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How I feel when @guyinlovewitheremika is answering asks :)

You know what I also love about  Rick Riordan is also the subtle empowerment acheived by his background characters, like with Clarisse La Rue.Where other books potray french girls as those bubbly blondes who’re always like too sweet to be true and always end up as the damsel in distress. Even when I did a test on my bestie where I wrote Clarisse’s name on a piece of paper and told her to list the characteristics this girl might have as a character in pjo books before letting her read them she listed almost the same exact things but after completing the Lightenning theif, she was completely awstruck at how she could’ve even thought about Clarisse as that kind of character.

So, I want to say that thank you Rick Riordan for proving that anyone and everyone can be any kind of person and/or hero they want and that they don’t have to be bound by the stereotypical versions of themselves, at all.

Tell your local school board to protect trans kids!

On Wednesday, February 22nd, the current administration rescinded President Obama’s declaration that forcing trans kids into the wrong bathroom is illegal discrimination.

That means that local schools now have a choice about how to treat their trans students.  Which could be pretty bad news in some places– but it also means that you have the opportunity to let your schools and school boards know that you care about how trans kids are treated!

There’s no national directory of school boards, so you’ll have to Google your area’s school board (or school committee, in some places).  But once you do, you can tell them that you care about what happens to trans kids in your area.

Remember: school boards are locally elected.  Your vote, and your voice, will count so much more to these people than to senators and representatives at the national level!

Sample script:

Hi! My name is [name], and I’m a [your city] resident.  I’m [writing/calling] to ask you to protect transgender children in [your city]’s schools.  I’m very upset about the president’s recent declaration that transgender children are not protected by Title IX, and can be forced to use the bathroom of the sex they were assigned at birth.  Transgender kids already face bullying and harassment, and I’m worried that forcing them to use the wrong bathroom will make it much more dangerous and uncomfortable for them.  Please allow [your city] students to choose for themselves which bathroom they’ll be most comfortable in. These kids are counting on your help and protection!

Thank you for your time and attention.


[your name]

[your address]

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Rakuzan may have been based on rakunan school, kyoto.

Submitted by anon:

I edited this, also in case you want to use it for the wonderful blog please make me anonymous. Thank you, guys. Let me know what you think.

  1. A dome structure, has a few columns and a half column like things. That’s what’s common in the image 1.
  2. Three parallel buildings interconnected by stairs. That’s what’s common in image 2.

If you want more pics just google rakunan high and youll get the japanese name and if you go to images you shall find all the images i found.

Extrapolating this we can even know how akashi’s class looks like.

Thanks for this, cool stuff! ( ´ ▽ ` )b

Hello fellow human being! (Excuse my awkwardness)

Anyways….My name is Hannah and I am 14 year old lesbian. I live in the U.S., Louisiana to be exact. I am also single and socially awkward. I like Supergirl (I ship Supercorp and Sanvers) which unfortunately I can’t watch anymore because I no longer get the channel it is on (if you can text me in details what happens each new episode then I would love you forever), writing (I’ll send you my poems and fanfics if you want), Harry Potter (I’m a Hufflepuff), and YouTube (I like Rose Ellen Dix, TheRoxetera, nowthisisliving, Stevie, Ally Hills, and etc.). I’m looking for friends that I can maybe skype later on. My tumblr is awkward-teen-writer

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Um, "Oni" (if that's even your real name), Alex works tirelessly on Yandere Simulator, and he is a model citizen. He announced that he did jury duty, and served his job as an American. No other developer would do something than they're legally forced to with that much enthusiasm, let alone tell their fans what glorious task they had to halt development for. He's also very forgiving and egalitarian. He sees the equality in everyone, such as lbesians. Even I can't be that perfect. So stop bullying




Last time I recall even drawing Bruce, was when HoT came out, and he crashed in the jungle, so I apologize because what is this thing you call ‘consistency’ lol 

Anyways, he’s 26, jack of all trades, but more of a pharmacist, usually spending most of his time developing potions and/or gadgets/turrets that would help people in battles. Currently lives alone in a studio apartment, either in DR or LA, I haven’t decided yet. He also has heterochromia (eyes are different colors), which is a feature he loathes about himself a lot. When incredibly bored, enjoys solving incredibly hard mathematical equations. ALSO something I haven’t yet mentioned, but Cedrick is now a dad, and his son is named Aidan after my pre-searing mesmer, from GW1 (who is also Cedrick’s great-great-idk-how-many-more-great grandfather lol), which makes Bruce his uncle, since him and Cedrick are cousins (how the heck do you draw small children like ???)

Doodles from livestream, thanks for anyone who stopped by and kept me company <3

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what is RDC3?

Behold the Red Dragon Con 3, taking place in London AS WE SPEAK, *sob*, and this year featuring Bryan and Hugh and Aaron and Scott and Demore.  I cannot justify flying to England for a three-day con, but oh, how I wish I could.  

(I believe past RDCs gave us such treasures as Mads Mikkelsen’s personal headcanon that Will and Hannibal’s first dog is named Encephalitis, and also his probably-trolling-Hugh-but-what-if-he’s-not claim that Hugh sends him Hannibal fanfic, but I might be misremembering when that happened.)

That said, in past years the attending Fannibals have been absolutely wonderful about sharing pictures and video and stories and such, so even though we are not there, I have high hopes that the next few days will be a treasure trove of goodness for us all.  We just have to wait for the Fannibals to return to their hotel rooms and drunk-blog it all for us. 

*folds hands, waits patiently, TELL US EVERYTHING, FRIENDS*

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I checked out the band Barenaked Ladies and it so doesn't sound like the type of music Alex would be into which just confirms my suspicion that the writers didn't give a damn about the music, they just wanted the band's name. Good job writers 👍👍 (Also,discourse: what type of music do you think Alex and Maggie listen to?)

They for sure had too much fun with that one, not that any of us are complaining tbh.

Maggie is into jazz and not so secretly into hip hop and secretly hella into Something Corporate and Jimmy Eat World and all that angsty white boy 2000s shit.

Alex is into classical and secretly into hip hop and not so secretly hella into Something Corporate and Jimmy Eat World and all that angsty white boy 2000s shit.

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Why do you hate the Greeks?

I don’t hate, like, the Greeks. Greek people, the land of Greece, etc., all a-ok by me. Greek mythology and literature: also great. I know how to say “where’s the beer” in modern Greek and it’s a fun set of syllables. I admire the popular Greek response to the refugee crisis and the work toward mutual aid that went into handling the Euro debacle in the last couple of years.

What I cannot deal with is being made to read big-name Greek philosophers in classes. I recognize, in an abstract sense, that if you’re doing a class on the liberal tradition or what have you and you’re going to be reading Hobbes and Locke and all the rest of them, those guys read Plato and Aristotle and so on, and were informed by their work. But like: there are a lot of other things that went into those theorists’ thinking that don’t get included as “foundational” texts in classes like those. The Islamic thinkers whose work on medicine or economy influenced writers as “essential” as Adam Smith, for example. The Christian theological doctrines that went into shaping their environment and assumptions. The goddamn Reformation?? you know???? Maybe like, Spinoza? The primacy of place, the reverence, granted to certain big-name Greeks just rubs me the wrong way because it obscures so much, it’s so arbitrary, and it perpetuates a lot of misconceptions about the ancient and medieval worlds.

But more immediately than that, I think I’m just allergic to them on like, a textual level. I can’t tell you exactly why or how. I just know that every second I spend reading these things is a second I am fuming about the whole experience. I know, intellectually, that a lot of subjects in Greek philosophy are indeed quite practicable, and have shaped areas of more recent philosophies that I don’t have this problem with, but somehow when reading such texts I find myself wanting to scream WHAT IS THE POINT!! YOU FUCKOS!!! Maybe it’s something about translations, or something about where I was in my life when I last had to read a lot of these things, or something about how they’re presented in the political science/philosophical context of the American university; I don’t know. All I know is that when I was made to read these things I really really really hated doing it.

But that was also something like ten years ago now, so really who knows. Maybe if I were to return to these writers now I’d get more out of them/find them less insufferable. Counterpoint: I don’t feel like doing that! I find myself much better off reading about the classical world than I am reading its texts. Which would be a problem if I were a classics scholar, but I definitely super am not! Don’t @ me!!!

OMG VAMPIRE DIARIES! Its been a long fucking time since I freaked out about the Vampire Diaries but that fucking ending was great! 

First thank you TVD for giving Chris the chance to sing… It was amazing! 

For once Damon did the first decent thing in his life and sacrificed himself instead of Stefan or Elena.. good on you bro. 

The moment when Kai was explaining that Hell was under new leader I started chanting Katherine. And then screamed when they said her name. This is going to be brilliant. Katherine is one of my favourite characters and also means that Nina maybe coming back slightly earlier than expected. But then again from the promo it seems like they aren’t showing her face, maybe at the end they will

Honestly thought Kai was going to die again but putting him another prison world was fucking savage of Bonnie. But also kind of perfect as well. 

We are so close to the end. I am curious to see what happens. 

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Hi! First off, I love all you do and write! Thank you for all of it! Second, I've just had an epiphany of sorts about the memory stuff. The stuff that erases your memory, I don't remember what it's called. It's explained, at the very beginning, that it will make the last 5 minutes or so disappear and could also affect your memories up until that moment. Sherlock can;t ever remember Greg's name, that the Earth revolves around the Sun or his own sister's face! I feel this may be key. Thoughts?

Hi Lovely!

Okay… I’m not trying to be mean, but I’m giggling at the irony of you forgetting the name of the drug that ERASES MEMORY hee hee. It’s TD-12, and I have seen some theories surrounding how it could be the big “plot device” in the series that accounts for a lot of the inconsistencies within the series. Too bad they literally ruined that with TFP.

HOWEVER, I don’t think it has anything to do with Sherlock’s consistent blind spots on the solar system and on Greg’s name. With Greg, I think by the end of S3, he’s just doing it to piss off Lestrade; but I think it’s more a little running gag than anything else, as a nod to original canon where Lestrade never was given a first name, just simply the initial “G.” 

The solar system, however, we found out he deleted on purpose… BUT. By TAB, Sherlock has learned stuff about astronomy (”the obliquity of the ecliptic”). I personally think that this is because IT IS IMPORTANT TO JOHN, so Sherlock made it important to learn about it.

His sister’s own face, well… I have a biased belief that Eurus doesn’t really exist and that her appearance is like that of the random character of Lady Charmichael in TAB (which we later found out Sherlock stole her face from the stewardess on the plane). I don’t doubt “E” exists, but I still believe her face is that of the bus stop lady who is working for Mycroft. HER FACE IS THE ONLY ONE TRUE FACE, I think. The other “E’s” are faces stolen for alternative narratives in the unreliable narrations being told in S4; I’m still deciding who each other “E” is representing. I just feel that TFP is John’s TAB, and this is why Eurus has E’s face – John’s brain is making the association of “E works for Mycroft” and confusing it with “E is related to Mycroft and therefore Sherlock”. Mixed associations.

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so after falling in love with grumpy wind dad™ here, i've been working on a drabble about Rookstar- namely focusing on an encounter with a particular orange tabby some long time ago. it was just meant to be practice since i've fallen in LOVE with your lore, but i honestly rather like how it's coming along! not sure if you plan to go into detail with those two asides from what you've talked about already, would it be alright if i finished up and posted it? with all credit/links to you, of course!


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may i ask what is house of army? And what does 3rd muster mean?

musters are fanmeetings held by bts for their fans. they’re similar to concerts, bc they perform their songs but they also play lots of games and interact with the fans. ‘house of army’ is the name of a hilarious vcr that bts showed at the 3rd muster fanmeeting, in which they dressed up as members of a family and acted accordingly. the result was life-changing, and you can watch it subbed here

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I know that prompts aren't open but what about headcanons? If they are can you PLEASE do some Yuri on Ice hcs? I love your writing! <3

YURI ON ICE TICKLY HEADCANONS INCOMING ! Sorry for making you waaait~ My friend’s showering and preparing for our day out so I am quickly spamming this. Ohohooo:D

I don’t wanna list all character names and I don’t wanna make this too chaotic either like I often do with my headcanons, so now it’s gonna be pairing based. Sorry but I’m a shipper-girl *////*

[Including Victuuri, Otayuri and… also some Chris/Phichit yeeeesss I kinda ship them]

Victor / Yuuri

♡ Biggest tickle dorks you’ll ever meet. They’re both superb switches, both highly sensitive aaand a day in their lives together goes barely by without a case of hysterical laughter and flailing limbs.

♡ Not only hysterical laughter. Both of them are very cuddly and love pleasant soft tickles. Yuuri is so hypersensitive that even the normal things that aren’t meant to tickle- lead for the couple to break out in a cute tickly session.

– Such as Victor washing his hair (ticklish ears and scalp ftw), washing his back (Yuuri keep stiiill!- halfhearted victor-whines), helping him fix his necktie (yes that tickles) or his buttons (Victor likes being caring and also Yuuri just. can’t. stand. this. And mooore:))

♡ When they are in bed, it’s even normal that Victor curling his toes against the tops of Yuuri’s feet will have him giiiggle and have them break out in a feet-tickle fight. Just with their feet. It is possible.

♡ Let’s not mention lick- tickle fights but just kind reminder these two are unbelievable dorks.

♡ Victor is stronger than Yuuri and it keeps surprising Yuuri how immobile he is when his coach pins him down and tickles him mercilessly.

BUT once Yuuri lies his fingers on Victor’s ticklish body and catches him off guard, all of Victor’s strength goes to minus 4032658 because omg he is so ticklish and him being stronger doesn’t mean Yuuri isn’t strong. When Yuuri manages to tickle Victor, it’s his victory of the day… or night ;)))

♡ Like I already showed in my GIF thing huehue, it occurs that Victor brings up tickle-related stuff while they’re around friends, and Yuuri is flustered but he does react to it, resulting in hilarious situations.

♡ Yuuri likes to tease Victor by making sudden fake attacks like suddenly reaching out with grabby hands or a finger ready to poke without even touching Victor. It will make him jump and squeak in surprise! (He will have to make it a real attack soon or Victor will retaliate fast as punishment for teasing him)

♡ Most of the time they are *cautious* around each other even when they’re outside but especially at home, because tickle attacks for both of them are always waiting around the corner.

♡ Yuuri has very ticklish hands and Victor loves to hold his hand and trace his palm and lightly scribble his fingers all over the top of it while they watch TV/a movie and hear Yuuri giggle. He is especially sensitive between his fingers, and Yuuri will make cute whiney sounds and bite his lip in the most adorable way.

(others under the cut)

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here’s to hoping

summary: Cassian only had one job: perform surveillance on Jyn Erso in hopes of locating her father. He’s not supposed to get caught or give her his name or, for heaven’s sake, share life stories over cups of coffee. And he’s definitely, definitely not supposed to sleep with her.


Cassian’s usually pretty good at his job. Honestly.

He’s not quite entirely sure what happened today, and he’s not quite entirely sure how his target—the ever infamous Jyn Erso—got out of sight (she was sitting at the foot of the stairs quite literally 10 minutes ago) or why she’s knocking against his window (she looks incredibly irritated with dark eyes and a frown pulling at her lips), but here she is. She doesn’t look happy in the slightest.

He curses softly under his breath as he rolls down his window. If Draven finds out he lost his cover, he’ll flip.

“You’re following me,” she says.

There’s no room in her tone for argument, but he’s quick to disagree. He blesses the stars for a moment that Bodhi lives in the same apartment building, or he wouldn’t have a back-up plan for situations like these. “I am following someone. But it’s not you.”

The furrow between her brows deepens. She doesn’t believe him though he wonders who would. “Then who?” she challenges.

“That’s not of your concern. Client confidentiality.”

She stares at him, arms crossed. “You’re a bad liar,” she says dryly, but she says little else before turning around and heading back up the stairs.

This, he thinks, this, he can handle.

Here’s to hoping anyway.

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You said you know a few more soft Sehun stans. Would you please share them? :) I think it's really hard to find genuine nice and soft stans these days who are supporting him to the fullest and not making fun of him or calling him all sorts of names...

Sure, of course!! And it really is. I can appreciate that people express in their own ways but that’s just not for everyone, ya know? I know quite a few Sehun stans who are also very exxxtra but I’ll just include the ones who are mostly soft here ^^ (there might be a bit variety in what people post but I’ll keep it to primarily Sehun)

@actorhun @fluffyhunnie @hunandonly @lilbeansehun @ohhsenshine @ohsehunpai @ohsenhun @sehunesh @sehunicorne @sehuntiful @sehunnified @whenxoxosmilesunshines

Enjoy! ♥