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Hello everyone! Has there been a Jasico Week before? Not that any of us can remember. Good. Nice. Then we’d like to present the first Jasico Week here on Tumblr! (And if there had been one before, we’re super sad we missed it.) A bit of a rarepair nowadays, but that doesn’t mean it’s any less adorable! Everyone loves Nico, and Jason is a cinnamon roll, so why not celebrate them together? Romantically, of course.

Our prompt list for this year is…! *drum roll*

  1. Earth & Sky
  2. Confession
  3. First Kiss/Date
  4. Angst/Comfort
  5. God/Camp Swap
  6. Human AU
  7. Free Day

These will also be listed on our blog header, so don’t worry about trying to find this post again when more content pushes it further away in the archive.

JUNE 4TH – 10TH is when we’ll be running Jasico Week this year, and we’re going to be using the #jasicoweek17 tag to find the content you lovely fans make for them!

Mods Zuzu, Jubi, and Nik are here at your service, so if you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to send this blog a message and we’ll get back to you as soon as one of us is able!

We will make periodic reminders between now and June 4th in case people miss this first announcement.

Looking forward to all the new Jasico stuff in the near future! 

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Prompt Requests!

Hey guys I got super bored so here is a prompt list, I don’t have any time limits for this one so just request them if you want whenever! Also feel free to use these for you’re own blogs!

1. Go to hell”
2. “Fuck You”
3. "Fuck me!”
4. “Fuck”
5. "I’m so happy I could kiss you”
6. "Forever?” …"Forever!”
7. "Sorry I’m late”
8. "I’m so sorry…”
9. "Why me?”
10. "Stop it!”
11. "Don’t you dare!”
12. "Truth or Dare?’
13. "Do you trust me?” …"Always”
14. "Don’t you trust me?”
15. "What? Didn’t see that coming?”
16. "Please come home safe…”
17. "I can’t lose you, Not again…”
18. "Take it out on me…”
19. "What happened?”
20. "Have you been crying?”
21. "I always know”
22. "It’s midnight, what do you want?”
23. "Kiss me”
24. "Why?”
25. ”Son of a bitch”
26. "How are you?”
27. "Where have you been?”
28. "I swear”
29. "You don’t need to be demanding”
30. "I need a strong drink and some pain killers”
31. "This is the end, isn’t it?”
32. "I miss you”
33. "See you at home”
34. "You, me, bed now”
35. "Care to explain?”
36. "Can we please_____”
37. "For the love of god”
38. "We can never catch a break can we?”
39. "Now, where’s the fun in that?”
40. "Do me a favour? Stand back.”
41. "Stand down”
42. "Hold me”
43. "You better hope my mom doesn’t find out”
44. "Where are we?”
45. "Did you even look at a map?”
46. "Hallelujah”
47. "Is that blood?”
48. “Do you want me to leave?”
49. "I swear it won’t happen again.”
50. "I’m not jealous.”
51. "You can’t keep doing this.”
52. "I’m going to take care of you, okay?”
53. "You can’t die. Please don’t die.”
54. "You did what?!”
55. "Were you ever going to tell me?”
56. "Don’t ask me that.”
57. "Say it!”
58. "I could kiss you right now!”
59. "Are you still awake…?”
60. "Excuse you?”
61. "This is all your fault!”
62. "I shouldn’t be in love with you.”
63. "I could kill you right now!”
64. "Just admit I’m right.”
65. "That doesn’t even make sense.”
66. "That’s irrational.”
67. "Just pretend to be my date.”
68. "Are you really going to leave without asking me the question you’ve been dying to ask me?”
69. "When you love someone, you don’t just stop. Ever. Even when people roll their eyes or call you crazy… even then. Especially then!”
70. "I think I’ve been holding myself from falling in love with you all over again.”
71. "I’m not going to apologise for this. Not anymore.”
72. "That’s almost exactly the opposite of what I meant.”
73. "It must be hard with your sense of direction, never being able to find your way to a decent pickup line.”
74. "Can I sit here? The other tables are full.”
75. "You weren’t supposed to laugh!”
76. "This is, by far, the dumbest thing you’ve ever done.”
77. "I’m not going to stop poking you until you give me some attention.”
78. "Before I do this, I need you to know that I have always loved you.”
79. "Did I say that out loud?”
80. "Do you think you could have loved me?”
81. "Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
82. "How long have you been standing there?”
83. "Have I ever lied to you?”
84. "Have you lost your fucking mind?”
85. "I am not losing you again!”
86. "I had a nightmare about you and I just wanted to make sure you’re okay.”
87. "When I picture myself happy… It’s with you.”
88. "I made a mistake.”
89. "I may be an idiot, but I’m your idiot.”
90. "I see the way you look at me when you think I’m not looking.”
91. "I think I’m in love with you and that scares me half to death.”
92. "I’m not good enough for you.”
93. "I fell in love with my best friend.”
94. "I’m sorry, what? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
95. "I’m up to the challenge.”
96. "I’m yours.”
97. "If I didn’t know any better, I’d say you were trying to seduce me.”
98. "If you go anywhere near them, you’ll have to deal with me!”
99. "It’s okay to cry…”
100. "Talk to me.”
101. "Look at me—just breathe, okay?”
102. "Look, I don’t have much time, but I wanted to say I love you.”
103. "Well, this is where I live.”
104. "What are you afraid of?”
105. "You are the single best thing that has ever happened to me.”
106. "You deserve so much better.”
107. "You don’t have to stay.”
108. "You don’t know you the way I do.”
109. "You fainted, straight into my arms. You know, if you wanted my attention, you didn’t have to go to such extremes.”
110. "You need to wake up because I can’t do this without you.”
111. "You shouldn’t have even been there!”
112. "You weren’t supposed to hear that.”
113. "You’re safe now. I’ve got you.”
114. "Teach me?”
115. "We’re in the middle of a thunderstorm and you want to stop and feel the rain?”
116. "Looks like we’ll be stuck here for a while.”
117. "Just once.”
118. "I can’t believe you talked me into this.”
119. "It’s not what it looks like.”
120. "I got you a present.”
121. "Hey! I was gonna eat that!”
122. "See, now, what that so bad?”
123. “You’re the best part of me.”
124. "I don’t want to think about what I’d be like without you.”
125. "Can I hold your hand?”
126. "It’s a real shame nobody asked for your opinion.”
127. "What time is it?”
128. "Just wait a second.”
129. "Here, let me.”
130. "You’re so cute when you pout like that.”
131. "I don’t care what they said, it doesn’t mean shit!”
132. "This isn’t gonna end well!”
133. "Did you enjoy yourself last night?”
134. "Are you kidding me? We’re not ‘fine’!”
135. “You’ve only heard his side of the story. You never asked for mine.”
136. "Oh my God! You’re in love with him/her!”
137. "You make me feel like I’m not good enough.”
138. "For some reason I’m attracted to you.”
139. "I am not losing you again.”
140. "Why don’t they just kiss already?”
141. Why do you keep pushing me away?”
142. "I can’t explain right now, but I need you to trust me.”
143. I’ve never felt this way before….and it scares the shit out of me.”
144. "Don’t fucking touch me!”
145. "Are you really taking his side against me?”
146. "Wait a second are you jealous?”
147. "I wish I could hate you.”
148. "Come over here and make me.”
149. "This is by far the stupidest plan you’ve ever had. Of course I’m in.”
150. "You’re the only one I trust to do this.”
151. "I thought you were dead.”
152. "This isn’t just about you. It’s about what’s best for all of us.”
153. "I love you, you asshole.”
154. "You did this for me?”
155. "You can’t protect me.”
156. "You know I wouldn’t do this if I had any other choice.”
157. "I’m so stupid to make the mistake of falling in love with my best friend.”
158. "The way you flirt is shameful/shameless.”
159. “I just wanted an easy day with my girlfriend/boyfriend. What’s so wrong with that?”
160. "Go then, leave! See if I care!”
161. "You braided his hair?”
162. "Have you lost your damn mind?!”
163. "Please don’t argue. You have to leave right now, you aren’t safe here.”
164. "I’m not surprised that you murdered him.”
165. Am I supposed to be scared of you?”
166. "Is that what you’re doing? Trying to make me to hate you?”
167. "If he’s going to treat you like shit I’m going to kick his ass.”
168. "You’re hiding something from me.”
169. "You better have a good reason for waking me up at the ass-crack of dawn.”
170. "I don’t know what I did to deserve you.”
171. "Don’t you dare to ever do that again!”
172. "Man, you are a dream come true.”
173. "Everyone keeps telling me you’re the bad guy.”
174. "I made a mistake.”
175. "H-How long have you been standing there?”
176. "Is the skirt is supposed to be this short?”
177. “This is why you don’t ever have any shirts to wear.”
178. "Please, don’t give up on me.”
179. "When are you going to realize that I don’t care?”
180. "Those things you said in there… Did you mean them?”
181. "I know that you have reached a decision, but given that it is a stupid ass decision I have elected to ignore it”
182. "Who gave you that black eye?!”
183. "What the hell are you doing here?! I told you I never wanted to see you again!”
184. "I’m sorry, what were you saying? I keep getting lost in your eyes.”
185. "It’s okay baby, I’m here for you.”
186. "You say the nastiest things when you’re angry, so yes, I’m walking away from you now.
187. "I’m starting an idiot jar. Any time you do or say anything idiotic, you have to put at least a dollar in it—more depending on how stupid the thing that you said or did was.”
188. "You haven’t even touched your food. What’s going on?”
189. "If you don’t want to talk about what happened, then say so. Don’t just lie and say it’s fine.”
190. "Don’t you dare say you love me!”
191. “It’s a hobby of mine to prove you wrong.”
192. "I swear I didn’t mean to touch your butt.”
193. "Why are you wearing my shirt? Please, don’t take it off. It looks good on you.”
194. "enjoying the view?”
195. "go on, just leave! that’s what everyone does anyway.”
196. "who did this to you?”
197. "that’s a bad idea.”"name a better idea, then.”
198. "quick, kiss me.”
199. "you’re such a distraction.”
200. "i’m doing this to protect you.”
201. "get the fuck back to sleep, (y/n).”
202. "we’re not dating— ugh whatever.”
203. "i can’t let anything happen to you.”
204. "i leave for just a minute and this happens!”
205. "what? i thought you two were a thing.”

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Hi Addy! I wanted to ask who are your favourite fandom writers and what do you like specifically about their writing style or their fics :)

alright! here are a few of my favorites (definitely not all of my favorites, there are too many for me to list all of them ahaha).

TheCellarDoor (@donotdialnine) - Okay aha i feel like I never shut about it, but I just really think Patri does pining and tension THE BEST.  I always feel like I’m dying in the middle of the fic.  ahaha particularly with Faking it and also Autumn At My Window.  I particularly love how Harry and Louis are always so warmly written, also.     

missandrogyny (@paynner) - I part of why I love reading missandrogyny fics because they have a lighthearted sensibility.  @100percentsassy (another of my super favorite authors, lol) is always talking about how great it is when fanfics capture this sort of banter-y romcom quality, and I think paynner really does that so well!!! Everythings always entertaining and genuinely funny! i really loved to kill the mess we’ve made and I am very excited to read the cuddling fic this afternoon!!

RealName (@realname91) - I am just always super impressed by how emotionally believable things are in RealName fics.  And emotionally complex, too! Like, people are screwing up and hurting each other sometimes, but it’s understandable as to why.  My favorite of theirs is Big, Bright World, but I’m always trying to get everyone to read Cold, as well.  I mean the pining and the angst!!!! I went on a annie lennox listening tear after I read it. 

juliusschmidt (@juliusschmidt) - I’m not sure how to describe this exactly, but I love it how Alex writes stuff that like, accurately reflects the world and all the problems in it.  Like, realistically sexist teenage boy conversations or just subtle or not so subtle homophobia coming from character’s parents and friends.  Also, I think Alex is very funny.  I know I just recced her advent fic a little while ago, but also definitely read little wings on my shoes right away, if you have not!!    

stylinsoncity (@alienproof) - I feel Chelsie always has like 3500 ideas that she’s working on and she tries so many different things and it’s amazing. I really love the Wonderlands because there is so much emotion in it, i love the way Harry’s relationship with his daughter is handled.  so good!!   

 okay, that’s it for now! Sorry if I repeated myself a ton ahaha i just love emotions, i guess! 

BAP: Reacting to their Younger Sister Liking the Maknae


Yongguk overall would be cool with it. He’s definitively the protective older brother type but it’s Zelo, not some random stranger who he doesn’t know. He’ll feel confident that Zelo would treat her right. But he’d constantly worry about both their careers and potential scandals if the two of them began dating. 

“Just…be careful. An Idol life is hard, dating will make it harder.”

Originally posted by mybabyoppa


Activate: Super Protective Nagging Mom Mode. For Himchan, it would come as such a shock. But when he finally registers what she told him. Be prepared to get an earful of why she’s too young to date, let alone liking one of his members.

“Y-you like who?! Haha…funny, not while I’m still alive and breathing…”

Originally posted by gldnsky


Also not cool with it, that’s his little baby sister after all. He’d list a bunch of reasons why his little sister shouldn’t like Zelo. He’d go so far to physically try to keep her as far away from Zelo as possible.

“No, no no…that’s not gonna happen.”

Originally posted by bts-bap-trash


Youngjae would disapprove of it for the same reasons. But unlike Daehyun, he’d go about it differently. He would start telling you gross or embarrassing stories, real or not, about Zelo to make her lose interest.

“Hey, did I ever tell you about that time Zelo…”

Originally posted by junghomohyun


Jongup would feel awkward knowing that she liked Zelo, but pretty much resigned himself to the fact. He knows he can’t stop her from feeling how she feels. He wouldn’t be 100% supportive but he wouldn’t disapprove either.

“If it makes you happy, then it’s ok.”

Originally posted by dadamoontos


Zelo would be really giddy if he found out she (or anyone) had a crush on him. He probably would be most nervous about Yongguk’s younger sister compared to the rest since he looks up to Yongguk so much and wouldn’t want to disappoint him in anyway.

“So…you like me, huh?”

Originally posted by mybutterflyfact

I didn’t really mention the younger sister being an idol much in the reaction since I feel like it wouldn’t matter much to them personally since idols often do secretly date and such.

The female authors aren’t hiding...

Why is this still a thing? I just saw yet another article trying to recommend a few female authors as though they’re some rare species. The suggestions turned out to be just as boring as every other list: Rowling, Austen, Rowling, Bronte, Rowling.

I don’t know why people keep struggling to come up with 5 amazing female authors (or even making these lists. Like whyyy). So let me now walk over to my bookshelf and rattle off some names of my favorite modern female authors… (also, enjoy my attempt to break my endless “YA fantasy” books into groups). 

If you’re searching for that super elusive book written by a woman, try:


  • Veronica Roth
  • Lauren Oliver
  • Kristin Cashore
  • Veronica Rossi
  • Beth Revis
  • Marie Lu
  • Tahereh Mafi
  • Suzanne Collins
  • Susan Ee
  • Suzanne Young
  • Jennifer Wilson
  • Amy Engel


  • Samantha Shannon
  • Evelyn Skye
  • A.C. Gaughen
  • Jessica Khoury
  • Alwyn Hamilton
  • Marissa Meyer
  • Heidi Heilig
  • Libba Bray
  • Leslye Walton
  • Janet Lee Carey
  • Jennifer McGowan
  • Diana Peterfreund
  • JK Rowling
  • Janet B. Taylor
  • Laini Taylor
  • Robin LaFevers
  • Erin Morgenstern
  • Kendare Blake
  • Amie Kaufman
  • Kerstin Gier
  • Kiersten White
  • Melanie Dickerson
  • Melissa Landers
  • KM Shea
  • Alison Goodman
  • Elizabeth May
  • Kiera Cass
  • Renee Ahdieh
  • Marion Zimmer Bradley
  • Alexandra Bracken
  • Romina Russell
  • Deborah Harkness
  • Diana Gabaldon
  • Madeline Miller
  • Julie Eshbaugh

High Fantasy

  • Sarah J Maas
  • Maria V. Snyder
  • Mary E. Pearson
  • Sara B. Larson
  • Jennifer A. Nielsen
  • Shannon Hale
  • Stephanie Garber
  • Diana Wynne Jones
  • Stacey Jay
  • Erin Summerill
  • Leigh Barudgo
  • Hannah West
  • Sabaa Tahir
  • Victoria Aveyard
  • Rosamund Hodge
  • Melina Marchetta
  • Rae Carson
  • Naomi Novik
  • Susan Dennard
  • Wendy Higgins
  • V.E. Schwab
  • Gail Carson Levine
  • CJ Redwine
  • Katherine Roberts
  • Sara Raasch
  • Erika Johansen
  • Rachel Hartman
  • Juliet Marillier
  • Livia Blackburne
  • Sophie Jordan
  • Tamora Pierce
  • Sandra Waugh
  • Marie Rutkoski
  • Elise Kova
  • Angie Sage
  • Amy Tintera
  • Sarah Fine
  • Jodi Meadows
  • Cinda Williams Chima
  • Morgan Rhodes
  • Sherry Thomas
  • Danielle L. Jensen
  • Colleen Oakes
  • Melissa Grey
  • Sarah Ahiers
  • Lori M. Lee
  • Roshani Chokshi

Modern Fantasy

  • Cassandra Clare
  • Rachel Hawkins
  • Stephanie Meyer
  • Jennifer L. Armentrout
  • Kami Garcia
  • Claudia Gray
  • Julie Kagawa
  • Maggie Stiefvater
  • Kaitlin Bevis
  • Aimee Carter
  • Holly Black
  • Cynthia Hand
  • Richelle Mead
  • Temple West
  • Alex Flinn
  • Kresley Cole
  • Josephine Angelini
  • Lisa Maxwell
  • Zoraida Cordova


  • Rainbow Rowell
  • Jenny Han
  • Morgan Matson
  • Sarah Dessen
  • Kasie West
  • Jennifer Longo
  • Anna Breslaw
  • Sonya Mukherjee
  • Huntley Fitzpatrick
  • Melissa Keil
  • Brodi Ashton
  • Jennifer Niven
  • Katherine Catmull
  • Miranda Kenneally
  • Eileen Cook
  • Sandy Hall
  • Jenn Marie Thorne
  • Sarah Strohmeyer
  • Stephanie Perkins
  • Danika Stone
  • Elizabeth Eulberg
  • Jandy Nelson
  • Carolyn Mackler
  • Ali Novak
  • Ann Brashares
  • Tamara Ireland Stone
  • Gwenda Bond
  • Stacey Lee
  • Nina LaCour

(Sorry to Leigh Bird Dog and anyone else whose name autocorrect couldn’t deal with if I didn’t catch it).

These are just the books I happened to glance at, so feel free to add! And then maybe this can stop being a thing…


kirigakure saizo x mc (unnamed)

a/n: alright so i got both my papers done, basically (hallelujah), and finally got around to this request!! this one is from a lovely and patient anon who found the super sappy lines prompt list which is a really fun one! so this is number 16 - “why haven’t you kissed me yet?”

@jemchew he’s your favorite still right? and @demon-princess-anastasia <3

a/n 2: i thought about “monsters” by hurricane bells while writing this, and also “3ww” by alt-j so.

Saizo is a man of contradictions; she is well aware of this. He pretends he doesn’t care, but she has never met anyone who loved so whole-heartedly as he does. There are times, very often, when she wonders just how lonely his childhood was; she fears sometimes that the crows were his only friends in the world until he came to Ueda.

They’re lives have always been very different, cut from separate cloths and stitched into different shapes, different patterns — and as much as he may like to claim that they have no place at each other’s side, she cannot see it that way. There is no moon without the sun, no light without darkness — and for all his talk, their hearts are really the same, when she manages to catch a glimpse.

He says he’s a child of the night, a monster, but he’s warm when he touches her and his smile is genuine when he pulls her so close that not even the silvery light of the moon could slip between them.

Monsters aren’t real, she knows; only people who live different lives, with different opinions — but there are no monsters. And he most certainly is not one.

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I can’t thank you all so much for making my experience on Tumblr a great one. As a thank you, (and because I’m at 516 followers) here’s a massive appreciation post for all the people on here who have made this place extra-special for me.

Each of the people on this list has somehow made my day (and my dash) super awesome and made my experience on tumblr extra-special. Even if you don’t really know me all that well, or at all, know you’re here for a reason! THANK YOU ALL! (I even tried to do proper grammar for @dagurdewhite)

Remember that this list is not in order and I may have forgotten some people (I hope not haha) so bear with me here. 

Also, not everyone got a big long-ass description because I didn’t have time to write for everyone. 

Oh boy this is long so, list under the cut!

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Characters/Pairing: Sam Winchester x Reader

Word count: 1464

Warnings: I’m gonna keep the short today, SMUT, unprotected sex. 

Your legs are hurting, calves cramping, thighs burning, probably for being in a squatting position for the past five minutes. Oh, and running four miles every day for the last week of course.

The cold air brings goosebumps all over your skin and a small shiver here and there, but there’s no way you’re leaving this fridge without finding it.

Having already finished your weekly fruit supply, power bars and healthy snacks adding to that a big bag of lollipops is enough. Besides, is the middle of the night and you can’t just walk to the store, although in the back of your head you may be considering it. The thing is, the guys decided to take away your car keys, in case you find yourself in a situation like this one.

Ooh, but you have an ace up your sleeve… or you think. You’re certain you hid one last cigarette at the bottom of the vegetable cabinet.  So,why is it not there!?

“Looking for something?” A low-growl-like voice startles you, making you jump up and hit your head against the top shelf of the fridge door and landing butt first on the hard concrete floor.

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The 100 Episode 4.3 Takeaways

1. Roan, you had one job. Just shove the flame down your pants next time.
2. Octavia looks like Lara Croft now and I’m down with it.
3. Bellamy looks lonely on that comfy couch, Clarke.
4. How are Murphy and Emori going to be useful? Food I assume. Maybe start robbing people again.
5. I like the leadership trifecta of Raven, Bellamy, and Clarke, but I think Raven will get outvoted a lot.
6. Super glad that Luna is alive. Hopefully Abby can make a vaccine or cure for radiation sickness? At least they’d have more time to fix up the arc.
7. Papa Miller showed up again. One of the only parents left.
8. Not sure if Gaia knows of any other nightbloods or if she’s going to look for Luna?
9. How long does it take to get to Arcadia, Echo? Take the scenic route?
10. Roan, you look hella fly in that cloak. Please wear more cloaks.
11. I wonder who Clarke left off the list. Jaha, hopefully. Also, why didn’t she hide it better? Seriously, shove it down your pants!

anonymous asked:

Many people have noticed that Liz's mood for Red is not constant. Sometimes she is hostile and sometimes she really seems to care about him. What explains these mood changes? After all she is a profiler for the FBI…

Good question! A lot of fans wonder the same thing.

I thought I read somewhere that the Liz character was supposed to be moody and very volatile from the start. Not sure why, but that seems to be the intention.

Now I am not a psychologist nor do I play one on TV but it is true that Red elicits very strong emotions from her. One the one hand, she knows he is a criminal who has done very bad things and is number 4 (or higher) on the FBI’s most wanted list. He is her CI and she wants to try to maintain a professional relationship with him but she can’t. Why?

Well she is super compelled by him. Even though he brings “fire and brimstone” (Spader’s words) into her life she finds him magnetizing.  And it is not just that he knows about her past but also the way he obviously loves her and makes her the center of his universe - even more so than he did his ex-wife Carla and Emma (who obviously had a thing for Red). Liz is drawn to him like a fish to water. And life would be easier for her if she wasn’t.

Now I do believe once she got pregnant she wanted more stability in her life and decided that fantasy husband Tom was the person who could give her that (she blew a few synapses here - maybe when she got beat up). But because she loved Red she had to push him away in order to develop her fantasy life with Tom and Agnes. And she pushed Red hard, very hard because of how strongly she felt about him. But to her, the baby and her family life had to come first no matter how much she loved Red.

Then she did something so ridiculously drastic because she couldn’t trust herself to stay away from him on her own. So she decided to fake her death to get out of Red’s circle of influence. I mean she could have told him once and for all that he needed him out of her life but she couldn’t do that (and to be honest, Red’s feelings for Liz became much stronger the more time he spent with her so it would be difficult for him too). And now that he is back in her life (as the fake death did not work - whoops!) she once again tried to be cold with him to push him away. But as much as she wanted to hide her true feelings about Red from him (and herself), they started to sneak through and she is now showing she really cares about him again. Because honestly, she really does.

My hope is that all the ice will melt from Liz soon and they can go back to being true partners again.  Liz will realize she needs Red in her life, no matter what. Let’s get this story back on track!

Thanks for the question #anon

anonymous asked:

Super Sappy Lines Prompt #16 w tsukkiyama pls!

I wrote this one first since two of you asked for it! Also, ahhh, thank you! That’s such a big compliment! 

Tsukkiyama - “Why haven’t you kissed me yet?” (based on this prompt list)

He could remember every missed chance, every close call and every moment of hesitation. Each time he thought this is it, this is finally the right time. His heart would start to race, his chest tighten until it was hard to breathe for the suspense. Tsukishima would get close, so close he could see the tiny screws holding his glasses together at the sides. Sometimes Yamaguchi would even close his eyes in preparation, wanting their first kiss to be just like in the storybooks.

And then Tsukishima would pull away. Or he’d bow his head, looking down at his shoes. Or a door would slam somewhere in the house and they would both jump like scared children.

Other times it just felt right, to least to him. When they won their latest match against Seijou everyone was cheering and smiling, the pressure of the game released in one giant shout of victory. Yamaguchi had done something he never had in front of the team before and ran to Tsukishima and threw his arms around him. With a gymnasium full of spectators he had gripped him back, clutching him close. Tsukishima was coated in sweat and nearly dead on his feet, but he still had the strength to hold onto Yamaguchi. The other boys were embracing, too. Yamaguchi could see them out of the corner of his eye, congratulating each other and sharing in their moment of victory. When he turned to look fully at Tsukishima he found the other boy staring at him, something deep and warm in his eyes. Yamaguchi lifted his chin up instinctively, only to have Tsukishima drop his arms and turn away.

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Hey! I love, love, love your fics and I have read them all and I need more good fic! I know you have done recs before but I remember them mostly being darker and longer - I know you said that this is your jam, but do you have any recs for shorter and cute Lucifer fics? Especially ones that are all Lucifer being one million thousand percent in love with the smol detective who manages to turn him into a puddle on the floor?

Hi! Omg thank youuu! I love you for loving my writing! Yes, yes, yes I can do a fluff fic list. As a fellow fluff writer, I obviously love to read fluff! Surprisingly this list was super hard to make because everything I love is long and has at least some angst in it, but I found a few! The last one on this list is purely my recommendation and is a 43k, but it’s super good and it has great fluff moments. So here is my Fluff Fic List Part II!

1. all at sea by moonatoms

Summary: Lucifer tries to do something romantic for Chloe. It backfires.

Why I like it: Okay so I absolutely adore deckerstar and I also love the ocean and I’ve pictured them on a boat so many times in my fic career. AND THEN THIS WAS CREATED. There’s sassy deckerstar and then just all around fun from this. I love it so much.

2. Snow Day For the Devil by Antarctic_Echos

Summary: Lucifer learns to appreciate snow when Chloe takes him to the mountains for an early Christmas celebration (sort of).
This is for the ‘Oh Come All Ye Faithful’ Secret Santa Fic Exchange.Takes place after S2x08… maybe S2x10. ;-)

Why I like it: Alright so I was a part of this fic exchange and when I read this one I was super jealous that it was not for me. It’s so cute! Think of the two MOST ADORABLE PUPPIES ON THE PLANET PLAYING IN THE SNOW. That is this fic. And if you looked at my first list, then you know I’m a sucker for tropes. Yes there are cheesy and perfect snow day tropes in here.

3. Persephone by sanctuary_for_all

Summary: Persephone had known exactly what she was doing with those pomegranate seeds. At least, that was how Chloe had always seen it.

Why I like it: Is it kinda sad? Yes. But come on it’s a Persephone and Hades fic whats not to like?! It has a super cute ending and I really love how they set it up like you thought it was gonna be depressing and then bam: happy ending. Just read it okay? It’s lovely. 

4. The Devil is a Snuggler by 66olicityOTP43

Summary: No summary

Why I like it: Look, I’m not gonna lie here my dude: do I even need to explain this one?

5. Thunder and Trust by Barefootandbookish

Summary: As long as Lucifer had known her, Chloe had been terrified by storms. Worried it would never happen, he’s quite surprised when she finally lets him comfort her.

Why I like it: This is established relationship fluff and a tad bit darker than the rest but it ends in snuggles so! Mother Duck Lucifer makes yet another appearance and honestly him taking care of Chloe is just so adorable.

6. Come Hell or High Water by BecomeMyObsession 

Summary: Getting married to the Devil is never a good idea. Pseudo marriage or not.

Why I like it: TROPES AND FLUFF AND PLOT. Literally this is the best fake marriage fic out there right now. It’s so precious and I want to wrap it up in blankets and love it and hug it. So this is at the bottom of the list because its 43k words long (ouch!) and goes against your shorter fic requst, but I had to include it. It has some super sweet moments in it and just and utterly perfect ending and everything is just yes.

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Fluffy headcanons with sidon and a plus sized s/o who's super insecure about their weight?

Oh, the first Sidon Request! hope you like it!


  • Never-ending compliments from him
  • “My love, how do you always manage to mesmerize me in such way when you smile?”
  • On the days where you feel more insecure, he’ll wrap his arms around you and genuinely list off  every single thing he admires about you.
  • Although he doesn’t quite grasp why someone as stunning as you would be insecure over your appearance, he knows that insecurities isn’t always driven by logic and that it is instead, often driven by solitude.
  • Will also initiate cuddle sessions more, he honestly loves touching you. Zora scales may be a bit hard rough to touch, and feeling the softness of skin is not only fascinating, but beautiful too.

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about japanese devs that you could trust, what about nintendo?

i’m neutral on nintendo 

i like a lot of the things they make, but i also hate a lot of the things they do, and shigeru miyamoto is on my stink list of individuals in the gaming industry that you should not trust

eiji aonuma also used to be on that list but he redeemed himself with Link Between Worlds and Breath of the Wild after he went to America and experienced what American audiences were like

i forget where I read the interview, but after Skyward Sword, Aonuma felt super lost because he didn’t know what people wanted. people hated SS and nobody would tell him why. See, Japanese audiences at press events will just quietly clap at everything and won’t voice their opinions. Aonuma attended some event in america and said “well we were thinking of revising link to the past’s gameplay style” and the crowd went apeshit with applause. Aonuma was like “woah, what?” and has since only listened to incredibly vocal western feedback for his games because westerners will actually give him valid approval and disapproval. that’s why Link Between Worlds and Breath of the Wild are such stellar games. 

kinda got off track but i think i answered your question. 

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I really love your views on how the hogwarts sorting works, and I was wondering if you had any thoughts on animagus/patronus/wand type. I've always thought your patronus is a mix between what you feel protects you and what makes you happy, which is why it can change, and your animagus is a reflection of yourself (but then if you changed drastically from a trauma or smth, would your form change?) I can't figure out exactly is what wand woods, cores, length, and flexibility represent. Any ideas?

okay well wand length is about how big your personality is, people with longer wands tend to be more confident, and flexibility is exactly that, it’s about how open minded you are and how much you’re open to change

pottermore has a massive list on what all the wand woods mean and there’s also a lot of details about wand cores

as for animagus vs patronus I always assumed they were the same thing? have I fucked up? my guess is emotional trauma would probably mean you couldn’t transform if you were an animagus, I mean it’s super complicated magic so it’s very difficult at the best of times, but I assumed they would always be the same animal (which is why I find it hilarious that my patronus is apparently an orca like imagine transforming into a whale in the middle of the great hall lol)

bands with rad ladies in them

ok so this list is waaaay far from complete but here’s a list of some of my favorite bands with women in them. it’s a pretty diverse list (like seriously - classic rock to metal to indie pop), so there should be something for everyone. most of them are female fronted, there are also a couple girl bands and bands with women playing instruments. each band is listed with their genre(s) and also a song that I feel exemplifies them pretty well (although that’s mostly personal opinion). a couple also have some cool facts added bc why not. feel free to add your own faves!

  • Paramore - pop punk/ alternative; “Brick by Boring Brick” - probably one of the better known female fronted bands, and by far the best known in the pop punk/ emo scene.
  • PVRIS - rock; “My House” - they’re a very new band but they’re becoming popular very quickly which is super rad because one, they’re amazing, and two, the lead singer Lynn Gunn also plays guitar (which is cool bc lots of bands have female singers but not very many have women who play instruments) and is openly gay.
  • We Are The In Crowd pop punk; “The Best Thing (That Never Happened)”
  • Crystalyne - pop rock; “Punks Don’t Dance” - they’re super underrated imho so do yourself a favor and go check them out
  • Tonight Alive - pop punk; “What Are You Afraid Of”
  • Hey Violet (formerly Cherri Bomb) - pop punk/ alternative; “I Can Feel It” - they’ve been associating with 5sos a lot lately but don’t let that tarnish your opinion of them bc they’re an amazing all girl band!! and as if that weren’t enough, they were super young when they got together - they were all fourteen year olds, I think.
  • Bikini Kill - riot grrrl punk; “Rebel Girl” - required listening if you wanna be a real punk (as opposed to a fob punk)
  • Be Your Own Pet - punk; “Black Hole”
  • Against Me - punk/ alternative; “Unconditional Love” - the lead singer is a trans woman (Laura Jane Grace) which is hella cool
  • CHVRCHES - pop rock/ electronic rock; “The Mother We Share”
  • Joan Jett and the Blackhearts - riot grrrl punk; “Bad Reputation”
  • Halestorm - rock/ metal; “I Miss the Misery”
  • The Pretty Reckless rock/ alternative; “Heaven Knows”
  • Save Ferris - ska punk; “Nobody But Me” - honestly they’re what got me into punk
  • Fleetwood Mac - soft rock/ British rock; “Go Your Own Way”
  • Bratmobile - riot grrrl punk; “Feels Blind” - also required listening for punk girls (haha jk it’s punk there’s no required listening but seriously do yourself a favor and check ‘em out)
  • The Cranberries - Irish rock; “Zombie” - THEIR LEAD SINGER’S VOICE IS SO PRETTY OH MY GOD
  • Flyleaf - alternative/ metal; “All Around Me”
  • Cobra Starship - pop punk; “The City’s at War” - the lead singer is a dude but their keytarist and backup vocalist Victoria Asher is a (rad) lady
  • Neon Trees - pop rock; “Love in the 21st Century” - again, the lead singer’s a dude (but he is openly gay which is great), but the drummer is a girl HOW COOL IS THAT seriously how often do you hear about female drummers
  • Echosmith - indie pop/ pop rock; “Cool Kids”

NCT and blog related questions list

  1. How did you get into NCT/ SMRookies?
  2. First bias
  3. Your first ever post on this blog was..?
  4. What’s the meaning behind your blog name?
  5. How did you came with the idea of creating this blog?
  6. Do you have any bias/biases at the moment?
  7. Favorite NCT song
  8. Favorite NCT MV
  9. Favorite moment from NCT U era promotions
  10. Favorite moment from NCT 127 era promotions
  11. Favorite moment from NCT Dream era promotions
  12. Favorite NCT Life series
  13. A member you would like to protect forever
  14. Favorite NCT dance
  15. Favorite SMRookies moment
  16. Which member would you chose to meet first and why?
  17. Describe your love for NCT with N-C-T letters 
  18. An NCT unit you would like to collaborate with (for an ad, MV, anything)
  19. A member who gets you inspired or motivated 
  20. A member you would wish to get more attention
  21. A funny moment you’ve experienced as a NCT fangirl
  22. Do you have any favorite NCT blogs?
  23. One super favorite NCT-related post from Tumblr
  24. New in this fandom! Please send me a message with the reason why should I stick with these guys forever!
  25. A message you would like to relay to all NCT members 

wowie i actually wrote smth !!! uh, so u can also read this on ao3 if u wanna

“Valentine’s day?” Allura questioned.

“Yeah!” Hunk replied, “It’s a whole day dedicated to showering the people you love with affection.”

Lance wrapped an arm around Hunk’s shoulder, “so to you valentine’s day is every day, huh?” They joked. Hunk smiled back at them and wrapped his arms around their waist. Lance hugged him tighter and grinned while kissing his forehead, which to this Pidge pretended to gag.

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Sasusaku is a fraud

 or how sasuke has been manipulated into SS.

I’m gonna analyze it through two POV: Kishimoto’s and canonverse’s.


let’s say he was genuine about it.

1) He admitted in one of his interviews that he even wanted to write a love triangle (that’s just… wow) but ACCORDING to his own words, it wasn’t possible because a) this is a Shonen, and b) he had to prioritize. So, if you say romance was equally important here, you’re deluding yourself. He was focused on everything appealing to boys, i.e. just friendships, popularity contexts and fights. So, it’s only normal, that no romance would have deep development.

In this case, some positive and ROMANTIC-looking moments -no matter how few they are- are enough for romance in this genre. Yet SS doesn’t enjoy from such privilege: part I, team 7 is like family to him (canon), so Sakura is like a sister. He thus protects her as one. Part II -call it ‘he’s in darkness’, or ‘fake Sasuke’- but there’s nothing left of this relationship. The worse is SS went from sibling relationship, to nothing, to romance with a guy that never showed interest in such trivial things as being “attracted to girl or romance”, despite him knowing it actually existed.

2) Kishimoto had only cared about Naruto, his MC, tailoring the rest of the series around him. It’s so bad that every fodder character, every guy from the “main cast” and every evil has surrendered their soul to him. So, once he’s given Naruto his fucking acknowledgement, nothing else mattered for the author.

Sasuke who should have been seen getting over UCM, mending, finding his ways, healing or anything catering to his mental abuse and this abominating genocide has never happened. Why? Because Kishimoto never cared. It wasn’t in his plan.

How can a real Sasuke fan be satisfied with that?

The fact that romance wasn’t even relevant to Kishimoto, and that he didn’t cared about his own creation, he just took the nearest short-cut possible, since ‘Sasuke’s chapter’ was closed to him the moment Naruto beat him.

Since then, he manipulated everything to suit their –SP & Cie’s agenda -Boruto-

Basic reading comprehension.


First, proofs that sasuke is broken and damage i.e. in a state he can be manipulated and driven to do something he doesn’t much care about in the first place.

He’s a ghost of himself

You see there? Sasuke ceased to exist at that very moment. How any decision he made after this can is something genuine? He just surrendered his soul to the world. He keeps living for other people, putting their wishes first, since he doesn’t have any drive himself.

This fragile sasuke can easily end with sakura not because it’s something he has always wanted but, he’s not himself anymore.

Here, he shows us that he’s always been inferior to Naruto and Itachi. Here, you witness a broken man who doesn’t have any more self-love or self-esteem. He’s lost. How is he that Sasuke who made choices because he felt it necessary or what he wanted?

Also, very important, is his dynamic with Itachi. Sorry Itachi fans but he accepted to side against his own family. He betrayed his family, so how Sasuke who is pro-Uchiha forgave a pro-Konoha! Itachi was the last link to the family he ever loved.

Obviously, Sasuke became someone who can be manipulated and everyone who can substitute to his family/Itachi can manipulate him just as well. So, no silly things as “Sasuke can’t be manipulated or driven to do something that doesn’t go with his normal way of being”. He hasn’t even a mind for himself anymore, lol. He deemed necessary to become another Naruto/Itachi.

Because team 7 became that substitute, team 7 can have a huge impact on his mental, and that include Sakura with all that pushing her obsession on him until he breaks. That’s his reality now.

When Sakura confesses, he thinks back again to his family.

For Sasuke, nothing was as much important as his family. He even admitted that he had craved for love, and how he sought for a substitute in Naruto.

That’s back when his old family was more important than anything. After Naruto wins, he breaks down his final wall. What kept team 7 from replacing the Uchiha family, has been vanquished by that final fight. Now Team 7 is not only his sole “decent” connection but his only family.

Like he drank Itachi’s words, he’s bound to drink Team 7 words too.

By the way, why Sasuke felt like helping to save the world but then pull that bullshit? Another bullshit to end this too-long Shonen for Kishimoto.

That he had always loved his family, that team 7 took this place now, that he feels that what he fought for or thought is inferior to Itachi’s and now Naruto’s moral and that Naruto beat him until he had surrendered shows that he shifted his emotions from his old family to team 7.

Now he thinks he’s the worse person to ever walk on this earth when he actually acted like any other ninja. That lets it read that Itachi and now team 7 are always right and he’s wrong to think otherwise. Because he puts himself under those people he thinks are saints moral-wise, he surrendered to their wishes.

He’s like a wound left open now. Every bacterium that ever existed can contaminate him. Yahoo!!

What happened after the big fight and team 7 reunited?

-Kakashi just keeps reading his porn in a shady place.

-Naruto gave up on him.

-Sakura kept confessing until he said yes.

-He has no one but team 7. This team 7 is what is left for someone who put connections above else, and once craved for love.

-All that is important in Naruto is to be pretty, cool and have super power-ups and whatnot. Also get married. You know, ticking everything on the usual bucket-everyday-lists without actually giving it second-thoughts. What? Friendships? Forget about it! Let’s just scratch it a bit and forget about it later on.

So, Sasuke pleases them now, and there’s no one out there to put him first or at least help with his mental health or scars. I mean, now that he isn’t against the Shinobi system why cares about him? Just know something: the moment you get married, whatever pain or mental scars you have will vanish without actually caters to it. (Sarcasm again)



-The OOC of both to make SS:

Sakura went:

From this:

and this

note her promise

(Makes this face):

to this:

like this:

and that:

a) Sakura reverts back to her 12 self around Sasuke. Crying and repeating confessions. b) Her natural confidence that could have helped Sasuke is none existent. Now she acts like a doormat. Please go watch canon written by Kishi –she’s got little to no backbone when Sasuke is concerned. As long as Sasuke answered positively to her confession she’s okay with everything. c) Sakura who is a cheerful young lady tone down her personality to match Sasuke’s moody one.

Meanwhile, she never writes letters to Sasuke or even tells him to visit to see his daughter, but she wears gladly his Uchiha crest. See how SSS in gaiden is another guilt-trip session for Sasuke. He wanted a family and now it became a source of stress. Everyone, from Sasuke to Sakura, going through salad, everyone was apologizing.  Sweet love!

I like Sakura (she’s evolved emotionally and physically), and I love Sasuke but together? I wanna choke a teddy-bear.

-Sorry but Sasuke has NEVER showed romantic interests or whatsoever in anyone. Instead of ending like Jiraya or Orochimaru, aka with no burdens like raising child but travelling freely, he’s got now a child? What happened? How? Sakura raped him or something? Did he ask her? Had they actually had sex? That’s insane.

-In real fucking life, when a boy doesn’t show interest for any girl, he’s gay or aromantic.  Don’t even start with culture. Naruto showed interest. Jiraya did. Rock lee did. Heck, shojo and shounen ai come from japan.


-yeah SS is canon lol. So? If I could fucking take it seriously though, it’s empty, boring and with no real sparks or frictions. Nothing at stakes or anything one could write books about except their aesthetic. Just headcanons like Sakura opening Sasuke’s heart to life -when it’s Naruto-, Sasuke looking like a love interest from a shojo or SNS rip-offs…

They don’t match the canon, neither their respective in character persona.

So, only stupid people can get butt-hurt over the fact that not everyone wants to ship it or find it logical. You like it, ship it elsewhere instead of looking for trouble with antis or other shippers.

To summarize my point is:

-SS indeed happens because Sakura drives him -along team 7- to response to her feelings, not because he was “in love”. (It’s not the same old independent Sasuke). There’s nothing remotely special or admirable about it.

-Sasuke’s last relationships aren’t what could have helped him. Look at him; he’s still vagabonding. Even Naruto ‘let him down’. You think that it’s not Naruto’s job? Then their bond is cheap. You think otherwise? Then let’s admit together that Kishi mostly ruined it all.


I don’t care if you ship SS but how Kishimoto handled it and some extreme fans of his had me angry as hell. 

I can’t believe I’m still receiving “kill yourself delulu fugly”, “kill yourself” and the likes because I ship a crack-ship, like wut?? Please come down your high horse, lol. You ain’t nothing special, neither is your ship.

Wait? Is Tyler planning on performing a solo Columbine type event?

He had a shit ton of guns, ammo and bombs hidden. He also had his own “hit list” of “reasons why” not only like Hannah, but also like Dylan and Eric who said that bullying was a contributing factor (well Dylan said that).

And boy… I’m now super concerned about Clay Jensen because he’s the main target of the group! Which is obvious seeming he started a whole new domino effect with sending that picture out.

As Hannah said, the butterfly effect.