I feel like I didn’t go very deep with her personality (^^;;;) If there’s anything specific you wanna ask about feel free to! Especially if I wasn’t very clear about something.