also why do i find this hot

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drarry aesthetic: draco loosely braiding harry's hair and putting flowers in it. harry forgetting about it and later going to lunch like that. people in the Great Hall staring because Merlin, it should look silly but looks hella hot. harry frowning because why on earth is everyone staring again. draco grinning across the room.

harry finding petals in his hair for weeks after 

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Pardon, but I have a question. Why do you enjoy a character if they're a pedophile/fetishize small children?

I also enjoy Hannibal, and he eats people. I don’t necessarily like a character for that bad trait, it’s more like I’m fascinated with the characters who have the most obscene hobbies/tendencies/obsessions. I took a lot of psychology classes in high school and college, and the most extreme humans intrigue me. Maybe it’s a desire to know why they do what they do. It’s not as if I condone the actions of pedophiles, murderers, cannibals, etc. But those characters do fascinate me.

Like Hisoka. I don’t enjoy him because he’s “hot” Like some fans do. I don’t find him hot. Hes a fuckin clown. I enjoy him because his behavior is so erratic and creepy. I also dislike him at the same time because he makes me so uncomfortable with the things he does and says. He’s a horrible human being and he repulses me.

I hope that clears that up. Just because someone “likes” or is fascinated by a bad guy character does not mean they condone what they do. It’s human nature to want to understand the outliers

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Do you know why some fans call Colin "Daddy"? Maybe that's cute, but I can't stand it :\

Ermm… it really depends on “how” it is being said, the intention one puts into this word, because, really, it has quite different meanings to it.

When it comes to Colin, I find it’s a mixture of sexiness and cuteness, which is really due to his age, his persona and to the way he bears himself, both protective and nurturing, while at the same time hot as hell.

I would not deny it also hints at “daddy” being the older partner in a couple who is a dominant lover who punishes and rewards *fans self*
I suggest you take a quick look at the urbandictionary because I am blushing violently already.

This sentence below always makes me laugh, however, every time I happen to come across it, as I can totally picture Colin saying it while meaning the exact opposite and knowing it:
“I’m glad i can be the supportive father figure in these kids lives” Colin Firth thinks as he sees a bunch of people calling him daddy on the internet.

SUJU Reaction: Finding out their girlfriend teaches Chemistry.

Leeteuk: “No wonder you know so much about Chemistry.”

Heechul: “Is that why we have so much Chemistry between us?”

Yesung: “No wonder you’re always so busy.”

Kangin: “How can you enjoy Chemistry? I still have nightmares about my high school Chemistry class.”

Shindong: “So not only is my girlfriend hot, but she’s also smart. I like that.”

Sungmin: “That’s cool babe, wait what.”

Eunhyuk: “I can’t believe I’m dating a teacher.”

Donghae: *Be prepared for never ending Chemistry jokes* “What do you do to a sick Chemist?”

Y/N: “Oh my god Donghae.”

Siwon: “I don’t think this was meant to turn me on but it did.”

Ryeowook: “Why am I only finding out about this now?”

Kyuhyun: “You didn’t think this was important for me to know earlier.”

Zhou Mi: “That’s so cool Jagi.”

Henry: “You’re such a nerd babe.”


why do people these days have to make everything seem problematic?

honestly what the fuck is problematic about straight women finding ruby rose hot? she IS fucking hot, everyone thinks she’s hot and straight women CAN also think she’s hot! do you people really think that these women sit there in front of their computers like “wow i hate lesbians so i am going to confess how much i want to fuck one in my facebook status!” so much logic!

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Parrish is an adult man. Lydia is a teenage girl. It's an unpopular opinion but this relationship is gross. She may be legal but it doesn't mean it's okay for a 25 year old man who is also a to creep on a girl still in high school. He's know better. He's acting like a ephebophiliac. You know it's wrong and that's why it doesn't sit with you. He's a hot 25 year old man but can't find someone his age... Come on. It's just gross.

I’m not too sure how to reply to this without involuntarily insulting the people who actually do ship it, but to a certain extent, I agree it would be better if they’d paired Lydia up with someone who came closer to her own age. I haven’t watched the show in a while so I don’t know if she’s 18 yet? 

Anyway, I’m repeating myself when I say the characters need a good therapist and a nice warm blanket instead of one love interest after the other. That being said, I’m all for them being happy and finding love as long as it’s not just a pointless romance thrown in there for the sake of drawing views.

Seeing as I haven’t actually watched the last season, I can’t really comment on the development of Parrish and Lydia’s relationship and interactions and my opinion on it may change when I do watch it, but for now I’m not too happy with the ship. Maybe it’s because I’ve seen a fair amount of people trying to force it on others here on tumblr, I’m not really sure.

In my mind it just.. doesn’t really work, I guess. No offense to the people who ship Marrish, just like the people who ship Stalia, I totally respect your opinion and ship, but it isn’t for me.


entfer tagged me to do my 6 favourite albums (thank u!!) and i read it correctly this time instead of doing my favourite album artwork - i couldnt narrow it down any further so i cheated and did 9 instead

  1. elastica  - elastica
  2. m.i.a. - kala
  3. oasis - definitely maybe
  4. red hot chili peppers - by the way
  5. the last shadow puppets - the age of the understatement
  6. arctic monkeys - whatever people say i am thats what im not
  7. the clash - london calling
  8. black grape - its great when youre straight, yeah
  9. grimes - visions

aside from black grape & last shadow puppets i wouldnt say these were obvious favourites for me but i always find myself coming back to them so ? sure

ill tag my current “biggest fans” from my activity page: so–why-so-sad babyrichey henrywinterish nickywires

also as usual if u wanna do this just pretend u were tagged i like looking at these

Like. ???

So I have this breakfast date and it sounds like he’s gonna stop by tomorrow during my shift.

He’s kinda cute. Just really intense which is kind of scary and awkward because his eyes are ice blue.

But he’s also a dad? I mean like hot dad? But like daddddd??? Maybe he’s a step dad

Oh god why. Why do I always find myself in weird situations.

But then it’s like I guess I’m gonna have to tell him. Hey I’m twenty two.

But then it’s like. Should you realize that? I know I like to pretend I’m old. But I really do look my age. And I’ve been dressing stupidly these days. Like shorts and sweaters and running gear.

Even if I were 25-27; homie ya daughter is like four years younger than that.

So ??? What should I do?


Apparently this is some meme going around??? Lizzeu tagged me for this and because I adore her, I’m doing it. My tastes are eclectic, but I’m a pretty odd person, so that’s expected. Appreciate my ability to hold back and not thoroughly explain why I love all of these albums. Also, I

Magnolia Electric Co.- Josephine

The Album Leaf- In a Safe Place

Rufus Wainwright- Want Two

Childish Gambino- Camp

Jason Isbell- Southeastern

Incubus- A Crow Left of the Murder

John Moreland- In the Throes (I couldn’t find a youtube playlist, sorry homies

The Killers- Hot Fuss

Ludo- You’re Awful, I Love You

I’m tagging rozeharten, megatrocious, and kabauble. Do it, don’t do it, it’s your life.

Thoughts jumbling around my head

Damn that fucking flag should be removed from society

Aw yeah gay marriage hell yeah

Why does my mother have to hate all the good changes this country is making?

Can people make dick taste like strawberry? 

I haven’t eaten anything substantiale in like a day

this chair is uncomfortale

damn ill never be able to play fallout 4 what a shame

i need fucking money so bad

Why do my friends go from making out to hateing eachother

I wonder if anyone finds me atttractive prob not haha im fucking ugly.

I want to loose weight but i also want to lay here and cry a bit

i should really start watching hunter x hunter again

i keep realizeing the same point over and over. its about relationships.

Furries are hot not gunna lie.

*humming heartaches by the number*

glass canon is a cool analogy

what kind of sex life does the president lead?

I never liked jhonny gat. Nope.

I could totally get into the sex industry. if only people didnt find my body disgusting (and i was of legal age)

Has anyone ever fell in love with a pinepple

if the zombie apoccolyspe happened Id prob just die.

I kinda want gun laws to be stricter but i also want a gun.

The idea of being robbed by a guy with a teacup makes me giggle

I wonder how many last words were never heard


not going back to correct my mistakes because im lazy
All You Ever Needed to Know About Knotting - KuriKuri - Teen Wolf (TV) [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

“I’ve figured it out,” Laura announces, popping up behind him and making him nearly tear in half the shirt he’s attempting to fold.

“Don’t do that,” Derek grits out, his heart pounding in his chest. From across the room, they guy who lives across the hall from them and also tends to do laundry around the same time gives them a strange look. “And what do you mean, you’ve ‘figured it out’?”

“Why you’re suddenly so obsessed with an advice column on knotting,” Laura says, smirking.

“I’ve told you, I just – ” Derek starts, but Laura cuts him off.

“You have the hots for our cute neighbor!” she crows, and Derek once again finds himself nearly ripping a shirt in half. He flushes bright red, quickly glancing over at said neighbor, who thankfully is consumed in setting his washing machine on the right cycle.

“I do not,” he hisses keeping his voice low.

What is the matter with white males. Why do they feel the need to just be fucking terrible?? Like.. Do they want to be split like a fucking hot dog? Bc I would so enjoy to do that to some of these fuckheads who find the need to insult me and then try to touch me like hands off man bun I don’t wanna catch ur shit I need you to get ya hands off this. Also someone said I looked like a Dornish character from GoT which was cool.

Tag questions thing

-Post the rules
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-Wrtie 11 questions
-Tag #tag

Thanks for tagging me dreamingangelwolf :D

1. You find yourself in your favourite fictional universe; who is the first person you seek out, and why?
My favourite fictional universe would be the Dragon Age universe. And I think I’d first seek out Anders, just to see if he’s okay. Maybe also tell him that I think blowing up the chantry was the right thing to do. After that I’d seek out Zevran and Solas because elves are hot hot hot.

2. Name five flavours of ice cream you think should exist.
Okay this is difficult because I think everything’s been turned into an ice cream flavour already? I’m just gonna name some of my favourites instead: watermelon, kinder bueno, yoghurt, blood orange (haha), and lemon.

3. If there was such thing as a Fruedian Trunk, and it was a box that held your deepest, darkest desires inside, what would be in the trunk if you were the one opening it?
I’m gonna say baby animals. Or maybe a really hot elf.

4. If you had to be transformed into an animal for one hour, what animal would you prefer?
This is so hard :( I’m gonna go with a shark? I’d love to swim around without having to hold my breath. Then again, being a bird and flying around would also be super cool…

5. What song do you know all the lyrics to without exactly knowing why or how you know them?
Fancy by Iggy Azalea :( Also Bound 2 by Kanye West.

6. You’re a contestant on Lip Sync Battle; what’s your tune?
The Candy Man by Sammy Davis Jr. Or maybe I’m So Hood by DJ Khaled haha.

7. Would you rather star alongside Fred Astaire in one of his films or be an extra who gets eaten in a Jurassic film?
Star alongside Fred Astaire of course! Pfffft, I’m no extra.

8. What is the most brilliant/stupidest thing to come out of your country?
Eeh? We produced some amazingly talented painters during the 17th century! We also grow pretty flowers I suppose. Oh and we have awesome speed skaters. We’re also good at football (okay not this year) and hockey. Stupid things include most Eurovision entries, and tv shows like Big Brother.

9. Your friend asks you to give them your top five tips for surviving Wonderland. What are those tips?
I don’t know anything about Alice in Wonderland :(

10. What was your favourite TV show when you were ten years old?
Charmed, definitely.

11. Anything significant about the number eleven?
I always make a wish at 11:11. 

Thanks for the fun questions Jo! Here are mine. I tag anyone who feels like doing this, it’ll be fun for me to read :)

1. What’s your happiest childhood memory?
2. You can now fluently speak a foreign language without having to study it. Which one do you pick?
3. Hooray! You have access to a time machine! Where do you go and what would you do?
4. For the rest of your life, you can only listen to one song and watch one tv show. What are they?
5. Your favourite fictional character knocks on your door and asks you to come with them to their world. However, once you leave with them, you can never go back. Who is this character? And would you go with them?
6. Where would you like to have a holiday home and why?
7. A mysterious stranger offers to reveal to you either the year in which you die, or the way in which you die. Which one do you pick and why?
8. You’re doing an exam but you don’t know any of the questions. You can easily see the answers of the person next to you, however. Do you cheat with the risk of getting caught?
9. You have enough time and motivation to write a novel! What is it about?
10. You’re doing some shopping when you notice someone shoplifting. Do you say anything?
11. If you could travel back in time, is there any advice you would give your parents? Doesn’t have to be parenting advice.

Have fun with these questions! x

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What do you think of the new Myrcella, it's kinda disappointing the way she is. Also Aimee is the one true Myrcella

Honestly I essentially sleep through the Dornish scenes so I didn’t really notice? She seems fine to me. Nigel Tiger Warrior Tekken Free has a ridiculous name but she’s just fine.
But Aimee is the One True Myrcella in my heart. Simply because I cannot find a reason why she should’ve been recastin the first place - other than d&d wanting someone more “modern-hot-looking” because they wanted her to be the ~rebellious teen in a revealing dress~ lmao. I seriously don’t understand why exactly they had to recast her. The new Myrcella looks of an age with the new Tommen anyway, so it’s not an age adjustment thing. Is there another likely reason?

Links on Links on Links on Links
Industry News for June 12, 2015

Paul Bacon, legendary book designer, dies at 91.

Hail & Farewell: Cookery writer and culinary legend Marguerite Patten dies at 99.

How Jenny Diski wrote about her terminal cancer and avoided every cliche.

Authenticity Obsession, or Conceptualism as Minstrel Show: What avant-garde poets like Kenneth Goldsmith and Vanessa place have to do with sunglasses, the invention of the fingerprint and the atom bomb.

The Beauty of Creating a Line: An interview with U.S. poet laureate Juan Felipe Herrera.

READ THIS: “Ain’t Like Those Other Guys” by Lilliam Rivera.

Jailed journalist Khadija Ismayilova manages to sneak a letter to Western journalists.

Army chaplain finds himself in hot water after promoting his book in uniform.

A Way of Belonging to the Future: A conversation with Carmen Boullosa.

ALSO READ THIS: “Trains, Planes and What I Read” by Marcia DeSanctis.

Noah Cho explains why he teaches diverse literature.

What 50 years of writing taught Anne Roiphe.

At 96, poet and publisher Lawrence Ferlinghetti is still publishing and poeting.

Ray Barfield talks about what’s it’s like to be a medical doctor and a writer.

Happy Reading!



Summer is here, and all worries are gone.  Its hot, and the rooms dark, I feel my chest becoming more stiff as I take deep breathes.  It was an incident long ago, yet why do these feelings keep re-appearing? When I thought it was over, but only to find that those incidents shaped my lifestyle. 

Growing up in a warm household also meant a house filled with suppression and fear.  Love was a give and take situation, I mean, nothing was wrong… except for everything was out of order.  My parents, strict and with the pride of their own they never seemed to understand what I really wanted.  My sister, a girl younger than I, whom was too young to be involved in anything.  Together my family and I portrayed the “good” family.  We went out, had fun, but in all honesty, no one was every too happy. 

Brought up by religion and manners my home was always a “safe haven” for anyone.  As long as you followed the rules, no one got hurt… and no one planned on getting hurt, but it happens.  The rules are simple and only to give you some sort of peace of mind while staying over at my house.  Rule #1: No one sleeps in the same bed as you.  This rule was applied relentless to what happened in the past and what happens now.  Rule #2: Guests must be prepared to help out, a bit, as it may seem rude not to.  The only exception to this rule is either your an elder or that my parents have a favoritism towards you.  Rule #3: Obey all rules given by my parents.  Nothing to say about that.   

Living in happy fear all my life meant that I had to live with a cheat.  The cheat of a lifetime.  They were close, but they could never know too many secrets.  I leave home once in a while to go to work, while on the days I had off, I went out to have fun.  My kind of fun.  A kinky sort of fun. Upbringing taught me that I should respect my religion and my culture as an Indian and to never condone myself to sexual behaviors.  That I must succumb to the promises of my heritage and that my orientation be pronounced as such, Straight.  No where is there to be a flaw and the one thing that brings the biggest dishonor, grades. 

Let me get one thing straight.  My parents may be difficult, however grades was never their biggest concern.  I brought home decent grades, but not sufficient to their liking.  Complaining I should do better since I didn’t try hard enough and pushing their ego above mine.  Using tactics such as surrounding cousins who are doing better than I am, or punishments (taking things away, grounded, ect.). 

Life with my parents, as I knew it wasn’t pleasing, nor was it horrible.  I enjoyed the moments that were the most pleasant with them, and hated the times when I was hurt because of them.  But, the new future awaits and who knows what will happen with my parents, or my sister. 

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What element do you find yourself to be most? (Water, Fire, Earth, Air/Wind)

Omg I really don’t know. I could be all 4 tbh;

water (every though I’m scared of water) because I’m an Aquarius.

I could fire, because I’m hot headed, not always the best thing tbh.

but idk because I’m in love with nature and life and all things beautiful so I could say earth.

I could also say wind, I guess, but let’s not go into why.

I think I’d say fire