also why keep telling me these stuff

I hate this phrase..

“But you promised…”

This has to be my most hated phrase ever as of late next to ‘get over it already’.

Guys, please understand that promises can be broken for a variety of reasons. I mean, seriously, do I have to list the reasons why they can be or can some people not see past their own nose as to what’s going on in someone else’s world?

Unless you pay for something, nobody is obligated to fulfill a promise.

I’ve made some promises to people that I could do a RP for them, and when I tell them ‘no, I can’t anymore’, they still hound me about it keeping that phrase above my head like it’ll randomly change my mind.

People can and will change their minds about stuff all the time for (again) a variety of reasons. Also, guess what? People are actually not obligated to give you a reason as to why they cannot fulfill the promises they made.

Do understand that for me, personally, I try with all my heart and soul to fulfill every promise I make to people, but sometimes I just cannot give it all for everyone for personal reasons. There is no reason that people should hold that above my head. Understand that I am human, and I make mistakes when I don’t mean to and I make promises I cannot keep.

There is no binding contract with these words of ‘I promise’, and people need to understand this and just let it go.

Stuff piles up on my plate at a rapid speed, and I am doing everything I can to write and draw for myself and for others to keep them happy and content. However, everything sent my way, I am not obligated to do or respond to, but I will do my best. Just do not guilt me about it…ever!

As a gentle reminder: I think of you guys sometimes more than I do myself. Seeing others happy makes me happy, but again…there’s only so much of me I can push around the table.

Fake Chats #142
  • Yoongi: Jungkookie~
  • Jungkook: Yoongi-hyung?
  • Yoongi: how's my favorite maknae?
  • Jungkook: he's good, why? Why are you so...loopy?
  • Yoongi: I am not! I just wanted to cuddle.
  • Jungkook: okay, who are you and what have you done with Min Yoongi?
  • Yoongi: I haven't done anything with him!
  • Jungkook: but you're acting weird!
  • Yoongi: you know, when I act like this with Jimin, it's not complicated. He just says I'm cute and does whatever I want.
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: that's why I have a soft spot for him, but I have one for you too, shh, don't tell Taehyung because I also have a soft spot for him.
  • Jungkook:
  • Yoongi: and one for Joonie, of course, and Hopi, my sunshine. And I guess Jin-hyung, 'cause we're the parents.
  • Jungkook: so basically you're soft for all of us.
  • Yoongi: I'm saying that I love you!
  • Jungkook: see? Weird!
  • Yoongi: see if I take you out for lamb skewers again.
  • Jungkook: hey, come on, you can cuddle!
  • Yoongi: thank goodness. Jin-hyung keeps nagging me about stuff and I was trying to be nice, but my soft spot for him isn't as big as my soft spot for you.
  • Jungkook: I don't understand you.
  • Yoongi: if I fall asleep you can sleep in my bed.
  • Jungkook: of course you're going to fall asleep. Even when you loopy Min Yoongi, there is that one guarantee.
Let’s talk about this~

Yesterday, a new article got released by EW and it Revealed us a tons of new information. 

one of them is each of the characters information such as Donad..

and i wanna talk about this particular words from Frank Angones

“In our world, about 10 years ago, Scrooge and Donald used to go on these big, crazy, rip-roaring adventures, and then they stopped talking to each other, to the point where when we start our show, Huey, Dewey, and Louie don’t even know that the richest duck in the world and this legendary explorer is their great uncle.” 

So what happened exactly 10 years ago between Scrooge and Donald?? Donald used to go on Adventures with his Rich uncle scrooge, and somehow stopped talking to each other for unknown reason.

there’s actually a lot of possible reason why this is happened between these two. and here’s my guess

What if the reason why Donald’s leaving an ‘Adventure’ Life for something more important?

remember the time when frank said that The boys is about 11/12 years old?

well in that case Donald’s must’ve been having the boys at that time.

and here’s another words from frank in the Article we’ve got yesterday

“He’s been a single parent obsessively taking care of the boys, and he’s a little bit overprotective and doesn’t want to take a lot of risks, whereas so much of Scrooge’s success is based on the fact that he’s willing to take risks,”

Donald’s is an Overprotective Dad figure to the Boys..(and doesn’t want to take a lot of risks)

the #1 trailer showed us this scene where Huey and Louie wearing a life saving jackets while Donald wearing a suit looking like he’s about to go out from His Boat house leaving his nephews..

by this we can tell that the reason why these Precious Square ducks wearing them is because Donald don’t want anything happen to his Nephews (since they live in a boat house and surrounded by Sea, anything could happen)

sooooooooo,,,,,,maybe the MAIN reason why Donald leave his Past Exciting life where he and his uncle go on adventures.. is because after that day when he got the Triplets at his House, he realized that life is much important to risk for. and he know that by taking care of the boys. 

the boys didn’t know about scrooge because Donald never tell them about him at all, why? well..Scrooge is Their family, and Donald’s knew that time when the boys grew up, the boys will somewhat involved with Scrooge’s Crazy Adventures

Originally posted by kiwikandy

having Adventures with this Rich guy would also include some dangerous situations, and Donald knew this from his experiences.

Donald’s just being a dad who want to keep his Child Save and Sound.

well, this is my guess. feel free to add some possible reasons

Positive Mind

Originally posted by shwaybum

Artist: Jay Park

Word count: 1.1K

You were currently in Jays studio trying to get him out of it for a little while and have a break but he wouldn’t listen or agree to any of your suggestion, even a nice relaxing movie night. 

“Baby come on, it won’t be for long, we’ll just go to the café down the street” you told him. 

“I can’t, I have to finish this song” he said 

“It won’t be long and it’s my treat” you said trying to bribe him jokingly. 

“I really can’t” he said in a serious tone and you got his point. A pout formed on your lips but you quickly smiled at him not wanting him to feel bad or anything but that didn’t go unnoticed with Jay. And he did feel bad because you guys haven’t hung out for a while now. 

“Okay fine, I’ll just leave you to your work” you said pretending to be mad in a joking way but Jay knew you too well, he knew how you were feeling and he felt shitty that he didn’t even take an hour of his time for you when you did that for him all the time. 

“I’ll just see you later on” you told him, gave him a kiss and left not wanting to bother his work any longer.

You were going to a café on your way home since you were already out and you didn’t feel like going home just yet, so a stop at the coffee shop sounded nice to you. When you were about to enter it you noticed that you didn’t have your wallet on you, you didn’t freak out because you thought you had just forgotten it at home.

But suddenly you got a call from Jay, you were wondering why he was calling you when he told you he was busy working on his song. 

“Hey babe” you said after you answered 

“Hey, where are you” he asked rushing you

“Well I was about to go get coffee but silly me forget her wallet at home” you said and chucked at your act. 

“Lets meet at the cafe shop you said you wanted to go to” he said

“Babe, its fine, you don’t have to go or anything I know your busy” you told him

“Its fine, a little break won’t hurt” he said

“Okay, sounds good, I’ll meet you there, love you” he said 

“Love you more” you said and hung up the phone.

It was pretty weird because you knew how much of a workaholic Jay can be, and he’s the type to finish his work and then go out, so it was super odd that he actually wanted to take a break, but you weren’t complaining since you got to see him and he got to take a break.

You were waiting for Jay until he came just scrolling through your phone trying to pass time when suddenly you heard the chair across from you move. 

“Hey, long time no see” you said jokingly once Jay sat down and he just chuckled at your lame joke. 

“You didn’t order anything” he asked once he didn’t see any drink in front of you. 

“I told you, I forgot my wallet at home” you said and that reminded Jay of the whole reason why he came out. 

After you left Jay had noticed something on the floor next to his chair which didn’t look so familiar. He picked it up and noticed that it was actually your wallet, only you would lose your wallet and not notice right away he thought. He opened to see your ID picture since you always hid it from him because you hated it but he thought it was totally cute with your chubby cheeks. Suddenly all the content fell from it since he was holding it upside down. He went to pick up the pictures you had in it and money when he noticed how little money you had on you. 

“Oh you reminded me, I found your wallet on the floor in my studio” he said and pulled it out to give it to you. 

“Oh thank you, and here I thought I forgot it at home” you said and took it from him. 

“Baby you wanted to treat me out when you barely had anything” he said jokingly to you. 

“I know, thats why I’ve been saving up to treat you to something” you said very seriously with no hints of joking or being offended because you knew Jay said it in a joke, Jay was confused because he thought you were joking but you said it so seriously it got him thinking.

“Babe you didn’t have to come out if your really busy, you know we could always hang out when your done with work” you told him

“I know, but really needed a little break from the studio”

“Well you made a good choice” you said. You guys were sitting and talking when Jay asked what has been on his mind.

“Babe is everything okay with you” he asked

“Yeah everything is fine, why do you ask” you asked confused with his question.

“It’s just… look I didn’t mean to look in your wallet or anything, but when I picked it up the contents fell and I know you didn’t have much money” he said slowly so he doesn’t offend you in any way

“Well yeah I don’t really have that much money because I don’t make that much, and the money I made I paid bills and rent and all that stuff so usually at the end I just have little money her and there” you explained

“If you’re struggling why didn’t you tell me baby” he said

“But babe I don’t feel like I’m struggling, I have everything I need, I have enough money for food everyday. I may not have thousands in my bank account but to me that’s fine” you said trying to reassure him, you were also trying to save up for Jays birthday gift.

You were always trying to be positive even when the situation are very stressful, and stuff like that keep proving to Jay positive you and how lucky he was to be with someone that could affect his life in a really good way, you were always supporting him despite his long busy schedules.

“Ugh your so amazing I love you so much” he said suddenly which made you chuckle at his cheesiness.

“I love you too” you said and squeezed his hand in an loving way still giggling at his cuteness.

“I just want you to know baby that no matter what, if you need help or a little hand I’m always here for you okay” he asked

“I know, thank you baby” you nodded and said.

I hope you guys enjoy it.

I’m sorry I haven’t been posting that much here but I’ll try my best to be more active.

Bitty’s YouTube Career

I’ve been binge watching Fine Bros Reaction videos and it just got me thinking.

This isn’t going to be coherent enough to be like a paragraph so it’s gonna be a list instead

-Bitty’s a YouTuber

-He posts regular updates to his vlog, and interacts with fans on his channel and through other forms of social media

-Now N never really tells us how YouTube famous he is, but I’m actually willing to bet that a vlog like that would have at least 1 million subs. But honestly I’m imagining more like 3-4 million, and these especially picked up during Bitty’s time at Samwell (like he had a smaller following before this, and the spike definitely happens like sophomore year and just grows into Junior/Senior year)

-(Bitty wasn’t hella aware of how much he was pining after Jack and people were there for the drama)

-SO YouTubers aren’t solitary creatures, they tend to interact with, and follow each other on YouTube and on other social media platforms

-And once Tubers become bigger, other bigger names notice them. They’re verified on Twitter, so any @’s they do are noticed by any bigger people

-(which means Beyonce definitely tweeted Bitty into his Junior/Senior year and says she loves his vlog)

-(this being in response to a tweet he sent out for his most recent video where he gushes on a Beyonce event)

-(Beyonce says she’s binge watched a lot of his stuff and now follows him on Twitter and YouTube)

-(Bitty is shook)


-So I imagine Bitty does lots of collabs! He’s totally done several with NerdyNummies, since they both bake

-and honestly? He’s paying for his college with this dough. Like he’s not making a small sum, and he donates a fuck ton of it to LGBTQ organizations, cause he likes money, but not that much. 

-Like I can see him as someone who doesnt want to spend his money on himself

-Going on, he’s friends with a lot of YouTubers. He doesn’t talk about his channel much to his friends and teammates



-And Bitty kind of shrugs and is like “I mean, I told you guys I had a thing in NYC”

-Holsom is fuckin speechless and like dies and ends up subscribing to Bitty and watching a lot of his collabs and asking him questions and stuff

-Bitty gets into YouTube rewind for 2016

-When he gets asked, he DIES. He immediately tells his team, because this just isnt something he can keep in

-Also imagine Bitty with his silver and gold play buttons <3

-Tons of YouTubers have books, so after much prompting from his fans, he makes a cook book for them

-It sells millions of copies

-He’s on YouTubers React AGAIN but to react to Rewind

-Also, Bitty going to like Vid Con and being invited to Creator Summits

-Bitty having Vine and phases

-Doing more collabs just with his team and like they love it and you can tell he’s just really relaxing into YouTube and like friendships and his like genuine openness about having a BF and being out to his channel and like having such a support group

-His parents totally know and love him so much. Suzanne is soooo proud of him and buys the cookbook and like all of her friends do too its SUCH a big deal

-Just <3 I need more of Bitty on YouTube and how this affects him because with his sunshine personality and everything, like he’d get a following. He really would.


It always seems a little bit ludicrous to me how certain people seem to take a vicious delight in bashing the “patriarchy” (whatever that may be) and get all emotionally worked up about how men are treating them unfairly and stuff like that.

And then they turn around and use all the standards for themselves that the patriarchy is using. 

Like, why are you using men as the standard for what you should be? You keep telling me you’re not a man. Having grown up in a house-full of guys, I know that they have a tough enough time being held up to the standards of decent manhood. Not sure why all these girls want to be held up to the standards of manhood that guys can barely reach.

(Also, as a girl in a house-full of guys, I never had to act like a guy to get respect. My brothers wouldn’t ever dare to tell me to go to the kitchen and stay in my girlish place, because they were all taught to respect girls and treat them like ladies.)

Anyway, being a girl with feminine standards has always been so nice, that I’m awfully sorry that not every girl is trying to be live up to the amazing standards for womanhood. Maybe we should glorify womanhood, not just women. I mean, what is so bad about being excellent in the traditional role of a woman? And before everyone starts crucifying me for being backward and condescending to me for being so oppressed that I’m actually thinking like all the horrible men want me to think, please ask yourselves one little question:

What about manhood, about being out in the world and having to sweat and burn for a living and money is better than being at home and sweating and burning for a family? Everyone says that women are abused in a man’s world, but let’s not forget that men can be abused in a woman’s world, too. Really, all of this hasn’t got a thing to do with being a man or a woman, but just with being a decent person.

I’ve nothing against women doing things other than being mothers. My own father even wanted me to be a chemist (after I got straight A’s in chemistry in high school). There’s nothing in me that feels inferior to any man. It’s just that I don’t particularly understand why all these supposedly great women are trying to convince me that I’m oppressed when I’m, well, not.

And I honestly don’t get why all these girls are trying to “break into” a world where manhood has been suffering for centuries.

Maybe I’m missing something, but from over here it’s kinda funny.

Something I Realized

Both Betty and Juggie haven’t LIED to one another, but did keep some stuff from each other (so if you wanna go “lie by omission”, fine)—-purely at the behest of Varfchie/clearly rationalizing it as “not my place to tell/didn’t want to upset you until I knew more/they asked me not to”….

AND…..while they’ll each, initially, (clearly and overtly in Jughead’s case) being hella pissed with the other, it’s obvious this will ALSO be their path back to one another and understanding why/what the other was doing. This is precisely WHY we had those scenes (because otherwise, frankly, both were fairly pointless and throwaway).

My guess is they also, fully and completely agree to NOT conceal things, EVER going forward from one another, which is how this happens:

Distant - KSI Imagine

Cursive is a bit of background
Bold are reader’s thoughts
Normal are current events

*WARNING* At one point it leads up to near-rape. If you are not comfortable reading that don’t read the part between the line of stars. It’ll look like this: *****************

That’s all I wanted to say before you read this, so *in Mario’s voice* HERE WE GOOO

Keep reading

With all this Pride month stuff coming up, I keep going back to the thought that one day I will go to a Pride parade but I’m not quite brave enough for it. Because I feel like if I do, people will ask why and a lot could assume it’s because I was there to support friends, which is true. But I also want to be able to tell the truth.

But I don’t feel like dealing with the fall out of me being a bisexual woman in a heterosexual marriage. I don’t want the inevitable accusations of me being a liar, promiscuous, like I will cheat or leave my husband for a woman. I have already seen that kind of reaction when someone brought it up at my brothers New Years Eve party, from friends I’ve known for years, about a woman who left her husband and kids for a woman. And they were more shocked about the woman part than the cheating part–though, as usual, they conflated the two. I was also secretly jealous of that woman (not saying I want to leave my husband, that’s not it at all), who was brave enough to be herself and face the fallout from it. Though I am not cool with the cheating bit but that has nothing to do with her sexuality.

I don’t think I’m doing a disservice to the LGBTQ+ community by not being open. Hell, we all have our reasons. My sexuality is still valid. My cousin just came out to our family last year after dating his now fiancée for a few years. Even I didn’t know! My parents reactions were mixed… but it’s different with your own kid. And now I’m in a committed relationship, I feel like people wouldn’t take me as seriously. But I’ve known this about myself for over a decade. And I just feel like I will never get to that point where I feel secure enough in other people not to demonize or attack me to tell people that I am bisexual.

anonymous asked:

so, so sorry if this has been asked before. no matter what i say to my family, they just keep shrugging off anything i say about being trans. they wont let me go on hormones or birth control, they wont let me get a binder and they wont even let me come out to my school, even though its really LGBT friendly. my mother keeps calling me 'she' and by my deadname, and she gets upset at me whenever i correct her. any idea on what to do? thank you!

Keep insisting you’re trans and your name/pronouns despite how upset it makes her, she’s not considering your feelings why should you consider hers?

Also keep entering binder giveaways and things to try and get one.
(And save up any cash you get!)

Also, come out to friends and stuff, having their support would definitely help.

But you need to keep telling her this isn’t going to change.
Best of luck 💙 - Matthew

anonymous asked:

i'm really nervous about telling my boyfriend i'm a little (i haven't told anyone but now you!!!) i already call him daddy and he's fine with it but i'm just so scared! i also read your post with tips and stuff on how to tell him but i'm not sure if i can build up the courage to do it but i reeaallyy want to bc it makes me sad that i'm keeping something so important from him i just don't want him to think it's weird.... also your blog is v cute! 🌸

Thank you!! And if you’re ready, tell him!! He might not respond positively at first, but that’s okay, my daddy didn’t respond positively at first either. Just give it time and explain why it’s important to you!! Most likely, he’ll get it eventually :) I hope everything works !!

John isn’t really blogging in TST

So sorry if this has been done already but I haven’t seen anyone mentioning it yet so I thought I should write my first meta after a long time…. Sorry if it has a lot of mistakes I write really fast and don’t check more than twice really

Few things I have noticed…

What is John typing if this is an image/picture opened in his laptop? Seriously I don’t think this is a slip up, this is deliberate. Like look at this… the tItle is JOHN BLOG IMAGE.png. Is this a snippet of his screen?

Is that why the blog isn’t updated anymore?

Look at the past series when the blogs were shown… no seriously look

The “live”/as John types the writing is hovering on the screen blog type we get in a Scandal in Belgravia, though no showing of the actual screen…

And here John’s blog counter being stuck in 1895, BUT this isn’t a photo/picture a snippet of his screen like the one in the Six Thachers

Now you get the message, I can’t add all snippets of where we see John’s and Sherlock’s blogs being shown and not a picture but when actually updated the writing is hovering s2 style…

If John was really updating, and with all the brilliant and busy hovering texts we get this series, why is the (since) s2 when John’s blogging the text is hovering scene missing? Sure the episode is fast paced, it is already busy so they couldn’t add it… yeah okay

But why isn’t updated anymore? This is a picture of the draft… John isn’t really typing… and the blog isn’t really updated…

There’s also what John had written(past tense cause this fucking shit is a snippet, John isn’t really updating look at this shit) is quite funny. This is the text(anything in the parenthesis and italicised is my own additions):

Title: 221Back!

Text: And we’re back! Sorry I haven’t updated the blog for such a long time but things have really been very busy (seriously John what kind of sentence is that. Also confirmation that a lot of time has passed since the last blog, The Sign of Three!!! Mary is seriously pregnant but for so many fucking months…. Anyway back to the text). You’ll have seen on the news about how Sherlock recovered the Mona Lisa (no sorry John it hasn’t broken our fourth wall though it seems more exciting than the fourth wall break of the announced of your daughter named after your wife’s freelance assassin facade… sorry name). He described it as “an utterly dreary case” and was much more interested in the case of a missing horseshoe and how it was connected to a bright blue deckchair on Brighton beach.

Next paragraph: I’ll try to write everything up when I get chance but it’s not been missing portraits and horseshoes that have taken up my time. (You sure mate? You missed 59 calls from your elephant term pregnant wife when she was going in labour because you were with your best friend all day?Mate you put an exclamation mark in we’re back but not in the announcement of you being a father? John your unhappiness is showing…)

Next: I’m going to be a Dad. (no exclamation mark, so he’s not excited… this is not a response from a happily married man about his addition in his family)

Next paragraph: I mean I thought I’d spent the last few years being a Dad to Sherlock (wow dad capitalised? Again? and the hurtful baby is Sherlock jokes again? Damn John, you are exuding unhappiness), but it doesn’t compare. The baby runs all our lives (but it’s not born yet, or was it born when you pretended to write this up, Johnny Boy…) (this is John’s parenthesis: Maybe not THAT different to Sherlock then!) (oh boy he exclamated this and not his announcement… yeah he is so happy about the baby…). If I’m not changing nappies, I’m buying nappies (um.. the baby isn’t here yet?) I’ve fought in Afganistan (sorry not present in the screencap but it’s there for milliseconds) and my best friend once faked his own death (still not over it wow!) but none of that ….(I am assuming here he has written compares but his fingers are always in the way however much I slow down the scene) It’s terrifying and amazing and the biggest adventure I’ve been 

Here it ends… We never see what John “writes” as he doesn’t actually write up but pretend. 

Further proof that John has a picture up of his own blog and not actually updating the blog is the actual corner. Now thank God I have Windows 10, same as John, which is weird if they are still in 2014 thanks to the hiatus and the baby etc. but look at this

Like honestly? The time jumps and the continuation problems we’ve always had…. but this is brilliant… not a slip up… 

I am telling you John isn’t updating and this is why the blog also doesn’t update in our universe but I will leave you to further deductions as well…


The hit counter has changed moved away from 1895, thank god, but still in our real world it isn’t there. The numbers on counter now are 18493 and there’s weirdly an empty space in front of the 1, the hundred thousand space.

and a clearer image here

um??? why the empty space?

Okay so clearly John’s blog is booming, so much success is coming out of it, surely why not update it? Why leave fans waiting? Is this an act? Or MP?

Then we get these:

He has a touchscreen Windows laptop with removable keyboard. Okay alright the props and their time continuum is messed up we know this… BUT LOOK HE ISN’T ACTUALLY WRITING ANYTHING UP, IT’S A PICTURE HE IS LITERALLY NOT UPDATING HE IS ACTING UP WITH THE PICTURE ON HIS LAPTOP WHY???

And then we get the blogs up at the same time as the deduction scenes…

we get the s2 as John is writing up the case the blog post is on the screen effect, but here the client’s case is still unsolved, while usually when we see John write up the cases it’s after it has been solved… so they are trying to squeeze up the time here?

Next case, next blog post, this time the name is mentioned, so this one is probably linked to the wrong thumb they sent Sherlock. Nothing significant here…But why no title here? It’s meant to confuse us into thinking it’s the ontinuation of the last case but it’s not

Next: Wow John can’t really finish these blog posts can he? This is such a small piece, but why?

Next cases: The Circus Torso and The Canary Trainer. Oh here’s Hopkins and sorry I can’t remember his name while writing this but can’t bother to go find out. Here both of the cases are left with ellipsis again meaning it’s not finished. Here again not much context of the cases but the blog posts and the simultaneous Skype call (i think, could be face-time) are loading up the screen… Why? Why are we going so fast, and why are they showing the blog posts when it’s not updated. we’ll never read, have nothing to do with most of the episode, and are stealing precious time which only makes this more fast paced?

Sorry such a shitty screencap. Next up The Cardiac Arrest. Probably a pun as well, but we will never know because the blog isn’t updating anymore. Also because of much less context we get, yet it get’s screen time…. What is the point of this???

AHAHAH this is a nice one. Literally out of context, ellipsis before and after indicating it’s from some other blog post but then again we will never know because John won’t update his blog anymore… But look at this and tell me what your first thoughts are. What are you first thoughts? 

221B has literally been circled by assassins before, Mycroft has warned John, and then John’s wife turns out to be an assassin so is it really so surprising? An assassin who turned out to be…. is a great wait to end this quote… beautiful. 


And then that’s it… all the fast paced no context cases Sherlock took up and the very heavy blog post effects covering the screen end with Mary being in labour, but Sherlock’s texts to presumably Scotland Yard begin…

Now I will continue this as I go into the rewatch more but it’s funny how I am stuck in the first not even 10 minutes of the show, analysing only 3 minutes of cases for the last 3 hours… 

Anyway anything wrong please point it out, and tell me our own deductions from these scenes but there is more analysis coming, and if there’s something wrong message me, reply, tell me but go easy on me this is my first analysis type post after a long time!

Lastly, to answer many people who have been asking me, no I don’t think that John lost his passion to update the blog or even follow Sherlock after Mary’s death, but I guess part of the 221Back explains why John has stopped blogging, because he can’t keep up with Sherlock, baby and then all the Mary stuff going on… I also believe he’s acting suspicious and OOC just like Sherlock because it could be MP or they are undercover or something but I guess we’ll have to wait and see…

Plus they didn’t talk much in the episode like??? 

Conclusion: Something bigger is coming, but John’s posts will never go up. The are just snippets of him writing them… but never up.

please @hudders-and-hiddles @finalproblem @quietlyprim @constancecream @deducingbbcsherlock @loudest-subtext-in-tv @love-in-mind-palace and many others look at this I am so struck by it!

sweetdreamcollectorposts  asked:

Well, it's funny because I started to write because of my comic books. I wanted to draw the characters and write their lines down, but it took me such a long time that I stopped drawing and just wrote the lines down. But random lines don't make a full story... So I started describing the acting, and feelings and all the other stuff as well, and when I looked at myself, writing had became a passion. Nowadays, I want to keep telling stories to scape reality a bit and make people dream.

Wonderful! (I also used to come up with comics when I was younger, although I’m a pretty poor artist and gave up on that one being more than a hobby.) Thank you for sharing! Also, I’m noticing a pretty common theme of writing to escape and bringing it to other with all these responses.

I’d like to address something in this fucked up FNDM.

Honestly what do people have against Sun and Jaune? It’s literally just them that people have so many problems with for some reason??? “Sun is a stalker and abusive!!!” How? For caring about his friend and crush and trying to see if she’s okay? Do you just not want him around Blake because of your little Bumblebee ship? Guess what? It’s just a fucking ship. So excuse him for trying to see what was wrong with Blake and trying to get her back to her team. Excuse him for being the only faunus that she has something in common with and can confide in. And even if they do end up together so what? Yeah I’m a Black Sun shipper, but I was also a Arkos shipper and you don’t see me bitching about that. Speaking of Arkos, let’s get to Jaune and Pyrrha.
Yes. She died. Everyone was angry, including me. Yes, Jaune took her crown and smelted it into his own armor. Know why? Because they were fucking friends! Yes, Jaune may not have noticed her crush on him until it was too late, but she also didn’t tell him about it either so honestly that was her fault. And it’s not like he just said “Well she’s dead let me take her stuff and make it into some bitchin’ armor!” No, he clearly felt remorse for her. HE OBVIOUSLY CARES ABOUT HER AND WANTS TO KEEP HER AROUND WITH HIM! ALSO! KNOW WHY HE GETS SO MUCH SCREEN TIME? JAUNE IS A FREAKING MAIN CHARACTER! THAT’S WHY! He was literally one of THE first characters to be shown in the first episode! Yes, the show may be named RWBY, but clearly if Jaune has so much screen time then HE WOULD BE IMPORTANT FOR SOME REASON?!????????!??????? We’re only 4 volumes in the series. Shit’s clearly gonna go down and obviously Jaune is an important part of it. One thing I WILL agree on with you guys though.. Jaune did need to stop going after Weiss after countless rejections, but you guys have to know, it’s just for comical relief. Ya know… “Haha” “funny” or did you turn into some humorless sack of boring flour? Yes, Jaune is a flawed character, but he’s not a bad guy so don’t make him out to be one. Sun isn’t a bad guy either. He really cares for Blake and we all just need to get the ships out of our head and focus more on the stories and platonic relationships.

FYI: I really don’t like Bumbleby as a ship.. I just don’t. I see them as more of sisters, but if they do end up together, then hurray! Good for them! Hurray for lesbian ships! I also ship Sea Monkey, so there’s possibly still hope for Sun. In the RWBY team, I’m honestly more of a Monochrome/Checkmate shipper. Also… Don’t even get me started on a White Rose rant…. God I hope that doesn’t become a thing… I really hope it doesn’t… I hate White Rose.. (but as I said before I will be happy for them and the LGBT)

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One of your most recent posts is being censored for me and I cannot figure out why. I know the tumblr update means a lot of LGBT+ posts are being censored for some reason, but I can't tell what the heck this is.

hmm, i dont know what to tell you, because i dont have my blog flagged for any adult content, but i do reblog some LGBT+ stuff from time to time. Plus i try to keep my blog sfw as best as i can, atleast my main. (im in way to many events as a mod and then i also have my nsfw blog)

but yeah idk, thats really weird..

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even if its platonic please tell me u would totally steal eight's/twelve's jackets

i LOVE wearing really big coats bc Sweater Hands and i also can endure Really Hot Temperatures so catch me in the TARDIS wearing eight’s or twelve’s jackets over my hoodie

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Mom, my ex broke up with me like 4 or 5 months ago and I'm doing really well and am pretty much over them, but they keep saying stuff like "why does no one want to date me" and just stuff about no one loving them and like. They're saying it to me. And I don't know how to communicate that that hurts without making them mad. Also tell dad happy Father's Day!

Say everything 100% honestly and how you feel. You can’t dance around a message when someone’s annoying you. You can practice sending what you want to say here. By that I mean, if you’re feeling angry and hateful, you should say that. Once it’s out of your system, you may be able to more easily say it to them in person without saying something nasty.

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You seemed a little uncertain about the WWII AU, so I want to say that I love what you've posted so far, and I want to read like five thousand more chapters. The way you transfer the characters to this new setting and keep them true to themselves but also true to the setting, and even use the difference in setting to explore them in a fresh way, is so good. I never comment on anything, btw, but your writing brings me so much joy that not telling you that had started to feel somehow dishonest.

Oh, thank you!  I give you official license to enjoy without telling me if it makes you uncomfortable, but I really appreciate it.  The WWII AU is definitely a little bit out of my comfort zone and I’m not sure why - I’ve written a bunch of AU stuff in other fandoms before, and it hasn’t put me on the same unsure footing, but I’m glad people are enjoying it.  You can have a new chapter this week!  I’m just trying to stay ahead of it so I don’t have huge gaps in updating, but next week I’m going on vacation, so I should have lots of time to write soon.

It means a lot that you reached out <3

buy my stuff so I can get out

My confession: I’m tired of so many people. Had one person ask if I’d take 1200 FD for either my sword of discourse or rainbow sneep .Then when I told them that I wasn’t interested in trading anymore because they didn’t use the stalls to price check and expected me to do all the conversions/math they asked “why not” when I told them I didn’t wanted to trade anymore Again. Another person kinda just dropped off the face of the earth when I’ve pinged them twice (once in my sales thread once in theirs  because they have something I want) but responded to everyone else.

I’m also tired of little whiny brats telling me I’m a horrible person because I do/don’t do X/Y/Z . How the hell do you deal with it. 

Yea I’m gonna keep trying to sell my stuff for what it’s actually worth until after the Furvilla one year anniversary. Then I’ll quit for a couple months-year or two and come back to sell the rest of my stuff later. Maybe I’ll get a fair price offer then. (I’m talking about buying and selling in terms of petsites that allow off site trades before any of you go on about that)

Or if Furvilla tanks, no loss on my part since I’m not getting any reasonable offers anyway. Sorry Sweetie, but Swords of Discourse have never been 1200 FD :) Not back in December, and not now. That goes for 1200 for retired Emporium SRs. I’ll comeback next year and hope this hell hole of a site still has people who like it enough to pay for old things.

Or the “will you take art for this?” Crowd.

No. I will not. None of my shops say “Art is accepted"  I’m not interested in art unless you draw like Ayami Kojima’s evil clone. In which case. Hit me up fam I’ll sell ya my left kidney for that Good ShitTM.