also why do i find this hot

fuck what the hell i just finished sense8 and like… damn why the fuck was that only 12 episodes…….

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Now I, along with many other people, find Alucard attractive. But sometimes I ask the question: why? Why do people find him attractive? He's easy on the eyes and his voice, hot damn! I get that, but he's also kind of a psycho and a monster. I'm sure plenty of other people wonder this too. I will never doubt my love for Alucard but why do I? Is it because of this feral-ness? Or maybe cuz he's so broken? I would love to get your take on this as well as anybody else who wishes to answer. Thanks! :3

I definitely think it’s a combination of many factors, many of which you’ve already touched upon. Some others that come to mind are:

-It’s forbidden, sort of - people inherently want what they can’t have

-People like being able to fix people and/or save them

-He is an “other” - someone that is unlike anyone

-He’s really loyal to Integra, which is a very attractive trait

I think I could go and on for the reasons, but none could cover all since we all have our own reasons.

Personally, I find him fascinating (Oh my, I sound like the Doctor haha) I love his darkness coupled with his humanity that is most certainly still there. He feels real, like you could actually know someone like him. I relate to him and I empathize with him. 

Also, he’s drop-dead (pun intended) gorgeous - that’s a plus XD

What do you guys think? Any thoughts on this question?

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I think the obligatory glasses character is usually the hottest character in the show.i just have a thing for glasses. (This is kinda random but I read your tags on that one post with the glasses guy and thought "I should tell them I feel the same" because why the fuck not?)

let me guess, you also don’t wear glasses hahaha. i feel like actual glasses-wearing people probably don’t care nearly as much about the appeal of glasses because they’re blind and probably find it all a hassle. but maybe they do anyway idk. i don’t always find the obligatory glasses character to be the hottest, i just know that my favourite character always looks hot(ter) wearing glasses

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kaidan being dominant and giving orders in bed feels wrong and weird to me but why is kaidan giving professional orders in the military division hot as fuCK

I feel like I so rarely find dominant Kaidan written in character, so like it’s not really my thing either. 

But Kaidan shouting at students to keep their barriers up and making them do shit all over gain when they don’t get it right the first time, hell yeah.

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My anonymous secret is that I slept w my first ever stranger from Grindr last night. It was so easy! Why haven't I been doing this my whole life?

Congrats on the sex! Although, make sure to that you are practicing safe sex 100% of the time, even when the guy is super hot and finding a condom seems like an unnecessary hassle, just make sure to protect yourself. Also, a good tip might be to never go on Grindr if you’re mad, sad, or anxious. You’ll eventually start using sex as a coping mechanism to escape from your problems and that never leads do anything good ever… Or so I’ve heard from a friend :) lol.

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since we seem to be having a hyouka epiphany, how about SPOILER ALERT **THE ENDING GODDAMIT HOUTAROU OREKI WHY DID YOU KEEP YOUR FRIGGIN MOUTH SHUT. SHE DEFINITELY WOULD'VE ACCEPTED YOUR OFFER. DO YOU KNOW HOW MUCH THAT HURT OK** and also oreki passing out from imagining chitanda's boobs in the hot spring omg

YES TO ALL OF THIS OMGGGGGGG both of those nerds were so sweet on each other and oreki was finally accepting it OMG THE EPISODE WHERE HE WAS THE CURIOUS ONE AND WENT OUT OF HIS WAY TO FIND THE ANSWERS TO THAT ONE MYSTERY ABT THE PLANE AND THE TEACHER OR W/E???? and CHITANDA HELPED? oh man i love that ep

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it's ya friend, newbie, back after a rousing round of book #4!! AAAAAAAA IT WAS AX! I MET AX! HE IS SO COOL! he's just like. a lost kid on the foreign planet. his bro bro was taking care of him but he left him all alone! I don't even Care if he turns out to be a meme-eating fuck later, he is an alien and that is cool and I will not be over it for a long time. also when Rachel said he was hot I CROWED laughing Rachel pls I HAVE SO MANY THOUGHTS ABT #4 BUT ASK CHAR LIMIT THO?

YAAAA NEWBIE!!! i think meme-eating fuck is a good name for ax, what a brat. but a cute, well-meaning brat. what a good baby. iirc he’s two andalite years old, which makes him about 14 human years old, which makes him about two years older than the other animorphs. IDK why i find this information useful i just do. he’s the oldest and yet he’s such a fuckin baby.

Also, you only borrowed up to #5 from your library, right? (If the anon who told me that was indeed you??) If you need to, here’s my google drive with all my scans of the series!! Plus reading order list!! There’s some weird typos because of the nature of scanning, but it’s totally readable. :]

(Eris knows what happened with Yona and his quest for the deer. Ask her questions to find out what happened or how they’re doing. You can ask her why she knows them, what she thinks of them, where they are, what happened, etc! Look at all these options!

You can also ask her for an official Eris Hotness Rating of a character/have a character ask for one, omg, she just. Is a lot of fun.)

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That one anon was really rude regarding the gorgeous thing. I read through your other replies & might have some advice. Focus on yourself & find happiness within & you will surely find someone to share life with. You're not too old, partying is overrated, and the Dad bod is hot. ;) Your avi is nice too.

lol yeah well I hate the dad bod thing and no one thinks that is hot. That is a myth made by guys too lazy to work out. I used to be in shape, and able to work out but i can’t and its catching up to me. That probably has a lot to do with why I am so down. Also PTSD and depression don’t help my cause so finding happiness within is a lot more difficult for me. 

As for the age you are right im not too old. Women either like the young in shape guys or the older guys…i am in that middle age area that doesn’t fit into any category.

But thanks anon lol

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Out of all of the Steven Universe porn I've (unfortunately) stumbled upon, peridot seems to be sexualized the most. Like wtf??? What do y'all find so hot about a green space Dorito who doesn't know what hands are??

Oh my gosh, I don’t know why either! I’m seriously concerned about the way the fandom is going, the show itself is so nice, accepting and inclusive yet a majority of the fandom can be so mean. I don’t want people to hate show because some of the fans are really rude, you know? Also what I find ironic is that Peridot is basically a robot gem (at least that’s how I see her) and it’s people are literally sexualizing a robot–it’s a kids show oh my god. I wouldn’t even have a problem with if it was tagged properly and hidden better BUT I’VE FOUND STUFF ON GOOGLE IMAGE SEARCH FOR PETE’S SAKE! It’s so messed up, I really don’t want SU to be viewed the way that a majority of the population views Homestuck or MLP.

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How did you know I also think Ema's hot? :D Might I recommend Aura Blackquill?

Coincidence maybe? :D 

In my case it started from how I headcanon Ema’s voice and an artwork of her bending forward (from the manga but I cannot find it online). It went full speed from there.Though I prefer Athena more, who gets bonus points for her unique design, that silly-yet-adorable grin and bright colors that match her personality. 

Seeing these two is probably why I’m slightly disappointed of the lack of NSFW fanarts of Ema, Athena and other post-Phoenix trilogy girls (Ema’s from 1-5, but that case is created much later). 

Speaking of which…Aura Black…quill?

Never got the chance to play Dual Destinies (still don’t have a 3DS!) 

but damn those cat-bunny ears/horns and pantyhose caught me by surprise.

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20, 29, 32, 38, 56, 80

  • 20. Is there a boy who you would do absolutely everything for?

my best friend but thats probably it uwu

  • 29. Where is the shirt you are wearing from?

idk but i dont even think its mine i think its my brothers

  • 32. Do you like watching scary movies?

not really but if i had someone there with me to hold me…………id think about it………

  • 38. Do you think someone has feelings for you?


  • 56. Do you think you like someone?

i wouldnt say i like him but i find him interesting and id like to be better friends also hes really hot 

  • 80. Name something you have to do tomorrow?

nothing i dont do anything all day and thats why i love to die

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You know what i hate about homophobes?(no offense) is that more than half the time it is something from the bible. But the thing is that it never does say you should discriminate against them. Its a sin apparently to discriminate against gays. But they pick and choose from the bible making it a less valid point because your not mentioning anything that doesn’t support your argument. So i ship Destiel and all those gay OTP’S. Why do people say ‘GAAAYY’ When it obviously is gay? I’ve also noticed that people will say 'oh id ship dean with cas if cas was a girl’ BULLSHIT. Its based on the chemistry of the relationship not god damn looks. Damn it wouldn’t really matter either because Cas doesnt have a flipping gender. He possessed a male meat suit but the Erik Kripke never said that they have a specific gender. Another thing. Why do guys find yuri hot if they’re against homosexuals? Like bro. That’s not right.
I’m a pansexual so it is very offensive to me when people comment on something that’s obviously gonna be gay just to piss people off. Like fuck off and take your dick comments elsewhere.

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hello. i'm a girl, 16 and i'm from germany. i always thought that i am into guys. but i could also understand why guys would love girls. i am questioning my sexuality cause i think girls are pretty hot but i could only love a guy. what do you think?

I think you are just a human being trying to find your place in this world. Sexuality is a spectrum. You can find girls attractive without having a sexual or physical attraction to them. You are allowed to admit that other people can be attractive, no matter what gender they are, there’s nothing wrong with that. Live your life, explore a little and just be you :)

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22-25! x

22. Why do you like learning new things?

Because, learning new things makes yourself more mature and enrich your mind . Also, learn help to make you find what you really like to do in the future.

23. Tea, coffee or hot chocolate?

Cofee or hot chocolate. I like both haha.

24. Do you like to listen to music when you study?

I like to listen to music when I have to study practical things but when I have to study theory I don’t like because it distract me a lot.

25. If you could only study one subject for the rest of your life what would it be?

It would be some languages because I really love learn languages.

(Sorry I forgot answer two questions :P )

I can never get over the fact that the moment of pleasure and happiness lasts for just few seconds,
Why on earth do we sentence our pleasures by making them guilty for life
Why dont we live a life full of innocent pleasures?
For instance
Drinking my favorite frozen hot chocolate from @serendipity3nyc is counted as a *guilty pleasure
Or even secretly longing for that freakish looking jacket that you want
Also listening to a specific type of music when no one is looking
I find it hard to believe that the pleasure in life are forbidden and sometimes prohibited.
I constantly ask myself why?
Why do we border our lives in such way?
Why don’t we live life pleasurably?
The comforts in life lies within the pleasures that we long for
اعبر الشارع مَعي
في الرصيف الثاني قهوة
بِها ٤ طاولات
سأجلس أنا في الخارج
و ستراقبني انت من بعيد
انا اجلس غالباً في الخارج
استمد قُوايّ الكِتابية من الهواء الطلق
و اصوات الناس القادمين
تراني اجلس في طاولة في الوسط
عن يميني و شِمالي طاولات
واحدة فيها صديقتان تشتكيان من رداءة الحظ معهن
و الاخرى مجموعة من الصديقات يتباهون بالحلي و الاساور و جمال الهندام على بعضهم البعض يريدون ان يصرفوا الانتباه عن حياتهم الشخصية الباهتة
و في الطاولة الاخيرة مجموعة من الشباب يراقبون كل فتاة تخرج و تدخل الى القهوة و يتفاخرون بعدد الفتيات الساذجات اللاتي ختموا على قلوبهن الاكاذيب و الوعود الخادعة يظنون ان كثرة الفتيات في حياتهم مقياس للرجولة
غريبة قصة المتعة التي تصحبُها الذنوب
مُتعة التفاخر بجمال الهندام و المجوهرات الباهضة الثمن
و تعدد الفتيات
كلها احاديث لا تأخذ منكم الا دقائق معدودة
و عندما ترجعون الى حاضركم الكئيب لن تنفعكم حينئذٍ تلك التفاهات
ذنبي الذي احب اقترافه من حين الى اخر هو
لا لن ابوح عنه
حتى لا تمتلك انت مفاتيح سعادتي 😉
#خواطر #الكويت #السعودية #afnansays #serendipity #kuwait #nyc (at Serendipity 3)

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It is 151 and I am wondering why I can't just be happy for her and move on, why do I need to keep holding on to something that isn't there and just find someone else

You don’t need to find someone else. The best way to get over someone, as lame as it sounds, is to find yourself and be the best you. Because you’re so used to being an ‘us’ that getting into another relationship will just be you comparing the new girl to the other the whole time which sucks. Just cry it out and spend time with good people in the mean time. Also, getting really hot and making them jealous doesn’t hurt either lol

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I know! Actually, I might have had her liking Justin again when he appeared on Ellen that one time and her boyfriend looked so mad, haha! She also finds Selena hot, but that's because I have her as my phone's home screen. My best friend was like, why do you have her as your phone home screen and I'm like, because she's hot, haha. =)