also wow i love it so shiny!

what I’ll be giving out tonight for WTW:

  • any leftover shiny HA tyrunt
  • another box of the shiny eevees from like two weeks ago
  • another box of the shiny dragons I gave away last week
  • and from then on just random shinies without nicknames

i’ll start trading them around 4pm-ish and go waay into the evening. probably stopping at like 11 or so (after Baggage is over). “how would you wonder trade for like 7 hours?” i’ll probably be playing scribblenauts on my phone too~ they finally fixed the save file problem it had.

The Watcher in the Shadows.

This was the book that I read before I did The Night Circus.

It was a really good read. I didn’t know whether I would like this book as it was a book I just grabbed while I was out and needed something to read.

Once I did start to read though, wow. It really took me to this new world.

It gave me goose bumps in parts, it really got me wanting to sit and read it all in one go. It only took me three days to read this, wish that it was longer. I have have gone a purchased another book by Carlos Ruiz Zafon.

I love the cover also so pretty, and nothing really like I had before. It is shiny, but looks like metal. Just really interesting.

Bit of a short write up, sorry. But yer, it is a really amazing book.

oxlades asked:


  • what i think about your blog: your shiny new icon - I’M IMPRESSED (wow your baby looks really good). you have an awesome url and i love your new theme!! seriously it’s lovely. somehow you always manage to find the right theme (it’s a talent). your tags page is also so insanely pretty (woah you actually made the tags page - i’m impressed x2). i couldn’t say anything negative about your blog, not with that cute freckled idiot looking at me from your sidebar. not that i wanted to. 
  • what i think about you as a person: i’m kinda surprised that we’re friends (i’m always surprised when cool people are talking to me) but i’m glad that we are bc we can always talk about how impressive turner’s sweaty torso is or just simply complain about guys and life in general (we’re both pretty good at complaining). you’re amazing and gorgeous and witty but if i ever met you irl i’d totally kick your ass bc of that selfie friday thingy :))))