also wow i love it so shiny!


so I finally got to see it today (in New Zealand it came out like a month later than the rest of the world) and I literally cried the entire way through.

Like, Moana is honestly just such a pure and strong girl, that part when her mum HELPS her to pack when she’s about to go WITHOUT EVEN SAYING A WORD and aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaashjsdhagsdjhg Maui wow what do I even say also the soundtrack was so good and

that shiny crab.

But what really got me: the representation of Polynesian girls in Disney.

I live in New Zealand right (which is in Polynesia, for those who aren’t good with geography) and while I have no Polynesian decent myself, I look after and mentor lil Samoan and Maori and Tongan and Fijian girls at a day care centre. They all love disney princesses so much, and honestly the thought that they can say “I’m being Moana, I look like her” when playing princesses is just THE BEST THING EVER. They’ll be singing the songs, and looking up to Moana as a role model who shares not just their culture, but also their looks, and ugh here I am crying again.

So yeah I loved Moana

clarafarleybarrow  asked:

Wow. The lovely name KIRA has many different meanings: (1) Hindi and Sanskrit: beam of light; (2) Russian: leader of the people, one the people look to, or beloved; (3) Irish: dark haired, hence little dark one; and (4) Japanese: glittery and shiny. I LOVE EVERYTHING. SONG OF FIRE!

(((((((: it means all of those and that makes me so happy. It took me forever to pick that name too, but I love it, cause it low key sounds kinds of royal and Silver, but also high key sounds Red? I love it. (((: