also will work for next year's 4th of july


It’s Monday and I’m ready for the week! Yesterday after the cookout with Kevin’s family we came home and did some Sunday cleaning. Laundry, cleaned the house, and I prepped some lunches and snacks for the week so when I got grabby hands for something to eat it would be a good choice. My gym bag is packed so I can go to Zumba right after work tonight.

I also booked my flight to Georgia for next month so I am so pumped about that trip!! I cannot wait for time home seeing some of my best friends and spending time with my older sister.

Kev and his brother go all out for 4th of July and have been working on their fireworks for the past week or so. I’m so excited for another 4th of July weekend in Kansas. Next year is also the 2 year anniversary of Kevin and I!

I forgot my ring again today. Oopsies.

My lock and home screen are my two favorite dudes.

I’ve got a busy Monday so I best get to work now.

Hope you all have a lovely day!!