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Baby 2 (N.M)



|AYE ITS BEEN A WHILE BUT IM HERE WITH A PART 2! I am working on like 5 different imagines rn but I’m caught up with everything because I’m trying to lose weight before school starts and be happier with myself and ya be happy😌|

|2.7k words, it’s not edited lol, ANOTHER DADDY NATE IMAGINE FOR YALLLLS, masterlist is in my description|

It’s been 7 months since I’ve been in LA and 7 months since I’ve seen Nate. After our fight, he drove away and didn’t look back once. I haven’t spoken to him or seen him since.

Toby, Myleen’s boyfriend, drove me back to the apartment to grab all of my necessary stuff and they let me stay the night at their place. I knew that if Nate didn’t contact me within 2 hours, he wasn’t going to contact me at all.

I might have acted too fast, but I brought a one way ticket back to Nebraska. Myleen and Toby said that they’d go back to the apartment, with a few of Toby’s friends, and pack up the rest of my stuff and ship it back to me.

So now, I’m back in Nebraska, living in a small, two-bedroom apartment with my friend Lisa. I moved back in with my parents for a month before I saw Lisa and she offered me the room. I had to spend a lot more money on furniture than I intended to, especially after a trip to the doctors office.

The Gods were not on my side that day… Or they were never on my side at all. And they all just really love Nate.

If I had told Nate, which I haven’t because he hasn’t spoken to me in 7 months, he would have been on his knees, begging for me to take him back because this is exactly what he wanted, and I didn’t. Maybe he already knew, like he had planned it, and that’s why he was practically begging for me to have a baby with him.

Well, I am now.

I’m pregnant.

With a little girl.

“Y/N!” Lisa sings as she walks into the apartment, slamming the door behind her. “I brought pizza home from work!” Lisa is a trainee chef at a pizzeria in town so she brings a lot of free pizza and desserts home after work, it’s pretty awesome. “And we’re going out tonight!”

“Going out where?” I ask curiously, laying my baby magazine down on the couch next to me. “And did you bring what I asked for?”

“Double cheese and double ham? Yes, yes I did.” She drops a box of pizza on my lap with a smug smile.

“You’re a lifesaver, holy crap, I love you.”

I’ve been craving cheese and ham pizza for the past week. And every day this week, I’ve had a cheese and ham pizza. I ordered from Dominos, Pizza Hut, my mom made me one, I made my own, I cooked a frozen one, and now Lisa brought one from work.

I haven’t had the typical pregnancy cravings at all, I’ve had cravings for pizza, apple sauce, cookies and ketchup (it was disgusting, I threw up all day long after eating it) and gummy bears with whipped cream.

“It’s Marie’s birthday so Lauren organised a surprise meal for her last minute, and we’re going.”

“I don’t have a present for her though.”

“All you have to do is give Lauren twenty bucks, she’s pulled together some big present from all of us.”

“Oh, okay then.” I say with a mouth full of pizza. “Who’s going?”

“Me, you, Marie, Lauren, Mandy, Anna, Peggie, Alicia, Myles, Jude, Kaylan and Tommy.”

I instantly swallow the food in my mouth and stare at Lisa with wide eyes. She can’t be serious. She can’t be talking about the one Kaylan I know.

“Kaylan?” She nods briefly. “Kaylan Maloley?”

“She’s friends with Marie, I can’t do anything about that, I’m sorry.”

“Shit.” Kaylan is Nate’s sister, and if she sees me pregnant, she’s going to tell Nate and then he’s going to talk to me - for the first time in seven, long months. “What can I wear to make me look less pregnant?”

Lisa dramatically rolls her eyes and slaps her hands against her thighs. “Y/N, you’re fucking huge and you’re not even full term or carrying twins, you can’t even make yourself look fat, you’re carrying out wide! You can tell you’re pregnant from standing behind you.”

I’ve tried to wear a hoodie and just pass of as fat. “I’ll just hold my bag in front of my stomach.”

“You better have a big ass bag then.”

“Shut up!” I whine, stuffing down another slice. If I can’t wear anything to make me look less pregnant, maybe I’ll just wear something that makes me look more pregnant. I don’t think that’s even possible, I am huge. “Maybe I’ll just wear a bodycon dress.”

Lisa nods frantically and bounces on the couch excitedly. “Do it! You look adorable when you do, it makes baby girl look so much bigger.”

“That’s not a good thing! It just makes me worry how big this baby’s head is going to be! I have to push her out you know.”

And her shoulders… She better be a goddamn tiny baby or I’m gunna be slightly pissed. She could be a tiny baby, she could be really small and there’s just a lot of room in there from all of the water and juice I’ve been drinking. And from the pizza I’ve been scoffing.

“Stop worrying, you’re having an epidural, you won’t feel it.” I might not be able to feel the stretching and stuff down there, but I’ll still be able to feel all of the contractions in my stomach.

“I’ve still got 2 months, let’s just get tonight over and done with.”


Two hours later, we’re sitting in a small, family owned restaurant in the heart of Omaha. Marie got here a few minutes ago and the buzz of the surprise is starting to calm down as we all indulge into our own conversations.

The Gods above are definitely against me, Kaylan is sitting directly opposite me and giving me weird stares. Everyone knows why. I dated her brother for a couple of years and then we broke up, I moved back to Nebraska and no one actually knows why and now, I’m pregnant and they don’t know if the father is Kaylans brother.

I had one person ask me if I moved back because I cheated on Nate and got pregnant and that’s why we broke up.

But if they actually knew me, they would know that I would never do that to my partner.

“Kaylan, how is your brother? I haven’t seen him in a while.” Peggie asks, leaning over the long table.

“He’s good, he’s still living in Cali, his career is really taking off.” It’s relieving to hear that he’s okay. “He’s coming home soon, so he’s going to be in a bit of a shock.”

“I would be too, it’s not something you would want thrown at you when you’re coming home for a break, to relax, it’s pretty stressful.”

I roll my eyes and slam my hand on the table. “If you’re going to talk about me in front of me, say my fucking name.”

“So are you going to tell my brother that he’s got a kid or are you gunna let him believe that you cheated on him and got pregnant?”

“If he wanted to talk to me, I would tell him!” Would I though?

Kaylan rolls her eyes and shakes her head. “Maybe you should make some effort, Y/N.”

Why are the Maloleys so freaking stubborn? They have to have everything their way or they will run away. They really love to start drama and arguments, too.

Basically, the Maloleys are a piece of work.

“I should make some effort? He walked away from me after I made a valid fucking point and he didn’t bother contacting me in any way!” The entire table is listening to what we’re saying. “Stay out of it, Kaylan, the baby might be your niece but it’s none of your business.”

She looks taken back. She’s lost for words, she actually knows that I’m right. Nate probably only told her his side of the story, from his perspective, where he did nothing wrong and he’s the victim.

Kaylan looks down at her lap shortly before taking a breath and looking back up at me. “You’re right, I uh, I’m sorry for getting involved.”

“Thank you.” I whisper with a short smile.

“So, it’s a girl?” She asks after a few minutes of silence between us.


“That is crazy.” I nod in agreement - of course I was pregnant after Nate and I broke up after arguing about me not wanting a baby yet, it’s the most cliché timing ever. “Do you have any names yet?”

“I like Tabitha Jade, or Madison Nicole.”

I sat down for a really long time and tried to come up with some name combinations but personally, I couldn’t think of anything. I was completely stumped. So, I gave up and searched for names to go with my surname and picked out the ones that I liked the most.

“Y/L/N or Maloley?”

That also took a very long time to figure out. Physically, Nate isn’t in the baby’s life, so legally, I cannot give the baby his surname unless I have his permission. And for future issues, I would rather her have my last name so she doesn’t ask questions in the future. It’s just what’s better for both her and me.


“Understandable.” No matter what the baby’s surname will be, she will always be a Maloley by blood. Kaylan looks down at her fresh plate of food. “Do you want me to talk to him?”

“If he wanted to talk to me, he would have by now. So, sure, you can talk to him - you can say anything you want because neither of us made an effort so we shouldn’t now.”


3 weeks later, I have my entire (immediate) female family squashed into my apartment, helping me redecorate and organise my bedroom to get ready for the baby.

My mom and aunt are putting the crib together whilst my cousin, Amy, and I fold up all of the onesies into their designated draw. My other cousins are putting together the draw structure and pinning up the small, pink bunting above where the crib is going to be placed.

“Have you decided on a name yet?” Amy asks, picking up a pink and white striped onesie.

“No,” I huff. “I’ve taken a liking to old fashioned names recently.”

“Oh really? Like what?”

“I really like the name Rosalind.” And her nickname would be Rosa, because Rosie is too common nowadays. “Or Rosalinda.” I widen my eyes at my sudden thought.

I really like Rosalinda, too.

Amy nods at me with a bright smile. “That’s different.” She begins to fold another onesie, one of hundreds. “I don’t know anybody named Rosalind, or Rosalinda.”

“Rosalinda Kai.” I stop what I’m doing and drop the pink material on my lap.

I think I just came up with my daughters name.

Amy has the same reaction as I do, “Y/N, you have to name her that, it’s a beautiful name.”

“I really like it.”

“What do you like?” Mom asks, butting into the conversation.

“Rosalinda Kai for the baby’s name.”

“Rosalinda?” She makes a face and I sigh heavily. Of course she doesn’t like it. Typical mom. “That’s old, are you sure? Why not Rosalie?” Rosalie is too Twilight for me.

But of course my mom is trying to get me to change my mind on my own baby’s name, as if she wasn’t controlling enough? “You named me Y/N because you liked the name, I like Rosalinda for my baby.”

“If you use Rosalind, you could literally just add the last A from RosalindA to Kai to make KaiA.” Amy suggests, keeping the names I like personally in mind. “Rosalind Kaia Y/L/N.”

“Or Kaia Rosalind!” My aunt suggests, shrugging her shoulders with a screwdriver in her hand. “They’re all beautiful names, Y/N.”

“Oh yes,” Mom nods encouragingly at her sister. “I like Kaia Rosalind, that’s gorgeous.”

“You’re all confusing me, I like them all-” My phone started to ring. I take a look down at the name flashing across my screen and my heart starts to race.

I knew this was going to happen sooner or later. He’s back in town for a couple of weeks, of course he’s going to try to talk to me after what he just found out.

“We’ll give you a minute…”

Everyone put down whatever they were doing and scattered from my room quickly. Before the door could even close, I pick up the phone.


“Hey.” I breathe. It’s refreshing to hear his voice.

It’s takes him a few seconds to reply. “How- how are you?”

“Well, I’m good now, but later on I might not be.” You never know with a person inside of your stomach. “How are you?”

“I’m doing okay, a little bit better now though.” He stops for a second, I don’t know how to respond to that. “I, why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because you walked out on me, you left because my own reasons weren’t good enough for you.” If the conversation is like this the whole way through, I might end up in tears. “You never even bothered to contact me in anyway to fix it, you didn’t even tweet about it, so I knew you didn’t care.”

“Of course I care, Y/N, I wouldn’t have got so worked up if I didn’t.” You wouldn’t have left if you did. “And why would I want all of the fans involved in our personal relationship? I knew you wouldn’t appreciate it, either. So I just left that away from social media.”

That was really nice of him.

“Well, thank you for that, I appreciate it.” I really don’t want thousands of die hard fans up my ass about my own life. “I suppose you’ve been told everything?”

“Kaylan told me that it’s a girl.”

It. Ugh, I hate the word it. “Yeah, she’s a girl.” The amount of pink fabric surrounding me right now kind of freaks me out, she’s definitely going to be a girly girl toddler.

“Have you picked a name for her?”

“I was just talking about it with my cousin, my mom and aunt, but no, I haven’t yet.”

“Oh. Well, what names do you like?”

“Rosalind.” But my family have confused the heck out of me, “And Kaia.”

“They’re both beautiful names. You should choose whatever you like the most, not what everyone else likes.” He’s so humble, I can’t deal with it.

And then it goes silent between us. The only noise is the quiet breathing that’s crackling through the line. And it’s awkward.

It’s never been awkward between me and Nate, ever. This is a first and I really don’t like it.

“Why’d you call me?”

He hesitates to start. “I just needed to make sure you were okay.”

“You mean, okay without you?” I’ve been coping fine for the past 8 months, I don’t need to have a boyfriend for me to be able to survive.


We’ve never had a conversation like this before. Probably because I’ve never been pregnant before and because our silent treatments have never lasted more than two days. This is new to everyone.

“I’m fine, Nate. I’m healthy and so is the baby. We’re both fine and we’re okay doing okay without you.”

“I know you won’t want to, but will you please come and meet me?” I knew this was going to happen, just like the phone call. “Please. I need to see you.”

I have to do it. “When?” I have to see him.

“At the grill? For dinner.”

We always went to the grill when we were in high school. We went there for our little date nights and we hung out there after school. I had a part time job there. It has a lot of sentimental value to us.


“Yes, if you can make it.”

All I would be doing is watching Cake Boss and Say Yes To The Dress with Lisa and scoffing down pizza… Just like every other night. “I’ll be there at 5.”

“Thank you, Y/N, so much.” He lets out a sigh of relief and I feel a small weight lift from my shoulders. “I’ll let you get back to your family, I’m sorry for interrupting.”

“It’s okay, I’ll see you tonight.” I hang up before he or I can say anything else. We haven’t spoken in months, who knows how that could have ended before I ended it.

I’m going to see Nate tonight.

Holy crap.