also what is lighting in this photoset

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what exactly do you like about hobo with a shotgun? i mean i know your a fan of gore but

Well, as I said in a photoset of screenshots I took, it’s just so incredibly vibrant, and beautifully lit and photographed.  The use of colored lighting makes every shot look like a piece of pop art.  There was so much attention to detail in every setup, and the slick editing makes every scene just mesmerizing to watch.

The acting is also perfection.  I’ve always deeply respected Rutger Hauer as an actor, but everyone else was fantastic as well, especially Brian Downey as The Drake.  He plays his villainous character with absolute glee and panache, like a morbid game show host–easily one of my favorite screen baddies.

The characters are all perfectly fleshed out–even the ones that are cartoonish exaggerations, like Ivan.  “The Plague” are a phenomenal, bizarre supernatural touch that are memorable enough to become iconic in themselves: Even though they don’t show up until the final third of the film, they make a huge impact on the story and character arcs (shame they cut out how Abby was going to replace Grinder), and leave a lasting impression of sheer awesomeness on the viewer.

The use of the theme song from “The Raccoons” over the end credits is just…brilliance.  It’s such a great song, and the lyrics are perfect for the film’s dual protagonists (the Hobo and Abby).

While there is over-the-top gore and some pretty outrageous actions taken part in by the characters, it’s really just a highly entertaining, well-crafted homage to late 70’s and 80’s exploitation cinema.  It’s got action, it’s funny, you really care about the characters, and it even manages to be touching at times.  I simply cannot recommend it enough.


Anna’s End of Film Dress Pt. 2

  • Again, really not sure what the hell this bodice is supposed to be made of. it looks normal in some lights and strange in others.
  • Silver clasp near her neck that resembles the clasp on her pink/magenta/purple/whatever color cloak she wears from Oaken’s.
  • Pale blue detailing from her sleeve cuffs is also on her shirt.
  • Sleeves are quarter-length.
  • Boots have gold embroidery with white leather and black soles.
  • There are tons of details I’m not qualified to put into words here, so just take a peek. :)

There’s another photoset for this dress’ details here, since I couldn’t neatly fit it all in one.


My Top 5 (2013)

2013 was a nice year that finally passed.

Photography has been a world of joy and passion to me since I was a student. And this year was a wonderful year as I started to boost my joy to a new level

I had my first digital advanced camera in February, and in September, I was firing my first film roll. Those sweet moments are unforgettable.

It was tough for me to pick 5 out my photographs. I just don’t see any of them qualifying what I really desire. I want to remedy my unsatisfaction in 2014, to learn more about the night lights, to try shooting portraits and landscape, which I didn’t really do in 2013.

2013 also gave me great occasions meeting up with great photographers. I surprisingly met Andre Dayani on a local bus, and Shaun Hicks came to me on his tour. I had a great coffee time with Sebastian Loffer, one of my idols, and on November, Nguyen Ngoc Hiep showed me how marvellous a Mamiya RZ67 pro II is. Those must be my top experiences of this year.

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