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I had this edited and the audio balanced so you can hear poor Jackie like a week ago and then life happened, so here you go!

From Best Friends Play Jackie Chan Stuntmaster

On my work computer.

What an awful day already.

My mom went off on me this morning for throwing away an empty bag of potato chips and not telling her I ate them. She’s getting worse.

Count is sky high too and lots of extra things.

Also, Pat and Woolie are done with the hospital segment of The Cat Lady. I don’t know if they really that negligent in the UK, but in US hospitals the door to the roof is locked. Believe me, I’ve tried.

Yoshi’s Wooly World coming to Nintendo 3DS in 2017

Another 3DS port, Yoshi’s Wooly World is coming to the Nintendo 3DS on February 3rd, 2017.  The game will include all of the levels from the Wii U version, as well as new additions, including Poochy levels and the addition of Poochy pups.  A new Poochy amiibo will be releasing along side the game.

You can pre-order Yoshi’s Wooly World for the 3DS here.  

You can also purchase Yoshi’s Wooly World for the Wii U, as well as the original Yarn Yoshi amiibo here.

I created Ben & Jerry’s flavors for Steven Universe characters.

(And yes, I’m Jasiono on Reddit.)

Rose Quartz: “By Any Other Name” A rose water sorbet. Light, elegant, simple, and clean.

Garnet: “Made of Love” Plum flavored ice cream with frozen bits of blueberry and cherry.

Amethyst: “Bigger, Better, Badder” A gallon of rocky road ice cream (I swallowed a rock) with swirls of cinnamon (Fire Salts)

Pearl: A documentary on Ben and Jerry’s. (She don’t eat)

Steven: “If every pint were perfect…” When one vat of ice cream finishes, and another one starts, the mix of the two is put into a single mystery flavor container.

Greg: “Cosmic Train” Cotton Candy pink and blue ice cream with dark chocolate chunks, rice crispy treat bites, and looks like a nebula when eaten.

Stevonnie: “A Good Experience“ Chocolate Vanilla swirl with donut chunks, swirls of glaze, and pop rock sprinkled inside. Now Go! Have! Fun!

Sadie: “Because She Cares” Peanut butter ice cream, veins of jam, and sugar cookie dough pieces

Sour Cream: “Neon Treat” Vanilla bean with swirls of brightly colored fruit flavors.

Buck Dewey: “Caprese” Vanilla ice cream with strawberry and mint. Red, white and green! (For those who don’t know, a Caprese Salad, which he orders in Shirt Club, is a Tomato, Mozzarella, and Basil salad)

Jenny: “The Evil Twin” German dark chocolate ice cream with black cherries within. Sinful. 

Lapis Lazuli: Steven Colbert’s “Americone Dream.” You can taste the freedom.

Peridot: A Root Beer Float with Mountain Dew instead.

Jasper: A container of Morton’s Salt. (Also known as “The Woolie Madden)

Onion: “Ph'nglui mglw'nafh Onion Beach City wgah'nagl fhtagn“ Oh god, please, no more. I’m sorry. I’ll get you their souls. I promise. Please, just free me from this torment.

Marty: A big ol’ bag of dicks.

Edit: Thought of Sadie’s



The woolly worm (also spelled “wooly worm”) is actually a caterpillar or the larvae of the Isabella tiger moth. The tiger moth belongs to the arctiidae family, which has 11,000 species of moths around the world. The tiger moth is a beautiful creature with bright colors such as scarlet, yellow, orange, and white and rich hues ranging from black to beige. Equally as bright and beautiful, the woolly worm may have a burnt orange color in the middle and it may be black on both ends. Some woolly worms, however, are completely black or completely brown.

In some parts of the world, it is believed that the severity of the winter can be predicted by the intensity of the black on the Isabella tiger moth’s larvae (caterpillar). In the American Northeast, it is believed that if the woolly worm has more brown on its body than black, it will be a fair winter. If the woolly worm has more black than brown, the winter will be harsh.

The furry woolly worm can be spotted during the fall months in great numbers inching along the ground. While you will notice them in great numbers during the fall months, the woolly worm actually has two life cycles, so they can also be found inching around in June and July.

Woolly worms may look small, but these dazzling creatures have 13 segments and three sets of legs. They have tiny eyes, but they make their way around mostly by feeling around and touching.
Once the woolly worm has found its home for the winter, it will create a natural organic antifreeze that protects the interior of its cells. Everything else will freeze, but the woolly worm will still survive. The antifreeze protects the creature in freezing temperatures that can dip as low as –90 degrees Fahrenheit. The wooly worm is also protected by shelter. It chooses its places to hide wisely. It crawls under logs, boulders, boards, rocks, and other dark places. The woolly worm will remain in its “frozen” state until May, when it will emerge as a brilliantly colored moth. Prior to settling in for the winter, the woolly worm will survive by eating a variety of plants such as cabbage, spinach, grass, and clover. And to protect itself from predators, the woolly worm will curl up into a ball, exposing only its bristles, which can be quite irritating to the skin.

Also called the “woolly bear,” mostly in New England and the Midwestern United States, the woolly worm has a pretty good weather prediction rate. Scientists would prefer not to acknowledge it, but the woolly worm has a 80-85% accuracy rate for predicting the weather. The worm has held its record for accuracy for more than 20 years.

If you want to see the woolly worm in action, don’t seek them out at night. Remember, worms are nocturnal for the most part, not caterpillars. The woolly worm is very active during the day. It is not uncommon to spot them in groups of hundreds, all of them with one common goal – to find a place to hide.

Caring for Woolly Worms ( Woolly Worm “Baskets”, Cages, or Containers are available at the festival)

According to Greg Stack, University of Illinois Extension Educator in Horticulture, “Woolly bear caterpillars overwinter as larva. In the late summer and fall they tend to prefer to feed on either violets or the weed called lambs quarter so what you can do is provide it with those things to feed on. They then start to look for a place to spend the winter. The other requirement in order for this caterpillar to turn into a moth is cold. The cage that you have would be best if it were covered with some type of metal screen instead of fabric netting. The reason for this is that the cage with the caterpillar inside will need to be buried in the ground next to the foundation of the house and then covered with leaf litter. It needs to be left there over the winter and if in a fabric covered cage rodents might get inside and eat the caterpillar. You can think about burying the cage when the weather starts to get cold. Leave the cage in the ground until about late April or Mid May. Dig it up and there should be a pupa inside which will transform into a 1-2 inch white colored moth.”