also winter is the only time i can wear my favorite kinds of clothes

worstkeybladewarrior  asked:

I was wondering if you ever had ideas for what kind of kids Izuku and Ochako would have?

Of course! My friend @ximenib and I have been talking about it for quite a while haha// We ended up creating two kids! 

The one on the left is Tsuru (credit to @rex101111 for the name) and the one on the right is Toshi!

Brief Info About Tsuru

  • She was named after Tsuyu
  • She has her parents’ unwavering determination, but she does inherit most of Deku’s seriousness (in comparison to Toshi who inherits more of Ochako’s enthusiastic attitude)
  • She’s got Deku’s freckles, but has wayyy more; it nearly covers the upper half of her face
  • Tends to be protective over Toshi
  • Has a knack for moving around a lot/a bit hyper 
  • Has more of a strategic mindset/tends to overthink
  • Her and Toshi take gymnastics classes together
  • Very much independent/takes on a “leader” role
  • Her quirk is Heat Absorption! She can pull heat out of objects (including living things) by touching them with the little pads on her fingers (like Ochako’s) and absorb it; she can also return it back to the object or dispel it! Because of this she has an exceptional tolerance to facing heat, but of course, she has a limit on how much she can endure (before she ends up having a heat stroke or overheating). The amount of heat she can pull from objects depend on their heat capacities (the lower it is, the easier it’ll be to absorb/dispel and the less strain it’ll have on her body). When she manages to store a lot of heat in her body it’s best to not touch her because it’ll be like touching a hot stove!
  • Her quirk was influenced from Deku’s father’s fire breathing ability
  • Deku and Ochako had to buy her specially made clothes that would tolerate her high body heat whenever she would use her quirk
  • Before she knew how to control her quirk she would accidentally pull away some of the body heat from her parents when they carried her
  • She has to be careful not to get incredibly mad because that’ll result in her to actually blow off steam (she could overheat); due to that she’s pretty good at keeping her frustrations and anger at bay (though it is quite hard for her to actually become mad)
  • Lets just say that winter isn’t her favorite season in particular

Brief Info About Toshi

  • Of course, he was named after Toshinori
  • He loves his sister a lot, and they have a great sibling bond
  • When his sister gets too big for her clothes/shoes he ends up wearing them sometimes
  • He’s 2 years younger than Tsuru
  • He’s got rosy cheeks like Ochako, but he also has some light freckles sprinkled over his nose
  • A very easygoing person but rather shy, in comparison to his sister
  • Although he’s good acquaintances with a lot of people, he only considers a very few of them as his friends
  • He doesn’t really initiate conversations with others, but he’ll gladly speak up if someone else starts it
  • His quirk is Gravity Manipulation! He can basically control gravity itself; this means he can make any part of his surroundings really heavy or really light. In order for his quirk to activate, he has to touch the area he wants to manipulate with the pads on the palm of his hands. Once he does that he can expand the surface area by leaving his hand on the surface of whatever he’s touching for a longer period of time. The amount of gravity he can manipulate depends on the size of the area (the smaller the space, the greater control he has over it’s gravity). If he uses it too much, he will also suffer from nausea like Ochako.
  • Temperature and pressure can affect his ability to manipulate gravity
  • He can actually make himself float (this goes for other people and objects as well), but it uses a lot of concentration which leads him to become mentally tired; he doesn’t do it often because of that reason
  • At one point (when he was really little) he managed to create a mini black hole because he got very angry
  • Ever since that incident, Ochako got him special gloves to help prevent that from happening again
  • He owns a gazillion gloves because eventually he grew fond of wearing them, and now he can’t go back to not wearing gloves (his favorite one is the first pair he got which has paw prints on them)
  • He caused quite a bit of trouble for Deku and Ochako as a baby (i.e. furniture would start floating, things would get crushed, various parts of the house would have different Specific Gravities, etc..)

Now here’s some other doodles we made of them haha///

The both of us love these kids a lot, so it’s very likely that we’ll draw them more in the future! But yeah, those are the ideas we came up with!

Fallen Leaves (Remus Lupin x Reader

Fandom: Harry Potter (Marauders Era )

Pairing: Reader x Young Remus Lupin

Warnings: SMUT Smut and more smut also be warned, it is fluffy smut… a deadly combination.

Request: hello hello hello I was wondering if u could please do Remus smut ? ?? ?? thank u so much have an awesome day

Author Note : Such a simple and oh so sweet request, let’s see if my mind can come up with some Remus smut, oh look there is an endless supply ;) 

Word Count: 1.2k

The date was October 9, exactly four days after the full moon, but it was also your favorite time of the year because it was fall. You grew up a mudblood so watching the seasons change, all the leaves change colors and fall from the trees was the most magical thing you had ever seen. Until you came to Hogwarts, in which Remus Lupin’s smile took that prize.

You loved being outside in the fall, you would sit in big piles of leaves and read on park benches and just enjoy the way the air felt lighter, not so hot and heavy like summer, not as wet as spring and nowhere near as cold as winter it was perfect in every way.

The only thing not perfect about the season this year was that just as the leaves started to change and fall there was also a full moon, which ate up about a week of your life. A week you were more than happy to give to your boyfriend Remus.

Usually you had no problem spending a week with Remus, in bed watching movies and sneaking into the kitchen for snacks, usually enlisting help from a Hufflepuff ,when he ate all of his chocolate, every month you would buy him more than the last but every month he still managed to eat it all.

Today you were tangled in fuzzy blankets, thin sheets hanging above you to create a fort for the two teenage sized children lying in the bed. Your head was lying on Remus chest as he read a book aloud to you. This was something he liked doing after full moons, rather than the two of you reading separate books side by side he would read aloud to you, it helped calm him down and helped him forget.

Remus was sat on many pillows, due to the fact that you had stolen all of the other boys pillows and he was wearing a paper crown that you had made him out of some old homework because you had crowned him the king of your blanket fort.

You were looking out the window which you had enchanted to be much bigger than usual and you watched the leaves blow in the wind as you imagined how the air would feel on your face you had zoned out from the book.

“Y/n, love is the book that boring, or is it just me, am I boring you?”

You zoned back in at the sound of his voice changing, “No Rem, I could never get bored of you, I just wish I could bring the trees and the leaves inside the room with us.”

Remus smiled ” Well, you can go outside for a bit without me, I’ll be fine on my own.” Remus had gotten pretty hurt during the full moon so Sirius and James tried to avoid him a bit, not wanting to see the hurt they had accidentally caused him, so all he had was you and Peter occasionally. In a few more days he would be fine to leave his bed and go outside and you were willing to wait.

“Rem I don’t want to go without you.” You pouted as you stuck your bottom lip out and he kissed you in response.

“Well I know a way to cheer you up.” Remus almost whispered in your ear and you knew exactly what he meant but you wanted to toy with him a bit so you teased back “What by giving me chocolate? Too bad you ate it all already.”

Remus just chuckled at your joke and you laughed along with him but suddenly stopped when he pulled you over so you were now on top of him, straddling him and you kissed him instantly.

You and Remus went from joking and cuddling to grabbing needily at each other in a matter of seconds. Remus left sloppy kisses on your jaw and slowly trailed down your neck and pulled your shirt over your head revealing your bare chest underneath.

As much you wanted to take all of Remus’ clothes off you knew it would be better to keep them all on given his wounded state, instead you pushed your hands under his soft sweater feeling the healed scars beneath.

Remus bent his leg, pushing his thigh up in between your legs, you instantly grinded your clothed heat against him, using his thigh to give you some much need friction. Remus let out a low chuckle at your actions, his face plastered with a smirk “Love, I could watch you do that all day.”

Your face heated up but you were getting too much pleasure from gently riding his thigh to stop, until you noticed the tent growing in his pajama bottoms and stopped your movements to pull his pants down just enough for his length to pop out.

Remus quickly placed his hands on your hips and lowered his leg down as you hovered over his length you pushed your panties to the side and Remus slowly guided you down. He instantly stretched you and you sat down completely bending down to lock your lips once again before he started pulling on your hips.

You let him have as much control as he could, this way it’s easier for you to not accidentally hurt him. Remus was gripping your hips so tight there would be marks by the time he was done. He moved a hand from your hips to grope your breast as you continued the steady pace.

Remus was letting out soft whimpers in your ear as you kissed down his neck, covering him in the good kind of bruises until his movements became more erratic and you felt him twitch inside you. Remus sped up bringing you both to your climax’s, you stayed there until you slowly sat up and Remus lifted you and you laid down beside him, with your head on his chest.

Remus pulled one of the sheets of the blanket fort down covering the two of you since your top half was bare under the blanket and the other guys could really walk in any minute. Remus Waved his wand and a tree appeared in the corner of the room, the branches stretching all the way to over top of your bed, the leaves falling off one at a time.

You looked up at Remus and moved to kiss him once more but as you did a leaf fell on his face. You grabbed the leaf and folded it tucking it behind his ear as you kissed him. Remus drifted off to sleep before you. He awoke to see it was far into the night, the other boys all asleep in their beds. He moved his head to look down at your sleeping figure but as he did he noticed his paper crown had been replaced with one made of leaves, he just smiled and placed it on your messy head of hair before drifting back off to sleep.

White Widow - Part 1

PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5 | PART 6 | PART 7 | PART 8 | PART 9 (Smut)| PART 10 (Final)

Character Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When the reader loses her fiance to Hydra, she is sent to the Avengers compound for her protection. Forced to share the guest house with the famous assassin, the Winter Soldier, she must learn to cope with her loss and her new roommate. All this, while trying to solve the mystery of why Hydra is now hunting her. 

Warnings: This chapter: Mention of death

Characters: This chapter: Tony Stark (sorry Bucky will appear next chapter)

Monday, May 22 started out as a boring, normal Monday. My fiance, Evan, rushed out the door on his way to his computer programming job. I lazily stumbled out of bed shortly after he hastily kissed me goodbye. Breakfast, coffee. I finally plopped down in front of my computer, ready to edit all the photos from the wedding I shot last weekend. 

A few hours later, I was satisfied by the amount of work I’d gotten done and was craving a snack. Just as I was about to get up, my phone rang with Evan’s name appearing on the screen.

“Hey sweetie” I cooed

“Y/N, you have to listen to me. I did something bad and I don’t have a lot of time.” He whispered, his voice in a panic

“Baby, what’s wrong?” I replied, stress appearing in my voice

“We had a client ask us to encrypt some files last week. It seemed like a standard job, but I accidentally dug a little too deep. Their files were filled with terrible things. Weapons capable of more destruction than you can imagine, plans for war and torture. It all pointed to Hydra.”

“Hydra? I thought when Shield fell, they fell with them?” I said, remembering the terror a few years ago when helicariers rained down in D.C.

“Apparently not” his words were more hushed, more urgent

He continued

“I knew I had to alert someone to what I was seeing, but who could ever take them down? I put all the info on a hard drive and hid it. I was hoping I could find a way to get in touch with Tony Stark, but his office wouldn’t even hear me out.”

“Where did you hide it?” I asked

“Listen to me very carefully…”

He stopped, his voice trailed off

Then I heard bangs, screams, gunshots.

“They’re here!” Evan shouted

The line went dead.

“Evan?! EVAN!” I screamed into the phone, but I knew it was too late. 

He was gone.

I paced the room in a panic. What did I do now? Did I call the police? If Evan was right and this was Hydra, what could the Chicago Police Department possibly do now?

I paced for twenty more minutes. Crying. Screaming. The realization that Evan was gone began to stab my heart like a knife. 

A knock on the door of my apartment snapped me out of my panic.

I peered through the peephole. If it was Hydra, here to find the hard drive and take me out too, there was no point in checking who it was. They’d break down the door anyway.

Much to my surprise, it was not Hydra.

Tony Stark, at least a dozen SWAT guys in full tactical gear, and 5 police officers stood outside my door.

I creaked it open, wiping the tears off my face.

“Ms. Y/N?” Tony asked softly

“What happened to him?” I spat back. Suddenly I was angry, very angry. After all, if Stark’s team had taken Evan seriously, they might have saved his life.

“May we come in?”

I glanced around my tiny apartment.

“There isn’t enough room for all of you.”

“That’s okay, we’ll leave half of them out here to stand guard.” Tony nodded his head to the team around him and they shuffled and rearranged.

I held the door open, letting them in.

Tony stared at you for a few moments, then spoke.

“Ms. Y/N, I apologize that I have to be the on to tell you this, but your fiance has died in a Hydra led assault on his office. We believe they chose to target him because he had stolen information from them.”

He tried to continue, but I cut him off.

“I don’t know where the hard drive is.” 

He let out a sigh

“We were afraid of that.”

He leaned on the counter of the kitchen.

“We believe” he continued, “Hydra thinks he passed the drive on to you.”

“I just found out about it less than an hour ago. He called me right before he died. He knew they were coming for him.” I could feel the tears welling up again.

“Right” Tony‘s face got very serious “but they don’t know that. They’re coming for you. Soon. We’re here to get you out.”

“Where will I go?”

“The world security council, the secretary of state, and myself believe you will be safest staying at the Avengers Compound.”

He read the panic on my face.

“Just until we get these guys, find the drive, and can ensure your safety.”

“What, you don’t have some off the grid safe house in the middle of nowhere to put me?”

I wanted nothing more than to be alone right now.

“We do, but these guys will find you anyway. If you come to the compound, you’ll be surrounded by at least 3 Avengers at all times and a team of former Shield, Seal, FBI and other agents who are now working for the Avengers.” 

I pondered it for a moment.

“You’ll be protected.” He reached his hand out and put it on my shoulder

“How do I know I can trust you?” I asked. Tears now rolling down my face.

“You don’t, but I’m your only option.” He replied

“Okay… I’ll go.”

“Great. We’ve got about a half an hour until the baddies figure out who at Evan’s firm pulled their files and when they do, they’ll be here… So, get packing.”

“How long do you think I’ll be gone?” I asked, still frozen in place

“I wish I knew.” Tony replied “Hydra is very good at staying buried. It could be months.”

Months?! My mind began to race.

“Burt and Ernie over here can help you get your stuff together.” He said, gesturing to the two officers in the room.

“And I suggest you take anything you don’t want Hydra to destroy. They’ll get pretty thorough when they come looking for that drive.” He glanced around, gesturing to my bookshelf in the living room, full of books and knickknacks.

I began to run around, thinking of things to take. My camera equipment was obvious. Clothes, shoes, and the trunk. THE TRUNK! My grandfather’s army trunk sat under the window in the bedroom, holding spare blankets and sheets. It was my most prized possession and it would be perfect to throw everything into.

“What can we help you with ma'am?” One of the officers asked

“Can you help me get my trunk in here? Pull everything out of it and I’ll start running around and dumping the stuff I’m taking on the couch. Just fold everything and pack it nice for me okay?” They nodded, following me to the bedroom

I had to nudge a SWAT guy out of they way to get to the trunk, his gun pointing out the window, his eyes on alert.

The officers carried my trunk back into the living room and I raced to the closet. Pulling clothes off hangers and out of drawers, I scooped them up to carry them and dump them on the couch. Next was my camera, my favorite lenses, my laptop. I made a few more trips from the bedroom, bathroom, and closet until the trunk was almost bursting. Hydra was not gonna ruin my favorite shit. I ran back to the closet one last time, making sure I didn’t miss a thing. Hanging in the back, the white garment bag stood out, bringing back the stabbing feeling in my chest. 

It was my wedding dress. The dress I was supposed to wear when I married Evan in a few months. I stared at it for a few moments, suddenly very aware of the giant diamond ring also tightening around my finger. I couldn’t bear to wear it now. 

“Time to go.” Tony poked his head in

In a flash decision, I grabbed a necklace chain from my dresser, put the ring on it, and hooked it around my neck. I pulled the garment bag off the rod. I knew that I wouldn’t be wearing it anymore, but I couldn’t bear to leave it behind for Hydra to tear apart.

I sauntered back into the living room, handing the officers the bag so they could close the trunk.

The SWAT guy in my bedroom bent his head down to the radio on his shoulder.

“All clear?”

“All clear.”

The the SWAT guys flanked my sides, while Tony and the officers with my trunk trailed behind us. No point in locking my door. 

We trooped down the stairs and into the lobby of my building. We stepped outside, where the sun hit my face. There was a helicopter in the street waiting for us. 

Tony helped me inside as the officers slid my trunk in. We rose in the air and I took one last look at the life I was leaving behind. 


I stared out the window. I used to be so afraid of flying in airplanes. Evan had once suggested we take a helicopter tour of the city. He didn’t even get the whole sentence out before I rushed to hide under some blankets, terrified of the prospect. Now I felt nothing. I played with the ring tied around my neck.

“I’m very sorry.” Tony said softly “I lost my family to Hydra too.”

“Your girl?” I asked

“No, my parents.” He replied


“My parents!” I exclaimed

“They’re fine!” He assured me “We have a tactical team watching their house, as well as Evan’s parents. Though we don’t think Hydra will go after them. We didn’t tell them they’re being watched though, or what heppend to you and Evan.”

I sighed in relief

“What did you tell them?”

“That you decided to go into the Loop to take some photos, so Evan drove the two of you down in his car, instead of taking the bus. You got into an accident. Evan didn’t make it. You’re in a coma.”

“And my parents aren’t going to come visit me?”

“Quarantine. Intensive care. High risk of infection. Don’t worry, we have a fake in a room at the hospital just in case they do try to drop by. Too mangled to be recognized as you though”

It was good story and one that would put their minds more at ease than Hydra assassins chasing me.

“So you really don’t know where the drive is?” Tony changed the subject

“No idea” I shrugged “I wish I knew, I wish I could help, but Evan was so smart. Much smarter than me and wherever he hid it, it’s gotta be somewhere really good. He was a programmer; a puzzle making and solving kind of guy. Wherever it is, it’s safe. Whatever plans Hydra had in there, they won’t be getting them back anytime soon.”

“Finding this could really give the good guys an advantage at taking Hydra down once and for all.” He implored

“I know and I’ll do everything I can to help you guys hunt it down. Any info you need about him or his life that might provide a hint, I’ll give. But right now my brain can barely function.” 

The tears started flowing again and I suddenly realized how exhausted I was. 

“I know. We’re almost there. We’ll get you settled, then get you some rest. We’ll talk more later.” He patted my knee

The rest of the trip was spent in silence.

A/N: This is my first time writing fiction in over 10 years (I’m old. It was Harry Potter fan fiction when I was a teenager. Don’t ask.) so I really hope you like it! Also, don’t worry Bucky will appear next chapter. I have a feeling this one will be a long one. 


The Best Dress

Now while I think that both of the dresses that Elsa wears from Frozen and Frozen Fever are beautiful, they still have differences that refer to Elsa and her personality. I didn’t forget about her coronation dress, but there is more I want to say for the other two dresses since Elsa makes them herself. You can read more about the color of Elsa’s clothes, and even those of Anna, here.

Besides the fact that Elsa made both of her dresses herself, they are also similar in their basic designs. They are off-the-shoulder dresses with a right knee-high slit, a crystalized bodice, transparent sleeves, and an attached transparent cape. Simultaneously, they also have some notable differences:

  • Elsa’s Snow Queen dress is crystal blue, while her spring dress is emerald green.
  • The cape of the ice dress is decorated with snowflakes, while the cape of the green dress is decorated with flowers.
  • The bodice of the ice dress is decorated with blue crystals, while the bodice of the green dress is covered in teal ice crystals that are patterned to resemble leaves. The top of the bodice is decorated with pink flowers.
  • The ice dress has long sleeves, while the green dress has short sleeves. Pink flowers also decorate the sleeves of the latter dress.

I have an explanation as to what each dress means, as well as their differences. In the film, on the day of her coronation, Elsa wears a dress that almost covers her entire body, including with its sleeves. Its purpose is to illustrate the confinement and repression of her powers, particularly because no outsider knows about them and she wants desperately to keep them a secret. But then when she sings “Let It Go,” Elsa embraces her powers once again. By that point, everyone finally knows about her magic, so she finally rejects her father’s advice about concealing them. She creates her Snow Queen dress over her old one as part of her way of rejecting her past and making a whole new beginning. Not only is her new dress prettier and sparkly; it is looser and fits more comfortably. The dress and cape are blue, a color that is often associated with winter, snow, and ice. Because her magic is all about creating those very things, not to mention she was born on the winter solstice, blue is an entirely appropriate color for Elsa’s dress.

Now in terms of the dress in the short, its green color is meant to represent spring. Spring is known for being a season of hope and new beginnings, and it is the time of year when flowers bloom. So this kind of dress is perfect for Elsa because she is making up for lost time by spending more time with Anna, and this planned birthday party is part of them having a new beginning as sisters and friends. Elsa makes a new dress that would be more fitting for such an event, and the addition of the flowers are a perfect choice of decoration.

The most distinct difference between the two dresses, besides the meanings of their colorful appearances, are the lengths of the sleeves. Although it may sound a little unusual, I believe that their lengths represent Elsa in regards to how she feels about herself and her powers. For starters, the sleeves on the green dress are much shorter than those on the ice dress. Now even though Elsa created her ice dress when she was feeling happy and free, she still undoubtedly felt insecure about her abilities, especially because she knew that they could cause people to fear and hate her. So I feel that the long sleeves represent how Elsa felt that she still needed to hide and be alone, away from people, yet she wanted to be who she really is. By Frozen Fever, however, things are going much better for her. Her family, especially Anna, and subjects love her, magic and all, because they have learned that her powers are not all bad. So the love she receives no doubt has made Elsa become much more confident about herself and her magic. As a result, she has much more control over them than she probably ever had in her life.

Since the release of Frozen Fever, printed media has images of Elsa wearing either her ice dress and her spring dress, depending on the story, including those in the book Spring Fever. For my personal thoughts, even though I love both of these dresses, and blue is my favorite color, I actually like the green dress a little more based on the descriptions I mentioned above. Regardless of which dress she wears, Elsa is always stunningly gorgeous. 😄

emilnekolakofola  asked:

Important question. Where do you think Michele and Emil shop for clothes?

OMG, this is important

I hope this answers your question!

Note: make sure to click each word with a link attached! (I also bolded them) They’re all different :)

Note 2: I copy and pasted from google drive, so if the formatting is weird then that’s why

So first we have to figure out what their usual styles are


  • It is canon that Sara helps Michele pick out some of his clothes, so surely his outfits consist of both her style and his own. He’s learned a lot from his sister and he actually does have a pretty good sense of style. In the show, he’s usually wearing his Italy jacket over his outfit, so unfortunately we can’t tell all that much what he wears. But one photo I do remember from the show is that Michele has this bomb ass coat:
  • Like?? That looks handsome af on him, i bet he has lots of coats
  • He is also seen wearing plain t-shirts, sometimes with jackets over them.
  • From just these, we can conclude that he looks hella fine in darker colors


  • I would say Emil’s style is pretty casual, even more so than Michele. He wears a lot of t-shirts/jackets and also some beach-y type stuff. (didn’t Kubo say that at some point? I thought I remembered a tweet about Emil liking beachwear, but I could be wrong)
  • So here are some examples of his outfits in the show. He clearly likes jackets/vests, and he looks hot af in them

Now that we know a little bit about their usual styles, it will be easier to figure out the kind of places they shop at/types of clothes they shop for!

  • There is actually this brand of Italian shoe that I could def see Michele wearing and also converting Emil to wearing: Supergas. They’re basically like tennis shoes except they’re a lot classier looking, but you can get fancier/more casual ones. They’re kind of like Converse, if you know what those are. (they are super comfy!)  So since Emil is the kind of guy to wear a lot of sandals, Michele would take him to get some Supergas.
  • Emil probably insists on getting some weird shoes like Birkenstocks or Crocs, and Michele is honestly so disappointed™ and he’s def not letting his man walk around like that.
  • So one of the stores they visit (probably online, unless they’re visiting a place with one of the stores) is the Superga store
  • And since Emil always has cold feet, they probably shop for funky socks for him!! (I def see his as a type to wear fun socks)
  • Michele subscribes to fashion magazines because Sara got him into them. A lot of them include super expensive brands (Gucci, Armani, etc.)
  • They don’t spend all their money on expensive clothes, but they both like to look nice, and sometimes they’ll get each other expensive things as gifts
  • Michele gets Emil an Armani leather jacket, as well as other jackets bc he looks nice af in them
  • I feel like Michele would have a thing for watches, so he’d probably splurge on a nice watch
  • Emil!!! Wearing!!! Rings!!! (besides his wedding ring, of course)
  • Michele looooves to pick out the cool shit for his man (he knows Emil doesn’t expect him to get him things all the time, but he can’t help it)
  • Emil actually has a harder time choosing things for Michele, because as we all know, Michele is a particular man, and he’s the one that knows more about fashion
  • Okay but EMIL BUYS MICHELE A SPEEDO!! He knows Michele would never buy one for himself, so…that happens (let’s be honest, we all want to see Mickey in a speedo)
  • But they go to the beach a lot, so it’s totally necessary!
  • One year for Christmas, Mickey and Emil buy each other new winter coats (M and E)
  • Michele also gets his man more sweatshirts! Plain or printed, they all look so nice on him (plus, since they’re a bigger size than his, Mickey can wear them if he wants hehehe)
  • Mickey thinks he is punny, so he gets Emil this
  • In return, Emil buys this for him, but Michele doesn’t get the meme (smh)
  • OH AND EMIL BUYS CLOTHES FOR THEIR DOG!! (But only things like sweatshirts and booties for when it’s cold out and such)
  • But also Halloween and Christmas outfits!! (Emil insists that Michele wears the spaghetti shirt he bought him so he and their dog match)
  • “Look, Mickey! His winter coat is kind of like yours!”
  • Emil also purchases new headphones for Mickey, since he only has one pair and he fears they’re going to break (he chose blue because he knows it’s one of Michele’s favorite colors)

I could go on and on about this, but I’m gonna cut it short here. Perhaps I’ll make another post like this since this one was super fun! I did a lot of research for this, ahahah. But for some reason I couldn’t find that many Czech fashion brands? I searched for a bit but couldn’t find much, so my apologies that most of brands I specifically named are Italian. 

Thank you sooo much for the ask! I hope this somewhat answered your question, and if it didn’t, I’m sorry and I hope you enjoyed this anyway.

 Have a great day!

Northeastern University Freshmen Packing List, 2015

Hello future Huskies!!

Now that July is about half way over, many of you are probably starting to think about packing up and moving to Boston for your freshmen year, since it’s only about ~a month and a half~ away. Pretty soon, it’s going to be time to plan the road trip route, buy your airfare, and make the hard decisions about what to bring to college.  Like Andy in Toy Story 3, you’ve got a whole room full of sentimental necessities/crap you never got rid of, and pretty soon you’ll have to decide what stays and what goes.

As surprised as you surely are, forgotten essentials oftentimes aren’t the problem that new freshmen face when they move to college.  Instead, it’s the overbearing monster of too much stuff that simply won’t fit in your residence hall which becomes the real challenge during Move-In Day.  So, before you go and buy the complete Dorm-Home Makeover set at your local Target, consult the below list for the things you should, should not, and should really think about bringing to college.

*Note: bolded things are things you should bring from home.  Everything else? Get it in Boston, unless you already own it/it’s easy to move. More info below.

Should Bring:

  1. Clothes - This is self-explanatory, but beware: oftentimes, pre-made college packing lists will get really specific about what to pack.  Don’t follow them.  You don’t need 10 nightshirts, 10 socks, and 4 different types of jackets: all you need are the clothes you regularly wear and you’ll be good to go.  If you have 30 pairs of jeans and only wear 2 of them, donate the rest and call it a day.  Make sure you have a few pairs of warm weather clothes, but remember that it will probably be between 20F - 60F during your entire freshmen year, so a mix of cool weather clothing is probably best.  At the end of the day, if you have a big winter jacket there’s nothing more you’ll desperately need.  Know that the built-in closets in freshmen residence halls are pretty big, so do bring all your favorite outfits….just don’t over do it. Gotta look chic, but also gotta save some space. 
  2. Rain Boots - I know this technically fits in the above category, but I can’t stress it enough: Boston is rainy in the fall, so you need to make sure you have more than a single pair of Toms to wear to class.
  3. Mirror - You wanna look good? Know that there isn’t a mirror in your room, and you probably won’t want to go to the bathroom every time you want to check yourself out. 
  4. Comforter - Make sure it’s warm! I recommend a Twin XL Down Duvet, and cheap duvet cover. You’ll thank me in the winter. 
  5. Twin XL sheet set. 
  6. One or two pillows 
  7. Twin XL Mattress Pad 
  8. School supplies - Since you won’t be at home, also remember to get things like hole punchers, tape, scissors, etc.! 
  9. Lamp - Whether it’s a floor lamp (which I recommend) or a desk lamp, you’ll find that most freshmen housing have fluorescent lights which aren’t always the best.  I have one collapsable floor lamp and it’s the only light I use. 
  10. Bulletin Board - Throughout the year, you’ll accumulate tons of papers, flyers, info brochures, etc. I used a bulletin board to organize everything over my desk, which also helped to save space and fill up empty walls. 
  11. Collapsable Clothes Hamper
  12. Laundry Bag 
  13. Laundry Detergent and Dryer Sheets
  14. Shower Caddy 
  15. Hangers
  16. Towels/washclothes 
  17. Bathrobe 
  18. Alarm Clock 
  19. Surge Protector 
  20. Extension Cord 
  21. Trash Can 
  22. Fan 
  23. Cleaning Supplies - Don’t go crazy with these, because it’s mostly for incidentals.  However, getting some Clorox Wipes or some Febreeze is usually a good idea. 

Maybe Bring, It’s Up to You:

  1. Area Rug - For me, this is absolutely something I needed since most freshmen residence halls have tile floors.  To protect you from the chill, I would definitely suggest a rug.  However, if you don’t think the tile will bother you, then save yourself the space and go without. 
  2. Iron/Ironing Pad - Only bring one of these if you frequently wear clothes that have to be ironed.  Otherwise, leave it at home. Some people would suggest you bring a hand steamer, but in my experience they don’t work that well. Also, note that I wrote an ironing pad, not an ironing board. Pads can just be laid on the floor, and take up way less space. 
  3. Posters/artwork - Good to have, but only in moderation.  Don’t bring every single movie poster for every single movie you’ve ever see.   
  4. Drying Rack for Clothes 
  5. iHome/Speakers for Music 
  6. Desk Organizers for Pens/Pencils/etc. 
  7. Hair Accessory Caddy for Blowdryers/Straighteners/etc. 
  8. Egg Crate - Highly recommended! Put it under your mattress pad and your bed will be extremely comfortable.  However, again, it’s definitely not necessary. 
  9. Throw Blanket
  10. Under-the-Bed Organizer Drawers - Usually a small, plastic chest of drawers or a series of bins, these are really the only pieces of “furniture” that you should be bringing. Everything else, the university will provide for you. 
  11. Keurig Machine - Remember, you’re not allowed to bring any other type of coffeemaker! 
  12. Photos of family and friends 
  13. Calendar or White Board 
  14. TV - Up to you, but definitely bring a small one if you want it (I’m talking like 15 inches).  You won’t have a ton of space to put it, you won’t be able to attach it to the wall, and you probably have Netflix on your computer anyway.  Know that your freshmen Common Room will have a TV in it that you can use, but if you do decide to have a TV in your room then the University will provide cable and premium channels for you for free. 
  15. Over-the-Door Hooks - Use it for towels or jackets or anything you’d like, but make sure it’s thick enough to fit over the door! 

Should Not Bring:

  1. Christmas Lights - Fire hazard (lame) and your RA will make you take them down. 
  2. Mini Fridge/Microwave - Fire hazard, you’re not allowed to bring your own.  If you want either, you can rent them both from the University for $100 for the entire year. Split it with your roommate. It’s a pretty good deal.
  3. Cooking Appliances of any kind - Doesn’t make sense, you don’t have a kitchen.  Also, your RA will make you get rid of them. 
  4. 3M Sticky Hooks - They don’t work on our walls!!! I don’t know if it’s the humidity or the type of paint, but they’ll all fall down and just won’t work. 
  5. Furniture - As said above, you won’t have space! The University will provide everything you will need. 
  6. Crazy Collections - I knew one girl who didn’t have space in her closet for the 19 designer bags she brought to school her freshmen year.  I also know someone who brought a whole bunch of succulents (you know? the plants?) as decoration, and was shocked when he didn’t have endless table space in which to arrange them.  Be very reasonable about any “extras” you bring, and remember: you’re living with another person. 
  7. Bedbug Repellant Anything - When you begin shopping, you’ll see that there are specialty college items sold to be “bedbug repellant.”  Because Northeastern provides all your own furniture, this isn’t a problem.  If you buy these bedbug repellant things, you’ll simply be wasting money. 
  8. Curtains - Just unnecessary, don’t bother. 
  9. Anything labelled as a “dorm accessory” - LOL don’t buy these things. Don’t be the freshman who shows up with a “dorm chandelier.”
  10. Bed Risers - At Northeastern, your beds will probably be lofted to 3 or 6 feet.  Do not bring your own risers, because a). you won’t be allowed to use them and b). if you do, your bed won’t sit in them right so your bed will probably collapse.  It’ll be like Step Brothers, except it won’t be funny and you’ll probably have to go to the ER. 
  11. Ironing Boards/Vaccuums/Large Cleaning Supplies - You won’t have space for these, and you don’t need them.  If you need a vacuum, you can borrow it from the RAs. 
  12. Books from Home - Now, if you have a few things left on your summer reading list, bring them.  However, between textbooks and everything else you’ll naturally acquire, know that you won’t want to be bringing a whole library with you.  Leave them at home. 
  13. Any kind of kitchen utensils - If you have a Keurig then bring a few mugs, but otherwise just limit yourself to paper plates and utensils.  Remember: you won’t have a sink in which to wash these dishes, other than in the bathroom! 
  14. Decorative Pillows - These will be thrown on the floor Day 1 and will never not be in your way again.  Kick’em to the curb. 
  15. Extra Chairs - Yeah beanbags are cool, but there isn’t room.  Those bungee chairs at Target are cool, but you’ll never actually sit in them.  Leave extra chairs at the store. 

Getting Stuff in Boston

  1. Bed, Bath, and Beyond - 401 Park Drive, Boston (Highly recommend the BB&B College Lay-Away Program! Go to your local store and ask about it)
  2. City Target - Opening in Fenway in August
  3. TruValue Economy - 219 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston 
  4. CVS - 231 Massachusetts Avenue, Boston

And there you have it! Do you think I forgot something? Is there something you have questions about? Let me know, send me a question, and good luck packing up! 

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Suga headcanon meme pls

thank you for requesting this beautiful boy for these

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Headcanon meme time

⌆ a nervous tic or habit they do

  • Uses filler words (um, uh, well, etc.) more often than usual and he’ll drag them out too.

⏀ describe their usual smile

  • Beautiful. Radiant. Stunning. You’re gonna need to wear sunglasses when you look at him. He should be the “after” picture in dental ads.

⇅ do they look up or down while thinking?

  • He looks up and either to the left or right a bit, most definitely.

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Yurri becoming sick on a plane ride to Russia, because victor is so busy he doesn't notice until yurri falls asleep against him and is burning up

Decided I wasn’t tackling the prompts out of order because I’ve just been in a big YOI mood. My favorite is JJ but I have a weakness for a little katsudon.

They had seventeen hours to go. There aren’t normally hold-ups at the Narita International Airport, but today the two figure skaters had received the short end of the stick with the plane air system problems. Yuuri sticks to Victor’s side, tugging his beanie down further onto his head as they wait to board. He’s cold, despite the warm spring temperatures, and the only warning Victor tells him is “Russia will probably be worse”.

But Victor’s been busy focusing on the latest routine, on the jump patterns, on making sure their arrangements are set for them to go back. He’d had to call to reinstate the utilities to his old apartment, and another one to Yakov to ask if he’d be so kind as to make sure everything was okay for them. Two months of winter training in Russia before Four Continents… Yuuri is not excited.

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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 22 BTS Twitter Q&A

[Individual member Q&A]

[Rap Monster: No secrets]
To Rap Monster

Q: Why is Rap Mon the leader? I really like Rap Mon.
Rap Monster: I am the first member of Bangtan Boys. We had several member changes during the trainee period. The current members were fixed when we debut. Afterall, we are a hip hop group and it was formed around me, who is a rapper. So that was how I naturally became the leader.

[V: I’m not 4D]
To V

Q: There’s a video where V suddenly started dancing by himself on the street at night. Why were you dancing alone?
V: When we first came to Japan, we finished an interview and there was some time left. I wasn’t hungry yet and the interview shooting was a bit noisy. The temperature outside was just right so I went outside. Even though there’s pedestrians around, they can watch if they wanted to. I jumped around to kill time.

[Jimin: I like my own eyes.]
To Jimin

Q: Jimin always wear sleeveless shirts. Are you the most confident in your arms? Or is it your abs? (^ v ^)
Jimin: I’m not wearing sleeveless shirts because I’m confident in my arms. I never thought I would have to wear that even in the winter… (laughs). My favorite part of my body is my eyes. I like the type of eyes that look a bit puffy.
(V: Even if you’re confident in your abs, wearing shirts that bear your midriff is too much….)

[J-Hope: In fact I am quite attentive.]
To J-Hope

Q: During self-introductions, J-Hope always says “hope, hope.” What’s the thing you hope for the most right now?
J-Hope: First is for Bangtan Boys to be a big success. After that is for me to continue to grow to become the best artist. Also, to work hard and study Japanese. In Japan I need to be able to introduce myself to everyone. Full of hope! (laughs)

[Jin: Pajamas are a necessity]
To Jin

Q: What kind of singer does Jin want to become?
Jin: I like a British singer called Daley. Listening to his soft singing technique and sweet voice makes one feel very calm. It’ll be great if I can also become a singer like that.

[Suga: My personality is exactly the same as my dad’s.] To Suga
Q: Suga oppa said before that he steals Jungkook’s underwear. Was it successful at other times?
Suga: It seemed like Jungkook became very careful after that so it wasn’t successful. Well, I also don’t steal Jungkook’s underwear everyday (laughs). I only borrow when I don’t have anymore to wear. I bought a few pairs now so I’m all set.

[Jungkook: A manly Busan child]
To Jungkook

Q: Why does Jungkook always pierce his right ear?
Jungkook: There’s no reason. Even though I have piercings on both ears, my ears got hurt when I was training. That’s why I didn’t get anymore piercings there but I also hurt my right ear practicing this time. So I’m pretty much not wearing any on both ears (laugh). (Jin: I also only wear on my left ear. It’s because in the movies I watched when I was younger, all of the actors I liked only wore earrings on one side… I always thought when I was younger that I will only wear it on one side.)

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Seawitchsun's Guide to Shell Collecting!

Looking for shells on the beach has always been one of my favorite things to do. Not only is it a way to improve your collection of tools (for those other sea witches out there!), but it is also a very relaxing and meditative activity- you may not even realize how many hours have gone by until the tide rolls in! Also, you get to spend time at the beach, which is always a plus.

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A story about my favorite SC, Eva

It was a hot day in May at the private high school where I taught; the school was buzzing with noise, and students. It was to be their last day before the summer and for some of them, it was their last day as high school students. Now that the school year was ending, a part of me was excited about sleeping in, vacations and more time with my friends and family but I was also sad to see my favorite students leave the high school for good.

It was my third year teaching and the students who I had taught my first year, were graduating in a few days. I had grown quite fond of a select few students who worked their way to my heart. My absolute favorite one, Eva, was moments away from walking into my door to do a make-up test. It was hard to believe three years had gone by with Eva in my life. I never had her as a student, thank the gods (she would have driven me insane). Regardless, we still formed a unique and special bond. I would surely miss her the most: my Student Crush.

I can’t really put into words what Eva is like…her eyes are like the rain on the parched ground in Autumn. Her smile and laugh are like a ray of sunshine on a gloomy day in January. Even though she is short, she’s built like an Amazon goddess…her skin: soft like flowers in the Spring…

While in my daydream, I hear a knock on my classroom door and the door swings open. Normally, my door would be wide-open, beckoning fellow teachers and students to come and hang out or chat but because of finals week, my door was ajar with a note outside of the door indicating finals and make-up tests were being conducted. I wasn’t expecting my students until much later but I had agreed to help Mrs. G, the French teacher, with make-up tests because she had to attend her daughter’s middle school graduation. Seeing Eva was like poetry in motion. The sun was to her back which made her appearance even more celestial. I could see every strand of hair, every fiber on her clothes and most obvious, her beautiful smile. I stood up to greet her as she walked towards my small and awkward desk. As she approached, I immediately noticed she was wearing every bit of article of clothing that I liked on her; everything from her white Lacoste shoes, to the short gray-blue cotton skirt, teal tank stop and a thin, white cardigan. Ugh why is she torturing me, I thought.

“Good morning Eva! Please come in.” I said, casually. It was hard for me to hide my emotions from her. She was grinning. I couldn’t help but smile. She had a mischievous look on her face.

“Hi M! Am I the only one from Mrs. G’s class that needs to make up a test?” she said, looking around as she approached me. I both loved and hated how she would refer to me by my first name.

“Mrs. G was expecting a few more students to show up. Are you excited to be done with your Senior year and high school in general?” I try and act natural but don’t know what to say. Normally our conversations consisted of personal topics but it was in a public setting and with her graduation pending, we didn’t really know how to act around each other. Instead of answering, she hugged me. Eva had the best hugs ever. Her embraces were meaningful and intimate. I hugged her back holding her close thinking how much I will miss her, until I could feel my private parts start to awaken with lust. I think she felt it too. Immediately, I chose to end the moment and awkwardly moved away trying to hide my inappropriate bulge. She giggled and turned to sit down.

“Duh! Of course I’m excited to be done! I can’t wait to graduate and start college.” She says enthusiastically. Eva will be attending a prestigious university in the east coast in the fall. While I am excited for her, I can’t help but feel selfish in wanting her to stay forever.

I had arranged the chairs in a certain way but in true Eva fashion, she picks one and moves it over right in front of my desk. I begin to object when Eva knowingly bent over her desk to pull out her pencil and an eraser. The first thing I notice is her lovely hands and wrist. She always managed to keep her skin olive bronze color even in the winter. But I quickly notice her cotton skirt has purposefully risen on her waist to the point where her butt was slightly exposed. It was enough for me to see gorgeous round ass. Eva played soccer and lacrosse so she had an athletic build and a stunning body. As I am taken-back by the scene, I become aware of the small lady parts covered by her teal thong. It was almost too much to witness. It was incredible how her lips bulged out. How was that tiny thong holding that delicious mound in place? And do I detect the faintest hint of a wet spot forming in the center of her thong? I can do nothing other than gawk. I manage to shift noticeable in my chair which creaks loudly. Eva laughs. “Oh my god, at least try to conceal the fact that you’re staring, perv.”

I looked away immediately. I was ashamed and frustrated that she had that kind of control over me and the situation. I could feel my face flush with heat along with my throbbing member who was aching to be released. Nevertheless, I looked up again hoping to see the wonderful sight of her forbidden regions.

“I thought you had a test to take unless of course you want to come back next year.” I said quickly. I thought I was being cute but my comment didn’t have the desired effect.  She promptly adjusted herself and the moment was over. I try to recover but I had nothing to say at the moment. Eva began writing rigorously while I tried to comprehend want just happened.

After an hour, Eva looked like she was wrapping up her test. She flipped through the pages of her test, quickly reviewing her answers then she stood up. I looked up not knowing how to react. A part of me wanted to make a bold move but it was bad enough we were pushing the boundaries. I had to remind myself that my purpose as a teacher was to help mold minds, cultivate a safe environment for learning. I smiled as Eva approached my desk. She was smiling too.

“All done?” I tried hiding my disappointment.

“Yup! You can check but I’m pretty sure I aced this test.” she said coolly. She knows I can’t read French. She’s toying with me. How is she so calm right now? I can barely contain myself right now. I’m about to get up but I notice that my throbbing member is still fully erect and leaking. Thank goodness I wore my dark blue slacks. I take her test and look over it.

“Hmm, B/B+ at best. Are you sure you’re happy with what you wrote? I see a few errors.” I said, jokingly. I’m stalling. I don’t want her to leave but I don’t know what to say to make her stay. Nevertheless, she laughs her loud and rich laugh that I’ve grown to love.

“Oh please! If you want to see me bend over again, all you have to do is ask.” She said, laughing hysterically. Ugh she did it again. I’m blushing once more. An awkward silence starts to form and once again, I don’t know what to say even though my mind is racing. She shifts uncomfortably.

“Ok well M, as much as I loved to stand here uncomfortably while your class comes in for their final, I need to get going. I need to get my cap and gown. Come and give me a hug…please.” That’s it? After 3 years, that’s all that she has to say? Of course it isn’t but this isn’t the place or time to have our ‘good bye’ moment. I look up at her, terrified. I’m partially concerned about saying one of our final farewells but I am mainly worried about my painfully swelling lump in my pants. I decided to drop the act and talk to her, frankly.

“Dammit Eva, after your brief strip tease, I’ve got this huge boner that won’t go away!” I interject. She lets out a laugh that could be heard down the hall. She covers her mouth as he stifles her laugh and blushes.

“Oh geez, it’s not like it hasn’t happened before. Come on. Quickly, before anyone sees.” she said in a knowing voice. As I tentatively get up, she makes her way around to where I sit. I brace myself for her sly comments but instead she hugs me close. I tried to maneuver my body so that she doesn’t feel my knob but she presses her body close to where we’re touching completely. My heart starts racing and I try to act calm but I’m a mess. I can feel that Eva is tense too. Her breathing was interrupted as if she was trying to fight back tears. I give in and let my true feeling take over. I bring her in even closer and press my full body to hers, whispering in her ear, “Thank you for being the wonderful light in my life here. I will truly miss you. Best of luck in college. You deserve wonderful things in life.” It was cheesey but I didn’t know what else to say. Eva started to sob lightly and I began to tear up as well. There was no way to summarize the up’s and down’s we endured the last 3 years. It was difficult to say good bye. Just then, Eva started to chuckle.

“Oh my god, you really are HARD!” She laughs, breaking the tension. She quickly wipes the tears away and turns to leave. I grabbed her arm and pull her in for one last hug. Just then, she pressed the front of her woman parts to my knob and gave it a meaningful but gentle thrust. I swear, I blacked out for a second. It was almost too much. I gasp uncontrollably. Eva giggled and turned around so her back was facing me.

“Grab it.” She said. What? I thought to myself. “Grab it, now!” she said more urgently this time. At any minute my students could be walking into my classroom. I reach under her skirt and lightly squeezed her left cheek. It was heavenly. Her ass was luscious and firm yet soft. I was convinced I had exploded in my pants. She giggled again, shook her butt and just like that, she moved away and the moment was over. As she collected her things, students were making their way down the hall. I could make out a few voices: Alexandra and Lisa, my other sc’s. Eva was turning to leave when she said, “I’ll see you in a few days at my graduation and you better show up to my grad party afterwards!” Before I had the chance to replied, my students start walking in. Their chatter sounded much like the buzzing of bees and in the confusion, Eva was gone.

★ imagine; him getting his lip pierced.

[ photo © ]

It’s been seven weeks since you’ve seen your best friend. 

It might not have seemed like much to others, but the longest you’ve spent apart from Jaebum was the two week vacation your family took to the mountains during your winter break back in middle school and Jaebum couldn’t come with because he was sick. Not seeing him in person was starting to make you antsy. 

Occasional text messages were sent back and forth was the only thing that kept you two connected. Jaebum wouldn’t accept your phone calls or videos calls claiming he was too busy or wherever he was, he wouldn’t be able to hear you.

 Truthfully, you were hurt. 

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Pumpkin Spice

((Another fic, and this time Bucky. I wrote a Cap one I’ll save the Christmas time… for now you’ll see! I hope you guys like it!

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader

Word Count: 2k

Warnings: None… oddly. ))

You had been struggling with sleep since joining up with the Avengers. It wasn’t that the team itself was so scary, but it was just something new. Using your powers for good this time, and not just hiding, felt weird. But then again sleep and you had never gotten along all that well.

What you discovered when you struggled with sleep after the first week was that there was another who frequently had the same challenges.

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(TRANS) Haru*Hana Vol. 21 Bangtan Boys Personal Questions

Q: What are you interested in lately besides music?
A: I like photography. I heard there’s a new version to the Olympus camera I’m using - I’m currently deciding whether I should buy it or not. I will take pictures of the members and of scenary. Although I haven’t been uploading them to the blog recently, I will let everyone see my new photos.

Q: If you can use magic, what magic power do you want and what do you want to do with it?
A: Teleport. I want to go back to my hometown. If I can teleport, then I can go immediately and then come back right away. I can also get to Japan quickly so it’s very convenient.

Q: What’s an unforgettable Christmas memory?
A: Last Christmas. We had to film an MV so the members couldn’t go anywhere. It was very cold at that time and we just kept recording so it was very unforgettable. Speaking of Santa, I saw my dad putting down presents when I was 7. My dad also got shocked (laughs).

Q: Speaking of winter, what things or events come to mind?
A: Snow. I think it’s very pretty when it snows, but shoveling snow can be very tiring. My hometown doesn’t really snow and I got to see snow for the first time after coming to Seoul. At first I was quite excited but not so much lately… (laughs). Also because of snow, I slipped before.

Q: “If you are my fan, here are the advantages!” Please talk about the benefits of being your fan!
A: I’m an element of surprise. When people see me for the first time, most will think I don’t look like a rapper but rather a vocalist. I look like I have a high and pretty voice but in fact it’s very low. I also look very lively and cute but I’m actually not like that so I feel a bit inconceivable. So you’ll see a lot of more if you’re my fan, especially to those that like scary movies (laughs).

Q: What is your favorite subject or a subject you excel in?
A: I like gym and I didn’t like music at that time. All of the music that appeared on the textbooks were traditional so I really hated that. So I didn’t learn about the music in the textbooks but rather just played around with music after school.

Q: What do you want to ask the members, or things you want to tell them to do? A: I want to ask about everyone’s dreams. As trainees our dreams were to debut. That dream is fulfilled so there should be a new dream. I only understood after I debut that after becoming an artist, a lot of people place their focus on things other than music - whether it is acting or variety. Compared to those, I want to focus on making music and to continue making good music even after 10-20 years later. This is my new dream.

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Title: You’re a King and I’m a Lionheart

Artist: yawpkatsi 

Author: mizuirokandeya

Rating (art/fic if different): G/NC-17

Word Count: 21160

Summary: Being a hybrid is not easy. Blaine knows that from first hand experience. However, sometimes even he is lucky enough to have fate on his side. This time it comes in form of a handsome stranger offering cookies and a friendly ear.

Link to Art 

Read on AO3

Notes: Wow. I still can’t believe that it’s finished! I had so much fun planning and writing this. I really love the final result and hope you enjoy it, too.

Huge thanks go to yawpkatsi who drew the beautiful piece of art that inspired all of this, who beta read for me and who generally was my personal cheerleader while I was writing this. Thank you so much uwu Also please go and shower her with love for her amazing art!!

Title from the song “King and Lionheart” by Of Monsters and Man

Kurt should be angry with himself for getting distracted. He really should be focusing on his school assignment instead of watching the people walking along the street outside of the coffee shop.

The sun is shining brightly and it’s one of the first truly warm days this year. On one hand he’s kind of upset that he has to work and can’t fully appreciate it. On the other hand, he just needed a few hours to relax after researching and outlining his project the previous day. He knows it’s his own fault that he’s stuck inside today but he needs to finish the assignment by tomorrow, so that he can focus on his work for Vogue during the weekend, without worrying about school.

At least he’s not stuck in the library.

Kurt sighs and with one last longing look outside, he turns back to his laptop and starts to work again.

It takes around an hour and a half before he can safely say that he’s finished. He probably needs to proofread it again but that’s something he can do later today. Now he just needs another coffee and maybe a piece of cheesecake.

He closes his laptop and takes a look around to check if it’s okay to leave it unattended for a few minutes. It’s not a particularly busy day in the coffee shop, so he takes the risk.

When he has his coffee and a piece of chocolate cheesecake, he turns around to go back to his table and stops short.

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(Dress: Fayewoo)

Photographer: Park Ji Hye / Makeup & Hair: Kim Myung Seon / Stylist: Choi Min Hwa / Translator: Sharon Cho

Exclusively shot and interviewed for Korean Model blog.

(Top: Vintage)

Name / 이름:   

 Age /  나이: 

  • 22

Agency / 에이전시:  

  • YG Kplus 

Height / 키: 

  • 171 CM

Hometown / 고향: 

  • Seoul / 서울

The best thing about your hometown: / 고향에 대해 제일 좋은 점:

  • 저는 어릴 때부터 미국 호주 한국을 오가며 생활을 했어요. 그래서 고향에 대한 애정과 그리움에 항상 있었죠. / Ever since I was young, I’ve gone back and forth from America, Australia, and Korea, and so I’ve always had both a fondness and a wistfulness for my homeland.

Place you would like to visit / 가보고 싶은 곳

  • 저는 우유니 소금사막을 꼭 가보고 싶어요.  고등학생 때 우연히 우유니 사막 사진을 보았는데 세상에는 이런 곳도 있구나 싶더라고요. 죽기 전에 꼭 가보고 싶은 곳 중 하나입니다. / I have always wanted to go see the Salar de Uyuni salt flat. I happened to see a photo of it in high school and it amazed me that such a place really existed. It’s now one of the places I’d like to go before I die.

What song do you have on repeat at the moment? / 요즘 자주 듣는 음악은 뭔가요?

  • 요즘은 딘의D라는 노래에 빠졌어요. 어떻게 그런 목소리로 그런 노래를 부르는지 싶을 정도로 그의 음악성을 사랑합니다. / These days I’ve been hooked on Dean’s song, “D”.  I love his work and talent so much, I find myself questioning how he could sing that song with such a voice.

(Dress: Fayewoo / Faux Fur: Photographer’s Own)

Describe your idea of a perfect day: / 당신의 이상적인 하루를 설명해보세요.

  • I start my day peacefully, waking up naturally without an alarm. There’s warm sunlight outside my window and a nice breeze is coming in. I have no problems or deadlines worrying me, and can do what I please. I can eat delicious food if I get hungry, visit a friend if I miss them, and go do something fun if I get bored. This kind of free day is my ideal day. / 알람 없이 자연스럽게 깨서 하루를 시작하는 거에요. 창밖에는 따스한 햇살과 기분 좋은 바람이 들어오는 거죠. 고민도 없고 무엇에게도 쫓기지 않는 상태에서 배고프면 맛있는 음식을 먹고 누군가가 보고 싶으면 그 사람을 보고 심심하면 재미있는 걸 하는 그런 자유로운 하루가 저에게 이상적인 하루가 될 것 같네요. 

Summer / Winter? / 여름 아니면 겨울?

  • I get cold really easily, but I don’t overheat as easily. (This summer was an exception but) I usually don’t sweat a lot too, which is why I like summer more. When I was a toddler, I lived in Australia, which might also explain why I really enjoy the sea and going swimming. That’s why I make it a point every summer to go and enjoy the water. / 저는 추위를 잘 타고 더위는 덜 타는 편이에요. (이번 여름은 예외였지만) 땀도 잘 안 나는 편이거든요. 그래서 여름을 더 좋아해요. 어릴 때 호주에서 유년기를 보내서인지 바다와 수영하는 것을 굉장히 좋아해요. 그래서 매 여름이면 기를 써서 물놀이를 하러 가려고 합니다.  

What’s your coffee order? / 커피는 주로 무엇을 마시나요?

  • Oddly enough, I don’t drink coffee. I can’t even remember the last time I went to a cafe and had a coffee. When I do go, I usually have citron tea or a green tea latte. / 이상하게 저는 커피를 안 마셔요. 카페에 가서 커피를 마신 게 언제인지 기억도 안나네요. 카페에 가면 주로 유자차 혹은 녹차라떼를 주문합니다. 

What have you got far too many of? / 너무 많이 가지고 있는 것은 무엇인가요?

  • I have a lot of shoes. A few years ago, I became obsessed with them and would go on shopping sprees – something I still do even now. Funny this is, despite all the shoes I have, I end up wearing only my black Tory Burch flip flops. But, those broke a little while ago and now I have the dilemma of choosing which of my children to wear and spend the summer with. / 저는 신발이 참 많아요. 몇 년 전에 꽂혀서 마구 구매를 하기 시작을 했는데 그게 여태까지 이어졌어요. 웃긴 건 신발이 그렇게 많음에도 불구하고 여름에는 검정색 토리버치 쪼리만 신는다는 거죠. 하지만 얼마 전에 망가져서 앞으로는 어떤 아이와 여름을 함께할지 고민이네요 

 What are the things you always bring when you’re going out? / 나갈때 항상 가지고가는 것은 무엇인가요?

  • Cellphone, lip tint, and wallet. I like having a simple style, and so I really hate carrying a bag around. In the winter, I’ll just have only those three things in my jacket pocket, and won’t carry a bag if I can help it. / 핸드폰, 틴트, 지갑 이거면 끝이에요.. 제 성향 자체가 간편한걸 좋아하기 때문에 제가 가방 드는 것을 정말 싫어하거든요. 겨울에는 웬만하면 아우터에 그 3가지를 넣고 가방은 들지 않아요. 

What’s 1 item in your closet you would never throw away? / 당신의 옷장에 있는 것중에 꼭 못 버리는 한가지는 무엇인가요?  

  • When I was young, I had a pink dress that was my absolute favorite. Since I was young, I really liked Cinderella and Snow White, and whenever I wore that dress, I was very happy because it felt like I had become a princess like them. This dress is full of my childhood memories, and so I could never throw it away.  / 어릴 때 제가 가장 좋아하던 분홍색 드레스가 있어요. 어릴 때부터 저는 신데렐라와 백설공주를 가장 좋아했는데 그 드레스를 입을 때마다 저도 그런 공주가 된 것 같아서 행복했죠. 그래서 어린 시절 제 추억이 담긴 그 드레스를 버리지 못해요.

(Dress: Fayewoo)

One piece of clothing you’d love to own? / 소장하고 싶은 한가지 옷은?

  • I don’t have anything in mind particularly at the moment. / 지금은 딱히 없어요.

What keeps you up at night? / 밤에 잠 못 이루게 하는것은 뭔가요?

  • I can’t sleep if I have a lot of worries on my mind. These days, I don’t have a lot of things I worry about so I’ve been sleeping well, but a while ago, I had a shoot that lasted all night that threw off my sleeping cycle and so I don’t fall asleep that easily at night / 아무래도 고민거리가 많으면 밤에 잠이 안 오죠. 요즘은 별 고민은 없어서 잠을 잘 잤는데 얼마 전에 밤새 촬영을 해서 슬리핑 사이클이 망가져서 밤에 잠이 잘 안오네요ㅠㅠ 

 What is the last thing you googled (search on the internet)? / 마지막으로 검색해본것은 무엇인가요?

  • How to make pasta. I was planning on going to my friend’s house today and we were going to cook together. A while ago I had tried an oxtail soup pasta, and I’ll be trying to make that today. / 파스타 요리법이요. 오늘 친구네 집에 가서 요리해서 먹기로 했거든요. 얼마 전에 사골 국물에 요리한 파스타를 먹어봤는데 오늘 그 요리에 도전을 해보려고 해요. 

If you had a super power, what would it be? / 초능력이 있다면 어떤 초능력을 가지고 싶으세요?

  • I’d like to be able to fly in the sky. I feel like if I could, I’d be able to know what true freedom is. / 하늘을 나는 초능력을 갖고 싶어요. 하늘을 날면 진정한 자유로움이 무엇인지 알 것 같아요. 

 How do you stay fit? / 몸매 관리는 어쩧게 하세요?

  • I really like junk food, which is why I put much more effort into staying fit. I typically eat only one meal a day and box once or twice weekly for exercise. I used to have a personal trainer but it wasn’t fun and I ended up skipping out. That’s why I started boxing instead, which is difficult but still fun, and now I’m really committed to it. / 저는 군것질을 정말 좋아해요. 그래서 그만큼 더 관리를 열심히 하는 편입니다. 평소에 밥은 하루에 한 끼 먹고 운동은 주 1-2회 정도 복싱해요. 원래는 PT를 받았는데 재미가 없어서 안 가게 되더라고요. 그래서 복싱을 배우기 시작했는데 힘들어도 재미있어서 열심히 하게 되네요.  

(Top: Vintage)

What is your beauty secret?/ 당신의 아름다움의 비결은 무엇인가요?

  • I’d say that having good influences might be the most important thing. I think that meeting good people, having good thoughts, and being mindful of having a good heart are my secret to beauty. / 아무래도 좋은 영향을 받는 것이 가장 중요한 것 같아요. 좋은 사람들을 만나고 좋은 생각을 하며 좋은 마음을 간직하는 것이 제 아름다움의 비결이라고 생각합니다.

What’s one subject you could talk about for at least 10 minutes? / 당신이 10분동안 얘기할 수 있는 주제는 뭔가요?

  • It seems like an obvious answer but I would be able to talk about myself for 10 minutes. / 당연한 대답인 것 같지만 저는 저에 대해서 10분동안 이야기를 할 수 있어요. 

What were you like as a child? / 어릴때 어떤 아이였나요?

  • I was a very playful and active child. I went to the playground everyday, riding the swing so high that people who were watching would get anxious haha. In third grade, I attended an all-girls school in Australia and became more girly. It was a big surprise for my neighbors and friends when I came back from Australia. / 저는 장난끼도 많고 조금 많이 활동적인 아이였어요. 맨날 놀이터에서 나가 놀고 그네는 보는 사람 불안할 정도로 높이 타고ㅋㅋ 3학 년 때 호주에서 여자 학교를 다니면서 많이 여성스러워졌죠. 호주에서 돌아오니 주변 사람들이 많이 놀라워 했었어요.  

(Dress: Fayewoo / Faux Fur: Photographer’s Own)

Are there any models in the industry that you look up to? / 존경하는 모델분들이 있으시나요?

  • I want to become a model like my senior Irene. / 저는 모델 아이린 선배님처럼 되고 싶어요. 

How did you start modeling? Was modeling something that you always wanted to do? / 어떻게 모델 일을 시작했나요? 모델 일은 원래 하고 싶은 일이었나요?

  • Since I was young, I wanted to be a model so much that I would hold fashion shows with my friends, but I wasn’t confident enough to really try it. I went on to attend college and spent a year in Korea as an exchange student, during which I went to a model academy and was lucky enough to be contracted and ultimately become a model. / 어릴 때부터 친구들을 데리고 패션쇼를 할 만큼 모델 일은 원래 하고 싶었지만 자신감이 없어서 단 한번도 도전을 해보지 못했어요. 그래서 평범하게 대학을 진학을 하였고 대학생 시절에 한국에서1년 동안 교환 학생을 하던 중 모델 아카데미를 다녔고 운이 좋게 계약을 하게 되면서 모델이 되었어요. 

What would you do if you were not a model? / 모델이 되지 않았다면 무엇을 했을까요?  

  • I originally wanted to be a news anchor. Truthfully, I prepped for being an announcer before I had started working on becoming a model. I think that if I didn’t become a model, I probably would’ve continued working on becoming a news anchor. / 원래는 아나운서를 하고 싶었어요. 사실상 모델 준비를 하기 전까지 아나운서 준비를 했기도 했고요. 아마 모델이 되지 않았더라면 아나운서 준비를 계속 했을 것 같아요. 

 What has been your favorite job so far?/ 지금까지 해온 촬영중에 어느게 제일 좋았나요?

  • The “Infinite Challenge” episode shooting was very memorable. I hadn’t even known on that day that we’d be shooting the episode, but when I went, it was really fun! I’m a fan of “Infinite Challenge,” and ended up discovering that it felt completely different to actually be on the show myself. It was a special shoot for me not only because I had fun, but also because through the shoot, more people got to know my name. / 무한도전 촬영이 가장 기억에 남아요. 촬영 당일에는 찍는지도 모르고 갔는데 가보니까 너무 재미있더라고요! 평소에도 무한도전은 꼭 챙겨보는데 그 프로에 제가 나오니까 기분이 색달랐어요. 재미뿐만이 아니라 이 촬영으로 심소영이라는 이름을 알리게 되어서 더욱 더 특별한 촬영이었어요. 

What is your dream modeling job? / 당신의 꿈의 모델 일은 무었인가요?

  • I think that most models would aspire for this, not only me, but my dream modeling job is being the cover model for an edition of Vogue magazine. / 저뿐만이 아니라 대부분의 모델 분들이 원하는 것이겠지만 저의 꿈의 모델 일은 보그 잡지 커버의 주인공이 되는 일입니다. 

What’s going through your mind when you’re modeling in front of the camera? / 카메라 앞에서 모델 일을 할 때 무슨 생각을 하시나요?

  • At first, I couldn’t be myself because I was so conscious of all the people watching me. This meant that my poses were awkward and my mind would blank out. But then I came to realize that the fact that I wasn’t doing my job properly was more embarrassing than standing in front of a camera. After that, I would stop paying attention to my surroundings and just immerse myself in the work at hand, and then the cameraman would be the only thing I could see. So these days, I make sure to completely focus on myself when working. / 처음에는 저를 지켜보는 사람들을 의식하느라 제 자신이 되지 못했었어요. 그러다 보니까 포즈도 어색해지고 머리 속이 하얘지더라고요. 그러다가 깨달은 것은 저에게 주어진 일을 못하는 것이 카메라 앞에서 서 있는 것보다 더 부끄러운 일이라는 것이에요. 그 후부터는 주변을 의식하지 않고 일에만 열중을 하니까 카메라만 보이더라고요. 그래서 요즘은 일을 저한테만 온전히 집중을 하면서 일을 해요. 

What are the pros and cons of being a model? / 모델이 됨으로서 장점과 단점을 뭔가요?

  • A pro is that I get to meet so many different people and discover new sides to myself. I think that the best thing is that I am happiest when I’m working. However, all the physical and bodily upkeep is definitely a con. I really enjoy eating, and so the most difficult thing for me is watching what I eat. But, I’m willing to overcome this and do work on overcoming it because modeling makes me so happy. / 장점은 너무나도 다양한 사람들을 만나고 저의 새로운 모습을 발견하게 되는 것 입니다. 무엇보다 일을 할 때 제가 행복하다는 것이 가장 큰 장점 같네요. 단점은 아무래도 몸매 관리에요. 먹는 것을 워낙 좋아해서 식단관리가 저한테는 가장 어려워요. 하지만 그 도는 이겨낼 만큼 저는 모델 일을 하는 것에 대해 행복함을 느껴요. 

(Dress: Fayewoo)

How do you see yourself in 10 years from now? / 10년 후, 무엇을 하고 있을 것 같나요?

  • In 10 years, I think that I’d be married. I want to get married early, because I want to marry someone I love and become happy soon. Even if I have a kid much later, I want to get to a point where I not only have a secure and happy household and life, but also am still doing the things I want to do. / 10년 후에는 결혼을 했을 거에요. 저는 결혼을 빨리 하고 싶어요. 사랑하는 사람과 결혼을 해서 빨리 행복해지고 싶거든요. 아이는 늦게 낳더라도 가정을 이루어서 안정적인 생활을 하며 제가 하고 싶은 일들을 하고 싶네요.   

 Do you have any personal rules that you’ll never break?/ 절대로 깨지 않을 본인만의 룰은 있나요?

  • Right now, I can be someone’s friend, lover, or coworker, and these relationships can always change. The one thing that won’t ever change is that someday, I will be a mother. Because of this, whenever I try to do something, I reflect on whether or not it is something I would be able to recommend to my future child. It’s become a benchmark test that I started using when I was 20, and it helps me to think through my problems and worries to find a solution. / 지금 는 누군가에게 친구일수도 있고 사랑하는 애인일 수도 있고 동료일 수도 있어요.  하지만 변하지 않는 한 가지는 저는 언젠가 엄마가 된다는 것 이에요. 그래서 전 어떤 행동을 하려고 할 때 나중에 내가 엄마가 되었을 때 자식에게도 권할 수 있는 행동인지 생각을 해봐요. 20살 때인가 생긴 기준인데 고민이 될 때 그렇게 생각을 하면 답이 나오더라고요.

 One thing that people will be surprised to find out about you /  당신에 대해 놀라운 사실 한가지는 무엇인가요?

  • I’m actually really bad at dressing and styling myself. You wouldn’t think so just by looking at my SNS photos, but in reality, it’s all thanks to other people. I usually don’t go out with makeup on because I’m so bad at doing makeup and hair. / 저는 제 자신을 참 못 꾸며요. SNS 사진을 보면 안 그래 보이지만 사실은 대부분 남들이 꾸며준 모습이랍니다. 머리 손질이라든지 화장을 하는 것이라든지 너무 못해서 평소에는 화장을 거의 안하고 다녀요. ㅠㅠ 

(Dress: Fayewoo / Faux Fur: Photographer’s Own) 

January 26

Monsta X I.M. / Words: 2659 / Genre: fluff
“Anonymous” requested:  can i request a i.m drabble where you both spend your birthdays together??? (you dont have to post on his bday since i know its soon… or mine for that matter bc its also soon #Jan26Kids) 
A/N: happy birthday wife ilysm!!! you do so much for me and you encouraged me to start writing here so i owe a lot to you. you’re the best and wow ur an adult now… wow… i hope ur day is great tho!!!! follow @shineekeytomyheart

The crisp January air bit at your face and tried to sneak its way under your clothes, making you shiver and quicken your pace as you hurried up the street. People were out strolling in the afternoon, the cold winter sun not doing a single thing to warm them as they trudged along the city sidewalks bundled in jackets and scarves. The concrete was still damp from the heavy rain of the weekend, puddles still littering the small dips and cracks in the sidewalk. You didn’t mind so much as you walked through them, your boots protecting your feet. It had only taken one day in the rain for you to vow to never wear your sneakers out when there was a possibility that they would get soaked and you would be cranky the entire rest of the day as you sloshed around with wet socks.

You rounded the corner and moved onto the next block, shifting the weight of the bags on your arms. You could’ve just caved and ordered takeout as usual, but the day was special and you had to at least put a little effort into your plans for the evening. You had the ingredients for your planned meal in one bag, and in the other rested a box that you were very careful not to nudge with your legs at all. You had put in the order for the cake a week ago at your favorite corner bakery, and you would be damned if you didn’t guard that overpriced mass of deliciousness with your life. You took your food seriously.

When the doors of your apartment building came into sight, you had to keep yourself from actually running through them. You were met with a blast of heated air that made you sigh in relief, and you felt your muscles almost defrost a little. You headed towards the stairs - you refused to take the elevator anymore in fear of running into that woman from the floor above you that has a bounty on your head - and climbed the three grueling sets of steps to get to your hallway. You shuffled along the carpet to your door, and awkwardly slid the bag containing your groceries onto your wrist to free yourself to open the door. You managed to get the handle down and nudged it open with your shoulder and stepped inside, kicking it shut with your foot. You immediately went over to the kitchen to set down your bags, and you smiled when you saw Changkyun already in there, his back turned to you and head bent over something. You could see his white headphones in his ears, the cord disappearing into his pocket with his phone. You took special care in setting your bags on the counter in the quietest manner possible so that you could sneak up on him. You crossed the floor on tiptoe and when you reached him, you snaked your arms around his waist to hug him. He jumped when he felt you touch him, yanking his headphones out of his ears.

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Modern AU!Dean x Reader

Summary: You’re having a bad week, but luckily, Dean’s there to fix it.

Warnings: Major fluff warning.

This is for @supernatural-jackles Color’s of Fall Writing Challenge. I had the prompt sweater weather.

A/N: I kind of had a crappy week, and I thought of this cute Dean fic. I hope you guys enjoy!!

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“Library’s closing up in five, honey”, the librarian says softly, offering a sympathetic smile as she eyes the many papers scattered around the table. 

Your sleepy, bloodshot eyes are torn from your computer screen. “Thanks Mrs. Smith. I’ll be on my way.”

You gather your papers and laptop, tucking them away in your leather messenger bag that your boyfriend, Dean, had gotten you for your birthday a year ago. After a quick walk in the winter air and cursing yourself for not wearing warmer clothes, you start up your car and pull out your phone.

“Heading home. See you in a bit”, you text Dean, who was most likely home by now. He responds quickly with an “Okay, see you soon. Love you.”

You lock your phone and place it away before making the short drive to your and Dean’s shared apartment. 

Sighing, you grab your bag and head inside, the warm air from the heater immediately meeting your cold skin. The lights are turned off, oddly. Dean almost always got home before you, and he had hinted he was here in his text as well.

“Baby?” You call out, placing your bag and keys on the couch before looking for him. You peek in the kitchen. Nope, it was pitch black, the only light coming from the refrigerator’s digital clock. You check the bedroom next. Empty as well…

Before you can turn around and keep looking, warm arms encircle your waist. “Hey, baby”, Dean coos, placing a loving kiss on your cheek. 

“You worried me”, you gently scold, though your anger slowly melted away as more heat radiated off his large body. 

He places a soft kiss on your neck, causing you to shiver. “I’m sorry. I wanted to surprise you.”

“Surprise me?” You chortle, turning around. 

Dean’s hand laces with yours, gently pulling you to the nearby bathroom. The sweet smell of lavender wafts in the air, rose petals admiring the warm bubble bath prepared. 

“Oh, Dean”, you breathe out, “Thank you so much. This is so sweet of you to do.”

Kissing your nose, he turns towards the door. “Enjoy, baby girl. You deserve it.” 

Before he can step out, you gently grab his bicep. “Mm, why don’t you join me instead?” You suggest, smiling as a deep red bloomed across his face. You didn’t have to tell him twice though. His eager hands quickly stripped himself of his clothes and excitedly helped you, causing you to laugh. 

He sits in first, sighing as the water touches his skin. His deep green eyes meet yours, and his hand is extended for you to take. You take it, and allow your body to relax in the hot water as you lay snug against Dean’s chest.

You two rest in silence, Dean’s lips occasionally brushing your skin. You two stay that way for an hour, enjoying each other’s company, until the water turns cold. Dean notices your body shiver, helping you stand up. He steps out of the tub to get the towels hanging by the door. You admire the miles of creamy skin, small freckles dusting his muscular back.

“Like what you see?” Dean asks with a smirk on his face, wrapping a towel around your body. 

“You know I do”, you laugh softly, reminiscing in the warmth of the cotton. The two of you head to the bedroom, where one of Dean’s huge sweaters and a pair of your sweatpants are folded neatly on the bed. 

Dean quickly gets dressed. “Go ahead and get dressed. I’ll be right back.”

You kiss his lips tenderly. “Okay babe. Thank you again.”

After you get dressed, the smell of popcorn fills the apartment, causing your stomach to growl. Your bare feet pad against the hardwood of the hallway as you head to the living room. Dean smiles at you from the couch, a huge bowl of popcorn in his lap. 

“Come here, baby girl.”

Hesitantly, you look at the clock, frowning at the time. “Baby, I have to work on that report for tomorrow”, you sigh sadly as you walk over to Dean. 

“Oh come on, Y/N. It’s snowing like crazy out there. You won’t have class tomorrow.”

You look outside and sure enough, a fresh blanket of snow is covering the ground. “Oh, alright.”

You cuddle up to your boyfriend’s chest, popping a piece of popcorn in your mouth, sighing when the buttery taste hits your tongue. 

Dean’s eyes rake over your form with affection. “This looks good on you”, he gestures to his sweater, “You should wear it more often.”

You blush. Not only is it warm and soft, but it smells just like him- a hint of whisky and peppermint. 

Dean clicks the remote, the title of your favorite movie showing on the TV. You grin. “Aw, Dean, you really are spoiling me tonight aren’t you?”

“Yep. You’ve been working your ass off all month. You deserve a break.”

You place a soft kiss on his jaw. “Well thank you Dean. When did I get so lucky to have you?”

Dean just chuckles, and the movie begins soon after. Soon, around halfway through, the exhaustion and stress lulls you to sleep, cuddled against Dean’s also sleeping form. 

Instead of worrying about that assignment, you dreamed of your day off tomorrow, which would be completely spent with Dean. And you wouldn’t spend it any other way.

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Winter Anime Watchlist

Like I’ve mentioned before, I won’t be able to do my usual weekly rankings for this season (or be around a lot in general), but if anyone wants to talk about any of the shows I’m watching feel free to hit me up, I always do enjoy discussing anime :D

Top priority: 

Haikyuu S2 I’m not ready for the Seijou match ;A;

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Showa Genroku Rakugo Shinjuu Hands down my favorite new show this season. 

Originally posted by kirlua

Boku Dake ga Inai Machi (oficially titled ERASED in English, but damn is that a terrible translation and completely overlooks Kayo’s composition)

Originally posted by meroune-lorelei

Durarara!!x2 Ketsu. I’m not ready to say goodbye to ‘bukuro ;A;

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AssClass S2: I think this is the only comedy I’m following, so it’s good that it’s a great one.

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Lupin III: Continuing in its full greatness from the last season. I love this Lupin series, it’s just so much fun

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Akagami no Shirayuki-hime S2: This is my weekly dose of pleasant-looking fluff. Zen’s overprotectiveness is starting to wear on me a little though

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Low Priority

Gundam; Iron Blooded Orphans: It may be this current arc we’re going through, I’m still enjoying the show and I love the characters, but it feels like its meandering a little/going nowhere

Originally posted by fabelyn

Prince of Stride: I do love and enjoy this show and its characters, it just doesn’t leave me begging for more week after week. There’s literally nothing wrong with it, it’s just a different type of dumb fluff and I couldn’t put it in the same league as Lupin or Showa Genroku

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Fairy Tail: At this point it seems obvious that the anime adaptation won’t get better, period. Even when they animate the parts I love from the manga, like Aquarius’s sacrifice or the on-going Mavis story, I can barely muster any enthusiasm for it because it’s just so… dispassioned. I don’t feel any love from the people animating this. The fact that the muddy colors are obviously here to stay -I expected them to go back to a brighter scheme for Mavis’s story, but it was a hopeless dream- doesn’t help at allIt has nothing to do with having read the manga, I’ve read HQ too and that anime is at the top of my list.

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Dimension W: It’s an okay show, it has just failed to grasp me and its relatively tame yet awfully forced fanservicey moments are just eeeeh. I’m honestly more hooked in its look than in the story or characters. Could drop any moment.

Originally posted by mikotomisakas

Ajin: So far it feels more like tryhard edgy grimdrak stuff, but at least Kai is a really likable character. The CGI looks like literal poop though. Honestly I’m just hanging on becaue the manga has received so many awards and the cover of volume 1 looks so cool.

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Watching out of spite/nothing better to do

HaruChika: It’s not boring but it isn’t entertainment, it just kind of exists. Plus, the two leads are kind of insufferable in diferent ways, I find Haruta exposing people’s painful memories and vulnerable feelings to everyone is a rather awful way to recruit people for the band.

Originally posted by hentaikohai

GARO: Guren no Tsuki. Same as above, not boring but not entertaining. I do like Yorinobu, he’s probably the only character I like at this point. Honoo no Kokuin must be rolling in its grave. Honestly just watching to complete it at this point. 

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(this gif does not represent the show itself but my feelings about it lmao. Same Alfonso, Same.)

BBK/BRNK: I did say I quite enjoyed the second episode, but as the week passed by, I realized I didn’t really care about what happened next. I’m also bitter because the first episode gave us all this backstory about MC’s cool sister and she seems to have e disappeared from existence, she’s not even in the opening, which gives me little hope about her ever coming back, and I don’t care about the cookie-cutter mini Power Rangers team. I’ll keep up with it if I can, but since it comes out in the weekend, chances are I’ll fall behind eventually.

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Hai to Gensou no Grimgar: This show is just… it has some brilliantly quiet moments, like most of episode 2, and then it just has to literally shit the bed with 10 minutes-worth of gross “guys peeping on girls/guys wondering about girls without underwear/guys blaming the girls for wearing provocative clothes” and I’m jjust like… I really want to like this but the neverending sequence of Haruhiro pondering about how his female guildmates are not wearing panties was just so bloody disgusting it’s a miracle I made it to the inconsequential second half of the episode. It’s a shame because it looks gorgeous, but I’m ready to drop it if it doesn’t stop the gross bullshit.

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Divine Gate: In a season flooded with Meh-diocrity, this one manages to earn the golden poop for worst dialogues and most heavyhanded story-telling. Emo Kylo Ren’s got nothing on Aoto, who puts ice cubes on his ramen because HE HAS NEVER EATEN WARM FOOD OKAY. 

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*must clariy that when I say I watch them when I got nothing better to do, it means I watch them in my rare off-time during work, time in which I can’t work on my dissertation, obviously

Dropped: Acive Raid, Phantom Colors Myriad World, Phantasy Star Online 2, Norn9 and Nijiiro Days, simply because they all bored me to tears and/or were stupid beyond comprehension (the first two in particular. Ugh, the limbooobs)

rebdema  asked:

What would Kuroo, Oikawa, Kenma, Iwa-chan, Terushima, Akaashi and Bokuto wear in their free time?

So sorry I’ve been MIA! I’ve been busy with my play, planning my birthday stuff, and ugh school is stupid. But my b-day is tomorrow and school ends soon so hopefully I’ll be posting a lot more! AND UMM I HAVE 925 FOLLOWERS?????

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