also what is this coloring


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if a colorpoint and a torbie had kits would they be torti-points?

They would only be points if the torbie is also a colorpoint carrier, and the kit color depends on what color the colorpoint is

I am forced to get my education from a school that even teachers, who are supposed to teach us about equality, are degrading women.

I’m sick of having to hear every single day that women’s place is in the kitchen.

I’m sick of having to hear that men are more powerful than women.

But do you know what I’m also sick of?

Fucking Trump.

People treating people of color like shit.

Homophobics, Transphobics, Misogynists, Racists.

Don’t get me started.

We are much more than that.

you know what’s really genuinely unsettling? the degree to which men fucking do not want to sympathize with/be interested in women.

male audiences will happily watch a dozen superhero shows, but then something like Agent Carter or Supergirl turn up and they’re panned from the first trailer and have to struggle for ratings. male audiences will watch countless installments of a franchise as long as it’s about men doing man things but the second a character like Rey or Furiosa or god forbid four entire female Ghostbusters steps up and takes a position of prominence it’s “pandering sjw bullshit”.

it’s not pandering. men just aggressively don’t want to have to be invested in a woman’s narrative and it’s really gross.


so its christmas now

is he okay