also where i got my new icon from

SO like I promised, I hit 6.3k and I’m announcing this new page of mine, a new all-in-one page for my icons. Everytime I’ll make new icons, these will be put into this page, that I’ll try to keep updated!

You will find old and new icons, from marvel to dc, to general movies, tv shows and the new category for assassin’s creed

  • if you take any, please reblog or like
  • credits are not required, redirect if you’re asked where you got them
  • don’t be an asshole and don’t steal (I spent months on those, so please)
  • more than 150 icons, 100 x 100

Icons can be found this way 

Feel free to send in requests on what you like to see next on my page, and also questions and problems! I’d like to answer all your asks on them :D