also wow i love it so shiny!


so I finally got to see it today (in New Zealand it came out like a month later than the rest of the world) and I literally cried the entire way through.

Like, Moana is honestly just such a pure and strong girl, that part when her mum HELPS her to pack when she’s about to go WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A WORD and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashjsdhagsdjhg Maui wow what do I even say also the soundtrack was so good and

that shiny crab.

But what really got me: the representation of Polynesian girls in Disney.

I live in New Zealand right (which is in Polynesia, for those who aren’t good with geography) and while I have no Polynesian decent myself, I look after and mentor lil Samoan and Maori and Tongan and Fijian girls at a day care centre. They all love disney princesses so much, and honestly the thought that they can say “I’m being Moana, I look like her” when playing princesses is just THE BEST THING EVER. They’ll be singing the songs, and looking up to Moana as a role model who shares not just their culture, but also their looks, and ugh here I am crying again.

So yeah I loved Moana

If Ten was your boyfriend...

holy shit the first thing i’m actually writing for nct u :OOOO obviously i had to start w my bias bc what else is trash good for?? hope u nerds enjoy~~ feel free to send requests ((bc im running out lmaO))

  • actual sweetest lil bunbun ever
  • 100% wakes you up by talking to you in an aegyo voice and tickling you
  • compliments you all the fuckin time
  • “you look really pretty when you wake up”
  • “you have a cute tired voice”
  • “your hair smells good”
  • “you’re so beautiful all the time”
  • fuckin skinship kING LEMME TELL YOU
  • it’s like he’s just constantly wanting to touch you
  • like even if it’s just his hand brushing against yours
  • or your head laying on his shoulder
  • holds your hand all of the time
  • you could be sitting in the dorms but he’s still got a death grip on your hand he just never ever wants to let go
  • he could even be laying in bed next to you falling asleep and he’ll intertwine his fingers with yours right before he falls asleep
  • also gets jealous really easily
  • like you could just ask taeyong to pass you the salt or something and ten gets all whiny like “y/n you could’ve asked me to pass you the salt :(”
  • “chittaphon the salt was literally on the other side of the table in front of taeyong jfC”
  • and he’ll pout until you cuddle w him or give him kisses as an apology
  • if you fall asleep around him
  • he’s the type to draw a dick on your forehead
  • and will tell everyone not to say anything when you wake up
  • so you walk around for like five hours w it on your forehead until taeil sees people laughing at you and feels bad and tells you that ten drew on you
  • and you’re ready to beat his ass but he helps you take it off ((while laughing the entire time, obviously))
  • likes for you to sit on his lap
  • even if you think you weigh too much
  • he’ll tell you to be quiet and sit down because you don’t 
  • also loves to play with your hair
  • literally the whole time just says “wow your hair is so soft and shiny~~” and braids it
  • then probably uses your shampoo because it smells good
  • singing together
  • you trying to copy his parts in the 7th sense and him laughing his ass off
  • “y/n that’s not how you body wave ohmygod i thought i taught you better than this”
  • if he runs out of socks or shirts you can bet your ass he’s gonna “borrow” yours
  • “are you serious ten those socks literally have glittery unicorns on them why are you taking them?”
  • “y/n shut up and let me be fabulous for once”
  • he often tries to help you study/work
  • but he’s more of a distraction because he keeps touching your hair and asking the definitions of words you’re using
  • even though sometimes he is annoying he is still a really adorable loving bf ok i rest my case

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My poor courier was like just barely an adult, she was like 19 when she got shoot in the head by Benny, and because of brain trauma she can't remember shit. She only knows her name Cristina, and vaguely recalls a family up north east. Her place has ceremonial tattoos for families and adulthood that she keeps looking for similar ones on people in New vegas. She also like shiny things and keeps legion coins as souvenirs of legion scouts that she's killed. In her defense, they suck.

Wow Benny, dude, you are like an ass for shooting a teenager, barely into adulthood. I feel bad that she got like shot so young and forgot most of her life like that. I hope it all comes back to her eventually and she can remember her life, at least the good times. How did she deal with Benny afterwards? Also I love that she has tattoos, my courier has tattoos too, what are the motifs and where does she have them???

My fact: As I said, Lexi has tattoos on most of her body. On her left arm she has a gecko tattoo that serves as a map with locations and isopleths for height of terrain, that make the gecko’s skin textured. Above it she has a road sign and a brahmin bull’s skull tattoo and a barb wire that goes around her arm over her back and around her neck. On her other arm she has a big neon sign looking tattoo that says “Asshole Kill Count” and points downwards where she marks how many of the people that wronged her (and that are generally bad people) she’s killed. And she has a small scorpion tattoo on her groin but that’s from her Vegas days. 


Previously on Hannibal: #hot darkness, localized as well as general absurdity, Gillian Anderson

This week on Hannibal: I don’t want to go overboard, but, THE SORT OF INDULGENT ID-RIDDLED GIFT THAT I LIVE & BLEED FOR, you might say.

Season 3, Episode 7: “Digestivo”

We begin, with some hilariously trill-y organ music as the unscrupulous Italian detective arrives at Professor Sogliato’s building. He & his goons bust on in to the Horrible Scene We Will Henceforth Ignore, and quickly knock Hannibal out with a blow to the back of the head. Jack’s like, “thank u,” but then it’s revealed that Mason will pay double for both Hannibal AND Will. Oh come on. They pull a black bag over Will’s woozy bleeding head and promptly drag him off, because if Will Graham were to ever catch a damn break none of us would know what to do with ourselves, probably.

There’s no price on Signor Crawford’s head, so the unscrupulous detective leaves him to….have his unpriced head sawed open, as the last victim of IL MOSTRO, Dread Pirate Roberts of Florence. WOW THAT’S NOT COOL, BRO.

Luckily, Chiyoh straight-up SNIPES THEM THROUGH THE WINDOW, then comes over to say hi.

I love your shiny buttons. Also how you keep sniping people.

I laugh a lot watching Hannibal. It’s various sorts of laughter — WTF, ~Innuendos~, I Have No Other Recourse For My Emotions Right Now, etc. In this scene I started experiencing a particular fave: the Delighted Laugh.

“Did you do…this.” / “Of course.” - Delighted Laugh

“They are identically different, Hannibal and Will.” - Delighted Laugh


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I figure that at this point we could all use a bit of frivolity. So... would you care to discuss the unmitigated glory that is Sam's hair, and your favourite styles? (My wish is always that his hair be flourishing about his face, as opposed to drooping slackly against it a la S7. I endorse the use of natural curl and am particularly fond of his S1 and S11 hair. I'm never sure about S8 hair: sometimes I think it's too much; although more often, despite myself, I find it perfectly resplendent.)

You are beautiful, Anon, and this is a fantastic idea. Sam’s hair definitely deserves love. The splendor of his glorious locks will light our way in these dark, dark times. 

A couple of my favorite styles are probably s1 and s11, but I love his s8 hair, as well. It’s just so glorious. I also made a post about the breathtaking beauty of his s6 and s9 hair because those are way underrated seasons. And yeah, season 10 gets no love because of the way they inexplicably chose to flatiron his hair, but I’d like to start with a s10 gif because sam’s hair flying around like he’s in a super badass shampoo commercial always makes me happy also it’s shiny and I want to touch it (x):

But yeah this season’s hair is A+++. I adore the natural curl and how it’s all fluffy and flyaway (x):

But SEASON 9 invalidates all other arguments because WOW (x):

And the curl was out of this world in season eight:

Also this is really weird and specialized and kind of non!Sam but djinn dream!Sam’s hair was hella fluffy and I love it (x) : 

I could stuff this post full to bursting with gifs of every season, but we wouldn’t survive the sheer glory of Sam’s luscious locks, so I’ll stop here. 

Gif without credit above it is mine.

Jumbled Troll Farmer Thoughts

They totally changed clothes in the little white van. Speeding off in the cruiser was highly sexual just saying.

Red laying down, forearms, drinking wine, telling a Red story, in jeans with that holster on his ass, black shirt, more forearms…just yes to all that!! James was damn beautiful in the apt scene. Wow!

Dembe has a daughter?! Wait and a granddaughter?! So Red’s too old to date Liz but Dembe’s an overnight granddad. Umm ok. And we don’t let babies get sick PTB…that’s the rule. Where’s Dembe?

Red’s reaction…priceless and hell no it’s not about mommy.
What happened to “She died of weakness and shame” but now Katerina disappeared? Wtf

We’ve established Red is Lizzie’s Plus One, but now we know that Lizzie is Red’s Plus One☺️💕💕 I had tears in my eyes no shit. That was a lovely little gift wrapped up in a shiny Red bow. Also the closest I’ve ever come to revealing my URL to my friends. The scream and immediate rewind let them know something momentous occurred.

Aram. ARAM!!! “What a jerk” And that little smile and walking toward Coop to give the lead….yeah take that Ressler
Cooper is a man of honor. That is all
Ressler this is not Les Miz and you’re not Javert so slow your roll
Honor of 1st S3 hostage/kidnap victim..Samar Navabi. Take a bow Samar

I definitely spied a a chest peek when they were on the couch. But why did they split up? They could have snuggled up in Red’s van. Red sees Katerina in Liz everyday? Really? Since when? This past summer when tptb needed another retcon. Whatever I’m over the Liz mythology at this point. I’d like to know about Red’s family but that’s about it

Overall I really liked it. No Tom so hell yeah I loved it.

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Have you seen the opening for new Dragon Ball Kai? I saw it and i was like wow [[and internally squeeing]]

I have!  The animation is so shiny!  It’s very spoilery, but how spoilery can it be when the saga is over 20 years old? 

Spoiler:  Vegeta gets an M on his forehead

He fights Goku

Vegeta and Goku get their ears pierced and bling themselves out

Vegeta and Goku have a love child

Goten and Trunks take up interpretive dance

and turn into a mini Vegeta with purple hair

Goku loses his eyebrows and gets extensions.  Everyone is very upset about this, including Goku

Bonus ending:  Mr. Satan adopts a puppy and also a sentient piece of bubble gum


Transformers 30 day challenge

●Day 14 - Best character design: TFP Megatron

I really love TFP Optimus Prime’s design very very much (he was really sexy). But in all honesty, I actually believe TFP Megatron has an amazing design. You know how most cartoon/cg animated villains have like the sharp, dark, and deadly designs? What I mean is like (for example) sharp claws, scarred faces, snake eyes, etc. Well, TFP Megatron is that villain I think when it comes to those designs. While he may not have the snake eyes, but they are still evil looking. Red eyes are pretty cool, but I think purple truly makes his design more suitable and more beautiful looking in an evil way. Speaking of eyes, they are one I of the most expressed (along with the eyebrows). I mean, his expressions are just spot on. Even when the animation gets clunky at times, they still managed to get him to express at the right times throughout the series. And I even love the animation when he moves his lips…..I know it sounds weird, but I just love how he moves his lips. Whether he is angry, smiling ((we all agree that his smiles are the best), surprised, annoyed, “war-face”, etc. but one of the best ones is of course his smiles and….I don’t know what you would call it, but I guess you could say…..sass I guess. Anyway, to continue, one of my favorite things from any villain in general are sharp fingers (aka claws). I LOVE THEM no matter who has it. This is what I think is one of the most intimidating. You know how we love to sharpen our old-school pencils and make them as sharp as possible? That how I feel about claws. I just want to touch them (Weird I know). Another thing I noticed the first time seeing Megatron in this show…….his chest. WOW!! I just—want to touch that too!! Because he looked so smooth and shiny. In fact, when I first saw him, he was freakin shiny (well, all the characters were). I’m also glad that he still has his icon weapon the Fusion Cannon. When he replaced that arm with a Prime’s arm, I was really sad his gun had to go DX oh, and his feet look pretty awesome too. Now, as far as movement goes, the way he walks, which is slow enough to kinda scare me a bit, fits perfectly with the design. Even the voice (Frank Welker) is just as perfect. Tell me, what other voice (than the one he has) can you imagine hearing coming from that big metal shark? If you answered no, then you are correct. It’s because it work so well with the design. He is a great example of what oppressive villains should look like and he has one of the best designs I have ever seen. In fact, I will admit, he’s sexy (heck even when he was dying he was still sexy….the way his breathing… soft…and somehow not gurgling blood….) ;D

~Honorable mention: Optimus Prime from the 2007 live action film. Even if you’re not a fan of the movie, you had to admit the animation of the characters was very impressive, especially when they transform. The animators said that Optimus. in that film, had the most parts out of all the transformers (including Megatron), 10,108 individual car parts. That is freakin risky impressive design right there. That is one of the definitions of hard work!! But, really, Optimus is not the only one with the impressive designs, ALL of the Transformers did. Even the sequels had them do just the same. But the first brought me in awe just seeing all transfom.