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New language challenge

Read a book in your target language? A short story? Anything longer than a textbook dialogue?
Write a review about it in your target lang!

Did you just start? Pick something easy and fun, write a few sentences! Already on B1 and read a good book recently? Awesome, go ahead!
Doesn’t matter how long or complicated, just write something in your target language. Just name the title and author (maybe also genre) and off you go!

Here’s some ideas what your review could contain:
- what it’s about (how detailed your summary is is up to you, but please not too many spoilers!)
- the level you would put it at (can be difficult when you’re reading regular novels)
- how difficult it was for you
- what you liked about it
- what you didn’t like
- what you learned from it (word fields, grammar, study strategies…)
- did you like it? Would you recommend it to your fellow language learners?
- anything else you might want to write about it

I suggest we start a tag (something along the lines of #langblr review challenge? Idek) and you also tag your target lang.
In the ideal case this will have several benefits:
- you get to share the books your read with the community
- Big Ass List of Reading Recommendations! (if this takes off and anyone feels up to it we could make an official list from the tagged posts for specific languages)
- have the “I need to practice writing in my target language but don’t know what!” blues? Me too! Writing is easier when it’s about something you enjoyed.
- native speakers can look over your text and help you improve your writing
- make friends??? (You never know)

Writing practise can be difficult when you’re out of ideas (so, almost always once you sit down). I hope this will help a bit.
Sharing this is highly appreciated!

Following Spree!

So I’ve officially become multifandom and I desperately need new blogs to follow! Like/ reblog this post and I’ll check out your blog! Also, if you know of any great blogs let me know! Thank you!

What I’m looking for:

  • Multifandom blogs
  • Pretty graphics & edits
  • A clean & easily navigable theme
  • A tagging system
  • Hate/ wank free bloggers
The DHMIS creators need your help!

I don’t know if you guys have seen this or not, but the DHMIS creators have made a kickstarter fund because they need $$$ to make ~four new episodes~

The link to the fund is HERE and there’s also a sweet little advertisement video to go with it.

Depends on how much you donate, you can:

  • get digital downloads of each episode
  • become an official DHMIS fan with your name listed on the website
  • receive a handmade frame from the next stop-motion video
  • get an official DHMIS t-shirt
  • get a signed poster
  • and more!

Please spread the word because they want to reach their goal (£96,000) by June 19th this year

Also let me shamelessly direct you to me and fallingforthevillain in the video in our Paige and Tony cosplay:

We’ve only got 29 days to go until the end of the donating period