also will work for next year's 4th of july


“Eren, stop, that isn’t true [that you’re a worthless little kid]. Hey, thank you. I’ve been meaning to tell you that. For fighting, for always standing by me. Thank you. For pushing through, for showing me how to live with purpose. I’m greatful. My scarf, for always wrapping it around me. Thank you.”

-          Mikasa Ackerman, Attack on Titan (Ep. 37)

“Mikasa, I will always wrap your scarf, always and forever. That’s a promise.”

-          Eren Jaeger

The Toonami Trending Rundown for July 22-23, 2017. A milestone night for the better cartoon show as the nerd world celebrates San Diego Comic-Con week, with Attack on Titan completing season 2 as Eren looks for revenge on the Titan that killed his mother, while Hunter x Hunter begins the Greed Island story arc as Gon returns to his quest of getting in the game, and Hinata defends Naruto while he is down in his battle against Pain, among other great moments.

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anonymous asked:

I'm not one of the people without a gift, but I've never taken part in an exchange where the collection went live without everyone having something. You should have delayed the opening if necessary. I will not participate again next year.

The collection last year was the same way. In fact, one of the mods didn’t receive their gift until almost 24 hours later, and this year is the same way, with a mod having not received a gift. It happens, and it sucks, but we felt the July 4th date, being so integral to the challenge (as it’s Kent’s birthday) was more important for going live with the collection. ‘Swawesome Santa, another popular Check! Please secret santa, works the same way, so we also didn’t feel we were being extra-ordinary with this. 

We’re sorry that you won’t participate again next year, but c’est la vie, we suppose. We hope you can find other challenges that suit your needs as a creator better. 

2014 has been one of the most difficult years of my life. A lot of things were thrown my way but I believe that I dealt with them in the best possible way. None of you know this but I actually had a baby this year. For multiple reasons I decided that it was best for my sister to adopt him and I now have this wonderful nephew who I love with all of my being. (May be a blog post on that later) That being said, 2014 has also been one of the best years of my life! My precious nephew was born, I spent my 20th birthday on a beautiful mountain with some crazy, good people in Montana, I spent a week in Costa Rica on an adventure of a lifetime creating friendships that will last forever, my truck and I traveled over 6,500 miles all over the United States, I was able to work with my dad again in Nevada, made a lot of new friends and was reunited with some old ones along the way! 😊 Also, as I was packing for my move to Colorado I came across a shirt that I had left here before my last venture. Ive posted the photo on the left before but it was taken on the 4th of July! The photo on the right was taken today in the same shirt! That’s a 25 pound difference 😊 I hope you are all as blessed next year as I have been this year! Here’s to 2015!!


It’s Monday and I’m ready for the week! Yesterday after the cookout with Kevin’s family we came home and did some Sunday cleaning. Laundry, cleaned the house, and I prepped some lunches and snacks for the week so when I got grabby hands for something to eat it would be a good choice. My gym bag is packed so I can go to Zumba right after work tonight.

I also booked my flight to Georgia for next month so I am so pumped about that trip!! I cannot wait for time home seeing some of my best friends and spending time with my older sister.

Kev and his brother go all out for 4th of July and have been working on their fireworks for the past week or so. I’m so excited for another 4th of July weekend in Kansas. Next year is also the 2 year anniversary of Kevin and I!

I forgot my ring again today. Oopsies.

My lock and home screen are my two favorite dudes.

I’ve got a busy Monday so I best get to work now.

Hope you all have a lovely day!!