also what the hell is with that lame opening song

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The fan segment on asc makes me feel so ashamed tbh. They treat the idols like they're damn circus seals or something. Last time l watched that some girl said "Make finger hearts and say you love me" like could you not? Could you just treat them like human beings?

THAT and also the fans on there are like REALLY embarassing? just the things they suggest and say and like… it just doesnt feel good to watch… im ashamed to be a kpop fan when i see fans like that lmfao theyre all those lame ass people who think rice openers is funny and shit i cant even LOOK at those people thats how embarassing they are… goddamn… also i wouldnt really tell them to really do anything for me like maybe ask questions like what their favorite songs are currently or whatever? it feels weird as hell ah they should go to korean variety shows instead cause i feel like theyre in a good place there without any annoying cringey fans being all weird and asking weird questions u know..