also would it be


“Maybe… year…..?” 

*VIPs Shooketh*

“👀👀 wha- wha- what?
Well… if I can…If I could, I will…But I can’t promise anything…I mean.. future…
Someday & somewhere definitely we’ll meet again. 
Please don’t forget me again 🙏” 


Manuel Villalobos?

His last name means “town of wolves.” And how much of a slap in the face to Zara would it be for her second-in-command to be turned into a werewolf?


I thought of the power.
The gods would be terrified.

Accidental Confession AU Interlude

Hey all, in honor of hitting 100+ followers today, here’s a little blurb, or interlude if you will, before we get to part 3. Enjoy! 

Todoroki Shouto (22:29)

I have a question.

-Read 22:29-

Yaoyorozu Momo (22:29)

Which is…? 

-Read 22:29- 

Todoroki Shouto (22:29)

What does OFC mean?

-Read 22:29-

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We survived the Bahamut escape game!! We were Team 7 so Bri and I giggled about the VIIth legion and got ridiculously happy over the Adamantoise card. I chose to go BRD and Bri went WHM (of course).

There was also a raffle for a poster signed by Yoshi-p and by some miracle I won itヽ(;▽;)ノ


johnny angst- he forgets your date, brother renjun comes to the rescue, and in the end you and johnny make up 

Coming To Terms

Title: Coming To Terms

Genre: AU, Angst, Fluff, Getting Back Together

Word Count: 10, 315

Warnings: Mentions of death

Description: After Dan and Phil had a rough breakup, there’s a tragic death in Phil’s family, which ultimately changes everything, of course.

Author’s Note: I’m taking a writing class and now I’m over-analyzing everything I read/write. (Please remember that this is fiction.)

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surrender is such a messy reluctant choice. it makes me claw and screech and fight with everything in me. the impatience and frustration makes me want to find an empty field and scream out all the heavy in my heart. i want to let out the fear and hurt in the air, drive away, and forget it ever existed. but it’s so much braver to face it. it needs to exist and breathe and be within me. if not, it will never leave.

Oh man, I always forget how cute the Hotch&Garcia scene at the beginning of ‘Boxed In’ is. Hotch talking at 500 miles an hour as he rattles off a list of instructions to Garcia, Garcia joking about the number of acronyms he used by saying “consider it D-O-N-E”, “Garcia, I owe you another one” “No you don’t, get out of here”, wishing each other a happy Halloween as Hotch practically bounces down the stairs, Garcia’s “eek!” in response, Hotch’s really chipper “see ya!”, Garcia’s grin and delighted chuckle…

What good nerds and what a good scene.

And then it’s followed up by Hotch continuing to be his slightly awkward but adorable and earnest self as he’s supplied with a mysterious costume-in-a-box and also flirted with by Garcia’s well-connected friend (who Of Course is a drag queen fortune teller because Garcia is a magnet for weird and wonderful people).

And then he gets home, bounds across his living room carrying this giant cardboard box (”I come bearing gifts!”) and excitedly reveals to an equally excited Jack that he managed to find him a screen-accurate kids Darth Vader costume the day before Halloween, not only grinning his face off in the process but also doing a Darth Vader impression.

Gosh I love him.

anonymous asked:

How about letting people feel how they want to feel without calling them "wrong", k anon? Take your anxiety and go somewhere else without being a grade A a-hole 👋👋

You know what’s hilarious? That this came after I made a post mentioning just how much anxiety the show gave ME. So the anon is right because my blog gives them anxiety but the show gives me even more anxiety and I’m wrong about speaking my mind? SURE. lol


Oops, I accidentally posted a diatribe on my friend’s status about why the NFL players kneeling during the anthem is actually a beautiful thing because it’s democracy in action and that’s the kind of liberty the flag stands for.

I mean, my hand slipped.

anonymous asked:

You know nothing about mental illness stop acting like an expert

Ah yes, me, a person with so many mental illness diagnoses my therapist calls me ‘The Alphabet Girl’, who is also in the fourth year of my degree with a minor in psychology, with many many many friends and family members and acquaintances with mental illness, knows nothing about mental illness.

Thank you, anon, for finally revealing the truth to my thousands of mentally ill followers, but mostly to me.

It feels strangely fitting that I said goodbye to the pickup my grandfather left me a few days before the five year anniversary of his death.