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reasons why the “save josh” dlc would be actually really awesome

Alright hear me out on this actually. We really should get the DLC. Not only because the majority of the fanbase honestly likes Josh and wants to save him from a fate worse than death, but also because Supermassive could actually make good money on a bonus optional ending. Like, I’m serious. It would be good for them, for us, for everyone. There’s no reason to not do this.

Ladies and gentlemen, I humbly introduce the Until Dusk DLC, where:

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One Life

A/N: Based on Jelena at the ice hockey game (the first one) where she also brought Ashley and a few others. Also based on requests and rumours that Selena’s friends are/were against her and Justin being together again. Please note that this is purely fiction, none of my words is in any way meant to be an accusation and should therefore not be taken that way. I apologize for the confusion this has caused because it was accidently posted unfinished.

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“Hi!” Selena said, answering her phone cheerfully. She had just talked to Justin, the two of them had recently started to connect again after barely any contact for the last year. She felt good, like things were finally coming together for her.

“Hey there.” Ashley smiled at how happy she sounded. “You busy?”

“No, I just got off the phone with Justin,” she told her truthfully. “We were talking for a while.”

“Okay.” Selena could hear her voice dropping at that information. “What?” she asked .

“Nothing. It’s just … I don’t know, that whole thing with Justin being in the picture again. Are you sure that’s a good idea?”

“What? We’re just talking and want to spend some time together.”

“I just don’t know if it’s such a good idea. I don’t want to see the same things happening again.” Selena could understand that, she really could but her friend was talking her out of something before she even had a chance to explore it herself.

“It won’t,” she stated firmly. “I am not the same person I was back then. And he’s not in the same place either. Besides, we’re just talking. It’s not like we’re planning our wedding.”

“But you’ve thought about it. Getting back together with him.” It wasn’t phrased as a question and her friend knew it. She sighed.

“Have I thought about were things could lead? Yeah, sure. Have I thought about there being a possibility to be happy together again, for real this time? Yes. You know neither one of us has ever ruled that out. We’ve always loved and respected each other.”

“That may be true but you also had many hard times and there were a lot of tears, Sel. You can’t ignore that it ended the way it did.” Ashley explained sternly, her hands running trough her hair as she made her way trough her living room.

“You think I forgot?” The brunette asked, her voice now louder and more serious. “I haven’t. As a matter of fact we have been talking a lot about it. About things we said and stuff we did. Justin apologized, really apologized. He talked about many things he wished he had done differently back then. And I wasn’t perfect either, Ashley. I have made mistakes in our relationship.”

“I know that, Sel. I am trying to look out for you here, okay.”

Selena knew that. Of course she did. She would have done the same. Sitting down on her couch, she propped her feet up on the coffee table in front of her, letting herself fall into the cushions. She debated what to say, to show her how she felt and what she thought, how good it felt to leave things that went wrong between them behind.

“Day after tomorrow. Justin will play ice hockey at the Valley and I promised to watch and hang out later. Come to the game. You can talk to him yourself.” She finally decided to say. She knew her friend wouldn’t change her mind, no matter what she’d say but maybe this would.
“Justin.” The girl said, eyeing him. She hadn’t seen him in nearly two years and the last time wasn’t exactely a good memory for her.

“Hi Ashley.”
He looked happy, she thought. Eyes bright and he had a small smile on his lips, despite the grippable awkwardness between them. She had watched Selena and him the entire afternoon, and she couldn’t deny that they looked happy to be spending time together but she wasn’t gonna let that blind her. Her friend had cheered him on and it almost felt like she had somehow been catapulted back two years.

“I’m not a fan of this.” She stated, looking over at Selena who was getting herself a drink.

“I figured.” Justin said, running a hand trough his hair. He knew most of her friends didn’t like them being together, not after everything, so he had expected to have this conversation.  
“I’m willing to fight to have your trust again. Just like I am willing to fight for her.”

“I won’t be so easy to convince,” Ashley told him, crossing her arms over her chest. “I was there after you two fell apart. I don’t want her go trough that again.”

“I don’t either. I don’t want that for either of us. All I know us that I never stopped loving her. I wasn’t ready for it back then, I realized that, but I am now. And if she is as well, then I will fight for her because I love her and I want to be with her. I don’t want meaningless realtionships, I want to live my life with her by my side. She’s it, okay? She’s it.”

Ashley eyed him, as if she was looking for sighs that he was lying but she couldn’ find any.

“Have you told her that?” she asked quietly.

“Not like that,” Justin answered, scratching behind his ear. “I don’t want to freak her out. She said she wanted to take thing more slowly so that’s what I’m trying to do. But I told her that I want her back . I just want to let her lead this time.”
Ashley nooded at that before he touched her shoulder for a second, getting her attention.
“But I am telling you because I know it’s true. And I would do anything to make this work. My life is better when she’s in it.” He told her sincerely, desperately trying to get her to understand what he knew in his sould to be true. He wasn’t expecting them to just welcome him back with open arms and he knew he had to earn their trust and sympathy back.

“Ok,” Ashley sighed after a while. “I believe you, for now anyways. But I am telling you, if you don‘t treat her well, I’m coming after you.”

“You won’t have to,” he promised quickly. “I know what it’s like to be without her. And I know exactely that she is what I want.” And when he looked up, his eyes met Selenas, a big smile gracing her face as if she was saying that this was what she wanted as well. Ashley noticed, her eyes wandering between her friend and Justin, and the happy smiles of two people in love; not even she could deny.


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Andy Biersack + fans (The BVB Army)

Also, featuring a photo where Andy & Ashley are holding a banner which reads “RIP KAYLA - LOST IT ALL” 
The story behind this is a girl, who was going to attend that show, committed suicide. BVB was informed of this and they, as everybody else, was upset to have lost a member of the BVB Army. They held the banner and had a minutes silence for Kayla. 

So there’s topless photos of Ashley in Hawaii going around. I scroll right passed the post but then I notice something.

She was talking to someone

I continue to go down and see-

SHAY MITCHELL.SITTING WITH A BRALESS ASHLEY. they just had sex on the beach

I guess you can say it is true. Shay and Ash were using their ‘boyfriends’ for cover up for their real relationship together. Also Hawaii is where they are spending their honeymoon

New Butterflies

Could you write one where you used to date this guy (could it be devin sola? if not then just a random guy) and he cheated on you a while back and now your with ashley and you meet devin on warped and he wants you back but you can’t because your with ashley? sorry if this is confusing

You giggled quietly as Ashley tucked on your hand, pulling you along with him. The sun was shining brightly and it was uncomfortably warm, but you still couldn’t stop the happiness that built inside your tummy, like millions of butterflies were dancing in there.

The giant terrian on which Warped Tour took place was crowded, not only with fans but also a lot of band members of various bands.

“Ashley, where are we going?”, you laughed as you stumbled behind him. “I want to show you something”, he babbled quickly in excitement.

It has only been a few months since you were dating, mostly because you had some trust issues when you first met him, but he was patient and waited, earning more and more trust with each passing day. Your life was full of colors and happiness, excitement and love! It felt like in one of those romance movies you never really liked because they seemed so unreal, but now you felt like you were in one of them.

“(Y/N)?!”, you stopped abruptly as soon as the oh so familiar voice reached your ears. Ashley turned around confused, still holding your hand in his. “Why did you stop?”, he asked and raised an eyebrow at you.

You shivered slightly as you turned around, ignoring Ashley’s question which he didn’t like at all but suddenly, it was like the world stopped for a second.

Dark blue eyes stared back into yours and you immediately knew who was standing in front of you. Devin Sola. Bassist of Montionless in White. Your ex.

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H A L S E Y is an anagram of my first name, Ashley, and it’s also a street in Brooklyn where I spent a lot of time growing up. I lived in like a Friday Night Lights town in the middle of New Jersey and in the weekends I’d take the train into the city.. Halsey street is where a friend of mine lived and it’s where I kind of cultivated my character throughout my adolescense. It was kind of a life that assured me that I wasn’t a complete weirdo.

Be Safe

Day 12 of Septiplier September

After watching Mark play Until Dawn today, I created an AU where Jack is Ashley and Mark is Chris. Also, I’m sorry that I don’t get these up earlier in the day (not that I’ve gotten any complaints…)


Halsey is an anagram of my first name Ashley and it’s also a street in Brooklyn where I spent a lot of time growing up. I lived in like a friday night lights town in the middle of New Jersey and in weekends I’d take the train into the city. Halseystreet is where a friend of mine lived and it’s where I kind of cultivated my character throughout my adolescense. It was kind of a life that assured me that I wasn’t a complete weirdo. (x)