also wish I had a sense of humour

B L O O D  L I N E S

Summary (Mafia AU!): BIGBANG runs South Korea and has GOT7 and BTS working for them. However, Jiyong (aka G-Dragon), the leader of BIGBANG, has a plan to tarnish it all…

Characters: Kwon Jennie (OC), G-Dragon, JB and T.O.P.

Word Count: 1102

P R O L O G U E   (Next)

Yong-Gamhan was by far the most annoying place Jennie could be right now. The air was cool in the corridor but she felt fire burning up inside of her chest, crawling up and around her body. She slammed the door open, suddenly conscious of the weight of the gun tucked into the waistband of her skirt.
“How dare you!” She screamed as soon as she walked in, making sure to keep her eyes trained on the older gentleman around her.
He was calm as his warm brown eyes remained on the paper in front of him. The pen in his hand moving fluently across the paper as he signed his name.
“Are you listening to me!?” She continued to yell as he just kept on with his paper work.

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“Daryl is and will always be my favorite character on TWD BUT…I miss old Daryl from season 1 & 2. He was feisty and had the best lines (which coincidentally are the quotes I mostly see on t-shirts). I know all the characters have changed and grown which is great as its real but I loved that cheeky sense of humour that seems to be missing now. Also, I wish they’d let that dark dye fade out because it’s starting to look super noticeable since his beard is so light…rant over…still love him 😊”

Sometimes I can’t believe how lucky we are to have these players in our team. Andrés Iniesta is the man everyone respects, even if they hate his team. Because he is simply amazing, always respectful, quiet and a sweetheart. Leo is the goat but above all he’s genuinely a good person, humble and is like an euthanistic child. Jordi Alba is a chipmunk. Masche is the boss with all the good qualities. Neymar is a sunshine and Luisito is secretly a 5 years old with no ego. Ivan is a Disney prince, both charming and cute and has great hair. Mats is a beautiful art work with a great personality and a cute smile. Marc Bartra is a child you’d like to have because he’s polite, nice, cute and sweet, like, you can’t make me believe he swears or talks about people other than praising them. Despite being young Rafinha looks so mature but he is also a fun person (we know thanks to Ney) and he’s perfection, don’t try to deny. Sergio Busquets is a silent soldier, like a protector to the others. Arda is the biggest fangirl and his dream came true, how beautiful is that? (I still don’t like where he stands when it comes to politics but.. eh). Aleix is literally an angel. Dani is the person we all wish we had in our lives because he’s both a great person and a funny guy with questionable fashion choices. Grandpa Jérémy is quiet obviously but Geri’s periscope shows that he has a sense of humour and he seems like a nice guy (remember what he said about Messi when he first joined Barça omg you precious human being). Obviously everybody loves Adriano because he’s always fooling around without being mean or annoying. I love how patient and understanding Masip is, he is a sweetheart, too. Vermaelen is too precious for this world. Then you have Gerard Piqué. A guy who plays pranks, doesn’t give a shit, likes to piss off media and Spaniards, trolls people on twitter. Douglas protects the team from every harm but getting all the injuries and it’s kinda sad to see how much people make fun of him (I am all up for jokes unless they are mean) and he just looks really happy to be at Barça even though he never plays. 

And let’s not forget our beautiful, sassy, cool, charismatic, handsome and smart coach Luis Enriqué. Our hero.

Seriously, what did I do right to deserve this team?