also what is this coloring

hey i found a lot of things in undereverse 0.3 part 1

“in 14 :33 i found Xgaster creeping up there

and remember that before the release of underverse @jakei95 gave us a code to solve it in this episode that was “ LTxMI ” and they were the minutes and seconds that are supposedly something will appear there…

in 12:20

that’s a prove that this container is a part of Xgaster’s soul.

and in 13:09

i really don’t know what he says but he is also creeping in the darkness XD

remember what jakei said “black is a great color”

but just now i saw someone posted those so i guess i am the only one who found Xgaster in the ruins XD


anonymous asked:

Wait, blue jackals? Do you mean black? Ainok were in RGW, but jackals are associated with death in Egyptian mythology, so I was thinking any color EXCEPT blue.

@rudjedet, our resident Magic-fan Egyptologist, would have problems with characterizing Anubis as the god of death. Edit: I misread the ask, Anubis IS associated with death, but probably not in the way most people think about it, or in the way Magic usually characterizes it.

Jackals are their own type, and will likely fit into their own place. I’m not 100% on them being red-blue, but we already know each creature type will be showing up as black zombies.

Also, Amonkhet is poised to shake up what death means to every color. Embalm is a big sign of that, and blue could be about controlling their afterlife this time around.

you know what’s really genuinely unsettling? the degree to which men fucking do not want to sympathize with/be interested in women.

male audiences will happily watch a dozen superhero shows, but then something like Agent Carter or Supergirl turn up and they’re panned from the first trailer and have to struggle for ratings. male audiences will watch countless installments of a franchise as long as it’s about men doing man things but the second a character like Rey or Furiosa or god forbid four entire female Ghostbusters steps up and takes a position of prominence it’s “pandering sjw bullshit”.

it’s not pandering. men just aggressively don’t want to have to be invested in a woman’s narrative and it’s really gross.


Going to the theme park together!!
I love this happy family so much 


get to know me - 1/5 favourite male characters: Snafu Shelton (The Pacific)

Don’t worry, we got a nickname for you too, Bill Leydon. We call you Ball-Peen Hammer. Like a little hammer, for a little man. Alright, Snafu. Shit-N-Ass… Fuck-Up.

“You have so many fingers, Sara!”

My Pathfinder and her new Angaran family. ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ I’m seriously so in love with Jaal and his family (and the Angara in general…) ‘cause like… You were all alone in this new galaxy. Your mom and dad are both dead, and your sibling was in a coma and… Jaal and his family are just like “You’re part of our family now. :)” and it’s just so warm and loving. Gives me warm fuzzies.

View in High Res, pls! I put some little details into the male Angaran’s faces you might not be able to see too well otherwise.


so its christmas now